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🚴 | Princess Diana's bicycle won a bid for over 600 million yen


Princess Diana's bicycle wins for over 600 million yen

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By the way, Emma Corrin plays Princess Diana in the drama.

Princess Diana's bike was sold for £ 4. Raleigh model of the 4000s "... → Continue reading

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Diana (Princess of Wales)

Princess Diana of Wales(Diana, Princess of Wales, All names: Diana Frances(Diana Frances),maiden name: Spencer(Spencer),1961May 7 - 1997May 8) IsThe United KingdomNo. 1Succession to the throne-Duke of WalesCharlesFirst princess of.

Britain's prestigious aristocracyCount SpencerBorn as a daughter of the house,1981Married to Prince Charles, with himPrince of CambridgePrince William(2nd place succession holder) andDuke of SussexPrince henryI had two children (at that time).However, he later separated from Prince Charles and became separated.1996Divorced.

1997ToParisでTraffic accidentによる不慮の死を遂げた。その交通事故の原因となったのが、マスコミによる取材攻勢の追跡によるものであったことから、Paparazzi行為の是非が世界中の国で問われることになった事件であった。

Prince George,Princess Charlotte,Prince Louis,Archie Mountbatten-WindsorIs my grandmother.


1961ToCount SpencerViscount All Trap ViscountEdward John SpencerAnd his wifeFrancesAs the third daughter of(English edition)Born in Noya Yashiki Park House.Spencer house The17st centuryIt is a noble family line that has continued since (→Birth and origin).

Parents1967Separated from1969Divorced to. Father acquired custody of children such as Diana. Younger brotherCharlesI was raised in a park house with1970ToNorfolkBoarding school(English edition)Enrolled in1973ToKentBoarding schools(English edition)Enrolled in.1975As his father succeeded to Earl Spencer, Diana also became Lady's.Ceremonial titleGot (→Girlhood).

1977My sisterSarahWas datingDuke of Wales(The Crown Prince)CharlesI first met (→Encounter with Prince Charles). At the end of the same yearスイスBrides schools in(English edition)Even though I enrolled in, I immediately returned to Japan,UKStart living alone (→Living alone in London).1979To the royal familySandringham HouseReunited with the crown prince at the party, and became a close relationship with the crown prince,1980Deepened the relationship (→Relationship with the Crown Prince).

1981In February, he got engaged to the Crown Prince,May 7ToSt Paul's CathedralWe had a wedding in (→Engagement with the Crown Prince,wedding).1982May with Crown PrinceKensington PalaceSince then, he has two children, Prince William and Prince Henry, but eventually the difference in thinking about marriage, family life, and public affairs with the Prince became serious. DianaBulimiaBegan to suffer, and the Crown Prince also1980 eraAfter the middle, I didn't go back to Kensington Palace with Diana,(English edition)More people live inCamillaWill be able to resume dating with (→Life at Kensington Palace,Birth of Prince William and Prince Henry,Cooling the relationship with the Crown Prince).

1992In December, it was officially announced that the Crown Prince and his wife will be living separately.1993A phone tape was released in which the crown prince and Camilla whisper in love,1994The crown prince himself announced that Camilla was the "center person" of his life. Diana1995In 11 monthwith the BBCIn response to the interview, he summed up about the marriage life with the Crown Prince, "It was a marriage life of three people", and Diana himself is also a former cavalry officer(English edition)And admitted that he had been affair for five years. He expressed his desire not to be a Queen of England and the desire to be a "queen of people's hearts" (→Separated life).

1996Divorce established in August. Having the custody of the two princes equally with the prince,PalimonyWas won. After the divorceAIDSProblems or地雷Removal issues etc.PhilanthropyFull-scale efforts to→Divorce and charity). Also from this timePakistanPeopleHeart surgerymedicalHasnut KhanYou will be associated with. further1997From 7 monthEgyptPeoplemoviesproducer OfDody alfaidStart dating with (→Two-way relationship between Hasnut Khan and Doddy Alfaid).

1997May 8Midnight,France-ParisI was riding with Dodi(I.e.Dies in a traffic accident (→Death in a car accident in Paris). After death, at the will of Prince CharlesBritish Royal FamilyWas taken over and taken to the "royal national funeral" of a semi-national funeral. Queen Diana's strong mourning moments, QueenElizabeth IIIssued a special statement and during the funeralBuckingham PalaceToHalf flagWas taken as an unusual measure (→Mourning/funeral).

During her life, Diana was highly regarded for her fashion sense and had a great influence on women's fashion (→Fashion). In addition, his positive commitment to charity was highly evaluated (→Divorce and charity,Love for others). Her popularity is extremely high even after death (→Diana Popularity). I have visited Japan three times,1986(ShowaThe first visit to Japan in 61 caused a social phenomenon called "" in Japan (→Diana's visit to Japan).


Birth and origin

1961May 7In the afternoonEngland-Norfolk-(English edition)・Born in a park house. Father is Viscount All TrapEdward John Spencer(Later the 8th generationCount Spencer). The mother is that wifeFrances(4th generationBaron FermoiMaurice Burke RocheDaughter of). It was named "Diana Frances" after the paternal ancestors and mother. Diana is the third daughter and her sisterSarah,JaneThere is. Also, three years after the birth of DianaCharlesIs born[3][4].

Spencer houseMade a fortune as a sheep dealer,1603ToRobert SpencerIs an aristocratic family line that has continued since being scolded by Baron Spencer of Warm Layton. The original family of the Spencer family is from the Churchill familyDuke of MarlboroughInherited the title, renamed the Spencer-Churchill family[Annotation 2]. On the other hand, Diana's Count Spencer1765To3rd Duke of MarlboroughThe nephew ofJohn SpencerIs the family name that began when he was given the Count of Spencer. The Spencer Counts19st centuryThere were many people who played an active part in the political world,AristocratParliamentarians are being challenged to become political hubs20st centurySince then, he has hardly seen any activity in politics, and his activities as courtiers and military personnel have become prominent.[5].. When Diana was born, he was the grandfather, the 7th Earl of SpencerAlbert Spencerwas[2].. His son-in-law, Edward,Ceremonial titleWas using.

The maternal Roche familyアイルランドSet up a mansion inBaron FermoiIt is a family that inherits the title of In terms of personality and wealth, the Count Spencer is higher, but the father of his mother, Frances, the fourth Baron Fermois, Maurice Roche, has a close relationship with the royal family, and is rented a park house from the royal family. Wife (Diana's grandmother)ル ー ス The1956Or laterEmpress ElizabethWas serving as a female officer[6][Annotation 3].

The younger brother of the Spencer Counts, the younger brother CharlesElizabeth IITheParentsAsWestminster AbbeyでbaptismReceived. My elder sister Sarah, Empress Elizabeth, and my second sister JaneDuke of KentEdwardWas my parents. However, the third daughter, Diana, is treated low, and Mary Coleman, the wife of Governor Norfolk,Christie'sDespite being an asset owner such as Chairman John Floyd, the commoners were the parents, and the place where he was baptized was in the local Sandringham.(English edition)was[8][9].

Diana's birthplace Park House is a royal residenceSandringham HouseIn a place near. To accommodate guests invited to the Sandringham HousekingEdward VIIIs a mansion built byGeorge VWas loaned to his maternal grandfather, Sir Fermoy, and Diana's parents inherited the rent for the mansion after Sir Fermoy's death.[10].Parking Lot, OutdoorPool,Tennis court,cricketIt was a small-scale mansion for a nobleman, although it had a place and other facilities, and six resident servants were working there. But the surrounding environmentPastoral songIt was an ideal place to teach children. Diana will grow up here[11].


The two older sisters are 6 and 4 years older, respectively, before Diana was old enough to join them.1967Kent in SeptemberSeven Noks Of(English edition)Diana grew up with her younger brother Charles because she entered[12][13].

Sir Alltrap and his father Frances are out of touch with each otherAustraliaWealthy businessman on the way home(English edition)I started to have an affair. In the summer of 1967, my father and mother separated on a "prototype", Diana and my brother Charles with my mother.UKI moved to. Lord Alltrap thought that Frances would return to the same house, but when she learned that she had a divorce will, she sent Diana and Charles who visited the park house back to London instead of returning to London. NeighborhoodKing's LynnI enrolled in the Silfield School. In response to this, his mother filed a lawsuit seeking custody. British divorce cases are generally favored by mothers, but the fact of affairs and the status of aristocrats favors fathers,1968As a result of the divorce application hearing that started from, custody was obtained by the father[14][15].

1970Norfolk Boarding School in September(English edition)Enrolled in. Diana wasn't an honor student, but in sportsballet,ダンス,Tennis,Netball,水 泳I played an active part in. Many friends[16][17].

1973Attended West Heath School in Kent as did his two sisters. Diana around this timeBarbara KirtlandSaid that his grades were poor because he was absorbed in the romantic novel[18][19].. However, he continued to play an active part in the sports field at this school. Diana around this timeballerinaI wanted to be, but I had to give up because my height grew to nearly 180 cm. Although inferior to my sister Seraピ ア ノWas also good at[20]. The school puts a lot of effort into the volunteer activities of its students, and Diana visited the old couple's house every week to talk to her and help with household chores. Through this experience, Diana discovered her suitability for community service.[21][22].

1975May 6Grandpa 7th Earl of SpencerAlbert SpencerDied, his father Edward inherited the eighth Spencer count. His brother CharlesCeremonial titleThe three sisters, including Diana, received the title of Lady. Along with this, the family is the residence of the Count SpencerOrthorpeI moved to my house. There is a Diana dance room in this mansion, and Diana practiced dance in the hall.[23][24].

Shortly after my father inherited the Orthorpe House, I was dating for a long time.rainHe remarried (Barbara Kirtland's daughter, Countess Dartmouth). But the Spencer children, including Diana, hated this stepmother[25][26].

Encounter with Prince Charles

19776 of the monthRoyal Ascot heldDiana's sister Sarah at (Royal Horse Racing)Duke of Wales(The Crown Prince)CharlesBecame in love with. In November, the Crown Prince also visited the estate of Orthorpe of the Count Spencer at the invitation of Sarah. At the time, 11-year-old Diana was also staying in Olthorpe on a weekend break at West Heath and was introduced to Prince Charles at the hunting ground. This was the first encounter between the Crown Prince and Diana. However, it seems that romance did not sprout at this stage. According to a friend of Prince Charles, his impression of Diana at this time was about "a cheerful and cheerful teenager".[27][28][29][Annotation 4].

Diana in December 1977(English edition)I tried my second time but failed[Annotation 5], Gave up on going to school. As a result of parents' discussion, Dianaスイス-KustartBride School for Ryoko Children Nearby(English edition)I decided to put it in[32][33]. Diana returns to England six weeks after admission[34][Annotation 6].

On the other hand, Prince Charles and his sister Sarah, in February 1978, near Kstaad.ClostersToSkiWhen I came to a trip, Sarah told the media, "I don't marry a man I don't love. Even if he's a kudzu shop or the King of England. I'll refuse if he asks." ." The true meaning of this statement is unclear, but the delicate crown prince was hurt by this and began to keep a distance from Sarah.[36][37].

Living alone in London

Diana, who returned from Switzerland to the Orthorpe House, had no idea what to do, but he didn't want to smolder at the Orthorpe House, which his stepmother, Raine, was in charge of.[38]. He had a vague dream of working to take care of his children and wanted to live alone in London, but his parents told him not to live alone until he was 18. Instead of a couple of Count Spencer's friends, Major Jeremy WhitakerHampshireの邸宅に住み込んで、そこで子供の面倒や家事の手伝いをするようになった。

その後、母がロンドン・(English edition)Allowed me to live in my mother's flat in London, where I was effectively able to start living alone in London (I rarely visited London because my mother lived daily in Scotland). Diana in London earned a living by being a party waitress and housekeeper[39][40][Annotation 7].

Diana in December 1978WimbledonEnrolled in a cooking school for an aristocrat's daughter, where she studied cooking for about three months.[42][43]. I abandoned my dream of becoming a dancer because of my height, but instead I dreamed of being a dance teacher.(English edition)Attended a dance school in However, I was hurt by being told that I was not talented at this school, and1979France where I went with a friend in MarchJapan AlpsToSkiI stopped attending a dance school because I fell on a trip and hurt my leg.[44][45].

Since his mother's flat was sold, in July 1979 he bought a flat at Coleherne Court for £7 and moved there. Diana, who had the long-cherished desire to own her own flat, rented this room to her female friend in order to earn maintenance fees (in the end, she lived with four people together). Having lived with them allowed him to make lots of boyfriends, but he said he hadn't had a close relationship with anyone until Prince Charles appeared.[46][47].

Relationship with the Crown Prince

Meanwhile, at that time, Prince Charles also had relationships with various women. One of them becomes the second wife of Prince CharlesCamillawas. Crown Prince and Camilla1972I met him, and have been friends since then. Then CamilaAndrew Parker BowlesAlthough he was married to, he had an intermittent relationship with the Crown Prince. But at that timeMediaHardly knew about Camilla[48].

At that time, the media focused on the Crown Prince's most promising candidate was the Crown Prince's uncle.Lord MountbattenGranddaughter(English edition)was. Especially1979In August Sir Mountbatten announced that the Irish nationalist group "IRAIt seems that the bond between the Crown Prince and Miss Amanda has strengthened after being assassinated by[49].

Meanwhile, in 1979, Diana and other Spencer daughters were invited to a party held at the Royal House of Sandringham. Prince Charles knew well about the two daughters of the Count Spencer family, Sarah and Jane, but had little interest in childhood Diana yet. However, at this reunion, the Crown Prince learned that Diana was growing beautifully. The Crown Prince and Diana enjoyed dancing. Although he hadn't reached a romance at this stage, Diana often became invited by the Crown Prince and became a close friend.[50].

According to the testimony of Prince Charles,1980In 7 monthSussex-(English edition)nearCountry houseでbarbecueWas impressed when Diana comforted the prince who was sad about the death of Sir Mountbatten, saying "I can understand your loneliness and you need someone". Say[29].

In September of the same yearIsle of WightPort city(English edition)でヨ ッ トrace"(English edition)When Diana was held, Diana(English edition)Was invited to[51]. The first time Prince and Diana are on boardsillaginoidDid[52].

The prince just bought for £80GloucestershireIt is in(English edition)He was invited to visit the Parker Bowles family and was introduced to Camilla. On this occasion, the Crown Prince heard Kamila's opinion about marrying Diana, which he recommended. Since then, the Crown Prince has come to think seriously about getting married to Diana.[53].

Beginning of mass media tracking

In the fall of 1980, the media found out the relationship between the Crown Prince and Diana. From this time, the media began to rush to Diana day and night, and Diana lost her private life. Diana was working at that timeKindergartenThe media have come to me. Her redRover MetroGot tracked by a number of media cars. Diana reports continue to overheat and eventuallytabloidpaper"(English edition)”The paper said, “Diana stopped at XNUMX o'clock in the middle of the night.TrainI got on board and spent the night with the Crown Prince."FabricationCame to report[Annotation 8]. Diana was badly hurt by this article, and the Crown Prince also felt uncomfortable[55][56].

Mother Frances, who felt sorry for her daughter, said in DecemberThe Times』I sent a letter to the paper criticizing the press report of private neglect. This was a chanceBritish ParliamentAlso resolved a critical motion saying, "I regret how the media treats Miss Diana Spencer." However, the media continued to pursue Diana in an attempt to get a scoop. With the help of his roommates, Diana smoked the media in various ways, escaped from Cole Haan Court's home and went to see the Crown Prince.[57].

Engagement with the Crown Prince

Already over thirty princes have to hurry to get married, and in that situation, they have a good family name, there is no past history (love experience) that is likely to be a news item in the media, and Diana who seemed a modest woman at the time is safe. Seemed an option. Many of the Crown Prince's relatives and their entourage agreed or at least did not oppose the marriage.[58][Annotation 9].

1981May 2Prince CharlesWindsor castleI filed for Diana. The prince said, "How long did you want to meet you while you were on a ski trip?" Say. The crown prince emphasized the serious courtship and said, "You will one day become a queen." Diana accepted this proposal[60].

On the night of February 2, the day before the engagement announcement, Diana said goodbye to her roommates,Scottish YardLeaving Cole Haan Court under the security of Paul Inspector. At that time, the police inspector said, "Tonight is the last free night in your life. Enjoy your best."[61].

DianaEmpress Elizabeth OfClarence HouseAfter a temporary stay inBuckingham PalaceI moved to and spent my time there until I got married[Annotation 10]. I became more sensitive to the relationship between the Crown Prince and Camilla[Annotation 11]. Because of that stressBulimiaBegan to show initial symptoms. He was starving, and West, who was 72.5 cm at the time of engagement announcement, fell to 57.5 cm by the wedding.[64][65].

Still, Diana seemed relaxed and having fun when she went to the public social. Future brother-in-lawPrince AndrewAt the 21st birthday party of (prince's brother), Prince Andrew was one of Britain's most wealthy(English edition)Asked Diana, "Drew Andrew, don't tell the name of a famous person so close to him," he joked to ease the situation.[66].


Preparations for the royal ceremony(English edition)However, Prince Charles himself is in charge of preparing for the wedding, Secretary Miyauchi(English edition)Gave various instructions to. The wedding was in 1981 as determined by the Crown Prince.May 7ToSt Paul's CathedralWill be held in. Although there is security concern because it is far from Buckingham Palace,Westminster AbbeyWider than it could accommodate many humans. The prince selects the music played at the ceremony,Kiri Te KanawaWill be asked for a celebration song.chantWas also selected by the Crown Prince. Diana was hardly involved in the preparation of the ceremony, but her favorite patriotic song "I swear to you, my homelandWas included in the song. The queen basically got rid of the guests (Diana and her father Sir Spencer also had the right to propose)[67].

The celebration is virtually the eve of the weddingMay 7It started at night.Hyde ParkThen 1 fireworks were launched and with the Guard(English edition)Performed a joint performance of the chant. The whole of Britain became a festive event. Britain was so wrapped up in a celebration of the whole nation1953Elizabeth II's coronation since[68].

The night before the wedding, Diana entered Clarence House and went to bed early. Diana, who arrived at 6 am the next day,BathtubAfter taking a meal, have a good breakfastMakeup artistHave hair styling and makeup done,Wedding dressI wore Wedding dress made in uksilkIt was the most gorgeous thing I could make. The hem of the dress reached 7.5 meters, the longest in royal history.tiaraIs from the family of SpencerdiamondThing,EarringsWore a diamond object given by her mother. When ready, he and his father, Lord Spencer, boarded a carriage, waving at the crowd and heading to St. Paul's Cathedral. Monarchs, royalty, presidents, prime ministers from all over the world gathered in the cathedral.AmericaFromFirst lady OfNancy Reagan,JapanFromCrown Prince AkihitoとPrincess MichikoWas present. When Diana arrives at the cathedral,Virgin RoadSlowly with my father,Royal NavyI stood next to Prince Charles in his formal wear and waiting. The wedding was televised and watched by 70 million people in 7 countries around the world. Old attending the ceremonyユ ー ゴ ス ラ ビ アPrincess Katarina of the royal family recalls, "Diana was godly and beautiful." It was the moment when Diana literally caught the eyes of people all over the world.[69][70][71].

After finishing the ceremony, Diana and the Crown Prince returned to Buckingham Palace in a carriage while receiving the cheers of the people. In the yard of the palace, the people gathered while waving the national flag and shouting, "Love you Dai! Dear Diana! In response to the cheers, the royal familyバルコニーAnd shook hands to the people and greeted them. The crown prince and Diana kissed and showed, and the crowd gave it applause[72].

HoneymoonOn the royal ship Britannia地中海とAegean sea OfFishing Boat Cruising Experiencewas[73].. It was held in secret with the cooperation of the Royal Navy so that it would not be chased by the media. The British pressGreeceI flew to and searched for the Prince and his wife, but I could not find it at last[74].

Living with the Queen

The prince and his wife returned from the honeymoon, and the queen stayed from August to late October.Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu-Balmoral castleWent on vacation[75]. However, living together with the queen at Balmoral Castle was a chore for Diana because everything had to be matched to the queen.[76][Annotation 12]. Diana thought she would lose interest in the media and public opinion after her wedding, but Diana's popularity continued for a long time, and she continued to decorate the covers of various magazines, always worrying about the media's eyes. The pressure we had to continue continued. I was also concerned about the relationship between the Crown Prince and Camilla. Diana's stress and bulimia became worse but repeated vomiting[78]. I was more and more crying and frustrated in front of others. The crown prince, who has been trained to show no emotions since childhood, was often confused as he didn't know how to deal with her emotional explosion.[79].

Diana with the Crown PrinceKensington Palace[Annotation 13]He had to live with the Queen at Buckingham Palace until the palace was refurbished. Diana wants to get away from the queen quickly, hastening renovation work,1982I started living there from May[81].

Life at Kensington Palace

Diana, who moved to Kensington Palace with the Crown Prince, thought that he could start living alone with the Crown Prince this time, but the Crown Prince has enormous public affairs and at least once a week other than public affairs.Duke of CornwallHad to be in charge of the governing work of. Therefore, the Crown Prince and Diana rarely had the time to be together privately, and there were days when they were together only when they went to sleep. The Crown Prince, who had been disciplined to come to the throne, was accustomed to life without private life from an early age, but Diana was not.[82]. Diana always wanted the Crown Prince to be with him whispering love[83][84]But Diana didn't understand that it would be difficult for a future king to marry.

Therefore, Diana after entering Kensington Palace refused to accompany the official[82], Trying to prevent the Crown Prince from going into public affairs[Annotation 14], Expelling a servant close to the Crown Prince from the palace[Annotation 15],Self-harmOr[89][Annotation 16], The royal guard stopped trying to go shopping alone[91], Selfish rebellion surged.

The crown prince thought that it was unavoidable while he was not in the royal environment, and he was dating as much as Diana's self, but eventually Diana was tired of not adapting to the royal family forever.[92].

Birth of Prince William and Prince Henry

Having lived such a life at Kensington Palace, Diana gave birth to two princes.

1981The first pregnancy was found in October. Traditionally, the royal family has traditionally given birth in Buckingham Palace, but Diana hopes to have a baby in a hospital with the latest medical equipment, and will(English edition)I decided to give birth. It was said that the crown prince was always attached to him when he gave birth, and he continued to use words of encouragement while holding Diana's hand. Diana1982May 6At 9:3 pm, he gave birth to his eldest son, who will be the successor to the second throne. This eldest son was given the name "William Arthur Philip Lewis" (currentlyPrince of CambridgePrince William)[93][94]. JustFalkland conflictOverwhelmingly with the victory of the British[95].

After Prince William's birth, the Crown Prince overcame the opposition of the secretaries to reduce attendance in public affairs and concentrate on raising the prince with Diana. It was Diana's happiest family days[96].

1984May 9At 4:20 pm, at St. Mary's Hospital, she gave birth to her second son, the third successor to the throne, and was named "Henry Charles Albert Davis (commonly known as Harry)."Prince henry). The Crown Prince attended the birth at this time as well[Annotation 17]. The crown prince reduced his public affairs and loved his second son[98].

But the father of the princeDuke of EdinburghPhilipCriticized the Crown Prince's neglect of public affairs by his family. In the protest, Duke Edinburgh didn't look at Henry's face for five months after he was born, but Diana was very upset. Crowned by his father and Diana, the crown prince withdraws into a Cornwall farm and finds peace in his work.[99].

Cooling the relationship with the Crown Prince

According to Diana, the emotional relationship between the two was over when Henry was born in 1984.[100]. The crown prince1985から1986The number of people who lived in the High Grove House of the Cornwall was increasing.1987Kensington Palace said that Diana became the de facto mistress after the absence of a prince became a normal condition.[101]. Of the Crown Prince and his wife of the same yearPortugalMr. and Mrs. have taken a separate bed for the visit[100]. The Crown Prince has declined to have a relationship with Camilla since he was engaged, but from this time on he started to reconnect.[102][103].

As the separated state continued for a long time, Diana became more calm when the prince was not with him. Her friend said, "When the prince is in Kensington Palace, Diana is completely at a loss and returns like a child. She loses everything she built when she was alone." Testify that[104]. Losing his passion for the crown prince, Diana, instead, became more passionate about the care and charity of the two princes. One of Diana's philanthropic efforts was the AIDS problem. Diana financially supported the "British AIDS Relief Trust Fund" and worked hard to eliminate prejudice against AIDS patients by actively interacting with them. In addition to the AIDS problem, he has been engaged in various charity projects, a fundraising agency "Birthright" for studying stillbirth, newborn death and infertility problems of the British Association of Obstetrics and Gynecology, "Burslight", for relief of drug addicts and alcoholics Provided financial support to charity "Turning Point"[105].

1987から1992In the meantime, the media criticism of the Crown Prince increased, and Diana's position gained an advantage.[Annotation 18].

Diana, 1992May 3Toオーストリア-(German version)While on a ski trip with the Crown Prince and two Princes[Annotation 19], I learned of the death of my father, Lord Spencer. She tried to return to Japan alone, but the prince also wanted to accompany her. On the other hand, Diana first refused to accompany the Crown Prince, claiming that it was too late to act as a gentle husband. She said she was reluctant to use her sadness to advertise the royal family. However, it is obvious that the media will be hit by the media if he does not accompany him, so the Crown Prince persuaded Diana to return home together.[109][110].

1992From JuneSunday Times](English edition)A serialized article of "Truth of Princess Diana" was published. This was based on the testimony of Diana himself and Diana's friends, and unilaterally criticized the Crown Prince. Since this publication, the relationship between the Crown Prince and Diana has completely cooled down.[111].. Diana wanted a formal separation and gave an explicit and childish demonstration during her visit to South Korea in October 1992. In other words, when he was with the Crown Prince, he responded to the press with a smiley face and a smiley face when he was not.[112].

Separated life

1992 by agreement between Diana and the Crown PrinceMay 12Officially announced that the couple will be living separately[113][114].. The Prince's personal belongings and traces have been removed from Diana's Kensington Palace, while the Diana's personal belongings and traces have been removed from the High Grove House where Diana lives. The first thing Diana told me to do with this remodeling was to discard the double bed he had at night with the Crown Prince.[115].. Diana came to meet the two princes every other weekend on the conditions of separation. On that day, Diana picked up the princes to the school by car, brought them back to Kensington Palace, and spent a day without parents and children.[116].

In January 1993, when the media obtained a telephone tape from which the crown prince and Camilla whispered for love, the press criticized the crown crown. After separation, Diana pretended to be indifferent to the relationship between the Crown Prince and Camilla, but in realityastrologyIt seems that he seemed to be considerably concerned that he had his teacher examine the constellation chart of Camilla and forgot the fortune of the two people.[117].. Broadcast in June 1994(English edition)In the documentary program of the production, the crown prince said that he kept his chastity against his wife until the marriage collapsed, while Camilla was a "center" in his life, and so on. Announced that it will continue to exist. About this, Diana said, "I was quite overwhelmed, but I wanted to praise its honesty."[118].

Declared retirement from public service on December 1993, 12[119].

In October 1994, a former cavalry regiment officer who had been Diana's affair for five years(English edition)Is an exposure book about Diana and her affair, "Princess in Love" (ISBN-978 0525940173) Was published, but Diana seemed quite shocked by this.[120].

BBC Interview

Diana is a BBC TV program "November 1995"(English edition)』Appeared in the interview video recording. This interview was also done by the BBC's senior executives (the BBC president at that time)(English edition)Was a close relationship with the Queen and Crown Prince)[121][122].. This interview video was broadcast not only in the UK but also in 101 countries including Japan.[123].

In that, she described the relationship between the Crown Prince and Camilla, "There were three people in this marriage. It's a little too cramped."[124][125].. She also admitted that she had had an affair with Hewitt (shocked by Hewitt's publication of a revelation book for gold, claiming he's now cool off).[125][126].

"I think I have half of it, but not more," he asked when it was responsible for the breakdown of his marriage. "I don't want a divorce. I'm waiting for my husband's decision," he said to the question of divorcing. When asked if they think the royal family needs to change, he says, "I'm no longer in love with the royal family. I'm sick of myself. I want more contact with the people." As he said, he said, "I can't hope for the future of children, but I do whatever fights I need for them." "I don't think, I want to be the queen of your heart. Charles has a conflict about becoming a king," he said when asked if he thought he would be a queen.[127].

This broadcast recorded the highest audience rating ever as a documentary program[128].. There is an opinion that most of the people who saw the broadcast were sympathetic to Diana, but there is no credible data to support it.[129].

Divorce and charity

The turmoil in divorce negotiations between the Crown Prince and the Princess has hit the royal popularity a lot, and eventually Queen Elizabeth began sending letters to both the Crown Prince and Diana to encourage early divorce, and the divorce negotiations that were about to run aground progressed. Came to show[130].

Diana, who finished her meeting with Prince Charles on February 1996, 2, announced that they had reached a divorce agreement. She said, "I will continue to be involved in everything about the care of the two princes,Princess of WalesAnd will remain in Kensington Palace and will continue to operate the offices at St. James' Palace." In response, the Queen responded with a chilling response of "very interesting," suggesting that Diana's title, future role, and property allocation have not yet been decided.[131][132].

After that, divorce negotiations continued for four months. The crown prince and Diana finally reached an agreement on divorce when the crown prince told Diana an estimated £4 million.[Annotation 20]Payment of a single scholarship fee[134][135]Diana Continues to Live in Kensington Palace[134]The Crown Prince to contribute £40 a year to maintain the office of St James's Palace in Diana[134][133]Also, the title of "Her Royal Highness (HH)" will be stripped.[134][136][137][Annotation 21], The prince and the wife have equal rights to nurture the two princes[137]Met.

The divorce final decision on August 1996, 8 officially closed the marriage of Diana and the Crown Prince.[140].

After the divorce, the royal officials have disappeared, and Diana has been more active than ever in international philanthropy to fill the gap. Especially the AIDS problem,Leprosyproblem,地雷He was enthusiastic about tackling the removal problem.1997In January with the BBC interview team内 戦There are many land mines due toアンゴラVisited. I made the media take a picture of walking on the minefield, and the world was interested in the mine issue. Former Secretary of State of the United States in December 1996Henry KissingerNamed Diana “Humanitarian of the Year” and Diana Attending Awards in New York[141].

1997May 6In New Yorkマ ン ハ ッ タ ンIn my dressauctionDo[Annotation 22], Its sales are AIDScancerDonated to patient[143].

Two-way relationship between Hasnut Khan and Doddy Alfaid

1996ToPakistaniHeart surgeonHasnut KhanDeepened the relationship with. The relationship between the two was "(English edition)] It was also reported in the paper. Diana was in 19961997Twice in May,PakistanVisit to have a meeting with the Hasnut family. He also introduced the two princes to Hasnut.[144].

1997In July, the Egyptian millionaire, whose late father, Lord Spencer and his stepmother, were close friendsMohammed AlfaidOwned by Southern FranceSaint-TropezI was invited to my villa. Mohamed is a long-established department store in London "HarrodsOf the Haiti dictator.Francois DuvalierThere are black rumors that he is in a deep relationship, and Diana's friends advised that he should not be involved with such suspicious people, but Diana was grateful for the advice but did not listen and the two of them during the summer vacation. Decided to get an invitation with the prince[145][146].

Owned by the Alfaid familyCruiserI enjoyed the Mediterranean cruising at this time, but Diana was a Mohammed and arms dealer.Adnan KashoghiMade between my sister, SamiraDodiBecame friends. Dody was a 41-year-old movie producer at the time,Academy awardsAward-winning workFlame runnerWas the person who worked on. Even though he is already middle-aged, he is receiving $10 a month from his father,FerrariOwnsPlayboywas. As Doddie and Diana became more involved, Mohammed became open to ambitions with relatives to the British royal family.[147].

The two princes returned to London on July 2, but Diana and Dody continued to cruise the Mediterranean Sea (temporarily Diana for a landmine campaign).BosniaHave been to). Diana and Doddy's cruising was photographed by the press in early August, overheating the report as "Diana's new lover."[148].

It should be noted that the relationship with Hasnut and the relationship with Dody proceeded at the same time, that is, it was a "forked relationship". It's unclear which was his favorite, but Hasnut2008"Don't let her down," she said in a testimony of the Diana death cause hearing, which claims that Diana and Dody were pregnant.[149].

Death in a car accident in Paris

1997May 8Diana and Doddy are charter aircraftParisSuburbsLe Bourget airportArrived at. StayingHotel Ritz ParisI went to the 5-star hotel Ritz with a driver and a bodyguard dispatched from[150].

Diana received a phone call from Prince William during his stay at the hotel. It was a phone call to ask about a single photo shoot from the media. This was the last conversation with my son. This night with DodyPompidou CenterI was planning to have dinner at a nearby restaurant, Benoit, but the media was waiting at the restaurant, so I canceled and eventually had dinner in the hotel room around 9:50 pm[150].

I was planning to sleep in Dodi's apartment that night, but the number of media waiting outside the hotel was soaring that Dodi and Diana put out some decoy cars in front of the hotel,May 8Around 0:20 when I entered, from the back door of the hotelMercedes-Benz S280I started at. Diana and Doddie were on board, the driver(French version)Of the bodyguard(English edition)(With Trevor Reese Jones[151]It was 4 people. The car with four people, at an illegal and fierce speed of 4 to 135 km, tried to drive the car of the media that was chasingConcorde Squareから(French version)I headed to, but under the plaza AlmatunnelI made a mistake in trying to avoid another car,Median stripHead-on crashed into the concrete of.Seat beltDodi and Paul, who hadn't tightened, died instantly, and Diana and Jones were seriously injured (only one Jones in the passenger seat survives)[152]..Initially, some media reported that only surviving Jones were wearing seatbelts in the accident, but it was later revealed that not all passengers were actually wearing seatbelts.[153].

The first discoverers were the media who were chasing the car and the passing doctor. The doctor arranged an ambulance on his cell phone, and the doctor and one photographer provided Diana's first aid until the ambulance arrived, but the rest of the photographers were just taking pictures. They were arrested by French police for murder and breach of emergency assistance. It took one hour to rescue the crushed car roof and get Diana sandwiched between the front and rear seats out of the car.Sal Petriere HospitalHowever, Diana's head and chest were severely injured, and there was no chance that she would be saved. Officially sentenced to death around 4am without regaining consciousness[154][155].


At the time of the accident, the queen and prince were sleeping at Balmoral Castle. The two accused of being obedient were informed that Diana was seriously injured in Paris. Crown Prince does not wake up two princes, overnightradioI was collecting information in the breaking news. He told the two princes who woke up in the morning that Diana was dead. In response, Prince William said, "I knew something had happened, so I couldn't sleep all night."[156].

The prince went to Paris and decided to accept Diana's body. The Queen said, "Diana is divorcedWindsor houseThe person who left. The body should be enshrined in a private morgue.”Tony BlairThe prince convinced the queen with the support of[157].. The prince, who flew to Paris with Diana's two sisters on a royal plane, met with Diana's body, who was encased in the hospital's emergency room. The prince stood in front of the deceased wife of the former princess for thirty minutes and wept. At 30 pm, the prince leaves France with a Diana's casket in a royal plane, leaving the Royal Air Force(English edition)I returned to Japan. Diana's coffin from thereSt. James PalaceWas carried to[158].

Just before Diana's body returned to England, Prime Minister Blair said in a speech about Diana, "She was a princess of people, and will remain in our hearts and memories forever." As if to prove it, the people came to Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace one after another to offer flowers for Diana, and in front of the palace were filled with innumerable bouquets.[159].

On the other hand, the Queen of Balmoral Castle hopes to run the palace on a regular street, makes a special statement, and informs Buckingham Palace.Half flagHowever, as the public criticized it, he accepted the persuasion of the Crown Prince and Prime Minister Blair, returned to London, and issued a special statement to the public in front of the TV camera. In the statement, the Queen said, "I would like to sincerely talk to you, as a queen and as a grandmother. First of all, I would like to condolence myself to Diana. She is extraordinary and talented. She was a blessed person, she never lost her smile, good and bad, and warmly and kindly encouraged others.I was so excited about her energy and her involvement, especially her dedication to her two sons. I honored and respected her."[160].

On September 1997, 9, a quasi-national funeral "royal national funeral" for Diana was held. Diana's casket on a cannon trolley, accompanied by a funeral processionWestminster AbbeyWas carried to. Immediately behind the casket is Prince Charles, Prince William, Prince Henry, father of PrinceDuke of EdinburghPhilipEarl of Spencer, Diana's younger brotherCharlesWalked. At Buckingham Palace, the queen went out to see Diana's casket, bow her head and mourn. As was unprecedented in the history of the British royal family, the flag was raised as a half-flag at Buckingham Palace. The Westminster Abbey attracts 2000 mourners, includingMargaret ThatcherFormer Prime Minister and Mrs. U.S. PresidentHillary Clinton,Film directorStephen Spielberg, ActorTom cruise,Tom Hanks,Arnold SchwarzeneggerAnd so on[161][162].

At the end of the funeral, Diana's casket was transferred to Orthope, the estate of Count Spencer, and buried in a small island (commonly known as "Round Oval Island") floating in the lake.[163][164].. However, in order to prevent the ashes from being stolen, the location of the burial is not disclosed, and the location of the burial is not disclosed.tombstoneNot built[165].

2004To Hyde Park(English edition)Was made[166].. 10 years since Diana's death2007On July 7st, a concert of Prince William and Prince Henry in memory of his motherConcert for Diana"Wembley StadiumIs sponsored by. Was a friend of Diana in front of 6 spectatorsElton JohnAt the beginning, British singers performed the song[167][168].. In addition, on August 8, the anniversary of death, Prince William's enlisted army guard cavalry regiment.(English edition)Chapel of(English edition)In memory of Prince William and Prince HenryMassIs held, the Queen and Crown Prince,Gordon BrownThe prime minister and others were present. In this seat, Prince William and Henry spoke, "Mother made many people happy and was the best mother in the world."[168][169].


For the freedom of the sons

Diana wanted to raise the two princes as if they were ordinary children. Diana often with two princes near Kensington PalaceMcDonald'sToHamburger,French friesWent to eat. When the store manager was surprised and approached to guide him to the front row, Diana said "Shih"[170]. Even in the beginning of August 1997, when Diana and the prince were the last members of the parent and child group, the three of them were directed by Steven Spielberg's movie "Lost worldWas spent watching[171].

Her ordinary child-rearing was considered a rebellion against the royal tradition. Diana's younger brother at Diana's funeralLord Spencer"We are committed to all your efforts to bring up your two wonderful sons, the boys you raised with imagination and love. They like you Not only inheriting traditions and duties, but also allowing them to sing freely."[172].

Love for others

Diana had been a bad study since she was a girl, but she was a kind-tempered daughter. Ruth Ludge, West Heath principal, with three Spencer sisters enrolled, said, "I remember the three Spencer sisters well. They were all different personalities. I didn't have one, but I was the kindest child.I like small children and can get along soon.I used to go to a facility near the school to take care of children with disabilities. I knew I was going to do it, and I was happy to take care of it." At West Heath School, Diana was awarded the Miss Miss Lawrence Award by the school for her social work achievements.[173]. She said she discovered her trait of dedication to others in her social service experience at this school.[21].

movies"ダ イ ア ナ』DirectorOliver Hirsch Wegel"She grew up without love, so she had a strong desire to be loved and accepted from an early age." Have rated[174].

As a result of separation and divorce, Diana is liberated from the royal duties and obligations to serve the people, and instead becomes an energetic philanthropist.[175]. Especially Diana worked hard地雷It was a removal issue. Diana was interested in the mine issueLord AttenboroughThe movie directed byLove and warWas invited to the charity's first performance and was shocked by the impact of land mines on civilians. AndBritish Red CrossSecretary-General Mike Whitlam asked for help in a demining campaign and promised to do so.内 戦Left claw marksBosniaWhen I visited, DianaSarajevoHugged a woman visiting her son's grave in the cemetery. Speaking of the scene, journalist Sir Deez wrote that "Who else can do this? Nobody can do it."[176].

The landmine issue is also a political issue, and the Diana movementConservative partyShe had bought a backlash from the administration, but she dismissed such criticism by stating, "I am a humanitarian. It has been, and will be, ever." Her demining campaign was established in 1997BlairMove the Labor Party government,ClintonSaid that it also affected the administration[176]. Three months after her deathAnti-personnel landmine ban treatyHas been concluded. However, on the other hand, he had no hesitation in interacting with the Alphaid family, who was involved in the arms trade.


In a BBC show interview in 1995, DianaBulimiaRevealed that he is suffering from. Binge eating is an illness that tries to fill the empty mind due to stress with overeating, but then vomits, and then the stomach and heart become empty again and overeating[177].

Diana said in an interview, "I was influenced by pressure. When I went out on public affairs, I used to go home with an empty stomach and heart. At that time, I suffered from a moribund person, a seriously ill person, and a married life. I was involved with people, but when I got home, I was comforting a lot of people so far, but I do not know how to comfort myself, so it is customary to pour the food in the refrigerator into my stomach. "I eat 4 or 5 times a day, sometimes even more, to make me feel better. I feel like I'm being held by my two arms." It's temporary."[178].

However, according to the testimonies of his classmates at West Heath School, Diana had been eating and gaining weight since she was a student.[179]. After receiving attention from the mass media, he began to worry whether he could look fat and started to use his own "diet method," which involves exhaling after overeating. I have said to my servant, "I found a really good way to lose weight, eat as much as I want, and then do this," and then showed me a vomiting gesture. This seems to be the trend that the stress of royal life is getting worse due to the direct cause of bulimia.[180].

Psychologist Dr. Basil Panzer said, “Moving from a flat with two female friends to a palace is a big change for everyone. It's an eating disorder. It is a common case of bulimia. (Omitted) I changed from a plump teenage girl to a lean and lean female." I'm not used to it. (Omitted) I'm crushed by pressure without standing up."[181].

"Shy Die"

Diana is shy and sometimes talks and looks shy, often known as "Shy Di."[182].

However, he claims that Diana herself and the people around her are not shy."I don't know why the press came up with the word shy die. I've never been shy," Diana said.Friend Simon Berry said, "The media misunderstood that she was shy because she was cautious and took a modest attitude until she decided how to get out. (...) But that was shy. It doesn't matter. I wonder if it's a precaution, a calculation, and a calculation. It's not a problem without confidence. I wasn't the one who hesitated if I wanted to. "Diana's stepmother, Rain's mother, Barbara Cartland, also said, "The media misunderstood that she was lying down and walking on her stoop, but that only covered her height. Insist[183].

Alleged phone call

April 1994News of the World』The magazine is DianaSilent telephoneReported suspicion. According to them, Oliver Hoare, one of the people rumored to have a relationship with Diana's affair with James Hewitt's girlfriend, received a silent call from someone. According to a police investigation, the originator was Kensington Palace in Diana[184].

On the other hand, DianaDaily mailWas set up by someone to trap himself in, and said he was not at Kensington Palace during the silent hours.alibiDenying the allegations, but later the alibi collapsed and the allegations expanded. This suspicion made Diana's image worse for a while[185].

Diana also denied the silent phone call allegations during a BBC interview in November 1995, stating, "When I looked it up, I knew it was a young man."[186].

Spiritual therapy

Diana had a close relationship with astrologer Penny Thornton from 1986 to 6 years, and became interested in astrology and spiritual things. According to Penny, Diana was originally a "spiritual human being," and Penny claims he only advised Diana to be aware of the existence of the channel and to inspire her.[187].

Eventually, Penny began to use the position of "princess astrologer of the princess" (Penny was in love with Diana in 1995 in the book "Diana Penny Thornton With Love") (ISBN-978 0671891862) Is published), but cut off with Penny, but Diana's interest in astrology continued. Diana seems to have spent a great deal of money on an astrologer. Prince Charles, who responded when the popularity of Diana declined due to silent phone calls, announced to the public that the amount Diana is spending for fashion and counseling was unusual, according to Diana. It is said that the teacher and the psychotherapist pay 650 million yen a year. On the other hand, DianaPoloI'm fighting back with a small amount compared to the huge amount I pour for[188].

About the last three yearstherapistIt was said that there were many plans. He was well treated by colonic therapist Clichy Fitzgerald, psychotherapist Suzie Obach, herbal physician Irene Whittaker, psychiatrist Simone Simmons, and acupuncturist Lily Fa You. In particular, Fa Yu's acupuncture was effective in reducing Diana's stress, and Diana called her a "miracle person."[189].

I wrote a biography of Diana(English edition)"For all her life, she was guided by instinct and intuition, not debate or debate. A stream of rivers led her into the world of astrologers, psychics, fortune tellers, therapists, and more." Described as[190]. However, such scientifically groundless "occultThere are also many criticisms for spending the national budget on very personal matters.


Diana, who has a strong desire for self-revealing, has been collecting clippings of her articles, and is studying how to take beautiful pictures like a model. He had a beautician gathered in the palace every morning and accompanied by an overseas visit. Make-up was done by myself, and I didn't show my face to anyone until the makeup was finished.[191].

Fashion was the thing I was most concerned about. From the time of engagement to the first few years after marriage, the fashion magazine "(English edition)』Editor(English edition)Was choosing clothes as a stylist exclusively for Diana. Through her, Diana became acquainted with various British designers. Above all, she loved(English edition)Clothes designed by and a hat designed by (Philip Somerville)[192]. According to polls conducted on British women in 1985 and 1992, Diana was the most ranked "most like woman".[193].

Wanting to contribute to the British fashion world, Diana often wore British clothing in public. However, they also collected foreign brand clothes as "private clothes". What she loved about foreign brands wasFrance OfChanelとYves Saint-Laurent,イタリア Of(Italian version),West Germany OfEscadaIs. Even in the case of public affairs, I sometimes wore these clothes when visiting foreign countries. For example1980Chanel once visited France,1987Wearing Escada in his visit to West Germany. Appreciation was given to Diana's fashion sense both in France and West Germany[194]While the Queen of England was once a Nazi German intelligence agent.Coco ChanelThere were criticisms from both Britain and France for wearing these clothes easily.

The purchase of Diana's clothes was usually made by special arrangements before the clothing store opened or after it closed, but sometimes suddenly, she suddenly went out shopping with police escorts. When I heard that the Crown Princess came to the store, the manager often jumped out in a hurry and tended to worry about it, but at that time Diana said, "I do not want to bother everyone. Just like ordinary people. I just want to shop. Please don't make a big noise." By the way, the costume for Diana to appear in public was paid from the royal expenses, and the personal costume was paid from the personal income of Prince Charles (income of the Cornwall territory).[195].

(English edition)Is a weekly BBC TV fashion show "(English edition)』Was Diana's favorite show. In the show, Jeff Banks said of Diana's fashion, "She found a compromise between brilliance and practicality. The royal clothing needed some formula, which made Princess Diana's attire look sometimes old-fashioned. The only reason is that the combination of a waist-length jacket and skirt is comfortable for her and must be worn without any worries, because she spends her life with various people and has a discerning eye. It is extremely important for those who have to be in good shape at all times, even though some of them are sharp.”[196].

Marie Quant"It's no exaggeration to say that (Diana's fashion) influences the British fashion industry," said fashion designer Elka Hundermark. And she was the only one who renewed the clothes of the women of the royal aristocracy, they always wore uniform clothes until Diana appeared,Princess KentEven fashionable people like me always wore big hats and white gloves in modest colors. It was completely boring and boring. But now everyone wears fashionable hats and flashy, bold color combinations. Even the Queen started wearing black and red gloves to suit her outfit. This is the fashion revolution. Thanks to Diana."[197].

Diana Popularity

2002BBC went to100 Greatest BritishIn the pollWinston ChurchillとIsambard Kingdom BrunelAnd came in 3rd place[198].

2013American in SeptemberCBSNews program "60 Minutes] And magazine "Vanity fairAccording to an American public opinion survey conducted jointly by ", Diana was the first-ranked "celebrity who wants to come back to life." We get 1% of all votes. By the way, the second place isAppleCEOSteve Jobs(14% of all votes)[199].

Diana is said to have been the most photographed and featured person in the world[200].

Diana's visit to Japan

Diana has come to Japan three times in her lifetime. Initially1986The official visit of (61), the second time1990(Heisei2 years)Emperor OfCoronationAttended, the third time1995(7)British Red CrossThis is my arrival as Vice Chairman. On this coming date and timeSecond World War OfCommonwealthOffering flowers to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Twenty years later, his eldest son William came to Japan to donate flowers, but a scrap of a Japanese newspaper reporting the flowers of his late mother was prepared at the time of bookkeeping.The first and second visits to Japan were with Prince Charles, and the third visit was alone.[201].

Especially, the first official visit in 1986 (Showa 61) is known to have caused a social phenomenon called "Diana Fever" in Japan.[202].. Taking advantage of that boom, JapanTV Asahi seriesIn the special program "Show all of Princess Diana", which was broadcast on May 1986, 5, the original anime "" featuring Diana when she was a girl was broadcast. Cast is Diana (Shimamoto Sumi), Diana's grandmother Lady Farmoy (Miyoko Aso), Diana's father (Tokumaru Kan), Diana's mother (Miyuki Ueda), Prince Charles (Horiuchi Keno)etc. Since then, it has not been softened.

The first official visit was as follows.

May 5, 8:7 pm, at the British royal planeOsaka International AirportDiana and Prince Charles arrived atEnglishGood atTokujin HiromiyaWe are greeted by and will be the accommodation of the day京都 OfOmiya Imperial PalaceWas guided to[203][204].

Next dayMay 5The costume that Diana wore was made for visiting JapanHinomaruIt was a polka dot dress. Diana, who visited the Omiya Imperial Palace with the guidance of Tokujin in the morning of the same day, said, "The interior of the Omiya Imperial PalaceShugakuinThe garden is also beautiful."[205].. In the afternoonNijo CastleTo visitUrasenkeIemoto15th SenmuroOf the former royal familyChiyoko(Takahito MikasaSecond daughter.16th SenmuroI was married totea ceremonyEnjoyed[206][207]. At Higashiyama restaurant TsuruyaKaisekithe cookingchopsticksI ate it with Both Diana and the Crown Prince are entertainingMaikoSaid that his makeup and hairstyle were interesting[208].

May 5In the morningOsaka,KobeVisited from Osaka International Airport in the afternoonTokyo-Haneda airportFlew to. In HanedaCrown Prince AkihitoとPrincess Chichibu SetukoWas greeted byFormer Akasaka OfGuest HouseWas guided to. At the State Guest HouseYasuhiro NakasoneI took a look at the prime ministers[204]. 8 pmHigashimiya Imperial PalaceEnter, Crown Prince Akihito,Crown Princess Michiko, Tokujin Hiromiya,Kiyoko KimiyaParticipated in a private dinner party with[209]. Crown Princess Michiko is kissing Diana as she leaves after the supper, and Diana is also kissing Crown Princess Michiko[204].

May 5Prince Charles and his wife, who went sightseeing in Tokyo in the morning, visited Aoyama at noon.Honda HeadquartersFrom the former Akasaka guesthouse to the 2.3 km roadConvertibleParade in[204]..The roadside was flooded with 9 Japanese people trying to see the Crown Prince and his wife at a glance.Ten days ago, radicals who opposed the visit of the Crown Prince and his wife to Japan headed for the guesthouse.mortarThere was an incident in which the bullet fell near the Canadian Embassy on Aoyama-dori, but the Crown Prince and his wife stood up at the point in front of the Canadian Embassy and waved at the crowd. ing[210]. At the State Guest House, Diana is Princess ChichibuPrincess Takamadoから(I.e.I was taught.Checkered dollHe said he was happy when he was given a present and repeated "For me?" three times.[211]. In the eveningPrince HitoshiWith the guidance of the coupleRyogoku KokugikanTo visitGrand SumoI watched. After watching the gameOzekiOhnokuniとSekiwakiKonishikiHowever, Diana seemed to be surprised when Ohnokuni said, "Weight is 199 kg." Also, while joking Konishiki's stomach, he joked, "Is this real?"[212].

May 5With the Crown Prince国会,KabukizaVisit. At Kabukiza,Souvenir bookWas played. After the showDanjuro Ichikawa,Onou KikugoroAre watching[213].

The finale for visiting JapanMay 5At nightImperial Palace-Toyoake HallMade inEmperor ShowaIt was sponsored by the Miyanaka dinner party. The Prince and Mrs. Charles were visiting Japan, but due to the historically close ties between Japan and the United Kingdom, they were treated as state guests. The crown prince and his wife prior to the dinner partyEmperor ShowaAt that seat, Emperor Showa was the Crown Prince and his wife.Kutani-yakiThe prince and his wife presented each other with books on marine biology that Emperor Showa liked.[214].. Diana attended a royal blue evening dress at the royal dinner. About the dress, Diana explains to Emperor Showa, "It was expensive because Yuki (Japanese designer living in London, Torimaru Gunyuki) made it with Japanese silk."[215].. Daizen, the Imperial Household Agency who worked on the dinner dinner, thought of a reward for Diana wearing a polka dot dress with a Hinomaru motif in Kyoto and dessert.BramangeI pasted some red jelly that I cut into a circle. Diana, who glanced at the offerings, said that she was pleased to slap her hand in return. I left Japan at Haneda Airport at 9:27 pm after finishing the dinner. It was a 6-day visit to Japan[204].

Conspiracy theory over accidental death

About Diana's accidental death, Diana marries Doddy AlfaidIslamMay convert to the future British King (National churchThe mother ofMuslimTo prevent such a situation, or to prevent Diana from having a child of Doddy and the Alphaids becoming future brothers of the British King,British GovernmentAssassinateConspiracy theoryThere is[216][217][Annotation 23].

It was at that time that I first claimed thisGaddafiWas under the dictatorship ofLibyan governmentAnd within 24 hours of Diana's death, conspiracy theory began to flow (at that time, the British and Libyan governmentsPan American Airlines Flight 103 bombingWas fighting fiercely over the jurisdiction of the Libyan criminals). Eventually Doddy's father, Mohammed, also began to ride on Kaddaphy's conspiracy theory, "99.9% surely Diana and Doddy were killed, because the British ruler said he was a son.NigerIt was because it was regarded as ".[219].. He identified the main offender as "racist" Philip Duke of Edinburgh, and in February 1998Daily mirror] I sued the conspiracy theory on paper. This isITVSince it was made into a drama as a special program "Diana's Last Days", many people once believed in the conspiracy theory.[220].

But Diana's autopsy suggests Diana isn't pregnant[221].. Also before Diana and Dodi's trip to GreecePremenstrual tensionDr. Lily Fah Yu who examined Diana atMenstruationHave pointed out that pregnancy is not biologically possible[222].

また(English edition)According to a French police source, "It's a conspiracy theory, but it's really crap. Nobody knew what route Diana and Dody would take. I didn't know the place or the car type and planned a collision accident. "Diana and Doddie were pretty likely to survive if they were wearing seat belts, especially Diana. Where are the guys who are planning an accident where the victim is likely to survive and the outcome is unknown? If you're going to kill Diana and Doddy, you're probably doing it a week ago when they were swimming, sending one or two diving operatives to grab the target's foot, and don't let go until you drowned, When you die, let go of your hands. It's an accidental death due to stiff muscles that can't be complained."[223].

I wrote a biography of Diana(English edition)"Pole and Doddie were convinced that they got in the car,PaparazziThe situation was changing every second as the motorcycles and cars in the car ran at a tremendous speed. It would require a great deal of coordinating to talk as if there were a group that planned the accident in advance."[224].

Diana's death was also investigated and tried in England for a decade. In the trial, Mohammed stood on a testimony and developed a conspiracy theory, criticized Prince Edinburgh as "Duke of Conspiracy", and a person who was not convenient for the conspiracy theory (survived bodyguard Jones, former mistress of Doddy)(English edition), Diana's lover Hasnut) was also criticized as a "conspirator's contributor," but Mohammed's testimony was disputed one after another at the trial. "The white disappeared from the scene"Fiat UnoInvolvement in the case[Annotation 24]"Also, a dazzling flash of light in the tunnel[Annotation 25]It was decided that there was no such thing, and eventually Mohamed's defense team had to admit that there was no evidence to support the conspiracy theory.2008At the jury on April 4, the official conclusion was reached that Diana's death was "a traffic accident death due to negligence"[226].

2013May 8 OfBritish ArmySpecial Forces"SASOfSniper(English edition)In the trial, information that SAS was involved in the killing of Princess Diana came out and ripples spread again,London Police DepartmentConducted a survey to confirm the authenticity of this information[216].. As a result, the London Metropolitan Police DepartmentMay 12Concludes that there is no evidence to support new information[227].

Publications about Diana


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  13. ^ Kensington Palace is a collection of mansions managed by the Ministry of the Environment and rented by the royal family. It is rented out at the queen's discretion, and mainly includes relatives, courtiers, and friends. You do not have to pay rent, but you must leave immediately if the Queen orders you to evict[80].
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  15. ^ Diana believed that the Prince's aides were keeping him away from him. Therefore, the Private Secretary to the Prince of Wales(English edition)Stephen Barry, a samurai of the Crown Prince, and assistant secretary of the Crown Prince, became Diana's individual secretary.(English edition), Butler Alan Fisher, two princes' nanny Barbara Barnes, and escort officers Paul Officer and Assistant John McLean were forced to resign and dismiss Diana's dismay. Say[86][87].. However, Diana himself claims that "no dismissal is my fault"[88].
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  19. ^ The crown prince hoped for a ski trip for this family of four, and Diana initially opposed and rubbed it, but it was realized by the zeal of the crown prince.[108].
  20. ^ The amount of consolation is kept secret by the divorce agreement, and the amount of £1700 million is estimated by the media.[133].
  21. ^ The title of Her Highness Princess (HRH) has no legal basis, but it means that she is a relative of the monarch, and is given or deprived at the discretion of the monarch. By maintaining this title, I was able to show that I will be involved in national affairs and that I will be the mother of the future king.[138].. Diana'sLawyer(English edition)Also prioritized protecting her royal title during divorce negotiations[139].
  22. ^ There were 79 Diana dresses sold at this time. Five of them have been awarded by Japanese corporations (Shogakukan3 out, 2 out)[142].
  23. ^ On the other hand, there is a conspiracy theory that Libya was assassinated. It says that the Alfide family originally had Harrods andHouse of FraserIt shouldn't be enough money to buy it, because it was because the Libyan government was in the back (and that the British government stubbornly refuses to give Mohamed its citizenship). And because Mohammed no longer returns his income to Libya, Dodi was erased by Libya to show off. According to this conspiracy theory, the target was not Diana[218].
  24. ^ As a result of a French police investigation, the one who was riding this white Fiat is Les Vins TanVietnam peopleIt turned out to be He was the only immigrant who left the scene, so he just hated to be involved in the police.[225].
  25. ^ Investigations revealed that Paul was out of control before he entered the tunnel. Also, it was a man named Francis Levi who testified that there was a flash before the collision, but this man has many criminal records and is famous for having a false habit, and the credibility as a witness Also became clear[225].


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