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⚾ | [Professional baseball / 7th notice starter] Nippon-Ham activity resumed starter, VerHagen Will it be the first victory of the season?


[Professional baseball / 7th notice starter] Nippon Ham activity resumed starter, VerHagen Will it be the first victory of the season?

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On the other hand, Rakuten aims for the fifth win with Hideaki Wakui standing on the starting mound with an ERA of 1.51 and no loss of four.

On the 7th, 10 games of 5 baseball teams will be played in professional baseball.Hanshin, the leader of the Central League, has been on the pitch for the first time in 3497 days ... → Continue reading


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Defense rate 1

Hideaki Wakui

Hideaki Wakui(Wakui Hideki,1986May 6 -) isChibaMatsudo-shiFromProfessional baseball player(pitcher). Right-handed and right-handed.Tohoku Rakuten Golden EaglesBelongs.

NPBThe only one in historyIn 3 teamsMost winsWinner.

Wife is a modelOshikiri Moe[2].


Before entering professional

Matsudo City Kanpudai Elementary SchoolTimessoft ball(Cold wind stand softballOUR TEAMBelong to), baseballMatsudo City XNUMXth Junior High SchoolIt started in the senior league (Matsudo senior) after going on to. afterwardsYokohama High SchoolGo on to.

From high school entranceDaisuke MatsuzakaIt was called Nisei. In the second year of high school75th Selected High School Baseball TournamentAce in 1st gradeYoshihisa NaruseParticipating with them. Naruse until the semifinalsRelayAs pitching. Although he started in the final,Guangling High SchoolI was caught by the batting line and was defeated 3-15.

High school second summerThe 85rd National High School Baseball Championship3rd round at the Kanagawa tournamentKohoku High SchoolServed as a starter instead of Naruse in the battle, but failed to rest on Naruse as it allowed the lead to an unseed high[3].. It is difficult to win by reversing 9 times. The team has advanced to the finals, with third-year ace Shingo Saemae and second-year studentsJunichi TazawaTo holdYokohama College of Commerce High SchoolHowever, Naruse who had hurt his shoulder dropped down at one time, and although he pitched as the second fastest, the goal was piled up and the batting line was not defeated and he lost the consecutive participation in the spring and summer.

In high school summer 3The 86rd National High School Baseball ChampionshipParticipate in. It attracted attention as one of the best pitchers in the tournament. Of the first roundHotoku Gakuen High SchoolIn the battle, he won 9 pitches with 2 goals. Even with a blowHiromi Katayamaから本塁打を打つなど、2安打を記録した[4].. Of the first roundOnishi High School outside KyotoIn the battle, it was entangled in extra time[5].. Of the first roundMeitoku GijukuVictory in a complete pitch despite losing 5 points in the match[6].. Quarter-finalKomadai TomakomaiIn the battle, the team suffered 7 runs (6 points) and the team lost 5-1.[7].

59th National Sports FestivalIn the finalTohoku High SchoolRecorded 14 strikeouts to the opponent and won a complete pitch[8].

2004 draftSeibu LionsWas nominated for the first round by himself.Uniform number The16.

Seibu period

2005Will start the first army. March 3Hokkaido Nippon-Ham FightersAlthough he played the first professional pitching in the battle,Shinji TakahashiFull baseHome runHe was KO and scored 2 times 1/3 with 7 goals. June 6,Sep-pa Exchange BattleFinal battle pairYakult SwallowsHe marked his first professional victory in the match, but the winning star is only this one.In the same year, he won the Farm Outstanding Player Award.

2006Of the high school graduate rookie who has become established in the starting rotationGinjiro SumiyaTogether with the battery in the teens, it became a hot topic among the media as a "teen battery".[9].. April 3Orix BuffaloesIn the battle, he became a winning pitcher in a combination with Sumiya, and again on April 4Tohoku Rakuten Golden EaglesAlso in the battle, with his battery with SumiyaClosedRecorded the victory. Victory with a teen battery1989,Yokohama Ocean Whales OfIshii TadanoriTanishige MotonobuIt has been 17 years since then. June’s 6st place in the leagueDefense rateFirst with 3 wins and 1 lossMonthly MVPAward. By director's recommendationAll star gamesFirst appearance. August 8 vs.Fukuoka Softbank HawksIn the match, he became the winning pitcher of the "2000th victory in the Pacific League official game since the establishment of Seibu Lions". Initially this was not noticed by the Seibu team public relations and news reporters,BBSFirst revealed by fan information posted onCulture Broadcast Lions Nighter OfMitsushiro NakagawaPublished on the official website[Source required].. I declined due to an injury off this yearKousuke FukudomeInstead ofUS-Japan baseballElected to. Showing good pitching while climbing 1 inning,Germain die"It was a great pitcher that could be used as a major," he commented.

2007Made a model change from a pitching ball centered at the time of his debut to a pitching ball that he hits and accumulated winning stars. In the 4th inning against SoftBank on April 3, 5 inning 12 is the 1th player in professional baseball history.StrikeoutAchieved. Eventually with 17 winsMost winsThe highest number in both leagues, 213 pitches and 199 hits.Complete pitchNumber 11 was second in the league. December'sBeijing OlympicsI participatedAsian qualifying final league OfJapan national team membersToWith DarvishWas selected as the youngest, and was in charge of starting the first match,フィリピンHe showed a good pitch with 6 hits and 1 hit. The coach to announce the starter of this matchSenichi HoshinoWhen he was called to the room, he thought that he was the news of the failure of the representative, and he said "I do not want to go" and hesitated.[10].. At the time of contract renewal during the off-season, the team decided to change the number to uniform number 18. The weight of the uniform number 18 that "I can't change it unless I get all the pitchers' titles" and "the three who put the number 16 after becoming Seibu (Masayuki Matsunuma-Tetsuya Shiozaki・Wakui only)" is cited as a reason for respecting the seniors with a uniform number of 16 who played a part of Seibu pitchers.[11].

2008For the first time on March 3 against OrixOpening pitcherServed as. At the beginning of the season, the team was victorious with a relatively good defensive rate of 1 point, but they were not blessed with victory, and they could not win from the opening game to the fourth game of Lotte on April 4th. Struck the final in this matchToru HosokawaSaid, "I hit it just for Wakui today," and worked hard on Wakui, who hadn't been able to win until then. He won the most wins in the previous year, but his skillful pitching was sometimes said to be "youthless", and he had to change the adjustment method from spring to increase the ball speed. The Although to achieve ball speed up until the summer was prospect, the effect appeared inPost seasonSince then, the performance has been somewhat weak since the middle stage. In AugustBeijing Olympic Baseball Japan National TeamWas elected toTaiwanBattleChugokuHe was named the starter of the battle and won two wins. South KoreaHe also pitched as a relay of the battle, and became the most inning pitcher among the Japanese national pitchers in this tournament. The scene in which Wakui made a relief pitching in the match against South Korea was planned to be pitched by Darvish as an intermediary in the initial order. Wakui made a shoulder once but was resting. The schedule was changed in a hurrybull-penLater, Wakui decided to go up to the mound with insufficient preparation, because the phone's phone was out of order and the command from the bench was not transmitted.Yutaka OnoRevealed[12]..After returning to Japan, the rate of four dead balls deteriorated from 2.45 in the previous year to 3.07, such as suffering from the difference between international balls and NPB balls. Despite 11 losses, the team won the league title with a double-digit victory for the third consecutive year.

Climax series first stageIn the first and fifth rounds, he threw a total of 1 times and scored 5 goal and 15 wins. In the 1th round, runners were not allowed until the 2th inning, and in the end, he became a pitcher with a three-hit, four-ball closed victory and became a MVP in the series. There was controversy about using Wakui, who was initially in a poor condition in the second half of the season, in the first race, but because he was "strong on the big stage"Hisanobu WatanabeMade a decision to pitch and met the expectations[13].Yomiuri GiantsWithJapan seriesThen, starting in the 1st and 5th rounds.In the first game, he threw 1 innings and kept 8 hit and 1 run to start the giant.Koji UeharaInvited the team to win.In the 5th round, Uehara was thrown with Uehara and dropped out with 3 goals in the 2rd inning, but Wakui was suddenly disturbed in the 6th inning and dropped 1 goals in the middle of this round, and the team lost. The best in Japan.However, when he pitched as a middle pitcher in the 7th round from the 4th to the 7rd, he succeeded in revenge in the 5th round with perfect 3 innings. In the 2th inning, the team reversed and achieved the best in Japan.Seibu is the starting lineup in this matchFumiya NishiguchiOther pitchers, including Wakui, did not give out a single runner.Asia seriesThen in the finalUnited LionsHe contributed to the victory by keeping the 6/2 inning six times in advance of the battle. This year also the season number from the baseball team18Was asked, and decided to change his uniform number after he had no worries. Until then, the number 16Kazuhisa IshiiWas inherited by. This was because there were rumors that Ishii would retire at the end of 2009 at that time, "I finally wanted Kazu to put 16", Shukan Hyundai[When?]Said in an interview.

2009Held in March before the opening2st World Baseball Classic (WBC) OfRepresentation from JapanWas elected. In the same competition, he pitched in three games and recorded an ERA of 3[14]..In the season, he will be the second opening pitcher for the second consecutive year in the opening game on April 4.The opening pitcher is on an American expeditionHisanobu WatanabeI received a phone call from him and was consulted. For this reason, he returned from WBC on the evening of March 3,Open battleIt was a hard schedule to make adjustments in advance. Continued stable pitching from the opening, and in July, 7 games, 4 wins and 4 losses, with an ERA of 0.Monthly MVPWas elected to.Efforts to increase ball speed from the previous yearSTRENGTH & CONDITIONING The pitching power increased and the number of strikeouts increased, and the image of the technician was changed to a straight-based pitching with a long stretch.However, it was a trump cardAlex GrummanLeft the joint in May due to left shoulder arthritis,RelayThe team became unstable and in the starting gameComplete pitchWill be forced to. In August,Takeya NakamuraHowever, due to an injury, the team's scoring power dropped, and from August to September he threw up to nine consecutive games for five consecutive games, but only two times were won, and two of them were tied, so a complete pitch was recorded. Was not done. The number of balls has become extremely large, and three games have thrown 8 balls or more, 9 balls per game, and 5 balls per inning. He threw 9 balls in a year, and was the leader of both leagues, following 2 in 2. Eventually, he won the most wins in two years with 160 wins and 3 losses, achieving double digit wins for the fourth consecutive year. In addition, the number of pitches was 1 teams with more than 132 innings per person, 1 for the best pitches in both leagues, and 16.8 for the closure in Thailand. With an ERA of 3555 and the number of strikeouts 2007 is the highest in both leagues, only one person in both leagues, satisfying all selection criteria,Sawamura PrizeWas awarded. Hometown offMatsudo-shiIt was announced that it will make a donation to the city according to the total number of victories it has won.

2010Will be the third pitcher for the third consecutive year. This matchChiba Lotte MarinesSeniors of Yokohama high school,Yoshihisa NaruseIt was a toss-up with and won.However, after that, unstable pitching continued, and during the practice the day before the match against Lotte on April 4, the hit ball of a friendly batter hit the back of the head directly and was inspected at the hospital.Still, after May, things got better andExchange battleNow give 4 wins. This year at SoftbankTakeshi WadaHe has won a total of 17 victories in exchange. May 5Yokohama Bay Stars戦では4打数3安打4打点の活躍を見せ、プロ入り後及びパ・リーグの投手として交流戦史上初の猛打賞を記録した[15].. After thatKazuhisa IshiiTakayuki KishiWas injured one after another, so he was forced to throw the game on the premise that he would complete the game every game in order to preserve the middle pitcher.However, during the record heat of this summerDehydrationThere were many cases in which he was exhausted by raising his leg and dropping off the board, and even if he threw well halfway, he was suddenly hit in the latter half of the game and lost a lot of points.Even so, he won 14 seasons due to his success in the first half of the game.Contract renewal was difficult during the off-season.Both Wakui and the team are on January 2011, 1.Japanese professional baseball organizationToAnnual salary mediationApplied for[16]。球団提示額は現状維持の2億2,000万円、涌井の希望額は5,000万円増の2億7,000万円であり、2011年1月28日に出された調停結果は2億5,300万円と概ね涌井の主張が認められる形となった[16].. In the mediation document, the team's claim to maintain the status quo was judged to be "irrational," and the performance as an ace, especially the good results in the first half, was evaluated.[16].

2011Will be the opening pitcher for the fourth time in a row for four years.With a good start to win against Nippon-Ham's Darvish, he was at the top of the league for a while with an ERA of 4 point until mid-June, but he suffered from elbow pain before the opening and registered in May. It will be erased. It was the first time that it was deleted except for the schedule after entering the rotation in the second year.Elbow pain that did not go away even after returning and foot pain caused by hitting the ball in the Giants game in June drastically broke the form, and the results dropped after July, and the double-digit victory that had continued for 4 years was cut off (6 wins 1). Loss).After the end of the season, on the right elbow at the time of erasure in MayFree cartilageIt was announced that theConservative therapyI chose to recover.

2012Served as the opening pitcher for the fifth time in five consecutive years, but suffered three consecutive losses from the opening and was deregistered on April 5. After that, I was holding downEnrique GonzalezDue to a problem with the[Note 1] He returned to Japan on May 5, and was pitched in the ninth inning, which was one point ahead in the match against Lotte (Seibu Dome) on the same day.[17]、5月13日の対日本ハム戦で1イニングを打者5人、1安打1四球ながら無失点に抑えてプロ入り初セーブを挙げた[18]..However, the weekly photo magazine "Weekly Photo Magazine" released on May 5thFriday], A female problem was discovered. A 24-year-old hostess also released a two-shot photo on the bed and confessed his physical relationship.The next day, he apologized, "I'm sorry for causing concern to all the fans," but on the 22nd, the team announced that Wakui's player registration would be canceled indefinitely due to his dignity.[19]..Managing Director Noriaki Iida explained the reason for the unusual demotion, saying, "I will ask you to take the time and place to think once. How should you behave as a professional baseball player?" On June 6th, the team announced the cancellation of the disposition with strict caution.Returned to the army on the 16nd of the same month.Since then, he has been active as a restraint until the end of the season, scoring 22 saves in 2nd place in the league.Off November 30th "Samurai Japan Match 2012 “Japan vs. Cuba”Was elected to Japan[20].. On June 123rd WBC OfRepresentation from Japan34 candidates were selected[21].

2013Elected to the 2rd WBC Japan National Team on February 20th before the opening[22]、2大会連続2度目の選出となった。しかし、WBC宮崎合宿中にも関わらず、2月20日に宮崎市内の繁華街で飲み歩いた末、女性をタクシーで“お持ち帰り”する様子が写真週刊誌に掲載された。前年に続く女性問題が明るみとなり、球団から厳重注意を受けた[23]..In the season, he returned to the starting lineup from the previous year's closer from the start, but lacked vividness, and he will repeat the middle of the season and the starting lineup.From the middle of the season onward, we will continue to concentrate on the middle of the previous year, and by the end of the season, we will hold back. He pitched 9 games in a row from the match against Rakuten on September 25,Kazuhisa InaoHe renewed his team record. From October 10st, saves have been recorded for 1 consecutive days,Climax seriesContributed to the advance[24].. In the 3rd round of the CS First Stage, he will be on the 1-point table with a 8-point behind,Katsuya Kakunakaにダメ押しとなる2点適時三塁打を打たれるなど一死も取れず降板した。結果的にチームはファーストステージで敗退し、これが西武での最後の登板となった。シーズンオフにDomestic FA rightsExercised.

Lotte era

XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayChiba Lotte MarinesAnnounced on December 12 that the team has signed a contract[25].. Joined on December 12th, the uniform number is the same as when Seibu joined16Was announced[26].. Director'sIto work(I was also the director of the Seibu era), "I had been appointed halfway in Seibu in the previous year, so I thought I could play it at Lotte and asked the team to acquire it," he revealed later.[27].

2014, April 4 vsSaitama Seibu Lions3rd round (Saitama Prefectural Omiya Park Baseball Field)に同年3度目となる先発登板で、7回2失点の好投をみせ、移籍後初勝利を挙げた。また、古巣である西武からのこの勝利で、史上13人目となるAll team victoryAchieved. Of the 2005 people who have achieved this record since the exchange game started in 10, the team that the affiliated team has achieved with the smallest two teams is,Kubo Yasutomo,Kazuhisa Ishii,Toshiya SugiuchiThe 4th person in history after. Wakui is the first time in history to have belonged to only one league.[28]..In the first half, there were a series of games that couldn't be won, and although there was a fall in the second army, it rebounded in the second half, and eventually lost to 8 wins and 12 losses, but for the first time in three years.Regular pitch timeReached

2015, Opening round (Fukuoka Softbank Hawks(Starting a battle) and become a winning pitcher with 6 goals[29].. From the first time, he was in a pinch again and again, but he closed down the key points such as hitting Seiichi Uchikawa twice. April 2Tohoku Rakuten Golden EaglesIt was the first time in two years in both battles, and the first complete pitch victory (2 run in 9 innings) after the transfer to Lotte, and a complete pitching without a dead ball was recorded.[30].. Wakui tends to have a relatively large number of balls, but the number of pitches in this game was only 105. In the Rakuten match on July 7, he won the 24th pro win in the season with a good run of 7 runs in the 2th inning. After that, we will continue to steadily win and win, and on August 100thOrix BuffaloesBattle (Hot Motto Field Kobe) Has scored a double-digit win for the first time in five years since 7 with a good run of two goals in seven times[31].. In the final round of the season, the October 10th Rakuten Eagles match, he voluntarily volunteered to pitch, throwing 6 pitches for 10 times and becoming a winning pitcher.Otani XiangpingSince 2009 during the Seibu era, he has won the third most victory in six years, the first time since he transferred to Lotte.[32].. Also of the team2015 Pacific League Climax SeriesContributed significantly to participation. He was assigned the starting pitcher in the 3rd round of the CS First Stage, threw 6/1 of the game 3 times and scored 1 goal, and became a winning pitcher with a hot pitch of 143 balls. For the first time, a difficult development that allowed Nippon Ham's No. 4 Sho Nakata to preempt. Even though he has reached a big pinch of immortal death, which is a deathless full base three times,Kensuke KondoThrowing,LairdStrike out,Kenji YanoWas suppressed to two.After that, he did not allow points and contributed to the team's advancement to the climax series final stage.The regular season results are 28 wins and 15 losses, starting in 9 games.Defense rate3.39,QSThe (quality start) rate was 75.0%.This year, he played against Softbank, which is the best in Japan, with 5 wins and 3 losses and an ERA of 2.60, showing his full potential as a Hawks killer.Also for myself, the third time in five yearsGolden Grab AwardAlso won.

2016Served as the opening pitcher for the seventh time for the second consecutive year.Hokkaido Nippon-Ham FightersPitched in battle, with 7 good goalsOtani XiangpingHe threw himself into the opener and gave the opening round a white star. In the pinch of the 1st table, the Nippon Ham's main gunSho NakataThere was power in the straight ball, such as overlooking at 146 km/h straight and finishing off with a strikeout. This victory resulted in a total of 5 wins and 2 losses in the opening round, the most number of active pitchers in the opening round. The early season was strong, with five wins by the end of April. June 4巨人In battleTomoyuki KannoAnd pitched 9 times in a row and won a complete pitch. He was defeated by the first goal in the second inning, but after that he failed to hit the giant batting line. July 1Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles戦でも、9回2失点で完投勝利を挙げた。2回に5連打を打たれるなど、9回までに11本の安打を打たれたものの、粘り強い投球を披露。ロッテ打線は相手エースのNorimotoI was troubled by the powerful pitching ofAlfredo DespineSuzuki Daichiのソロ本塁打2本で逆転。3-2で辛くも逃げ切った。この年は打線の援護があまりなく、5月には2試合連続完投負け (Saitama Seibu LionsHe recorded 9 runs in 2 battles and 9 run in 1 Softbank battles. After August, they ended with only one win, but finally reached a double-digit victory for two consecutive years (8 wins and 1 losses), improving their defensive rate to 2 (2th place in the league). The QS rate was 10%, slightly lower than the previous year, but exceeded 7% for the second consecutive year. In particular, the number of complete casts is 3.01 in the league,Golden Grab Awardも2年連続で獲得した。また、3・4月の月間MVPも獲得した。この涌井の活躍などもあり、チームは2年連続でクライマックスシリーズに進出した。涌井は、CSファーストステージ第1戦に先発登板した。ソフトバンク相手に7回を投げて、被安打6、失点2と好投。エースとしての役割を十分に果たした。しかし、後続の投手が打たれ、ロッテはその試合で敗れた。

2017Announces a contract extension for 1 years from this year (until the 25 season, an estimated annual salary of 3 million yen) on January 2019 immediately before camping in[33][Note 2].. At the time of extension of the contract, the person said, "I was told that I wanted to do it with Lotte for a long time, I also wanted to do it with Lotte myself," etc. No. There is no one who can rely on this. It is consistent that I want you to do it for a long time (at Lotte)."[33].. With the goal of "18 wins or more" that exceeds career high, we camp in in the situation expected as an ace class[34] However, although the rotation was protected, it ended with 5 wins and 11 losses. Subject to a major transfer on off November 11th[35]Exercised FA rights[36].

2018There were no teams to enter, and on January 1, he abandoned Major and announced that he would remain at Lotte.[37].. He pitched for 22 games, but lost 7 wins and 9 losses for the second consecutive year.

2019Volunteered for the team from18Changed to[38].. Won a Softball game against April 4th with a no-balls victory since July 16th, 2010[39]。5月8日の対西武戦で3勝目を挙げるが、本人の投球内容の不調に加え、味方打線の援護に恵まれない試合が続き、以降は1勝もできずにシーズンを終えた[40].. After moving to Lotte, he was unable to reach the prescribed pitch for the first time, losing 3 wins and 7 losses for the third consecutive year.

Rakuten era

By money trading on December 2019, 12Tohoku Rakuten Golden EaglesTransferred to[41].. Uniform number16Then, it was announced on December 12.

2020Also started rotation from the opening. From the beginning of the season, instead of hitting the previous year, it has been blessed with support for the batting lineup, pitching 6 games in June and July with 7 wins and 6 losses, ERA 5, strikeout rate 0 and good results[40][42], After 4 yearsMonthly MVPWas elected to[43].. Wakui is the first to win the award in the 3 league teams[44]。8月5日の対ソフトバンク戦では9回一死まで無安打無得点の快投を披露。Keizo KawashimaHit by the center frontNo hit no runは逃したが、その1安打のみで移籍後初の完封勝利を挙げ、自身初の開幕6連勝を記録した[45].. Until he became a defeated pitcher with 26 hits and 7 runs in the 3th inning against Lotte on the 2th of the same month.[46]Extending the winning streak from the opening to 8 this is 2013 in the teamMasahiro TanakaIt was the second feat since (24 consecutive wins)[47]..After this match, he kept the rotation throughout the year, although he lost some results, and finished the season with 1 wins and 11 losses and an ERA of 4.Chiga University,Hiiragi IshikawaAlong with, he won the title with the most wins since 2015. This is the first time in NPB history to win the most wins in three teams.[48].

2021He served as the opening pitcher for the 3th time against Nippon-Ham Fighters on March 26, and won in the 10th inning with 7 hits and no runs.Became the first winning pitcher in the opening game with three teams for the first time in history[49].. In March and April, he pitched in 3 games and scored 4 wins at the top of the team.[50].

Characteristics as a player

The pitching form isThree Quarter.. A well-balanced foam with good ball retention and sharpnessFastballAn orthodox right arm that throws a variety of changing balls[51].. With strong legs and waist cultivated by abundant running amount, it can measure the ball speed exceeding 9 km/h even 140 timesstaminaEquipped with[52].Yuka Enatsu“Wakui would be one of the three fingers in the current Japanese ball world because of the well-balanced form. It seems that he is closer to the batter than the other pitchers. (Omitted) It's difficult to throw a ball for that long."[53].

straightThe fastest speed is 151km/h[54].. The average per game is about 1km/h[55].. The average ball speed when used as a closer in 2012 recorded 145 km/h[56].

Masayuki Matsunuma"The characteristic of the pitcher's form is that he throws all his power in a single point, that is, without loss, that is, by throwing it to the ball. Therefore, it looks faster to the batter than the actual ball speed."[57].

Was a pitcher coach in the Seibu eraTetsuya Shiozaki"When I start throwing normally from the first time, I throw it with a margin in the part of the strength of the power (Omitted). Instead, I can compete with all my strength at the place here." Are[58].

Change sphere is vertical and horizontalsliderAround 120km/hcurve, Slow curve around 100km/h,fork,Change up,shoot,Cut ballThrow[59], Shiozaki said, "It's difficult for the batter to squeeze because it can strike and win any ball," but it is also pointed out that "there is no ball that can be missed".[58].. In 2010, the batting average was .115 in the previous year.[59] Suffering from the fork not changing,Hisanobu WatanabeSaid, "Resurrection of the fork, which was the decisive ball until 2007, is a future issue."[60].. In addition, from 2020 when he transferred to Rakuten, he will be a pitcher coach.Shinichiro KoyamaNewly learned fromsinkerHave mastered[61], Is commonly known as "Koya Shin"[62][63].

Shiozaki cites one of the characteristics as being excellent in correction ability and arrangement ability during the game.[58].. Enatsu also said, "I read the condition of the day at an early stage and set a good condition on the axis of the pitch. It is so admiring that I can see it at my discretion or see Wakui who is using it at the point of the game. ”[53].

Good fielding[64]Often, the bunt hits the ball quickly and often kills a runner on the second base.[64].RestraintIn 2011, both leagues recorded the 5th checkout, which is the highest in both leagues.[65].. As of 2020,Golden Grab AwardHas been awarded four times.


2016年シーズン終了後、11月2日、モデルのOshikiri MoeAnnounced to marry[2].

Every year we create our own practice menuKoichi OsakoSaid, "Physically, his (Wakui)'s behind-the-scenes efforts are not odd". Especially, the amount of running was one of the leading in the ball field, the lower half of the body became bigger, and the knees of jeans I bought off were sitting and broke at the same time.Tetsuya ShiozakiAlso highly appreciates that "baseball efforts are serious and serious, they understand their position and have a positive effect on others."[58].

Hiromitsu OchiaiSaid Wakui's impression, "I stood on the mound with a poker face and threw it alone. Even if a strike was judged to be a ball, I did not show it in my face and kept it inside myself. Recently, I expressed emotions and feelings. I was a little happy that there were still such players among them."[66].. He says that he is not good at smiling not only during play but also during photo shoots, so he says it will be difficult to cover magazines.[67].. However, there is a very fragile side,Takashi IshiiThe retirement game ofShogo AkadaWas announced at the time of the trade announcement[68].

I love comics and games,Kazuyuki HoashiWhen"ONE PIECE会」を結成[69] However, I like "ONE PIECE"Mando Kobayashi""moviesONE PIECE FILM ZHe also appeared in "Commemorative Special Number" (December 2012, 12). Furthermore, during the Seibu era, the team was popularBomberman』は一番の腕前であった[70].. Even if you are not good at interviewing, you will smile when you finish[67].. From the intensity of the gap between the game and the usual,Culture Broadcast Lions Nighterでは「ピッチングは大人、言動は子供」と評され、潮崎からも「まだまだ、おこちゃまなところがある」と言われる。チームメイトは涌井を「不思議ちゃん」と評し[71], In the magazineTsundereWas also described as[67].

I don't care about being called "Ace" and I don't care about "(Ace is called). I don't think it's necessary to add a second or third place. All pitchers who went up to the mound will win. I think it's a strong team."[72].

I had an unbalanced diet when I was a child, but now I try to eat mainly vegetables. During the campPigeon sableIt was exposed from the sail foot that I was just eating[58].

Detailed information

Pitcher results by year


Every time











A person




2005Seibu13130001600. 14325355.162112304572045457.321.54
2006262681212800. 600734178.01611653081367179643.241.20
200728281113171000. 630877213.01991450381417071662.791.17
20082525501101100. 476738173.017316514812211080753.901.29
20092727114016600. 727863211.21621276291995057542.301.12
2010272762114800. 636828196.11912154491546085803.671.25
2011262651291200. 429744178.1184941081087071582.931.26
201255300015303. 16727163.06612212401027263.711.40
2013451110157713. 41739892.18942918795051403.901.28
2014Lotte262610081200. 400708164.21589631101167181774.211.34
2015282810115900. 625786188.21781157081176079713.391.25
2016262650110700. 588793188.21951548041181073633.011.29
2017252511051100. 313675158.01562053071156074703.991.32
201822221107900. 438629150.2155164342993065623.701.31
201918172113700. 300462104.0121142716873058524.501.42
2020Rakuten202011011400. 733529130.01101738131103053523.601.14
Total: 16 years4373505913131441323716. 522102882445.2236020672822104179880210499553.511.26
  • At the end of the 2020 season
  • Of each yearTaiziIs the best league

Pitcher (starter) results by year


Every time





200519Pacific League-------
2006203 bit5 bit5 bit6 bit4 bit6 bit-
2007212 bit4 bit1 bit6 bit1 bit6 bit8 bit
2008225 bit-7 bit-5 bit8 bit-
2009231 bit1 bit1 bit2 bit1 bit2 bit2 bit
2010244 bit3 bit3 bit7 bit4 bit6 bit10 bit
2011255 bit4 bit--5 bit--
2014286 bit---5 bit--
201529--1 bit3 bit2 bit10 bit8 bit
2016301 bit-5 bit-2 bit9 bit7 bit
201731-3 bit--8 bit--
20183210 bit4 bit5 bit3 bit8 bit10 bit7 bit
2019331 bit2 bit-----
2020344 bit1 bit1 bit2 bit3 bit4 bit4 bit
  • -Is less than 10th

Defensive results by year

Every time






200626103032. 930
200728123643. 923
200825134123. 964
200927123434. 939
201126104842. 935
20134552632. 912
2014Lotte26123121. 956
201528132711. 976
20162694413. 981
20182283013. 974
2020Rakuten2082111. 967
total4371384652531. 960


  • Most wins: 4 times (2007, 2009, 2015, 2020) * Pacific League tie record (othersKazuhisa Inao,Hideo Nomo). This is the first time in history that three teams (Seibu, Lotte, Rakuten) have won awards in three generations (3s, 3s, 2000s).



First record
Pitcher record
Hit record
Record of milestone
Other records
  • 1 inning 4 strikeouts: April 2007, 4 vs.Fukuoka Softbank Hawks1rd round (Goodwill dome), 6 timesYamazaki Katsumi-Honma Man(Run away)Ryoma Castle-Hitoshi TamuraFrom * 12th person in history (13th time)
  • Opening pitcher: 10 times (2008-2012, 2015-2018, 2021)
  • All strikeouts: April 2009, 4, 24th round against Chiba Lotte Marines (Seibu Dome) * 4th person in history (Achievement with each strikeout is the first in history)
  • 10 consecutive games pitched: September 2013, 9-October 25, * Seibu baseball team record
  • All team victory: April 2014, 4, 15rd round against Saitama Seibu Lions (Saitama Prefectural Omiya Park Baseball Field), 7 times 2 goal * 13th person in history
  • Most wins in 3 teams (2007, 2009 Seibu, 2015 Lotte, 2020 Rakuten) * First in the history of professional baseball
  • Number of wins in the opening round: 6 * 3rd place in NPB history Thailand[49]
  • 1 home runs in a match: May 6, 2017, 5th round of Nippon Ham Fighters against Hokkaido (Tokyo Dome) * Pacific League record[82]
  • All star gamesParticipation: 6 times (2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2015, 2016)
  • Opening 4 races 4 wins: 3 times (2007, 2016, 2020)[83] * First in the history of professional baseball
  • Starting pitcher in the opening game with 3 teams[49] * First in the history of professional baseball

Uniform number

  • 16 (2005-2008, 2014-2018, 2020 -)
  • 18 (2009-2013, 2019)

Appearance song

Representative history

Related information


TV program


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注 釈

  1. ^ In regular season official gamesReliefAlthough there is no pitching in, there was a relief pitching in the 2008th round of the Japanese series in 7.
  2. ^ Since he was expected to acquire the FA right for the second time in the off of this year, the possibility of the contract extension being established from the off of the previous year was noted.
  3. ^ His companion Ginjiro won the award for the season that started at the age of 21 in 1999 when he started at the age of 22.Kenji KijimaThe youngest record as a catcher.He started at the age of 22 and the average battery age of 21.5 also started at the age of 1995 in 19.Masashi HiraiAnd the opening at the age of 26Satoshi NakajimaThe youngest record surpassing the average age of 22.5 years old.


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