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⚽ | FC Tokyo breaks through the first league Levin Cup

Photo Tokushima-FC Tokyo In the second half, FC Tokyo's Bruno Bini (second from right) and others are happy to score a tie goal = Pocari

FC Tokyo breaks through the first league Levin Cup

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In Group D, Yokohama F. Marinos, the leader, defeated Sendai 5-2, and Hiroshima defeated Shimizu for the first time.

J-League / YBC Levan Cup 1st League Section 4 (28th, Naruto Pocari Sweat Stadium, etc. = 8 games) ... → Continue reading

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First victory

Yokohama F. Marinos

BYR color wheel.svgIn this itemColorIs dealing with Depending on the viewing environment, the colors may not be displayed properly.

Yokohama F. Marinos(Yokohama F Marinos,Yokohama F. Marinos) IsJapan OfKanagawa横 浜 市[1] andYokosuka[1],Yamato[1] Hometown,Japan Professional Soccer League(J League) professionalsサ ッ カ ーclub.


Nissan Motor Soccer ClubFounded in 1992 with the predecessor of the J League, the member teams from the time the J League was founded (so-calledOriginal 10), The original team name is "Yokohama MarinosHowever, in 1999, the original 10 was also based in Yokohama.Yokohama FlugelsWas absorbed and merged, the letter "F" representing Flugels was inserted. The team name "Marinos" isSpanishSailor,Sailor,MarinesMeans such as[1].. On the J League official website and TV broadcast, "Yokohama FM"Sports promotion lotteryIn (toto), "Yokohama MIs abbreviated. In the sports newspaper, Nikkan Sports and Sports Nippon have described F Marinos as "Yokohama" since the merger of Marinos and Flugels.

Team colors are "blue, white, red"[1] Three colors (tricolor). These three colors were originallyNissan Motor OfCorporate colorMet. The meaning of each color is blue "calmness and the sea of ​​Yokohama, a port town", red "creating a place to interact with sports and aiming for a club that everyone can be proud of", white "supported by everyone, continue long-term activities, independent soccer Aim for the club "[3].

home townIs Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Yokosuka City, Yamato City[1].. Since 1987 in Yokosuka CityNatsushimachoAt the edge of the soccer school in the Oppama area2005May 1In addition, Yamato City has been opening a soccer school in the city since 2006.2017May 4Was approved for addition to their hometowns[4][5].. Home stadium is YokohamaKohoku ku OfNissan Stadium (Yokohama International Stadium)[1].. Yokohama City from the beginning of the J LeagueKanagawa ku OfNippatsu Mitsuzawa Stadium (Mitsuzawa Park Stadium)However, from 2016, the base for notification to the J League was unified to Nissan Stadium (details will be described later).

Club mascotSeagullWith the motifMarinosAnd "Marinosuke"[1].. Marinosuke said,Monthly Korokoro Comic』Born in the magazine, Marinos' nephew setting.Marinosuke participates in local events as well as home games. In 2008, "Warnos" was born as a mascot not officially recognized by Yokohama FM, and is acting with "Warnos Queen".[6].. In the opening game of 2008, he performed a dance at "Tricolor Land". It also appeared on the 2008 Legend of F. Marinos trading card, and is offering gifts of not-for-sale goods (bandanas, etc.) and public relations activities. In 2010, the team released T-shirts and coin purses as official goods. March 2012, 3,Japan Football Association Ministry of educationAfter coming to Japan to commemorate the 4th anniversary of Yokohama FM on April 1st (commemorative card released), he responded to an interview with a TV camera.アルゼンチンRepresentative FWDavid BiscontiWithJapanRice cracker of origin,Rice crackersWe also conducted unique PR such as introducing goods related to it.

The number of clubs has increased, and in recent years, the original 10 teams have been demoted to J2 one after another, and this club has never been demoted to a lower league. As of 2020, there are other founding members who have never been demotedKashima AntlersOnly (excluding Yokohama Flugels, which disappeared due to the merger).

Head Office

Operating companyYokohama Marinos Ltd.OriginallyNissan MotorWas established and operated with a wholly owned investment (the trade name at that time wasNissan Football Club Co., Ltd.) Was the operating body of Flugels at the time of the business integration with Yokohama Flugels.ANA SportsIs the parent company of ANA SportsAll Nippon Airways (ANA) participated in the capital and became a capital structure of "Nissan 70%, ANA 30%".2002May 2With the addition, Nissan bought the ANA investment and became a wholly owned subsidiary of Nissan again.2005May 2Seven companies headquartered in Kanagawa Prefecture with a third-party allocation of new shares[Note 1] Received a 0.98% stake from[9].

2014 year 7 month,Manchester City FCRunCity football group (CFG) signs "Global Soccer Partnership" with Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.[10].. As a result, it acquired a little less than 93% of Nissan's shares (about 20% of the total) and became the second largest shareholder after Nissan.[11].. The actual management will be "City Football Japan", a Japanese corporation established by CFG's wholly owned investment.[12], 2016 is the company's presidentTakao ToshigeHas been appointed as the general manager of the team headquarters.

In addition, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.2016ToFuel economy test fraud problemBecause of this, I was in financial difficultyMitsubishi MotorsThe corporation will be put under the umbrella and rebuilt, and at this time, the J LeagueUrawa Red Diamonds"J.League Covenant Article 25 (5)" that describes the regulation of "cross-ownership" with[Note 2]As for the sponsor of Urawa Reds, Mitsubishi Motors owns sharesMitsubishi Heavy IndustriesLaunched jointly with a corporationHolding company"Diamond FC PartnersLtd."[14] This cross-ownership problem has been resolved by transferring it to Mitsubishi Motors and lowering its shareholding ratio.



1990 era

2000 era


Oswald ArdiresIs appointed as a director. 5年ぶりに1stステージで優勝、2ndステージ優勝のWon the XNUMXst stage for the first time in XNUMX years, won the XNUMXnd stageKashimaLost the championship with.Shunsuke NakamuraWon the youngest MVP in history.


Akihiro Miura,Yoo SangchungEtc. are transferred.Ardiles dismissed during the first stage.From the second stageSebastian LazaroniBecame the director.Nabisco CupFirst victory in.In the league match, the 1st stage is 15th, the 2nd stage is 10th, and the annual ranking is 13th.


Tokyo VからRepresentation from Japan OfYuji Nakazawa,IwataからOku Daisuke(rental),Norihisa Shimizu,SapporoからWillAnd so on. The 1st stage is 2nd, the 2nd stage is 6th, and the annual ranking is 2nd.Lazaroni was dismissed in the middle of the second stage due to poor results.

2003 Basic Formation <4-4-2>

To the directorTakeshi OkadaIs appointed.HiroshimaからRepresentation from Japan OfTatsuhiko Kubo,Yukihiko Sato,Yoo Sang-chul,MarquinhosAnd so on. He won both the 1st stage and the 2nd stage, and won the championship of the year with a complete victory.


Okada system second year.清水から韓国代表FWのFrom Shimizu to Korea Rep. National team FWAhn Jung HwanEtc. are reinforced.Following last year's 2nd stage, he won the 1st stage of this year and won 3 consecutive stages. 2nd stage is 6th,Suntory championship2nd stage championshipUrawaPlayed against, home won 1-0, away lost 0-1PK battleAnd became the champion for the second consecutive year.Emperor's Cup is JFL in the 2th roundKusatsuToV goalLosing.


Okada system third year.AFC Champions League 2005Was eliminated on the group stage.9th in the league match.


Okada system 4th year.元FormerNagoyaFWMarquezReinforced, he took the lead with four consecutive wins at the opening, but was sluggish with two wins in 4 games after the fifth round (Urawa match). Okada resigned as director in AugustTakashi MizunumaBecame the successor director and finished in 9th place, the same as the previous year.


Minatomiraiof"Marinos Town』Relocated the club office etc.Oku Daisuke,Tatsuhiko Kubo,DutraVeteran players such as, etc. have left the group, and young players from youth, high school, and university have joined.監督にTo the directorHiroshi HayanoWas appointed for the first time in 11 years, and former director Mizunuma became a coach.

FWHideo OshimaDaisuke Sakata, Under the topKoji YamaseMarked a double-digit score.Oshima scored the most in Japan, Sakata won the Fair Play Individual Award, and Yamase was also selected to represent Japan.He finished the league match in 2th place, which was higher than the previous year, but did not reach the target of 7rd place.After the Emperor's Cup, director Hayano and coach Mizunuma, Shinichiro Takahashi, and Satoru Muto retired.Yokohama FCWithYokohama DerbyWas held, and the second round of Yokohama FC Home was defeated 2-0. However, the 1th round of Yokohama FM Home scored 19 goals per game, which was a new record for the team, and won 1-8.The night before the match, a supporter group named "JUST GEDO" was arrested for assaulting Yokohama FC supporters near Nissan Stadium.[17]


IwataFormer directorTakashi KuwaharaIs appointed as a director. 4月に3位につけたが、第9節の東京V戦から第19節のHe finished in XNUMXrd place in April, but from the XNUMXth round against Tokyo V to the XNUMXth round.FC TokyoWith no wins in 10 consecutive games until the match (including 6 consecutive losses in the official club tie record), he fell to 16th place as of Round 16. 7月に桑原が解任、後任に統制本部長のKuwahara was dismissed in July, and he was replaced by the general manager of the control headquarters.Kokichi KimuraIs inaugurated.第20節のSection XNUMXG OsakaAfter winning the match, he escaped from the relegation zone with the victory against Sapporo in Section 22.The annual ranking is 9th.The Emperor's Cup lost to Gamba Osaka in the semi-finals.

Team slogan:Enjoy / Growing / Victory

Kimura Yoshi system second year.Tanaka Hayama Nagoya,Inui C Osaka,Hideo OshimaTransferred to Niigata.

Scored 13 goals in the league matchChima Watanabe,Takashi Amano,Taiki IikuraSelection / rise of, etc.Hasegawa Arya JasurGrowth,Daisuke Sakata,Kenta KanoWhile defeating the top Kashima, Kawasaki, Shimizu, and Nagoya in home games, such as demodulation of others, the bottomYamagataLost in reverse and was demoted to J2 this yearoak,千葉2 draws.After all, Kimura finished in 18th place out of 10 teams and canceled the supervision contract, which was a 3-year contract.

2010 era

Team slogan:ACTIVE

Former representative of Japan and club OBKaji KimuraIs appointed as a director. 6年ぶり復帰のReturn for the first time in XNUMX yearsYasuhiro Hado,EspanyolReturned for the first time in 8 yearsShunsuke Nakamura,Fujita Yuto,BastianiniJoined the group.The number of visitors increased by 17.6% from the previous year this season.In the league match, he temporarily participated in the high-ranking battle, but was 8th in the final ranking.

Before the last sectionMatsuda Naoki,Koji YamaseAnnounced that the contract will not be renewed.After losing the final round against Omiya, President Akira Kaetsu announced in front of supporters who opposed this decision, "If you are not in the third place in the 2011 season, you will resign."

After the season, Matsuda (JFL-AndTransferred to), Yamase ((I.e.Transferred to), in addition toYusuke Tanaka(Kawasaki),Ryuji Kawai(Sapporo),Norihisa Shimizu(Fukuoka),Daisuke Sakata(Greece 1st Division-Aris Thessaloniki),Nobuhisa Urata(Tosu), JFLKanazawaWas transferred to theYosuke Saito(Niigata S) Transferred,KusatsuWas transferred to theDaiki UmeiLeft the group,Fujita Yuto Yokohama FC,Saito Manabu Ehime FC,Shinichi TashiroIs JFLMachidaTransferred to Japan for a period of one year, during the seasonTochigiTransferred to for a limited timeKouta MizunumaHowever, the loan transfer period to the club has been extended by one year.

Team slogan:Evolving mind, skill, and body ACTIVE 2011

Kimura Kazu system second year.ShimizuからNaoaki Aoyama, From youth from KawasakiHiroyuki Taniguchi,oakからKobayashi Yuzo,Tokyo VSince last seasonFC TokyoWas rented toMasashi OguroWon, last seasonYamagataWas rented toKinne HouIs back.May 4WithYosuke AbeLeft the group.

The league match returned to the top of the first half.In the second half, he will beat Kawasaki 4-0 (May 9,Nabisco Cup Round 1), But eventually dropped out of the battle for the championship.5th in the final ranking.Emperor's cupIs in the semifinals京都Lost in overtime. On December 12, the director Kazushi Kimura was dismissed.

May 8ToMatsuda Naoki(May 8The uniform number 3 used by (died) when he was enrolledPermanent numberAnnounced[18].J LeagueSince its establishment, it has become the first permanent absence except for the supporter number.

After the end of the seasonYasuhiro HadoRetired,Yokohama FCTransferring to for a limited timeFujita Yuto(Transferred to Kashiwa),Yota Akimoto(AtagoTransfer to),Kazuma Watanabe,Hasegawa Arya Jasur(bothFC TokyoTransfer to),Hitoshi Suto(KitakyushuTransfer to the deadline),Eijiro Takeda(千葉Transfer to the deadline),Kinne Hou(Transfer to Tosu for a limited time)Shinichi TashiroHowever, the loan transfer period to Machida has been extended by one year.

Team slogan:All for Win

Yasuhiro HiguchiBecame a director.東京VからFrom Tokyo VSeitaro Tomizawa,FukuokaからRokutan YujiKosuke Nakamachi,Atletico MineroWas enrolled in 2003MarquinhosWas transferred to Ehime for a limited timeSaito ManabuIs back.シーズン開幕後の3月23日、かつて6シーズン在籍したOn March XNUMX, after the start of the season, I was enrolled for XNUMX seasons.DutraHowever, it returned for the first time in about 6 years.

In the early stages, Team Worst had not won the opening seven races, but he was undefeated in 7 races from Round 8 (Kobe) to Round 22 (Kawasaki).シーズン中はDuring the seasonMarquinhosSeitaro TomizawaThe transfer team, who were good at pressing, showed an active role throughout the year, and after losing consecutively in the beginning of autumn, they moved up the ranking again and finished the season in 4th place including the least defeat and the least goals of the year.The Emperor's Cup lost to Kashiwa in the semi-finals.

After the end of the seasonRei Matsumoto(OitaTransfer to the deadline),Sho Matsumoto(Transfer to Ehime for a limited time),Kanai Mitsufumi(Transfer to Tosu for a limited time),Masashi Oguro(Hangzhou Green CastleTransfer to the deadline),Naoaki Aoyama(KofuTransfer to),Kentaro Moritani(Transferred to Kawasaki),Yuuji Ono(Standard LiègeTransfer to),Hiroyuki Taniguchi,Kenta Kano(Both transferred to Kashiwa),Kouta Mizunuma(Transfer to Tosu, the transfer destination for a limited time),Kinne Hou(NiigataTransferred to Chiba) and transferred to Chiba for a limited timeEijiro Takeda TottoriTransfers to the deadline.

Team slogan:All for Win -Realize-

Higuchi system second year.SAGAWA SHIGA FCからYuta NarawaFrom ChibaSatoshi Fujita,SC Sagamiharaからフ ァ ビ オWas transferred to Machida for a limited timeShinichi Tashiro, Was transferred to Kitakyushu for a limited timeHitoshi Suto,Chinese Super League・ Transferred to Hangzhou Green Castle for a limited timeJeong Dong HoIs back.With 6 consecutive victories from the opening, he keeps the lead from Section 1 to Section 7.He dropped to 15th place in the 16th and 4th sections, but moved up to the top position in the 21st section.From the 23rd section to the 28rd section except the 33th section, he took the lead, but if he wins the 33rd and 34th sections (home game against Niigata, away against Kawasaki), he will continue the remaining 2 sections. Hiroshima, who won the remaining two rounds in a row, lost the championship and finished second in the league match.

Nabisco Cup lost to Kashiwa in the semi-finals.The Emperor's Cup defeated Hiroshima in the final.日産FC横浜マリノスの名称であったIt was the name of Nissan FC Yokohama Marinos72th competitionWinner since then (7th win including the Nissan Motor era)[Note 3].

Before the end of the seasonMarquinhos(laterKobeTransfer to),Jeong Dong Ho(Ulsan HyundaiTransferred to) left the group.
After the seasonTakashi Amano(Transfer to Chiba for a limited time),Shinichi Tashiro(Transferred to Chiba),Yusuke Higa(京都Transfer to the deadline),Kanai Mitsufumi(Complete transfer to Tosu, the transfer destination with a time limit), during transfer to Tottori with a time limitEijiro Takeda(Transfer to Fukuoka for a limited time) have been transferred respectively.In addition, Shunsuke Nakamura was the oldest MVP in history.

2013 Basic Formation <4-5-1>
Team slogan:All For Win -Fight it out!-

Higuchi system third year.新潟からFrom NiigataSanmon Yudai,OmiyaからShimodaira Takumi,NagoyaからFujimoto Akira,ShimizuからSho ItoFrom KawasakiTajima YajimaAcquired.愛媛FCへ期限付き移籍していたI had a loan transfer to Ehime FCSho MatsumotoIs back.

FUJI XEROX SUPER CUPThen, in the official game of the 2013 season, he lost to Hiroshima, who had won all three games, 3-0 and missed his first victory.

I participated for the first time in 9 yearsAFC Champions League 2014Then, until the 5th round, all the teams have 7 points, and in the final round, the champion of the previous yearGuangzhou constantLost to and missed the final tournament.

League match,MarquinhosI couldn't fill the hole in my withdrawal and fell into a lack of scoring ability.W cupIt was sluggish at 12 until the suspension.To overcome the lack of scoring abilityGunma-G OsakaWas also enrolled inRafinhaTheK League-Ulsan Hyundai FCAcquired by complete transfer from.

Emperor's cupIn the third round, J3KitakyushuIncluding overtime, 30 shots (9 in Kitakyushu) were overwhelming, and in the additional time in the second half of the extension.Daiki WatariAllowed a reversal goal and lost 2-3[19]Also, from April, the 4 version of the special uniform with the Emperor's Cup victory mark was sold to supporters, but due to production reasons, it will be shipped in early September, and there is an opportunity for supporters to wear it. It was decided to end the tournament without[20].

March 8MitsuzawaMade inKanagawa Derby, In the Kawasaki match, I was watching the match behind the Yokohama FM goalSupporterIn front of Kawasaki playersbananaThere was an incident of discriminatory acts that swung around. The club has banned the supporters from admission indefinitely.[21], J League has punished with blame and sanctions of 500 million yen[22].. 7th in the final ranking.

After the season, Higuchi retired.Shohei Ogura(G Osaka),Satoshi Fujita, Transferring to Tottori for a limited timeEijiro Takeda(Shonan),Rokutan Yuji(Sendai),Rei Matsumoto(Complete transfer to Oita, a transfer destination with a time limit),Sho Matsumoto(YamaguchiTransfer to for a limited time).

Team slogan:Integral Goal --All for Win -

FrenchErick MombaertsIs appointed as director[23].

I was transferred for a limited timeKumagai Andrew,Yusuke Higa,Takashi AmanoIs back,Junto TaguchiIs promoted from youth,Kensei Nakashima,Teruhito Nakagawa,Sao Paulo FCからAdemisonIs a new member with a loan transfer.

March 4Hitachi Kashiwa Soccer FieldSo, J1 1st stage Section 4 was held,Kashiwa ReysolIt was the first time in about six and a half years since October 2008, 10 that he played against Kashiwa and won.

March 5Yamazaki Nabisco CupGroup B Section 6NHK Spring Mitsuzawa StadiumIt was done in. Result isKawasaki FrontaleLost 1-2 and missed the final tournament. The season also ended in 7th place.

After the end of the seasonHitoshi Suto,Yuta Narawa(Shonan),Yusuke Higa(Chiba),Takashi Amano(Nagano), In the middle of the seasonNiigataWas transferred to with a deadlineYuhei Sato(Yamagata),Fujimoto Akira(G Osaka),Suzuki Ryoudai(Tokyo VTransfer to the deadline),Kumagai Andrew(KanazawaTransfer to the deadline),Ademison(Loan transfer period expired → Gamba Osaka) transferred respectively.

Team slogan:Integral Goal --All for Win -

The second year of the Mombaerts system. From Tokyo VNaoki MaedaFrom ChibaKanai Mitsufumi,YSCC YokohamaからTakuya TakahashiIs a new member. After the openingRafinhaUnregistered and replaced by BrazilFlamengoからKaike,Romania·FC BotosaniからRepresentative of Curacao OfMartinosJoined.

In the 2016 season, the J1 League ranked 10th in the year.


In the Emperor's Cup, he was able to extend to Fukushima United in the 2nd round, but won 2-0 and advanced to the 3rd round. As with last season, he advanced to the 3th round (best 4). In the 0th round, he played against Albirex Niigata, and in the second half AT, Jun Amano's direct free kick was decided and won. In the quarterfinals, he played against Gamba Osaka, which was his fifth meeting this season. The 4 season ended with a 16-4 defeat to Kashima Antlers in the semi-finals.

After the seasonShunsuke NakamuraTransferred to Iwata, Rafinha,Kobayashi Yuzo(TosuTransfer to),YamaguchiWas transferred to with a deadlineFumitaka Kitatani(NagasakiTransferred to) but withdrew when the contract expired.Tetsuya EnomotoWas enrolled in Urawa for 9 yearsShingo Hyodo SapporoWhat,フ ァ ビ オWas transferred to Tokyo V for a limited timeSuzuki RyoudaiTo Gamba OsakaTakuya Takahashi KitakyushuCompletely transferred to each. I was transferred to Kanazawa for a limited timeKumagai AndrewTo Chiba,Masashi Wada YamaguchiWhat,Junto Taguchi FujimoriTransferred to each with a deadline.

In addition, he left the group due to the expiration of Kobayashi's contract and participated full-time for the third consecutive year.Yuji NakazawaAnd veteranKurihara YuzoPresenting a significant reduction in next season's salary[24], Supporters repelled after reports such as Mombaerts' departure, the team posted an apology on the homepage[25] I was chased by an unusual situation. In addition, the details of Nakamura's transfer up to the transfer were posted on the website.[26].

Team slogan:Integral Goal --All for Win -

The third year of the Mombaerts system. Isac Doru, who was newly selected from CFG's information network and took office, moved toward reinforcement from early on, from KashiwaRyosuke Yamanaka, From NiigataKen Matsubara, From NagoyaTakahiro OgiwaraFrom KyotoDaichi SugimotoFrom KitakyushuSuzuki Ayaki,Red starScored 20 goals in the Serbian League and won the MVPHugo Vieira, Macedonia national team who grew up in the prestigious Barcelona Cantera and was called the successor to IniestaDavid Babunski,1860 MunichFrom AustraliaMilos DegenekJoined. The new players were free to transfer, except for paying a cheap transfer fee for his market value when acquiring Hugo Vieira. Manabu Saito volunteered for No. 10 and was appointed captain by Mombaerts to become the leader of the new Marinos.

Hometown added to Yokohama City and Yokosuka City on April 4thYamatoWas approved by the J.League Board of Directors, and at the same time announced on the club's official website.[27].

The Levin Cup entered Group B in qualifying, and after losing two games in a row against Cerezo Osaka in Section 1 and against Kobe in Section 2, they won three consecutive games against Niigata, Kofu and Tosu, and played against Hiroshima on May 2st. Although it was possible to advance to the playoffs even with a draw, he suffered a reverse defeat and was eliminated.[28].

Ikki Arai in Nagoya and Kensei Nakashima in the suspension periodFC GifuToTeruhito Nakagawa FukuokaWas transferred to a limited time.

For a short-term camp held in Niigata during the suspension periodCy Goddard,Ippei ShinozukaParticipated as a trainee. Shinozuka who showed good performance joined. Antony Aoki, a Japanese Peruvian who has experience as a captain of the under generation of Peru, participated in the practice.

The Emperor's Cup in the fourth roundFC OsakaIn the third roundAsuru Claro NumazuAnd played against Hiroshima in the 4th round. He scored two goals in the first half of Hiroshima and was in danger of losing, but Hugo Vieira scored two goals in the second half, and Hugo Vieira scored a hat-trick from an angled place near the corner just before the end of the second half of the extension. I decided and won dramatically 2-2. Former Marinos in the quarterfinalsShunsuke NakamuraBelongs toIwataIn the second half, Keita Endo's cross, who received a pass from David Babunski, invited Iwata's own goal and won 1-0.PowerIn the semi-final held in, he played against Kashiwa. In the first half, he scored a goal with a long shot by Ramon Lopes, but in the second half, Sho Ito scored and the match was returned to the start, and the match was involved in overtime. After a series of ups and downs, just before the end of the second half of the extension, he connected with Ken Matsubara and Keita Endo, and finally Hugo Vieira decided Endo's pass with his right foot and won the extra time again to the final. I played against Osaka. Sho Ito scored the opening goal in the 8th minute of the first half, but Yamamura scored a goal in the second half and Kota Mizunuma scored a goal in the first half of the extension and lost, resulting in a runner-up.

Mombaerts' retirement was announced on November 11nd.

After the season, Captain Manabu Saito was transferred to Kawasaki, Martinus, who was the core of the attack, was transferred to Urawa, Park Jeong-su was transferred to Kashiwa, and Naoki Maeda was transferred to Matsumoto. In addition, Ikki Arai, who was on loan for a limited time, moved to Nagoya, Andrew Kumagai to Chiba, Kensei Nakashima to Gifu, and Junto Taguchi to Niigata.

Cayman Togashi has transferred to FC Tokyo for a limited time.

Team slogan:Brave and Challenging ~ Brave and Brave ~

Ange PostecoglouBecame the director.

From KashiwaYuki Otsu,FC SeoulからYun Il-Lok, From Kagoshima Josai High SchoolJin Ikoma, From Riseisha High SchoolShuto MachinoEarned. From youthTaiga Nishiyama,Kenta Hori,Kota YamadaIs promoted. Also, I was transferred for a limited timeTeruhito NakagawaMasashi WadaHas returned.Gota EndoThe uniform number has been changed to 11. The third time since 07 for the captainYuji NakazawaWas inaugurated. March 3thLiaoning HirounからOlivier BoumalWon. Hiroki Iikura has participated in 5 J12 games in total in the match against Gamba Osaka on May 1. In the league match, he showed explosive scoring ability, but lacked defensive stability and was involved in a residual battle. In terms of points, he was 200, who was second in the league, but in terms of goals, he was 2, who was third in the league worst, and his final result was 56 wins, 3 draws, 56 losses, and 12 points.2006It was the first time in 12 years since then that he lost.Levan cupThen,2001After 17 years, he made his second final appearance,ShonanLost 0-1 to finish in second place.The Emperor's Cup is in the 4th roundSendaiLost to 2-3.

Team slogan:Brave and Challenging brave and brave

The second year of the Postecoglou system.

Yuji NakazawaRetired.KuboDue to the end of the loan transferFC TokyoReturn to.Sho Ito Kashima Antlers,Ryosuke Yamanaka Urawa RedsCompletely transferred to.Muangthong United FCからTheerathonIs a loan transfer,Tokushima VoltisからHirose Rikuto,FC RyukyuからPark Iru-gyu,Urawa RedsからLee TadungIs a complete transfer,Kawasaki FrontaleからYasuko MiyoshiIs a loan transfer,FluminenseからMarcos JuniorIs a complete transfer,BahiaからEdigar JunioJoined the transfer with a deadline.

At "EURO JAPAN CUP 7" on July 27thManchester City FCAnd played a friendly match[29] [30].

In the summer 2019 transfer marketAmano JunIs Belgium 2nd DivisionSporting RoquerenTransfer to a deadline,Yasuko MiyoshiIs Belgium 1nd DivisionAntwerp FCTermination of contract due to loan transfer toIppei Shinozuka Omiya ArdijaTo, Hiroki IikuraVISSEL KOBEWhile completely transferred toPogoń SzczecinからIzumi Sawa,Mito Holy HookからMakito ItoJoined with a complete transfer, with the transfer of Hiroki IikuraSanfrecce HiroshimaからYoji NakabayashiIs acquired by transfer with a deadline. Also,Nagoya GrampusからMateusIs a loan transfer,Edigar JunioFor long-term withdrawalPalmeirasからErikWas acquired as a fixed-time transfer.

Levan cupLost the group league,Emperor's cupDisappeared in the 4th round, but in the league match, after losing 8 consecutive games in August, he survived 3 games with 11 wins and 7 minute including 10 consecutive wins, and achieved the league championship for the first time in 1 years.

2019 Basic Formation <4-3-3>

2020 era


Team slogan:Brave & challenge brave and brave

The second year of the Postecoglou system.

Kurihara YuzoRetired from active duty.Mateus NagoyaReturn to.Hirose Rikuto KashimaToLee Tadung,Kazaki Nakagawa 京都ToDaichi Sugimoto IwataComplete transfer toIzumi Sawa KofuI left the group due to a loan transfer to. On the other handC OsakaからKouta Mizunuma,Urawa(Previous yearOitaTransfer to for a limited time)Onaiu AdoFrom KyotoKeiya Sendou,KanazawaからYoshimoto Yamamoto,TokushimaからYuji KajikawaRyushi Sugimoto,YamaguchiからTakayuki MaeJoined with a complete transfer. Takuya Wada and Hirotsugu Nakabayashi, who had a loan transfer from Hiroshima last season, Thiago Martins, who had a loan transfer from Palmeiras since the summer of 2018, and Thiraton, who had a loan transfer from Muangthong United, It was a complete transfer. Edigar Junio ​​and Erik Lima have extended their loan transfer period and remained.

It was the 5th participation in totalFUJI XEROX SUPER CUPPlays against Kobe, the champion of the Emperor's Cup. Showed the obsession to catch up with the behind three times and entered the penalty shootout. Martins and captain Ogihara succeeded, but after 3rd place, Ejigal, Mizunuma, Matsubara, Wada, and Endo all failed and lost the battle. With this, the Fuji Xerox Super Cup has lost five consecutive games, including the Yokohama Marinos era.

After the start of the seasonSporting RockerenThanAmano JunIs back,Ryuta KoikeHas completely transferred and joined,Avispa FukuokaからYuki MinatoIs a full transfer member,Gota Endo Union berlinTransfer to for a period of one year.Matsumoto YamagaからCS MaritimoWas transferred to theMaedaWith the expiration of the term, transfer for a limited time.Kashiwa ReysolからJunior SantosIs a loan transfer member.Takumi Tsukui,Keita Ueda,Riku TerakadoWas promoted to the top from youth.Sagan TosuからYohei TakaokaWas completely transferred.

In the league match, he recorded a total score of 2 in 69nd place in the league, which surpassed last year in his offensive power, but his defense was not stable and he suffered a total goal of 4 in 59th place in the league worst.He quickly dropped out of the race for victory and ended up in 9th place in the year.Levan cupThen in the semifinalsoakLost to.

Impact of COVID-XNUMXSuspended in March and resumed in mid-NovemberAFC Champions League 2020Then, he decided to advance to the final tournament for the first time in the history of the club with 4 wins, 1 loss and 1st place in the group league.Round 1Suwon Samsung BluewingsIn the match, he took the lead in the first half but lost 3 goals in the second half and lost 2-3.It disappeared in the best 16 and ended without a crown in the season.


Team slogan:Brave & challenge brave and brave

The second year of the Postecoglou system.

Yuki Otsu IwataToKeiya Sendou TosuIzumi, Yamamoto, Sugimoto, Mae, Park, and Edigar, who had been transferred to the company for a limited time, have been transferred to the company.Erik,Junior SantosResigned after the loan transfer period expired.On the other handOitaからTomoki Iwata,EC BahiaからEubel,EC VitoriaからLeonardo de SoWas a full transfer member, and was a member of Matsumoto with a loan transferMaedaHas been transferred to a complete transfer.

Director Ange Postecoglou retires on June 6[31]..The successor isHidenori Matsunaga.


Results of the three major domestic competitions
J1 leagueJ League CupEmperor's Cup JFA All Japan Soccer Championship
RankingNumber of times年度GradeNumber of times年度GradeNumber of times年度
Win41995, 2003, 2004, 2019Win12001Win21992, 2013
2 bit32000, 2002, 2013second place12018second place12017
3 bit11997Best 491994, 1997, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2013, 2016, 2020Best 451994, 2008, 2011, 2012, 2016
4 bit31993, 1998, 2012Best 871999, 2000, 2003, 2004, 2008, 2011, 2014Best 851993, 1999, 2000, 2003, 2006
5 bit31999, 2011, 2017Group league lost101992, 1993, 1996, 1998, 2002, 2010, 2012, 2015, 2017, 2019Eliminated the second round32004, 2005, 2007
6 bit11994Eliminated the second round71997, 2002, 2009, 2010, 2015, 2018, 2019
7 bit32007, 2014, 2015Eliminated the second round41996, 1998, 2001, 2014
8 bit21996, 2010Eliminated the second round21995, 2021
9 bit42005, 2006, 2008, 2020
10 bit22009, 2016
12 bit12018
13 bit12001


Domestic title

International title


By individual

J1 league

J League Cup


Uniform color
カ ラ ーshirtPantsstockings
FP (1st)tag[1]white[1]"Red"[1]
FP (2nd)white[1]Navy blue[1]white[1]
GK (1st)purplepurplepurple
GK (2nd)blackblackblack
GK (3rd)グ レ ーグ レ ーグ レ ー
FP 1st
FP 2nd
GK 1st
GK 2nd
GK 3rd

Team color

  •     tag[1],    "Red"[1],    white[1]

Uniform design

  • The four stars (★) on the left chest emblem represent the 4, 1995, 2003, and 2004 J2019 League championships.[32].
  • In principle, the 2nd uniform is white, bottom: blue, socks: white.
    • Gray from 2003 to 2006.
    • 2011 Top / Yellow, Bottom / Black, Socks / Yellow.
    • 2013 Top: White / Gray, Bottom: Dark Navy, Socks: White / Gray.
    • 2014 Top: Orange, Bottom: Orange, Socks: Orange.
    • 2015 Top: Gold, Bottom: Black, Socks: Black
    • 2016 Top: Pink, Bottom: Pink, Socks: Pink
  • In 2001, he produced a 3rd uniform with black as the keynote, but by 2002 he stopped using the 3rd uniform.
  • 2002 isYokohama Country and Athletic ClubThe upper garment that incorporates the concept of navy blue and white used in (YC & AC) adopted a two-tone uniform of blue and navy blue (top: blue / navy blue, bottom: white, socks: red).
  • In 2003, the upper and lower socks were all navy blue, the upper: white / silver, the lower: black (change shorts were silver), and the socks: silver.
  • 2009Is for a limited timeYokohama portTo commemorate the 150th anniversary of the opening of the port, we created a special uniform with two colors of blue and white horizontal stripes (NISSAN logo, uniform number and player name in red letters, ANA logo in white letters on a blue background of corporate color). ·wear.
  • Entered the player name in the uniform number from 2009.Yuji NakazawaIs "BOMBER",Norihisa ShimizuThere are also nickname notations that are not bound by first and last names, such as "JIRO".
  • 2012 is the predecessorNissan Motor Soccer ClubHe produced and wore a reprinted uniform commemorating the 80th anniversary of the club's founding, which is a modern arrangement of the design of the late 20s and the beginning of the J League. Bright blue for the base color and pinpoint tricolor on the white collar. Also, since the 2000 model, it has the yellow "NISSAN" on the chest.[33].. All of these uniforms are from Yokohama FM Home GameKashima Antlers,Gamba Osaka,Nagoya Grampus,Shimizu S-PulseandSagan TosuWorn in battle.


Posting locationSponsor nameNotationPosted yearRemarks
chestNissan MotorNISSAN1993-
clavicleMelco Resorts & Entertainment JapanMELCOFebruary 2019-Posted on both sides
Upper backNisshin OilliO GroupNISSHIN oillio
The power of plants
2021-2017-2020 sleeves
2017-2020 is written as "Nisshin Oillio"
Lower backOwl TechOwltech2019-
Front of pantsMoney forwardMoney
Year ending March 2020[34][35] -
Back of pantsNone--

Uniform supply itinerary

  • 1992-1996: League matchesMizunoThe cup gameア デ ィ ダ ス(Descente
  • 1997-2007: Unified to adidas for both league and cup games (strictly until 1998)Descente, Adidas Japan since 1999)
  • 2008-2011:Nike
  • 2012-Present: Adidas
    • Nike was the best uniform supply contract in J League history with a total of 8 billion yen for 30 years,2011May 11The contract with Nike was canceled (as a result, it was shortened from 8 years to 4 years). Signed a contract with Adidas again from 2012 on its behalf[36][37].

Successive uniforms

Chronology of successive sponsors

chestLeft clavicleRight clavicleUpper backLower backsleeveFront of pantsBack of pants
1992-Before ban-Before ban-Before banBefore banMizuno /
2000- /
Fuji ten
2001Fuji ten
2003GE- /
2008Glasses supermarketNike
2010ELGRAND[Note 4]KARADA factory
2012Sanei Architectural DesignWindowadidas
2014Nihon Kasei
2017- /
Nissin OilliOEZ Invest Securities
2019- /
- /
2021NISSHIN oillio
The power of plants

Stadium/practice field


Home stadiumYokohama International Stadium(Nissan Stadium, Kohoku Ward, Yokohama City). From the beginning of the J LeagueMitsuzawa Park Stadium(Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama) was used as a home stadium, but when the Yokohama International Stadium was completed in 1999, most of the sponsored games were moved there. After that, both stadiums were used as the base, butJ League club license systemBalance[38] Since 2016, the base for notification to the J League has been unified to Nissan Stadium (however, it will continue to be held in Mitsuzawa after the same year).

Number of home games held[39]

J League Cup =J League Cup
ACL =AFC Champions League
(ACWC) =Asian Cup Winners Championship
(ACC) =Asian Club Championship
年度League matchJ League CupACLRemarks
Yokohama country
(Nissan Su)
Mitsuzawa ball
(Nippatsu ball)
1992---National 2
Hiratsuka 2
Venue unknown 3[Note 5]
Domestic tournament is J League Cup only
Emperor's Cup victory
199315National 1
Hakata Riku 2
Mitsuzawa ball 2
National 1
Mitsuzawa ball 2[Note 6]
199416National 3, Tochigi 1
Hakata Riku 1, Hiratsuka 1
Hakata Riku 1Non-participation
199521National 5
Sapporo Atsubetsu 1
Not held(League match) National =Championship(Annual final) including 1
Suntory S (first half of the year) championship championship
199610National 3, Niigata City Land 1
Nagasaki 1
Mitsuzawa ball 7(ACC)
Mitsuzawa ball 1[Note 7]
199715Yamagata Prefecture 1Mitsuzawa ball 3Non-participation
199897Yamagata Prefecture 1
National 1
Mitsuzawa ball 2Completed in Yokohama.
From this year, we have registered two locations in Yokohama and Mitsuzawa.
1999140Niigata City Land 1Yokohama country 1, Mitsuzawa ball 1
Marugame 1
200095National 2Mitsuzawa ball 2
Yamagata Prefecture 1
(League match)ChampionshipIncluding 1
1st S (first half of the year) championship
2001131National 1Mitsuzawa ball 4[Note 8]
200282National 4
Kumamoto Riku 1
Yokohama country 2
Mitsuzawa ball 1
2003140National 1Yokohama country 4(League match) 1st and 2nd S (Around the year) Complete victory
2004National 2Yokohama country 1
Mitsuzawa ball 2
Yokohama country 1
Mitsuzawa ball 2
(League match) Yokohama National University =ChampionshipIncluding 1
1st S Championship championship (league consecutive championship)
(J League Cup) = Seed from final T for ACL advancement
2005151National 1Nissan Su 1
Mitsuzawa ball 1
Mitsuzawa ball 3Yokohama country = changed to "Nissan Su" by adopting naming rights
(J League Cup) = Seed from final T for ACL advancement
20062-Nissan Su 3
Mitsuzawa ball 2
Non-participation(J League Cup) Nissan Su = including final T2
2007Nissan Su 1
Mitsuzawa ball 4
(J League Cup) Nissan Su Mitsuzawa Ball = Including final T1 each
2008143Nippatsu ball 4Mitsuzawa ball = changed to "Nippatsu ball" by adopting naming rights
(J League Cup) Nippatsu ball = including final T1
2009134Nissan Su 3
Nippatsu ball 2
(J League Cup) Nissan Su Nippatsu ball = including final T1 each
2010143Nissan Su 1
Nippatsu ball 2
2011Nippatsu ball 2
2012Nippatsu ball 3
2013Nissan Su 1
Nippatsu ball 4
(J League Cup) Nissan Su Nippatsu ball = Includes final T1 each (Qualifying is only for Nippatsu ball)
Emperor's Cup victory
2014134Nippatsu ball 1Yokohama country[Note 9] 3(J League Cup) Only the final tournament to participate in ACL
2015143NHK Spring 3Non-participationMitsuzawa ball = Naming rights name changed to "Nippatsu"[40]
2016NHK Spring 4
Nissan Su 1
Registration will be based only on Nissan S
2017NHK Spring 3
2018152NHK Spring 5
Nissan Su 1
(J League Cup) Nissan S only Prime S (Final T), NHK Spring playoff 1,
Includes Prime S1 respectively.
2019125NHK Spring 3August-OctoberRugby World Cup 2019Will be held at Nissan S
League match held in NHK Spring
2020134NHK Spring 1Yokohama country 1(J League Cup) Only the final tournament to participate in ACL

Practice field

The practice area is the same as Nissan StadiumShin-Yokohama ParkInKozuku Stadium(Nissan Field Kozukue) and Shin-Yokohama Park Stadium[41].

The practice area after becoming F. MarinosTotsuka Training Center(Totsuka kuOriginally a practice facility for Flugels, nowYokohama FCUsed as a practice facility), the club officeKanagawa kuShinkoyasuThere was, but in 2005 both were in YokohamaNishi-ward OfMinatomirai districtRelocated to 61 blocks[42],Marinos Town(Yokohama F. Marinos MM21 Training Center), but in response to the expiration of the fixed-term land lease contract in the Minatomirai area in May 2016, the club activities in Marinos Town will be terminated at the end of December 5. Was announced[43], HeadquartersShin YokohamaMoved to[1].

On January 2018, 1, the club announced a policy to establish and expand practice areas. JRKurihama Station(Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture) A new practice facility with spectator seats and a clubhouse was established in a nearby park. A practice ground will be set up in Shin-Yokohama Park, where the base Nissan Stadium is located. Some will be open to local residents to deepen their penetration into the region.

The plan is to redevelop Kurihama Minna no Park and its surroundings, which is owned by Yokosuka City and has a scale of about 2.2 hectares. In addition to two courts and one half court, a new clubhouse with 2 seats for spectators and a training room will be built. Part of this facility will be rented out so that it can be used by local residents, which will lead to revitalization of the liveliness with the surrounding shopping districts. On the other hand, at Shin-Yokohama Park, two courts will be installed on the part that is currently used as a soil ground.YokosukaMayor Katsuaki Kamiji stated at a press conference on the same day that he would like to set 2022 as the goal of facility operation.横 浜 市Mayor Fumiko Hayashi also commented, "I hope it will lead to further strengthening of the team." President Koichiro Furukawa told reporters, "The total investment amount is undecided at this time. We would like to conclude a basic agreement (with both cities) as soon as possible and proceed with concreteness."[44][45].

On May 2019, 5, a basic agreement was signed with Yokosuka City regarding the development of Kurihama 31-chome Park. A clubhouse with two natural turf pitches, two artificial turf futsal courts, a gym, administration building, parking lot, lawn plaza, and excursion will be built on the 1-hectare site on the west side of JR Kurihama Station. The total project cost of Yokosuka City is 3.6 billion yen, and the club pays a facility usage fee of 2 million yen annually. Maintenance will start in 2, some facilities will start to be used in January 64, and all facilities will start to be used in September 1. The contract period will be 7,000 years[46][47].


Permanent number

  • #3 Matsuda Naoki
    • 2011May 8Died in. same yearMay 8, The club has been designated as a permanent absence as "a proof of respect and gratitude for Yokohama F. Marinos, the Japanese national team, and the great contribution to the Japanese soccer world, and a heartfelt tribute to the great player Naoki Matsuda."[18].


  • The following are the games that welcomed the stadium's Kokeraotoshi game as an away team after the new construction or major renovation.
年度Match placeOpponentScoreRemarks
1993National Stadium Kasumigaoka Athletics StadiumVerdi Kawasaki○ 2-1J League opening game
1998Yokohama International StadiumYokohama Flugels● 1-2The shavings of the venue itselfDynasty Cup 1998(Japan vs. Korea)
2001Saitama Stadium 2002Urawa Red Diamonds○ 2-0
Sapporo DomeConsadole Sapporo△ 1-1
Misaki Park StadiumVISSEL KOBE△ 1-1
2005Chiba City Soga Stadium
(Fukuda Electronic Arena)
Jeff United Ichihara/Chiba△ 2-2
2012Hitachi Kashiwa Soccer FieldKashiwa Reysol△ 3-3Opening game after renovation
  • After the transition to the one-stage system in 1, he lost five consecutive clubs in the first league match against the club that was promoted to J2005 for the first time.[Note 10], In the third round of the 2014 league matchTokushima VoltisThe record of consecutive losses stopped.

Fostering organization

The training organization of Yokohama F. Marinos is a pyramid type with the top team at the top, type 2 (high school generation) youth, type 3 (junior high school generation) junior youth and junior youth Oppama, type 4 (elementary school student) There are primary and primary Oppama, which are selection classes for generations).

In addition,Nissan Motor Soccer ClubThe soccer school, which was established in 1985, targets children from infants to junior high school students, and girls from elementary school students to junior high school students and above. As of 2015, there were over 3500 school students[48].. As of 2021, it is active in the following eight schools.

Oppama school
Oppama school
Futamatagawa school
Futamatagawa school
Yamato school
Yamato school
Higashiyamada school
Higashiyamada school
Reef Stadium School
Stadium school
Nakayama Technical School
Technical school
Shunsuke Park School
Shunsuke Park School
Kozukue school
Kozukue school
[[File: Map of Kanagawa Prefecture Ja.svg | 582x431px | Yokohama F. Marinos Location]]
Yokohama F. Marinos School as of 2017
  • Oppama school
  • Futamatagawa school
  • Yamato school
  • Higashiyamada school
  • Reef Stadium School
  • Nakayama Technical School
  • Shunsuke Park School
  • Kozukue school
  • New Yoshida school
  • Keikyu Kamiooka School

History of training organization

1985In April, the Nissan Soccer School opened in Shinkoyasu, Yokohama. The school was launchedNissan Motor Soccer ClubDirector'sKamo ShuMet. Kamo visited Germany many times and was impressed by the organization of the German soccer club, which was closely related to the region, and tried to expand it in Japan as well.[49].. The guidance of Shin-Koyasu school is given by Nissan Motor OBYoshiaki Shimojo,Yasuhiro HiguchiWas in charge. More applicants than expected gathered at the school, and in 1986 the following yearHiroshi HayanoThe Oppama School, which was in charge of, and the Sakonyama School, which was in charge of, opened in 1987. Junior Youth was launched in 1985 and Youth was launched in 1986. The launch of youth and junior youth was realized by talking to Kamo, who was in Japan.[50].. The Sakonyama School was closed in 1990.

When the J-League started in 1993, the name was changed to Yokohama Marinos Soccer School. The name recognition of Marinos School has risen at a stretch, and the number of members has also increased dramatically.[51].1997From Marinos Junior YouthShunsuke NakamuraJoined the top team and became the main player from the first year.

Yokohama Marinos in 1999Yokohama FlugelsWhen merged with, the school of Flugels became Yokohama F. Marinos Sugada Soccer School. Flugels Junior Youth is the directorMaeda OsamuIt became Yokohama F. Marinos Sugada Junior Youth in the form of taking over the six leaders.[52].. The activities of Sugada School and Sugada Junior Youth ended by 2000 and the school was closed, and the former Flugels staff was transferred to another school in Yokohama F. Marinos or took up another job in the club. Osamu Maeda, who was the director of junior youth, left Yokohama F. Marinos by 2000. At the time of the merger, the Flugels Youth players transferred to Yokohama F. Marinos Youth, and among themDaisuke Sakata,Tanaka HayamaLater, he became the main player of the top team. In addition, Yokohama F. Marinos has taken over the "soccer caravan" project that Flugels has been conducting touring local elementary schools.[53].

From 2004 to 2006, the primary won the All Japan Youth Soccer Tournament for the third time in a row.

In 2007Marinos TownWhen the city opened, the Yokohama Marinos Soccer School in Shinkoyasu moved to the Minatomirai School. From 2004 to 2014, NAS Futamatagawa School (later Futamatagawa School), Yamato School, Kohoku School (later Higashiyamada School), and Reef Stadium School opened. In 2015, Minato Mirai School was closed due to the closure of Marinos Town. After that, Nakayama Technical School opened in 2016, and Shunsuke Park School and Kozukue School opened in 2017. Shunsuke Park SchoolSOGOIt will be held at the futsal court produced by Shunsuke Nakamura on the roof of the Yokohama store.

Chronological Table

  • 1985-Nissan Soccer School opens. Launch of junior youth
  • 1986-Nissan Oppama School opened. Primary, youth, launch
  • 1987-Nissan Sakonyama School opens. Youth, Japan Club Youth Championship Champion
  • 1988-Launched Junior Youth Oppama. Junior Youth, Japan Club Youth Championship 3rd
  • 1989-Launched Primary Oppama. Primary, Kanagawa Prefectural Youth Soccer Championship Winner
  • 1990-Nissan Sakonyama School closed
  • 1992-Renamed to Yokohama Marinos Soccer School and Yokohama Marinos Oppama Soccer School
  • 1999-Renamed to Yokohama F. Marinos Soccer School. Yokohama F. Marinos Sugada Soccer School opened
  • 2000-Yokohama F. Marinos Sugada Soccer School closed
  • 2004 --NAS Futamatagawa school opened
  • 2006 --Renamed to Marinos Football Academy. Yamato school (Koza-Shibuya) opened
  • 2007-Marinos Town opens. Moved to Shinkoyasu school and Minatomirai school. Kohoku school opened
  • 2008-Yamato school moves from Koza-Shibuya to Tsuruma
  • 2010-Kohoku school moves to Higashiyamata school
  • 2011 --Renamed from NAS Futamatagawa School to Futamatagawa School
  • 2014-Reef Stadium school opened
  • 2015-Marinos Town closed. Minatomirai school closed
  • 2016-Nakayama Technical School opens
  • 2017 --Shunsuke Park school opened, Kozukue school opened
  • 2018 --New Yoshida school opened, Kamiooka school (currently Keikyu Kamiooka school) opened

Training organization battle record

The main national tournament results are described.

Yokohama F. Marinos Youth Results

Results of Junior Youth Oppama

Primary battle record

  • 2004 28thAll Japan Youth Soccer Tournament Win
  • 2005 29th All Japan Youth Soccer Tournament Winner
  • 2006 30th All Japan Youth Soccer Tournament Winner 
  •  2016 XNUMXth All Japan Youth Soccer Tournament Runner-up

"Final" vsSenano KobeJunior 1-2 ●

Battle record of primary Oppama

Financial results of the training organization

The financial results of the training organization are as follows.

Financial results of the training organization
  • Income, expenses, unit of income: million yen
  • Source: List of J1 club financial results for each year.2011,2012,2013,2014,2015,2016

From youth


  • "Marinos Football Academy 30 Years History", 2015.

Hometown activities

Soccer classroom

Soccer classes are held by Yokohama F. Marinos coaches at local schools and sports centers centered on the home towns of Yokohama and Yokosuka. Soccer classes are roughly divided into "Fureai Soccer Class" and "Soccer Caravan" for children under elementary school age and "ENJOY FOOTBALL" for adults.

Soccer for people with disabilities

Since 2004, the soccer project for people with disabilities "futuro" has been held. In "futuro"Yokohama rapportIn collaboration with the "Experience / Training" program held in Yokohama F. Marinos, he participates in the tournament by training basic skills and individual / team tactics centered on the coach of Yokohama F. Marinos.

Participation in local events

We are exhibiting booths at events related to the shops and universities in Yokohama, Yokosuka, and Yamato, and the factory of Nissan, our main sponsor. In addition, the official cheerleading team, Tricolor Lancers, may perform. In addition, as of 2012, team flags and posters have been posted in more than 200 local shopping districts. The mascot character "Marinosuke" appears in most events.

Business tie-up with school

As part of hometown activitiesKanto Gakuin University,Yokohama National University,Kanagawa University3 universities andNippon Kogakuin CollegeIn partnership with the soccer team, we are dispatching coaches, local community activities, and human resource development.Kanto Adult Soccer LeagueThe top team of the soccer club of Nihon Kogakuin, which they belong to, shares the team name with Yokohama F. Marinos, and is called "Nihon Kogakuin F. Marinos".



As one of the essential items for support, a tricolor umbrella, commonly known as "TriparaIf you win the match, you will get a triparaCoffee rumbaTurn according to the cheering based on (Coffee rumba-based cheeringBoca Juniors,FC Tokyo,Ventforet KofuAnd so on). From around 2004, some supporter volunteers made a custom-made product and started to spread it, but since the club started selling at the official shop in 2006, it spread explosively around the back of the goal and became established, the title of the following support program It has become synonymous with the support of Yokohama F. Marinos supporters.


Tricolor Mermaids

In 2007, "Tricolor Lancers" was formed as an official cheerleading team. Detail isLancersSee section. After that, from June 2008, 6, "Tricolor MermaidsThe name was changed and renewed.

Alliance with overseas clubs

France in June 2008Olympic LyonConcluded a business alliance with the aim of promoting the development and strengthening of soccer and cooperation and friendship in the fields of sports, education and culture.[54].

2014 year 1 month,Cambodia LeagueBelongs toTri Asia Phnom Penh FCAnnounced a partnership with. However, as the business of Tri Asia Phnom Penh FC was transferred from the parent company Tri Asia Group, the alliance was dissolved on December 2014, 12.[55].


  • When the J-League was launched, Yokohama Marinos and Yokohama Flugels, who had the same city of Yokohama as their home town, sometimes formed a home game on the same day. However, in the J League, from the viewpoint of protecting the lawn of the stadium and replacing spectators,1 games a dayYokohama M was Mitsuzawa (ball), Yokohama F was not allowed to holdKyushu region(Special activity areaNagasaki-Kumamoto-Kagoshima3 prefectures) orNationalThere were times when we played games.1995After that, the dates of the home games were adjusted, and there were no duplicate games hosted by Yokohama M and Yokohama F on the same day.
  • The official theme song isYuzuSings "We are F.Marinos. "Yokohama Municipal Subway OfShin-Yokohama StationJR EastKozukue StationThen, the same song is adopted as the departure melody.
  • There is a woman called Marinos Queen who works in public relations and game management assistance. Marinos Queen is selected from those who live, commute, and attend school in Kanagawa Prefecture.
  • On the day of the home game held at Nissan Stadium, the band "Yokohama-born band" will be on stage at Tricolor Land.CHURU-CHUWWhen "(Churuchu)" appears, the supporters song "Winning flags" for the supporters of Yokohama F. Marinos will be shown.
  • October 2015, German software giantSAPAffiliated with. Announced that it will use SAP technology to improve player performance, streamline club team management operations, and conduct marketing activities to improve fan satisfaction. SAP has a track record of leading the German national team and Bayern Munich to the championship in the sports business utilizing IT, and it is expected that the Yokohama F. Marinos team will be strengthened and the results will be improved using this service.[56][57][58]


The financial results of Yokohama F. Marinos are as follows.

Profit and loss

年度incomeAdvertising feeAdmission feeAllocationOthercostexpensePersonnel expensesAdministrative expensesProfitNet income
  • Amount of money: million yen
  • Personnel costs are included in the project cost.

Source: List of J1 club financial results for each year. 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010

年度RevenueAdvertising feeAdmission feeAllocationUpbringingOthercostPersonnel expensesmatchHomeUpbringingwomanSaleProfitNet income
  • Amount of money: million yen

Source: List of J1 club financial results for each year. 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

年度RevenueAdvertising feeAdmission feeAllocationUpbringingSalesOthercostPersonnel expensesmatchHomeUpbringingwomanSalesSaleProfitNet income
  • Amount of money: million yen

Source: List of J1 club financial results for each year. 2016


年度Total assetsTotal debtNet worthCapital

Source: List of J1 club financial results for each year. 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

Amount of money: million yen


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注 釈

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  2. ^ "A J-Club, whether direct or indirect, has sufficient stock (in stock) to control the management of another J-Club or a corporation under significant influence of that J-Club.Public interest group corporation corporationorSpecified nonprofit corporationIn such cases, the stock (public interest incorporated foundation or specified non-profit activity) that can control the management of the club or the corporation that is judged to be under the significant influence of the club for those who hold the position of employee) A corporation must not have the position of an employee). "something like[13].
  3. ^ First victory since the name changed to Yokohama Marinos. Moreover, since the J-League was established, the eighth team has won all three major domestic titles (J / J8, Nabisco Cup, and Emperor's Cup).
  4. ^ The name of the sponsor isNissan car body.
  5. ^ Initially, 4 is scheduled to win the first round
  6. ^ Initially, the schedule for 3 is due to a bye in the second round. In addition, the semi-final was overcrowded and the schedule could not be adjusted, so he declined to participate.
  7. ^ Initially, the schedule for 2 is due to a bye in the first round. The quarterfinals will be held in the middle location
  8. ^ The final match is not included because it is treated as neutral
  9. ^ Treated as "Yokohama" because naming rights cannot be used in ACL
  10. ^ OpponentOmiya Ardija(2005 years),Ventforet Kofu(2006 years),Yokohama FC(2007 years),Montedio Yamagata(2009 years),Sagan Tosu2012 clubs (5).


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