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⚾ | Because you can always meet at the stadium, is it the ecology of a “mascot girl” who is “good” in any match?

Photo Yakult mascot Tsuburo Kuro [Photo: Yushi Arakawa]

If you go to the stadium, you will definitely meet, so in any match, the ecology of a "mascot girl" who is "good"?

If you write the contents roughly
What akina is looking forward to most is the all-star game.

The face of the baseball team, which is full of unique charm, and the girls who like baseball who go to the stadium to meet.In a nutshell, "... → Continue reading


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All star games

All star games(All-star Game) is a fan in advance mainly in sports etc.voteIt refers to a competition / race in which athletes are selected by.

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Ice hockey
Public competitionBig race andHeavy prizerace
Although it is not called an all-star game,Central horse racing OfArima Memorial,Takarazuka Memorial,Local horse racing OfTokyo Grand Prize,Boat racing OfSasakawa Prize RaceMay also be considered a kind of All-Star game.


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