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⚽ | Firmino finally becomes Crop's biggest "student"!More than double that of Shinji Kagawa


Firmino finally becomes Crop's biggest "student"!More than double that of Shinji Kagawa

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By the way, Shinji Kagawa played 109 games under Klopp, scoring 35 goals and 26 assists.

Director Jurgen Klopp, who has been leading Liverpool since October 2015.Joined the club early in the summer of the same year ... → Continue reading


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Shinji Kagawa

Shinji Kagawa(Shinji Kagawa,1989May 3 -) isHyogoKobe CityTarumi WardFromJapan OfProfessional soccer player.position TheMF[3],FW[4].Greek Super League-PAOK ThessalonikiBelongs. ExRepresentation from Japan.


Before entering professional

I started playing soccer when I was in kindergarten[6], Became a first grader in elementary school1995From local Marino FC[7] Belonged to[8][9]..After that, after working at the Higashimaiko Soccer Club, when he was in the fifth grade of elementary school, he was at the Kobe NK Soccer Club (currentlySenano Kobe[10] Belonged to[8][9]..He was selected as a member of the Kobe City selection in the 4th grade of elementary school.Kagawa5th gradeWhen it comes to, from the director of Kobe NKFC Miyagi Barcelona(MiyagiSendai city) Was recommended to study abroad in soccer[6][11][12][13].2001, Played soccer study abroad at the same time as entering junior high school.Sendai City Yaotome Junior High SchoolWhile attending, I belonged to FC Miyagi Barcelona's junior youth and worked hard to practice[8][14]..At this time,National training,U-15 Japan National TeamHas also been elected.

2004,Miyagi Prefecture Kurokawa High SchoolI went on to (civil engineering) and when I was in the first year of high schoolJapan Club Youth Soccer Championship (U-18) TournamentParticipated in[9][15].2005In September, when I was in the second year of high school, I was selected as a U-9 Tohoku representative by skipping.Sendai Cup International Youth Soccer Tournament To (U-18)VolanchParticipated as[16]Was selected as one of the MVPs.

Cerezo Osaka

2005,J League OfCerezo Osaka,FC TokyoReceived an offer from.Home of the former (OsakaHigashi Sumiyoshi Ward), But the local (HyogoKobe City) Was close to[17]May 12Signed a temporary contract with C Osaka[18]..New year2006Joined C-Osaka and had a business alliance with the clubWithers High School(Communication system).Players who joined the same period were promoted to the top team from C Osaka U-18.Youichiro Kakitani(CurrentNagoya Grampus) Is[19].

First year professional2006I was not given the opportunity to participate in the season, but due to the demotion of the teamJ2Welcomed in2007During the seasonLevy KurpiFound the ability by, and won the regular position.Participated in 35 league games, 5 goals and 9 assists[20]Was recorded.Also,カナダHeld atU-20 World CupHe was also selected as a skipper and participated in two games.In addition, in the member list submitted to FIFA at that timeDefenderWas registered as[21].

2008The season has been active as the mainstay of C-Osaka since the opening, and it is the generation to which it originally belongs.U-19 National TeamIn addition,Beijing OlympicsTo participate inU-23Was also elected as a skipper.35 goals and 16 assists in 10 league games[22]Was recorded.

2009From the seasonUniform numberTheHiroaki MorishimaChanged to "8" worn by.InuiMass production of goals in combination with teammates such as Martinez and Martinez[23].. J2 Section 15Mito Holy HookFirst in battle after professional registrationhat trickAchieved[24][25]After that, he continued to score points such as scoring four consecutive goals.The end of the season was mainly due to injuriesSuper subAlthough his participation as a player was conspicuous, he scored 27 points and 11 assists in the league match.[26]Recorded and shined as the J2 top scorer.Kagawa mass-produced 44 points with 27 games and 47 goals and Inui with 20 games and 47 goals, and the total score of the team reached 51 points in 100 games.Of the teamJ1It became a big driving force for promotion[27].

2010It was rumored that he would move to clubs in Japan and abroad before the start of the season, but he remained on the team at the start of the season. It was the last match as a member of C-OsakaMay 5 OfVISSEL KOBEDirectly for the first time in battleFree kickRecord the final points in[28]In the two and a half months of the league match, he achieved good results in 2 games and 11 goals.

Borussia Dortmund

2010May 7, Training compensation 35Euro(Approximately 4000 millionYen[29]Bundesliga1 partsBorussia DortmundTransferred to[30][31].2009Kagawa, who was invited to Dortmund's home game in December, was impressed by the loud cheers sent by more than 12 spectators and said that he wanted to join Dortmund at an early stage.[32].

When he joins, he carries the uniform number 23 and plays in the position below the top. 2010-11 seasonUEFA Europa Leagueplay offIn Round 1FK KarabuffKagawa who participated in the game scored two goals and recorded the first goal in the official game after transferring to Dortmund.[33]..Bundesliga Section 3VfL WolfsburgRecorded the first goal of the league match after transfer in the match, Section 4Schalke 04WithRevierderbyIn, scored 2 points according to the promise that "I will score 2 points and win 0-2"[34],Kickermagazine,BuiltObtained the highest evaluation score "1" on paper etc.[35].. In the UEFA Europa League, the team missed the final tournament, but Kagawa himself scored four goals in eight games of the tournament.Kagawa scored 8 goals in 4 games in the first half of the league this season (17st among the players registered as midfielders), and it is reported that he was as active as the best player on the Bundesliga official website.[36]Was selected as the best player in the offensive midfielder category of the first half of the league selected by Kicker magazine.[37].2011In 1 monthInternational Football FederationSelected as one of the "2011 young people expected in 13" announced by (FIFA)[38]. But,20111 of the monthAsian CupDortmund's first league victory in nine seasons could not be reached on the pitch due to his injury.Still, the final section of the Bundesliga on May 9thEintracht FrankfurtIn the 43rd minute of the second half of the war, he was greeted by the supporter "Kagawa Call" and returned to the actual battle for the first time in about four months.Although he remained in this one match in the second half of the season, he was named the Bundesliga's Best Eleven of the Year, selected by Kicker magazine after the season.[39].

With Schalke 2011, the first match of the 12-04 seasonDFL Super CupHe played full-time, but the team lost the penalty shootout and missed the title.Bundesliga Section 6Hannover 96He scored in the first league match after recovering from injury in the match. In October, the slump continued and he lost the opportunity to participate in two games in a row, but he gradually recovered and scored one goal and two assists in the match against Wolfsburg on November 10th.[40], Section 13Bayern MunichIn battleMario getzeAssisted the final point of[41]..On the other hand, it was his first appearanceUEFA Champions LeagueThen on November 11rd in the group leagueArsenalHe scored his first goal in the match, but the team lost at the bottom of the group league.After that, Section 2012 on January 1, 28HoffenheimOthers who scored 2 goals in the battle[42]In January, he scored 1 goals and 2 assist in 2 games including this one.This activity was evaluated and was selected as the best eleven of Europe monthly by Kicker magazine.[43]..After that, it remained strongESMSelected by (European Sports Magazines, European Sports Magazine Association) as the best eleven of the European Month for the third consecutive month since February[44][45][46][47][48]. Section 271. FC CologneIn the battle, 2 goals and 1 assist will put your league score record in the double digits.[49], Section 32, which won the league championshipBorussia MonchengladbachIn the match, he scored the final goal and contributed to the team's consecutive league titles.[50][51]..In addition, it took place on May 5th.Bayern MunichWithDFB PokalIn the final, Kagawa scored 1 goal and 1 assist, and the team won 5-2.This victory makes Dortmund the first country in club history2 crownsWas achieved and the 2011-12 season was closed.Built magazine, which highly evaluated Kagawa's success during this period, selected Kagawa as the best eleven of the year in the Bundesliga.[52],European Sports Media (ESM)Also named Kagawa as the best eleven of the year in Europe[53].

Manchester United

2012XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,England-Premier LeaguePrestigiousManchester United FCBoth clubs have announced that both Dortmund and Manchester United have agreed on a full transfer of Kagawa to.[54][55]..Kagawa passed the medical check on the 22nd of the same month and officially signed a contract with Manchester United.The contract period is 2012 years from July 7, 1[56], The uniform number was decided to be 26, which I wore even when I was enrolled in C Osaka.[57].. League opening match on August 2012, 8Everton FCWhen he made his debut in the Premier League in the match, Section 2Fulham FCHe scored his first Premier League goal in the match. October 10,Chapions League・ Group League Section 3 ・SC BragaHe left the line for two months after injuring his left knee in the match, but returned to the match against West Brom on December 2th.2013February 2th, Chapions League Final Tournament Round 13 1st Legreal MadridStarted in the battle.Contributed to the team's away goals.In this match, Kagawa became the fifth Japanese player to participate in the final tournament of the tournament.After that, he was not given the opportunity to participate in the 5nd leg, and the team was also eliminated. March 2Norwich City FCIn battle,Wayne RooneyAssisted by, the first player from Asia in the Premier League after his transfer to Europehat trickAchieved[58]..This season, Manchester United won the league title for the first time in two seasons, and Kagawa himself won the league title for the third consecutive season since the Dortmund era.

Manchester United in the 2013-14 seasonAlex FergusonBecame a director insteadDavid MoiseAlthough it shifted to a new system by Kagawa, Kagawa himself participated before the seasonConfederations CupDue to the influence of the above, joining the first team was delayed, and there was no opportunity to participate in four games in a row since the opening of the Premier League.He was sometimes used as a starting lineup in league games, cup games, and the Chapions League, but on December 4, he complained of respiratory distress and called an ambulance to his home to clean his stomach.[59]..The first half was selected as one of the eight "disappointing" members of the first half selected by a British reporter.[60]..In the latter half of the season, the chances of starting in the starting lineup increased, but in the end it was the first season since 2007, when he made his debut as a professional player, including the cup game, and ended up with no points in the official game.In addition, not only himself but also the team fell into a slump throughout the year, and the result was that he missed the right to participate in the Chapions League in the next season without being involved in the competition for victory at all.

Dortmund return

2014-15 season,Louis van Haar Manchester UnitedKagawa, who was appointed as the new coach of the coach, but only recorded one assist in the pre-season match, said, "I amAmericaI tried him in a defensive midfielder position on a pre-season expedition in Japan, but he didn't meet my wishes and philosophies. "[61], Even after the start of the league match, I fell into a situation where I could not get a chance to participate.Kagawa seeks a transfer from Manchester United.Just before the end of the full transfer period,2014The return to Borussia Dortmund was announced on August 8st.[62]..The contract period is 4 years.After returning, Dortmund will be assigned a uniform number of 7.[63], Bundesliga Section 3 which became a return battleSC FreiburgThen.Below the topHe started in the starting lineup and recorded his first goal after the transfer.However, after that, the team was not blessed with a victory in the league match, and at one point recorded the lowest position in the Bundesliga in the provisional ranking.[64][65], It became extremely sluggish as it was rumored that it would be demoted to the second division after the end of the season.[64][65]..Along with that, Kagawa himself fell into a situation where he couldn't hit a single shot, and he was removed from the starting lineup in the league match and was not given the opportunity to participate in several games in a row. Changes have also been taken up[66].Champions leagueIn the group league, he participated in 5 games and recorded 2 assists in total, but in the 1st round of the final tournament.Juventus FCIn both games, they were not given the opportunity to participate and the team was eliminated.It was the 2-2015 season that made a comeback.Changed the number from "16" to "7" which was originally attached.Dortmund becomes Klopp's successorThomas TuchelThe team tactics were changed from tactics centered on Gegen Press and short counters, which showed a deadlock in the previous season, to tactics focusing on ball possession.Along with that, Kagawa is also 4-3-3Inside halfThe opportunity to be appointed as Bundesliga Section 2FC Ingolstadt 04He scored his first goal in the match.AlsoUEFA Europa LeagueDortmund broke through the qualifying round of the tournament and decided to advance to the final tournament.[67].. In the Bundesliga Round 4 match against Werder Bremen on April 2, he achieved 28 Bundesliga appearances in total and scored points in that match.[68]..This season, 29 games, 9 goals and 9 assists were recorded, and the Bundesliga official website was selected as the best eleven conducted using Twitter, and ranked first in the top and bottom categories.[69]..The four front-line players (Muhitariyan, Obermeyan, Kagawa, and Royce) who were active this season were called Fantastic Four and were evaluated for their offensive power.[70][71].

European CL Section 2016 on November 11, 22Legia WarsawIn the first half of the battle, 17 minutes and 18 minutes 76 minutes, he scored goals in quick succession.UEFA Champions LeagueSet the fastest record of 1 goals in 2 game in history[72]..He scored 2 goals and 1 assist in this match and was selected as the UEFA official MOM, the best eleven of Section 5.[73].. September 2017, 4Hamburger SVIn the match, he scored his first goal in the 2016-17 season league match.[74].

July 2017, 7, extension of contract with Dortmund until 14[75]..In this seasonPeter bossBecame the director.Partly due to the injury inflicted on the national team, the pre-season matchUrawa RedsAlthough I couldn't get into the race, I was in time for the opening race. September 9, Section 20Hamburger SVHe scored his first goal of the season in the match. September 9, Section 30FC AugsburgScored with, and recorded the 38th Bundesliga total score, which is the highest score record for Japanese in the Bundesliga.[76]..Under the boss administration, the change was mainly on the way, but the boss was dismissed on December 12th,Peter StögerIncreased the chances of starting when he became a new director. Section 2018 of January 1, 19Hertha BerlinIn the battle, Bundesliga scored a memorial bullet on away goals totaling 2 goals[77]..However, he was injured in the 22nd round against Hamburger and was unable to stand on the pitch for two months.[78]..Final sectionHoffenheimReturned for the first time in about 3 months since participating in the battle.

2018-19 season is the new coachLucien FavreIt was out of the concept of, and the participation was treated as out of force with only 4 games[79].

Besiktas JK

August 2019, 1,Super Rig-Besiktas JKLoan transfer announced for half a year[79][80]..There were reports that there was a purchase option for the transfer, but Besiktas executive Juruk Mezgil and Besiktas official Safak Maamchaj Shogul have denied it.[81][82]..February 2rd, the debut match in ShintenchiAntalya SuporIn the match, he participated halfway from the 81st minute of the second half and scored his first goal 16 seconds later, and in the 84th minute he scored a second goal with a free-kick.[83][84][85][86]..In Besiktas, he finished with 3 goals and 548 assists in 4 minutes of the 2-month season.[87][88].

Real Zaragoza

August 2019, 8 (at that time),Real ZaragozaConcluded a two-year contract with.[89]..August 8, the same year, the opening roundCD TenerifeStarted in the war and made his Spanish debut[90].. March 8, Section 26SD PonferradinaScored the first goal after transfer in the battle[91].. In January, the condition was extremely poor, and after the match on January 1, the local newspaper "Sports Aragon" gave Kagawa a team-worst rating of 1 (14-point rating) and "played a terrible match. It was slow and lacking in explosive power. The last play before replacing Blanco is a symbol. Opponent GK Bages gave up the ball (due to a mistake), but the Japanese player dribbled slower than this. I did, "he pointed out sharply.[92] The team is in the 2019-20 season,2 clubFinished in 3rd place and missed automatic promotion.In addition, in the semi-finalsElche CFHe couldn't score a goal against his opponent and lost 1 minute and 1 loss. October 2020, 10 (スペインWith local time)Real ZaragozaCancellation of contract after mutual agreement withFree agentBecame[93]..In December of the same yearCerezo OsakaReceived a formal offer of full transfer fromJ LeagueI didn't decide to return[94].

PAOK Thessaloniki 

August 2021, 1,PAOK ThessalonikiIt was announced that the contract was signed for one and a half years.The uniform number is "1"[95]..Greek Football Cup (Greek Domestic Cup) Quarterfinal Lamia 2nd leg, first starting lineup after transfer & first assist after transfer.

Representative career

In 2008HeiseiFirst time as a born playerRepresentation from JapanElected to[96],same yearMay 5 OfGiraffe cupPair inコ ー ト ワ ワ ー ルIn battleInternational A MatchMade a debut[5].. same yearMay 10 OfGiraffe challenge cupPair ofUAEIn the match, he scored his first goal at the third youth in the history of the Japanese national team.20106 of the monthFIFA World Cup South Africa TournamentAlthough he was not elected as a registered member, he accompanied the team as a support member.

2011 year 1 month,Asian Cup Qatar TournamentSelected as a representative member ofShunsuke NakamuraWore a uniform number 10 that had been vacant since he retired as a representative[97]..Group stageSaudi ArabiaIn battleShinji OkazakiTo assist the score of[98], The host country of the quarterfinalsQatarIn the battle, he scored 1 points from the situation where both were leading 2 point.Masahiko InamiContributed to the advancement of the Japanese national team to the semi-finals by assisting the final points of[99]..But in the semifinals South KoreaWhen my right leg was injured in the battle and I was replaced on the way, the 5th rightMetatarsal bone(The base of the little finger of the right foot) It turned out that the fracture was seriously injured for 3 months, and in the finalAustraliaI was forced to leave the front line before the war[100]..Then it was held in August 2011Giraffe challenge cupHe returned to the national team in the 2011 match against South Korea and showed an activity of scoring two goals.

2012から2013It was done overBrazil World Cup Final QualifyingThen, he participated in 5 games and scored 2 goals, contributing to the Japan national team's participation in the World Cup. Held in mid-June 2013Confederations CupSo, of the Group League Round 2イタリアHe scored in the match, but the team lost 3-4.Eventually the team lost all three group league games.

XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayWorld Cup Brazil TournamentWas elected as a member of the Japan national team[101]..But leftSide halfIn the first match against Cote d'Ivoire, which started as a starting lineup, he did not hit a single shot and was replaced in the second half.Round 1GreeceThe game was out of the starting lineup and was thrown in the middle of the second half, but it ended in 0 shots again.Round 3 that returned to the starting lineupコロンビアThe game shot the most shots of the team but lacked accuracy, and the team also lost a lot and was eliminated from the group league.[102]..EnglishDaily mailPaperReuters CommunicationsElected as Worst Toilet of this tournament by[103][104][105]Was selected as one of the five players who "disappointed their own people" in this tournament by the soccer site "Squawka".[106][107].

Asian Cup 2015In all games, it was appointed in the inside half, and the group league round 3JordanIn the match, he scored for the first time in nine national team games.However, in the quarter-final / UAE match, he missed the deciding machine repeatedly, and in the penalty shootout, he became the sixth kicker but failed, and the team lost in the best eight.[108][109].

2018 year 6 month,2018 FIFA World CupHe was selected as a member of the Japanese national team for the Russian tournament, and became number 2 in two consecutive tournaments alongside Shunsuke Nakamura.[110]..Before the tournament, due to an injury, he played in Dortmund in the last 3 months and played only for 1 minutes. After showing the success of 16 goal and 1 assists such as assisting Takashi Inui's goal, which is Nishino Japan's first goal, he was promoted to starting lineup instead of Keisuke Honda.[111]..Group league first matchコロンビアIn the game, he contributed to the victory by scoring the first goal of the World Cup with a PK triggered from his own shot in the 6th minute of the first half, and was listed as the first section best eleven selected by the British BBC[112]..The score in the first half 6 minutes is the fastest score of the Japanese national team in the World Cup.[113]..Participated in two games in the group league and contributed to breaking through the GL.Round 2 of the final tournamentベルギーIn the match, Takashi Inui assisted in scoring, but the team lost and ended up in the 16th best.[114]..Inui and his teammates fought together as teammates during the Cerezo era, but until then they had rarely participated at the same time due to overlapping positions due to their usage.However, they coexisted well in this tournament, and both received high praise worldwide.[115][116].

Although he has been away from the national team for a while after the tournament, he will be convened for the first time in a long time at the Kirin Challenge Cup in March 2019.MoriichiIt was already established as No. 10 under the supervisionShoya NakajimaIt was noticed which one would give the number 10, but Kagawa wore the number 10 and Nakajima became the number 8.On the 26thボリビアIn the match, he was the first captain of the Japanese national team in the 97th international A match.[117].

Play style


It is a second top or inside half who has exceptional skill, agility, and high scoring ability due to the speed of judgment, and is devoted to assembling offense and defense with abundant momentum.Dribbling from small steps, shooting with a delicate touch, creative passes that make use of a wide field of view, and the ability to attack in general is very high[118], Mainly at the attacking third at the short counter, you can play while riding speed[119][120][121]..The play level of the small space deserves special mention.On the other hand, it is difficult to balance the power play in both offense and defense, which will be described later, with the physical, and it cannot be said that they are compatible.Abundant amount of exercise in offense and defense and highly evaluated[122][123][124]..Bundesliga recorded the longest average mileage (2011km) in the first half of the 12.36 season[125], 2018 Russia World Cup final tournament against Belgium also recorded the only 12km level (12.04) of both teams[126].

Offense ability

It excels in agility (static movement back and forth, weight shift left and right) and ball touch (traps and turns), which are the greatest advantages of Japanese people, and is also skillful in off-the-ball and space making.Above allVital area(The other partydefenseWith lineMidfieldBecause you can demonstrate the above technique while moving, even if you receive the ball with your back to the goal, you are physically excellent.DefenderIt is possible to face the front while avoiding competition with.Also, because he can handle the ball with both feet, he has the dexterity to play with multiple defenders as long as there is space even in a tight final third.[120][127][128].

Commander of the Dortmund eraJürgen CropToSecond topWas often appointed in Japan, but served as the Japan national team coach from 2010 to 2014.Alberto SackeroniFrom now on, it was mainly appointed in the left side half due to the balance with other players.After returning to Dortmund, he became a new directorThomas TuchelByInside halfWas appointed as.In addition, many directors who appointed Kagawa have stated that the position where he can maximize his potential is "the second top (shadow striker), not the bottom of the top".[129].

2012Former teammate during the Dortmund eraGermany national teamMFMario getze"I think Shinji is Europe's number one player as a second-top player. He's been playing so exciting that he'll sit up and down again and again," he said.[130], Also former Germany national team DFMats Hummels"Shinji is a world-class player. I feel devilishly scared of the speed and technique of keeping the ball. I'm glad I was on my side."[131][132].

Physical and defensive

Pull the defense from the front with abundant momentum[123]..On the other hand, toughness (骨 格Muscle strength) Is not his main battlefield[120][133],Power play,Middle shootBall power,TackleWould not have been evaluated in interpersonal defense with[134][135][136].アルゼンチンRepresentative FWLionel MessiCompared with, the difference in the ball power of the shoot is remarkable[134]..Kagawa himself has made that point an issue, and he was working on physical training during the Manchester United era.[137][138].headingIs not good at[139].

It would be terrible to ask only the degree of contribution in the extreme situation from its characteristics.[133][140]Jürgen CropOnce evaluated Kagawa's defensive strength, he was worried that Dortmund's defensive strength would decline when he moved from Borussia Dortmund to Manchester United.[141]..The defensive power he mentioned is not "defensive power in interpersonal battles" including "ability to win in competition at the ball", but Gegenpress (High pressing tacticsThe ability required of the front line player (first defender) to perform (a kind of), specifically the amount of exercise and interlocking that is indispensable for the forecheck on the front line.Therefore, Kagawa's evaluation of defensive power played a part in his tactics.[141].


Borussia Dortmund era

  • 2010May 11German soccer magazine released inKickerDecorated the cover of[142]. Also,2011May 4Also on the cover of the special issue of Kicker magazine released in[143]After that, I decorated the cover several times.
  • 2011(23) of JulyAFC Asian Cup 2011Kagawa who broke his right little toeMay 3During my stay for treatmentKanagawa横 浜 市While taking a taxiTohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake(Great East Japan Earthquake)[1].May 5, For the purpose of earthquake disaster reconstruction support sponsored by DortmundCharity match(Dortmund vs. Team Japan) was held, and Kagawa served as captain of Team Japan and scored a goal in PK.About 120 million euros (about 1 million yen) collected in this gameDonationDonated as[144].
  • Providing a team bus to DortmundMAN groupCM, teammates and former German national team goalkeeperOliver KahnAppearing with, Kagawa GK the ball connected by his teammatesWeidenfellerPlayed the role of scoring a winning shot for the goal that[145].
  • Germany national team MF who was a teammateIlkai GunduanKnown for being on good terms with.Shinji Kagawa because he lived in the neighborhooddriver licenceWhen I was suspended from my driver's license, I was sharing Gundoan's car.[146][147].
  • 2011Is a sponsor of Cerezo OsakaYanmarAppeared in a commercial for. Since it was out of order during the CM creation period, some animation images are used to create the CM.With this as a trigger, C OsakaNagai StadiumIntroduced "SHINJI seats" with 100 seats and 10 games[148].
  • Commissioned by "Miyagi Kizuna Ambassador" in October 2018[149].

Manchester United era


Affiliation club

Individual grade

Individual Gradebook
年度ク ラ ブUniform numberleagueLeague matchLeague cupOpen cupInternational competitionOthertotal
JapanLeague matchNabisco CupEmperor's cupAFC CL--Total period
2006C Osaka29J1000000---00
GermanyLeague match-DFB PokalUEFA CLUEFA ELOtherTotal period
2010-11Dortmund23Bundes Part 1188-20-62222812
EnglandLeague matchFL cupFA cupUEFA CLUEFA ELOtherTotal period
2012-13Manchester U26Premier206003030--266
GermanyLeague match-DFB PokalUEFA CLUEFA ELOtherTotal period
2014-15Dortmund7Bundes Part 1285-5150--386
トルコLeague matchTurkish cup-UEFA CLUEFA ELOtherTotal period
2018-19Besiktas23Super Rig144-----144
スペインLeague matchKing's Cup-UEFA CLUEFA ELOtherTotal period
GreeceLeague match-Erradas CupUEFA CLUEFA ELOtherTotal period
2020-21PAOK23Super League 1----
totalLeague totalLeague matchLeague cupOpen cupUEFA CLUEFA ELOtherLeague total
GermanyBundes Part 114841-2171741853220759
トルコSuper Rig144-----144
Other official games
  • 2011- DFL Super Cup 1 game 0 goal
  • 2013- FA Community Shield 1 game 0 goal
  • 2016-DFL Supercup 1 match 0 goals
  • 2020-Segunda Division Promotion Playoffs 2 games 0 goals
Other international official games

Other records in official games

Representative history

Participation meet

Number of matches

International A Match 97 games 31 points (2008-2019)[5]

Representation from JapanInternational A Match


#Date heldvenueOpponentVictoryMatch outline
1.2008th of February 10Japan,NiigataUnited Arab Emirates flag United Arab Emirates△ 1-1Giraffe challenge cup2008
2.2009th of February 2Japan,TokyoFinnish flag フィンランド○ 5-1Kirin Challenge Cup 2009
3.2010th of February 9Japan,YokohamaParaguay flag パラグアイ○ 1-0Kirin Challenge Cup 2010
4.2011th of February 1Qatar,DohaQatar flag Qatar○ 3-2AFC Asian Cup 2011
6.2011th of February 8Japan,SapporoRepublic of Korea flag South Korea○ 3-0Kirin Challenge Cup 2011
8.2011th of February 10Japan,OsakaTajikistan flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu○ 8-02014 FIFA World Cup Asia Round 3 Qualifying
10.2012th of February 5Japan,ShizuokaAzerbaijan flag アゼルバイジャン○ 2-0Kirin Challenge Cup 2012
11.2012th of February 6Japan,埼 玉Jordan flag Jordan○ 6-02014 FIFA World Cup Asia Round 4 Qualifying
12.2012th of February 10France,SandoniFrench flag France○ 1-0International friendly match
13.2013th of February 3Jordan,AmmanJordan flag Jordan● 1-22014 FIFA World Cup Asia Round 4 Qualifying
14.2013th of February 6Brazil,RecifeItalian flag イタリア● 3-4FIFA Confederations Cup 2013
15.2013th of February 8Japan,MiyagiUruguay flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu● 2-4Kirin Challenge Cup 2013
16.2013th of February 9Japan,YokohamaGhana flag ガーナ○ 3-1
17.2014th of February 3Japan TokyoNew Zealand flag New Zealand○ 4-2Kirin Challenge Cup 2014
18.2014th of February 6America,TampaCosta Rica flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu○ 3-1International friendly match
19.2014th of February 6Tampa, USAZambia flag Zambia○ 4-3
20.2015th of February 1Australia,MelbourneJordan flag Jordan○ 2-0AFC Asian Cup 2015
21.2015th of February 9Japan, SaitamaCambodia flag Cambodia○ 3-02018 FIFA World Cup Asia Round 2 Qualifying
22.2015th of February 9(I.e.,TehranAfghanistan flag アフガニスタン○ 6-0
24.2016th of February 3Japan, SaitamaSyrian flag (I.e.○ 5-0
26.2016th of February 6Japan,ToyotaBulgarian flag ブルガリア○ 7-2Giraffe cup football 2016
28.2017th of February 3Japan, SaitamaKingdom of Thailand flag Thailand○ 4-02018 FIFA World Cup Asia Round 3 Qualifying
29.2017th of February 10Yokohama, JapanHaiti flag ハイチ△ 3-3Kirin Challenge Cup 2017
30.2018th of February 6オーストリア,InnsbruckParaguay flag パラグアイ○ 4-2International friendly match
31.2018th of February 6ロシア,SaranskColombia flag コロンビア○ 2-12018 FIFA World Cup


ク ラ ブ

Borussia Dortmund
Manchester United FC

PAOK Thessaloniki

<br>• Greek Football Cup : 1 time (2021)



  • J2 top scorer: 1 time (2009
  • Bundesliga Best Eleven of the Year (Kicker Magazine Selection): 2 times (2010-11, 2011-12)
  • Bundesliga Best Eleven of the Year (Built Paper Selection): 2 times (2011-12, 2015-16)
  • ESMEurope's Best Eleven of the Year: Once (1-2011)
  • AFC Asian International Player of the Year Award: Once (1)
  • Bundesliga Best Eleven of the Year (Bundesliga Official Twitter Vote) 1 time (2015-2016)



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    • "To the next premium field" (2013)
  • ア デ ィ ダ ス --"We are all together" (2011)
  • adidas japan | Battle Movie "all in or nothing" (2014)
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    • "Can you do it? 』Hen (2011)
    • "Now is the time for Japanese power" (2011)
    • "Germany" (2011)
  • Procter & Gamble(P & G)- Gillette"Fusion Proglide Limited Gold Model" "The best in the hands of a man. 』Hen (2012)
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    • "2014 is the year of soccer. 』Hen (2014)
  • SKY PerfecTV!(2012)
  • Same as above, European soccer (13/14 season) "Letter", J League CM "Shinji Kagawa Talking about J" (2014)
  • Same as above, European Soccer On Demand (Application) (2014)
  • Kirin Beer
    • Kirin Company CM "Supporters"
    • Kirin Beer"Non-alcoholic chu-hi ZERO HI" (2012)
    • Kirin "Clear" (2014)
  • Softbank(Former SoftBank Mobile)
    • "Shirato family(2013) ... The son of "Uncle Shimane"Jiro ShiratoAppeared as "Shinji Kagawa (Him / Herself)", his nephew.
    • Shirato Family "Softbank Kick" (March 2014)
  • (2013)
  • Sports bull(2017)
    • "That person is also bullish, Kagawa" (2017)
  • MAN group -"Release Winning Shot on Team Bus" (2011)
  • (2011)
The United Kingdom

Image character


Mook book

  • Whether or not my heart trembles. (2021)



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