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🎾 | The secret of winning Tsitsipas is "a breathing method that allows you to control yourself"

The photo shows the Chichi Pass at the 2020 ATP500 Dubai.

The secret of winning Tsitsipas is "a breathing method that allows you to control yourself"

If you write the contents roughly
Years after that, it's nice to be in the same environment together on the ATP Tour.

Stefanos Tsitsipas (Greece), who won the "ATP 1000 Monte Carlo", did not drop a single set ... → Continue reading


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Men's Professional Tennis Association

Men's Professional Tennis Association(Dansprote ni English:Association of Tennis Professionals ATP) Is an organization that manages men's professional tennis tours. To protect the rights and interests of professional men's tennis players in 1972Jack kramer,(English edition)It was founded mainly by them.

The current chairman is from January 2020イタリア OfAndrea GaudentziIs working.

ATP Tour

Professional athletes who join ATP will be held every week starting in January all over the worldTournament methodTraveling around the world while taking part in the tennis competition of. The competition isGrand slamThe standard has been decided at the top, and the larger the standard, the larger the scale of the tournament, and the more points that will lead to winnings and rankings. In order for professional athletes to participate in the tour, they must participate in lower-level tournaments such as Challenger tournaments and Futures tournaments and repeat victory (tour points) to achieve a certain world ranking based on each tournament scale or regulations.

There are tournaments that require participation for athletes who are in the top 30 in the ranking of the previous year,Grand slamIs all 4 tournaments,Masters 1000Out of 9 tournamentsMonte Carlo8 tournaments, except500 seriesCorresponds to 13 out of 4 tournaments (1 of which must be after the US Open). (However, Monte Carlo Masters is counted as a 500 series equivalent in the competition entry conditions)[1]

Athletes set up a schedule at the beginning of the year, but considering the convenience of movement and participation in the tournament held in their own country, they will compete in almost the same tournament every year.[1]

The tour starts in JanuaryAustraliaandMiddle East.. MidsummerHard coatでAustralian OpenWill be held. In February, competitions will be held in Europe, North America, and South America, and in March, there will be two consecutive hard court masters in the United States. From April in EuropeClay coatIt will be the season of. The conclusion isFrench OpenIs. June-July is shortShibaThe season of the traditionWimbledonFight. Then start in the last week of AugustUS OpenFight hard court in the United States aiming for. After the US Open, the series of Asian series, after the indoor hard court tournament in Europe, the end of the year is NovemberTour finalThe final battle of the season takes place.[1]

Tournament category

  1. Grand slam
  2. ATP Finals(The name is changed every time the venue changes irregularly)
  3. Masters 1000
  4. 500 series(Former International Series Gold)
  5. 250 series(Former International Series)
  6. ATP Challenger Tour[2]
  7. ITF World Tennis Tour
Event categoryNumber of tournamentsTotal prize money (USD)Winning prize (USD)Management group
Grand slam418,100,000 - 23,100,000[3]2,100,000 - 3,500,000[4]ITF
ATP Finals107,500,000[5]2,390,000[6]ATP
Masters 1000904,500,000 - 07,000,00000895,000 - 1,190,000ATP
500 series1301,460,000 - 03,150,00000315,000 - 00678,000ATP
250 series40[7]000437,000 - 01,240,00000078,000 - 00210,000ATP
Challenger Tour166[8]000054,160 - 00162,48000007,200 - 00021,600ATP
ITF World Tennis Tour646[9]000015,000 or 25,000[10]00002,160 or 3,600ITF


ATP entry ranking

It is a conventional ranking format and is treated as a world ranking.Athletes' seed rights are determined based on this ranking.The calculation method is the total of the top 52 tournaments with the highest points earned in the tournaments that have participated in the past 18 weeks (however, for tour finalists, the points earned in the tour final will be added as points for the 19th tournament. Even if the points are lower than the minimum points in the 18 tournaments to be added, the points will be given priority.)
The added points are different from the race ranking in that the points won't be reset to "0" at the beginning of the year and will be updated for each tournament. For example, suppose you win Wimbledon and earn 2000 points. After that, 2000 points will be held until the next year Wimbledon, and if you lose in the final, it will be 1200 points (in this case, the points will increase or decrease -800 points) and will be held until next year Wimbledon.

Competition categoryWinsecond placeSemifinalsquaterfinalsBest 16Best 32Best 64Best 128Pass qualifyingSecond qualifying roundSecond qualifying round
Grand slam2000120072036018090451025168
Tour final+900+400Round robin 3 games, 1 points per win
Bonus points are added to the left when advancing to the final. Earn up to 1500 pts.
Masters 1000(96S)10006003601809045251016-8
Masters 1000(48 / 56S)1000600360180904510-25-16
500 series(48S)500300180904520--10-4
500 series(32S)5003001809045---20-10
250 series(48S)25015090452010--5-3
250 series(32S)250150904520---12-6
Challenger Tour M125125754525105-----
Challenger Tour M11011065402095-----
Challenger Tour M10010060351885-----
Challenger Tour M909055331785-----
Challenger Tour M808048291573-----
World Tennis Tour M252012631------
World Tennis Tour M15106421------

* In the case of passing the preliminary round, the points for passing the preliminary round will be added to the points of the main race.

* ITF World Tennis Tour $ 25,000 + H and $ 25,000 are World Tennis Tour M25.

  ITF World Tennis Tour $ 15,000 + H and $ 15,000 are World Tennis Tour M15.

*Revised to new points from 2019 (points earned in 2018 will be converted to new points).

  Revised on August 2019, 8 (Points earned before the revision will be converted to new points).

  Before the revision, $ 15,000 is not eligible for points, $ 25,000 + H is eligible for semi-finals and above, and $ 25,000 is eligible for points only for finalists.[11].. See below.

*Olympics are not eligible for points from the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics. (In the case of the victory, it was 750 points.)

*Points are not applicable to Davis Cup from 2016. (The points earned in 2015 were valid until the expiration date.)

The following are the points used from the 2019 revision to the re-revision on August 2019, 8.

Tournament categoryWinsecond placeBest 4Best 8Best 16
World Tennis Tour $25,000+H531--
World Tennis Tour $25,00031---
World Tennis Tour $15,000+H
World Tennis Tour $15,000

The following are the points of Challenger Tour Futures before the 2017 revision. (Until 2016)

Tournament categoryWinsecond placeBest 4Best 8Best 16Best 32Pass qualifying
Challenger $125,000+H1257545251005
Challenger $125,000
Challenger $100,000+H
Challenger $100,000
Challenger $75,000+H
Challenger $75,000
Challenger $50,000+H
Challenger $50,00080482915703
Challenger $40,000+H80482915603
Futures $25,000+H3520104100
Futures $25,000
Futures $10,000+H
Futures $10,000181062100

ATP race ranking

It is a race-style ranking started in 2000, and is what is called an annual ranking. Starting from January 1, uniform 1 points will be decided by the total points of the top 0 tournaments with the highest points in the tournaments that participated by the end of the season. In addition, the top eight racers and eight groups can get the right to participate in the final round of the year, and the participating athletes will be ranked in a total of 18 competitions including this. However, currently, the race ranking is performed with the same point allocation as the entry ranking.

Successive champions

2000Brazilian flag Gustavo Querten
2001Australian flag Leighton Hewitt
2002Australian flag Leighton Hewitt
2003United States flag Andy Roddick
2004Swiss flag Roger Federer
2005Swiss flag Roger Federer
2006Swiss flag Roger Federer
2007Swiss flag Roger Federer
2008Spanish flag Rafael Nadal
2009Swiss flag Roger Federer
2010Spanish flag Rafael Nadal
2011Serbian flag Novak Djokovic
2012Serbian flag Novak Djokovic
2013Spanish flag Rafael Nadal
2014Serbian flag Novak Djokovic
2015Serbian flag Novak Djokovic
2016British flag Andy Murray
2017Spanish flag Rafael Nadal
2018Serbian flag Novak Djokovic
2019Spanish flag Rafael Nadal


1st consecutive singles player

Total week
1.Serbian flag Novak Djokovic *325
2.Swiss flag Roger Federer *310
3.United States flag Pete Sampras286
4.Czechoslovak flag Ivan Lendl270
5.United States flag Jimmy Connors268
6.Spanish flag Rafael Nadal *209
7.United States flag John McEnroe170
8.Swedish flag Bjorn Borg109
9.United States flag Andre Agassi101
10.Australian flag Leighton Hewitt80
11.Swedish flag Stephan edberg72
12.United States flag Jim Courier58
13.Brazilian flag Gustavo Querten43
14.British flag Andy Murray *41
15.Romanian flag Iri Nastase40
16.Swedish flag Mats Vilandel20
17.United States flag Andy Roddick13
18.German flag Boris Becker12
19.Russian flag Marat Saffin9
20.Spanish flag Juan Carlos Ferrero8
Australian flag John Newcomb
22.Russian flag Evgeny Cafe Lunikov6
Austrian flag Thomas Muster
Chilean flag Marcelo Rios
25.Spanish flag Carlos Moya2
26.Australian flag Patrick Rafter1
*-Active player

The total week2021th of February 6Record at time *[12]
Taizi No. 1 active

Number of successive singles winners

1.United States flag Jimmy Connors109
2.Swiss flag Roger Federer *103
3.Czechoslovak flag Ivan Lendl94
4.Spanish flag Rafael Nadal *88
5.Serbian flag Novak Djokovic84
6.United States flag John McEnroe77
7.United States flag Pete Sampras64
Swedish flag Bjorn Borg
9.Argentina flag Guillermo villas62
10.United States flag Andre Agassi60
11.Romanian flag Iri Nastase58
12.Australian flag Rod laver52
13.German flag Boris Becker49
14.British flag Andy Murray *46
15.Austrian flag Thomas Muster44
16.Swedish flag Stephan edberg41
17.United States flag Stan Smith37
18.Australian flag Ken Rosewall35
19.Australian flag John Newcomb34
United States flag Michael chan
21.United States flag Arthur ash33
Swedish flag Mats Vilandel
23.Spanish flag Manuel Orantes32
United States flag Andy Roddick
25.Australian flag Leighton Hewitt30
26.Spanish flag David Ferrer *27
*-Active player

The number of champions of active players is2019th of February 10Record at time *

For retirees, enter the number of winners on the ATP official personal page[13]

Number of singles match wins

1.United States flag Jimmy Connors1274
2.Swiss flag Roger Federer *1246
3.Czechoslovak flag Ivan Lendl1068
4.Spanish flag Rafael Nadal *1027
5.Serbian flag Novak Djokovic *961
6.Argentina flag Guillermo villas951
7.United States flag John McEnroe881
8.United States flag Andre Agassi870
9.Romanian flag Iri Nastase846
10.Swedish flag Stephan edberg801
11.United States flag Pete Sampras762
12.Spanish flag David Ferrer734
13.German flag Boris Becker713
14.United States flag Arthur ash699
15.United States flag Brian Gottfried683
16.United States flag Stan Smith672
17.British flag Andy Murray *672
18.United States flag Michael chan662
19.Spanish flag Manuel Orantes641
20.Czech flag Tomas Berdija *640
21.Swedish flag Bjorn Borg639
22.Austrian flag Thomas Muster625
23.Australian flag Leighton Hewitt616
24.United States flag Andy Roddick612
25.Australian flag Evgeny Cafe Lunikov609
26.Croatian flag Golan Ivanisevic599
*-Active player

The number of winning athletes2019th of February 10Record at time *

For retirees, enter the number of wins on the ATP official personal page[14]

Lifetime winnings

RankingplayerLifetime winnings (US$)
1.Serbian flag Novak Djokovic *135,259,120
2.Swiss flag Roger Federer *126,840,700
3.Spanish flag Rafael Nadal *115,178,858
4.British flag Andy Murray *61,280,130
5.United States flag Pete Sampras43,280,489
6.Swiss flag Stan Wawrinka *33,586,706
7.Spanish flag David Ferrer31,483,911
8.United States flag Andre Agassi31,152,975
9.Czech flag Tomas Berdija *29,491,328
10.Croatian flag Marin Cilic *27,302,364
11.Argentina flag Juan Martin del Potro *25,889,586
12.German flag Boris Becker25,080,956
13.Russian flag Evgeny Cafe Lunikov23,883,797
14.Japanese flag Kei Nishikori *23,846,631
15.French flag Joe-Wilfried Tsonga *21,892,901
16.Czechoslovak flag/United States flag Ivan Lendl21,262,417
17.Australian flag Leighton Hewitt *20,879,934
18.United States flag Andy Roddick20,640,030
19.Swedish flag Stephan edberg20,630,941
20.Croatian flag Golan Ivanisevic19,878,007
*-Active player

The total winnings won2019th of February 9Record at time *


Organization is bigBoard of Directors(Committee),Tournament Council(Meeting Council),Player CouncilDivided into (player council)[15].Board of DirectorsHas the final say,Tournament Council と Player Council Gives advice.

Board of Directors Is a chairman,Player Representatives(Player representative) 3 people,Tournament Representatives(Meeting representative) consists of 3 people,Tournament Council Consists of 5 European representatives, 4 international groups, and 4 Americas[15].

Player Council は世界ランキングのシングルス1位から50位までの選手で4名、51位から100位までで2名、ダブルスの1位から100位までで2名、全体から2名、コーチ1名、引退選手から1名の計12名選ばれる[15].

Players Association members

・ Singles 1st to 50th:Felix Oger-Ariasim,Roger Federer,John Millman,Rafael Nadal

・ Singles 51st to 100th:Pablo Andujar,Jill Simon

・ Doubles 1st to 100th:(English edition),Bruno Soares

·Overall:Kevin Anderson,Andy Marie

·coach:(English edition)

・ Retired players:(English edition)

As of July 2020[16][17][18].


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