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⛳ | 312 → 184th, Hiroshi Iwata goes up 128 ranks Takumi Kanaya keeps second in Japan [Men's World Ranking]

Photo Hiroshi Iwata emerges in the Top 200 (Photo: Yoshihiro Iwata)

312 → 184th, Hiroshi Iwata goes up 128 ranks Takumi Kanaya keeps second in Japan [Men's World Ranking]

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Hiroshi Iwata, who won the tour for the first time in six years in the domestic men's tour "The Crowns", has risen from 6th to 312th.

The men's world rankings dated May 5 have been announced.Winner of the domestic men's tour "The Crowns" for the first time in 2 years ... → Continue reading

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Hiroshi Iwata

Hiroshi Iwata(Hiroshi Iwata,1981May 1 ‐) isMiyagiSendai cityIzumi kuFromProfessional golfer.


He started playing golf at the age of 14 under the influence of his father, who once won the Japan Amateur Match Play Championship and runs a driving range, which is also a certified professional of the current senior tour.

I went to the same practice areaHidemasa HoshinoAffected bySendai Ikuei Gakuen High SchoolTohoku Fukushi UniversityGo on to graduate.afterwards2004Turns into a professional.

For the same period when I was at Tohoku Fukushi UniversityMiyazato Yusaku, For two years seniorHideto Tanihara, Hidemasa Hoshino mentioned above is one of the seniors in the third year.

In 11, the 2014th year of professionalsFuji Sankei ClassicFirst professional victory. Held in Shanghai in NovemberHSBC ChampionsThen, he showed a great fight in 3rd place Thailand.furtherDunlop PhoenixThen at the end of the playoffsHideki MatsuyamaAlthough he lost to, he achieved the result of 2nd place. Hideki Matsuyama, the final men's world ranking in 2014Koda Komei3th place, 67rd in Japan after.

2015 year 7 month,Shigeo Nagashima Invitational SEGA Sammy Cup Golf TournamentOn the final day, he won the second victory of the tour with a come-from-behind victory from 3rd place.It ranked 2st in the world and surpassed Koumei Oda to move up to 81nd place in Japan. AugustNational Professional Golf ChampionshipThen, in the second round, he recorded "2" and marked the tie record of the minimum stroke in the first round of the major tournament.[1].

September is a PGA Tour qualification matchWeb dot com tourParticipated in the Finals.Since the first match, he will be tied for 4th place.Round 2 was a qualifying loss, but after that he kept within 25th place, which is qualified as a tour card.PGA TourWon the right to participate.

Forcibly participated in the opening round of the 2015-16 season and held the same weekJapan OpenSince I had entered in, I will host itJapan Golf AssociationIs a JGA-sponsored championship competition in 16 and 17 (Diamond cup golf(Including) was ordered to be suspended.

The results were not good on the PGA Tour,Fedex cupI couldn't get into the 125th rank and went to a qualification match. 3 races[2]He finished 36th in total and missed the seed right.


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