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🇯🇵 | Yokozuna Hakuho, closed for 6 consecutive places 6rd long term with 3 places a year

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Yokozuna Hakuho, closed for 6 consecutive places 6rd long term with 3 places a year

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The Yokotsuna Deliberation Committee, an advisory body of the Japan Sumo Association, resolved to Hakuho after the place in November last year, following the recommendation to retire.

Grand sumo wrestler Hakuho Hakuho (3) = real name Hakuho Sho, from Mongolia, Miyagino stable = who had surgery on his right knee in March, is the Japanese minister on the 36th. → Continue reading

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Yokozuna Deliberation Committee

Yokozuna Deliberation Committee(Yokozu Nagi Iinkai) isJapan Sumo AssociationAdvisory body.Abbreviation isSide referee(Yokoshin).


The Yokotsuna Deliberation Committee is established based on Article 52 of the Articles of Incorporation of the Japan Sumo Association.[1].

The reason for the installation was1950Three at the first placeYokozunaOn the wayClosedIs[2]..By the 3rd day at this placeHigashi Fuji,Terukuni,Mt. HagurosanThe three yokozuna are closed on the way, and in front ofMaedayamaThe criticism of yokozuna became intense due to the retirement of[3]..During the place, the association said, "Two places are closed consecutively,MovingIn the case ofOzekiHowever, if the crude overrun association was bad, it would be canceled due to public opposition.[4]..Therefore, in order to maintain the authority of yokozuna, the yokozuna licenseHouseIsYoshida Tsukasanot,SumoIt was decided that a yokozuna would be recommended by an expert with a deep knowledge of the world.In this way, the Yokotsuna Deliberation Committee was established on April 4, the same year as an advisory body to the Japan Sumo Association.[2][5]..The first chairmanGood anglerFormerly famous asPiaget-AristocratLegislatorSakai Tadamasa[2]..In the summer place immediately after the inauguration, Higashifuji won the championship, and the other two also won 11 or more, urging Yokozuna to inspire.[3].

Composition and operation

Based on Article 52, Paragraph 3 of the Articles of Incorporation of the Japan Sumo Association, the Board of Directors shall determine the necessary matters regarding the composition and operation of the committee.[1].


The committee is said to be composed of sensible people from all walks of life who love sumo most and have a deep understanding of sumo.[6], The committee is commissioned by the association from among enthusiasts and experts[7][5]..However, members of the association cannot be members.[8]..In the past, some members had a term of more than 20 years, but at the meeting on January 1997, 1, the members were decided to have one term of two years and a maximum of five terms of ten years.Since then, the commissioned members have retired in 27 years.The current number of members is 1 or less, the term is 2 term and 5 years, and the maximum is 10 terms and 10 years.[5]..The chairperson is elected by mutual election of the members[9][5]..The term of office of the chairperson is 1 term and 2 years, and the maximum is 2 terms and 4 years.[5].

Committee members are unpaid[5]..For viewing other than the rehearsal, purchase a ticket for each person.KokugikanNow that it ’s right behind the front referee,TV broadcastOften reflected in.Due to the recent revision of the system, it seems that it has been clarified that the re-election time of members regardless of the time of appointment is January of the year when the term of office is completed unless the member himself / herself retires due to personal reasons.

Regular meeting

It is said that the regular meeting of the side referee will be held after the announcement of each place numbering and before the Chiakiraku post-banzuke organization meeting.[10], Usually every placeChiakiWill be held the day after[5]..At the request of the association, the committee will report to the association's advice on yokozuna recommendation and other various matters related to yokozuna, or make recommendations based on its proposal.[11]..Members of the association can also attend the meeting and speak[12], Chairman and other officers will attend.

In the Showa period, it was not uncommon for the regular meeting to end in about 10 minutes unless there was a particular agenda, but during the time of Chairman Moriya, a 30-minute "preliminary meeting" was introduced prior to the regular meeting for the purpose of revitalizing discussions. Has been done.

Handling cases

The Yokozuna Deliberation Committee is responsible for reporting to the inquiries from the association and making recommendations based on the proposal of the association regarding the recommendation of yokozuna and other various matters related to yokozuna (Article 52 of the Articles of Incorporation of the Japan Sumo Association).[1].

Yokozuna recommendation

The biggest agenda at the regular meeting isYokozuna recommendationIt is in.NumberingHave jurisdiction over the formationRefereeHowever, if it is decided that a wrestler wants to be promoted to yokozuna, the president consults with the referee about the recommendation of the wrestler's yokozuna at the request of the director of the refereeing department.

1958(Showa 33) On January 1, the Yokozuna Deliberation Committee established and announced the internal rules for recommending yokozuna.[13]..The consulted referee will examine whether the wrestler is suitable for yokozuna in accordance with the internal rules.In response to the report from the side referee, the president convenes an extraordinary board of directors, and the board of directors resolves the promotion of yokozuna and formally decides whether or not to promote it.The rules of the side trial initially stated that "the board is not bound by the resolution of the side trial", but the current rule states that the board "respects the resolution" of the side trial.[14]..Since the board has never overturned the report of the side trial[15], The referee is believed to have the de facto final review of the promotion of yokozuna.

However, the referee has full authority over the promotion of yokozuna.DelegationIt is not done.If there is no consultation from the president (= the refereeing department has decided not to promote to yokozuna), the referee cannot report that the wrestler is "recommended to yokozuna".Therefore, the yokozuna promotion of wrestlers who are considered to have achieved results worthy of promotion to yokozuna may be criticized by the yokozuna, but it cannot be deliberated by the yokozuna unless the president consults.

Internal rules recommended by Yokozuna

The current internal rules are as follows.

  1. The wrestlers recommended for yokozunaCharacter, Excellent ability.
  2. As a general rule, we recommend wrestlers who have won two consecutive places in Ozeki.
  3. When recommending a wrestler who has achieved good results according to paragraph 2, a resolution of two-thirds or more of the attending committee members is required.
  4. The dignity will be deliberated based on the confirmation of the Japan Sumo Association.

"Dignity" will be judged based on the following internal rules.

  1. The dignity of the wrestlers recommended for yokozuna is judged based on the following items.
    • The spirit of devoting himself to sumo.
    • A sense of responsibility for the position.
    • A sense of responsibility for society.
    • Common sense lifestyle.
    • Other matters required as a yokozuna.
  2. The dignity will be confirmed based on the above criteria by observing the daily life of the wrestler and the testimony of the master.
  3. The association will consult the committee with the recommendation of yokozuna, along with the circumstances of the confirmation.

There is no standard before the internal regulation is set, and in fact1954(Showa 29) May won the place and was rejected while being consulted after the placeTochinishikiLike, because there were already four yokozuna at that time, "it is not an overwhelming result to make five yokozuna forcibly."[16]There is an example where the yokozuna could not be promoted due to the reason of ranking.

Operational status of internal regulations

The “resolution of more than two-thirds of the attending committee members” in paragraph 3 was “unanimous” at the beginning of the announcement of the bylaws.In addition, "similar good results" means "runner-up" in common sense, but immediately after the announcement of the bylaws, it was not decided what to mean.For this reason, the following confusion occurred at the beginning of the announcement.[13]Therefore, it was revised to the current internal regulations in the wake of the case of Asashio.

  • 1958(Showa 33) January After the placeWakanohana --A case immediately after the announcement of internal regulations.This place won the championship, and the previous place also won the runner-up.The winning percentage during the Ozeki era was high and the promotion seemed to be perfect, but one of the committee members (Seiichi Funabashi) Disputed the principle theory (winning two places in a row), so he took the form of "discretionary chairperson" and recommended it to Yokozuna.
  • 1959(Showa 34) January After the placeAsashio ――Winning 3 places before, 2nd place just before. As it was said that "there are strong morning tides and weak morning tides," the results were uneven, and there was disagreement within the association, so the president consulted in the form of depositing clogs to the side referee, but the side referee said, "I disagree. "Unanimously" in the form of "both theories" and deposited the clogs back to the president.In the end, the promotion of Yokozuna in the morning was approved.
  • 1961(Showa 36) January After the placeKashiwado - this placeTaihoLost in the victory deciding match with and tied for victory.There was some disagreement about the previous place and the place before the previous place, not even the second place, but "Daiho and Kashiwado have equal ability, and if Taiho is recommended by Yokozuna, Kashiwado who is equal to Taiho must also be recommended by Yokozuna." Kashiwado's yokozuna recommendation was decided by reasoning.
  • 1964(Showa 39) January After the placeTochinoumi ――Although I won the previous place, this place was not even a runner-up.This place was runner-upQing dynastyThere was no match against Yokozuna and Ozeki at the bottom of the flat curtain, and it was interpreted that "Tochinoumi is a substantial runner-up", and Yokozuna recommendation of Tochinoumi was decided.

There are three cases in which the president actually consulted the yokozuna recommendation after the internal regulation was decided, but the yokozuna recommendation was rejected by the side court and could not be promoted to the yokozuna.However, all three have been promoted to yokozuna after being consulted again due to their subsequent success.

  • 1968(Showa 43) January After the placeTamanoshima(The victory in May was judged to be "poor" and premature.)
  • 1969(Showa 44) January After the placeNorthern Fuji(Inferior in grades compared to the case of Tamanoshima)
  • 1994(6) After the September locationTakanohana(The place in July is not "a result equivalent to a victory")

After the announcement of the internal rules in 1958 (Showa 33)1987(62) Reported Yokozuna recommendation after SeptemberOhnokuniUntil then, he flexibly interpreted "similar good results" and did not necessarily stick to the principle of "winning two places in a row at Ozeki."Of the 2 people who were promoted to yokozuna during this time, Taiho and Kitanofuji actually won the championship in two consecutive places at Ozeki.KotosakuraThere are only 3 people.

But in December 1987Futaba blackCaused trouble,MakuuchiWithout winning inClosed businessAs a result, the Board of Appeal has taken an extremely cautious stance regarding the consultation of Yokozuna recommendation.63rd YokozunaAsahi FujiHas been shelved many times while continuing to achieve high levels of results compared to the previous yokozuna, and finally achieved the promotion of yokozuna by winning consecutive championships in May and July 1990. This is a precedent, and the 2th yokozuna since AsahifujiHima FujiUntil then, they have all been promoted with the results of winning two places in a row.During this time, in most cases, he was not even consulted unless he won the championship in a row.

2014(26) After the place in JulyCrane dragonWhen he was promoted to Yokozuna, he recommended a tie for victory → victory, and promotion other than consecutive victory for the first time in a long time.2017(29) After the September locationA rare villageIs recommended despite the fact that the championship runner-up with a two-star difference → the championship, which could have been rejected by a majority vote or sent off as an advisor, even if it is "a result equivalent to a two-place consecutive victory" , It seems that a new standard has been virtually established that one of them must win.

Other various projects related to yokozuna

In addition to the recommendation of yokozuna, the articles of incorporation of the Japan Sumo Association also handle various other cases related to yokozuna (Article 52, Paragraph 2 of the Articles of Incorporation of the Japan Sumo Association).[1].

According to Article 5 of the Yokozuna Recommendation by the Yokozuna Deliberation Committee Regulations, if a yokozuna falls under any of the following items, the yokozuna shall carefully investigate the actual situation of the yokozuna and by a resolution of two-thirds or more of the attending committee members. It is said to make "encouragement", "caution", "retirement recommendation", etc.[2][17]..However, this resolution is not binding.

  1. When there are many holidays.However, depending on the nature of the injury or illness, even when the patient is closed for a long time, he / she may be deliberated and allowed to recover and concentrate on treatment.
  2. When the body surface as a yokozuna is soiled.
  3. If you admit that you are very poor as a yokozuna and can't stand that much.

There are three cases in which resolutions were actually made based on this provision.

  • After the place in January 2010, resolved "Retirement Recommendation" to Asashoryu[17]
  • After the place in November 2018, resolved "encouragement" for the rare village[17]
  • After November 2020, resolved "Caution" for Hakuho and Tsururyu[18]

In addition, resolutions may be made that are not based on internal regulations.After Heisei, there are the following examples.

  • After the place in September 1999, he "recommended the closure" to Wakanohana (9rd generation).
  • After the place in July 2002, Takanohana was "recommended to participate in the next place".
  • Harumafuji, who retired in November 2017, resolved in December that it "corresponds to a retirement recommendation."

Other matters

Although it is out of the jurisdiction of matters other than yokozuna wrestlers, he often makes recommendations to associations and wrestlers from the standpoint of enthusiasts and experts. In 2009 at that timeNaruto MasterSawamura Tanosuke complains that Kisenosato Yutaka is banning training from his disciples.[19],Chiyo OumiYoshio Ishibashi and Uchidate made a retirement recommendation[20][21]doing.Also by wrestlersBaseball gambling problemCriticized the cancellation of the live broadcast of NHK in 2010 as a "misjudgment"[22]..In the baseball gambling issue, the referee was completely outside the mosquito net, and he was not asked to participate in or attend the reform committee, nor was he asked for his opinion.


There are many criticisms of the referees, and there are many opinions that reform is necessary.The main criticisms are as follows.

Selection of chairperson and committee members

The chairman and committee members include the president of a newspaper companyNHKChairman, etc.MediaThere are many inauguration of related parties.this isMatchfixIt is often criticized for its intention to contain criticisms of sumo wrestling, such as problems.

Disparity in the operation of recommended internal rules between Japanese and foreigners

For foreigners Ozeki, even if they can win the cup, they often make a rough search and pose an unreasonable challenge such as "winning at a higher level".Harumafuji2009(21) 5 wins and 14 loss in May, and moreoverWhite PengWas defeated in the championship deciding match, and on the 14th dayMorning blue dragonDespite winning the match, he made it an absolute requirement to win 7 or more wins and enhance the content of sumo at the place in July, which was denounced for the change in wrestling.In that July place, he couldn't live up to his expectations with 14 wins and 7 losses, and he was the third person in Ozeki history since the Showa era to win the promotion.2012(24) The result was three years behind the fall location.

KotooshuRegarding, despite winning the same 2008 wins and 5 loss as Harumafuji in May 14, he still criticized the results of the past two places and said, "Winning at a high level (at this time, the sumo content is low. I added that even if I win 1 wins, I will not promote Yokozuna) ”is a condition.[23]..In addition, Kotooshu was unable to fulfill the ropes with 7 wins and 9 losses in the next July location and 6 wins and 9 losses in both the September and November locations.

On the other hand, Japanese Ozeki has very different contents, such as "Even if you don't win the next place, there will be talk of promotion depending on the number of wins" (Emperor,Tochitoetc).Against this background, general fans question that Japanese people are given preferential treatment over foreigners.[24]Also exists.In addition, due to rising expectations for Japanese yokozuna, some committee members have stated that foreigners do not need yokozuna regardless of whether they are in office, in office, or after retirement, criticizing that it may discriminate against foreigners. Is also out.


On November 2020, 11, after the location, the Yokotsuna Deliberation Committee held a regular meeting at the Ryogoku Kokugikan.White PengCrane dragonResolved "Caution". Hironori Yano, the chairman of the committee, said to Hakuho and Tsururyu, who have closed eight of the 2018 locations since November 11, which is two-thirds of the total, "There are too many holidays. Deep and strong responsibility. I want you to take it and deal with it in the future, "he said." We do not force it, but we should not continue the place where Yokozuna does not participate for too long. "[25].

In response to this, the voice of "discrimination" was raised, and brain scientistsKenichiro MogiIn his blog, he wrote, "What's worse is that it can be taken as discrimination and prejudice against wrestlers from foreign countries. It makes that feeling stronger when compared. "[26].


Rehearsal overview

The rehearsal summit is an annual event organized by the side referee, gathering Sekitori people and watching the rehearsal.Tokyo·Ryogoku KokugikanDone inBook place(First / Summer / Autumn) Held before[5][27].

Previously all private (public to the press)Kasugano room(ChairmanKasuganoTime)Sumo schoolWhat was being done in the practice ring of2000From May place beforeGolden weekIs expected to be easy for many fans to participate in the near future, so it will be open to the public using the mainland of the Kokugikan. There was also a broadcast of the rehearsal overview by NHK.2010From now on, the general view of the September and January locations will be released in the same way.This is a rare opportunity for each wrestler to check the adjustment status of himself and other wrestlers just before this place.

2011January place before (1)May 12After the training session, a handshake event was held with the fans who visited the entrance hall of the building.In addition, visitors who win the lottery at the entrance will pass through the flower road, which is normally not accessible to general fans.GyojiIn front of the room, a service of presenting signed bills from Yokozuna and Ozeki and shaking hands was also implemented.

2011 Year of 5 MonthWorkmanship examination placePrevious(May 4) Has been open to the public even in an unstable situation, but there is also a decrease in the number of visitors.[28],2012May 7In September of the same year, the board of directors decided not to open the rehearsal sumo before the place to the public and to return to the practice at the sumo training school.Association Director of Public RelationsOctagon"The result of the discussion. We are thinking of a different form of fan service."[29][30]At this point, the next public opening was undecided, but the next2013Before the place in May (May 4) Was opened to the public again.After the training, a handshake event with popular wrestlers is also held.

Honbasho overview

The Honbasho Sumo will be held during the Honbasho (January, May, September) held at the Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo.[5]..The chairman of the Yokotsuna Deliberation Committee and each member watch the efforts in the Makuuchi from the square.[31].

Chairman and committee members

Successive chairpersons

generationFull nameTerm of office
First generationSakai TadamasaJanuary 1950-January 5
2 feeSeiichi FunabashiJanuary 1969-January 1
3 feeKojiro IshiiJanuary 1976-January 1
4 feeYoshitaka TakahashiJanuary 1981-January 10
5 feeHideo UedaJanuary 1990-January 11
6 feeMakoto WatanabeJanuary 1993-January 7
7 feeAsaichi SakamotoJanuary 1997-January 1
8 feeKazuo IchirikiJanuary 1999-January 3
9 feeTsuneo WatanabeJanuary 2001-January 1
10 feeYoshio IshibashiJanuary 2003-January 1
11 feeShoji EbisawaJanuary 2007-January 1
12 feeTakuhiko TsurutaJanuary 2009-January 1
13 feeHitoshi UchiyamaJanuary 2013-January 1
14 feeHideshige MoriyaJanuary 2015-January 1
15 feeKitamura MasatoJanuary 2017-January 1
16 feeHironori YanoFebruary 2019-

Work history of successive chairpersons

Work historyNumber of peopleFull name
Media9Mitsujiro Ishii (Asahi ShimbunMember of the House of Representatives), Watanabe Seiki (Asahi Shimbun), Tomokazu Sakamoto (NHK), Kazuo Ichiriki (Kawakita Shimpo), Tsuneo Watanabe (Yomiuri Shimbun),
Katsuji Ebisawa (NHK), Takuhiko Tsuruta (Nihon Keizai Shimbun), Hitoshi Uchiyama (Yomiuri Shimbun), Masato Kitamura (Mainichi Shimbun)
scholar3Yoshitaka Takahashi (German literary), Hideo Ueda (Medical doctor), Hideshige Moriya (medical scientist)
Novelist1Seiichi Funabashi
Other3Sakai Tadamasa (AristocratRepresentative), Yoshio Ishibashi (Member)Kyoritsu Women's Academy Director),Hironori Yano(Chairman)

Incumbent committee

As of January 2021, 5 people.

Full namePositionInauguration
Uichiro OshimaChunichi ShimbunThe president2020th of February 1[32]
Masahiko Takamuralawyer,Political activist(Full-time political party, former member of the House of Representatives of the Liberal Democratic Party)2013th of February 3
Ryoki SugitaPublic interest group corporation corporationJapan Economic Research CenterRepresentative Director2013th of February 3
Yasutake TangoJapanese tobacco industryPresident2019th of February 2[33]
Shunichi Tokura作曲家,Japan Music Copyright AssociationPresident2015th of February 3
Hironori YanoChairman of a Public Interest Incorporated Foundation2012/7
Masayuki YamauchiTokyo UniversityHonorary professor2015th of February 3

Past committee members

  • Alphabetical order
Full namePositionTerm of officeRemarks
Ryutaro AzumaIbaraki UniversityPresidentJanuary 1956-January 2Governor of TokyoResigned due to candidacy for election.
Shinosuke AbePolitical critic Former editor-in-chief of Mainichi ShimbunJanuary 1950-January 5
Yasaburo IkedaKeio University教授January 1977-January 7
Tsuruzo Ishii画家January 1950-January 5
Kojiro IshiiPolitician Minister of Transport, President of Asahi Broadcasting CorporationJanuary 1950-January 53rd chairperson
Yoshio IshibashiKyoritsu Girls' AcademyDirectorJanuary 2000-January 910rd chairperson
Kazuo IchirikiKawakita ShimpoChairman of the company1988-July 20018rd chairperson
Masataka IdeyuanJR West JapanPresidentJanuary 2005-January 3JR Fukuchiyama Line derailment accidentTo the decision of compulsory prosecution by
Resigned at the same time.
Osamu InabayuanJustice, Former member of the House of RepresentativesJanuary 1973-January 5
(Died during his tenure)
Futaba blackOpposed to the promotion of Yokozuna to the end
Hideo UedayuanTodaiFaculty of MedicineJanuary 1966-January 15rd chairperson
Makiko UchidateWriter,NovelistJanuary 2000-January 9FemaleOnly Yokozuna deliberation committee member experienced
Strictly deal with Asashoryu during his tenure
Hitoshi UchiyamaYomiuri Shimbun Group HeadquartersThe presidentJanuary 2005-January 513rd chairperson
Shoji EbisawayuanNHKPresidentJanuary 1999-January 511rd chairperson
Chunichi ShimbunChief Executive Officer and Chairman of the BoardJanuary 2007-January 3
Hirohiko OshimayuanChunichi ShimbunThe presidentJanuary 1997-January 3
Ministry of EducationWelfare Promotion Association ChairmanJanuary 1950-January 5
Okayasu SecuritiesTop adviserJanuary 2010-January 3[32]
Shiro Ozaki作家January 1950-January 5
(Died during his tenure)
LawyerJanuary 2013-January 3[34]
Miichiro KatoFormer President of Chunichi ShimbunJanuary 1988-January 3
Chikao KanoyuanSports Nippon ShimbunThe presidentJanuary 1976-January 1
(Died during his tenure)
Haruhiko KawasakiJapanese painter1990-2003
Kitamura MasatoMainichi ShimbunHonorary AdvisorJanuary 2009-January 115rd chairperson
Noboru KojimaWriter, war history researcherJanuary 1987-January 3During his tenure文藝 春秋Contributed "against foreign yokozuna"
Sakai TadamasayuanAgriculture Minister, OriginalMember of the House of LordsJanuary 1950-January 5First chairman
Asaichi SakamotoFormer NHK ChairmanFebruary 1982-7rd chairperson
XNUMXth generation Tanosuke SawamurakabukiActor,Human national treasureJanuary 2003-January 7
Shunichi SuzukiGovernor of TokyoJanuary 1986-January 6
Masaru SuzukiDay universityPresidentJanuary 1976-January 1
Yoshitaka TakahashiGerman literaryJanuary 1964-January 54rd chairperson
medical doctorJanuary 1958-January 5
(Died during his tenure)
Takashi TatsunoProfessor Emeritus of the University of TokyoJanuary 1950-January 5
Takuhiko TsurutayuanNihon Keizai ShimbunConsultantJanuary 2003-January 312rd chairperson
Mukyoku NaruseyuanKyoto UniversityDirector of LiteratureJanuary 1950-January 5
Chujiro NishinoProfessor, Keio University School of MedicineJanuary 1950-January 5
Shoichi NomaKodanshaThe presidentJanuary 1969-January 1
Giichi HiraiFormer member of the House of Representatives1989-2003
Toshio HiraokayuanMainichi ShimbunThe presidentJanuary 1980-January 1
Fukuchi ShigeoJapan Broadcasting CorporationPresidentJanuary 2009-January 3
Seiichi Funabashi作家January 1950-January 52rd chairperson
Toru Funamura作曲家January 2003-January 5
Professor Emeritus of Keio UniversityJanuary 1959-January 1
(Died during his tenure)
yuanJapan Federation of Bar AssociationsVice-presidentJanuary 2005-January 3
Yasushi MienoyuanBank of JapanPresidentJanuary 1991-January 1
Tokyo NewspaperMain brushJanuary 1964-January 5
(Died during his tenure)
Ryohei MiyataAgency for Cultural AffairsSecretary, formerTokyo University of the ArtsPresidentJanuary 2010-January 3[32]
Mitsuo MutaiYomiuri ShimbunThe presidentJanuary 1976-January 1
(Died during his tenure)
Hideshige MoriyaChiba UniversityDean of Graduate School of Medicine and PharmacyJanuary 2007-January 314rd chairperson
Former President of Mainichi NewspapersJanuary 1986-January 12
(Died during his tenure)
Yoji YamadaFilm director,WriterJanuary 2004-January 1
Makoto WatanabeyuanAsahi ShimbunThe presidentJanuary 1981-January 116rd chairperson
Tsuneo WatanabeYomiuri Shimbun Group HeadquartersPresidentJanuary 1991-January 19rd chairperson
WatanabeFormer President of Mainichi NewspapersJanuary 1988-January 5


  • Taketoshi Takanaga and Hiroshi Harada, "Rapid Sumo Showa History", Baseball Magazine, published on February 1990, 2


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