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⚾ | Kiyoshi Nakahata goes out of control with Mr. Harimoto on live broadcast !?

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Kiyoshi Nakahata goes out of control with Mr. Harimoto on live broadcast !?

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In this video, Kiyoshi Nakahata will tell you all about the "trigger" necessary for Teruaki Sato to awaken, which he wanted to convey to Mr. Harimoto and to the viewers.

In the match on May 5nd, he sat in No. 2 for the first time and hit a full-base home run. → Continue reading

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Kiyoshi Nakahata

Kiyoshi Nakahata(Kiyoshi Nakahata,1954May 1 -) isFukushimaNishishirakawa-gunYabuki TownFormer originProfessional baseball player(Infielder, Right-handed right-handed) ・directed by-coach.

1980 era OfYomiuri GiantsActive as a central batter of the labor unionJapan Professional Baseball Players AssociationServed as the first chairman.

After retiring, after serving as a hitting coach for the Giants2004 Athens Olympic Baseball National TeamHead and hitting coachActing as directorServed asbronze medalLed to. afterwards2012ThanYokohama DeNA BaystarsBecame the first director (29th in total from Ocean Whales),2015 seasonI was in office until the end.

2016からBaseball commentatorHas returned to.


Before entering professional

Azumi Commercial High SchoolServed as third baseman, shortstop, catcher,Komazawa UniversityWent on to.

In college,Tohto University Baseball LeagueSo I've won 5 times,1973He won the autumn league and was selected as the Most Valuable Player.Immediately afterThe 4th Meiji Shrine Baseball TournamentButDoshisha UniversityAnd win the first victory.1974Contributed to winning the spring league1975Won consecutive spring and autumn championships,All Japan University Baseball ChampionshipBut in the finalOsaka University of CommerceDefeated and won the championship. Also1973,1975 OfUSA VS Japan Collegiate Baseball ChampionshipHe has been selected as the representative of Japan. He got a lot of attention with his polarized sunglasses and one-legged method to avoid direct sunlight. 82 games in total, 300 hits in 92 at bats, batting average .307, 10 home runs, 51 RBIs. Received the Best Nine Award four times.

"Komazawa Miwa Glass(Komazawa Trio) "Kaoru Hirata,Itaru NinomiyaWith1975 Professional Baseball Draft ConferenceThe media was attracting attention as the centerpiece of the event, and the number one nomination from the giant was regarded as promising, and the press rushed to the training camp at Komazawa University.Choshi Commercial OfToshio ShinozukaWas nominated for the first place. Nakahata is in a separate room when he sees the press returningShogiHowever, I returned in a hurry when I heard that I was nominated for 3rd place. Although he was disappointed that "a high school graduate (Shinozuka) was nominated first," he said that the number of fights increased.

NakahataHokkaido Takushoku BankI had a job offer, but I was a giant director at that time.Nagashima ShigeoWith the support of his existence, he declined the offer and decided to become a professional. "Hirata and Ninomiya (who were not nominated by the pros) will join the team together," he asked the team, and the giant accepted this, so they joined the giant outside the draft.

Active age

The giant at the time of joining the groupSadaharu Oh,Isao Harimoto,Shozo Doi,Takada ShigeruThey were active and had a large player base, so they were not blessed with a turn in the first army for three years after joining the team.Although Ninomiya, who played 3 games in the first army in the second year, continues to be a defensive worker, he continues to live under the hood centered on the second army, but he is off for the third year.1978Held inUS-Japan baseballRound 1Cincinnati RedsParticipated in the match against Giants on behalf of TakadaMario SotoHe hit a two-run home run.Reds directorSparky Anderson"It's good that the third baseman (Nakahata) has a hustle and is full of fighting spirit. Batting is rough, but you should definitely use it," he advised Nagashima.Being active in ALL STAR SERIES1979It became more established in the army.The same yearthird basemanTakada was appointed as a starting lineup when he left due to an injury, and he kept regular even after Takada returned.Newcomer KingQualified, but at the end of the seasonfractureHowever, the rookie king missed (ChunichiKimiya FujisawaAwarded).OffHell's Ito Campparticipated in.

firstRegular turn at batReached1980In the fall of, Nagashima resigned as a director, and the king also retired.As if to replace, a college baseball star player and the same third baseman as NakahataTatsunori HaraJoined in 1st place in the draft, but the new directorFujita MotoshiThe leaders responded by converting Hara to second baseman.However1981In the season, Hara was converted to third base while Nakahata was injured in the middle of the season, and Shinozuka, who had a good reputation for defense, entered the second base and recorded a high batting average of .357.To the first base of the king's successorIsao YamamotoHowever, after Nakahata returned to the front, he was placed in first baseman instead of Yamamoto, and continued to play as first baseman after that.This year the giant was in 1973V9In the season when he regained the best in Japan since then and Nakahata also reached the regular batting average, he recorded his highest batting average of .322, 16 home runs and 66 RBIs.

1983, Defensive base coachToshimitsu SuetsuguHowever, in the final round, the batting average of about 3% of the players was calculated with a calculator for each turn at bat, and when he got on 1%, he was replaced, so the batting average was just 3%.Nakahata pointed out this point, "Only 3%Contract renewalPlease forgive me because the impression at the seat will change.Instead, if I fight for the title, I will never take a rest. "(In fact, Nakahata had the experience of participating in the final round of Komazawa University and missing the top hitter. In 1987, Shinozuka, a professional player,Shozo Shoda,Hiromitsu OchiaiI fought for the top hitter for a while, but I couldn't win the title after all.)[1].Japan seriesThen.Seibu Lions3 wins and 4 losses, lost in Round 3Mori ShigekazuGoodbye hit, in Round 6Tadashi SugimotoHe was selected for the Outstanding Player Award by hitting a timely triple and marking 3 RBIs.

The director changed from Fujita to King1984Hit two consecutive home runs in the All-Star Game, which spanned the second and third rounds.In the official game, he was assigned the 2th position in the middle of the season in place of the slump, and recorded his most 3 home runs.

1985, Sadaharu Oh called "One Duke" and criticizedOff-the-recordtapeThe existence of is a problem.中畑はNakahataTelHe apologized and was allowed by the king to "make sure he didn't hear anything."王政権下では長嶋第一次政権に若手だった選手が主力を担っており、そのことによる派閥争いが度々雑誌、新聞媒体で記事にされたUnder the royal administration, young players in the first Nagashima administration are the main players, and the faction conflicts caused by this are often reported in magazines and newspapers.[2]..Also on November 11stJapan Professional Baseball Players Association UnionBecame the first chairman of the labor union as a result of receiving approval as[3].

1987Although he left the front due to an injury on the way, he was appointed as the first batter in order to increase the number of at-bats until he reached the regular at-bat after returning because he had a high batting average to aim for the batting champion.As a result, Shinozuka has won the top hitter.On the other hand, home runs ended in single digits for the first time, and RBIs also ended in the worst after the establishment of the first army.

1989, Fujita who returned to the coach tried to reconvert to third base, but in the early part of the seasonKoshienDuring the match at, he hurt his finger when he returned to first base with a pick-off ball and left the long-term front.Meanwhile, third base starts from first baseIka OkazakiHowever, the first base is also from the outfieldTokuhiro KomadaNakahata, who lost his position, was warming up the bench and announced his retirement at the end of the season.Ocean match that decided to win the leagueYokohama Stadium), What happened to the stadium when I hit a doubleWave(Actually, the wave had already occurred in the previous day's game, and in this game as well, Nakahata's two batters in the top of the 8th inning.Takayoshi NakaoWaves are happening at bat).October 10th, the final round of the team's seasonYakultParticipated in the middle of the battleKenji MiyamotoIn addition to hitting a home run from, it was the last game of active dutyKintetsuWithJapan Series Round 7(Fujiidera Stadium) Then,Yoshii RihitoHe hit a home run (after this, he went around one more at bat, but the final at bat ended in a third base fly), and graced the final beauty.[4].

He has hit three goodbye home runs during his active career, but all are in the Chunichi Dragons (April 3, 1982, April 4, 22).Atsushi MisawaFrom May 1983, 5,Kazuhiko UshijimaFrom May 1986, 8,Tadashi SugimotoFrom).

The best game he played in his active career was the Giants' total of 6,000 wins, including the goodbye 1982 run hit by Jun Misawa at the Chunichi Dragons (Heiwadai) on April 4, 22.[5].

After retirement

After retirementNippon TV-Radio JapanBaseball commentator,Sports NipponBaseball criticThrough1992On October 10, it was announced that he would be appointed as a one-armed batting coach under Nagashima, who returned to coaching the giant from the following season.

However, the batting average, which was strong the previous year, turned around, and in 1993, the batting average of the team ended at the bottom of the 12 teams, and Komada went to Yokohama.FA transferThe feud with Nakahata was cited by the media as the cause.[6].

Meanwhile, he joined as a big rookie.Hideki Matsui,Tokyo DomeFrom Matsui's residenceYomiuri LandSince my home was located on the way to the adjacent young player dormitory, I had him stop by at home after the match to eat his wife's home cooking.[7], Instructed in the batting practice room at home like every day[8].. 2020年7月20日号のOf the July XNUMX, XNUMX issueWeekly baseballIn the interview, "I want to stick to my style when I'm young, especially when I'm getting results. No player has a different way of hitting until I break my blow. Matsui was the same. I knew that, so I didn't say anything extra. "[9] It has said.Nakahata has earned the trust of Matsui, and when Nakahata later became the director of DeNA, Matsui served as DeNA's one-day batting coach.[10].

Next day1994As a first base coach, devoted himself to the role of mood maker.The same year is the same grade as NakahataHiromitsu OchiaiHowever, Nakahata said about Ochiai, "I did the 4th job firmly. It was different from the 4th giant until then. There is also Ochiai's words to make Mr. Nagashima a man, but on the other hand the giant There is also an idea from the military and Mr. Nagashima. In 1994, the giant did not have a solid No. 4. Ochiai won the No. 4 in the first season and became the best in Japan. I really appreciate it as a coach. "[11] It has said.In the same year, the team won the league title and became the best in Japan, but the team scored 4th in the league and left the team on November 11 after the end of the season. Acting as.On NTV, sports newscasterAlso served.

2004,Athens Olympic Baseball Japan National TeamHe served as head and batting coach, but after director Shigeo Nagashima fell to bed, he took command of the team as acting director.At the tournamentInternational Olympic CommitteeNakahata was registered as a director because Nagashima's director registration was not permitted due to the regulations of[12], In the semifinalsAustraliaHe was defeated and ended up with a bronze medal.I used to see Australia as an "easy opponent" until the match, but I was a catcher of the Australian national team and former ChunichiDave NilssonIn a later interview, he revealed to (Dingo) that he had been researched by making the most of his experience in Japan after the defeat.[13]..さらに、中畑は五輪現地で対戦相手国の代表チームの試合の視察には行かず、観光に行ったり他の五輪競技の試合を観戦していたことが後に報じられているFurthermore, it was later reported that Nakahata did not go to the Olympics to inspect the games of the national teams of the opponent countries, but went sightseeing and watched other Olympic games.[14].

Challenge to national elections

On January 2010, 5,Tachiagare JapanWas executed in July of the same year22rd House of Councilors ordinary electionIt is reported that it is a policy to stand up as a candidate for[15], Sunrise Party on May 5th, is the representative of JapanHiranuma Yoshio, Co-PresidentKaoru YosanoOfficially announced that he would run in the presence ofPress conferenceWent[16].. As a result of the ballot counting on July 7, the party won 11 votes and ranked second in the party.Proportional section1 seat (Toranosuke Katayama) Was only acquired, so I was rejected.

He left the party at the end of August of the following year, but later said, "I'm glad I didn't accept it as a result."Asked for its true intention, "(if you are a member of the Diet)EarthquakeI wouldn't have been free to visit my hometown for help after that. "[17].

Yokohama DeNA director era

2011March 12Yokohama DeNA BaystarsAppointed as director of[18].

It's also my birthday2012An inaugural press conference was held on January 1, and his remarks during the press conference "It's hot! Yokohama DeNAWas officially the team's season slogan.However, the slump continued from the opening, and the giant who won the championship this year lost a lot with 4 wins, 17 losses and 3 draws. It ended in the lower rank. Mrs. on December 1thCervical cancerDied for[19].

2013From the middle dayAngel belt soto,Jorge Sosa,Toni BlancoWe entered the season with large-scale reinforcements such as acquiring three people.Branco escaped from the breakdown that he had suffered for the past two years and mass-produced home runs, and Sosa also struggled as a set upper to suppress it.Shun YamaguchiWhen he got sick, he appointed a saucer.However, another sluggish battle continued, such as a big defeat in the Giants battle, and the team lost to the Hanshin Tigers on September 9th.Climax seriesThe possibility of advancement has disappeared.I made a comment suggesting the resignation of the manager after the match[20], It was decided to continue casting in 10 on October 3rd.In the end, Yakult came in at the bottom and escaped from the bottom for the first time in 2014 years to finish the season in 6th place.In addition, this year, he has beaten the three teams of Chunichi, Hanshin, and Yakult.

2014From Orix as a striking enhancementArrom BaldilithHowever, the team was active with 13 RBIs at the time of participation in 10 games, as well as a conspicuous sluggish battle similar to the previous year, a swing failure, a restraint sosa failure, and so on.Norihiro NakamuraThe withdrawal of the main players echoed, such as punishing and demoting. Repeated acts of violence against the referees, such as being sent off due to violence in the Hanshin Tigers on September 9, were seen as a problem, and the union referee branch sent a protest statement to the team.Yamashita DaisukeReceived an explanation from Assistant GM[21].. I won the giant who had lost for 8 consecutive years for the first time in 9 years[22].. The rankings of all Central League teams this year have not changed at all from the previous year.

2015However, it was 4-1968 that the same coach in the history of the team took command for more than four consecutive seasons.Kaoru BettotoIt's been 43 years since then, and the 1978th director after moving to Yokohama in 15 (Akihiko OyaIt was the first time (16th generation) because he served for two terms (even after the nickname became BayStars).This year, he was in good shape, having temporarily taken the lead in the early game, but suddenly stalled in the interleague game and lost 3 wins, 14 losses and 1 draw in the interleague game.[23] The battle continued to lose momentum after losing a lot, and the season ended at the bottom for the first time in three years.

Taking responsibility for poor performance, decided to resign as director, on October 10Tomoko MinamibaFormally informed the owner of his resignation[24].

After retiring from DeNA coach

Since 2016, he has returned to the NTV baseball commentator and sports Nippon baseball commentator.TBS TV,Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.He has also appeared as a guest commentator in the baseball broadcast of. Appointed Vice President of Giants Alumni Association on December 2016, 12[25].. Returned to radio Japanese baseball commentator from 2019.On December 12, the same year, he became chairman of the Giants Alumni Association.[26].

Characteristics as a player

Shortly after joining the team, director Shigeo Nagashima asked, "How are you doing?" Nakahata replied, "It's ok." The director will appoint a guy who says so-so! Answer that he is in great shape! " Since then, no matter what Nakahata is asked"Great!""The best condition" and "the best condition man" became synonymous with Nakahata.[27].

As first baseman1982から1988For 7 consecutive yearsGolden Grab AwardWas awarded.Motoshi Fujita, who converted Nakahata from third base to first base, later said, "While Nakahata is for third base and Hara is for first base, it was the biggest failure to make Hara third and Nakahata first." ing[28].

As a director

At the time of DeNA's inauguration, he had stated that he would thoroughly build a team with an emphasis on defense, with the team policy of "do not use players who cannot defend" even before the opening.[29].. He also stated that he would use mobility, stealing bases, end runs,SqueezeEtc. are being actively carried out.Baseball using this mobility was around the first year in office"Sekoize Baseball"Was called[30].. From around the second year in office, he began to use a lot of sending bunts, and in 2 he recorded the most sacrifice hits in the league. In addition, the order was rarely fixed, and the players and batting order were often changed due to the ups and downs.

The pitchers are basically left to the pitcher coach, but the predecessor director who liked small pitches and set a Japanese record for the total number of pitches in the season.Takao ObanaUnlike, starting pitchers are more likely to pull innings. EspeciallyDaisuke MiuraHas a lot of confidence in the league, and in 2012 he made a complete game of 6 games, the most in the league.[31].

Interviews with the manager after the match were conducted in all matches, not only in the winning matches but also in the losing matches.Also when the team winsHero interviewInstilled a policy of all team members listening on the bench.Since baseball is a group sport, we have a policy that "the team will not function unless everyone's feelings are united", and we will give up on players who do not perform well or who have no prospects It also has a severe side, such as hating the act of disturbing harmony.That policy has been in place since the days of the Giants' batting coach, and it was also reflected in the feud with Komada in batting coaching and coaching, but it was especially noticeable during the DeNA coaching era.

As mentioned above, during the DeNA coaching era, while appealing his energy in front of the media, he severely dealt with the negligent behavior of the players and the words and actions that could be regarded as criticism of the attitude.This was especially noticeable after the second year of directorship.

  • 20134 month 9 dayHiroshima Toyo CarpIn the battle (Yokohama), in the scene of bases loaded with death in the top of the 3rd inningHiroshi OtakeProcessed the ground ball released byshortstop OfIshikawa YuhiroSent to second base with the aim of killing him.But second basemanTakayuki KajiyaWas running in the direction of first base without entering the base cover, so Ishikawa hurriedly switched to throwing the ball to first base, but not only did he hit infield, but he allowed the two runners to survive on home base.This play caused Kajitani to be demoted to the second army.[32][33].
  • In early 2013, captain Ishikawa suffered a poor hit, but was demoted to the second army because he did not join the circle and his bad attitude in discussions with the leaders was noticeable.[34].
  • 2014 years,MiyazakiWhen leaving Haneda Airport for an expedition, he was a closer pitcherJorge SosaWas angry when he appeared while dragging his legs, and he did not admit Sosa's accompaniment and canceled the registration of the XNUMXst Army.[35].
  • Norihiro Nakamura was demoted twice. The first time is August 1, 2012Hanshin TigersIn the battle, at bat in NakamuraKensuke UchimuraStolen base, but Nakamura rebuked Uchimura for this stolen base, which led to Uchimura's stolen base.Green lightNakamura's registration was canceled because it was regarded as a criticism of the leaders.[36].. The second time was the Giants match on May 2, 2014, when Nakamura consulted with the coach, "I want you to concentrate on the turn at bat without moving the runner depending on the situation," and deregistered it as a criticism.[37]..When Nakahata deregistered Nakamura, he expressed that "there was something that did not follow the team policy", and after the deregistration, Nakamura was not promoted to the first army, and NakamuraOut-of-force notificationReceived.The DeNA team proposed a retirement match / retirement ceremony to Nakamura, who has a high degree of contribution in the ball world, but he declined because he wanted to continue his career.
  • Yoshitomo Tsutsuka,Yasuaki YamasakiPlayers who decided to raise them continued to use even if there were no results[38].Akada Okada"It should be highly appreciated that it laid the foundation for a team that can fight and win."Mengiki Emoto"I appreciate that I grew up saying that I was in love with Tsutsugo. Even if I look at the pitchers who are weakInoI should have said that I was in my heart. "[39].

In 2016, the year after Nakahata resigned as director, the successor directorAlex RamirezIn 10rd place, which is the first A class in 3 years for the teamClimax seriesFor the first time in 2017Japan seriesHas advanced to.


The Nakahata familyMr. Ishikawa RikuokuIn the clanRole of the last nine yearsToArimitsu IshikawaIt begins with the fact that Noko's child called him Nakahata ("Shirakawa Ancient Thoughts").Sengoku periodIn the country of the god castle owner of that systemHarutatsu Nakahata(When Haru)[40] ResistedHideyoshi ToyotomiからReformBeing a ronin / earth farmerFallen warrior huntWas killed in (Hirose Mensai"Shirakawa Fudoki"). Nakahata is a descendant of Harutatsu[41].

In my grandfather's generationYokohamaTotsukaAlthough he succeeded in running a civil engineering business in Japan,Roof TileAfter changing business to the factory, he failed and returned home with his family, including Kiyoshi's father. Nakahata had a poor boyhood and later said, "To ricemilkIf you experience a life that you can put on, you can endure any difficult life. " After that, in my hometown FukushimaLivestockAs a result of success in the work, to my fatherGloveI got a chance to buy baseball, so I decided to work on baseball in earnest.

1953(Showa 28) Professional baseball player born in the year (Showa XNUMX)Masataka Nashida, Hiromitsu Ochiai,Mayumi Akinobu,Tokuichi FukiishiEtc.)"28 professional baseball teams'He is the chairman of (Nippachikai). Also baseballsoft ballWishing for the spread of1983"Kiyoshi Nakahata flag contest softball tournament" in his hometown of Fukushima[42] Held every year since 2001IbarakiSakai TownIn addition to sponsoring the women's tournament "Kiyoshi Nakahata Cup Contest Junior High School Women's Softball Tournament" as an honorary chairman, as a lecturer of "Shigeo Nagashima Youth Baseball Class" named after his teacher Shigeo Nagashima Instructing[43].

Mahjong[44][45],Golf,karaoke Of愛好 家And karaokeEighteenth TheIkuzo Yoshiof"It's sakeIs[46].. Over 20 years in golf[47] Every year called "Kiyoshi's Dream Charity Golf Tournament"CharitycompetitionIt is held as the organizer of[48],Professional golfer OfHajime IaiIs a member of the Komazawa University baseball club[49].

More than 1970 years since the 40s when he was activeTokyo-Chofu CityWe have a residence in the area, and we have equipment, facilities, and facilities for the area.BooksContribution such as donations[50],2012Appointed by the city in the spring as "Chofu City Promotion Headquarters Manager"[51]..Since his wife died of cancer, he has been living alone in a mansion of 100 tsubo.

Detailed information

Hit results by year


Every time
















1977巨人7550200020000000011. 400. 400. 400. 800
19785330100011000000010. 333. 333. 333. 667
1979100352333429818312158454463703468. 294. 312. 474. 787
19801245034596112315222208571087428155311. 268. 315. 453. 768
1981109440416551341771621366102031932377. 322. 352. 512. 864
1982124510468561252452523478430337227110. 267. 322. 500. 822
1983114446416531252021519468131252231395. 300. 333. 466. 800
1984130550493781453013127083410251246412. 294. 364. 548. 911
1985125526490711443221823462732330113911. 294. 334. 478. 812
1986127484447571222921419769752627326710. 273. 313. 441. 754
198711041337137119231616240637529114613. 321. 367. 437. 804
1988124478444461313621020146544128513518. 295. 338. 453. 790
19894912811382560237602201231242. 221. 302. 327. 629
Total: 13 years1248483844585641294250271712111621703632352902423523108. 290. 334. 474. 808
  • Of each yearTaiziIs the best league

Supervision results by year


Every time









2012DeNA6 bit144468513. 35141.066. 2333.7658 歳
20135 bit14464791. 44823.0132. 2624.5059 歳
20145 bit14467752. 47214.5121. 2533.7660 歳
20156 bit14362801. 43714.5109. 2493.7861 歳
Total: 4 years57523931917. 428B class 4 times




First record
Record of milestone
  • 100 home runs: August 1984, 6, vs.Yokohama Ocean Whales13th round (Yokohama Stadium), 1st roundMasashi HiramatsuFrom left fielder 3 run * 129nd person in history
  • 150 home runs: August 1986, 8, 5th round against Chunichi Dragons (Korakuen Stadium), in the bottom of the 19ndTatsuo KomatsuTo Saikou solo *81th person in history
  • 1000 hits: September 1986, 9, 2nd round against Hiroshima Toyo Carp (Hiroshima City Stadium), 7 timesSeiji KobayashiFrom left front hit ※146th person in history
  • 1000 games participation: May 1987, 5, 26th round against Yokohama Ocean Whales (Korakuen Stadium), starting as 7th and 5rd baseman * 270th person in history
Other records

Uniform number

Related information


Related books

TV / radio appearance

Appearance program after retiring from director Yokohama DeNA


  • Towada Maru (1984,Bop, VAP 10170-07) Lyrics and compositionIkuzo Yoshi.. b / w "Sake, night, sometimes ... rain"
  • Minato (February 1988, 2, VAP, VAP 11-10290) b / w "Towada Maru"
  • Crushing toast (1995,Pony canyon) Maki KotomiWithduet.. First recorded in Kotomi Maki's album "Enka Sanmai".


Game software

  • Professional baseball JAPAN 2001(November 2001.Konami.. PlayStation 2 software) --Voice appearance as a commentator
  • THE BASEBALL 2002 Battleball Park Declaration (March 2002. Minor change version above) --Same as above

Appearance work


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* There is a Kiyoshi Nakahata Memorial Room in the school.

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