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⚽ | [Tokai Student Soccer League Match 2nd Section 4] Aichi Toho wins by pushing Aichi Shukutoku away

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[Tokai Student Soccer League Match 2nd Section 4] Aichi Toho wins by pushing Aichi Shukutoku

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The final score was 3-0, and Aichi Toho won by defeating Aichi Shukutoku with a big difference of 3 points.

Tokai Student Soccer League Match 2nd Section 4 will be on Saturday, May 5th at Gifu Kyoritsu University G, Aichi Toho University (Men) vs Ai… → Continue reading


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Aichi Shukutoku Gakuen

Aichi Shukutoku Gakuen(Gakkou Hojin Aichishuku Tokugakuen)Junior high school-high school-UniversityhaveAichi OfSchool corporation..Known as "Shutoku".TokyoShutoku Gakuen, a school corporation headquartered inShukutoku SC Middle and High SchoolOperates)Daijo Shutoku Gakuen(Shutoku UniversityEtc.) is a separate corporation.


Originating from Aichi Shukutoku Girls' School, which was founded on April 1905, 38 (Meiji 4), the establishment of the foundation Shutoku Gakuen was approved in 15, and then the organizational change was approved by the school corporation Aichi Shukutoku Gakuen in March 1942. Until now. [1]

Background of establishment

The founder was Kiyosaku Kobayashi, the first principal, but his mother-in-law, Umeko Yoshimori, was very powerful in the founding.Umeko Yoshimori was in the first year of Man'en (1860). 京都 OfriceBusinessmenBorn inNishijin textile OfBrushWholesalerMarried to the Yoshimori family.Yae, the only daughter of Umeko, married Kiyosaku Kobayashi, who was the chief editor of the Kyoto Shimbun.

Umeko, who was enthusiastic about Buddhist missions, had a branch office of Yoshimori Shoten in Nagoya White Fence Town (currently) when the Russo-Japanese War ended.Nishi-wardHananogi)Chion-in OfButlerCome with meWhite wallLives in 3-chome and devotes himself to Buddhist missions.Through these activities, I was able to connect with the wealthy man Miwa Tsunechi in Chojamachi.

Umeko learned that the daughter of the Miwa family could not go on to school due to lack of school, so she called her son-in-law Kiyosaku Kobayashi from Kyoto and received financial support from Miwa to establish the school in a short period of time. April 1905, 38 (Meiji 4),Nishishin Town(CurrentlyHigashi WardEast cherry treeIn 1-chome), Aichi Shukutoku Girls' School was opened with Tsunechi Miwa as the principal, Kiyosaku Kobayashi as the principal, and Umeko Yoshimori as the secretary and superintendent.[1].

Building spirit

"Development of human resources who will be useful 10 or 20 years from now"


  • 1905April --Aichi Shukutoku Girls' School opened[2]
  • 1906May 5-Aichi Shukutoku High School for Girls Established (Foundation Anniversary)
  • 1928 -Aichi Shukutoku High School moved to Ikeshita
  • 1935September-School principal Kiyosaku Kobayashi dies
  • 1937July-School director Umeko Yoshimori dies
  • 1941December --Approved to establish Aichi Shukutoku Gakuen Foundation.Ryujiro Kobayashi appointed as the first deputy director
  • 1947April-Keiichiro Kobayashi appointed as chairman
  • 19474 month - School reformEstablished a new system, Aichi Shukutoku Junior High School
  • 1948April --New Aichi Shukutoku High School established
  • 1951March --Organizational change approval for Aichi Shukutoku Gakuen
  • 1955October-Ceremony held to commemorate the 10th anniversary of foundation
  • 1959March --Aichi Shukutoku Junior and Senior High School moved to Sakuragaoka, Chikusa-ku (Hoshigaoka)
  • 1959September-Keiichiro Kobayashi dies
  • 1959November-Inauguration of Chairman Motosaburo Kobayashi
  • 19614 month - Aichi Shukutoku Junior CollegeOpened (establishment of faculty of home economics)
  • 1962July --Purchased Hida-Osaka Rinkan Gakusha (renovated closed elementary school)
  • 1965October-Ceremony to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the school.Immediately after this, it was decided to aim for the establishment of a four-year university as a project to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the school's founding.[2]
  • 19754 month - Aichi Shukutoku UniversityOpened (Faculty of Letters, Department of Japanese Literature and Department of English Literature)
  • 1979June-Mozaburo Kobayashi appointed as school director
  • 1984March --Hida-Osaka Rinkan Gakusha burned down due to fire
  • 1985November-Ceremony held to commemorate the 11th anniversary of foundation (Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium)
  • 1988April --Completion of Hida-Osaka Rinkan Gakusha (Shuyukan)
  • 1989April-Aichi Shukutoku University Graduate School of Letters Master's Program established.Coeducation started only at graduate school
  • 1991April-Established doctoral program at Graduate School of Letters, Aichi Shukutoku University
  • 1991April-Motofumi Kobayashi appointed as chairman
  • 19924 month - Aichi Shukutoku University International student special course established
  • 19954 month - Aichi Shukutoku University Transition to coeducational system Established Faculty of Contemporary Sociology
  • 1995May-Celebration of the 5th anniversary of the founding and the 90th anniversary of the university
  • 20023 month - Aichi Shukutoku Junior College Abolished
  • 2005May-Gakuen 5th Anniversary Concert Held, 100th Anniversary TV Commercial Broadcast[3]
  • 2006March --Aichi Shukutoku Junior and Senior High School Hoshigaoka Campus Phase 3 construction (junior high and high school building) completed
  • 2006April-Aichi Shukutoku University Clinic opens
  • 2006April --Aichi Shukutoku Junior and Senior High School Started complete junior and senior high school integration.
  • 2007March --Aichi Shukutoku Junior and Senior High School Hoshigaoka Campus Phase 3 construction (ground, middle arena, office building) completed
  • 2009April --Aichi Shukutoku Junior and Senior High School Due to complete integration of junior and senior high schools, recruitment of high school students is suspended.

110th anniversary commemorative project of the school

The following projects were carried out to commemorate the 110th anniversary of the school.[4]

Installation school


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