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⛳ | Hinako Shibuno, moving day mass production of birdies in the second half

Photo Hinako Shibuno to the final round in good shape (Photo: Wataru Murakami)

Hinako Shibuno mass-produces birdies in the second half of Moving Day "Connect the good points tomorrow"

If you write the contents roughly
In the last round before returning to the US mainland, I want to explode this time.

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Mainland usa

Mainland usa(America is very popular,English: Contiguous United States) IsThe United States of AmericaMain part of (Native) Is shown.CONUSAlso expressed as.


contiguous means "adjacent" and "continuously connected", that isカナダSeparated byア ラ ス カ 州as well as the The Pacific OceanSeparated byHawaiiWith 48 states excludingWashington DCRefers to and is most often used in this definition.

However, it is sometimes used to refer to 49 states excluding Hawaii and Washington DC, and this definition defines it.Continental United States(Continental United States) Is also expressed.

The reason why the former definition is often used is that Alaska and Hawaii have long been in addition to being geographically isolated.StateIt was not, and the tax collection classification was different due to it.

The word Lower 48 is also used in the Canadian media,National Geographic SocietyIs advised not to use.

Use of words in Hawaii and Alaska

In Hawaii and Alaska, we use different terms instead of CONUS.

  • In Hawaii, the term the Mainland or US Mainland is used.
  • In Alaska, lower 48 (48 states to the south) or OutsideUse the word (external).

Examples in federal law

1959The word CONUS is also used in Alaska's law.

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