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⚽ | Manchester United and Villarreal advance to the final European league of soccer

Manchester United's Cavani scored the second goal against Rome on the 2th, Rome (Reuters = joint)

Manchester United and Villarreal advance to the final European league of football

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Manchester U, who is aiming for the first victory in four seasons, lost to Rome (Italy) 4-2 away, but won a total of 3-2 in the two races.

[London joint] On the 6th, the second round of the semi-finals was held in London and other places in the European soccer league, and Manchester Yuna ... → Continue reading

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Manchester United FC

Manchester United FC(English: Manchester United Football Club,British Englishpronunciation: [ˈMænʧistə juːˈnaitid ˈfutˌbɔːl klʌb]) IsEngland- Greater ManchesterTraffordHometown of England Professional Soccer League (Premier League) A member of a professional soccer club.クラブカラーはThe club color is"Red". Nickname isRed devil(The Red Devils).

With the exception of the 1974-75 season, he has consistently been in England's top league from 1938 to the present.


In the 1967-68 season,Sir Matt BusbyUnder the direction of the director,EnglandFirst club inUEFA Champions Cup(CurrentUEFA Champions League)ofTrophyAfter that, he won the 1998-99 season and the 2007-08 season three times in total.

In recent years he has led the club from the 1985-86 season to the 2012-13 season.Sir Alex Ferguson13 times under supervisionPremier LeagueWin and twiceUEFA Champions LeagueIt is a big club that has represented England's football for a long time, winning over 20 major titles including winning. Currently, he has won the highest number of 20 titles in England's top league. 2nd placeLiverpool FC19 times.

The club with one of the largest economies in the world, in 2017AmericaThe economic magazine ofForbesOf the clubAsset valueThe club's asset value was $36 billion, making it the number one soccer club in the world for the first time in five years.[1]. Also,Deloitte Football Money LeagueThe latest season (2018-19) income scale in the world is the third largest[2].

There are several general abbreviations for clubs.United(United)”,English-speaking countriesThen.Newcastle UnitedIn order to distinguish it from other clubs whose team name includes "United", Manchester is abbreviated as "Man".Man United(Man United, Man Utd)" and the like. Also, sports reports in newspapers and magazinesNew York Stock Exchange OfTicker symbolAnd so onMan You(Man U[3][4][5], Man U[6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15], ManU[16][17][18], MANU[19])” is sometimes called.

In the same cityManchester CityWithManchester DerbyIt is,Merseyside Derby,North London DerbyThree major leaguesDerbyIt is one of the most famous derby matches in the world. Traditionally considered to have a rivalryLiverpoolThe game withNorthwest Derby(Or England Derby, English Derby), there are many in the worldOne battle of traditionCan be counted as one of. There have been many exciting matches between the two.

TraditionallyUniform numberThe 7 is treated as a special number and is said to be the "7 in glory."George Best,Steve Coppell,Brian Robson,Eric Cantona,David Beckham,ク リ ス テ ィ ア ー ノ · ロ ナ ウ ドPlayers representing the team of the time in terms of popularity and ability have played with this number.

It has been regarded as a good example of a good economic club,NFL OfTampa Bay BuccaneersIs the owner ofMalcolm GrazerAcquired by and controversial. Some of the supporters who oppose Glazer's rule over the clubliabilitiesIs 3 millionlbWorried that they have reached the new clubFC United of ManchesterWas formed.


Manchester UnitedEnglandRecognized as one of the most prestigious clubs in the world, it has become a club with many supporters all over the world, but its history is not so old compared to the history of England's football. Also, in contrast to recent successes, the club has experienced a number of hardships.


1878 in ManchesterRailway employeeWas founded as Newton Heath LYR FC. For the first few years, we didn't play many official games, except for playing games with other members of the team.Railway companyWas playing unofficially with the team. There are records of 1882 friendly matches played between 1883 and 26. In 1884, he participated in the local cup game Lancashire Cup, but in the first round last year'sFA cupLost 2-7 with the champion Blackburn Olympic reserve team. In 1885, he converted to a professional soccer club, and in 1892 he changed the name to Newton Heath FC and started operations. In 1902, the owners' policy at the time did not allow entrance fees from the spectators, and the cost of moving the ground increased.bankruptcydoing. Local ManchesterBrewing industryLord John Henry Davis 500lbInvested in the club, took over as the owner, and started rebuilding the club. The team name was changed in 1902,Manchester UnitedHowever, only for the two days before the name changeManchester Celtic It was called (Manchester Celtic).

Although it's only two days, this club has becomeRoman CatholicOften thought to be of ancestry, it is completely unrelated to the Roman Catholic Church.

After two league titles during his inception, he was sluggish from the 2s to around 1910.Second World WarSometimes by air raidOld TraffordSuffered from the disaster and could not be repaired due to lack of funds after the war,Manchester CityHometown at that timeMain roadI had no choice but to borrow.

Two glories of the Matt Busby era

1945 years,Matt BusbyWill be the first golden age of the club when he becomes the manager.Basby pioneered the image of an English football manager who puts team selection, transfer markets, training sessions, etc. under his control, and jumped to second place in the league for three consecutive seasons from the 1946–47 season, 3–2. He won the FA Cup and brought the team a trophy for the first time in 1947 years.He won the long-sought league title for the first time in 48 years in the 36–1951 season.

Basby also set about developing the infrastructure that would later become an important identity of the club.Since Basby's inauguration was a period of financial difficulty immediately after the end of the war, he strengthened his strength from a long-term perspective by focusing on training subordinate organization players.バスビーが下部組織から見出したBasby found out from the infrastructureDuncan Edwards,Bobby charltonPlayers such as "Busby Babes(Busby Babes, children of Busby), and since 1956, he has made a great advance to achieve the second consecutive title in the domestic league.

At the point where the club seemed to have made a great comeback1958May 2,Munich tragedyEight players and three staff members, including captain Duncan Edwards, died.Basby was also seriously injured.これによりThisThe United KingdomThe glory of the first European continental championship as a club team (Great Britain and United Kingdom of Northern Ireland)Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu OfCelticIt was decided to hand over to.At one point, Basby lost his passion for football, but with the persuasion of his wife, he returned to the scene from the following season.Bobby Charlton, who also recovered from the shock of the accident, was placed on the pillar of the team and the club was rebuilt.

In the 1960s, the second golden age comes.Dennis Law,George BestSuch talents emerged one after another, winning the FA Cup in 1963, and winning the domestic league in 1965 and 1967.Then, in 1968, he won the Champions Cup and achieved his half-hearted desire in the tragedy of Munich.In the same year, Basby was given the title of Knight in recognition of his achievements in winning the Champions Cup.

However, in the 1970s, the generation change failed. In 1974, he suffered a loss of two copies (returned to the first copy the following year), and the slump began again.

The glory of the age of Alex Ferguson

The Scottish director finished the downturnAlex FergusonIs. Inaugurated in 1986, he succeeded in fostering young people and fusing players known as rampage horses, and started the genealogy of the Tokachi Corps.

Premier LeagueHas the highest number of wins at 13 times, and has won the first place in 20 successive wins throughout the era of the former Football League First Division.FA cup11 times,Curling cup2 times,UEFA Champions League3 times,UEFA Cup Winners CupHas won the title once.

The 1998-99 season is a remarkable season for clubs. Raised from youth era under FergusonDavid Beckham,Garry Neville,Paul Scholesas well as the Ryan GiggsCentered on the players called "Fergie's Fredging Rings"UEFA Champions LeagueIn the finalBayern MunichBecame a European champion with a dramatic turnaround (The miracle of Camp Nou). This season, we won the league title and the FA Cup titleTrebleAchieved (3 crowns). The name of "red devil" became popular in the European soccer scene. The goal of dribbling from near the halfway line, which Giggs showed in the camp Nou miracle match and in the FA Cup semi-final match against Arsenal, is still passed on to supporters.

In European football history,UEFA Champions League(OldUEFA Champions Cup), winning the domestic league and the domestic cup, achieving three crowns in the 3-1966 seasonCeltic, For the 1971-72 seasonAjax, For the 1987-88 seasonPSV, For the 2008-09 season and the 2014-15 seasonBarcelona, For the 2009-10 seasonIntel, For the 2012-13 season and the 2019-20 seasonBayern MunichOnly.

In 1995Ipswich TownWon the league record 9-0 in the match. He won the league in the 1999-20 season and the 2000-01 season, and achieved the league's first three consecutive league titles in history.

Under the direction of Ferguson, United has a combination of high ability and popularity.ArsenalWas called with the second strong. After the 2-2002 seasonArsenal(Winning undefeated in the 2003-04 season),ChelseaThe goal was to regain the title from (2004 consecutive wins in 05-2005 and 06-2 season). October 2005, 10,MiddlesbroughIn battleク リ ス テ ィ ア ー ノ · ロ ナ ウ ドWas the 1000th goal of the club's Premier League (the fastest in the league).

He had won the league for two consecutive seasons in the 2006-07 seasonChelseaIt won the league title for the first time since the 2002-03 season. In the 2007-08 seasonUEFA Champions League FinalPlayed against Chelsea at the end of the extra-time penalty shootout, the third time in nine yearsUEFA Champions LeagueAchieved the victory. He won the league title in both the 2007-08 season and the 2008-09 season, and achieved his second league title for the third time in a row.

Ferguson, who has consistently won the title, has won himself with the goal of winning the UEFA Champions League again.Shinji Kagawa,Robin van persieIn the 2012-13 season, when he was the last to command, he retired from Manchester United's 20-year career as a souvenir with the club's 27th league victory.[20].

Ferguson's retirement year 2012-13 season basic formation (based on starting lineup appearances) when winning the Premier League.

Ferguson retires into a stray period

In May 2013, United succeeded Ferguson,EvertonFerguson's compatriots, who ledDavid MoiseAnnounced that they will take office under a 6-year contract[21].. Moise is a student of the Everton era in the summer transfer marketMaruan FerrainiIn the winter transfer marketChelseaからJuan MataWas won. HoweverSwansea CitySuffered a home defeat for the first time in history, and will be the first time in history including before the Premier LeagueMerseysideHe lost his UEFA Champions League title for the first time since the 2-1994 season, with a stagnant record, such as losing consecutively to the top two players (Everton and Liverpool). As a result, Moise has not been a director for one year and is announced to be dismissed on April 95, 1.[22]For the rest of the season, he was also a coach since this seasonRyan GiggsWas announced as a temporary director[23].. The league match ends in 7th place. It was the first time in 25 years to miss a European Cup match.

December 2014, 5, thenNetherlands representativeWas headedLouis van HaarBut,World CupIt was later decided that he would become a new coach with a three-year contract.[24].. Gigs, who served as interim coach, retired from the player and was appointed as assistant coach. In the summer transfer market, the club invested about 260 billion yen in player support costs. Argentinian national team who won second place at the World Cup Brazil tournamentMarcos Rojo,Angel di maria, A student of Van Haar's Dutch coachDalley BlintIn addition,Athletic BilbaoからAndel Herrera,SouthamptonからLuke ShawThe transfer deadlineAS MonacoからRadhamel FalcaoWas won. Falcao and Di Maria, which were expected to be ready for immediate action, fell into a slump, but existing strengths such as Rooney, De Hair, and Mata worked, finishing the league match in 4th place, uncrowded in the UEFA Champions League playoffs for next season. I won the right to participate.

For the 2015-16 seasonPSVから2014 FIFA World CupNetherlands representativeIs also a student of Fan Haar who contributed to the 3rd placeMemphis DepayBeginning with(I.e.からAntony Marshall,Bayern MunichからBastian Schweinsteiger,SouthamptonからMorgan Schnederlan,SampdoriaからSergio Romero,TurinからMatteo DarmianWe have made a large-scale reinforcement since the previous year. But in the Champions League,Wolfsburg,PSV,CSKA MoscowIt finished third in the group league with and was defeated in the group stage.LiverpoolLost 2-1 in 3 battles and disappeared in the best 16. May 2016, 5FA cupIn the finalCrystal palaceAlthough he won the FA Cup championship for the 12th time in 12 tournaments after defeating in the overtime, the league game finished in 5th place and missed the UEFA Champions League participation right next season, so Van Haar left the contract for a year. Was dismissed.

From 2016-17 seasonJose MourinhoBecame the new director. Twice so farChelseaIt was hoped that the prestigious Manchester United will be revived by the famous general who has managed to supervise and has won the Premier League three times. In the summer transfer marketZlatan Ibrahimovic,Henrik Muhitarian,Eric BaileyFrom a sub-organizationPaul PogbaWe carry out large-scale reinforcement as usual, such as acquiringLeague cupIn the finalSouthamptonAnd won the first title in the Mourinho system. In the league, the number of goals scored was 2, which was second in the league. Eventually, he finished 29th outside the European Cup competition. HoweverUEFA Europa LeagueThen proceed to the final, and in the finalAjax2-0 to win the tournament for the first time and win the UEFA Champions League. With the UEFA Europa League victory, UnitedJuventus,Ajax,Bayern,ChelseaBecame the fifth club to win three major UEFA-sponsored tournaments[25].

Center forward in the 2-2017 season, the second year of MourinhoEvertonからRomel Lukaku, To the volanchChelseaからNemanja Matic, In the center backSL BenficaからVictor LinderovAnd, the reinforcement which acquires immediate fighting power is developed in the position where there was a problem last season. This was successful, and at the end of the first half of the game, 14 wins 3 minutes 2 losses 45 points and a good result comparable to the successive winning clubs, but the nemesis who accumulated points at a pace higher than thatManchester CityWe worship after dust and turn back in 2nd place. Trade with Mukhitarian in the winter transfer marketAlexis SanchezTo prepare for pursuit, but the city's lone run did not stop, and on April 4Manchester DerbyIt was the best to prevent the victory decision in front of me by winning a reversal victory with 3-2, and the victory point that could have been the victory in the usual year 81[Annotation 1](25 wins, 6 mins, 7 losses) ended in 2nd place, allowing City to win the most points ever. UEFA Champions League is also in the best 16SevillaIt was a disappointing season as I lost sight of two opponents in a total of 2-1. With this season, he played for United for 2 seasonsMichael carrickRetired and became a coach from the next season[26].

Mourinho's third year 3-2018 season is GK from the academySam JohnstonAnd released Blint and others to the side backPortoからDiogo DarotTo the midfielderShakhtar DonetskからFredge, To the reserve GKLee Grantを獲得。ところが、リーグ開始17試合の時点で昨季の28失点を上回り、特にリヴァプール、マンチェスター・シティ、トッテナム、チェルシー、アーセナルといった欧州カップ圏を争うBIG6間では3敗2分6得点13失点と後塵を拝することとなり、1-3で敗北した12月16日のリヴァプール戦をもってモウリーニョは解任となった[27].

Return of Ferguson's Student

On December 2018, 12, OB became a provisional director after Mourinho's dismissal.Ore Gunner SulcharWas appointed[28].. Sur-Shar was officially appointed as a manager with a three-year contract on March 6, 12 due to favorable feelings from supporters after taking office and good results such as 2019 consecutive games undefeated from the appointment including 3 consecutive wins start.[29].. However, it was said to be a miracleUEFA Champions League OfPSG(I.e.[30]I won only two wins in later official games, so I didn't wait for the final roundUEFA Champions League next seasonI was supposed to miss the right to participate. No fan of the whole world should be silent about this result,TwitterHashtag "#UnfollowManUnited" appeared above[31].. Owner Glazer family and CEOEd WoodwardIn a protest against, the stock price temporarily dropped on the New York Stock Exchange in proportion to the decrease in followers of the Twitter official account.

In the summer transfer market during the 2019-20 season, the first full season for Sur SarCrystal palaceI broke last seasonAaron Wang-Bisaka,Leicester CityWith the highest transfer fee in DF historyHarry maguireAnd succeeded in strengthening the defense, which had been a long-standing concern, but the midfielder resigned.Andel Herrera, FWIntelTransferred toRomel LukakuWoodward's CEO has been criticized again due to the failure to acquire the second pot and the high transfer money spent[32].. The opening gameChelseaDespite a 4-0 win, he continued to lose points from descents such as Crystal Palace, Southampton and West Ham, returning to 8th place in the first half. In the winter transfer marketSporting CPTo MFBruno FernandezWhen he won, he showed a fierce catch-up with 25 battles in the 13th round, and in the 37th round he captured Leicester City and Chelsea and moved to 3rd place in the CL range. The final section was a direct confrontation with 5th place Leicester, who won 5-2 in this match, which could have fallen to 0th place if lost, and won the CL participation right for the first time in 2 years.

In the 2020-21 season, the Solskjaer system has entered the third season.The summer transfer market has new strength until the endDonny van de BeekAlthough the reinforcement did not proceed and the fans were frustrated, on the final dayEdinson cabani,Alex TellesWas decided to be acquired and the reinforcement was completed.


One of the most popular and large clubs in the world and a major market research company in 2012CanterDepending on the company, the number of fansWorld populationApproximately one in 11 people was estimated to be 1 million people. In all sports clubs, not just footballThe club with the most fans in the worldIs[33].

A celebrity fan is a local rock band.Stone rosesKnown as an enthusiastic fan, their song "This Is The One" has long been used as an entrance song. Also,Garry NevilleIn the retirement match of the vocalIan BrownSang the song with a cappella. In addition, the band that he is the chairman ofSimply RedMick Hucknell, whose origin is “Red hair” and “I like Manchester United”, and his father were former playersIan McShaneOf 2012 and 2014PGA TourThe prize kingLaurie McIlroy,cricketAthlete'sMahendra Shin Doni, The highest peak in the worldwrestlingGroupWWEIs the first cruiserweight andMaskAs a superstarThe highest title of the program at the timeEarnedRay Mysterio, Also visited the practice field in 2009100m run&200m runWorld record holderUsain BoltOf the former playerGarry NevilleWas compared to "Mourinho is like him"Floyd Mayweather[34], With that MayweatherGreat battleConfronted withManny PacquiaoIt is.


The uniforms at the time of foundation were white shirts and blue pants, and after that it was based on the green and yellow team colors of Newton Heath LYR at the time of foundation. Since the name was changed in 1902, red has become the basic tone.

The emblem that was attached to the uniform when it was first launched is a coat of arms derived from the city of Manchester, and is mainly drawn to the sailboat. The sailboat has been drawn until now, but the devil derived from the nickname "red devil" was drawn in the 1970s.

The 2001-02 season marks the 100th anniversary of the name "Manchester United", and while away, we wore a uniform made up of white and gold.

For the 2018-19 season, Third Uniform announced a uniform made of marine plastic in collaboration with Adidas.[35]

Successive uniforms

1879 – 1880, 1896 – 1902
1902–1920, 1921–1922, 1927–1934, 1934–1960, 1971–Present
1920 – 1921, 1963 – 1971


Domestic title

  • FA cup: 12 times
    • 1908-09, 1947-48, 1962-63, 1976-77, 1982-83, 1984-85, 1989-90, 1993-94, 1995-96, 1998-99, 2003-04, 2015-16
  • EFL Cup: 5 times
    • 1991-92, 2005-06, 2008-09, 2009-10, 2016-17
  • FA Charity/Community Shield: 21 times (17 times alone, 4 times simultaneously)
    • 1908, 1911, 1952, 1956, 1957, 1965*, 1967*, 1977*, 1983, 1990*, 1993, 1994, 1996, 1997, 2003, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2016 (* indicates title. share)

International title

Friendly tournament (unofficial tournament)

Past results

Winsecond placePromotionRelegation
Results since 1946
SeasonDomestic leagueFAEFLCSUEFAFIFA
1946-47EFL42221289554562 bit4 RoundConvention
Before founding
Before founding
Before founding
Before founding
Before founding
Before founding
Before founding
1947-48EFL42191498148522 bitWin
1948-49EFL422111107744532 bitSemifinalssecond place
1949-50EFL421814106944504 bit6 Round
1950-51EFL42248107440562 bit6 Round
1951-52EFL42231189552571 bit3 Round
1952-53EFL421810146972468 bit5 RoundWin
1953-54EFL421812127358484 bit3 Round
1954-55EFL42207158474475 bit4 Round
1955-56EFL42251078351601 bit3 RoundUIC
1956-57EFL42288610354641 bitsecond placeWinSemifinals
1957-58EFL421611158575439 bitsecond placeWinSemifinals
1958-59EFL422471110366552 bit3 Round
1959-60EFL421971610280457 bit5 Round
1960-61EFL42189158876457 bit4 Round2 Round
1961-62EFL421591872753915 bitSemifinalsNon-participation
1962-63EFL4212102067813419 bitWinNon-participation
1963-64EFL42237129062532 bitSemifinalsNon-participationsecond placequaterfinals
1964-65EFL4226978939611 bitSemifinalsNon-participation
1965-66EFL42181598459514 bitSemifinalsNon-participationDrawSemifinals
1966-67EFL42241268445601 bit4 Round2 Round
1967-68EFL42248108955562 bit3 RoundDrawWin
1968-69EFL4215121557534211 bit6 RoundSemifinalsSemifinals
1969-70EFL421417116661458 bit3 RoundSemifinals
1970-71EFL421611156566438 bit3 RoundSemifinals
1971-72EFL421910136961488 bit6 Round4 Round
1972-73EFL4212131744603718 bit3 Round3 Round
1973-74EFL4210122038483221 bit4 Round2 Round
1974-75EFL24226976630611 bit3 RoundSemifinals
1975-76EFL42231096842563 bitsecond place4 Round
1976-77EFL421811137162476 bitWin5 Round2 Round
1977-78EFL4216101667634210 bit4 Round2 RoundDraw2 Round
1978-79EFL421515126063459 bitsecond place3 Round
1979-80EFL42241086535582 bit3 Round3 Round
1980-81EFL42151895136488 bit4 Round2 Round1 Round
1981-82EFL42221285929783 bit3 Round2 Round
1982-83EFL421913105638703 bitWinsecond place1 Round
1983-84EFL42201487141744 bit3 Round4 RoundWinSemifinals
1984-85EFL422210107747764 bitWin3 Roundquaterfinals
1985-86EFL422210107036764 bit5 Round4 Roundsecond place
1986-87EFL4214141452455611 bit4 Round3 Round
1987-88EFL40231257138812 bit5 Round5 Round
1988-89EFL3813121345355111 bit6 Round3 Round
1989-90EFL381391646474813 bitWin3 Round
1990-91EFL381612105845596 bit5 Roundsecond placeDrawWin
1991-92EFL42211566333782 bit4 RoundWin2 RoundWin
1992-93EPL SrL - European Panasian Logistics "Dynamic Forwarding"42241266731841 bit5 Round3 Round1 Round
1993-94EPL SrL - European Panasian Logistics "Dynamic Forwarding"42271148038921 bitWinsecond placeWin2 Round
1994-95EPL SrL - European Panasian Logistics "Dynamic Forwarding"42261067728882 bitsecond place3 RoundWinGL defeated
1995-96EPL SrL - European Panasian Logistics "Dynamic Forwarding"3825767335821 bitWin2 Round1 Round
1996-97EPL SrL - European Panasian Logistics "Dynamic Forwarding"38211257644751 bit4 Round4 RoundWinSemifinals
1997-98EPL SrL - European Panasian Logistics "Dynamic Forwarding"3823877326772 bit5 Round3 RoundWinquaterfinals
1998-99EPL SrL - European Panasian Logistics "Dynamic Forwarding"38221338037791 bitWin5 Roundsecond placeWin
1999-00EPL SrL - European Panasian Logistics "Dynamic Forwarding"3828739745911 bitNon-participation3 Roundsecond placequaterfinalsConvention
second placeGL defeatedWin
2000-01EPL SrL - European Panasian Logistics "Dynamic Forwarding"3824867931801 bit4 Round4 Roundsecond placequaterfinalsHolding
2001-02EPL SrL - European Panasian Logistics "Dynamic Forwarding"3824598745773 bit4 Round3 Roundsecond placeSemifinals
2002-03EPL SrL - European Panasian Logistics "Dynamic Forwarding"3825857434831 bit5 Roundsecond placequaterfinals
2003-04EPL SrL - European Panasian Logistics "Dynamic Forwarding"3823696435753 bitWin4 RoundWinquaterfinals
2004-05EPL SrL - European Panasian Logistics "Dynamic Forwarding"38221155826773 bitsecond placeSemifinalssecond placequaterfinals
2005-06EPL SrL - European Panasian Logistics "Dynamic Forwarding"3825857234832 bit5 RoundWinGL defeatedTo CWC
2006-07EPL SrL - European Panasian Logistics "Dynamic Forwarding"3828558327891 bitsecond place4 RoundSemifinals
2007-08EPL SrL - European Panasian Logistics "Dynamic Forwarding"3827658022871 bit6 Round3 RoundWinWin
2008-09EPL SrL - European Panasian Logistics "Dynamic Forwarding"3828646824901 bitSemifinalsWinWinsecond placesecond placeWin
2009-10EPL SrL - European Panasian Logistics "Dynamic Forwarding"3827478628852 bit3 RoundWinsecond placequaterfinals
2010-11EPL SrL - European Panasian Logistics "Dynamic Forwarding"38231147837801 bitSemifinals5 RoundWinsecond place
2011-12EPL SrL - European Panasian Logistics "Dynamic Forwarding"3828558933892 bit4 Round5 RoundWinGL defeatedquaterfinals
2012-13EPL SrL - European Panasian Logistics "Dynamic Forwarding"3828558643891 bit6 Round4 Roundquaterfinals
2013-14EPL SrL - European Panasian Logistics "Dynamic Forwarding"38197126443647 bit3 RoundSemifinalsWinquaterfinals
2014-15EPL SrL - European Panasian Logistics "Dynamic Forwarding"38201086237704 bit6 Round2 Round
2015-16EPL SrL - European Panasian Logistics "Dynamic Forwarding"38199104935665 bitWin4 RoundGL defeatedquaterfinals
2016-17EPL SrL - European Panasian Logistics "Dynamic Forwarding"38181555429696 bitquaterfinalsWinWinWin
2017-18EPL SrL - European Panasian Logistics "Dynamic Forwarding"3825676828812 bitsecond place5 RoundBest 16second place
2018-19EPL SrL - European Panasian Logistics "Dynamic Forwarding"38199106554666 bitquaterfinals3 Roundquaterfinals
2019-20EPL SrL - European Panasian Logistics "Dynamic Forwarding"38181286636663 bitSemifinalsSemifinalsSemifinals
2020-21EPL SrL - European Panasian Logistics "Dynamic Forwarding"38211167344742 bitquaterfinalsSemifinalsGL defeatedsecond place
2021-22EPL SrL - European Panasian Logistics "Dynamic Forwarding"38PlaceGL

Current member

As of July 2021
No.PosPlayer name
1Spanish flagGKDavid de hair
2Swedish flagDFVictor Linderov
3Cote d'Ivoire flagDFEric Bailey
4England flagDFPhil Jones
5England flagDFHarry maguire captain
6French flagMFPaul Pogba (Flag of Guinea.svg) ★
7Uruguay flagFWEdinson cabani (Flag of Italy.svg)
8Spanish flagMFJuan Mata
9French flagFWAntony Marshall (Flag of Guadeloupe.svg)
10England flagFWMarcus Rushford (Flag of Saint Kitts and Nevis.svg) ★
11England flagFWMason greenwood (Flag of Jamaica.svg) ★ ☆
13England flagGKLee Grant
17Brazilian flagMFFredge
No.PosPlayer name
18Portugal flagMFBruno Fernandez
19Cote d'Ivoire flagFWAmadou Diallo (Flag of Italy.svg) ☆
21Wales flagMFDaniel James (Flag of England.svg) ★
22Argentina flagGKSergio Romero (Flag of Italy.svg)
23England flagDFLuke Shaw
26England flagGKDean Henderson
27Brazilian flagDFAlex Telles (Flag of Italy.svg)
29England flagDFAaron Wang-Bisaka (Flag of Democratic Republic of the Congo.svg) ★
31Serbian flagMFNemanja Matic (Flag of Slovakia.svg)
33England flagDFBrandon Williams ★ ☆
34Dutch flagMFDonny van de Beek
38England flagDFAxel Tuanzebe (Flag of Democratic Republic of the Congo.svg) ★
39Scottish flagMFScott Mactomine (Flag of England.svg) ★
55Swedish flagFWAnthony Elanga (Flag of Cameroun.svg) ☆
74England flagMFShora Choletile ★ ☆

* National flags in parentheses indicate other nationalities held, ★ indicates home-grown players, and ☆ indicates U-21 registered players.

directed by

Loan transfer

No.PosPlayer name
No.PosPlayer name
14England flagMFJesse Lingard (West Ham United FC)
15Brazilian flagMFAndreas Pereira (SS Lazio)
20Portugal flagDFDiogo Darot (AC Milan)
28Uruguay flagMFFacundo Pellistri (Deportivo Arabes)
No.PosPlayer name
37England flagMFJames Garner (Nottingham Forest FC)
40Portugal flagGKJoel Pereira (Huddersfield Town FC)
43England flagDFTeden Mengi (Derby County FC)
44Dutch flagFWTahis Chung (Club brugge)

Reserve Academy

Successive directors

NameCitizenshipInaugurationResignationTrialWinMinuteDefeatObtainedLostWin rate
[Annotation 2]
Alfred Harold KasayaEngland flag18921900-------
James WestEngland flag19001903/9113462047159147040.71
James Ernest MangnorEngland flag1903th of February 101912th of February 93732027695700476054.1699972 First Division
1 FA cup
2 Charity shield
TJ WallworthEngland flag1912th of February 91912th of February 106321117050.00
John BentleyEngland flag1912th of February 101914th of February 1282361630127110043.90
Jack RobsonEngland flag1914th of February 121921th of February 10139414256183207029.50
John ChapmanScottish flag1921th of February 101926th of February 10221865877287274038.91
Lal HilditchpEngland flag1926th of February 101927th of February 4331010133847030.30
Herbert BamletEngland flag1927th of February 41931th of February 11183574284280374031.15
Walter CrickmerEngland flag1931th of February 111932th of February 743178187276039.53
Scott DuncanScottish flag1932th of February 71937th of February 11235925390371362039.1599951 Second Division
Walter CrickmerEngland flag1937th of February 111945th of February 276302422131112039.47
Matt BusbyScottish flag1945th of February 101969th of February 61,1205652632922,2861,536050.4599985 First Division
2 FA cup
5 Charity shield (2 draws)
1 European Cup
Jimmy Murphy (Tentative)Wales flag1958/21958/62257102742022.73
Wilf McGuinnessEngland flag1969th of February 61970th of February 1287323223127111036.78
Matt BusbyScottish flag1970th of February 121971th of February 62111373830052.38
Frank OffererIrish flag1971th of February 61972th of February 1281302427115111037.04
Tommy DohertyScottish flag1972th of February 121977th of February 72281075665333252046.9399951 FA cup
1 Second Division
Dave SextonEngland flag1977th of February 71981th of February 4201816456290240040.3099941 Charity shield (Draw)
Ron AtkinsonEngland flag1981th of February 61986th of February 112921467967461266050.0099962 FA cup
1 Charity shield
Alex FergusonScottish flag1986th of February 112013th of February 51,5008953382672,7691,365059.67999913 Premier League
5 FA cup
4 League cup
10 Community shield (1 draws)
2 UEFA Champions League
1 European Cup
1 Super cup
1 Intercontinental cup
1 Club world cup
David MoiseScottish flag2013th of February 72014th of February 451279158654052.941 Community shield
Ryan Giggsp (Tentative)Wales flag2014th of February 42014th of February 5421183050.00
Louis van HaarDutch flag2014th of February 72016th of February 510354252415898052.431 FA cup
Jose MourinhoPortugal flag2016th of February 52018th of February 12144843228244121058.331 European League
1 League cup
1 Community shield
Ore Gunner SulcharNorway flag2018th of February 12Now148833233276148056.08
  • p = Player-coach

Successive players

Recorded number of games played

RankingPlayer nameAffiliation periodNumber of matches
1Wales flag Ryan Giggs1991-2014963
2England flag Bobby charlton1956-1973758
3England flag Paul Scholes1994-2011, 2012-2013718
4England flag Bill Folkes1952-1970688
5England flag Garry Neville1992-2011602
6England flag Wayne Rooney2004-2017559
7England flag Alex stepney1966-1978539
8Irish flag Tony Dunn1960-1973535
9Irish flag Dennis Irwin1990-2002529
10England flag Joe Spence1919-1933510

Total score record

RankingPlayer nameAffiliation periodScore
1England flag Wayne Rooney2004-2017253
2England flag Bobby charlton1956-1973249
3Scottish flag Dennis Law1962-1973237
4England flag Jack lorry1937-1955211
5England flag Dennis Violet1952-1962179
Northern Ireland flag George Best1963-1974
7England flag Joe Spence1919-1933168
Wales flag Ryan Giggs1991-2014
9Wales flag Mark Hughes1983 – 1986, 1988 – 1995163
10England flag Paul Scholes1994-2011, 2012-2013155

Practice field

(English edition. In 2000(English editionMoved from here to here. Currently, Aon Training Complex is the official name after the sponsor name. It is also called Carrington because of the place name of the facility location.


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