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⚽ | Gaku Shibasaki participates fully in the Spanish 2nd division league

Photo Takeshi Shibasaki (Getty = joint)

Gaku Shibasaki fully participated in the Spanish 2nd division league

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On the 2nd of the Spanish 2nd division soccer league, Leganes Gaku Shibasaki made a full appearance in a 0-0 draw with Gijon at home.

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Spanish second division league

Takeshi Amagasaki

Mt. Shibasaki(For a while,1992May 5 -) isAomoriKamikitaNoheji TownFromProfessional soccer player[2].. Position isMF[1].Segunda Division-CD LeganesBelongs.Representation from Japan.. Wifeactress OfMano Erina[3].


Before entering professional

Participate in the local Noheji SSS and start playing soccer[4].

When you enter Aomori Yamada High School, you will be in the first year of high school and carry the number 1 as the team's command tower.[5].. In 2009, when I was in the second grade, I was a senior in the first gradeNobushi ShiinaAnd volunteers,Masatoshi KushibikiTogether withThe 88th National High School Soccer ChampionshipEarned a runner-up in[6].. After the competition, when I was in the second year of high schoolKashima AntlersAnd made a formal contract on January 2011, 1[7].

Kashima Antlers

April 2011, 4, J29 Section 1Avispa FukuokaHe made his first appearance in the J League from the 40th minute of the game. October 10,Nabisco CupSemi-finalNagoya GrampusHe scored the first official score in the match, and played an extra 3 minutes in all three games until the final.

August 2012, 11,Nabisco CupOf the finalShimizu S-PulseHe showed two goals in the battle and contributed to Kashima's consecutive Nabisco Cup win,Best Player AwardAward. In DecemberJ League AwardsAtBest Young Player AwardWas awarded.

2014, my teammateYasushi EndoWithJoyo BankAppointed as the 9th generation image character of[8].. September 9th, won the J16 Month MVP in August[9].. At the J League Awards on December 12,J League Best ElevenWon for the first time[10].

2015 years,94th National High School Soccer ChampionshipWas appointed as the leader of the tournament.

2016 years,Motoyama Masashi OfGiravanz KitakyushuAs a result of the transfer to, I will be carrying the second Japanese number, No. 2. When it came to the 10nd stage, it became a regular part of the left and right side halves as well as the main job. December 2,Club world cupIn the final of the European championreal MadridHe scored two goals against Real Madrid, but lost in turn and ended up being the first club World Cup runner-up in the AFC club.


With the success of the Club World Cup, news of overseas transfers increased after the 2016 season, and at the beginning of the yearSpanish second division league OfUD Las PalmasThe transfer to was rumored. It seems that he decided to prepare for the joining conference and decided to transfer to Palmas, but on January 1 the transfer disappeared and it was reported that the contract with Kashima would be renewed.[11].. However, on the 31st of the next day, it will be his first overseas challengeSpanish second division league OfCD TenerifeTransfer was officially announced on the official website of Tenerife[12].. After transferring, I struggled to adapt to an unfamiliar environment, but cultivated English at a local Japanese restaurant and resumed practice at the facility from February 2.[13].. Joined the whole practice from March 3st[14].. On March 3, he made his debut in Spain from the halfway participation in the match against Reus Deportiu of Round 18. On the 30rd day of April 4Real OviedoPlayed the first start after transfer in the battle. On the birthday of May 5th, verse 28AD AlcorconScored the first birthday goal after transfer in the match[15].. June 6, promotion of playoff semifinalsCadiz CFIn the match, score the final goal in the 2nd leg,Getafe CFIn the battle, both the 1st leg and the 2nd leg record assists, but the team loses and misses the promotion to the first division[16].


Defeat Tenerife in the playoffs on July 2017, 7PrimeraPromotedGetafe CFThe complete transfer to was announced[17].. The uniform number is "10" as in the Kashima period. August 8, the opening gameAthletic BilbaoHe made his first debut in Spain from the starter in the battle, and on September 1th Section 9FC BarcelonaI scored my first goal in the battle. This goal was Barcelona's GK, who had continued to score in league and CLMarc-Andre Thea StegenIt was also the goal to break the goalless record of[18].. By the way, it was the final round of the 16-17 season that scored from Thea Stegen before Shibasaki.SD Aval OfInuiMet. Shibasaki also scored from Real Madrid at the World Cup in the Kashima era, becoming the first Japanese to score points from both big clubs Real and Barcelona.[19].. However, he was injured in this game and was replaced on the way. After the match, it was announced that the left metatarsal was broken, and he was operated on and left for up to 2 months.[20].. Perhaps due to that influence, there are few opportunities to participate after returning, and it remains in that stateWorld CupWelcomed.

Fully supervised the next seasonJose BoldarasIt was out of the concept ofreal MadridOnly three games were played in the first half of the game, and even entering the bench was no longer possible in the second half, except for the full start in the match. In the winter transfer marketVillarreal CF,Real ZaragozaShowed interest from[21],Deportivo La CoruñaThe transfer to was about to be decided, but due to the team situation that MF injuries occurred frequently, it ended in a break.[22].. After all, the league game remained at seven games.

Deportivo La Coruña

August 2019, 7,Segunda DivisionBelongingDeportivo La CoruñaSigned a four-year contract with[23].. The uniform number is "22". August 8, the opening gameReal OviedoMake a debut in the battle[24].. February 2020, 1, Section 10Cadiz CFRecorded first assist after transfer in battle[25].. However, Shibasaki himself could not ride the wave, such as the team temporarily slumping to the bottom, and on July 7,Segunda Division B (Part 3 league) demotion decided[26].

CD Leganes

August 2020, 9,CD LeganesAnnounced that it has signed a three-year contract with[27]. The uniform number is "8". September 10th, section 25Real OviedoHe scored his first goal after transferring in the match.[28]

Representation from Japan

January 2009U-17 Japan National TeamPlayed asFIFA U-17 World CupIt carries the number 10 of the platinum generation.

2012 year 2 month 24 dayGiraffe challenge cup-アイス ランドFor the battle, he was first selected as a member of the Japan National Team (A National Team).

August 2013, 7,East Asian CupWas selected as a member of the Japanese national team, and was the first time in a year and five months. However, immediately after J1 Section 5Jubilo IwataHe complained of being unwell in the war and was announced to decline participation on the 19th.

On August 2014, 8, he was elected to the Japan national team member of the Kirin Challenge Cup. September 28th,ベネズエラIn battleRepresentation from JapanHe made his debut and decided the national team's first score.

Held in January 2015AFC Asian Cup 2015Selected as a member of the Japanese national team. Through the competitionStarting lineupI never played, but in the quarterfinalsUAEIn the second half of the battle,Keisuke HondaThe middle shot that will be the tie bullet is decided by the pass exchange with.PK battleHe also succeeded in PK as the third kicker, but the team lost after the penalty shootout.

On August 2017, 8, he was selected as a member for the World Cup final qualifying and became the representative selection for the first time in about two years.

2018 year 6 month,Russian World CupWas selected as a member of. Participated in three group stage games and one final tournament matchベルギーIn battle,Genki HaraguchiAssisted the first goal of[29].. The center of Japan representative of the Russian World Cup[30] Contribute to the team's best 16 as.

Done on September 2019, 3コロンビアServed as the first game captain in the match, but lost the game 0-1[31].. Aug. 5,Copa AmericaFaceTokyo OlympicsElected as a representative of Japan composed mainly of generations[32][33].. He was the captain of the tournament, and among the young members, he made many opportunities as a commanding tower with stable performance, but the team was eliminated from the group league.[34].

Play style

Exercise-rich game maker[35].. A register (control tower) type that adjusts long and short passes according to the flow and situation of the game and controls the attack by deciding whether to be late or haste. The offensive sense is wonderful and you can work decisively in cooperation with the surroundings.[36]. Nanami HiroshiCommented, "It's a voluntary, but it's also good for passing accuracy, reading the flow of the game, and being able to do the second row, and the quality of the kick, especially the inside kick is perfect."[37].. Served as a training partner for A representativeYusuke AbeHowever, Shibasaki pointed out that the pass speed is the fastest of the A national team and the ball speed of the inside kick is exceptional.[38].

There is a problem with the weakness at the edge,Keisuke HondaからAndres IniestaHave been advised to refer to the play of[39].

On the other hand, the defense has a lack of strength[40]Served as the Japanese national coachHalil hodzic"I'm quite demanding that the defense take the ball aggressively in the defense," he said.[41].. Most of the goal-scoring scenes in the national team have his shadow before and after that, and there is a problem with the strength of defense.[36].. However, in the second round of the Russian World Cup group stageセネガルIn the first half of the match, it didn't go well, but in the second half, the opponents of the country's national team with strong physique and excellent physical ability succeeded in collecting second balls and passing cuts many times Indicated[42].


2018 FIFA World CupStarted the game in all games, and played an active role as a commanding tower for the Japanese national team with a long pass to the side, which was the starting point of the tie goal in the match against Senegal, and a through pass that assisted Gen Haraguchi in the opening goal in the match against Belgium. Therefore, soccer critics in Japan[43], User survey to the general public[44] Both were evaluated as MVP.

In overseas mediaClub world cupFollowing the success of the finals, the British newspaper "The SunWas called "Japanese Andres Iniesta"[45], From the success of the Russian World Cup, Italian newspaper "Gazzetta dello Sport], "JapaneseAndrea PirloIs said to be[46].


On July 2018, 7, the same month of the actressMano ErinaReported to be married to[47].

Kashima period

Done on September 2016, 12Takamado Palace Premier League OfFC Tokyo U-18Before the warAomori Yamada High SchoolWas found to have suffered spike theft damage, also from Aomori Yamada TakashiMasatoshi KushibikiBoth donated spikes before the championship[48].

Tenerife era

In the choice to transfer to the second division leagueNobuhiro Takeda"I felt once again that the Japanese player's status is low, or the priority is low." "I don't think Shibasaki will work in Spain," he said.[49].Maesono Masaki"It's safe to move to Europe now considering the age of 24." "The two parts of Spain are not low level," he said.[50].

After moving to Europe, I was unable to quickly join the team as I struggled to adapt to the local area,Anxiety disorderWas also reported[51].. "The mountain life has changed a lot in every aspect, such as diet, culture, schedule and environment," said Perez Polego, general director of Tenerife. He's an oriental man who has come to a Western country, he's still 24 years old and has no professional experience with a club team outside Japan, so it's no surprise No"[52].

For this situation,Sergio Echigo"I don't think we need to stick to the move to Europe. Shibasaki may have been impatient because she had a strong overseas orientation in the past. But he also needed an eye to judge the situation. Contract with agent I might have had to move, but I think I should have communicated more with the surroundings."[53].. On the other hand,Inui"It's absolutely meaningful to work hard there, too. (Omitted) It's because of Japanese football that I go abroad, in a different environment, in a situation where I don't understand the language, and the director's way of thinking is different. "It's also for the players themselves." "There's no respect to say that you don't have to stick to Europe. There are things I don't know unless I go abroad, and I think what I have cultivated there will definitely be a plus." Defended[54].

Getafe era

September 2017, 9, the match that scored the first goal after transferring to GetafeFC BarcelonaAfter the end of the war, Riga officially announced Shibasaki's registered name "Gaku" and the popular manga "Gaku" in Spain.ド ラ ゴ ン ボ ー ル』"Son Goku(Goku)” collage image uploaded[55].

Deportivo era

Deportivo, who failed to return to La Liga in the 2018-19 season, had high expectations for Shibasaki, who joined with a four-year contract. However, as mentioned above, the team was sluggish, such as temporarily sinking to the bottom, andSegunda BRelegation is decided. Shibasaki himself intended to remain, but eventually abandoned the contract with Deportivo and left the group. When the Leganes transfer is decided, my ownSocial MediaBased inA CorunaThank you to Deportivo fans for uploading the cityscape of[56].

Affiliation club

Individual grade

Domestic competition individual performance
年度ク ラ ブUniform numberleagueLeague matchLeague cupOpen cupTotal period
JapanLeague matchLeague cupEmperor's cupTotal period
スペインLeague matchKing's CupOpen cupTotal period

Other domestic official games

International competition individual results FIFA
年度ク ラ ブUniform numberParticipationscoreParticipationscore
AACLClub world cup

Other international official games

  • 2012
  • 2013
    • Suruga Bank Championship: 1 points per game
  • 2016
    • Suruga Bank Championship: 1 points per game
Participation history


ク ラ ブ

Kashima Antlers


Representative history

Participation meet

Number of matches

International A Match 49 games 3 points (2014 -)

Representation from JapanInternational A Match


No.DatesHost cityStadiumOpponentResultdirected byConvention
1.2014th of February 9Japanese flagYokohamaYokohama International StadiumVenezuelan flag ベネズエラ○ 3-0AguirreKirin Challenge Cup 2014
2.2014th of February 10Japanese flagNiigataDenka Big Swan StadiumJamaica flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu○ 1-0AguirreKirin Challenge Cup 2014
3.2014th of February 10Singapore flagカ ラ ンSingapore National StadiumBrazilian flag Brazil● 0-4AguirreInternational friendly match
4.2014th of February 11Japanese flagToyotaEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euHonduras flag ホンジュラス○ 6-0AguirreKirin Challenge Cup 2014
5.2015th of February 1Australian flagMelbourneMelbourne Rectangular StadiumJordan flag Jordan○ 2-0AguirreAFC Asian Cup 2015
6.2015th of February 1Australian flagSydneyStadium AustraliaUnited Arab Emirates flag United Arab Emirates● 1-1


AguirreAFC Asian Cup 2015
7.2015th of February 3Japanese flagTokyoTokyo stadiumUzbekistan flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu○ 5-1Halil hodzicJAL Challenge Cup 2015
8.2015th of February 6Japanese flagYokohamaNissan StadiumIraqi flag (I.e.○ 4-0Halil hodzicKirin Challenge Cup 2015
9.2015th of February 6Japanese flagSaitamaSaitama Stadium 2002Singapore flag Singapore△ 0-0Halil hodzic2018 FIFA World Cup Asia Round 2 QualifyingandAFC Asian Cup UAE Qualifying
10.2015th of February 8Flag of the People's Republic of ChinaWuhanWuhan Sports CenterDemocratic People's Republic of Korea flag DPR Korea● 1-2Halil hodzicEAFF East Asian Cup 2015
11.2015th of February 8Flag of the People's Republic of ChinaWuhanWuhan Sports CenterRepublic of Korea flag South Korea△ 1-1Halil hodzicEAFF East Asian Cup 2015
12.2015th of February 8Flag of the People's Republic of ChinaWuhanWuhan Sports CenterFlag of the People's Republic of China Chugoku△ 1-1Halil hodzicEAFF East Asian Cup 2015
13.2015th of February 10Iran flagTehranAzadi StadiumIran flag (I.e.△ 1-1Halil hodzicInternational friendly match
14.2017th of February 9Saudi arabia flagBridaKing Abdullah Sport City StadiumSaudi arabia flag Saudi Arabia● 0-1Halil hodzic2018 FIFA World Cup Asia Final Qualifying
15.2018th of February 3Belgian flagLiegeStade Maurice DufrasUkrainian flag ウクライナ● 1-2Halil hodzicKirin Challenge Cup 2018
16.2018th of February 5Japanese flagYokohamaNissan StadiumGhana flag ガーナ● 0-2Akira NishinoKirin Challenge Cup 2018
17.2018th of February 6Swiss flagLuganoFlag of Chechen Republic since 2004.svg● 0-2Akira NishinoInternational friendly match
18.2018th of February 6Austrian flagInnsbruckTivoli StadionParaguay flag パラグアイ○ 4-2Akira NishinoInternational friendly match
19.2018th of February 6Russian flagSaranskMordovia ArenaColombia flag コロンビア○ 2-1Akira Nishino2018 FIFA World Cup
20.2018th of February 6Russian flagYekaterinburgYekaterinburg ArenaFlag of senegal セネガル△ 2-2Akira Nishino2018 FIFA World Cup
21.2018th of February 6Russian flagVolgogradVolgograd ArenaPolish flag ポーランド● 0-1Akira Nishino2018 FIFA World Cup
22.2018th of February 7Russian flagRostovRostov ArenaBelgian flag ベルギー● 2-3Akira Nishino2018 FIFA World Cup
23.2018th of February 10Japanese flagNiigataDenka Big Swan StadiumPanama flag パナマ○ 3-0MoriichiKirin Challenge Cup 2018
24.2018th of February 10Japanese flagSaitamaSaitama Stadium 2002Uruguay flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu○ 4-3MoriichiKirin Challenge Cup 2018
25.2018th of February 11Japanese flagOitaOita Sports Park General StadiumVenezuelan flag ベネズエラ△ 1-1MoriichiKirin Challenge Cup 2018
26.2018th of February 11Japanese flagToyotaEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euKyrgyz flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu○ 4-0MoriichiKirin Challenge Cup 2018
27.2019th of February 1United Arab Emirates flagDubaiAl Nahyan StadiumTurkmenistan flag トルクメニスタン○ 3-2MoriichiAFC Asian Cup 2019
28.2019th of February 1United Arab Emirates flagAbu DhabiZayed Sports City StadiumOman Flag Oman○ 1-0MoriichiAFC Asian Cup 2019
29.2019th of February 1United Arab Emirates flagSharjahSharjah StadiumSaudi arabia flag Saudi Arabia○ 1-0MoriichiAFC Asian Cup 2019
30.2019th of February 1United Arab Emirates flagDubaiAl-Maktoum StadiumVietnam flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu○ 1-0MoriichiAFC Asian Cup 2019
31.2019th of February 1United Arab Emirates flagAl AinHazza Bin Zayed StadiumIran flag (I.e.○ 3-0MoriichiAFC Asian Cup 2019
32.2019th of February 2United Arab Emirates flagAbu DhabiZayed Sports City StadiumQatar flag Qatar● 1-3MoriichiAFC Asian Cup 2019
33.2019th of February 3Japanese flagYokohamaNissan StadiumColombia flag コロンビア● 0-1MoriichiKirin Challenge Cup 2019
34.2019th of February 3Japanese flagKobeNoevir Stadium KobeBolivian flag ボリビア○ 1-0MoriichiKirin Challenge Cup 2019
35.2019th of February 6Japanese flagToyotaEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euTrinidad and Tobago flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu△ 0-0MoriichiKirin Challenge Cup 2019
36.2019th of February 6Japanese flagMiyagiHitomebore Stadium MiyagiEl Salvador flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu○ 2-0MoriichiKirin Challenge Cup 2019
37.2019th of February 6Brazilian flagSao PauloEstadio de MorumbiChilean flag チリ● 0-4MoriichiCopa America 2019
38.2019th of February 6Brazilian flagPorto AlegreArena do GremioUruguay flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu△ 2-2MoriichiCopa America 2019
39.2019th of February 6Brazilian flagBelo HorizonteEstadio MinaironEcuador flag エクアドル△ 1-1MoriichiCopa America 2019
40.2019th of February 9Japanese flagIbarakiIbaraki Prefectural Kashima Soccer StadiumParaguay flag パラグアイ○ 2-0MoriichiKirin Challenge Cup 2019
41.2019th of February 9Myanmar flagYangonThuwanna StadiumMyanmar flag Myanmar○ 2-0Moriichi2022 FIFA World Cup Asia Round 2 QualifyingandAFC Asian Cup 2023 Qualifying
42.2019th of February 10Japanese flagSaitamaSaitama Stadium 2002Mongolia flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu○ 6-0Moriichi2022 FIFA World Cup Asia Round 2 QualifyingandAFC Asian Cup 2023 Qualifying
43.2019th of February 10Tajikistan flagDushanbeDushanbe Central StadiumTajikistan flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu○ 3-0Moriichi2022 FIFA World Cup Asia Round 2 QualifyingandAFC Asian Cup 2023 Qualifying
44.2019th of February 11Kyrgyz flagBishkekDrain Omurzakov StadiumKyrgyz flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu○ 2-0Moriichi2022 FIFA World Cup Asia Round 2 QualifyingandAFC Asian Cup 2023 Qualifying
45.2019th of February 11Japanese flagOsakaPanasonic Stadium SuitaVenezuelan flag ベネズエラ● 1-4MoriichiKirin Challenge Cup 2019
46.2020th of February 10Dutch flagUtrechtStadion GalgenwaltCameroon flag カ メ ル ー ン△ 0-0MoriichiInternational friendly match
47.2020th of February 10Dutch flagUtrechtStadion GalgenwaltCote d'Ivoire flag コ ー ト ワ ワ ー ル○ 1-0MoriichiInternational friendly match
48.2020th of February 11Austrian flagGrazMercour ArenaPanama flag パナマ○ 1-0MoriichiInternational friendly match
49.2020th of February 11Austrian flagGrazMercour ArenaMexican flag メキシコ● 0-2MoriichiInternational friendly match


#Date heldvenueOpponentVictoryMatch outline
1.2014th of February 9Japan,YokohamaVenezuelan flag ベネズエラ△ 2-2Giraffe challenge cup2014
2.2015th of February 1Australia,SydneyUnited Arab Emirates flag United Arab Emirates△ 1-1
AFC Asian Cup 2015
3.2015th of February 3Japan,ChofuUzbekistan flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu○ 5-1JAL Challenge Cup 2015


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