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⚾ | [MLB] Shohei Ohtani, “Feeling” infield hits on Mother's Day bat Commander hits pitchers “For PO fight ...”

Angels director Joe Maddon attends a photo conference (image is a screenshot)

[MLB] Shohei Ohtani, Mother's Day bat "quick foot" infield hits Commander hits pitchers "For PO fight ..."

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One death for the first time, reacting to a cut ball with a low internal angle of Bauer who won the Cy Young Award last season.

Maddon "I have to win a match like today" ■ Angels 2-1 Dodgers (10th Japan time ... → Continue reading


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Cut fast ball

Cut fast ball(British: Cut Fastball) IsbaseballInPitch typeXNUM X ones.JapanThen.Cut ball,Truth,The United States of AmericaThen.cutterOften called (English: Cutter).


Straight ballFrom the grip ofindex fingerA littleMiddle fingerSlide it to the side and hold itreleaseAt the time ofballThrow like cutting (cutting).Because it changes small and sharply at almost the same speed as a straight ballbatterIt is difficult to distinguish from a straight ball from the batter who went to swing thinking that it was a straight ballbatIt is often used for the purpose of removing it from the core and hitting it.In particular, it is said that it is effective to throw at the inside angle of the batter who enters the turn at bat on the opposite side of the thrower and clog the bat.There are types of changes such as bending sideways, falling diagonally, and falling vertically, and the fastball does not go straight and always makes such changes.pitcherThere is also.

As a typical userMariano Rivera,Andy Pettit,Roy Haradey,John Lester,Kenley JansenAnd so on.Mariano Rivera in particular is known as the best cutter user in history, and the type of ball isFour seamWith a very rare pitching style of only a cutterMLBOne of the bestCloserWas active as.Rivera's cutter is said to change about 90 cm at ball speeds above mid 153 mph (about 20 km / h or more).Empty swingIt was also possible to aim for.

The reason why Japanese players spread cut ballsKazuhiro TakedaIt is said that.FightersWas a teammate in the eraMatt WintersI learned about the existence of cut balls from TakedaDragonsAfter transferNobuno KawakamiLearned this and became one of the best cut bowlers in Japan[1]..Other than thatWith Darvish,Daisuke Matsuzaka,Daisuke Miura,Juntaro Fujinami,Hiroki Matsui,Yoshinobu YamamotoSince the 2000s, many players have started to use it in the Japanese baseball world.Hideki Matsui,Ito workAccording to the cut ball thrown by Japanese playerssliderMost of them are close to[2].


Pitchers who throw this type of ball have existed for a long time, but habit balls and pitchers,Moving fastballWas called.2000 eraAfter entering, the names of cutters etc. became widespread,2003ToCommentary powerful professional baseballIt was also adopted in baseball games such as.

Katsuya NomuraIt is,Mutsuo MinagawaSays he threw a cut ball for the first time in the Japanese professional baseball world[3].

Difference between Japan and the US

In Japan, it changes in the opposite direction of the dominant armsliderIt is recognized as a kind of ball that is in the middle of a straight ball, but it was originally named after the way of throwing a ball, and in the United States it is called a cutter regardless of the direction of change.In addition, a cut ball that changes in the direction of the dominant arm is rarely called a recut ball.



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