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🚴 | [Original] Bicycle parking lot in the early hours Bicycle throwing ... Rampage “nuisance” security camera witnessed


[Original] Bicycle parking lot in the early hours Bicycle throwing ... Rampage "nuisance" security camera witnessed

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"I checked the security cameras because the bicycles were scattered," said the man who managed the situation at that time.

A bicycle storage area in a certain apartment.Two men came there, but after that, a terrible annoying act occurred ... → Continue reading

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Surveillance camera

Surveillance camera(Kanshi camera) is an object for some purposeMonitoringin order toVideo cameraIs. mainlyA humanMonitor andcrimeThose that are installed in search of effects such as deterrencesurveillance cameraThose that monitor active volcanoes and the weather and seek disaster prevention effectsDisaster prevention cameraAlso called. In a broad sense, it may refer to the entire system including the functions of transmitting/processing captured images, recording, and displaying, rather than the camera itself.EnglishAlthough it is sometimes called video serveillance, it generally refers to video surveillance systems.Video signalIs a transmission method closed-circuit televisionUsing the abbreviation (closed circuit television)CCTVIs more often called. Security cameras are useful not only for deterring theft crimes, but also for arresting robbers, assaults, and rape criminals.[1][2][3][4].. However,PoliciesMany people are negative about the installation due to the above concerns.[5][6].


"CCTV, Closed-circuit Television"cableClosed only between the camera and the TV tied withcircuitMeans TV. You can think of the TV camera itself as an open circuitRadio waveOpen to the public usingbroadcastIt was first used as a main purpose for business. After that, a camera with a limited use only for surveillance, which has a different purpose from broadcasting, appeared, and it was used as a surveillance in a closed circuit and range,Closed Circuit, CCTV Was called. But the internet andLANWith the advent and widespread use of network cameras that transmit images via the Internet, the number of cameras that are originally called CCTV in terms of specifications and functions is decreasing.

Information extraction from video

In the beginning, it was only to shoot and store images, but in recent years, a combination of image processing systems has appeared one after another. For example, if you install it on the road,License plateDetect images and extract as dataAutomatic vehicle number reader(Japan"The N system" used by the police is famous, but there are commercials as well. "F system" that identifies the car type from the video of the car[7],空港Take a picture of the traveler's face with a photo of the criminal's faceDatabaseAutomatically match withFace recognition systemetc2016As of (28), it has already been introduced.Estimate gender and age from face recognition,MarketingHas already been used to[8][9].

Furthermore, software that analyzes behavior patterns and detects abnormal behaviors has already been developed.[10][11]In addition, people tremble (TremorA system that analyzes the psychological state from (etc.) has also been developed.[12].. Also, use gait features for individual identificationGait analysisHas also been done[13]Used for criminal investigation[14][15]. Also,IndividualIn addition to the analysis of the crowd, the analysis of the crowd is also performed, and it is possible to detect anomalies from changes in crowd density.[16]Predicting congestion[17]Has also been done. It is also done to display the stay time on a heat map[18].. Technology for tracking a person across multiple surveillance cameras has also been developed[19][20][21]..Also, at ATMs to prevent fraudMobile phoneUsage detection[22]AndarmsDetection systems are also beginning to appear[23].. A smoke detection system is also being developed[24].

As of June 2016, large-scale monitoring by face recognition is difficult[25].米 国Then about 1.2 million face recognition database[26]Although it is maintained, it boasts the highest specific rateGoogleFaceNet even has uncertainty in distinguishing a large number of faces[25] (In addition, there is OpenFace as an open source implementation of FaceNet).However, it has one of the largest populations in the worldChugokuLarge-scale monitoring by face recognition is actively used in, and a face recognition database of about 13 billion people who are said to exceed Google's specific rate is maintained[27]. JapaneseTokyoThen, in order to raise the specific rate, take a photo of the criminal's collation face after April 2016 (Heisei 28).3DIs going in[28].

Recording of accompanying information such as voice

The number of surveillance cameras that have sound collection microphones and are capable of recording voice is increasing. Further, even if the surveillance camera does not have a microphone, a sound collecting microphone can be separately installed. Some devices can detect suspicious sounds such as screams, glass breaking, machine breaking sounds, etc., and automatically notify/report.[29][30][31].. Sound is also used to measure liveliness[31].

In addition, temperature, humidity and odor are recorded.[32][33].

Collection of mobile phone information

Mobile phoneSpecific information of (MAC address)Bluetooth,Wi-FiIt is also possible to install a device (Fake Access Point) that collects and records via via.

iPhoneThen.iOS8ThanMAC addressRandomization is performed so that the eigenvalues ​​are not scattered.[34]However, device anonymization is not sufficient, so it is still possible to track using sequence numbers and timing information.[35].

Collection and use of depth information

The range image (depth information) can be used to measure actual dimensions and assist image analysis.[36]Used in parking lots, ATM surveillance cameras, etc.[36]..Also, insectsAnimalIt is also used for the purpose of preventing false positives due to[37].

To acquire depth information, the depth is estimated by image processing from images from multiple synchronized cameras.PhotogrammetryOr near infrared lightlaserIrradiation and detection (TO DEALDepth camera () that calculates the depth by(English edition, Phase difference laser scanner, etc.).In photogrammetry,Stereo cameraSurveillance cameras equipped with are beginning to appear, and high-precision image analysis is being performed by 3D reconstruction of stereo images.[38][39][40].. There is also a system that estimates depth from multiple videos using multiple surveillance cameras.[41].. LIDAR has begun supplying TOF depth cameras for surveillance systems, etc.[42][43][44].. LiDAR is said to be effective when people overlap and it is difficult to distinguish them from images[20].

Temperature measurement/detection

ThermographyThere is also a surveillance camera system equipped with temperature measurement by a camera,Immigration controlSuch as companies and eventsInfectionUsed for countermeasures, forest fire measures, etc.[45][46][47].

In addition, a surveillance camera with a far-infrared camera is also under development to find people hidden behind things.[48].


Irradiation with sensor light[49]There are also surveillance cameras that can give voice warnings.[49].. Surveillance cameras for calling out are also being researched[50].

In addition,Parking LotFor management, there is also a surveillance camera system that supports cooperation with the gate bar.[51], Which makes it possible to block blacklisted cars[51].

Video composition

Technology has been developed that combines images from multiple surveillance cameras and displays them from a bird's eye view that is easy to view.[52].

Live camera

Monitor a wide area,TV station,インターネットThings that are shooting images that can be published in real timeLive cameraAlso called. In addition, the InternetURLWithout publishingLoginof timeUser namePasswordIf you keep it in a company or organization, or in an individual or family, you can monitor distances over the Internet regardless of distance.

Main uses

Disaster prevention

damWater monitoring,道路Disaster (collapse etc.) monitoring,active volcanoSurveillance,(I.e.Monitoring[53],Railway station platformChecking the boarding and alighting status of

Factory production line monitoring,Nuclear power plant,Thermal power plantIt is used in laboratories to monitor abnormalities in places where people cannot enter, and to monitor and record conditions such as dams, rivers, and volcanoes. "Kaguya, Etc.,Artificial satelliteSurveillance cameras are also used for things whose state is difficult to grasp.

Crime prevention

Monitoring of various facilities such as shops and premises, street, railwaystation,Railroad crossing,空港,Dedicated to pre-school and extra curricular,GangsterThe office, Individuals and sets住宅There are a wide variety of monitoring services.

JapanEach prefectural police department ofDowntownSuch asCrime preventionAs part of this, surveillance cameras are installed in downtown areas, on the streets, and around streets.Metropolitan Police DepartmentThe surveillance camera system that is operated in 5 districts is called "street security camera system", and it is installed in the downtown area of ​​Tokyo, a crowded area, and a parking violation area. Many railway companies have also installed it for the purpose of countering terrorism and checking the status of each station. It is also being installed inside the train cars[54][55].. However, there are some voices from anti-surveillance cameras that each railway company in the metropolitan area has not published a rule to operate surveillance cameras and should disclose this rule.[56].

The main purpose of crime prevention is to see shops (retail stores) andbankな どFinancial institution,GangsterThe office,エ レ ベ ー タ ー, Of public institutionsceilingThere are things set in various places. In the case of financial and public institutions, the purpose is toSuspicious personMonitoring and recording ofbreach of trustIt is also to deter the act. Elevators are used for various purposes, such as detecting abnormal passenger behavior and stopping on a nearby floor. For shops, it depends on face recognitionShopliftingAddiction offenders are also monitored[57].Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euSince there are frequent thefts by freighters at airports, it is considered to attach surveillance cameras to freighters.[58].

In the case of gang offices, it is installed to monitor mischief, conflicting parties and police personnel. Not only in the facility but also in the cityHeapSurveillance cameras are being installed on the roads of Japan. Surveillance cameras are being installed on school roads and school gates, as well as on-campus surveillance cameras.[59][60]..Also, as the price of cameras drops,IndividualAnti-theft in your home parking lot, etc.Running awayIn some cases, inexpensive surveillance cameras are installed for the purpose of prevention.("#Installation location and purpose/effectSee also)

A system has also been developed that can easily retrieve and extract only the necessary information from the video of the surveillance camera.[61].

Police provided by multiple surveillance cameras and individualsSmartphoneThere is also an effort to analyze the video taken at and track the escape destination of the criminal case by "relay method" and lead to arrest[62].2020(2nd year of Reiwa)SapporoChuo-kuAround 4:13 am on April 7th, I was walking with my 30 and 7 year olds in both hands to pick up and drop off my children.FemaleThanks to the surveillance camera, the 51-year-old unemployed who kicked his abdomen by saying "It's an obstacle"ArrestI have to[63].

In Japan, the percentage of suspects identified by images acquired by security cameras has increased, and2019In (31 / first year of Reiwa), 1% of the arrests were due to camera images.[64]..Hard to leave evidenceSpecial fraudIn the investigation such as, the image of the security camera is important[65].

Installation location and purpose/effect

In the case of surveillance cameras installed for crime prevention, there are cases where the crime deterrent effect by "monitoring" is sought, and cases where the purpose is "securing evidence when a crime occurs".In the former case, it is installed in a conspicuous place, and in the latter case, it is installed in an inconspicuous place.PoliciesIn some cases, a sign such as "surveillance camera is in operation" announces that a surveillance camera is installed to avoid criticism that it will lead to infringement.In this case, the former purpose is sought exclusively.

Dummy cameras without shooting function are also sold for crime prevention[66].

Since it is possible that the cameras will be destroyed, multiple cameras may be installed in combination. The surveillance camera body is photographed by another surveillance camera. Also, as a method of camouflage,light bulb OfsocketBuilt-in surveillance cameraLED bulbAlso exists[67]. Also,TMJ,vending machineMany of these machines are equipped with surveillance cameras.

Wearable surveillance cameras installed on people are(English editionAnd body-worn CCTV, etc.AmericaThe United Kingdom,Hong KongIt is rapidly spreading in police such as[68][69][70][71].. Tried to use it in school[72][73], The largest body camera in the United StatesAxonAnd the largest droneDJITeamed up to monitor for policeDroneIs selling[74][75].. Even in Japan, surveillance cameras are being installed in drones for civilian crime prevention.[76][77].. In addition, police in China equipped with a surveillance camera function.Mech robotHas been deployed[78]Equipped with surveillance camera functionSunglassesType ofWearable computerIs also using[79].懐 中 电灯The function of the surveillance camera is also installed in the[80].

Crime deterrence

The United KingdomIn 2005May 7Happened tobus-subwayTargeted atLondon simultaneous bombingThe reason why the arrest of the criminal was carried out promptly depends on the records of the surveillance camera. EspeciallyPurposelyA deterrent effect on crimes is expected. Even in Japan,Narita International AirportKIXToFace recognition systemThere is a surveillance camera with[81],Also2007(19) February 7Tokaido/Sanyo ShinkansenStarted commercial operation inN700 seriesEven in public transportation, surveillance cameras are being installed at public transportation, especially at all passenger entrances and exits and driver's entrances and exits in Japan.


Traffic flow (highwayEtc.), speed enforcement (Automatic speed control device),License plateRecord the registration number of (Automatic vehicle number reader(Popular name"N system"),Travel time measurement system(Aka "T system")) and so on.


It is also used as evidence that conflicts with statements.[82].

Video management

Save image

PreviouslyMagnetic tapeWas stored in thehard disk,Flash memoryThere are many examples of being stored in. The image is a continuous still imageMotion JPEGAnd Motion JPEG 2000, differential compressionMPEG4,H.264It is usually saved as long as there is enough storage area. After the capacity is insufficient, it is common to delete old records,Storage deviceThe capacity of is selected in consideration of the required storage period. Image qualityMagnetic tapeBetter quality.

The image quality or compression rate of differential compression is higher than that of continuous still images.2016As of (28), the compression rate is highH.264 Surveillance cameras adopting High Profile are increasing, and surveillance cameras adopting H.265 have also appeared.[83].

To prevent overexposure and underexposure, it supports auto white balance and combines multiple exposures.High dynamic range (HDR)There are also surveillance cameras that have a shooting function. There are also surveillance cameras that can save still images in the RAW image format before tone mapping[84]However, it is not often saved in RAW video format.In addition, since color reproducibility is not so important for surveillance cameras and 18% gray cards and color checkers are not used, it is not possible to record correct color information excluding the effects of light such as lighting and sunlight. Can not.However, there are surveillance cameras that perform color correction according to the face detected by face recognition.In addition, a surveillance camera that supports fog image correction (fog reduction) that reduces the effects of weather such as fog and rain, and a surveillance camera equipped with a polarizing filter / polarizing lens that removes diffused reflection of light.[85]Also exists.

analogThere is a lot of transmission noise in surveillance cameras,InterlaceSince it is a moving image, it will have a large capacity when stored digitally. A digital surveillance camera is not affected by transmission noise and is a progressive moving image, so the capacity is small. In the case of differential compression, the capacity can be further reduced by reducing CCD noise, physical/software motion stabilizer, and heat haze removal. Also,Background difference,Human sensorBy detecting moving objects such as, recording can be started from a few seconds before that, only when a moving object is detected in the shooting range of the camera, instead of always saving the image, and the capacity can be saved.In addition, there are surveillance cameras that can improve the image quality only in a specific area in the video frame and lower the image quality in encoding.

The number of shooting frames is usually 1 per secondTopOr it is common to set it as a 30-frame video, butTMJIn corners, etc., shooting 1 to 1 frames per second tends to prolong the storage period.Record by dropping the number of framesVTRIs "Time-lapse VTR"[86]Called.

Image copy

Police may request the installation of surveillance cameras to provide images. In this case, depending on the model and software used, general video software may not be available and dedicated software may be required. Mostly for image storage servermemory card(CF etc.)interfaceThere is, and it is possible to output to the outside. Of course, on the video tape while playingdubbingIt is also possible to do so.

Installation Opposition

Former Mayor of MinowaTetsuro KurataAccording to the report, on August 2014, 8, when Minoh City decided to install 5 security cameras on the school road on a large scale and the city of Minoo became national news, 750% of the protest calls against the installation of security cameras were Minority. It is revealed that it was from unrelated Noisy Minorities outside the city.Furthermore, in October 99 after the news, NHK tried to pick up opinions against security cameras in a street interview in front of Minoh station in the "security camera special feature", but even if I searched all day, I could not take a negative comment and I just agreed with the installation. It reveals the past.Initially, it was planned to install 2015 units in the local government in the city with 10% of the cost, but the citizens flooded with hope and decided to install 9 units.Furthermore, the number of crimes per capita has been halved since 40, when full-scale operation started, dismissing objections.[87][88].

Privacy concerns

Surveillance cameras can leak information due to the administrator's failure to manage properly, when it is unclear how long the recorded data will be stored and who can view the recorded data. Many have pointed out multiple privacy issues[6].

In addition, there are cases where some churches have problems using surveillance cameras with face recognition systems.[89]There are surveillance cameras that are installed without sufficient security measures and left in a state where anyone can access them on the Internet, and there are websites such as "Insecam" that allow you to freely browse the images of those surveillance cameras.[90].

Also, surveillance cameras are interconnectedFace recognition systemIn combination with the current Chinese "Sky netLarge-scale monitoring system such asEnglish: Mass Surveillance)”[91],Freedom of expression,PoliciesIt has also been pointed out that there is a risk of being infringed.

Information leakage

20161,ロシア OfWebsiteIt was revealed that "" allows anyone to peek at the images from surveillance cameras around the world. On this site, video from surveillance cameras in 120 countries around the world is distributed in real time.JapanHowever, more than 6,000 cameras (2016 on the site as of January 28, 1) were targeted.

The target countries for installation of surveillance cameras are Russia, the United States,France,Japan,(I.e.,クウェート,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu,(I.e.Over 120 countries. The highest in the United States is 7645, and Japan is second with 6291.イタリアWas the third place with 1992 units. in Japan,Mental hospitalIsolation ward,dental clinic, A famous coffee chain store,convenience store,Mobile phoneshop,Conveyor belt sushi restaurant,Department store,Massage shop,Barber shopIt was widely collected regardless of industry. The reason for the leak was because when the camera was purchasedPasswordIn many cases, it was easily discovered because it remained as it was. The site also makes it possible for manufacturers of surveillance cameras to understand[92][93].

2018 OfUS-China trade warAnd with the People's Republic of Chinatrade frictionIn the United States, the world's number one surveillance camera market share[94]wasHike visionAnd second placeDarfa TechnologySurveillance cameras of Chinese companiesPeterson Air Force BaseSecurity concerns that it will be installed in various places in the United States such as US military bases have become a problem[95][96], May 2018, 8(English edition (NDAA 2019) enacted, prohibiting purchases by US federal agencies[97].

Also, the majority of surveillance cameras are banned from government procurement by the Defense Authority Act.HuaweiSubsidiary ofHISILICONUsing other chips was also seen as a problem[98].. Although the US federal agency is required to remove these surveillance cameras made in China,Florida OfUS NavyThe problem was the purchase of bases and the fact that nearly 3,000 Chinese surveillance cameras had not been removed at multiple U.S. military bases and government facilities.[95][99].

America's(English editionWas disguised as a "Made in the United States" surveillance camera made in China and delivered it to the U.S. military for a long time.[100].Republic of ChinaTaichung CityHowever, more than 100 Chinese surveillance cameras in the city have been removed for privacy and security reasons.[101], As wellToyohara StationFace Recognition and Chinese Surveillance Cameras Removed from Next Generation Surveillance System[102].

False arrest

The video of the surveillance camera, which should be "conclusive evidence",False arrest-False accusationIt has caused an incident. Regarding the background, one active police officer said, "One image of a security camera is by far the strongest evidence than we make 100 investigation reports. I feel relieved because I confiscated the security camera, a little too proud." ( There is nothing to say if you look at the whole image (of the security camera), but even if you see it quickly, it is the limit of human power. I think that it is safe to make mistakes." Testifying[103].

The following is an example of misapproved arrest caused by surveillance camera footage.

  • 2012(24) --Midnightconvenience storeCash inrobberyAn incident occurred. A surveillance camera captures the situation of the crime, the criminal was wearing a mask,Automatic doorWas touching.Police said based on this video and the testimony of the victim's store employees that their eyes were similar.OsakaIzumiotsu City OfMaleTheArrestdid. Also, from the outside of the damaged store's door,fingerprintWas found. The man insisted, "I was with my friend at home at about the same time as the crime," and showed the photograph taken at that time to the police, but he could not get them to hold it.ProsecutionWas done.ProsecutionAt the trial, he asked an expert to appraise the video, and it was determined that "the similarity between the male and the criminal" was high. But thenLawyerObtained a video from a surveillance camera and checked it one week back from the day of the incident.The video five days before the incident showed a man touching the place where his fingerprint was detected when shopping. Then, it was concluded that "it cannot be concluded that the fingerprint of the automatic door was attached on the day of the incident," and the man said.無罪I was sentenced.Men were detained for 300 days[103].
  • October 2012, 24-FormerChina broadcastingAnnouncerYasuishi HiroshiBut,Hiroshima citySouth wardOn September 9th of the same yearemployeeSuspected of stealing an envelope containing 66,600 yen that was misplacedHiroshima Prefectural PoliceHiroshima South Police StationWas arrested by. Fuseki was subsequently charged and convicted in the first and second trials,Supreme CourtWas convicted of reversal.
  • 2014(26) June- Yamaguchi A male customer left it on the table at a pachinko parlorWalletThe next day, I sat right behind the man.Female theftOn suspicionYamaguchi Prefectural PoliceWas arrested by. The surveillance camera showed that a woman touched the top of the table when seated and moved to another table one minute later, and Yamaguchi Prefectural Police decided that the woman had stolen his wallet and left. However, after that, a wallet stolen from the trash can in the corner of the store was found, and a surveillance camera there showed another person throwing away the wallet, and misapproved arrest was discovered. The woman was released the morning of the seventh day of his arrest. In addition, when the police again confirmed the surveillance camera at the incident scene, the person who threw away the wallet stole the wallet 1 hour 7 minutes after the woman left the seat.[103].
  • 2017(29) June- SaitamaFukayaIn the apartment, 1,000 yen in cash was stolen, and a woman in her 30s who came home was injured.Saitama Prefectural PoliceFukaya Police StationConcludes that the man in his thirties is a crime based on the video of the surveillance camera, and this man is in NovemberRobbery,Forced obsceneArrested and detained for 20 days on suspicion of such as (the man denied the suspicion and then released on hold)2018A man in his twenties, who was arrested in another robbery case in May (30), admitted his involvement in this case and contained information that only the criminal could know, so the Fukaya office announced on August 5. Re-arrested the man and apologized to the man[104].

Number of installations in each country

The number of surveillance cameras installed is increasing in each country. As of 2014, the number of surveillance cameras installed throughout the United Kingdom reached 590 million (11 in 1 people)[105]..In the United States, it is said that more than 2016 million units (3000 in 10.8 people) have been installed as of 1.[106].

AsiaThe number of installations is also increasing.The number of surveillance cameras in China2017As of December, 12 million units (1 in 7000 people)Artificial intelligenceAlso equipped with (AI)Sky netThe world's largest surveillance camera network called[107],2019At that time, eight of the ten cities with the most surveillance cameras in the world were said to be in China.[108][109]..In korea2015It is estimated that 12 million units (800 in 6.4 people) have been installed as of December.[110].


In Japan, it is estimated that more than 2016 million units (28 in 500 people) are installed as of 25.4, but less than in other developed countries.[1][111][112].in JapanShopping districtRegarding the installation of surveillance cameras in public places such asPortrait right-PoliciesThe installation is not proceeding due to the large opposition from the Communist Party and some civil society groups, who are reluctant to do so because of the relationship with the company and the image being monitored.On the contrary, the Komeito, which has been actively promoting it, answered that it did not oppose it even though it was pointed out that "the Communist Party has been opposed to crime prevention and surveillance cameras in the city all the time."Akira KoikeLawmakers claim to have lied.[Source required]1996Communist Party member served as mayor for 8 years from (16)TokyoKomaeThen, because he refused to conclude a "Memorandum of Understanding on Promotion of Regional Safety Activities" with the local police station, Mayor Kunihiko Takahashi, who is next to the mayor of the communist mayor, said, "No security cameras will be installed on public roads in the city. The abnormal situation continued. "[113][114].In South Korea, Japan is known to have few surveillance cameras,ForeignerThere is no end to those who come to Japan for crimes[Source required].. Places without surveillance cameras are likely to be targeted as places where crime is likely to occur.[115]. In Japan, as a legal regulation, the "Act on the Appropriate Installation of Surveillance Cameras by Administrative Agencies" draft (2003(July 15, 7)House of RepresentativesIt was submitted to, but it was abandoned because the deliberation was not completed.

  • In Japan, depending on the local government, TokyoSuginamiIn some cases, it sets its own standards for camera installation.However, there is no unified standard as of 2016 (Heisei 28).Even so, despite the opposition and resistance of the Communist Party in many parliaments, each local government has included "installation of security cameras" in the ordinance for crime prevention from around 2003, so the area is better than before. It was one of the opportunities for the installation of security cameras to proceed.[113][114].

Occurred in 2018Niigata small 2 girl murder caseThen, the police told the owner of the car that was driving near the crime scene during the investigation processdrive recorderCalled for the provision of records.As a result, the drive recorder acts as a surveillance camera and the criminal is arrested.[116]..The number of drive recorders shipped in Japan reached about 2020 million in 340 alone.[117].


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