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⚽ | S. Ramos is about to return to Real, this time Balan leaves due to a right leg injury ... Chelsea misses heavily

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Real is about to return to S. Ramos, this time Balan leaves due to a right leg injury ... Chelsea misses heavily

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The UEFA Champions League (CL) 5nd leg, which will be held on the 2th, missed the match against Chelsea.

Real Madrid announced on the 3rd that France national team DF Raphaël Varane has been injured.Balun goes on a day ... → Continue reading

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UEFA Champions League

UEFA Champions League(British: UEFA Champions League) IsEuropean Football FederationHeld by (UEFA) every year from September to May of the following year,Club teambyサ ッ カ ーIt is a continental championship.1955European Champion Clubs Cup (British: European Champion Clubs' Cup) Started with the name.Initially it was a tournament of the winning clubs of each country's league,1990 eraThe number of participating clubs and qualifications have been expanded.


One of the most prestigious international competitions in the European club scene[1][2], Final TV viewers exceed 1 million each year[3].

From 1960 to 2004, the winners of this tournament areIntercontinental cupOf the South American continentCopa LibertadoresPlayed against the winner. Since 2005,FIFASponsoredClub world cupTo get participation right to[Note 1].


This competition was held in 1955 by a French sports magazine.LequipWas a reporter/editorGabriel AnoInitiated by the suggestion of[4]. This is 1948South American Club ChampionshipInspired by the great success of the (national club championships of South American countries)[5]. Following the friendly match held in the 1950sWolverhampton WanderersIn response to the British media's declaration that he was a "World Champion," Ano finally managed to convince UEFA to bring the tournament to the continent.1955The first meeting was held in. The official name of the tournament is "European Champion Clubs Cup. European Champion Clubs' CupWas often referred to simply as the "European Cup."[6].

Initially, only the winning club of each league and the winning club of the previous year of this tournament will participateHome & AwayIt was a knockout tournament that was contested by the total score of the two games, but in the 2s, the tournament format was changed one after another as follows.

1991-1992 season
Introduced a league match of 4 clubs x 2 groups (1991st place in the league match advanced to the final in the 92,1992-93, 1-1993 season, and the top 94 clubs in the league match advanced to the semifinals in the 2-XNUMX season).
1992-1993 season
Tournament name changed to European Champions League. It was mandatory to attach the official competition emblem to the sleeves of the uniform.
1994-1995 season
Introduced a league match of 4 clubs x 4 groups by a round-robin tournament of home and away (the top 2 clubs advance to the final tournament). A total of eight clubs, the winning clubs from the top UEFA ranking countries and the winning clubs from the previous year, have won the seed right for this tournament (group league).Qualifying will be held at clubs in other countries, and the winning club will participate in this tournament.
1996-1997 season
Tournament name changed from European Champions League to UEFA Champions League. Anthem, introduction of the official ball of the tournament.
1997-1998 season
In addition to the traditional clubs ranked first in the domestic league, the clubs ranked second in the domestic league in the top ranking countries have also been granted the right to participate.However, the club that ranks second in the domestic league must win in qualifying.The number of clubs participating in this tournament has increased from 1 to 2, and the number of groups has also increased from 2 to 16 (the conditions for seeding rights to the group league have not changed).Along with this, the conditions for advancing to the final tournament in the group league have been changed, and a total of 24 clubs, 4 clubs ranked 6st in each group and the top 1 clubs with the best results in 6nd place, will advance to the final tournament. Was done.
1999-2000 season
The qualifying system and main competition system have changed significantly. this isUEFA Cup Winners CupAlthough it is a change due to the abolition, there is a strong view that UEFA had to deal with the super league concept that had been operating under the water since the late 1990s.
The number of participating clubs in this tournament has expanded from 24 to 32, and the number of participation slots given to the top ranking countries has increased to a maximum of 4 clubs, including qualifying slots.Last year's winning clubs will continue to receive seed rights to the group league, but if a previous year's winning club finishes in 4th or lower league in a country with 5 slots, the National Association will decide on the previous year's winning club and the 4th place club. It was necessary to choose which of the two to participate in. Winner of the 1999-2000 seasonreal MadridFinished in 5th place in the league and was originally 4th in the leagueReal ZaragozaWould qualify for the Champions League next season and Real Madrid would qualify for the UEFA Cup.However, due to the conditions for qualifying for the Champions League in La Liga at that time, the top three clubs of the previous season and Real Madrid, who won the previous season, participated in the Champions League in the 2000-2001 season, and Real Zaragoza participated in the UEFA Cup. It was.
予選なしで本大会に出場できるクラブも8クラブから16クラブへ拡大され(15+前年度優勝クラブ)、出場枠がUEFAランキング上位9カ国(前年度優勝枠次第で10カ国)、そのうちランキング上位6カ国は上位2クラブへ変更された。 グループリーグは従来からの1次リーグに加えて2次リーグが追加導入され、1次リーグ(4クラブ×8グループ)、2次リーグ(4クラブ×4グループ)共に、各グループ上位2クラブが通過という条件になった。また、1次リーグで3位に入ったクラブは、UEFA CupIt was decided to go to.
However, the number of games has increased as the league has expanded, and clubs that have advanced to the second league must complete at least 2 games, and if they advance to the finals, they must complete a total of 12 games. As the number of games increased, there was concern that fatigue would accumulate, injuries would continue, and the level would decline. As a result, dissatisfaction continued among clubs, players, and managers, and the tournament system was later changed in the 17-2003 season. It led to.
2003-2004 season
The number of clubs participating in this tournament is 32, but as the number of clubs participating in the final tournament has been changed from 2 to 8 by abolishing the secondary league that was the cause of the overcrowded schedule, each club and Some of the unpopular parts among the players and the manager have been resolved.As a result, the number of games that must be played in the group league has been reduced to 16, and the number of games that must be played by the finals has been reduced from 6 to 17 at the maximum. Accumulation and injury issues and reduced game levels have been corrected to some extent.
2006-2007 season
The winning club of the previous year will be seeded in the group league regardless of the participation quota of each country (If the club is ranked 3rd or less in the domestic league and has not secured the participation right, Qualifying clubs are pushed to the UEFA Cup).
Won the 2004-05 seasonLiverpool Premier LeagueThen, the same phenomenon as Real Madrid, who finished 5th in the league and won the 1999-2000 season, occurred.But,England Football AssociationRanked 2005th, not Liverpool in the 06-4 seasonEvertonLiverpool would have been supposed to be in the UEFA Cup for the 2005-06 season because they chose to play, but due to the need for defense as a champion, England was given a fifth slot as a special case. It was revised as a result of participation from the first round of qualifying (reference(English)).
2009-2010 season
The number of clubs that can participate in this tournament without qualifying has been expanded from 16 clubs to 22 clubs (21+ winning clubs in the previous year), and the number of participation slots has increased from the top 9 countries in the UEFA ranking to 12 countries (13 countries depending on the winning slots in the previous year). The top three countries in the ranking have been changed from the top two clubs to three clubs.The qualifying round was divided into two routes: the domestic league championship club qualifying round and the domestic league top club qualifying round.Qualifying was expanded from the 3rd round to the 2th round, and the 3th round was named the playoffs.The top club qualifiers will be only the third round and the playoffs.
2012-2013 season
Cup tide rule changed. CL qualifying,ELFor players who have participated in the previous club only in the qualifying, the new club can now register for this tournament even if the previous club has advanced to this tournament.
2015-2016 season
Last yearUEFA Europa LeagueThe winning club will also be given the right to participate (participate from the group league or the playoffs. If the CL winning club in the previous year wins a place based on the domestic league results and the previous year's championship is vacant, it will participate in the group league. If not available, go to the winning club qualifying playoffs for the winning clubs in the 13th or lower ranking countries, otherwise go to the top club qualifying playoffs).Along with this, the upper limit of the number of participating clubs from one country has been increased from 1 to 4.
2018-2019 season
The number of teams that can participate without qualifying has been expanded from 22 to 26, and all four clubs from the top four UEFA ranking countries can now participate without qualifying.Also, the club that won the Europa League in the previous year will definitely change to participate in the group league.
Cup tide rule (players transferred during the winter transfer period, if they have played in the group league at the club they belong to before, they cannot participate in the final tournament at the club to which they are transferred) has been abolished.
2019-2020 season
play offからVideo Assistant Referee Started using (VAR)[7].
Global spread of the new coronavirusAlong with,Final tournamentOf the second leg of Round of 16, four games were played in the second week of March (but two games)Unaided matchHowever, after the four games scheduled for the third week of March were postponed, they were held in August as a non-spectator game.
All games after the quarter-finals of the final tournament have been changed to short-term intensive holding with a one-game final system, and the venue is also in the middle location (Portugal-Lisbon OfEstadio Da LuzEstadio Jose Alvarade) Will be held.
2020-2021 season
New coronavirus infectionPlayers, managers and staff will continue to take measures as in the second half of the 2019-20 season.PCR testWas obligatory.
2024-2025 season
The number of participation slots has been expanded to 36 teams, the current group stage of 4 teams x 8 groups has been abolished, and 5 games each at home and away, 10 different teams and 10 league games. () The top 8 teams in the league advance to the knockout stage as they are. The 9th to 24th place teams will compete in two playoffs and advance to the knockout stage.

Holding method


Top clubs from the previous year's league games in each country that participates in UEFA can participate. Qualifications by country and from which level you can participate,UEFA rankingCountry ranking.

(1) Top 1 clubs in the 4st to 4th UEFA ranking countries
(2) Top 5 clubs in the 6st to 3th UEFA ranking countries
(3) Top 7 clubs in the 15st to 2th UEFA ranking countries
(4) 16st club in countries below 1th in UEFA ranking
(5) Previous year UEFA Champions League winning club
(6) UEFA Europa League championship club of the previous year

However, up to 1 clubs can participate from one country. Therefore, if clubs (5) and (1) are from the same country that ranks 4st to 5th in the UEFA ranking, and both clubs scored 4th or less in the previous year's domestic league, the XNUMXth club in the previous year's league in that country is eligible for participation. Lost and will be entitled to the European League.

Composition of participating clubs (after 2018-19 season)
Main competition seedWinning club qualifyingTop club qualifying
First appearanceFirst appearancePrevious round victoryFirst appearancePrevious round victory
Preliminary qualifying
(4 clubs)
4 clubs
Domestic league champion clubs from 52nd to 55th countries
Second qualifying round
(34 clubs)
33 clubs
Domestic league champion clubs from 18nd to 51th countries
(Excluding Liechtenstein)
1 clubs
Second qualifying round
(26 clubs)
3 clubs
Domestic league champion clubs from 15nd to 17th countries
17 clubs6 clubs
Domestic league runner-up clubs in 10th to 15th countries
Second qualifying round
(20 clubs)
2 clubs
Domestic league champion clubs from 13nd to 14th countries
10 clubs5 clubs
Domestic league runner-up clubs in 7th to 9th countries
5rd place club in the domestic league of 6th to 3th place countries
3 clubs
play off
(12 clubs)
2 clubs
Domestic league champion clubs from 11nd to 12th countries
6 clubs4 clubs
Group stage
(32 clubs)
26 clubs
Last year CL championship club
Last year EL championship club
Domestic league champion clubs from 1nd to 10th countries
Domestic league runner-up clubs in 1th to 6th countries
1rd and 4th place clubs in domestic leagues of 3st to 4th place countries
4 clubs2 clubs

Composition of 32 clubs participating in this tournament

  • Top 1 clubs in the 4st to 4th UEFA ranking countries (16)
  • Top 5 clubs in the 6st to 2th UEFA ranking countries (4)
  • 7st club in the 10th-1th UEFA ranking countries (4)
  • The 11st club in a country with 1th or less UEFA ranking that won the qualifying team (4)
  • The 5nd to 15rd place clubs in the 2th to 3th UEFA ranking countries that won the top team qualifying (2)
  • UEFA Champions League Last year's winning club or 11st club in 1th UEFA ranking country (1)
  • UEFA Europa League last year winning club or 5rd place club in 3th UEFA ranking country (1)

(If the CL championship club of the previous year's domestic league performance is within the right to participate in this tournament, the championship club of the 11th country in the UEFA ranking will be exempt from qualifying and will be eligible to participate in this tournament. (If the league record is within the right to compete in this tournament, the 5rd club in the 3th country in the UEFA ranking will be exempt from qualifying and will get the right to participate in this tournament.)

Top UEFA rankings and slots
RankingMain tournamentQualifying99's00's01's02's03's04's05's06's07's08's
122Italian flagItalian flagSpanish flagSpanish flagSpanish flagSpanish flagSpanish flagSpanish flagSpanish flagSpanish flag
222German flagSpanish flagItalian flagItalian flagItalian flagItalian flagEngland flagEngland flagItalian flagEngland flag
322Spanish flagGerman flagGerman flagEngland flagEngland flagEngland flagItalian flagItalian flagEngland flagItalian flag
421French flagFrench flagFrench flagGerman flagGerman flagGerman flagGerman flagFrench flagFrench flagFrench flag
521Dutch flagDutch flagEngland flagFrench flagFrench flagFrench flagFrench flagGerman flagGerman flagGerman flag
621England flagEngland flagDutch flagDutch flagGreek flag Greek flag Portugal flag Portugal flag Portugal flag Portugal flag 
711Portugal flag Russian flag Russian flag Turkish flag Dutch flagPortugal flagGreek flag Dutch flagDutch flagRomanian flag 
811Greek flag Greek flag Czech flag Greek flag Turkish flag Dutch flagDutch flagGreek flag Greek flag Dutch flag
911Czech flag Portugal flag Greek flag Russian flag Portugal flag Scottish flag Czech flag Belgian flagRussian flag Russian flag 
100 or 12 or 1Norway flagCzech flagPortugal flag Portugal flagRussian flagTurkish flag Turkish flag Scottish flag Romanian flagScottish flag 
Last win1-1Spanish flagSpanish flagItalian flagEngland flagItalian flag

☆: The CL club of the previous year is exempt from the qualifying round in the 10th country because the CL championship in the previous year is within the range of this tournament in the domestic league record.
★: The CL championship club of the previous year is out of the qualifying area for this tournament due to the domestic league record, but is seeded in this tournament. Instead, the number of slots from the qualifying round for the club's country is reduced by one. The winning clubs in the 1th ranked countries will participate from the preliminary round.
*: As a special case, in addition to the original participation quota for each country, the CL championship club of the previous year is allowed to participate in the qualifying. The winning clubs in the 10th ranked countries are exempt from qualifying.

Top UEFA rankings and slots
RankingMain tournamentQualifying09's10's11's12's13's14's15's16's17's
131England flagEngland flagEngland flagEngland flagEngland flagSpanish flagSpanish flagSpanish flagSpanish flag
231Spanish flagSpanish flagSpanish flagSpanish flagSpanish flagEngland flagEngland flagEngland flagGerman flag
331Italian flagItalian flagItalian flagGerman flagGerman flagGerman flagGerman flagGerman flagEngland flag
421French flagGerman flagGerman flagItalian flagItalian flagItalian flagItalian flagItalian flagItalian flag
521German flag French flagFrench flagFrench flagPortugal flagPortugal flagPortugal flagPortugal flagPortugal flag
621Russian flagRussian flagRussian flagPortugal flagFrench flagFrench flagFrench flagFrench flagFrench flag
711Romanian flagUkrainian flagUkrainian flagRussian flagRussian flagUkrainian flagRussian flagRussian flagRussian flag
811Portugal flagDutch flagRomanian flagUkrainian flagDutch flagRussian flagDutch flagUkrainian flagUkrainian flag
911Dutch flagRomanian flagPortugal flagDutch flagUkrainian flagDutch flagUkrainian flagDutch flagBelgian flag
1011Scottish flagPortugal flagDutch flagTurkish flagGreek flagTurkish flagBelgian flagBelgian flagDutch flag
1111Turkish flagTurkish flagTurkish flagGreek flagTurkish flagBelgian flagTurkish flagSwiss flagTurkish flag
1211Ukrainian flagGreek flagGreek flagDanish flagBelgian flagGreek flagGreek flagTurkish flagSwiss flag
130 or 12 or 1Belgian flagScottish flagSwiss flagBelgian flagDanish flagSwiss flagSwiss flagGreek flagCzech flag
Last win1-1England flag
ELWin1-1Spanish flagSpanish flagEngland flag

☆: The CL club of the previous year is exempt from the qualifying round in the 13th country because the CL championship in the previous year is within the range of this tournament in the domestic league record.
★: The CL championship club of the previous year is out of the qualifying area for this tournament due to the domestic league record, but is seeded in this tournament. Instead, the number of slots from the qualifying round for the club's country is reduced by one. The winning clubs in the 1th ranked countries will participate from the preliminary round.
○●: The CL championship club of the previous year is exempt from qualifying for the EL championship club of the previous year, because it is within the range for which this tournament participation slot is within the domestic league record. The winning club in the 13th ranked country will participate from the qualifying.

Top UEFA rankings and slots
RankingMain tournamentQualifying18's19's20's21's
140Spanish flagSpanish flagSpanish flagSpanish flag
240German flagEngland flagEngland flagEngland flag
340England flagItalian flagItalian flagGerman flag
440Italian flagGerman flagGerman flagItalian flag
52 or 31 or 0French flagFrench flagFrench flagFrench flag
621Russian flagRussian flagRussian flagPortugal flag
711Portugal flagPortugal flagPortugal flagRussian flag
811Ukrainian flagUkrainian flagBelgian flagBelgian flag
911Belgian flagBelgian flagUkrainian flagUkrainian flag
1011Turkish flagTurkish flagTurkish flagDutch flag
110 or 12 or 0Czech flagAustrian flagDutch flagTurkish flag

☆: Since the CL championship club of the previous year and the EL championship club of the previous year are within the range of participation in this tournament according to the domestic league results, the winning club of the 11th ranking country and the 5rd club of the 3th ranking country are qualifying Exemption.


Qualifying will be held on two routes: the winning club qualifying and the top club qualifying. One-on-one after the first qualifyingHome and away methodIt is done in.The combination lottery will be seeded according to the club rankings confirmed at the start of the season.

Domestic League Championship Club Qualifying

Preliminary qualifying
Four league-winning clubs from countries ranked 52nd to 55th in the UEFA ranking compete in a one-shot tournament format, and one winner advances to the first qualifying round.The defeated club will advance to the second qualifying round of EL.
First qualifying
Among the countries ranked 18th to 51st in the UEFA ranking, 33 clubs that won the league match and 34 clubs that won the preliminary qualifying round, excluding Liechtenstein, which does not have a league match in the country, competed, and 17 winners were second. Advance to qualifying.The defeated club will advance to the second qualifying round of EL.
First qualifying
15 clubs, 17 clubs that won the league match in the UEFA rankings 3th to 1th and 17 clubs that won the 20st qualifying round, competed, and 10 winners advanced to the 3rd qualifying round.The defeated club will advance to the EL 3rd qualifying round.
First qualifying
Two clubs that won the league match in the countries ranked 13,14th and 2th in the UEFA ranking and 2 clubs that won the second qualifying round were competing, and 10 winners advanced to the playoffs.The defeated club advances to the EL playoffs.
play off
Eight clubs, two clubs that won the league match in the countries ranked 11,12th and 2th in the UEFA ranking and six clubs that won the third qualifying round, competed, and four winners advanced to the group league of this tournament.The defeated club will go to the EL main tournament group league.

The framework will change if the winning club in the 11th ranked country is exempt from qualifying, or if the CL/EL previous year's winning club is the winning club in the 11th or lower ranking country.

Domestic league top club qualifying

First qualifying
The UEFA rankings 10th to 15th are contested by 2 clubs in the league match, and 6 winners advance to the 3rd qualifying round.The defeated club will advance to the EL 3rd qualifying round.
First qualifying
play off
The four winners of the third qualifying round competed, and the two winners advanced to the group league of this tournament.The defeated club will advance to the EL main tournament group league.

CL/EL The framework will change if the domestic league record of the previous year's winning club is in the above ranking, or if the 5rd club in the 3th ranking country is exempt from qualifying.

Outline of this competition

The group league divides 32 clubs into 4 clubs x 8 groups.Home and away2 clubs up to 2nd place in each group will advance to the final tournament by competing in two round robin of the method.In addition, the club that ranked 16rd in the group league will go to the EL final tournament.The top four clubs will be seeded in the first round of the final tournament, along with the leaders of the EL Group League.

When clubs with the same points are ranked, they are ranked in the following order.

  1. Points won in a direct confrontation between the clubs
  2. Total score in direct confrontation between applicable clubs
  3. Number of away goals in a direct confrontation between the clubs
  4. Goal difference between all matches
  5. Total score in group league
  6. Top UEFA ranking countries and regions

The final tournament is a home-and-away tournament with 16 clubs and if the total score of the two games is the same,Away goalThe winner is the winner. If there is still no winner, 2 minutes in the second half after the second matchextra inningsI do. After the extra time, the away goal is applied even if the number of points is the same, and the away club advances to the next round. If neither army scored in the overtimePK battleTo determine the winner.

After the quarter-finals, the combination lottery will be held again at the final venue (Switzerland after the 2009-10 season)Nyon), Where the winning cup will be returned from the winning club of the previous year.

The final match will be settled in one match at the venue decided in advance by UEFA. If it is not decided in 1 minutes, an extra game will be held, and if it is not decided, it will be a PK match.

The dates are generally Tuesday and Wednesday. The finals were often held on the last Wednesday of May after the end of all domestic league dates, but it was held on Saturday from the 5-2009 season.

Lottery system

In the group league, 32 clubs are first divided into 8 pots of 4 clubs each.The clubs that won the previous year, the clubs that won the Europa League last year, and the clubs from the top six UEFA country rankings will be assigned to pot 6, and the remaining 1 clubs will be assigned to pots 24 to 2 based on the UEFA club coefficient.If the previous year's winning club and the previous year's Europa League winning club are the winning clubs of the top six countries, the winning clubs ranked 4th and 6th in the country ranking will be in pot 7.One club will be drawn from each pot into eight groups of AH.At that time, it is considered that the clubs of the country are not included in the same group (country protection. It is not considered in the case of special participation. Liverpool who participated in the special participation in the 8-1 tournament will be in the same group as Chelsea in England. It has become).

Group AD is red, EH is blue, and two clubs from the same country are paired, three clubs are two clubs, four clubs are two pairs, and two pairs are the same. Lottery not to enter the color group (for example, if club Y and club Z are from the same country, if Y is in any of the groups AD, Z will automatically be in any of the groups EH) ). This means that if you play a match from one color group for each verse, then play the other color group on the next day, and on the day when the club of the country fights, the home game in Japan is basically one club. Be seen. In addition, since the 2-3 season, the Ukrainian situation has prevented Ukrainian and Russian clubs from joining the same group.

After the lottery, the computer calculates the rank within the group and adjusts so that the home and away of the team in the country are not covered (rank 1 is AHAHHA, rank 2 is HAHAAH, and H & A is paired. Rank 3 is AHHAHA. , Rank 4 is HAAHAH).If two clubs from the same country participate in the same color group, the pair will be adjusted to 2 and 1 or 2 and 3, so that the home game will not be played on the same day in the same country.The exception is from Russia in the 4-2006 season.CSKA MoscowSpartak Moscow2 clubs have participated. Russia has a low temperature, so both clubs fought the final game away in December to avoid home games in December when the final game of the group league will be held (so it was possible to play home and away separately in all 12 group leagues) Only two of the paragraphs became). It should be noted that the same measures will be taken when two Norwegian clubs that have the possibility of participating in two clubs with the same low temperature (there was a possibility in the 6-2 season).

In the first round of the final tournament, the 1st place club in the group league will be drawn so that the 1nd place club in a different group will win.In that case, as with the lottery of the group league, restrictions due to country protection and the situation in Ukraine, and not rematching with clubs that were in the same group in the group league will be taken into consideration.The lottery will consist of a total of 2 pots, including a pot containing the balls of the 2 clubs ranked 8nd in the group league, 1 pots containing multiple balls for each of the 8st clubs, and an empty pot to draw the 1st club. Prepared and done.First, one club is selected from the pot of the second-placed club, and the combination is decided by putting the balls of the clubs that can be played against each other in the empty pot and drawing.Repeat this process until 10 cards are decided.

After the first round, a combination lottery for the quarterfinals and semifinals will be held.Neither country protection nor seeding will be considered after the quarterfinals.Therefore, there is a possibility of a match between clubs in the same country and a rematch with a club in the same group league.There is only one pot with the balls of the eight remaining clubs. One card is decided every time two clubs are selected by drawing one by one, and a lottery is held until all four cards are decided.

In the 2012-13-2017-18 season, a separate semi-final lottery was held after the quarter-finals.There are two pots, one with the balls of the four remaining clubs and the other that decides the order of the match. First, if two clubs are selected as in the quarterfinals, one card will be decided, and the remaining two clubs will be practically decided, but the last Lottery will be held.After that, a lottery will be held to determine the official match order from the first match card.

Rules for player registration

Each club submits players' A and B lists in advance. The A list is limited to 25 people, with the following restrictions.

  • Two of them must be GK.
  • Eight or more must be "home-grown athletes" and four or more must be "club-trained athletes"
    (“Nationally trained athletes” is a generic term that includes “trainers trained within the association” and “trainers trained within the club”. By the age of 15 (end of the 15-year-old season), regardless of nationality, whether or not it will continue for three full seasons (from the opening round to the final round of the league in which the club belongs) , Or a player who has been enrolled for 21 months. “Nationally trained athletes” means nationality relationships between the age of 21 (beginning of the season when the athlete turns 3) to 36 (the end of the season when the player turns 15). For three full seasons (from the opening round to the final round of the league to which the club belongs), or for 15 months, regardless of whether or not to continue Refers to the player who did.)
  • In qualifying, submit each round by the deadline. The list submitted for this tournament group stage cannot be changed until the end of the tournament, but up to 3 players can be replaced or added before the start of the final tournament.

In the B list, 24:00 (Central European TimeIf you apply by, you can register unlimited number of qualified players. To qualify for the B list, players must be born after January 21st of the year 1 years before the start of the season and have been in the club for more than two years since their 1th birthday. .. 15-year-old athletes can register if they have been enrolled for 2 years or more.

Prize money

2019-20 season example[8].

  • Group stage victory: €2,700,000
  • Group stage draw: €900,000
  • Final Tournament Advancement: €9,500,000
  • Quarterfinals: €10,500,000
  • Semifinals: €12,000,000
  • Second place: €15,000,000
  • Winner: €19,000,000



年度WinResultsecond placeVenue
UEFA Champions Cup
1955'sSpanish flag real Madrid4 - 3French flag Stud lanceFrench flag Parc des Princes(Paris
1956'sSpanish flag real Madrid2 - 0Italian flag FiorentinaSpanish flag Santiago Bernabeu(Madrid
1957'sSpanish flag real Madrid3 - 2 aetItalian flag MilanBelgian flag Hazel(ブ リ ュ ッ セ ル
1958'sSpanish flag real Madrid2 - 0French flag Stud lanceWest Germany flag Necker(Stuttgart
1959'sSpanish flag real Madrid7 - 3West Germany flag Eintra pigeonScottish flag Hamden Park(Glasgow
1960'sPortugal flag Benfica3 - 2Spanish flag BarcelonaSwiss flag Stade de Swiss Bankdorf(Bern
1961'sPortugal flag Benfica5 - 3Spanish flag real MadridDutch flag Olympus(Amsterdam
1962'sItalian flag Milan2 - 1Portugal flag BenficaEngland flag Wembley(UK
1963'sItalian flag Intel3 - 1Spanish flag real MadridAustrian flag Prater(Vienna
1964'sItalian flag Intel1 - 0Portugal flag BenficaItalian flag San Siro(Milan
1965'sSpanish flag real Madrid2 - 1Flag of the Federal Republic of Socialist Yugoslavia PartizanBelgian flag Hazel(ブ リ ュ ッ セ ル
1966'sScottish flag Celtic2 - 1Italian flag IntelPortugal flag Nacional(Lisbon
1967'sEngland flag Manchester United4 - 1 aetPortugal flag BenficaEngland flag Wembley(UK
1968'sItalian flag Milan4 - 1Dutch flag AjaxSpanish flag Santiago Bernabeu(Madrid
1969'sDutch flag Feyenoord2 - 1 aetScottish flag CelticItalian flag San Siro(Milan
1970'sDutch flag Ajax2 - 0Greek flag PanathinaikosEngland flag Wembley(UK
1971'sDutch flag Ajax2 - 0Italian flag IntelDutch flag De Kaip(Rotterdam
1972'sDutch flag Ajax1 - 0Italian flag JuventusFlag of the Federal Republic of Socialist Yugoslavia Crvena Zvezda(Belgrade
1973'sWest Germany flag Bayern Munich1 - 1 aet
4 - 0 R
Spanish flag Atletico MadridBelgian flag Hazel(ブ リ ュ ッ セ ル
1974'sWest Germany flag Bayern Munich2 - 0England flag Leeds UnitedFrench flag Parc des Princes(Paris
1975'sWest Germany flag Bayern Munich1 - 0French flag Saint-EtienneScottish flag Hamden Park(Glasgow
1976'sEngland flag Liverpool3 - 1West Germany flag Borussia MGItalian flag Stadio Olimpico(Rome
1977'sEngland flag Liverpool1 - 0Belgian flag Club bruggeEngland flag Wembley(UK
1978'sEngland flag Nottingham Forest1 - 0Swedish flag MalmoWest Germany flag Munich Olympia(Munich
1979'sEngland flag Nottingham Forest1 - 0West Germany flag Hamburger SVSpanish flag Santiago Bernabeu(Madrid
1980'sEngland flag Liverpool1 - 0Spanish flag real MadridFrench flag Parc des Princes(Paris
1981'sEngland flag Aston Villa1 - 0West Germany flag Bayern MunichDutch flag De Kaip(Rotterdam
1982'sWest Germany flag Hamburger SV1 - 0Italian flag JuventusGreek flag Athens Olympics(Athens
1983'sEngland flag Liverpool1 - 1 aet
(PK 4-2)
Italian flag RomeItalian flag Stadio Olimpico(Rome
1984'sItalian flag Juventus1 - 0[Note 2]England flag LiverpoolBelgian flag Hazel(ブ リ ュ ッ セ ル
1985'sRomanian flag Steaua Bucharest0 - 0 aet
(PK 2-0)
Spanish flag BarcelonaSpanish flag Ramon Sanchez Pishua(Seville
1986'sPortugal flag Porto2 - 1West Germany flag Bayern MunichAustrian flag Prater(Vienna
1987'sDutch flag PSV0 - 0 aet
(PK 6-5)
Portugal flag BenficaWest Germany flag Necker(Stuttgart
1988'sItalian flag Milan4 - 0Romanian flag Steaua BucharestSpanish flag Camp Nou(Barcelona
1989'sItalian flag Milan1 - 0Portugal flag BenficaAustrian flag Prater(Vienna
1990'sFlag of the Federal Republic of Socialist Yugoslavia Red star0 - 0 aet
(PK 5-3)
French flag MarseilleItalian flag San Nicola(Bari
1991'sSpanish flag Barcelona1 - 0 aetItalian flag SampdoriaEngland flag Wembley(UK
UEFA Champions League
1992'sFrench flag Marseille1 - 0[Note 3]Italian flag MilanGerman flag Munich Olympia(Munich
1993'sItalian flag Milan4 - 0Spanish flag BarcelonaGreek flag Athens Olympics(Athens
1994'sDutch flag Ajax1 - 0Italian flag MilanAustrian flag Ernst Happel(Vienna
1995'sItalian flag Juventus1 - 1 aet
(PK 4-2)
Dutch flag AjaxItalian flag Stadio Olimpico(Rome
1996'sGerman flag Dortmund3 - 1Italian flag JuventusGerman flag Munich Olympia(Munich
1997'sSpanish flag real Madrid1 - 0Italian flag JuventusDutch flag Amsterdam arena(Amsterdam
1998'sEngland flag Manchester United2 - 1German flag Bayern MunichSpanish flag Camp Nou(Barcelona
1999'sSpanish flag real Madrid3 - 0Spanish flag バ レ ン シ アFrench flag Stade de France(Saint-Denis
2000'sGerman flag Bayern Munich1 - 1 aet
(PK 5-4)
Spanish flag バ レ ン シ アItalian flag San Siro(Milan
2001'sSpanish flag real Madrid2 - 1German flag LeverkusenScottish flag Hamden Park(Glasgow
2002'sItalian flag Milan0 - 0 aet
(PK 3-2)
Italian flag JuventusEngland flag Old Trafford(Manchester
2003'sPortugal flag Porto3 - 0French flag (I.e.German flag Arena Aufschalke(Gelsenkirchen
2004'sEngland flag Liverpool3 - 3 aet
(PK 3-2)
Italian flag MilanTurkish flag Ataturk Olympiat(Istanbul
2005'sSpanish flag Barcelona2 - 1England flag ArsenalFrench flag Stade de France(Saint-Denis
2006'sItalian flag Milan2 - 1England flag LiverpoolGreek flag Athens Olympics(Athens
2007'sEngland flag Manchester United1 - 1 aet
(PK 6-5)
England flag ChelseaRussian flag Luzhniki(Moscow
2008'sSpanish flag Barcelona2 - 0England flag Manchester UnitedItalian flag Stadio Olimpico(Rome
2009'sItalian flag Intel2 - 0German flag Bayern MunichSpanish flag Santiago Bernabeu(Madrid
2010'sSpanish flag Barcelona3 - 1England flag Manchester UnitedEngland flag Wembley(UK
2011'sEngland flag Chelsea1 - 1 aet
(PK 4-3)
German flag Bayern MunichGerman flag Hobbal Arena Munich(Munich
2012'sGerman flag Bayern Munich2 - 1German flag DortmundEngland flag Wembley(UK
2013'sSpanish flag real Madrid4 - 1 aetSpanish flag Atletico MadridPortugal flag Da Luth(Lisbon
2014'sSpanish flag Barcelona3 - 1Italian flag JuventusGerman flag Berlin Olympia(Berlin
2015'sSpanish flag real Madrid1 - 1 aet
(PK 5-3)
Spanish flag Atletico MadridItalian flag San Siro(Milan
2016'sSpanish flag real Madrid4 - 1Italian flag JuventusWales flag Millennium(Cardiff
2017'sSpanish flag real Madrid3 - 1England flag LiverpoolUkrainian flag Olympiski(Kiev
2018'sEngland flag Liverpool2 - 0England flag TottenhamSpanish flag Metropolitano(Madrid
2019'sGerman flag Bayern Munich1 - 0French flag Paris Saint-GermainPortugal flag Da Luth(Lisbon
2020'sEngland flag Chelsea1 - 0England flag Manchester CityPortugal flag Dragon(Porto
2021'sUnknown flagUnknown flagRussian flag St. Petersburg Stadium(St. Petersburg
Unknown flagUnknown flagTurkish flag Ataturk Olympiat(Istanbul
Unknown flagUnknown flagGerman flag Hobbal Arena Munich(Munich
Unknown flagUnknown flagEngland flag Wembley(UK


Performance by club

Club nameGoodquasi-Championship yearRunner up year
Spanish flag real Madrid1331956,1957,1958,1959,1960,1966,1998,2000,2002,2014,
Italian flag Milan741963,1969,1989,1990,1994,2003,20071958,1993,1995,2005
German flag Bayern Munich651974,1975,1976,2001,2013,20201982,1987,1999,2010,2012
England flag Liverpool631977,1978,1981,1984,2005,20191985,2007,2018
Spanish flag Barcelona531992,2006,2009,2011,20151961,1986,1994
Dutch flag Ajax421971,1972,1973,19951969,1996
Italian flag Intel321964,1965,20101967,1972
England flag Manchester United321968,1999,20082009,2011
Italian flag Juventus271985,19961973,1983,1997,1998,2003,2015,2017
Portugal flag Benfica251961,19621963,1965,1968,1988,1990
England flag Chelsea212012,20212008
England flag Nottingham Forest201979,1980
Portugal flag Porto201987,2004
Scottish flag Celtic1119671970
German flag Hamburger SV1119831980
Romanian flag Steaua Bucharest1119861989
French flag Marseille1119931991
German flag Dortmund1119972013
Dutch flag Feyenoord101970
England flag Aston Villa101982
Dutch flag PSV101988
Serbian flag Red star101991
Spanish flag Atletico Madrid031974,2014,2016
French flag Stud lance021956,1959
Spanish flag バ レ ン シ ア022000,2001
Italian flag Fiorentina011957
German flag Eintra pigeon011960
Serbian flag Partizan011966
Greek flag Panathinaikos011971
England flag Leeds United011975
French flag Saint-Etienne011976
German flag Borussia MG011977
Belgian flag Club brugge011978
Swedish flag Malmo011979
Italian flag Rome011984
Italian flag Sampdoria011992
German flag Leverkusen012002
French flag (I.e.012004
England flag Arsenal012006
England flag Tottenham012019
French flag Paris Saint-Germain012020
England flag Manchester City012021

Note 1: Including the predecessor UEFA Champions Cup era.
Note 2: For the championship year and runner-up year, the years when the championship was decided are listed. For example, the 1955-56 champion is 1956.

Club Country Performance

Country/region nameGoodquasi-
Spanish flag スペイン1811
England flag England1410
Italian flag イタリア1216
German flag Germany810
Dutch flag Netherlands62
Portugal flag Portugal45
French flag France16
Scottish flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu11
Romanian flag ルーマニア11
Serbian flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu11
Greek flag Greece01
Belgian flag ベルギー01
Swedish flag スウェーデン01

Note: Including the predecessor UEFA Champions Cup era.

Consecutive wins

Club nameQuantityAchievement year
Spanish flag real Madrid51956,1957,1958,1959,1960
Dutch flag Ajax31971,1972,1973
German flag Bayern Munich1974,1975,1976
Spanish flag real Madrid2016,2017,2018
Portugal flag Benfica21961,1962
Italian flag Intel1964,1965
England flag Liverpool1977,1978
England flag Nottingham Forest1979,1980
Italian flag Milan1989,1990

Note 1: Including the predecessor UEFA Champions Cup era.
Note 2: The year of championship is the year when the championship was decided. For example, the 1955-56 champion is 1956.

Individual grade

Total score

At the end of the 2020-21 season (not including qualifying)

playerCitizenshipscorematchScore rateperiodAffiliation club
1ク リ ス テ ィ ア ー ノ · ロ ナ ウ ド[Note 4]Portugal flag Portugal1341760.762003Manchester U (15) real Madrid (105)
Juventus (14)
2Lionel MessiArgentina flag アルゼンチン1201490.812005Barcelona
3Robert LevandowskiPolish flag ポーランド73960.762011Dortmund (17) Bayern (56)
4Karim BenzemaFrench flag France711300.552006Lyon (12) real Madrid (59)
Raul GonzalezSpanish flag スペイン711420.501995'sreal Madrid (66) Schalke 04 (5)
6Lut van Nistelrooy[Note 5]Dutch flag Netherlands56730.771998'sPSV (8) Manchester U (35)
real Madrid (13)
7Thierry Henry[Note 6]French flag France501120.451997's(I.e. (7) Arsenal (35)
Barcelona (8)
8Alfred Di StefanoSpanish flag スペイン49580.841955'sreal Madrid
9Andrey Shevchenko[Note 7] ウクライナ481000.481994'sDynamo Kiev (15) Milan (29)
Chelsea (4)
Zlatan Ibrahimovic[Note 8] スウェーデン481200.402001Ajax (6) Juventus (3) Intel (6)
Barcelona (4) Milan (9) Paris Saint-Germain (20)
Thomas MullerGerman flag Germany481240.392008Bayern
12EusebioPortugal flag Portugal46650.711961'sBenfica
Filippo Inzaghi[Note 9]Italian flag イタリア46810.571997'sJuventus (17) Milan (29)
14Didier DrogbaCote d'Ivoire flag コ ー ト ワ ワ ー ル44920.482003'sMarseille (5) Chelsea (36)
Galatasaray (3)
15Alessandro del clown[Note 10]Italian flag イタリア42890.471995'sJuventus
16NeymarBrazilian flag Brazil41690.592013Barcelona (21) Paris Saint-Germain (20)
Sergio Aguero[Note 11]Argentina flag アルゼンチン41770.532008Atletico Madrid (5) Manchester C (36)
Barcelona (0)
18Ferenc Puskas ハンガリー36410.881956'sBudapest Honvéd (1) real Madrid (35)
19Edinson cabaniUruguay flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu35650.542011Naples (5) Paris Saint-Germain (30)
20Gerd MullerGerman flag Germany34350.971969'sBayern

Total number of matches

At the end of the 2020-21 season (see UEFA.com)

playerCitizenshipmatchperiodAffiliation club
1Iker CasillasSpanish flag スペイン1811999'sreal Madrid / Porto
2ク リ ス テ ィ ア ー ノ · ロ ナ ウ ドPortugal flag Portugal1802003Manchester U / real Madrid / Juventus
3シ ャ ビSpanish flag スペイン1571998'sBarcelona
4Ryan GiggsWales flag Wales1511993'sManchester U
5Raul GonzalezSpanish flag スペイン1441995'sreal Madrid / Schalke 04
6Lionel MessiArgentina flag アルゼンチン1492005Barcelona
7Paolo MaldiniItalian flag イタリア1391988'sMilan
8Genre Luigi BuffonItalian flag イタリア1321997パ ル マ / Juventus / Paris Saint-Germain
Andres IniestaSpanish flag スペイン1322002'sBarcelona
10Clarence SeedorfDutch flag Netherlands1311994'sAjax / real Madrid / Intel / Milan
11Karim BenzemaFrench flag France1302004Lyon / real Madrid
Paul ScholesEngland flag England1301994'sManchester U
13Sergio RamosSpanish flag スペイン1292005real Madrid
14Roberto CarlosBrazilian flag Brazil1281997'sreal Madrid / Fenerbahce
15Xabi AlonsoSpanish flag スペイン1272003'sReal Sociedad / Liverpool / real Madrid / Bayern
16Thomas MullerGerman flag Germany1262008Bayern
17Zlatan Ibrahimovic スウェーデン1232001'sAjax / Juventus / Intel / Barcelona / Milan / Paris Saint-Germain
18Gerard PiqueSpanish flag スペイン1212004Manchester U / Barcelona
Manuel NeuerGerman flag Germany1212007Schalke / Bayern
20Carles PuyolSpanish flag スペイン1201999'sBarcelona


The one with the most experience as a playerFrancisco Ghent(real Madrid) 6 times, 3 clubs have players who have experience of winning in multiple clubs,Clarence Seedorf(Ajax,AC Milan,real Madrid) Is the best.

directed by

As a director, you have three winsBob PaisleyCarlo AncelottiZinedine ZidaneThere are 3 directors with only 2 people and 16 times winning experience. Directors with experience in winning multiple clubsCarlo Ancelotti(real MadridAC Milan),Ernst Happel(FeyenoordHamburger SV),Otmer Hitzfeld(Borussia DortmundBayern Munich),Jose Mourinho(FC PortoInter Milan),Yup HeinkesFive people (Real Madrid and Bayern Munich). The experience of winning both players and managersMiguel Muñoz,Giovanni Trapattoni,Johann Cruif,Carlo Ancelotti,Frank Ricard,Josep Guardiola,Zinedine Zidane7 people[10][11].



All teams participating in the tournament will have a logo (commonly known as a star ball) on the right sleeve with the motif of the official ball of the tournament in the image of a star. Only the winning club of the previous season is different, the official ball is on the dark blue background, and the badge with ○○/○○ CHAMPIONS (○○/○○ contains the previous season's numbers) is attached to the center.

Also, depending on the club, players may wear uniforms for the European Cup, which have different sponsors and designs than the uniforms used in the league games of each country. For exampleBayern Munich, The league uniform is red, but in the Champions League a different color may be the home uniform color.

There is a club that wears an oval badge with a winning trophy and number of wins on a blue sleeve on the left sleeve. This badge can only be worn by teams that have been approved for permanent Big Ear retention as described below.

Official game ball

After the 2002-2003 Gamesア デ ィ ダ ス"Finale" (en: Adidas Finale) Is used. A pattern with a star design is printed on the surface like the official logo "Star Ball", and the color scheme can be changed for each competition.

Winning Cup "Big Year"

The winning cupBig yearCalled. This is because the shape of the handle of the winning trophy is similar to the shape of the ear.

The current trophy is 73.5 cm high and weighs 8.5 kg. It is the 7th generation counting from the first generation, and the 6th generation after the current design. Made in 2015.

The trophy up to that point was small, but in 1967, it won the fifth straight victoryreal MadridThe original trophy was handed over to UEFA Secretary-General Hans Bangelter, who decided to redesign the trophy. The current design isBernFounder Jurg Stadermann worked on the casting of the body, and sculptor Fred Benninger finished it. It took 340 hours to make.

Permanent retention is allowed with three consecutive wins or five wins.

Clubs Permitted to Permanently Hold:


Since 1992 when the tournament was changed to the UEFA Champions League, the theme song "UEFA Champions League Hymn(UEFA Champions League Anthem)" is used.Handelof"Priest Zadok(Zadok the priest)” based on the melody, created by British Tony Britain with lyrics and arrangement. Royal Philharmonic OrchestraPlaying,Academy Chamber OrchestraA recording of the chorus of the attached choir will be played before the game starts, at the time of TV broadcast start or when it changes to a half-time commercial, and at the end.

Singed by UEFA's official languages, English, German and French, with both solemnity and enthusiasmRustCoupled with its simple yet beautiful melody, has helped raise the excitement and expectations of players and fans for the upcoming game.

The original version of this hymn is a three-minute song consisting of two short verses and a chorus, but it has never been released on a commercial basis (CD, etc.). Before the start of the game and on live TV, the chorus part after "Ils sont les meilleurs..." in the latter half is arranged.

Ils sont les meilleurs (French: they are the best)
Sie sind die Besten (German: They are the best)
These are the champions

Die Meister (German: The Roadmaster)
Die Besten (German: Best)
Les Grandes Equipes (French: Great Team)
The Champions

Official sponsor

Official Supplier Partner

Official timekeeper

Past Official Sponsor


From 2005 to 2007Electronic ArtsReleased a video game based on the Champions League. Since 2009Konami Digital EntertainmentKonami holds an exclusive license until the 2018 season.[13], A soccer game released by the companyWinning Eleven(The overseas version isPro Evolution Soccer) In the series with UEFA Champions LeagueUEFA Europa League [14],UEFA Super Cup[15]It was equipped with a mode that reproduced[13].. From 2018 againElectronic ArtsMake a contract withFIFA 19More with the UEFA Champions LeagueUEFA Europa League ,UEFA Super CupWill be recorded.

Successive game suppliers
titleYear of releaseSelling agencyplatform
European Club Soccer series1996-1997Krisalis SoftwareMega drive,PC
World League Soccer series1998-2001Silicon Dreams StudioPlayStation 2
UEFA Champions League 2004–2005[16]Year ending March 2005[16]EA Sports CanadaMicrosoft Windows, PlayStation 2[16]
UEFA Champions League 2006–2007[17]2007th of February 3[17]Microsoft Windows,Xbox 360,PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 2[17]
World Soccer Winning Eleven 2009[18]November 2008, 11 (Japan domestic version)Konami Digital EntertainmentPlayStation 2,PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, Xbox 360,Wii
World Soccer Winning Eleven 2010[19]November 2009, 11 (Japan domestic version)
World Soccer Winning Eleven 2011[20]November 2010, 10 (Japan domestic version)PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, Wii
World Soccer Winning Eleven 2012[21]November 2011, 10 (Japan domestic version)PlayStation2,PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, Wii,Nintendo 3DS
World Soccer Winning Eleven 2013[22]November 2012, 10 (Japan domestic version)PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, Wii, Nintendo 3DS
World Soccer Winning Eleven 2014[23]November 2013, 11 (Japan domestic version)PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, Nintendo 3DS
World Soccer Winning Eleven 2015[24]November 2014, 11 (Japan domestic version)PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3,Xbox One
World Soccer Winning Eleven 2016[25]November 2015, 10 (Japan domestic version)PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3
Winning Eleven 2017[26]November 2016, 9 (Japan domestic version)
Winning Eleven 2018[27]November 2017, 9 (Japan domestic version)
FIFA 19[28]2018th of February 9EA SportsPlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360,Nintendo Switch
FIFA 202019th of February 9PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

TV relay

The relay video of the Champions League will be produced by the host station for each match, under the control of UEFA. The schedules for these relays are formatted and distributed to television stations with broadcast rights. The host station is also in charge of preparing equipment for broadcasting seats for overseas media to carry out local broadcasting.

Also, the TV stations that have the right to broadcastMix zoneYou can conduct a player interview in.

Broadcast status in Japan

The winning teamToyota cupIn some cases, only the finals have been obtained because of the acquisition of the right to participate inNippon TVWas being broadcast on.

It began to be broadcast in earnest,Sports Eye ESPN(J sports 3From 1996-97 season. Next season 1997-98WOWOWWon the broadcasting right.BS digital broadcastingFrom the start, each section has a maximum of 4 live broadcasts (2 analog live broadcasts, 2 live broadcast broadcasts), 1 live broadcast on Thursday night, but other games had to wait until the interruption period.

On terrestrial,TBSWon the broadcasting right. Up to two games were broadcast each section, but since it was not nationwide broadcast and it was handled by the local sales frame, it was not possible to change the time of the later program, so if it was an extension / PK game (twice) in the final game I had no choice but to cancel the broadcast.

In April 2003, the final year of the contract with WOWOW, SKY PerfecTV!SKY Perfect JSAT), J SKY SPORTS (currentlyJ SPORTS),Fuji Television Network, Inc3 companies have announced the acquisition of broadcasting rights.

From the 2003-04 season,SKY PerfecTV!Then Perfect Choice (Present)Sukachan), J SPORTS performed live at least 8 games per section, and after the final tournament, all games were live. Even games that have been recorded live are broadcast within 24 hours at the longest. Sky Perfect TV! 110 (currentlySKY PerfecTV! e2) Could not be seen except for the game broadcast on J SPORTS, but it started broadcasting on Sukachan!2004 (currently Sukachan) in the middle of the 05-110 season. From 2006-07 season, Skachan! Hi-vision (current Sukachan HD800), from 2007-08 season on J sports 4 (Hi-vision)High definitionBroadcast has started.

From the 2006-07 season, SKY PerfecTV has acquired the right to broadcast independently, and J SPORTS and Fuji TV will be sublicensed. SKY PerfecTV broadcasts all games (only part of the playoff is selected for the qualifying broadcast. Of the eight games played in the qualifying league a day, about 1 games including J SPORTS will be broadcast live and the rest will be recorded. Broadcast all games live in the final league), J SPORTS and Fuji TV select and broadcast a part.

The J SPORTS broadcast ended in the 2014-15 season.

Until 2017-2018 season, Fuji TV broadcasted one match every season until now, and also broadcasted the final match on the nationwide net until the end of the match (the final match is treated as an online sales frame, the match is an extension, PK match) IfMezamashi TVThere was a case where the broadcast time was shortened or staggered. Also broadcast magazine programs and digests only in the Kanto area[Note 12].

From the 2018-19 season, sports live streaming serviceDAZNAcquires exclusive broadcasting rights in three seasons up to the 2020-21 season[29]However, it was decided that all games from the qualifying playoffs to the finals, including the distribution of UCL-related programs such as the magazine program and highlights, will be distributed live exclusively.[30]However, the 2020-21 season is before the start of the seasonBloombergIs UCLNew CoronavirusIt is reported that the search for withdrawal from broadcasting in Asia is due to a drastic change in the holding schedule due to the spread of infection.[31][32]After that, the season started, but as a result, we did not issue a press release for users,Asahi ShimbunThe contract was virtually discontinued, leaving the 2020-21 season, which is the final year of the contract.[33]..As an alternative, UEFA's official video distribution service "UEFA.tv, Up to 2 games from the group league will be streamed live for free.[34][35]..However, including JapanAsiaWatching the UEFA Champions League in the region was virtually impossible.

However, half a year later, on January 2021, 1, after the broadcasting rights were lifted with DAZN.WOWOWHas made contact with UEFA, and negotiations to acquire broadcasting rights have progressed.[36], Announced the implementation of exclusive live broadcasting and live distribution of all 2020 final tournaments of the 21-29 season, and the European CL broadcast in Japan will be revived for the first time in about half a year[36].. Broadcasting on WOWOW will be the first in 2002 seasons since the 03-18 season.In addition, after the opening of the final tournament, WOWOW's original digest program "Champions League digest!』Broadcast has also been decided[37].

From the 2009-10 season to the 2017-2018 season, NTV broadcast a digest program only in the Kanto area, but in the 2019-20 season with the cooperation of DAZN,BS Nippon TelevisionThe featured cards from the group league to the final match will be recorded and broadcast on Saturday night under the title of "Select Match".In addition, every Sunday, "Weekly Show" was broadcast to introduce the highlights, prospects, and attention teams of UCL.[38].


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