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⚾ | Catchers lined up with Babe Ruth with “0% batting average” are talked about in the US MLB official is also “eccentric season”

Photo White Sox Yasmani Grandal [Photo: Getty Images]

Catchers lined up with Babe Ruth with a batting average of 0% are a hot topic in the US MLB official is also a "eccentric season"

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Grandal became a free agent from Brewers in 2019, and at that time, he was a smashing catcher who transferred to the White Sox for the highest amount in the history of the team at 4 million dollars (about 7300 million yen), but he has participated in 79 games so far this season. The batting average is .2500, 22 home runs and 113 RBIs, and the slump continues.

W Sox Grandal recorded a total of 4 walks in 13 trials, the second White Sox Yasmani Grandal in the history of the American League ... → Continue reading


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Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans

"Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans(Kido Senshi Gundam Tetsutsu no Orphans, English title: MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS) IsJapan OfTelevision Animation. "Gundam seriesBelongs toRobot anime作品。分割4クールで、第1期が2015年10月から2016年3月、第2期が同年10月から2017年4月に放送された。キャッチコピーは「The food of life is on the battlefield.'[2].. Abbreviation in mass media is "Iron ol"[3].


"Mobile Suit Gundam(Hereinafter “1st”)Space centuryOne of the Gundam works set in a different world view from the work.

As a major theme of the story, Sunrise cites “New Generation Gundam as a story of boys with strong drama” and “Gundam that evolves in stages”.[4],GunplaIt is a Gundam work that can be enjoyed without prior knowledge, aiming to acquire new generation fan groups such as young people and Asia as well as conventional fans such as[5].

In addition to the official website, "CGS (CHRYSE GUARD SECURITY) Corporate Website" was open from the end of July 2015 to November 7, 11.[Annotation 1]In addition, from January 2016, 1Bandai visual"V-STORAGE online", an information site of "Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans: Iron-Blood Information Bureau," which details the settings, has been released.[6].


ス タ ッ フ[7][8][9]
OriginalHajime Yatate,Yuno Tomino
directed byRyuyuki Nagai
Series compositionMari Okada
Original character designYu Ito
Character DesignChiba Morality
Mechanic designNaohiro Washio,Ebikawa Kanetake
Ippei Katabe,Shinohara
Kenji Teraoka
Chief animatorArisawa Hiroshi
Art designNobuto Sue
Art directorKawamoto Ayu
Color designKikuchi Kazuko
CG directorYohei Miyahara
CinematographerHaruyo Goto, Yosuke Motoki
EditYukiko Nojiri
Sound directorHitoshi Akagawa
Music producerKeiichi Tonomura, Tomoko Yamada
executive producerShin Sasaki,Maruyama Hiroo
producerMasakazu Ogawa,Maeda Toshihiro
Planning cooperationBandai Hobby Division
Production cooperationSotsu,ADK


The plan is "Mobile Suit Gundam 00("00" below) movie "Movie version Mobile Suit Gundam 00 -A wakening of the Trailblazer-] After the release of SunriseMasakazu OgawaWas raised by the production of[10].. Since "00" was a work depicting the transformation of the world, this work is easy for people to watch anime in their teens to 10sYouth group dramaWas decided to produce as, and worked on many works for young peopleRyuyuki NagaiWas decided to welcome him as the director. At this stageEbikawa KanetakeAlthough a rough draft of the appearance weapon was drawn by,Mobile Suit Gundam AGEWill be the first to produce, and Nagai willWe still do not know the name of the flower we saw that day.] (Hereinafter "Anohana")[11].

After restarting the series, "Anohana" and "Anohana" were chosen because it was good for Nagai to have the same opinions and dislike each other.Tora-dora!, Etc. served as the main staff togetherMari Okada [11]The role of applying Nagai's ideas in setting the storyKamo ShidaichiWas appointed[12].

In terms of design, the original character of the cartoonistYu ItoIs participating. The reason for appointment is "Imperial guardianAnd 'StohelNagai received a strong image of the war[13], A demand for a muddy design different from "00"[11].. In mechanic design, a competition of more than a dozen mechanic designers is held,Naohiro WashioIn addition to designers who were involved in past Gundam works such as and Ebigawa,Special effectsWork in a workShinoharaIs participating for the first time[14][15].

In terms of sound and music,My heart wants to scream.』I have an acquaintance with NagaiHitoshi AkagawaYokoyamaHas been appointed. Yokoyama initiallyYoko KannoProduced by∀ GundamAnd 'Escaflowne in the sky”, but at the time of the meeting, considering the order of Nagai's “It's not a solemn orchestra like the Gundam series so far””Mariachi,Vulcan brassIs composed as an orchestra that incorporates elements of[8].


This work is based on Nagai's idea that the "Gundam series" features "war between big powers" and "the protagonist involved in battle" are not realistic for the staff and the target younger generation. By focusing on a group of children who have a fight in their lives, the story is set such that they take action, such as fighting, actively rather than passively to get out of the situation.[16][17].. At the composition stage, I was conscious of "1st"Road movieAndHiroshima conflictWas used as a motifpurgeWhile incorporating such elements, it is considered to make the essence of the story as orthodox as possible.[16][18].. In addition, ""Mobile Fighter G Gundam”It is okay to step in” or “The main character can be a girl” and there was also the influence of being presented with a high degree of freedom and a style not existing.[19], Nagai and Ogawa decided that the protagonists would eventually be defeated from the planning stage, and it was not a story that "(people) understand/do not understand" "(war) ends/does not end", but just before "I wanted to describe the "process" rather than the "result," Nagai later said.[20].

Also, since the post-recording started and in parallel with the real-time broadcasting, scripts and settings were created.[7][21]Although there was a suggestion by Okada, the ending and epilogue schedule was changed at the end of the second term, but Nagai himself had some twists and turns in the process until the ending, but the outline and results were planned from the beginning. Says that I was able to make something[22][23].

On the production side, it is noted that the values ​​in the play are drawn in parallel, and it is made so that simple poetic justice cannot be distinguished, such as drawing the ruthless side of both the main character side and the hostile side.[24][17].. In order to give reality in character depiction, it is conscious to depict not only the scene of the war but also the daily scenery of the characters.[17].. In addition, based on the setting that beam weapons do not appear in the mechanic's production, a new way to look different from the previous Gundam, such as "Blow away instead of slashing" "Peel armor and expose the frame" Has been[17].


From July 2015, 7, a countdown to the announcement will be held with the letters "NEXT G Coming Soon" and the silhouette of Gundam Barbatos.[25], Announced on July 7th that MBS and Sunrise will be broadcast from October[26].. At the special stage of "Chara Hobby 8 C22 x HOBBY" held on August 23nd and 2015rd, the main cast and theme song artists were announced along with the latest promotional video.[27].. A special talk event prior to broadcasting at the Kyoto International Manga Anime Fair on September 9th[28]However, on October 1nd, the day before the first episode was broadcastAkasaka BLITZ"Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans Episode 1 Eve Festival" was held[29].



Writer·EditorKazushi Iida's "1st"Robert A. Heinleinof"Space warrior』, and pointed out that this work is a throwback to Heinlein[30].

SF-Literary critic OfNaoya FujitaIt is,Boy soldier,PMCIt is said that "I have courage" about drawing naive subjects such as this, and the boy soldiers who have been featured in past Gundam worksterrorismIt states that it is an extension of the subject related to real problems such as. In addition, Fujita said that the main characters are not "acting because they oppose the war," but "moving in a pragmatic way to live" obscure future developments and give the work a thrill. Are[30].

website"OtaporuFrom the contents, this work is "chivalrous spiritWhat is called "Gundam"[31][32]Introducing the existence of viewers who felt uncomfortable with that and the fact that the final episode was controversial[31].

BPOIn "Viewer's Opinion (Youth Opinion)", there is an opinion that it is problematic about a part of the animation work that seems to be this work.[33][34].

Free writerKiyoshi TaneIs this workLow birthrate and aging population"Drama that reminds youth exploitation in society,"right,leftEven today's youth, who decides a political party to support by economic policy, can be understood.''[35].

Recording rate/viewing rate

Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) recorder appTornayIn the "Torne numbering" performed using the "Torune function" of "," the bulletin Torne numbering was ranked 1rd in 2015 and 3nd in 2016 in the first episode of the fall animation[36][37].. 2015rd place in the October-December 10 edition of the "Monthly Torne Numbered" animation[38][39][40]2016nd place between January-March 1 and October-January 3[41][42][43][44][45][46][47], 2017st place in February/March 2[48][49].

On the other hand, the audience rating struggled, and episode 18 recorded 1.3%, which is particularly low among programs broadcast in the same time frame in the past.[Annotation 2][50].


Regarding goods,Gunpla”Monopolized the top ranks on the mail-order site and showed good sales[50]. Also,BANDAI NAMCO GroupAt the 2015 financial results briefing, it was explained that Gunpla recorded the highest level of sales[51].. Simultaneous video distribution worldwide[52]It is mentioned that such measures have achieved results[53].

d anime storeIn the “2015 Fall Anime Ranking” conducted by, the company ranked No. 1 in the “Burning Anime in this term” category.[54], "D Anime Store User Selected Scene 2015", the final scene of the first episode "Iron and Blood" is selected[55].. News siteGadget communicationEvery yearNet buzzword award”, the tekkadan's empty ear “Tetsudodon” was awarded the 2015 Anime Buzzword Grand Prix Bronze Award (3rd place)[56], Olga Ituka's testament, "Don't stop..." won the 2017 Bronze Award for Anime Buzzwords (3rd place)[57].

Monthly new typeMachi ★ AsobiReceived 2015st place in the Mecha Design Award and 2016th place in the Studio Award at the New Type Anime Award 1-8[58].. In the next year's New Type Anime Award 2016-2017, it won the mechanical design award again.[59].

Monthly Animage39th hosted byAnime grand prixWon the 1st place in the work category[60].. In other divisions, many related characters, voice actors, and songs are ranked high.[60].

Nippon Anime 100Olga Ituka, who is the character of this work, has been selected as the second place in the audience vote "Your favorite anime character", which was planned in the special program "Akeome! Based on this result, the interview of Yoshimasa Hosoya who appeared in this work was broadcast. Many comments were sent to the tweet of the official iron-blooded Twitter that responded to the program regardless of whether it was pros or cons.[61].

NHK special program "Announcement: All Gundam Votes", Olga Ituka ranked first in the character ranking and third in the overall character ranking. Based on this result, the illustrations alongside Amro Rey and Char Aznable, who also won the official prize, were released.[62].. Director Ryuyuki Nagai commented in an interview, "I am happy that Olga became popular, it seems that it is a little toy on the net."[63].


The great war that originated in the runaway of unmanned mobile weapons Mobile Armor (MA),BattlePD (Post Disaster) 300 about 323 years after the end. The Earth is a hero of the Great WarAgnica Cayer7 family members who are comradesSeven StarsSecurity maintenance organization established byGallard hornUnder the oversight of the four economic zones. However, in a long period of peace, the Gullarhorn lost its original philosophy and rotted, and the aftermath spread to the people in the form of discrimination and poverty, and orphans who are in harsh labor due to life difficulties and trafficked.Human debrisIt was a factor to produce.

Issue 1

CGS (Episode 1-Episode 3)[64]
Protagonist boy soldierCrescent Moon / AugustPrivate security company to whichChryse Guard Security(CGS) is a girl who directs the Martian independence movement.Couderia, Aina, BernsteinAt the request of, take on her escort toward the earth. However, in preparation for that, CGS was attacked by the Gullarhorn who disliked the existence of Couderia,Malva ArcheAnd adults of the main force (first army) consist of juvenile soldiers to handle the situationParticipation programPress against and escape. In response to this crisis,Olga ItukaIs a mobile suit (MS) of the messenger era used as a power reactor for CGSGundam BarbatosEntrusted to the crescent moon and repels the Gullarhorn. After the battle, Olga was against CGS adults who acted outrageously with the consent of their friends.Coup d'etatExecute. The name of the organizationTekkadanAgain, continue the escort mission of Couderia.
Iron Blood Edition (Episode 4-Episode 6)[64]
The crescents who prepared their strength with Barbatos and the MS that caught them,IsaribiWe plan to send the couderia to the earth using the CGS assault armored ship that was renamed. I volunteered to join the group on the day of departureAtla MixtaThe Tekkadan with the addition ofTodo MirkonenAnd the betrayal of an intermediary,Coral Conrad,Ein DaltonWe received a surprise attack from the Mars branch of the Garalhorn. Audit BureauMcGillis FaridGaelio BoardwinAlthough it was a Tekkadan who entered the war and was in a predicament, he succeeded in passing through the cruel moon and the command of Olga.
Tayazu Hen (Episode 7-10)[64]
The Tekkadan, which has lost its role as a guide to the earth, is a large company in the Jupiter area that avoids even the Gullarhorn.TaiwasBut wants to be backed by Taywaz, which was immediately requested by Malva.TurbinesEncounter the attack. Olga is the turbines leaderNaze/TurbineAsked to hand over the property in the CGS era, but refused, and both sides rush into anti-ship and anti-MS battles. Initially, Naze, who despised the Tekkadan as a group of children, stopped the battle when he recognized that the Olga had pushed their battleship to the point of suppressing it and witnessed its justification. Representative of Tekkadan and TaiwasMcMurdo BallistonDecide to take on the interview. At the home of Taywaz, the Tekkadan is allowed to join and support Taywaz by McMurdo, and Olga exchanges his brother-in-law with Naze.
Brewers Edition (Episode 11-Episode 13)[64]
The Tekkadan, which aims at the earth under the leadership of Turbines, is a space pirate aiming for CouderiaBrewersBe attacked by. Of the Tekkadan that was under patrolAkihiro AltlandIt is,Kudal KadelCorresponds to the surprise attack of the Brewers MS Corps led by, but in the middle of one of the enemies of his brother who survivedMasahiro AltlandKnow that. After hearing from Akihiro about the existence of his younger brother, the crescents decided to cooperate with the recapture of Masahiro, and cooperated with Turbins to defeat the Brewers. When the battle with the Brewers lurking in the debris zone begins, Akihiro tries to persuade Masahiro, but Masahiro rejects Akihiro because of a minor misunderstanding. Of Kudal who immediately attackedGundam GusionKills Akihiro from the battle. After that, the group who succeeded in controlling the Brewers at the cost of many sacrifices managed a funeral for a dead friend, and Akihiro decided to ride on Gushion, who had shot down his brother.
Colony Edition (Episode 14-Episode 17)[64]
The Tekkadan that finally reached the earth sphere will be managed by a public company as part of Taiwa's workDort colonyCall at. Olga and others who have called at one of the colonies, "Dorto 2", find out that the luggage they have carried is a large amount of weapons, and that workers are planning an armed uprising against the company. On the other hand, I was in "Dort 3" with the crescent moon and the couderiaBiscuit GriffonIs my brotherSavaran CanureHowever, Savaran tries to avoid the armed uprising, and he is detained by the Garalhorn with Atra. Coudelia tries to rescue the biscuits, but a masked man suddenly appears and the mastermind of a series of riots is his supporter.Nobris GordonAnd that of the maidFumitan AdmosIs told that he is a Noburizu man. After the rescue of the biscuits, all colonies were protesting and anticipating the situationLunar Edge Orbit Integrated Fleet Arian RodSuppression close to the massacre by. After seeing Fumitan and the workers who protected himself and were killed, Couderia conveys the truth to people on earth through television broadcasting.
Earth Descent (Episode 18-21)[64]
Although the Tekkadan group succeeded in leaving the Dort colony by the action of the death of Couderia, it became unable to move because of the location of the Garalhorn. But there a masked manMontagAs McGillis, who secretly acts as, offered to assist, they decide to descend the earth. GaelioCarta IssueLeadOuter Earth Orbit Control Integrated FleetTries to prevent the Tekkadan from progressing in cooperation withEugene Seven StarkBroke through the defensive line in an operation with Isaribi as the motive force, and succeeded in descending to the earth. On the millennium island that flowed, Couderia wasMakie Togo NosukeHowever, Maunae, who had already resigned from Aublau's office and was in exile, announced that he would need to be elected again for negotiations. Olga decides to take Makie to a general conference in Edmonton, the central city of Abrau, and escapes the chasing Carta's troops to escape the island, but the biscuit that protects Olga dies.
Earth (Episode 22-25)[64]
Olga, who can not catch the death of the biscuit, temporarily blocks, but he regains himself after being scolded by the crescent moon and declares a thorough fight against the Gallalhorn. He destroys Carta, who is trying to inflict humiliation, and is in front of Edmonton, but receives a large number of victims after being intercepted by the Garalhorn. Olga ordered the final plunge operation as the Congress was approaching. The Crescent Moon regains the battle situation with the support of the MS Corps and Eugene who rushed from space, but there is Gaelio'sGundam Chimalist TrooperAnd Ein's mechanized bodyGrays EinIs blocked. The Tekkadan can be caught before the two who are trying to settle the cause on Mars,GrimgeldeEquilibrium is disrupted by the intervention of McGillis who participated in. Gaelio finds out that they are being used, but rages at him and approaches McGillis, but he is defeated. The crescent moon is overwhelmed by Ein, who burns vengeance, but he can barely beat Barbatos's ability to the limit and win. The couderia arrives at the parliament with Makie, and the representative election is concluded with Makie's victory.

Issue 2

After performing a great job and returning to Mars, Tekkadan will grow into a large corporation with a branch on Earth, with abundant funds from half metal interests. On the other hand, the Gallalhorn loses its social credibility, the number of illegal organizations such as pirates and the number of human debris used for them increase, and the world security deteriorates.

Episode 26-Episode 29
Two years after the fight in Edmonton,Admos ShokaiThe Tekkadan, who was asked to escort the half metal mining site inspection by the couderia who launched,Sandoval ReuterLed space pirateHorizon at dawnFrom the Taiwas headquartersGundam Barbatos LupusThe success of the retreat in the success of the crescent moon that received. After that, the Tekkadan was subordinate to McGillis who had a cooperative relationship.Ishido/KamicheAlong with the main fleet of the horizon, together with the command of Arian Rod, who is wary of McGillis.Raster ElionWas dispatched byIok KujangThe second fleet led by him intervenes. A female pilot who loves RustalJulieta JulisAlthough the war situation is confusing due to the participation of M.D., the battle ended when Mikazuki restrained Sandoval, and an activist group that had joined hands with the horizon.Terra LiberionisIs also destroyed by the crescents.
Earth Chapter (Episode 30-Episode 33)[65]
When the horizon group was subdued at dawn, there was a bomb terrorist attack aimed at Makie in Abrau, and it is said that the situation ordered terrorism.ORAnd develop into an armed conflict with the Abrau Defense Forces.Radice LilotCommunication with Mars headquarters blocked by betrayalTakaki UnoThe Tekkadan Earth Branch participates in battle without exception, but it is a blackout of terrorism and aims to destroy the authority of McGillis at the direction of RastarGaran MossaLoses many members due to the ploy of. The crescents who rushed to the earth and knew about the situation assaulted Galan and the others who were about to escape, and destroyed it, and Radice was purged by Takaki. A month after that, the conflict ends when both economies accept peace settlement.
Episode 34-Episode 38
The Tekkadan who withdrew from the earth after the conflict was presented by McGillisTransfer of Mars controlWe will proceed with further armament expansion in order to realize. Meanwhile, at the Tekkadan half metal mine, MAHashmalWas discovered, and the Tekkadan deal with it in cooperation with McGillis. However, Hashmal reacts to Iok's MS unit that has chased McGillis, restarts, and begins action to wipe out the citizens of Chryse. Tekkadan actual work first captainNorva ShinoDriveGundam FraurosAfter the death of the Tekkadan and McGillis who added, Hashmal is destroyed by the crescent moon that lifted Barbatos's limiter again, but the crescent moon loses the sense of the entire right half of the body in return.
Episode 39-Episode 42
One month after the battle with Hashmal, Taywa's No. 1 is hostile to Tekkadan and TurbinsJasley DonomicorusAlso incites Ioku, who also holds a grudge against the Tekkadan, and seeks the detection and destruction of the Turbines. Olga sends Akihiro and his friends to rescue Naze, but Nase is the first wife.Amida ArcaAt the same time, he launched a special attack on Ioku's ship and died in battle. The remaining Turbines members start a new life with consideration of McMurdo who was asked by Naze before his life, but Jasley is one of the members who were close to Tekkadan.Raffeta FranklandAssassinated and continue to provoke the Tekkadan. Eventually, Olga decided to make a full-scale dispute with Jasley by leaving Teiwas. The Jasley side also throws in a large unit to meet and fight, but of the newly reborn crescent moonGundam Barbatos Lupus RexIt is not an enemy of the vengeful members of the Tekkadan, but is unilaterally destroyed. After the battle, the Tekkadan joins the revolutionary army led by McGillis.
Episode 43-Episode 46
McGillis is the Earth Headquarters of the GullarhornVeen GorveMS that is supposed to have the soul of AgnicaGundam BaelPut in your hands. On the other hand, with Arian Rod,Gundam VidalThe pilot ofVidalGaelio, who was active as, reveals his identity and declares the subjugation of McGillis with Rastar. McGillis asks the Seven Stars owners who have restrained Bael's majesty to provide their forces, but they oppose the brute force. Will be forced to. Amid the revolutionary army's inferiority, Tekkadan fails to make a surprise attack on Rastar's seated ship at Fraulus, but Shino is killed.
Episode 47-Episode 50
The Tekkadan and the Revolutionary Army, which have lost more than half of their forces, retreat to the Mars branch and prepare for the pursuit of Arian Rod, but they are wanted as a criminal by Rastal's measures using public opinion, and are isolated and unsupported. Recognizing the defeat, Olga begs Rastal for the help of the members in exchange for her and McGillis's personality, but Rastar refuses to offer the sacrifice to restore the authority of the Garalhorn. Olga decides to flee to Abrau in response to the suggestion of Couderia as the MS unit of Arian Rod approaches the Tekkadan headquarters. Olga finds a way for everyone to survive with the help of Makie and the former Turbines members, but is killed by the shooting of a subordinate of Noblis who was watching Admos Shokai. The Tekkadan was upset by the leader's death, but Mikazuki advised his companions to move forward with the words of Olga in his life, and the Tekkadan tried to escape from the siege of Arian Rod. On the other hand, McGillis, who parted from the Tekkadan, attacks the alien rod main body aiming at the neck of Rastar alone, but Gaelio drivesGundam Chimaris VidalDied at the end of the battle with. Again on Mars, Crescent and Akihiro will serve as the troops to finish the escape, but suffer a serious death from direct sniper by Arian Rod's Dyne Slave from outside the atmosphere. Even so, the two who stand up to fight off kick out Arian Rod, and die after compromising Ioku.
McGillis Farid IncidentAfter a series of riots dubbed, the Gallarhorn was reorganized as a more democratic organization under the leadership of Rastar, with the Seven Stars weakening, and Mars represented Couderia.Mars UnionAs a shift to a full-scale municipal system. The surviving members of the Tekkadan began their own lives, and Akatsuki, who is also the orphan of the Crescent Moon, lived a peaceful life with Atlas and Couderia.

In-process settings/terms


PD (Post Disaster)
This work worldChronology.
Interplanetary war that broke out about 300 years before the main story[66].. MA's runaway, which is a product of machine civilization that went too far, was considered to be the beginning, and after the fierce battle with MS introduced by the human race side, it caused a catastrophic blow that civilization greatly retreated.[67].. MA was annihilated by the success of Agnica Cayer and later Seven Stars, and the war ended with the "Val Gorve Declaration" by PD Galalhorn in PD0001. The earth moves to a divisional rule by four economic zones[68].
Human debris
At a low priceHuman traffickingBe doneOrphanIs the collective term for all of us. The name comes from being sold for the price of scrap metal collected in space[69].. As long as there is a registration document, it will be treated as the property of individuals, companies and organizations. The number will increase with the advance of the Tekkadan, but after the McGillis Farid incident, the eradication movement will accelerate due to the conclusion of the "Human Debris Abolition Treaty" etc.[70].


CGS (Cruse Guard Security)
Located on the outskirts of ChrysePrivate security company.. The president is Malva Akay. Many of the main weapons are occupied by old-fashioned mobile workers (MW), and their strength is far below that of a regular army. Gundam Barbatos discovered by Malva was stored in the underground power room and was used as a power source for the facility.
Received escort missions from Couderia, Aina, Bernstein to the earth, but the raids of the Gallalhorn, which sensed this, caused a large number of casualties, and disappeared due to the confusion of participating programs due to this confusion[71].
Participation program
A non-regular unit that exists under the CGS working unit (XNUMXst army). The commander is Olga Ituka. Orphans and human debris that many of the members volunteered for their lives[Annotation 3]Are occupied by. Most members cannot read or write letters because they have no schooling experience, and because they are non-regular, their salaries and living conditions are poor. Adults of the first army were not only able to engage in dangerous tasks as disposable pieces, but were also constantly subjected to unfair discrimination and violence. Following the attack of the Garalhorn, the main members of the Olga and others decided to coup to one army and developed into a Tekkadan.[72].
An organization newly launched by a participating program that holds control of the CGS base. The company name was named by Olga with the meaning "Iron flower that never disperses."[73].
Immediately after the formation, Malva brought out most of the cash at the base, and the rest faced financial difficulties, such as retirement allowances for retirement candidates and compensation for damages received from the Garalhorn, but Couderia's sponsor Nobris Gordon Continue her escort mission in anticipation of her assistance[74].. Introducing Turbines that I encountered on the way, I joined the company of Taiwas and reached the earth sphere through the back channel of the Gullarhorn[75].. The remaining members of Mars will be engaged in the work of neighboring farms, which had been a task since the CGS era.[Annotation 4].. After the Earth descent, he undertakes the mission of escorting Masaki Togo Nosuke to Edmonton, and after completing the mission he becomes a military advisor to Abrau.
With this achievement and half metal interest on Mars as a souvenir, it became a formal direct organization of Taiwas and achieved rapid growth in a short period of time by expanding orders and joining new members.[77].. Olga's policy is to abolish the obligatory treatment of the Ayoraya Senju system, which was a bad law in the old CGS era, and to improve the soundness of operations such as conducting charity projects such as support for orphanages, but other armed due to remarkable growth You will be distracted by the power and other powers of Taiwas. Eventually, Turbines was destroyed by the scheme of Jasley Donomicors, and after the Jasley faction was wiped out, it left the umbrella of Teiwas, dissolved the tie-up with Admos Shokai, and fought with Arianrod together with the Galalhorn Revolutionary Army, but was defeated. Although he was wanted together with McGillis as a terrorist who caused a coup d'etat with information manipulation, he tried to escape to the earth, but Olga died in the attack of Noblis' subordinates, and most of the headquarters and MS owned were destroyed by the sweeping operation of Arian Rod. And then completely disappeared as an organization[78].. The surviving members modify personal information with the help of Makie and live as a different person in the family register.[70].
Nagai as an underlaying organizationShinsengumiHowever, in order to prevent viewers from understanding the ending and motifs of the story, he said that he did not disclose information outside during the main broadcast.[20].. Also, in the initial plan, almost all the riders were planned to survive and only a few members of the ride were scheduled to survive, and there was also a plan to die including Couderia, but Okada's ``viewer ``They should be saved because they are in a state of empathy.''[22][23].
Earth Branch
The base of the Tekkadan on Earth established in Edmonton. The person in charge is Chad Chadern. The station building used by the Tekkadan as a relay point was renovated and used in the match against Edmonton, and hangars have been added.[79].. Auditor Radice Lilot and mercenary Galan Mossa suffered great damage in the Abulau-SAU conflict and disbanded a month after the conflict ended.[80].
Gallard horn
Established by the consensus of the United Nations of the EarthSecurity maintenance organization[81].. In order to end the evil festival, it is predecessor to various organizations and organizations founded by faction human beings, with Agnica Kayel at the top[82].
It is composed of a control department equivalent to the military department, an auditing department of an internal investigation organization to which the elites from the Seven Stars belong, a general affairs department responsible for accounting and personnel affairs, a police department performing police work, and a base such as the Mars branch exists in various places Do[83].. In the post-war world, we are monopolizing related technologies such as MS and Ahab Reactor, which have become rare.Violence deviceCalled "[81].. The class name isSDFThe same phonetic symbols and notations are used as in the class abbreviations[Annotation 5].. Personnel basically consist of people from Earth, and discrimination among colonies and people from extrasphere is widespread among members.[85].
After the war, it played the role of a police organization that monitors the economic zone to avoid conflict, but in the era of this volume, internal corruption such as pursuing profits as an organization and interfering with politics proceeded, and it became sparse from each economic zone. Has been[86].. Moreover, the formalization of actual battles is progressing due to the continued absence of large-scale wars.[12].. Loss of social credibility after the emergence of adhesion with Aublau, leading to worsening of world security due to the spread of anti-social organizations[77].. The Farida family's owner, McGillis Farid, will be reorganized, but there will be a conflict with the Alien Rod fleet led by Rastar Elion, who guards McGillis. After the McGillis Farid Incident, the seven-stars abolition of the collegial system was reorganized by Rastar as a democratic organization.[78].
Seven Stars
The seven family gates that manage and run the Garalhorn, a family lineup of the main characters who ended the evil festival[87].. It is said that the seating order is determined by the number of "XNUMX Stars" awarded by the MA's shooting down, with the first seat being the Issue family, the Farid family, the Baudouin family, the Elion family, the Kujan family, and the Baclazan family. , The Falks make a name[88].. Following the McGillis Farid incident, the successors of the Issue, Kujan and Farid families were cut off and abolished with the democratization of the Garalhorn.[89].
Lunar Edge Orbit Integrated Fleet Arian Rod
Largest fleet of the Gullarhorn Control Bureau, which controls the Moon's outer orbit[90].. General commander is Rastar Elion[91].. The mission is to intercept enemy forces that invade the Earth's sphere, and during normal times, they monitor each colony.[90].. Composed of 9 fleets, with the skipjack class of Rastar sitting as the flagship, with half beak class alone having more than 40 ships[92]The new MS such as REGIN RAYS is also given priority.
Outer Earth Orbit Control Integrated Fleet
A defense fleet that controls the area around the earth's orbit. The commander is Carta Issue. It has the power to descend to the earth independently, and the morale and skill of the soldiers are kept high.[93].. However, since all the emergency measures were handled by Arian Rod, there was almost no actual battle experience, and since the main task was to participate in events such as aerobatics at the ceremony, it was criticized as "a decorated fleet" in the friendly army.[90].. Place the Pacific Defense Forces below the flag. After the death of Carta, McGillis Farid will be the commander and a large-scale organizational restructuring will be carried out[91].
Mars branch
A branch that has jurisdiction over Mars. The branch manager is Coral Conrad. Substantially controls and controls each autonomous region of Mars[94].. After Coral's death, Arie and Proto, who were recommended by McGillis, will take over as the succeeding branch manager. After the McGillis Farid incident, Rastar reduced the scale, resulting in the formation of the Martian Union.
Revolutionary army
A coup organization formed by volunteers including young officers who agree with McGillis' ideas. Taking on the control of Veen Gorve and Gundam Bael, who was enshrined in the basement, he challenged a full-scale war with Arian Rod, but was struggled by Arian Rod who was superior in number and skill, and McGillis died in the final stage[95].
4 major forces
Four economic zones formed by the integration of the nation groups of the earth after the end of the war[66].
Focusing on Russia, Canada, and Alaska[66].. Representative is Makie Togo Nosuke[81].. The coup d'etre's negotiations have led to a move towards fair trade in half-metal resources, and the re-election of Makie will bring it into full swing.[96].. After the fall of the authority of the Gallalhorn, the Tekkadan was appointed as a military adviser to form an independent defense army.[71].. After the death of Makie, Lasker Alesi of the Makie group will be the representative.
Mainly in the United States and Latin America.
African union
Mainly in Europe and Africa, Middle East and Central Asia.
Mainly in Japan, China, India, Southeast Asia and Oceania.
A giant that develops Jupiter and asteroid zones based in the Jupiter areaconglomerate.. The representative is McMurdo Balliston. The reality ismafiaIt is said that it is said that it is close to, and because it has influence on MS and earth sphere developed for self-defense, it is said that the Gullarhorn cannot be easily obtained.[81]. JapaneseYakuzaIt has a cultural form close toCupThere is a custom that connects the parents and children/brothers[97].
A subordinate organization that manages the transportation division of Taiwas[98].. The full name of the kanji is "Jaoubin Mamoru". Leader is Naze Turbine[81].. Originally an organization formed by Naze and Amida Arca for the purpose of protecting lower-class female workers, and after joining Taiwas, it became a direct organization by building its own large transport network represented by the "Krete Corridor". Promote and grow into a large organization with over 5 people[99].. All the members are unrelated women who were taken under the name of Naze's wife, and are connected by a family-like bond. Naze and Olga signed a tie-up with the brother-in-law and became a leader in the escort mission of Couderia.[100].. Even after the mission is completed, he has a good relationship with the Tekkadan, but due to Jasley's strategy, it was recognized as an illegal organization by the Garalhorn, and Nase died in the attack of Ioku's fleet, and the organization was dissolved.[101].. The surviving members will resume their transportation business under the patronage of McMurdo, centered around Azzy Grummin.[102].
Euro Electronics
A subordinate organization that manages the heavy industry sector of Taiwas[98].
JPT Trust
A subordinate organization in charge of the commercial division of Taiwas. The leader is Jasley Donomicorus. He colludes with Ioku and forces Turbins to disband, but after that he is destroyed by the retaliation of the Tekkadan who was furious with repeated provocations.[103].
Mainly the route between the Earth and Mars as the active areaspace pirate.. The chief is Brooke Kabayan. There are many human debris in their mid-teens who have been given the Ayori system. Possessing two battleships, one large transport ship, and over a dozen super-heavy armored MSs, they are repeatedly plundering human trafficking and targeting commercial vessels.[104][105].
A person with whom McGillis had a connection asked to secure the identity of the couderia, but he attacked Tekkadan and Turbines, but he was attacked and confiscated.[106].
Dort Company
African unionPublic enterprise.. It has a Dort colony as a base for production and distribution, but its managers are almost exclusively from Earth.[66].
GN trading
The company that provided arms to the labor unions of Dort Colony through Taywaz. Although it is ostensibly the name of another person, it is one of the companies owned by Nobris Gordon.
Monturk firm
A trading company that McGillis has invested in his private property to operate as Montag. Publicly, it has become a well-established global enterprise with a history of over a century[107].. Apply for business negotiations with Couderia and Tekkadan, and support Couderia in exchange for entry into the half metal interest. After McGillis' death, Tod Mirkonen is said to have taken over[23].
Admos Shokai
A company founded by Couderia who returned to Mars. In addition to coordinating the primary processing and distribution of half metal in the Alabau territory in partnership with Taiwas, we are also working with the Tekkadan to establish orphanages and elementary schools.[108].
Terra Liberionis
A Martian activist group that interacts with the couderia. The representative is Allium Gyojan. After the cuderia became devoted to the management of Admos Shokai, the operation of the organization became unsuccessful and it colludes with the horizon at dawn.[109].. However, after the destruction of the horizon, Arium was shot dead by the Tekkadan as a series of retaliation, the members were also detained by the Garalhorn and the organization collapsed.[110].
Horizon at dawn
Space pirate operating on the route between Earth and Mars. The leader is Sandoval Reuters. It has more than 3000 members and owns many MS and 10 ships.[111].. Terra Liberionis's request attacks Couderia and Tekkadan, but it is destroyed by the capture of Sandoval[110].
Mars Union
Organizations established by the cities of Mars that have escaped indirect control of the Martian branch after the McGillis Farid incident[89].. The first chairman is Couderia, who was well-known and also supported by Taiwas.[112].

Place name/facility

One of the stages of this work.Terra formingHas built a natural environment and city almost the same as the Earth, and has been divided and conquered based on the Malta Conference held in PD0002.[100].
It has become a substantial global colony due to the "EM Economic Agreement" that was signed after the war of bad luck for the purpose of economic recovery. Poverty is now widespread due to the exhaustion of resources other than Mars Half Metals, and independence movements by dissatisfied people are intensifying. After the McGillis Farid Incident, withdrawal from control of the Earth sphere due to the reduction of the Marsal branch of the Gullarhorn[78].
Abrau Territorial Autonomous Region on Mars. The modern table is Norman Bernstein. Although PD205 received a limited autonomy from Abrau, the public's dissatisfaction with the policy that attaches importance to the earth is now increasing, and the independence movement has been activated with Couderia as the flag.
satelliteDeimosSpace port using[113].
Geostationary orbit base where the Mars branch of the Gullarhorn is located[114].
Two co-existing private spaceports in orbit[115].
Three satellite bases of the Garalhorn that exist in the Earth's orbit[116].
Glasheim 1
Garrison of the Fleet of Earth's Orbit Control Integrated Fleet. Damaged by saribi hitting[117].
Glasheim 2
A base where McGillis and others returned from Mars expedition.
Veen Gorve
The Earth Headquarters of the Gallalhorn existsCatamaranType giantMega float[118].. It was built on the ocean to prevent interference with the economic zone.[119].. 10 kilometers long[120].. Equipped with a dedicated port, airport, and MS production facility, the upper part of the residential area is a Seven Stars aristocratic area.[116].. In the underground altar, the Gundam Bael, which is an Agnica's machine, is enshrined, and there is a hangar of the Gundam frame machine of each Seven Stars house around it, but the hangars of the Baudouin family and the Baclazan family are empty. Has become[Annotation 6][121].
Dort colony group
Under control of the Dorto CompanySpace colonygroup. Located at L150, about 7 million kilometers from Earth[122].. It consists of 60 colonies with a total length of about 10 kilometers and a diameter of 8 kilometers, and has an industrial colony that also serves as a residential area for workers such as Dort 2, a residential area for the wealthy people from the earth, and a large commercial area. Each colony has a different aspect, such as Dort 3 and Dorto 6 with the Teiwas global branch.[66].
The labor conditions and living conditions of the lower-class citizens were poor, and with the arrival of the Tekkadan and Couderia, some extremists in Dort 2 caused a coup d'etat for the company and developed into a large-scale revolt involving all colonies. Arian Rod's intervention causes many casualties, but the turmoil is settled as the company accepts the union's demand, as pressure from the African Union is received by the couderia's TV call[123].
Millennium Island
An island in the Commonwealth of Oceania where the Tekkadan falls. Makie's villa exists[124].
A city with the central council of Aablau.
AlaskaCity. A railway operated by a local subsidiary of Taiwas is laid, and Tekkadan uses regular flights to reach Edmonton to avoid chasing the Gullarhorn.[125].
Balfour Plains
A plain on the border of Aablau and SAU.


Ahab Reactor
Used for powering MS, MA, ships, and space coloniesPhase transitionConversion furnace. Named after the inventor "Ahab Barlaena"[126].. It is so durable that it is theoretically impossible to physically destroy it.[Annotation 7], While continuing to produce energy semi-permanently, not only solved the world's energy problems, but also played a major role in the recovery from the evil battle[128].. In this volume, Garalhorn has a high monopoly value for its manufacturing technology, and other forces are using it by restoring the reactor that was installed in the remaining weapons during the Evil War era. There are also reactors that have been abandoned in space due to difficulty in recovery, causing the formation of high-density debris zones due to pseudogravity generated by Ahab particles.[126].. Also, due to the danger of abuse and the influence of Ahab Wave described later, it will not be used as a power supply agency after the postwar reconstruction, and it is prohibited to bring it to urban areas on the earth.[129].
Ahab particle
Vacuum element in the reactor is generated by phase transitionHeavy particles.inertiaIt has a control effect, and is used in MS's anti-G system and in pseudo-gravity generators such as ships. The MS has a cockpit located near the reactor for the purpose of producing an effective anti-G effect.[130].
Ahab Wave
Of Ahab particlesParticle collapseBorn inElementary particlesOccurs at a super high speedMagnetic storm[126].. In the affected area, radio wave-using devices such as radar andLaser communicationRadios other thanWiredAlternatively, communication means via a dedicated repeater is used[131].. All manufactured reactorsOne offSince it is a product, there is an individual difference in the natural frequency of the wave, and the Gullarhorn enables individual identification of the mounted machine by collating with the database.[132].
It is possible to weaken the output by adjusting it, and it is also possible to disturb the total strength by applying this. In addition, as mentioned above, the use of radar is impossible due to the influence of Ahab Wave, which is one of the reasons why aircraft are not developing in this world.[133].
Ahab Thruster
Used for inertial flight and attitude control of MSThruster.. The output is inferior to that of the "thermal phase transition thruster", which is the main propulsion system for MS and large ships,DirectivityEfficient because it emits prominent Ahab Wave elementary particles to gain propulsion[126].
Ayori Yakushi System (Arayashiki System)
Adopted in the MS cockpit during the Evil Festival eraOrganic device system.. Originally developed for operating space work machines, it was diverted for the purpose of maximizing the performance of MS.[134].
Called "piercing" embedded in the spinal cord of the pilotイ ン プ ラ ン トConnect the device to the terminal on the cockpit side,Nano machineBy directly connecting the cranial nerve of the pilot and the computer of the airframe via, an artificial organ that controls spatial recognition is formed in the brain. As a result, the information normally obtained from the display etc. is directly transmitted to the pilot's brain, and even people without specialized knowledge can operate without being bound by mechanical programs.[135].. The aircraft driven by this system makes the pilot feel as if the aircraft became a part of the body, and realizes operations regardless of skill and skill.[136].. However, the processing information sent from the MS class aircraft imposes a heavy burden on the brain.[Annotation 8], If you disconnect the link without the pilot's awareness or ignore the overload and prioritize the connection with the aircraft, there is a risk that physical function will remain[135].
In the era of the main part, the use as an inhuman system is prohibited by the Garalhorn to be wary of the subject's rebellion. However, in the outer sphere, incompletely leaked spills are proliferating among juvenile soldiers and human debris, and due to the low purity of nanomachines and irregular procedures, the original function is exhibited unless surgery is performed multiple times. There is a high probability that you will not be able to do so[137].. In addition, due to lack of information and technology decline, it is generally recognized that nanomachines do not settle on the body except for growing children.[137].. In the earthRegenerative medicineIn addition to the development of, the gallarhorn spread the trend that the mechanization of the body including artificial hands and legs is not good, so it is hated as a "space rat".[136].. However, Gullarhorn is also secretly researching, and McGillis has restored the original system that can be applied to adults from the data of Grays Ein, and Arian Rod has also developed the Ayayari Type E described later.[137].
Nano laminated armor
Special armor used in Ahab Reactor equipped weapons. A metallic paint that reacts to Ahab waves and forms a multilayer molecular array suitable for absorbing and diffusing shocks on the surfaceThin film depositionAnd has a high level of defense against live and beam weapons.[Annotation 9].. However, it is weak against close impact by a mass object, and if the coating film deteriorates and peels due to repeated attacks over time, the original performance cannot be exhibited.[100].. Special paints have multiple colors like ordinary paints and have different prices. The most expensive are black and purple with low visibility, and the repaired part of Barbatos and Grays is painted with the cheapest white due to the economic situation of Tekkadan.[139].
Nano mirror chaff
We used powdered materials for nanolaminate armorChaff.. Can interfere with laser communications and optical detection under the influence of Ahab Wave[140].
High hardness rare alloy
A special alloy used for MS frames and armaments. It has the durability to withstand the high output of the Ahab Reactor, and hardly deteriorates or corrodes with age for several hundred years.[139].. For this reason, many MSs during the Evil Festival era have been a factor that can still be in service for 300 years.
Dyne Slave
A large-scale mass weapon developed for MA. Special made of high hardness rare alloyKEP bulletTheElectromagnetic injection machineBy projecting with, it will show great power to penetrate even nanoscale laminated armor of ship size[141].. However, since it is not a guided weapon, it can be avoided if the launch point can be estimated.[141].. Therefore, it is not a decisive hit against MA even in the Evil Festival era, and the Gundam frame is in operation[141].
After the war of evil festival, the excessive power to change the surface of the moon was regarded as a problem, and its use as an inhuman weapon was banned.[142][Annotation 10].. The Gallalhorn, which had a large number of Dyne Slave after the war, was put into combating Turbines and the Revolutionary Army by Iok and Rastar who exercised the authority of the Seven Stars.[144].
A control system and its routes that enable interplanetary navigation under the influence of Ahab Wave. It has a mechanism to link each independent space lighthouse ``Cocoon'' arranged at intervals of about XNUMX million kilometers, and the ship can detect the current location by sensing the Ahab wave of a constant cycle generated from the cocoon .. Adjacent cocoons always identify their own coordinates with each other's Ahab waves, and even if there is a deviation, automatic correction is possible. Utilizing this property, the cocoon can also be used as a repeater for long distance communication.[131].
LCS (Laser Communication System)
Short range laser communication system less susceptible to Ahab Wave[68].. Light with a wavelength close to that of visible light is used, and the effective distance is about one million kilometers. Although long-distance communication is possible through Ariadne, there is a drawback that communication becomes impossible if there is a shield between the communication target and the communication target.
Mars half metal
A rare metal produced on Mars. It has the property of preventing radio wave interference due to Ahab Wave, and is essential for protecting electronic devices under the influence of waves.[145].. The Couderia's original purpose was to release the regulation of half-metal trading between Mars and Aablau[81].. In addition, MS and MAs from the Evil Festival era may be buried in the land of Mars, but the waves emitted from the land that contains a lot of half metal are greatly attenuated, so many aircraft have not been discovered.[145].


CGS participation program / Tekkadan

Crescent Moon / Augus (Mikazuki / Augus)
sound - Kengo Kasai,Ayaka Suwa(childhood)
The protagonist of this work. The nickname from Olga is "Mika". The name of the kanji used by Naze is “Mikazuki Ogaushi”. Becomes the pilot of Gundam Barbatos after being attacked by the Garalhorn, being the most skilled MW pilot.[130].
Compared to humans of the same age, they are small and have a young appearance[Annotation 11]However, he possesses a strong physical body and mental strength that can survive three operations of the Ayoriyaku system, and he has no hesitation in his daily training. He is usually quiet and lacks emotional expression, but has a strong desire to think of his friends and relatives.[Annotation 12].. On the other hand殺人There is basically no hesitation or regret[Annotation 13], Especially for those who are considered enemies共 感Show no ruthlessness[Annotation 14].
Olga, who has been a big brother since childhood, has a deeper bond than his real brother, and if he asks, he will take the initiative to take on dirty work.[72].. I can't read or write because I haven't attended school, but since I boarded Isaribi, I've been taught to read and write by Couderia for the dream of running a farm.[150].
In the Battle of Edmonton, Barbatos is released to the limit and defeats Grays Ain, but at the cost of losing sight of his right eye and his right arm[151].. However, when connected to Barbatos with the Ayoraya Senji system, my sensation returns, so after returning to Mars, I will continue to board the Barbatos Lupus, which was renovated as a captain of the assault captain, and always fight at the front line, so from the enemy, Awesome as "The Devil of the Tekkadan"[91].. On the other hand, in normal times, he works on planting and studying plants to approach the dream of farm management. After the battle with Hashmal, he lost his sense of the right half of the body by releasing the Barbatos limiter again, but he continues to board the renovated Barbatos Lupus Lex to fulfill Olga's dream.[151].. In the sweeping operation by Arian Rod, he continued to fight while being fatally wounded by the shooting of Dyne Slave, and died with the silence of the aircraft[89].
Olga Ituka
Voice- Yoshimasa Hosoya,Toko Mariko(childhood)
Another main character of this work, the captain of the program.Later, he eliminated the adults of CGS and became the leader of the Tekkadan.The kanji name assigned by Naze is "Moruga Weitoka".
With excellent leadership, and due to his personality and ability to stick to his muscles, his friends have a great deal of trust. He himself must make an effort to respond to it, and after joining the company of Taiwas, he was influenced by Naze and decided to protect the Tekkadan, the home for the members.[72].
While trusting Mikazuki, who has been my sidekick since childhood, more than anyone else, I feel a heavy pressure to execute without hesitation of my request, and I think that I must meet the expectations that I can receive.[134].
After returning to Mars, put on a suit and work on unfamiliar desk work to expand the scale of the Tekkadan[91].. After the dissolution of the Earth Chapter, he decides to become the "King of Mars" by gaining the interests of the Mars branch of the Gullarhorn Mars[152].. After losing the full showdown with Arian Rod, he plans to escape to the earth with his friends, but he kills a ride from the shooting of Nobris' men[102].
Biscuit Griffon
Voice- Natsuki Hanae
A well-dressed boy wearing a hat that acts as the staff of Olga. 16 years old. The only CGS child soldier to have schooling experience, to act as a negotiator with external parties and plan operations during battle[81].
Born in a dormitory in Dort 2, she was taken over by her grandmother on Mars with her sisters when her parents died in an accident.[153].. Joined CGS to repatriate most of his wages to help his grandmother's farm in trouble.[81].
Continues to support Olga even after the establishment of the Tekkadan, but in the battle after the descent of the earth MW was destroyed by Carta and died[154].
Eugene Seven Stark
Voice- Yuichiro Umehara
A boy who organized a program before Olga joined the army. Excellent brain and physical fitness, but low bloodiness and low charisma[81].
I have repulsed Olga who became the program chief on behalf of me[81]However, after the establishment of the Tekkadan, he showed the will to buy a dangerous task himself, and Olga will be able to entrust Isaribi's commanding agency and steering by the Ayoraya intelligence system.[155].. During the Earth descent, he played the decoy of Isaribi, and was hidden in the Oceania Federation with Turbines after that, but he participated in MW with Isaribi remnants and former Brewers boys during the rush operation to Edmonton.[156].
After returning to Mars, he will be vice-commander and take command of the front line on behalf of Olga while studying tactics.[91].. After Olga's death, he boarded his special white aircraft, White Lion, and intercepted Arian Rod with his friends, but left the battlefield with his survivors as directed by the Crescent Moon.[157].. After that, he disguised himself and worked under the couderia.[70].
Akihiro / Altland (Akihiro / Altland)
Voice- Yasuaki Nakusho,Muranaka Satoshi(childhood)
Human debris leader of CGS. In addition to a well-trained body that is said to be "chunky" from the surroundings, he has abundant battle experience and maneuvering technology next to the crescent moon.[158].. After leaving Mars, he acted as a pilot for the Grays Kai, and later switched to the Gundam Gusion refurbishment machine Gusion Rebake captured from Brewers[159].
In his childhood, he traveled across space with his parents who run a merchant fleet and his younger brother Masahiro, but his parents were killed in the attack of a space pirate, becoming human debris, and he had a history of living with his younger brother.[160].. From that experience, there were many unfriendly and self-deprecating behaviors during the time of participating programs, and he often worked for training without getting along with other members. However, after the Tekkadan flag was raised, he was opened as a friend rather than a property, and he opened his heart and began to show his natural kindness.
After returning to Mars, he will become the commander of the second working division and drive the refurbished Gusion Rebake Full City.[91].. He also gives his surnames to former Brewers boys without surnames. Continues fighting while being fatally wounded by the shooting of Dyne Slave in the sweeping operation by Arian Rod, and died with Ioku along[78].
Norva Shino
Voice- Futoshi Murata
An old member who has belonged to a program that has been participating since before Crescent Moon and Olga. Due to Crescent's point of view that his first name is confusing with Malva, he is called by his friends as a family name. An optimistic personality that tries to solve anything with a momentum, and is a fairly healthy and enthusiastic person.[161].. On the other hand, the younger children are often cared for, and they are deeply saddened by the death of their companions. He is capable of doing anything from a real melee battle that takes advantage of his height to a MW battle, and is assigned a commander of troops due to his abundant experience and calmness.[162].. The rider was dyed in a flashy pink color with a sense of self-confidence and test-taking, and both were nicknamed the "Ryusei-go."[163].
After the establishment of the Tekkadan, he was in charge of entering the enemy base, and after the conflict with the Brewers, he became a pilot of the Grays renewal because he wanted to protect his friends. In the battle of Edmonton, Grays Ein shoots down the plane and bears deep but survives[164].
After returning to Mars, he will concurrently serve as the captain of the first working team named "Meteor Squadron" and a new recruit instructor, and board a dedicated Shiden Kai supplied by Taiwas. After seeing the battle between Crescent Moon and Akihiro, I became interested in boarding a Gundam frame machine, and then switched to the Gundam Frauros excavated later.[162].. In the battle between the Revolutionary Army and Arian Rod, he injured his left arm and shot Dyne Slave on a Rastar's seated ship, but he failed just before due to Giulietta's interruption, and died due to fleet's concentrated fire.[165].
Takaki Uno
Voice- Tenpei Kohei
A juvenile leader who is in charge of various chores such as messenger and aircraft maintenance. 13 years old. I am working hard every day to become like a longing crescent moon, and on the way to the earth, I start learning to read and write from the couderia along with the crescent moon.[166].. The younger sister, 6 years old, who has left the facility on MarsFuka(Voice- Haruka Yamazaki) Has a dream of going to school[167].
Tekkadan has been assigned to the Earth Branch since he became Abrau's military adviser and lives with Fuuka, who entered a school on Earth.[91].. In the military conflict between Aablau and SAU, he will command the Earth branch on behalf of his heavy Chad, but he will be at the mercy of Galan and Radiche's sweet words, and lose many of his colleagues, including Aston. Taking this as an opportunity, he became aware of his indifference and left the Tekkadan to protect Fuka after the conflict.[168].. Later, he went to work in Makie's office and supported the Tekkadan's escape to the earth in order to pay tribute to Olga.[168].. After the McGillis Farid incident, he became Alesi's secretary and eventually decided to work with Couderia as his successor.
Ride Mass
Voice- Tamura Mushin
One of the younger generation. Bad mouth but companionship[81].. There is a knowledge of the painting, the emblem of the Tekkadan, paintings inside and outside Isaribi ship, of the meteorNose artAlso deal with[169].. In rush operation to Edmonton, he takes a positive move with MW and is shot down but survives[170].. After returning to Mars, he will belong to the second working squad and board a lion supplied by Teiwas.[91].. At the time of Hashmal interception, board Shino's third meteor instead of his damaged aircraft and rename it as "Raiden" after battle and make it an official aircraft[171].. A few years after the McGillis Farid incident, when he learned that Nobulis, who was the resident of Olga, had returned to Mars, he disappeared with his comrades and assassinated Nobelis. At that time of the Olga he inheritedStallAround your neck and use a crescent pistol[23].
Yamagi Gilmatton
Voice- Souma Saito
One of the younger generation. A quiet boy specializing in machine maintenance[81].. After leaving Mars, he boarded Isaribi and worked with Yukinojo as a central figure in the maintenance team. I like Shino[172]Since he became an MS pilot, he is mainly in charge of maintaining the meteor. After the McGillis Farid incident, he became a mechanic at the Cassapah Factory.[70].
In the drama CD, it is known that the boys were targeted by adults because they were inferior in physical strength to the other boy soldiers, and they were transferred to the maintenance team at the request of Shino who could not see.
Chad Chadern
Voice- Haruki Ishiya
Human debris number 2[173].. Served as a pilot of Isaribi after leaving Mars[16].
Since the Tekkadan became the military adviser of Aablau, he is expected to become the Earth Branch's chief because of his good personality and strong sense of responsibility.[91].. At the ceremony to establish the Abrau Defense Forces, he was injured and seriously injured while covering Makie who was hit by terror, but he recovered after the conflict[174].. Become a Landman Roddy pilot after Earth withdrawal[175].. After the McGillis Farid incident, he assists Couderia with Eugene[70].
Dante Mogro
Voice- Daiki Hamano
Human debris number 3[173].. After leaving Mars, he will be a bridge member of Isaribi, and he will also be active in electronic battles such as hacking.[160].
After returning to Mars, he was assigned to the actual work team and became a long-awaited MS pilot.[91].. After Tekkadan withdraws from Earth, becomes pilot of Landman Roddy, withdrawn[175].. After the McGillis Farid Incident, he worked at an orphanage run by Admos Shokai.[70].
Dunge Airey
Voice- Daiki Yamashita
One of the younger generation. Volunteer volunteers to launch at the MW during the attack on the Gallalhorn, but is shot down by Auris' Grays and killed.[176].
Enbi, Elgar
Voice- Shizuka Ishigami(Enbi),Yuna Yoshino(Elgar),
The younger twin brothers of the Tekkadan. The one who wears a knit hat is ENBI, and the one who does not wear ELGA[177].. After returning to Mars, he will not only do chores but also pilots and bridge operators[178].. In the eradication operation by Arian Rod, Enbi boarded the Raiden and Elgar boarded the Shiden respectively, but in the battle Elgar died. Enbi leaves the front line with Eugene.
Toro, Hirume, Uta, Ethan, Arata, Enca
Voice- Kubo Yurika(Trow),Earth leaf(Hirume),Old tree nozomi(Uta),Murase(Ethan)
Young boys. Served as a bridge operator after the expansion of the Tekkadan[177].
Gut Zeo, Dios Minko
Voice- Hiromichi Tezuka(Gut),Kentaro Kumagai(Dios)
Member of the Tekkadan. MW is shot down in Edmonton and dies[156].
Aston Altland, Derma Altland
Hash midi
Voice- Ryota Osaka
A new member who was assigned to the reserve after the match against Edmonton[91].. 17 years old. A street child from a slum, who had committed to CGS in the past but failed in the treatment of the Ayoraya system and committed suicideBillsInstead, join as many slums as they wish[179].. He became an MS pilot because of his opposition to the crescent moon that he learned through Birth, but when he became aware of his immaturity and the strength of the crescent moon in the military conflict between Abrau and SAU, he turned around and followed him.[180].. Initially boarded the Shiden, and after the conflict with the Jasley faction, transfer to the devil transferred from Turbines[180].. In the eradication operation by Arian Rod, although he fights with the crescents, his plane is destroyed and he died[181].
Zach Row
Voice- Shin Furukawa
New member who joined after the match against Edmonton[91].. One of the few ordinary families from the Tekkadan, which has many orphans[182].. A talented person with schooling experience, but lacking motivation and seriousness because he joined the group by seeing only one aspect of Tekkadan as a fast-growing company[22].. Suspicious of the Tekkadan, which hesitates without any hesitation, decides to leave after defeating Mars[182]However, in order to survive the siege network of the Garalhorn, he returned to the Tekkadan with the same evacuees and took part in underground tunnel work. After that, he started working at Cassapah Factory with Dane.[70].
Dane Uhai
Voice- Kimura Subaru
A new member who joined after the match against Edmonton. He has a calm personality that doesn't look like a giant, and he bought the dexterity of his hand and belongs to the maintenance team.[91].. I am grateful to the Tekkadan for accepting myself who committed many murders in the past[182].. After the McGillis Farid Incident, worked at Zassa Factory with Zack[70].
Atla Mixta
"Atla MixtaSee.
Nadi, Yukinojo, Cassapa (Nadi, Yukinojo, Cassapa)
"Nadi, Yukinojo, CassapaSee.
Todo Mirkonen
"Todo MirkonenSee.
Dexter Curastar
"Dexter CurastarSee.
Meribit Stapleton
"Meribit StapletonSee.
Radice Lilot
Voice- Kazuyuki Fukagawa
Auditor dispatched from Teiwas to the Earth Branch. He often collides with irrational members and eventually makes a contact with Galan after making a commitment to guarantee his personal safety and property. However, he was detained by the crescents who landed on the earth and shot dead by Takaki.[183].


Malva Arche
Voice- Houki Katsutoshi
CGS President. He is a greedy man, and has little hope from employees[81]However, when I was young, there was one aspect that I liked dogs. He was at a loss when he ran away with most of the company's funds when the Gullarhorn attacked, but he reunited with his old friend Naze and asked him to act as a mediator in exchange for all the assets of CGS. He pursues Naze and Tekkadan in search of the return of Isaribi, which is a part of the property, but he touches the reverse scale of Naze who learned that he was oppressing juvenile soldiers and sent forced labor on a resource mining satellite under the control of Teiwas Become[184].
Haeda Gunnel
Voice- Taro Yamaguchi
One military commander, second only to Malva in CGS[81].. He sees participating programs as abandoned pieces, and has a high-voltage personality that causes rebellious people to obey them. At the time of the attack on the Garalhorn, he took the initiative to escape without commanding and was criticized by Olga as "incompetence" "Kuzu below Malva"[185].. Olga and others who have caused a coup detained with his subordinates, but were shot dead in the crescent moon because he continued to be arrogant[71].
Sasai Yangkas
Voice- Masashi Nogawa
First army soldier. With Haeda's waist-pouch, he violently violates even younger groups. Shooting in the crescent moon with Haeda during a coup[71].
Todo Mirkonen
Voice- Aoyama Minoru
One Army Soldier, Young Leader[81].. Opportunists wrapped around long ones[185]Then, he gave up on the one army that was dropped by the attack by the Garalhorn and remained in the Tekkadan. He claims to hand over the cuderia in order to avoid the chase of the Gallalhorn, but after the decision to continue the escort mission, he tries to collude with the enthusiastic Orcus Trading Company and trap the Olga and others.[155].. However, he was detained by the Olga who had seen through the betrayal from the beginning, and after the battle he was packed in a life pod with a pair of pants and handed over to the Gullarhorn.[184].. After that, he will be under the control of McGillis and undertake various back jobs.[173].. After the war with Edmonton, he became the managing director of Montauk Shokai and was in charge of negotiating with Tekkadan.[186].. In the final stages of the McGillis Farid case, the young officers who admired McGillis were removed from the front.
Dexter Curastar
Voice- Eki Akino
Accountant for CGS. Unusual among adults of CGS[81].. When he was detained in the coup d'etat of the participating program, he was offered to retire and was retired, and he was hired by the Tekkadan again as the accounting and administrative procedure staff at the headquarters. He feels guilty that he has turned his eyes on the boy soldiers who are oppressed, but he is determined to remain regardless of what future the Tekkadan will walk.[187].. A few years after he escaped the attack by Arian Rod, he worked at Admos Shokai[70].
Nadi, Yukinojo, Cassapa (Nadi, Yukinojo, Cassapa)
Voice- Ax Atsushi
CGS MW mechanic. Lost both legs in past battles and wears prostheses[69].. He is the only adult of CGS who likes to participate in TV programs, and is loved by the TV program members as "Oyasan." On the other hand, it has a very bad body odor, and in that respect it is shunned[188].
While one army fled the Gallarhorn attack, he remained alone at the base and contributed to the restart of Barbatos. It remains even after the formation of Tekkadan, and relies on his experience as a young man to devote himself to the maintenance of MS.[176].. After the war with Edmonton, learn the maintenance knowledge of MS at Taiwas and operate the maintenance team with accurate instructions[91].. In his private life, he began to associate with Meribit, who was the accounting of the Tekkadan headquarters, and began to pay attention to grooming and smell.[183].. After the McGillis Farid Incident, he runs the Cassapa Factory with the surviving members.[70].

Chryse Independent Region

Couderia / Aina / Bernstein (Couderia / Aina / Bernstein)
Voice- Yuka Terasaki
Heroine of this work[134].. She is the only daughter of Prime Minister Chryse and is the central figure of the Martian independence movement. Already graduated from college at the age of 16[Annotation 15]As a talented man, he succeeded in a meeting of independence activists "Noakis's July Meeting" while attending school.[178].
His father asked him to negotiate with the Earth's Abrau government, and asked the program to participate in escort along the way to learn about the current situation of juvenile soldiers who have become a social problem, but witnessed the deaths of many boys in the attack by the Garalhorn. And you can find the gap between the ideal you were drawing and the reality[189].. Still, after seeing the crescents fighting to live, he decided to continue his "fight," and asked the Tekkadan to take on his escort mission again.[189].. Teach reading and reading to junior soldiers such as crescent moon and takaki who do not have school before sailing on Isaribi[166].. In the Dort Colony, know the actual situation of the workers and decide to become hope of all oppressed people as well as Mars[190].. After the battle in Edmonton, he gained a half metal interest after negotiations with Makie, and established the Admos Trading Company, which he represents, to promote Mars's solid economic independence.[91].. Became the first chairman of the Mars Union after the McGillis Farid incident[89].
Atla Mixta
Voice- Hisako Kanemoto
Another heroine of this work[191]Then, a girl who works at the general store "HABA'S STORE" in the city of Kruse. It is also close to the participating programs because it transports food to CGS.He lost his parents when he was young and spent days being oppressed as a chore at a night shop, but when he left the shop he met a crescent moon and got a job at "HABA'S STORE".[192].. Since then, he has fallen in love with the crescent moon, and for the crescent moon heading to the earth, he makes a matching bracelet as an amulet.[193].
He left the general store to chase the crescent moon, joined the Tekkadan, and boarded Isaribi as a cook.[155].. Like the members of the Tekkadan, he considers the cuderia to be an important family, and when he is captured by the Gullarhorn in Dort 3, he shows a willingness to not give in to violence.[194].
Even after returning to Mars, I will support the Tekkadan from behind as a Tekkadan cook[195].. After the battle with Arian Rod, he worships Akatsuki, and does not accompany the Tekkadan to escape from the earth. Raise Akatsuki with Couderia after the McGillis Farid Incident[94].
Fumitan Admos
Voice- Uchiyama Yumi
Serving couderia for many yearsMaid.. He is good at negotiating and is trusted enough to be given a meeting by Couderia.[196].. He will be accompanied by a coup d'Eri, which has been firmly bound for the earth even after the attack on the Gullarhorn, and will also serve as an operator who carries out communications with Isaribi and manages the environment inside the ship during the cruise.[196].
The identity was a spy sent by Noblis who aimed to kill Couderia and was constantly monitoring the movement of the Tekkadan.[196].. Since I was from a slum area, I wasn't really happy about Couderia, who didn't know anything about it at first, but I was gradually struck by her dedication and struggled with my mission. Say goodbye to Couderia's identity in Dort 3 and leave, but turn back and die from the shooting of Noblis' subordinates who took advantage of the worker's armed uprising and shield Couderia.[197].
After her death, Couderia named her a trading company or elementary school she owned.[187].
Cookie Griffon, Cracker Griffon
Voice- Yuki Kuwahara(cookie),Senbonsai(Cracker)
Twin sisters who are biscuit sisters. 9 years old
Cookies are the ones who keep their hair in two pigtails and call their biscuits "Oni-chan", while those who are more likely to call their biscuits "Onii" with their hair behind are crackers.[198].. Both of us love my brother and are fond of the crescent moon[81].
After the death of the biscuit, she assisted Sakura in her work and entered a childhood boarding school with the support of the Tekkadan.[91].. After the McGillis Farid incident, he lives with Atlas and others.
Cherry blossoms/pretzel
Voice- Suzuki Reiko
Griffon's grandmother. I run a corn farm, but all the produce is cheapBio fuelSince it is being bought as a business, it is in a situation where management can not stand without biscuit remittance[153].. It's also familiar with participating programs that help with work during the harvest season, and has been called "Sakura-chan" since the crescent moon.[81].
After the death of the biscuit, the farm scale expanded with the help of the Tekkadan, and the orphanage was run under the commission of the Admos Chamber of Commerce established in the park.[199].
Voice-Mariko Tonai
The proprietress of a general store "HABA'S STORE" that has transactions with CGS. Hired an atlas who was lost on the road through the crescent moon and taught reading and writing[119].. Supporting Atlas who feels for the crescent moon, willingly send out the Atlas who requested retirement[119].
Norman Bernstein
Voice- Hiroyuki Kinoshita
President of Chryse, father of Couderia. Telling the girl's information to the Garalhorn to protect herself[200].
Tomomi Bernstein (Tomomi Bernstein)
Voice- Misa Watanabe
Norman's second wife[Annotation 15]So, Couderia's mother. She has a warm-hearted personality, but she is criticized as "looking away from the reality outside."[200].
Kukuvita Woogh
Voice- Kimiko Saito
A middle-aged woman who serves as the president's secretary and clerk of Admos Shokai. Respecting and devoting support to the couderia[91].
Voice- Ayaka Asai
The son of Crescent and Atlas, born after the McGillis Farid incident. The facial features are crescent and the hair color inherits the characteristics of Atlas.[201].

Gallard horn

Audit Bureau

McGillis Farid
Voice- Takahiro Sakurai,Fujiwara Natsumi(Childhood)
Special affairs Misa belonging to the Audit Bureau. Once Iznario wasMale prostituteAlthough he was one of the orphans who were surrounded by, he became a formal adopted child of the Farid family by showing his outstanding talent.[202].. He has a high degree of skill as an MS pilot, and will take over the aircraft with the blue Schwalbe Grays, Grimgerde, the blue commander's Grays Ritter, and Gundam Bael.
Despite the hopelessness of a boyhood, he will aim to realize a world where superiority and inferiority are determined by pure power that is not influenced by the origin, supported by Agnica's thoughts learned from books[203].. Based on past experience, he is skeptical of precious feelings such as love and friendship, and has the idea that the ability to give up what stands[202].. However, he admits that he had a serious friendship with his childhood friends Gaelio and Carta, although he would be willing to use them for the purpose.[181].. While pleading for the acquisition of Bael, which is a symbol of the power of the Garalhorn, and aiming to improve its status within the organization, on the other hand, a mask is attached to the maiden name.MontagAs a trader, devoting himself to fund raising and network building[23].. During the first meeting with the Crescents, Gaelio's car gave him chocolate as an apology for hitting the cookies, so he was called the "chocolate person" "chocolate" from the crescent moon.[186].
The appearance of Agnica is repeated after the battle of the crescent moon and the Tekkadan, and they secretly form a fighting relationship with them for the purpose of each other.[204].. Due to the success of the Tekkadan who descended to the earth and his own scheme, he defeated the authority of the Garalhorn, and succeeded the head of the Farid family in place of the disqualified Isnario. In addition, he took over as the commander of the Fleet of Earth and Orbit Control Integrated Fleet as a successor to the murdered Carta, and will solidify its position in the Garalhorn[91].. At the same time, he solicited his supporters under the surface of the water, eventually caused a coup to occupy Wien Gorve, and based on the research data obtained at Grays Ein, he gave himself a prayer technique, which was a desire. Get a Bael[205].. However, Gaelio's confession did not completely control the army he was thinking of as a force, and his centripetal power was reduced due to the origin of Rastal's turn, and he was defeated by the offensive of Arian Rod. At the final stage, he escapes his subordinates and attacks the alien rod main body aiming at Rastar's neck. Defeated after fighting against Kimaris Vidar, he approaches Rastal despite being seriously injured, but dies from the long-awaited shooting of Gaelio.[181].. The revolt caused by Maggiris was later named "McGillis Farid Incident," and will remain in history as the mastermind of the rebellion.
Gaelio Boardwin
Voice- Masaya Matsukaze,Megumi Ban(Childhood)
Misa, a special managing officer dispatched to Mars in McGillis escorts. The passenger is a purple Chevalve, who will later switch to the Gundam Chimaris, whose ancestors were on board. The eldest son of the Baudouin family who controls the Seven Stars, and friends with McGillis and Carta from their childhood. He has a strong sense of justice due to his good growth, and he is aiming to reform the Gullarhorn with McGillis.[206].
He was strangled by a crescent moon who was angry about running over cookies and crackers at Sakura Farm, and after that he began to show strong hostility[206].. From the Crescent Moon, he was next to McGillis and is called "the man next to chocolate" and when the rematch at Dort Colony is called "Garigari". In the Battle of Edmonton, McGillis suddenly appeared in the battle with the crescent moon, and he tried to attack McGillis with the anger that he was informed of all the truth, but he was defeated after the fierce battle and killed[207].
However, in reality, despite being seriously injured, he secretly survives and a man in a mask under RastarVidalTrying to determine the true meaning of McGillis while acting as[207][Annotation 16].. After McGillis picked up Bael, he decided that he was in the pursuit of reform and was really pursuing only power, and removed the mask and confronted him. Kill McGillis in a battle in Mars orbit at the end of the battle[181].. After that, by self-removing the sword type E of the neck that also doubled as a walking aidwheelchairLiving and recuperating at the Garrhorn facility[209].

Mars branch

Ein Dalton
Voice- Yuma Uchida
A Lieutenant of the Mars branch, a new MS pilot who has been new since being assigned. He joins with his father's courage as an officer of Gullarhorn, but is unfairly discriminated against by his colleagues from Earth because his mother is from Mars.[210].
Defeated by Barbatos in the crescent moon in the first CGS base raid operation, the superiors of Cranks died one after another, and the hatred for the Tekkadan is sought. Became a subordinate of Gaelio to pursue the Tekkadan and switch to his Chevalve Grays, which he returned to normal equipment[211].
Although he suffered a serious death injury by covering Gaelio, which was about to be shot down in a battle on Earth orbit, he received a treatment of the contraindicated Ayoraya system and was incorporated into the cockpit of Grays Ein as a biological part. Take life[Annotation 17][125].. In the Battle of Edmonton, he defeated Shino and Raftah, and overwhelmed Barbatos in the city area, but lost the crescent moon that released the power of Ayori Yaki and died in battle.[210].. The brain is transplanted into the Gundam Vidal cockpit system[212].
Crank crank
Voice- Yasuhiro Mamiya
Second Lieutenant from the Mars branch. An old MS pilot with an old wound on his mouth and also an instructor of recruits[213].. He is a fair person who has equal contact with Ein from Mars, and has earned his enormous trust from him.[210].
Although he was ordered by Coral to kill CGS, he was strongly reluctant to kill innocent boy soldiers, and as a means of bitterness, he bet on the return of Cauderia's personality and Auris's glaze captured in MSduel[Annotation 18]However, he could not get support from one-sided conditions such as resentment against the previous attack and not offering compensation in case he lost, and he was defeated and suffered fatal injury. Be done[215].
Auris Stenja
Voice- Ryuichi Kijima
A second lieutenant from the Mars branch and a student of Crank. Takes command of the CGS base assault unit and attacks Olga in the glaze, but is destroyed by Barbatos that appeared from the ground and died[189].
Coral Conrad
Voice- Hiroshi Iechu
Mars branch manager.
He plans to assassinate the coup d'elia in search of financial support from Nobris, but the plan collapses due to Olga's struggle and Crank's dogmatic action. At the end, he boarded the glaze himself and attacked the Tekkadan on Mars low orbit, but he was shot down by Barbatos and killed in battle.[155].
Shine Proto
Voice- Koichi Soma
After Coral's death, Misa was appointed as the deputy general manager of the Mars branch at the recommendation of McGillis. After the destruction of the horizon group at dawn, he became the official director. Refuses McGillis' request to cooperate after losing to Arian Rod due to Rastal's supremacy, but overlooking Martian descent of the Revolutionary Army in anticipation of the possibility of a successful revolution[216].

Outer Earth Orbit Control Integrated Fleet

Carta Issue
Voice- Kikuko Inoue
Isa, the leader of the Seven Stars, is the daughter of the Issue family, and is the commander of the Fleet and Earth Orbit Control Integrated Fleet. Since his father is lying in his bed, he is acting on behalf of the owner. Although he is a perfectionist who is characterized by his exaggerated behavior, his subordinates have a strong desire for their noble personality. He also possesses the skills of an MS pilot, and will board a commander-specific Glaze Ritter.[93].. While he was a childhood friend of McGillis and Gaelio, Gaelio disrespected him as a "little boy," while he thought of McGillis from the moment he first met him, and kept in touch with him without worrying about his lower-tier status.[217].
Intercept the Tekkadan with overwhelming force to overturn the evaluation of their fleet, but they are repeatedly rejected[217].. Put on McGillis' mouth and duel with his subordinates to the Tekkadan[Annotation 18]However, he was fatally injured when his subordinates were suddenly knocked down by the sudden attack of the crescent moon, and he was rescued by the rushed Gaelio, but he died on his way back.
Corris Stenja
Voice-Ryuichi Kijima
Orris's elder brother, commander of the Earth's outer orbit control integrated fleet, Pacific Defense Forces[218].. In the Battle of Edmonton, board the Glades and engage with the Tekkadan, but it is defeated by Akihiro[164].

Lunar Edge Orbit Integrated Fleet Arian Rod

Raster Elion
Voice- Toru Okawa
Aryan Rod general commander and head of the Seven Stars Elion family. It has the flexibility to make good use of talented people regardless of origin and the ruthlessness of military personnel, and has a great deal of trust and power inside the Gullarhorn, coupled with its unassuming personality.[91].
It is positive for the world rule mainly by the Gallalhorn, and wants to restore the authority of the organization that has fallen due to the defeat of Iznario.[219].. On the other hand, he is wary of McGillis, who can choose any means for reform, and tries to erase or be defeated due to armed conflict agitation caused by bombing terrorism in the economic area.[91].. When McGillis raises a coup, he consolidates all the fleets of Arian Rod and declares a full-scale confrontation.[220].. Achieve the goal by destroying McGillis and his collaborators, the Tekkadan, as sacrifices for the restoration of the Garalhorn.[Annotation 19][221].. After that, he became the first representative of the Gallalhorn, which was reorganized as a more democratic organization.[89].
Iok Kujang
Voice- Nobunaga Shimazaki
Commander of the XNUMXnd Fleet of Arian Rod, head of the Kujans of the Seven Stars[91].. Because of the pride and sense of responsibility of the Seven Stars, he is expected by his subordinates and Rastar who have been serving since his predecessor. However, as a soldier, he lacks his ability and often takes self-righteous actions due to his strong beliefs and short thoughts, which often worsens the situation.[222].. Although he may be on the front line in accordance with the Kuzhan family's lessons, he has customized the leggin raise of the rider to a long-distance support specification with the suggestion of his subordinates who were worried about the unexpected situation.[223].
He tries to detain MacGillis heading to the scene to deal with Hashmal excavated on Mars on suspicion of rebellion, but accidentally activates Hashmal that was dormant, causing a catastrophe involving subordinates and civilians.[222].. In order to regain the trust of Rastal lost by this, he aims to destroy Tekkadan and Turbins in conspiracy with Jasley, but it is exposed to the Revolutionary Army that he brought out the banned weapon Dain Slave, and Rastal is told to take discretion. .. After releasing the modestness, he joined the siege network of the Tekkadan headquarters with a special gray color, throws away the weapon and talks to McGillis' bael. Let McGillis take the lead and bring the cause of the destruction of the Tekkadan to his army. At the end of the Tekkadan sweeping operation, he was injured to raise the morale of his teammates, but he went out in the glaze, but Akihiro, who knew his maiden name, crushed the cockpit in the final attack and crushed him.[89].
Julieta Julis
Voice- M ・ A ・ O
A female pilot belonging to Arian Rod. Although he was an orphan from the commoner, he was picked up by Rastar through Galan, who was in the Garalhorn at the time, and was given the advanced legging raise by being bought for his high control technology. Strongly fond of Rastal and Galan who found himself and believes in fighting for them[224].. On the other hand, he is often rude and unwilling to say anything to Ioku, and he also makes bad contact with him, such as being hit by a monkey[225].. He was distrustful of Vidard due to his lack of knowledge, but gradually began to forgive him as he learned of his personality and ability. Witnessing the battle between Barbatos and Hashmal on Mars demands more power and switches to Leginleys Julia during pilot development[226].. In the all-out war between the Revolutionary Army and Arian Rod, he struggled to stop the crescent moon, defending Rastar from the attack of Shino, but seriously injured by the angry crescent moon's counterattack[222].. After the recovery, participate in the Tekkadan sweeping operation and understand from the appearance of the crescent moon that the Tekkadan boy soldiers can only live on the battlefield, but defeat the barbatos that is half destroyed[89].. A few years later, the people around us began to see him as the bearer of the next generation Gallalhorn.
Yamajin Toka
Voice- Hitomi Raw
Female maintenance chief who belongs to Arian Rod. Rastal has been entrusted with the maintenance of highly confidential aircraft.[91].. Julieta is called "Julie"[222].
"Gaelio BoardwinSee.

Revolutionary army

Voice- Tomoaki Maeno
A subordinate from McGillis's audit bureau. Supporting him from the front and back as an aide, empathizing with McGillis' future from his colony background[227].. He is well-versed in the situation of the outside area from his own information network, and has a high skill as an MS pilot.[91].. Initially boarding the Schwalbe Grays, which was acquired from McGillis, and switching to Helmvige Linker after the operation of Hashmal's destruction[227].
Complete battle between the Revolutionary Army and Arian Rod to protect McGillis from Gaelio's attack and kill him[228].
Liza Enza
Voice- Kengo Takanashi
Leader of youth officers participating in the Revolutionary Army[91].. He respects the Tekkadan since he was active in Edmonton.[186].. Takes command of the Revolutionary Army in a fleet battle with Arian Rod, but suffers a direct hit of Dyne Slave on a seated ship and dies[229].

Seven Stars

Isnario Farid
Voice- Hayami Award
Seven Stars Farids Head and Earth Headquarters Commander[81].
Having a childish hobby and adopting McGillis, who was one of the boys' prostitutes he was surrounded by, as a concubine and adopted as a concubine, he tried to improve his power by having him married to the Baudouin family.[202].. At the same time, he became a guardian of Karta to consolidate his position in the Seven Stars and to establish Henri Fryu to take control of Abrau, but McGillis defeated him and went into exile.[217].. When McGillis causes a coup d'etat, he reveals all his identities to the Arian Rod side from the resentment that overcame him.
Gallus Baudouin
Voice- Mitsuaki Hoshino
Gaelio and the father of Almiria, the Seven Stars head of the Boardwin family[230].. When he found out that Gaelio had survived after the McGillis coup, he refused the request of his son-in-law, McGillis, to provide his force.
Arumiria Boardwin
Voice- Ai Kakuma
Gaelio's sister. 9 years old[231].. He has a matrimonial relationship with his parents, McKillis, who calls him "Mckey," but he feels inferior to being a child.[230].. After the Revolutionary Army's coup, he was distrustful of McGillis who was mocking himself, but eventually he decided to pay his husband's sin as a wife and refused to return home[207].
Nemo Baclazan
Voice- Kenta Sasa
Seven Stars Baclazan Head[88].. After McGillis picks up Bael, he takes a neutral position with the other owners[220].
Elek Falk
Voice- Ryunosuke Watanuki
Seven Stars Falk House Owner[88].

Other related parties

Agnica Cayer
The legendary hero who played an active part in the Evil Festival battle, and the founder of the Garalhorn. Completely integrated with MS through the Ayori system, and is said to have led humanity to victory with superhuman combat ability.[203].. Even after his death, his soul is said to reside in the boarding machine Bael. McGillis tried to obtain the cause of the coup by using the power of Agnica[220].


McMurdo Balliston
Voice- Ishizuka Unsho
Representative of Taiwas. The name of the kanji is "Shinku Shinagatsu Bashori Ton". Naze is described as "the most terrifying man out of the area"[200].
While sympathizing with the idea of ​​couderia and treating Nase and Olga favorably, he may make a computable and cold judgment as the head of the organization, such as forming a partnership with Nobris.[232].. After Naze's death, he senses Jasley's intentions and negotiates with Rastal in advance to withdraw Iok's fleet heading for Jasley's reinforcements and indirectly support the Tekkadan.[233].. After the McGillis Farid incident, he succeeded in expanding the power of Taywaz by utilizing the secret agreement with Rastar.
Jasley Donomicorus
Voice- Ryota Takeuchi
Taiwas Senior Managing Director, the actual number 2 of the organization. The name of the kanji is "Yakusu Rei Meioku Rusu". Not happy about the existence of Tekkadan and Naze who were promoted to Taiwas in a short time[91].
Using the Kujan family, which has transactions with the JPT trust that he manages, plans to seize Taywaz and succeeds in eliminating Turbins as an illegal organization.[103].. Next, a large unit is put in to destroy the Tekkadan, but since the supporter Ioku withdrew with the guide of McMurdo, it became isolated and unsupported, and it was crushed and killed along with the bridge of the embarkation in Barbatos of the crescent moon.[103].
Meribit Stapleton
Voice- Rie Tanaka
To the Tekkadan who departed the year starStatutory AuditorA woman dispatched as a financial adviser. Formerly working in the banking department of Taiwas, he has knowledge of medical and communication technology as well as financial management.[176].
Occasionally I met with the Tekkadan at a bar of a star and sometimes point out that Olga cannot reach after boarding Isaribi.[232].. Continued accounting for Mars Headquarters, despite fears of members who willing to die for their friends after the Battle of Edmonton[91].. After Tekkadan's departure from Teiwas, he retired from Teiwas and remains in Tekkadan to protect Yukinojo and his members.[183].. After the McGillis Farid incident, he has two children with Yukinojo.
Year Star Maintenance Manager
Voice-Masafumi Nogawa
An old mechanic who runs a year-end star MS workshop. He has a deep knowledge of mecha during the Battle of Evil Festival, and has a strong admiration for the rare Gundam frame. Of the Gundam frame machine that was later brought in from TekkadanoverhaulAnd give Barbatos and Gusion the names of "Lups" and "Full City", respectively.[234][235].


Naze / Turbine (Why / Turbine)
Voice- Kosuke Toriumi
Turbines leader. The name of the kanji is "Naze Jiabobin". In the Jupiter sphereHawkFamous as, and has a lot of trust from McMurdo[81].. He protects all of his men under the name of his wife and makes many children with them.[Annotation 20].
Marva opens a war with the Tekkadan in search of the return of Isaribi, which is part of the assets offered by Malva, but when they find out their ability and Malva forced the operation of the dangerous Ayaryi system. Stop battle and attach promise that Tekkadan will meet with McMurdo to join Taywaz[237].. After that, he exchanged his brother-in-law's cup with Olga and became his brother's brother, and made every effort to support the Tekkadan as far as his authority allowed. Being mindful of Olga, who is similar to you when you were young, and sending out your attitude and advice as the head of the organization[238].
Since the Tekkadan has formed a cooperative relationship with McGillisYoung headIs promoted to Arian Rod, but due to Jasley's plot that does not feel comfortable with this, he will be chased from Arian Rod[99].. When Turbines is besieged by Iok's fleet, he is left alone as a decoy at Hammerhead to escape his allies, attacking Iok's seat ship to follow Amida and killed.[239].
Amida Arca
Voice- Atsuko Tanaka
A pilot belonging to Turbines, the first wife of Naze. He is the de facto commander of the battle, and board a single numbered Renren painted in pink. Because of his care, his subordinates call him "the mother" and the children of Naze admire him as a "big mother."[240].. Once a mercenary who actively escorted women who were forced to carry dangerous long distances, he had a history of raising Turbines with Naze, who was a freelance carrier at the time.[238].. Accompanied by the remaining Naze to escape his fellows from the attack of Ioku, he was killed by a blow to the bridge of Ioku's seating ship while destroying the passenger plane[239].
Raffeta Frankland
Voice- Yoko Hikasa
A pilot belonging to Turbins. The name of the kanji is "Namifu Nunoran Arashijin". With a cheerful personality, Naze is called "darin".[241].. I was hired by a malicious illegal business in my childhood, but I was rescued by Naze and others and acquired education.[242].. Ability as a pilot is high and specializes in highly mobile battles that take advantage of the characteristics of Hyakuri[241].
Recognizing the ability of Crescent Moon and Akihiro who have interacted with us, we will deepen exchanges such as following battle training in the simulator. After arriving in the earth's sphere, accompanied by Naze's request to run a shadow and accompany the Tekkadan[243].. Glades Ain shoots down in Edmonton battle, but barely survives[243].. After the Battle of Edmonton, he will be sent to the Tekkadan headquarters on Mars as an MS instructor and will be favored by Akihiro.[242].. After the dissolution of Turbines, he decides to continue Naze's will and continue the distribution business with Azzy, but he is shot dead by Jasley's minions.[101].
Azzy Grummin
Voice- Kunitachi Sachi
A pilot belonging to Turbins. She has a calm personality, but has a shy side, such as always wearing workwear because she does not want to show her skin.[17].. The machine is Baekren → Leakage → Shiden → Crow.
After reaching the Earth's sphere, he accompanied Raffa and took a leak to accompany the Tekkadan. Lost in the Battle of Edmonton to Grays Ein, but barely survives[243].. After the war with Edmonton, he was dispatched to the Tekkadan headquarters as an instructor with Rafta.[242].. After the destruction of Turbines, he feels responsible for the death of Rafta and shuts down, but later he collects the surviving members and continues the transportation business, and offers the wanted Tekkadan to support the escape of the earth.[102].
Eco Turbine
Voice-Yurika Kubo
One of the Hammerhead bridge crew. He is also a good mechanic, and after the fall of the Tekkadan into the earth, he will work on local repairs and maintenance of shadows in Barbatos.[244].
Built turbine, Chloe turbine, Eva turbine
Voice-Yuna Yoshino (Built), Shizuka Ishigami (Chloe),Hibiki Yamamura(Eva)
Women working as a bridge crew for Hammerhead[245].


Brooke Kabayan
Voice- Taketora
Head of Brewers. At the request of Todo, who was under the control of McGillis, he attacked Tekkadan and Turbines aiming for Couderia, but was defeated. One battleship and all MS are confiscated as compensation[106].
Kudal Kadel
Voice- Keisuke Oda / Kawaji Shinji(game"Super Robot DD"G Gene CROSSRAYS")
The commander of the MS unit and the de facto number 2 of the organization. The ride is Gundam Gusion[81].Body modificationCharacterized by an unusual appearance, the words and actions are occasionally mixed with a female tone. The human debris of his subordinates are abused as being worth less than MS, and from the crescent moon it is criticized as "a good man to die"[104].
Engaged with Barbatos in a battle in the reef space, but died through the cockpit due to the crescent moon aiming for a gap in the armor of Gusion.[246].
Masahiro Altland (Masahiro Altland)
Voice- Seiichiro Yamashita,Lynn(childhood)
Akihiro's younger brother who survived as a human debris when he was a child. The ride is Man Roddy[81].
Although he has endured a tough life while mourning his misfortune as a human debris, Akihiro, who reunited unexpectedly during the attack on the Tekkadan, was strongly jealous of having a new family called Tekkadan, and he was jealous. Blame him for welcoming[247].. However, he could not abandon his brother's bond, and immediately killed Akihiro from Gushion who attacked.[248].
Aston → Aston Altland
Voice-Kentaro Kumagai
Human Debris Boy Soldier. Disappointed with the treatment of the organization, but obeyed the order.
After the conflict with the Tekkadan, he was welcomed to the Tekkadan with his friends who survived.[247]Assists Olga with Eugene in the Battle of Edmonton[156].. After that, Akihiro's suggestion gave him the surname of Altland, and he was assigned to the Earth Chapter to deepen friendship with Takaki and Fuka, but he died in the armed conflict between Abrau and SAU, defending Takaki from the attack of McGillis who helped SAU side.[168].
Derma → Derma Altland
Voice- Cheerful room
Human Debris boy soldier.
After the conflict with the Tekkadan, he became a member of the Tekkadan and supported the Olga and others in MW in the Edmonton battle.[156].. After that, he took on the Altland surname like Aston and became the MS pilot of the first working team.[91].. After Aston's death, he inherited his will and became the exclusive pilot of Landman Roddy, who has pulled up from the Earth Chapter.[175].. Survived while losing his left arm in a total war between the Revolutionary Army and Arian Rod[174]After the McGillis Farid Incident, replaces his lost arm with a mechanical prosthetic hand and works at Dante and an orphanage[70].
Bitot, Pedro
Voice-Makoto Furukawa (Bito)
Human debris boy soldiers. Killed in action against Barbatos[247].

Dort colony group

Savaran Canure
Voice- Hirakawa Daisuke
The brother of biscuits. 26 years old. He was taken over by the owners of the factory where his parents worked because of his excellent academic performance, and after growing up, he was arbitrated between the company and the labor union as an officer of the Dort Company headquarters.[81].
In order to prevent riots, he planned to hand over Coudelia to Gjallarhorn as a mastermind, misidentified Atla who was accompanying the visiting biscuit as Coudelia and detained him with his younger brother, but was retaken by the crescent moon and others, and also from the biscuit. Rejected. After that, he continued to appeal to the company for dialogue, but armed conflict was inevitable, and he felt responsible for the death of Nabona and committed suicide.[249].
Nabona Mingo
Voice- Small Man
The head of a workers' union. Using the weapons carried by the Tekkadan as a shield, he appeals to the Doruto Company for improved treatment, but is shot dead with other union members by Gjallarhorn's strategy.[249].
Saw Carre, Nina Miyamori, Hajime Tsuji
Voice-Ryunosuke Watanuki (Saw),Kimura Zhuli(Nina), Koichi Soma (Hajime)
Director (Saw), announcer (Nina) and photographer (Hajime) of the news agency "Doruto Colony Network" that was broadcasting the armed demonstration of Doruto 3. I was skeptical about Gjallarhorn's series of responses and encountered the crescent moons just before I wanted to capture the voices of the workers. Accompany Isaribi and relay the appearance of Couderia to the Earth's sphere[250].


Makinae Togonosuke
Voice- Wheat
An old man in his 180s who is a representative of Abrau[251].. He was a negotiating partner for Couderia, but when the Tekkadan reached the Earth's sphere,briberyRetired on suspicion and in exile in the Federation of Oceania[81].
Believing that the visit of Couderia will be the trump card for returning to the national team, he demands that the Tekkadan descended to Earth escort himself to Abrau.[252].. Re-elected in parliament in Edmonton[96].
Terrorist attack at the Abrau Defense Force inauguration ceremony, resulting in serious unconsciousness. Although he recovers after peace with SAU, he realizes his own decline and requests Coudelia to become his successor. When the Tekkadan is wanted by Gjallarhorn, they will cooperate with them from the past gratitude.[102].. After the McGillis Fareed incident, he worked hard to eradicate human debris and ended his life.[253].
Henri Fru
Voice- Yoko Sawaumi
A female member who is considered to be the next Abrau representative[81].wigI am wearing. Secretly receives support from Gjallarhorn, but loses because Makinae is in time for Congress[254].
Lasker Alesi
Voice- Nobuo Tobita
Influential member of the Makinae faction[81].. Active lobbying in parliament to re-election Masaki[252].. After the McGillis Fareed incident, he became the representative of Abrau as a successor to the deceased Makinae.

Other people

Nobris Gordon
Voice- Katsumi Cho
Weapon merchant supporting the Mars independence movement as a sponsor of the Couderia[100].. Couderia plans to eradicate the couderia as a tragic heroine and gain the enormous benefits of armed clashes between the rich in the Earth and the poor in the out-of-range, but Coudelia tries to use herself knowing the truth. I changed my mind to the appearance of, and continued to lend even after the establishment of Admos Shokai[255].. During the Gjallarhorn Tekkadan all-out attack, he collaborated with Rastal and was involved in the control of the media and the assassination of Olga. Even after the collapse of the Tekkadan, he continues his honeymoon relationship with Rastal, but is shot dead by Ride in retaliation for Olga's murder.[109].
Voice- Kenji Nomura
Representative of the private sector carrier Orcus Shokai. With Todo's mediation, he is ostensibly undertaking the guide of the Tekkadan to the ark, but behind the scenes, he plans to sell the information to Gjallarhorn to bring out the convenience. Attacks Isaribi on his own ship with Gjallarhorn, but allows Olga to escape[256].
Allium allium
Voice- Kan Tanaka
Representative of Terra Riberionis. Make Coudelia take the stage at "Noakis's July Conference" and create an opportunity to spread her name[91].. Contact with Coudelia to revive the sluggish organization is refused, and colludes with the horizon at dawn to aim for Coudelia's life[109].. After the destruction of the horizon, Olga was blamed for the fact that he was involved in the horizon and the damage suffered by the Tekkadan, and was shot dead in the crescent moon.[110].
Sandoval Reuter
Voice- Kusunoki
The leader of the horizon at dawn. He has high skill not only as a battle commander but also as an MS pilot. He is ignoring the rapidly expanding Tekkadan, and opens a battle with the Tekkadan at the request of Terra Riberionis.[111].. In the final phase, he drives Hugo himself and fights against the crescent moons, but is defeated, detained and taken to Ishido and others.[110].
Garan Mossa
Voice- Kenta Miyake
Former Gjallarhorn mercenary. The ride is a gay rail. He possesses high operational ability and MS maneuvering skills, and during the Gjallarhorn era, he was successful in subduing space pirates. In order to support Rastal, a close friend from the training school days, he abandoned his real name and past career and turned to a mercenary. He is also a teacher who taught Giulietta how to fight, and is loved by her as "Uncle with a beard".[257].
In the armed conflict between Abrau and SAU, a terrorist bombing was carried out against Makinae, the representative of Abrau, in order to dismiss McGillis. Try to control and prolong the conflict[258].. However, the troops were destroyed by the raid of the crescent moons who sensed the division work of the Earth branch by Ladice, and he himself was defeated in the battle with Akihiro. Killed in action by self-destructing the entire aircraft to erase evidence of a relationship with Rastal[259].

Appearance weapon

The weapons that appear in this work are emphasized to be stronger than the weapons of other Gundam series, they hardly explode even if they are wrecked, the aircraft is crushed, and they are incapacitated by being hit by key points such as cockpits. There are many depictions. This is because the director Nagai had long thought that "weapons operated in harsh outer space should be quite strong", and had a sense of discomfort in the depiction of the aircraft being easily destroyed in other works.[260].. Also, in the world of other works, it is often the main weapon of mobile weapons.beamWeapons are not treated as main weapons due to the existence of nanolaminate armor, and are positioned as anti-personnel annihilation weapons mainly equipped by MA in the play.[67].

Mobile suit

Of this workMSIs considered to be a humanoid weapon developed to defeat MA, the cause of the evil festival, and has become a rare and expensive existence in the postwar era when industrial technology declined. The only power with industrial power that can be newly manufactured from the frame is Gjallarhorn, and the other powers are using the restored aircraft of the Apotropaic Magic era and the aircraft manufactured based on the blueprints of that time.[12].. Since the authority of Gjallarhorn was lost due to the success of the Tekkadan, the arms race of each power has been promoted and the number of vehicles in circulation has also increased.[261].

The frame structure of the aircraft is set more in-depth than other works, and various standardized frames are armored and armed to create variations of the aircraft. Machines with the same frame are highly compatible, and parts can be exchanged with different models. Some aircraft have been remodeled or replaced with the frame itself, and many of them have a larger body shape than other aircraft of the same type.[262][263][264][265].

At the time of the Apotropaic Magic, a maneuvering interface using the Eighth consciousness system was used, but after the war it was banned by the Gjallarhorn, who feared the abuse of technology.Retinal projectionManual control with computer support programs will be the mainstream[132].. Many of the surviving aircraft from the Apotropaic Magic era are operated by replacing the interface, but some illegal organizations such as space pirates continue to carry Eighth consciousness for child soldiers of human debris.[105].

Gundam frame

One of the frames developed by the predecessor organization of Gjallarhorn at the end of the war[211].. The Gundam of this work refers to the MS that adopted this frame, and if the conditions are met, it will be classified as a Gundam even if it looks like Gundam Gusion.[11].. It is praised as a symbol of the Gjallarhorn because of the achievements of the ancestors of Agnica Kaiel and Seven Stars boarding and ending the evil festival.[203][206][266].

A normal MS is equipped with two Ahab reactors, which are equipped with only one, and the purpose is to annihilate MA by hitting the whole body utilizing its high output.[267].. However, due to technical difficulties in parallel operation of reactors, the total number of production was only 72.[211].. The cockpit block is integrated with the frame and has excellent pilot survival.[12].. As a unique function, a program is provided to forcibly shift to the maximum output mode, ignoring the safety of the pilot, when approaching the MA more than a certain distance. In addition, if a limiter is set in the Eighth consciousness system, there will be an adverse effect that the drive system will malfunction due to competition with the system on the aircraft side.[268].

After the end of the war, all but the aircraft related to the Seven Stars and Gjallarhorn aristocrats were taken out of the cockpit and then discarded locally, and only 26 aircraft have been confirmed to exist at the beginning of the story.[144]..In addition, since many of the materials at that time were lost, it was difficult to maintain and procure parts, and the mechanism was complicated and the old model, so few aircraft operated satisfactorily.[269][270].

The frame is redesigned by Naohiro Washio based on the Gundam submitted by Tamotsu Shinohara in the competition of the leading machine, and each designer shares the design of the exterior so that it covers it.[271].. The unique name of each aircraft is72 Solomon DevilIt is said that Washio reflected the design of the devil on the double claws and toes of Barbatos.[272].

ASW-G-08 Gundam Barbatos
Crescent moon / August boarding machine[211].. It was discovered by Malva Arkay in the desert area of ​​Mars and was used as a power reactor for the CGS base in anticipation of future resale. Parts around the cockpit had been extracted from the beginning of the discovery, but it will be restarted by incorporating the cockpit of the crescent moon MW by Nadi, Yukinosuke, Cassapa and others during the attack on Gjallarhorn.[132].
It features high versatility by replacing various weapons, and by deploying the sub-arm of the back attachment, you can use the connected weapons.[273].. After becoming the main force of the Tekkadan, the fighting ability will be improved by adding and replacing parts and weapons obtained from enemy aircraft.
In addition, the game "SD Gundam G GENERATIONIn the seriesBarbatosThe original MS named "" has appeared since 2011, before the start of this work, but there is no direct relationship.
First form
The original appearance discovered on Mars. Armor on both shoulders is missing, on the left armGauntletIs installed. Since more than 300 years have passed since the evil festival, each part has deteriorated and it is in a state where it can not demonstrate its original performance, but it still has an output that overwhelms the glaze.[211].
The initial armament at restart isPile bunkerMade of high hardness rare alloy with thrustersMace[274].. Wear the captured Glaze shoulder armor on your left shoulder during a duel with Crank Zent.[275].
First form
Appearance during the war against Gjallarhorn in low earth orbit on Mars. The glaze shoulder armor, which has been repainted in white and blue, is worn upside down. As a shooting armament, 60mmMachine gunFolding type 300mm with coaxial arrangementSmooth cannon[Annotation 21]Equip.
First form
Appearance during the war against Turbines. Equip a wire claw taken from Gaelio's Chevalbe Glaze in place of the Gauntlet lost in Low Earth orbit on Mars.[211].
First form
The original appearance restored by the engineers of Yin Jiao based on the materials during the war. The weight balance of the aircraft and the readjustment of the reactor have improved the output, enabling behavior closer to the sense of a pilot.[130].. However, only the exterior was restored, and it is said that it has not completely reached the performance during the war.[12].. Made of high hardness rare alloy cultivated at Yin Jiao FactoryTadaoTo additionally equip[Annotation 22][130].. The limiter of Eighth consciousness is removed to the limit according to the crescent moon accustomed to the aircraft, and other human beings can not withstand the amount of information from the aircraft[276].
First form
Appearance renovated with parts provided by Montauk Shokai just before the Earth descends[211].. For Kimaris devised by Yukinosuke on the chestReactive armor, Adding thrusters recovered from Chevalbe Glaze (Ein machine) to the waist[132].. Cutan-type on both arms as a new armamentAxis-fired mortarEquip[274].
5th form (ground battle specification)
Adjusted by Turbines' Eco Turbines after Earth descent[211].. Removed the lumbar thruster that became unusable in the battle when entering the atmosphere,suspensionOptimized for ground useHeelsIt is replaced with a shaped ankle[277].. As a new main armament, the tip opens and closes and is special insideChainsawCarry a large special mace "Wrench Mace" equipped with, 170 mm on the armMachine gunEquip[278].
First form
Decisive battle specification that refurbished the 5th form (ground battle specification)[211].. The armor on both shoulders lost in the battle on Millennium Island has been replaced with that of Glaze Ritter, and a ground thruster has been added to the waist.[132].. Additional armor with the Tekkadan mark on the chest during battles in Edmonton[279].. Although the weight increase reduced the instantaneous maneuverability, the ability to continue the battle without replenishment has improved.[280].
ASW-G-08 Gundam Barbatos Lupus
Barbatos, which was damaged in the battle after the battle with Edmonton and was difficult to repair, was overhauled at the MS studio of Yin Jiao.[234].. "Lupus" is the name given by the maintenance manager of Yin Jiao.Latinso"Means[281].
Based on the crescent battle data, modifications have been made to improve reaction speed and maneuverability.[234].. Lightweight on the exteriorSloped armorIt is designed to be brought into close quarters battle, which is good at minimizing damage, by adopting excellent curved armor, a dedicated thruster on the waist, and a suspension that supports all areas on the ankle.[282].. The synchronization between the pilot and the aircraft through the Eighth consciousness system has been further promoted, and the forearm frame has been extended and the reaction index has been adjusted.[281].. In consideration of the crescent moon, which is usually inconvenient for the right arm, the connection cable of the Eighth consciousness system is extended to the outside of the cockpit.[283].
Armed with a special weapon "Sword Mace" that has the characteristics of a mace and a sword, a 20mm cannon with a built-in 200mm machine gun that is selectively equipped on the arm attachment, orRocket cannon, Two small "twin maces" suitable for turbulent battles, a new sword newly rebuilt by Yin Jiao[282].. The sub-arm on the back has an additional claw, which functions not only for holding weapons but also as a means of attacking backwards.[284].
ASW-G-08 Gundam Barbatos Lupus Rex
A figure of Barbatos Lupus, which was damaged in the battle with Hashmal, refurbished at the MS studio of Yin Jiao. "Lex" means "king" in Latin. Based on the battle data of the crescent moon, which has been integrated with the aircraft after the Hashmal battle, the reaction speed has been increased to the theoretical limit value, and each joint has delicate adjustments that match the skin sensation of the pilot. It has been done. Part of the remains of Hashmal has been diverted to the exterior, transforming it into a beast-like appearance that more reflects the fighting style of the crescent moon. In particular, the forearm is huge enough to deviate from the human shape, and a sub-arm that expands with the elbow as a fulcrum is stored inside.[285].
Armed with a super-large mace for anti-ships with pile bunker on both ends and a telescopic mechanism of the handle, a rare metal manipulator "Lexnail" suitable for piercing with bare hands, a 200 mm cannon built into the arm, Hashmal Wired injection type "tail blade" on the back, and pile bunker "heel bunker" built into the heel[286].. Anti-ship Lance Mace is set as additional weapons[287].
When escaping from Mars headquarters, the final battle specification will be devised, in which the left arm is replaced with the one of the first form and the shoulder armor of Legin Rays is attached to the left shoulder, but it will not be adopted.[288].
ASW-G-11 Gundam Gusion
Brewers' Kudar Kadel boarding machine. High densitySpace debrisDiscovered in the zone and wandering among the pirates operating in that space[104].
By installing super-heavy armor that maximizes the output of the reactor, it has gained robustness that is unmatched by anti-aircraft machine guns. The armor and the special extension parts built into the internal frame make it a bloated figure. After the discovery, it has been refurbished in response to space warfare, and the high-power thrusters of each part demonstrate mobility that does not suit the appearance. However, the fuel efficiency is very poor, and the large size added inside the armorPropellantEven if a tank is used, the operating time is short. The cockpit has been replaced with a normal type due to distrust of Kudal's Eighth consciousness system.[159].
Armed with a head Vulcan cannon that can also fire flare guns, a mass-destroying weapon Gusion Hammer with a built-in thruster that weighs more than 15 tons, 90 mm for shootingsubmachine gun, 400 4mm cannon buster anchors with built-in chest, 2 shots on the back of the waist side armor for throwingGrenade.. As additional weapons, a Gusion Ax consisting of a hammer that can be ejected and a real blade sickle, and a Gusion Chopper with a built-in thruster for speeding up on the peak side of the hatchet are set.[289].
ASW-G-11 Gundam Gusion Rebake
Gusion, which was captured by the Tekkadan, was completely renovated by Turbines engineers. Became a boarding machine for Akihiro and Altoland following the Glaze Kai[211].. "Rebake" means "rebake"[290].
By replacing the exterior with Barbatos spare armor, the weight of the main body has been reduced, and the disadvantages of a significant extension of operating time and the ability to operate under gravity have been obtained. Before the renovation, the shin armor was remodeled into two booster pods on the back, and the back armor was remodeled into a rear skirt on the waist. The booster pod has a built-in sub-arm that is a diversion of Glaze's arm, making it possible to carry weapons. By removing the rear skirt and using it as a shield on hand, it demonstrates the same high level of defense as before the repair. The head is equipped with a mechanism to transform into a precision shooting mode, and uses the Eighth consciousness system to visualize objects and electromagnetic waves with a high-sensitivity sensor for long-distance support and transmit them to the pilot. The Eighth consciousness system, which had been removed before the renovation, has been re-installed by using the captured Man Lodi parts.[291].
Armed with a 120mm long range rifle with an extension barrel made by Teiwas and a scope added to the glaze rifle, "Gusion Rebake Halberd" equipped with a handle expansion mechanism and a pile bunker[292].
ASW-G-11 Gundam Gusion Rebake Full City
After the war with Edmonton, the severely damaged Gusion Rebake was overhauled at the MS studio of Yin Jiao. "Full City" is the coffee bean "Full city roastDerived from[293].
While reproducing the aircraft performance at that time based on the materials of the evil festival era, the specifications of close combat, which Akihiro is good at, are being strengthened. A complete overhaul of the equipment has been made to increase the energy transfer coefficient of the reactor, and the back sub-arm and head deformation mechanism have been redesigned into a more sophisticated shape.[235].
Armed with a single-shot knuckle rocket gun on the main arm, a knuckle guard with integrated offense and defense equipped on all arms, and two-handedScissorsIn addition to the variable rear armor that also serves as a large shield that transforms into, the weapon of the old rebake is selectively equipped[294].. The Turbines rescue mission will be equipped with a new long-haul backpack unit and railgun.[292].
ASW-G-66 Gundam Kimaris
The aircraft on which the founder of the Bauduin family was on board. It was used for formal events such as ceremonies after the Apotropaic Magic, but it will be put into actual battle again as a boarding machine for Gaelio Bauduin after Chevalbe Glaze.[206].
It features a Western armor-like appearance and specializes in close quarters combat. The high-power boosters in each part provide high maneuverability and rushing power, and especially when the leg boosters are deployed, it enables quick direction change and rapid acceleration in exchange for a decrease in attitude control ability.[295].. Equipped with an optional back booster for long-distance travel and low-earth orbit combat[295].. The head has a built-in high-precision sensor to reliably capture the target during high-speed movement, and has a unique structure with a sharp crown.[296].. Since Gaelio himself has not been treated by the Eighth consciousness system, the cockpit interior has been replaced with a glaze type one.[295].
Armed with a large lance with a built-in 120mm cannonGungnir, A foldable combat knife for close range suspended on the back of the waist, and a high-hardness rare alloy injection weapon "Slash Disc" built into both shoulders.[206].. 4 gates on the headFlash bulletEquipped with a launch port and shields the sensor with a shutter when in use[296].
ASW-G-66 Gundam Chimalist Trooper
Ground battle / long-term battle specifications with most of the exterior replaced[211].. The sensor on the top of the head has been changed to a comb shape, and the weight of the aircraft has been reduced by downsizing and reducing the armor. The rear skirt was replaced with a large type equipped with thrusters, and the legs were transformed into four legs.TrooperBy becoming a "form", high-speed movement by hovering becomes possible.[297].. A "multi-slot accelerator" equipped with a compression circuit directly connected to the reactor and a cooling engine is built in on the left and right sides of the chest, but it is not used because the application is unknown.[Annotation 23][265].
Armed with a "Destroyer Lance" with a built-in 140mm machine gun and thruster mechanism, a "Kimaris Shield" containing a spare armament "Kimaris Saber", and 6 spray ports on the side of the rear skirt.mineVarious. The waist is equipped with a foldable sub-arm that doubles as a side skirt to ensure that the handheld armament is held.[297].
ASW-G-XX [Annotation 24]Gundam Vidal
Kimaris damaged in the match against Edmonton is repaired and disguised by Arianrhod's technical team. Gaelio dressed as Vidal will continue to board. The refurbishment will take place inside a Skipjack-class battleship and will be put into service for the first time in a rebellion suppression operation in the Federal Industrial Colonies of Oceania.[299].. The aircraft name isNordic mythologyGod appearing in "VidalDerived from[300].
A dummy reactor is installed in the backpack to deceive the natural frequency of Ahab Wave. The control system is equipped with the pseudo-Eighth consciousness system "Eighth consciousness Type E" that uses the brain of Ein Dalton who died in the war. By forcibly operating the aircraft together with the pilot's body against the framed enemy, it is possible to maximize the aircraft performance while overcoming the load on the cranial nerves, which is a drawback of the conventional Eighth consciousness. Is[301].. Due to a series of circumstances, its existence is considered to be top secret even inside the Gjallarhorn, and the details are known only to a small number of people including Rastal Elion.[302].
Armed with the blade separatedExplosive bullet"Burst saber" that can also be used as a test type, 110 1mm rifle, 2 short-range hand guns stored in the front skirt, and "Hunter Edge", a blade for fighting toes and heels. Three spare saber blades are stored in the binder on both waists, and when pulling out, the binder itself slides backwards, enabling smooth sword pulling.[303].
ASW-G-66 Gundam Chimaris Vidal
A decisive battle specification for space that has existed since the time of the Apotropaic Magic, with the disguise of Gundam Vidal released according to Gaelio who announced his identity. Eighth consciousness Type E is still installed[304].
Armed with a rotating tip, two 200mm cannons, a "drill lance" equipped with a special KEP bullet firing mechanism for Dyne Slave, a rotating injection pile bunker "Drill Knee" stored in both knees, and a height suspended on the left hip. Hardness Rare alloy sword, 2 shields connected to the sub-arms on both sides of the backpack. In addition to the thruster, the shield has a power unit for Dáinsleif and a spare magazine with 2 shots each, and when connected to the drill lance, it becomes a launching position[305].
ASW-G-64 Gundam Hauras / Meteor
An aircraft discovered with Pluma at the Mars Half Metal Exploration Site under the control of the Tekkadan. After the excavation, the reactor will be restarted and overhauled at the MS studio of Tosei, and it will be the boarding machine of Norba Shino next to Shiden Kai (XNUMXrd Meteor). At the time of excavation, it was a white body color, but at the request of Shino, his trademark pink paint and nose art were applied, and it was completed as the "XNUMXth Meteor".[162].
It is an aircraft that specializes in long-range shooting with the output of two reactors, and by transforming it into a quadrupedal shooting mode in which the lower body is rotated 2 degrees from the waist on the ground, posture stability and recoil during shooting Enables quick avoidance maneuvers after absorption and launch[162].. Since the cockpit was removed at the time of excavation, the cockpit of the Teiwas MS will be newly relocated.[163].
Armed with a railgun for ultra-long range shooting on the back[Annotation 25]2 gates, 120 hand-held 2mm machine guns that deploy from the back to both sides, 2 assault knives with a hook-shaped tip, and a shield for the forearm[163].. Since the railgun is a Dáinsleif, the Tekkadan uses bullets that are close to the Treaty on the Prohibition.[162].. Also, during a turbulent battle, it will be operated by replacing the long barrel with a short barrel suitable for shooting when moving.[306].. In the battle between the Revolutionary Army and Arianrhod, the original Dáinsleif warhead manufactured by processing the Teiwas MS frame material is used.[Annotation 26].
ASW-G-01 Gundam Bael
The first Gundam frame, Agnica Kaiel's former boarding machine[307].. Pure white body color and variable thruster wing on the back, on the left shoulderhornFeatures the emblem of[203], A Gundam frame bearing the name of the devil, but with an angelic appearance[308].. At the time of the Apotropaic Magic, the MAs were driven out with overwhelming combat power, creating an opportunity for the Gundam Frame to be given special attention.[307].. After the war, it was deified as an aircraft in which the soul of Agnica dwells, and it is reported that those who operate the aircraft are qualified to stand at the top of the Gjallarhorn.[220].. It is also one of the few MSs that still exist during the war.[Annotation 27]Since the cockpit is still compatible with the Eighth consciousness system at that time, there was no one in the Gjallarhorn that prohibited the Eighth consciousness, and it was placed on the underground altar of Vingólf for a long time. Launched for the first time in 300 years by McGillis Fareed, who underwent Eighth consciousness surgery, the Gjallarhorn Revolutionary ArmyNishiki no mihataBecome[203].
Armed with a double-edged sword "Bael Sword" suspended from a movable blade holder on the back of the waist[Annotation 28]And one electromagnetic cannon built into each of the left and right wings[203].. Rare metals refined by a special technique are used for the blade part of the sword, and although it is smaller and lighter than other melee weapons due to the difficulty of processing, it demonstrates the sharpness to cut the MS frame by frame.[308].
After the McGillis Fareed incident, it was recovered by the Rastal camp and resealed with the cockpit removed.[121].

Glaze frame

The frame used in the current MS of Gjallarhorn.As a result of being developed for the purpose of suppressing conflicts and maintaining public order, the structure has been significantly simplified and lightened compared to the frame during the war-torn war, achieving high productivity and maintainability.As a common feature of the adopted machines, it has a built-in spherical sensor unit that detects Ahab waves and infrared rays in the head, and it becomes an enemy search mode by deploying the surrounding armor.[310].. Compared to the Gundam frame aimed at eradicating MA, it is inferior in terms of output and potential under certain conditions, but it exceeds this in terms of perfection as a machine considering operability.[311]..Has excellent balance and versatility as a whole, but no outstanding ability[312].

Kanetake Ebikawa is in charge of the design, and while using the motif of Western knights and dragons, the image is extruded more sophisticated than the old Gundam frame.[313].

EB-06 Grays
Gjallarhorn's flagship mass-produced MS[310].. The aircraft name is "" that appears in Norse mythology.Lars GriesDerived from[314].. The coloring is moss green for the ground type, purple for the machine belonging to Arles, and dark green for the machine belonging to Arianrhod.[211], Ioku Kujan machine is dark khaki and yellow[315], Arianrhod's Dáinsleif operation type is light gray[316], Revolutionary Army affiliation machine is blue[317].
It is designed as a versatile machine that can be used in all environments by replacing the equipment, and its operational evaluation is so high that the development of a successor machine is questioned.[318].. While it has high maneuverability regardless of pilot, some senior pilots are dissatisfied with the leveled performance, which triggered the development of the higher performance Chevalbe Glaze.[12].
The ground type adopts lightweight armor suitable for operation under gravity, and is equipped with two main boosters on the thighs. The space type gains high-speed movement ability by moving the booster from the waist to the back. The commander's aircraft has a small blade antenna added to the head that supports operation under Ahab Wave, and the communication distance is doubled compared to general aircraft.[318].
The basic armament is a 120mm rifle that can be replaced with a short barrel and a 9.8m battle ax for close combat. Optional nanolaminate armor 8.8m shield, rocket-type 320mm bazooka cannon that can be suspended on the shoulder rack, and a large booster with attitude control grip for the manipulator are available.[319].. In the McGillis Fareed case, Arianrhod throws in an aircraft with the left arm replaced with an electromagnetic projector for Dáinsleif and the head sensor unit changed to a telephoto camera type.[320].
EB-06j Glaze (ground battle specification)
Aircraft deployed to the ground forces of the earth[211].. Equipped with "GR-E03 ground booster unit" on the waist, the ankle has been replaced with a large type with a built-in auxiliary hover unit.[132][321].. Equipped with a lightweight and easy-to-manage battle blade on the back as a unique weapon[211].. The coloring is gray for the Pacific defense unit and reddish brown for the Edmonton stationed unit.
EB-06r Glaze liter
Sister aircraft deployed in the Outer Earth Orbit Control Integrated Fleet and Vingólf. The coloring is light blue green for Carta Issue and the aircraft under Carta, light blue for McGillis Fareed and Ishido Camiche, and blue and yellow for McGillis.
It is a highly maneuverable type that supports combat in low earth orbit, and has a chicken crown-shaped head antenna that is different from its sister aircraft, Glaze, and a large shoulder armor with a built-in thruster. These designs reflect not only practicality as weapons, but also the idea of ​​embodying the idea of ​​Gjallarhorn, and are also used for ceremonial events.[93].. The versatility of the frame machine is also alive, and it is equipped with a back booster common to Glaze in space, and a thigh hover unit of the same type as the Glaze ground battle specification on the ground.[277].. The commander-only aircraft has extended shoulder armor, and the design around the chicken crown-shaped head antenna and cockpit hatch has been changed. Since McGillis took office as fleet commander, the aircraft has undergone a complete overhaul and has been refurbished to maximize its maneuverability under gravity.[223].
In addition to the same armament as Glaze, it is equipped with a double-edged night blade that imitates a knight's sword. Since it is an aircraft that also attends ceremonies, the night blade has a shape that includes elegance in the standard sword.[93].
EB-06Q Glaze silt
A custom machine deployed on Arianrhod. "Silt" isGermanMeans "shield"[322].. Same specifications as normal ground type glaze except that a chin guard is attached to the chin and a red line is treated on the crown and shield.[223].. Its main mission is to control cities and bases under gravity, and it is good at group battles.[323].. Armed with halberd and large shield[223].
EB-06 / tc Glaze Kai
A refurbishment machine that extracts usable parts from the two glazes captured by the Tekkadan and consolidates them into one. The Ahab reactor is a crank machine, and the Auris reactor is sold by Turbines. Originally it was planned to be resold as an addition to the operating funds of the Tekkadan, but Akihiro and Altoland boarded to intercept the Gjallarhorn encountered in low earth orbit on Mars, and since then it has become the official force of the Tekkadan. Become[158].
The head and shoulder armor damaged by the Barbatos attack has been replaced with original products, and a single-shot high-thrust booster has been added to the back.[211]..The armor strength of the upper body is lower than before the renovation, but the weight reduction improves maneuverability in outer space.グレイズの利点である整備性と操縦性の高さも引き継がれており、MWの整備経験しかない鉄華団のメカニック陣や阿頼耶識システムに慣れていた昭弘にもあつかいやすい機体となっているThe high maintainability and maneuverability that are the advantages of Glaze have also been inherited, making it an easy-to-use aircraft for the Tekkadan mechanics who have only experience in MW maintenance and Akihiro who was accustomed to the Eighth consciousness system.[158].
In addition to the standard equipment of Glaze, the armament mounts a bazooka gun stolen from the aircraft belonging to Arles at the Mars low earth orbit station on the shoulder[319].
EB-06 / tc2 Second Meteor / Glaze Kai (Grays Kaini)
Glaze Kai refurbished with Teiwas technology.グシオンリベイクに乗り換えた昭弘に代わってノルバ・シノが搭乗するNorba Sino will board in place of Akihiro who changed to Gusion Rebake[324].
At Shino's request, the whole body was repainted in pink[Annotation 29], Ride Mass's eye and fang nose art on the temporal region, and a large antenna on the back of the head.
The shoulder armor and rear skirt have been replaced with those of Hyakuren, and the built-in thrusters improve maneuverability and attitude control.A mechanism for connecting a small arm of the cutan type has been added to the legs, and when used in combination with the main unit mounted on the back, it demonstrates a high advantage in battle in orbit.Introduced the captured Man Lodi's Eighth consciousness system in the flight control system.グレイズの完成された制御系統に無理やりシステムを組み込んでいるため交感能力はガンダム・フレームに遠くおよばないが、鉄華団パイロットにはむしろあつかいやすい機体となっているThe sympathetic ability is far from the Gundam frame because the system is forcibly incorporated into the completed control system of Glaze, but it is rather easy to handle for the Tekkadan pilot.[324].
EB-05s Chevalbe Glaze
A custom machine developed from a prototype common to Glaze.It is a sister machine developed for commanders and ace pilots, and it is inferior in stability at low output, so it demonstrates its true value in high maneuver combat where high output is required.背部に惑星間航行艦の技術を用いた「GR-Es01 フライトユニット」を装着しており、肩部・腰部・脚部のブースターを併用することで、重力下でも高い飛行能力を発揮するThe back is equipped with the "GR-EsXNUMX Flight Unit" that uses the technology of interplanetary spacecraft, and by using boosters on the shoulders, waist, and legs together, it demonstrates high flight ability even under gravity.[325]..頭部は上下二段式のセンサーと大型アンテナを採用した独自の形状をもつが、内部にはグレイズ・フレーム共通の球状センサーが収納されているThe head has a unique shape that uses a two-stage upper and lower sensor and a large antenna, but a spherical sensor common to the glaze frame is housed inside.[231]..コクピットはユニット化されており、緊急時には機体から切り離しが可能The cockpit is unitized and can be separated from the aircraft in an emergency[326]..青のマクギリス機や紫のガエリオ機など、パイロットに合わせたカラーリングやカスタマイズが施された機体が多いMany aircraft have been colored and customized to suit the pilot, such as the blue McGillis aircraft and the purple Gaelio aircraft.[231]..のちにガエリオ機はアイン・ダルトンにLater Gaelio plane became Ein Dalton[211], McGillis machine transferred to Ishido / Camice[223].
The armament is the same as Glaze, and a wired injection type wire claw is additionally equipped on the left arm.[231]..ガエリオ機は、ショートライフル先端に対ラミネートアーマー用の16.5mランスを装着しているThe Gaelio machine is equipped with a XNUMXm lance for laminated armor at the tip of the short rifle.[327].
EB-AX2 Grays Ein
An experimental machine for the Eighth consciousness system secretly developed by Gjallarhorn.実験終了後は一度廃棄されたが、阿頼耶識システムの施術を受けたアイン・ダルトンを生体ユニットとして組み込むことで起動し、エドモントンでの鉄華団迎撃に投入されるIt was once abandoned after the end of the experiment, but it was activated by incorporating Ein Dalton, who had undergone the treatment of the Eighth consciousness system, as a biological unit, and was put into interception of the Tekkadan in Edmonton.[262].
As a result of promoting the integration of the pilot and the aircraft, the arms and legs have been redesigned to make it more like a living body.これによって通常のグレイズよりも大型化したが、阿頼耶識システムとの交感によって俊敏かつ繊細な機動を実現しているThis made it larger than the normal glaze, but realized agile and delicate maneuvers by interacting with the Eighth consciousness system.[262].
Armed with a large back swing, two shoulder retractable 40mm machine guns, and two disposable pile bunker equipped on both arms.両手部とクロー状の両足部はそれぞれ高速回転することでスクリューパンチ、ドリルキックとして機能するBoth hands and claw-shaped feet rotate at high speed to function as screw punches and drill kicks.[328].
AEB-06L Fleck Glaze
Export model of Glaze developed by Gjallarhorn for each economic zone[329]..他のグレイズ・フレーム機よりも小型かつ簡便な構造となっており、オリジナル機の性能にはおよばないが、操縦の容易さから練度の低いアーブラウ防衛軍の主力機やIt has a smaller and simpler structure than other glaze frame aircraft, and although it does not match the performance of the original aircraft, it is the main aircraft of the Abrau Defense Force, which is less sophisticated due to its ease of maneuvering[330], Used as a private work machine. SAUとの紛争時は、鉄華団にも配備されるIn case of conflict with SAU, it will also be deployed to the Tekkadan[320]..アリアンロッドではダインスレイヴ弾頭の補充機として運用されるOperated as a replenisher for Dáinsleif warheads at Arianrhod[320]..武装は専用の90mmサブマシンガンと小型アックス、ウェポンベイを兼ねた頭部のミサイルポッド4門Armed with a dedicated XNUMXmm submachine gun, a small ax, and four missile pods with a head that doubles as a weapon bay.[320]..As for the coloring, the aircraft belonging to the Abrau Defense Force is light gray, the aircraft belonging to Arianrhod is light purple, and the aircraft belonging to Afam equipment is brown.

Legin Rays Frame

A new frame developed from the glaze frame.グレイズ・フレームの完成度の高さから開発が停滞していたが、エドモントン戦で鉄華団に敗北した事態を受けて本格配備の動きが加速するDevelopment was stagnant due to the high degree of perfection of the glaze frame, but the movement of full-scale deployment accelerates after being defeated by the Tekkadan in the match against Edmonton.[224]..グレイズ・フレームの特長を継承しつつ、その始祖であるヴァルキュリア・フレームの構造も取り入れられており、可動範囲の拡大や、高出力と重武装に対応した強化が行われているWhile inheriting the features of the Glaze Frame, the structure of its ancestor Valkyrie Frame has also been incorporated, expanding the range of movement and strengthening it for high output and heavy armament.[331]..頭部はグレイズ・フレームと同じく索敵モードへの変形機構を備えているが、内蔵センサーは3連The head has a transformation mechanism to the enemy search mode like the glaze frame, but the built-in sensor is tripleTurretChanged to compound eye type of expression[331]..デザインは海老川兼武が担当しているKanetake Ebikawa is in charge of the design[332].

EB-08 Legin Rays
The successor to the Glaze.As for the coloring, the Julietta machine is painted green and white, the Ioku machine is painted dark khaki and yellow, and the general machine is painted green and dark gray.
In contrast to Glaze, which emphasizes operational convenience, this has been redesigned to emphasize battle against MS, taking advantage of the high frame strength. 18機の初期生産型がアリアンロッドに配備され、一部はパイロットに合わせた改修が施されるEighteen initial production models will be deployed on Arianrhod, some of which will be modified to suit the pilot.[224].
Armed with a 130mm rifle with a larger caliber than the Glaze, a multi-weapon pack consisting of a barrel that can be replaced with a grenade or a quadruple revolver and a large sword, and two gauntlets that double as a shield and a knuckle guard.高機動・高出力に重きを置いた近接格闘仕様のジュリエッタ機は、柄尻にワイヤーアンカーを内蔵した試作型ツインパイル4基と腕部機関砲を、長距離支援用のイオク機は試作型の長距離レールガンとナイトブレードをそれぞれ装備するThe close combat specification Julietta machine, which emphasizes high mobility and high output, has two prototype twin piles with a built-in wire anchor at the buttock and an arm cannon, and the Ioku machine for long-distance support is a prototype type. Equipped with long-range railgun and night blade respectively[333].
EB-08jjc Legin Rays Julia
A testing machine developed by a research team that accompanies Arianrhod.より強い力を求めていたジュリエッタが受領し、ギャラルホルンにおける試作機の慣例にならってヤマジン・トーカによって「ジュリア」と命名されるReceived by Giulietta, who was looking for stronger power, and named "Julia" by Yamazin Toka, following the convention of prototypes in Gjallarhorn.[334].
It is designed with the idea of ​​prioritizing single-machine performance at the expense of maneuverability, and as a result of utilizing the battle data of Glaze Ain in Edmonton, it has a large and biological shape.地上戦を想定したグレイズ・アインとは対照的に宇宙空間での運用を想定しており、全身に大型フライトユニットやブースターが増設されているIn contrast to Glaze Ein, which is supposed to be a ground battle, it is supposed to be operated in outer space, and large flight units and boosters are added to the whole body.[225]..ただし、地上戦においても通常のレギンレイズを上回る性能を発揮するHowever, even in ground battles, it outperforms normal legin raises.[335]..高速飛行時は、腰部ブースター裏に付随するブーツ状のスラスターユニットを足首に装着するWhen flying at high speed, attach the boot-shaped thruster unit attached to the back of the lumbar booster to the ankle.[225].
Armedbellows"Julian Sword" on both forearms that transforms into a whip mode, a claw with a replacement arm manipulator, a blade on the leg, and a cannon with a built-in shoulder flight unit. Julian Sword uses the same rare metal as the Valkyrie blade for the tip and internal wire, and can be used like a drill by sending an electric signal in whip mode to change the trajectory of the attack or sliding the blade little by little. .. In the operation to suppress the Tekkadan headquarters, the claw on the right hand will be replaced with that of the normal Legin Rays, and the carrying armament will also be changed to a dedicated large blade and large shield.[336].

Gay rail frame

An old-fashioned frame that is one generation before the glaze frame. After the deployment of the Glaze Frame aircraft, most of them have been retired except for training, but some have been illegally leaked to mercenary units.[257]..デザインは海老川兼武が担当しているKanetake Ebikawa is in charge of the design[337].

EB-04 Gay rail
The previous generation flagship machine of Glaze. Galan Mossa's boarding machine was arranged by Rastal Elion, and the cockpit has been replaced with that of Glaze, and by using the parts of the prototype that has been wrecked and the registration code has been erased, it is inside. Precision parts and Ahab Wave's natural frequencies are disguised[338].
Armed with a drum magazine type 110mm rifle, a shield ax with integrated offense and defense, and an ice ax that is also used for dismantling colonies. As a ground option, attach a large hover unit to the back of the waist[338].
EB-04jc4 Gayrail Schalrichter
A sister machine that supports heavy armor and heavy equipment. "Schalrichter" is German for "ExecutionersMeans[339].. There are differences from ordinary gay rails, such as head armor and hover unit as standard equipment. Demonstrate its true value in melee situations by properly using a wide variety of weapons[339].
Armed with a drum magazine type 110mm rifle, a pickaxe diverted from construction tools, a land mace, and a claw shield on both shoulders that can store hand grenades inside.[340].

Teiwas Frame

A frame developed by Teiwas based on a high-power machine designed in the latter half of the Apotropaic Magic War as a countermeasure against space pirates. The Ahab Reactor is diverted from the time of the Apotropaic Magic, but it was the first power other than Gjallarhorn to build a new frame.[341].. As for the aircraft name, the Chinese character name referring to the Chinese treasure sword is used together with the Io frame described later.[342].. Tamotsu Shinohara is in charge of the design[343].

STH-14s Hyakuri
High mobility MS developed for patrol and reconnaissance missions. At the time of battle, it is based on platoon operation with two Hyakuren aircraft[241].
Equipped with a large backpack with a built-in booster and a sensor for Ahab wave detection, it transforms into a cruising form by storing both arms. When the backpack is attached, the center of gravity of the aircraft is greatly biased toward the upper body, so it is not suitable for operation on the ground. The backpack also has a function as a weapon rack, and there are variations such as an information support type that specializes in searching for enemies with high precision sensors and a fire support type for base defense.[241].
The main armament is a wheel body type loaded with two 2 mm rifles and eight explosive bullets.Grenade launcher[211][319].. The lower part of the backpack becomes a knuckle shield with integrated offense and defense[241].
STH-05 Hyakuren
General-purpose main MS. As for the coloring, the general aircraft is painted in blue, and the single number aircraft on which Amida Arca is on board is painted in pink. Full-scale mass production is not yet in place, and currently only 44 pre-produced aircraft are in operation.[98].
Assuming operation in all areas, it is equipped with heavy armor with excellent impact resistance that demonstrates its power in close combat in environments with many obstacles such as asteroid belts and debris belts.[98]Equipped with lighter armor under gravity. In addition, the nine early aircraft deployed in the nine sub-organizations are called "single numbers", and by using high-purity "Jupiter Metal" for the reactor and frame, the reaction speed exceeds that of the tenth and subsequent aircraft. Demonstrate maximum output[240].
The main armament is a 20mm rifle canon with 100 loadings, a single-edged blade with a sheath on the back of the waist, and a knuckle guard with a discharge function that doubles as a part of the side armor.[98].. The Amida aircraft will be equipped with a 130mm assault rifle made by Euro Electronics instead of the rifle canon. In addition, as an optional weapon common to Hyakuri, a quadruple rocket launcher that can select various warheads will be additionally equipped on the shoulder.[319].
STH-05R Leakage
An aircraft that has been refurbished by Amida and Azy Grumin in order to support the Tekkadan while hiding their identities. Amida herself does not participate directly in the support, so Rafta Frankland will be on board her aircraft. The armor has been lightened in consideration of combat under gravity, and the large boosters that can be opened and closed on the left and right sides of the back and the boosters on the legs provide high mobility. These refurbished parts are prototypes manufactured by Teiwas' development department, but the battle data of Rafta and others are evaluated and officially mass-produced.[344].
Armed with a hand gun that demonstrates high power despite its 80 mm caliber, a heavy club for close combat with excellent destructive power, and selective use of Teiwas MS equipment[344].
STH-20 Hekija
A successor that integrates the concepts of Hyakuri and Hyakuri. Although it is positioned as a mass-produced machine with higher performance than Shiden, it takes time to develop it, and at present, only a few test machines are completed. While achieving both the high mobility of Hyakuri and the high output of Hyakuri, it has achieved high maneuverability that reduces the burden on pilots by competing with the increasing number of human debris equipped with the Eighth consciousness system. Deployable thrusters are provided in both shoulders, back, and both ankle joints, and by deploying all of these thrusters, it is possible to handle a wide range of situations from hit-and-run tactics to super close combat.[345].. On the other hand, there is a drawback that it is disadvantageous in the atmosphere due to insufficient ground battle data.[346].
Armed 110 mm for exclusive useBayonet rifleAnd the cutting edge was curvedTobiguchiIn addition to the small rotating blades on both wrists that are also used for blades, rifle fixtures and defenses, select and carry various equipment made by Teiwas.[345].

Io frame

A frame reconstructed for the purpose of full-scale mass production of the Teiwas frame. The frame itself is a new design, but it has almost the same structure as the Teiwas frame except that the details have been adjusted.[347].. Like the Teiwas Frame, the Ahab Reactor is diverted from the time of the Apotropaic Magic.[179].. Ippei Katabe is in charge of the design[348].

STH-16 Shiden
A general-purpose machine with an excellent balance of performance. It will be preferentially deployed to the Tekkadan, which is a direct line of Teiwas, at a low price, and mainly the members of the working corps will board. The machines belonging to the Tekkadan are painted in wine red, and the machines belonging to Teiwas are painted in dark blue.[349].
The performance of a single machine is not as good as the glaze, but this is compensated for by making specifications that emphasize maneuverability and group battles.[350].. The head main camera contains multiple high-sensitivity sensors and is protected by an openable armored visor. This visor is manufactured in several variations to accommodate changes in the operating environment, field of view, and individual identification.[179].. The Eighth consciousness system is not installed due to problems such as reliability.
Armed with a rifle and a handle expansion and contraction mechanismPartizan, Braided bad specializing in beating, covering half of the aircraftRiot shield, Gauntlet shield that doubles as a knuckle guard with a protrusion for piercing at the tip[223][179][351].
STH-16 / tc Shiden Kai / Third Meteor
A refurbishment machine on which Norba Sino is on board. It is the third generation meteor issue after Glaze Kai, and the battle data of Glaze Kai and the Eighth consciousness system have been transplanted, and features such as pink painting and nose art have been inherited.[352].. In contrast to general aircraft, it emphasizes combat with a single aircraft, and by adding large thrusters to both shoulder armor, mobility is improved.[353].
STH-16 / tc Raiden
An aircraft that repairs the Shiden Kai that was damaged in the battle with Hashmal. Transferred to Ride Mass from Shino who switched to Hauras[171].. Repainted yellow at the request of the ride, with a lightning bolt marking on the left shoulder[Annotation 30].. Equipped with gauntlet shields on both arms, assuming super close quarters battle[223].. Since Ride is absent when Arianrhod breaks through the siege, Enbi will act as a pilot.
STH-16 / tc2 Shiden Olga Machine
A custom machine given by McMurdo Balliston as a reminder to the Tekkadan, which purchased a large amount of Shiden.[355].. It is called "King's Chair" by the members because it is a special machine for Olga Itsuka.[352].. Features white and gray aircraft colors, red line markings, one corner of the visor, and a shield on the left shoulder[223].. Olga tries to board in the battle against Hashmal, but is stopped by the crescent moon, and Eugene Seven Stark will board in place of the dead Olga in the operation to break through the siege network of Arian Rod.[352].

Rody frame

A general-purpose frame that was mass-produced and widely used in the middle of the war[105].. There is a cockpit storage space in the center frame of the fuselage, and the Ahab Reactor is arranged in a protruding shape on the back. After the war, it was diverted as the skeleton of civilian work machines and MS of space pirates.[16].. Ippei Katabe is in charge of the design[356].

UGY-R41 Man Lodi
Aircraft operated by space pirates and out-of-range organizations. The coloring is two shades of green for the Brewers machine, and two tones of khaki and light purple for the JPT Trust machine.[175].
By installing heavy armor that has been strengthened to the limit of the load capacity, the defense power is enhanced. Sufficient maneuverability in outer space is ensured by the thrusters of each part, but the operating time is short due to the large fuel consumption due to the weight increase.[105].. The legs are pure thrusters with the ankle joints omitted to reduce costs, and do not have the ability to walk under gravity.[357].
Armed with two Vulcan cannons on the head, a 2mm submachine gun suspended on the waist, a hammer chopper with a hammer for striking on the peak side of the hatchet, a grenade on the back side of the waist side armor, and a wire hook inside the arm. To do[358].
UGY-R41 Landman Lodi
An aircraft that was refurbished for the Earth by Man Lodi, which was captured by the Tekkadan from Brewers. The legs have been replaced with leg boosters for both space and ground, and thanks to the Eighth consciousness system, it demonstrates high mobility even under gravity.[359].
After the withdrawal of the Earth branch, it will be redeployed as a force of the headquarters[223].
UGY-R38 Spina Lodi
MS popular with many powers[211].. The commander aircraft is equipped with a blade antenna on the head. The coloring is light blue for the normal aircraft, and pink for the captain's aircraft of Amida Arca during the mercenary era.[360], The range unit is gray. Since it is originally a work machine, its fighting ability is inferior to that of military MS.[132].. Armed with a rifle with a grenade at the bottom, a boost hammer with a built-in propulsion suspended on the lumbar rack, and a quadruple anchor pod on both legs that eject stakes.[361].
The Doruto Colony's union uses several aircraft that were used to repair the outer walls of the colony during the uprising, but it was unilaterally destroyed by the Gjallarhorn because it had been crafted in advance to cause firearms and thrusters to malfunction.[362].
UGY-R45 Garm Lodi
Heavy armored aircraft operated by the horizon at dawn. The coloring is brown for general aircraft, gray for captain aircraft with blade antennas on the head and shields on both shoulders. Taking advantage of the versatility of the frame, it has both high mobility and defensive power.[363].
Armed with a small rifle, 300mm long rifle, boost hammer, buster sword, front armor left and right grenades, shield[364].

Hexa frame

This is the second most produced frame after the Rody frame in the middle of the war. Features a cockpit block installed on the head[365].. Ippei Katabe is in charge of the design[300].

IPP-66305 Hugo
Aircraft that are popular with private security companies and space pirates.
It aims to support combat at medium and short distances, and demonstrates its true value in group battles. Although it demonstrates high maneuverability by reducing the weight of its armor, it has low elasticity, and many aircraft have been shot down in the festive battle, and the number of individuals has decreased sharply. The cockpit is externally attached to the head frame, and when it is shot downEmergency escapeHas an easy structure. The leg frame has a reverse joint structure and also functions as the third and fourth arms.[111].
Armed with the moonLagrange point110mm machine gun made by the company "Hephaestus" based in Japan, two officially armed circular moon swords suspended on the back, two lumbar anchor injection claws suitable for capture and robbery in the debris space, also function as a manipulator Leg claws and 2 small missiles on the temporal region. The twin aircraft will be equipped with a 4mm long rifle and a buster sword on the back instead of a machine gun and a circular moon sword.[366].
As for the coloring, the Sandval Reuters machine, the leader of the horizon at dawn, has three colors of blue, orange, and white, the twin brothers who are executives have three colors of pink, brown, and white, and the younger brother has two shades of green and white. Based on 3 colors. In addition, the aircraft belonging to JPT Trust will be khaki and light purple.[366].
IPP-0032 Gilda
Aircraft operated by the SAU Defense Force and the Federation of Oceania[367].. The hood-like part that covers the head from the backpack is the cockpit[368].. Demonstrates versatility regardless of the battlefield due to its high mobility and abundant equipment[223].. Armed with a wire gun that was diverted from work tools by a machine belonging to the Federation of OceaniabarCrow bar in the shape. The SAU military aircraft has a rifle, a shield equipped with a pile crow, and a sword club mounted on the back.[369].. The SAU Defense Force has two shades of dark blue and light yellow, and the aircraft belonging to the Federation of Oceania has two shades of gray.

Valkyrie frame

One of the frames manufactured at the end of the war[211].. It features a lighter and simpler structure than the frame of the same period, and achieves high energy efficiency.[370].. Although it has the performance that can be the main force of the battlefield, the number of production is limited to 9 because the Gundam frame developed at the same time attracted attention, and there are almost no actual battle records left.[331].. However, after the war, its design concept was re-evaluated and became the cornerstone of Gjallarhorn's MS development.[257].. Each part has something in common with the glaze frame, such as the search mode with the head sensor exposed.[107].. Kanetake Ebikawa is in charge of the design, and by using many curves, it is differentiated from the weapon-like glaze.[313].

V08-1228 Grimgelde
A crimson MS boarded by McGillis dressed as Montauk. It is also a direct prototype of the Glaze Frame machine.[107].
Completed as a lightweight, high-mobility vehicle that takes advantage of the Valkyrie frame, it is highly adaptable both in space and on the ground. However, due to its light weight, its striking power during close quarters combat is low, and accurate control of the center of gravity of the aircraft is required to give effective hits.[107].. Also, in order to hide the identity of the aircraft, the area around the cockpit has been replaced with the latest one.[371].
Armed with the "110mm Valkyrie Rifle" developed in consideration of the weight balance of the aircraft, the "Valkyrie Shield" on both arms, and the rare metal "Valkyrie Blade". The shield doubles as a blade sheath, allowing the blade to be deployed directly from the tip.[107].
V08Re-0526 Helmwige Linker
Grimgelde refurbished for escort missions[223].. Given to Ishido and Camiche by McGillis in Hashmal's interception mission[227].. Heavy armor and heavy equipment that reproduces the sister machine "Helmwige" for MA that existed in the era of evil festivals are applied, and adjustments are made to distribute a large amount of reactor output to the frame to support the increased own weight.[227].. With the meaning that Helmwige was reincarnated in the present age after 300 years, the end of the aircraft name is "Reincarnation"Linker" derived from "" was added[313].
Armed with a giant telescopic sword "Valkyrie Buster Sword" designed for anti-MA, and an electric shock angle of the head that destroys by passing an electric current inside the attack target. The handle of the bastard sword is equipped with a short club for striking, and can be used separately from the sword. When not in use, deploy the armor on the front of the lumbar region and suspend it.[227].

Mobile armor

Of this workMobile armor(MA) was developed as war automation progressed and was the direct cause of the outbreak of the Apotropaic Magic.AutonomousIt is set as an unmanned weapon. It bears the name of an angel, in contrast to the Gundam frame, which has the devil's proper name.[138].

In addition to the same Ahab reactor and nanolaminate armor as the MS, it has a high-power beam weapon and a production function of the subunit "Pluma", and reigns as the strongest weapon that slaughtered a quarter of the total population during the war. Was. It specializes only in indiscriminately killing humans and is programmed to prioritize and attack densely populated areas such as urban areas. MS, which is a counter-weapon, is also recognized as an enemy, and has a "habit" of relentlessly attacking the cockpit where humans are.[138].

It is reported that all aircraft were destroyed by Agnica Kaiel and the ancestors of Seven Stars, but in reality some aircraft were left dormant.[67].. After the Apotropaic Magic, the existence was completely concealed by the strict information control of Gjallarhorn, and even the Teiwas database, which holds a lot of materials on the Apotropaic Magic, did not contain any information.

Naohiro Washio is in charge of the design, and the biological image is extruded rather than the Gundam frame.[313].

Ground-based MA excavated at the Martian Half-Metal Exploration Site with Hauras[372].. The aircraft name isMain angelDerived from[138].
There is no part corresponding to the lower body, and it has a huge bird-like appearance from the long arms that double as wing-like shoulder armor and walking legs. At the base of both shoulders, to supply energy to the plumer of the slave unitmicrowaveBuilt-in irradiation device[67].
Armed with one beam cannon built into the head, two kinetic energy bullet injection devices built into the arm claw, and a special alloy cemented carbide wire blade connected to the back of the head.[67].
At the time of discovery, the activity was suspended, but it restarted in response to the descending MS unit of Ioku Kujan. It destroys an agricultural plant near Kruse and overwhelms the Tekkadan and McGillis, but Barbatos, who has released the limiter of Eighth consciousness, destroys the control center unit of the head and stops the action.[373].
A small subunit that is automatically produced inside the MA. The aircraft name isItalian OfWingsDerived from[138].. Shaped like insects and crustaceans, it is called "MW Modoki" by Teiwas engineers who do not know the identity of the aircraft. Although the combat power of a single aircraft is not as good as that of MS, it is overwhelmed by its physical quantity and highly coordinated actions. It is also responsible for repairing the mother machine and procuring the energy and materials required for it, and the mother machine can continue to produce new plumers indefinitely as long as the supply continues. When the data-linked mother machine is destroyed, the plumer also stops its activity in a chain reaction. Armed with a railgun on the front, a claw on the sharp front leg, and a tail that functions as a drill.[191].

Mobile worker

Apotropaic Magic Major weapons and work machines in the post-war world.Armored combat vehicleIt is a mechanism that is an extension of, and is powered by a hydrogen engine.[374].. Although its fighting ability is significantly inferior to that of MS equipped with Ahab Reactor and Nano Laminate Armor, it is widely used because it is cheap, easy to arrange, and can be operated even in urban areas where MS is prohibited. Kenji Teraoka and Kanetake Ebikawa are in charge of the design[375].

TK-53 CGS mobile worker
CGS flagship machine[273].. Older and significantly inferior to other MWs[211].. Armed with a 30mm machine gun or missile launcher selected on both sides of the fuselage. By attaching a cargo bay to the rear, it can also be used as a transport aircraft. The lower tripod is a running roller. The aircraft of the participating program is an illegal Eighth consciousness system compatible aircraft. The commander aircraft has a boarding block at the rear and sensors are added.[376].. The new model that rushed to Edmonton is equipped with a new 60 mm gun to improve the firepower[377].
The normal aircraft is ocher, but the crescent and new aircraft are painted white, the Akihiro aircraft is blue, the Shino aircraft (first meteor) is pink, and the double-seat commander aircraft is dark brown.[378].
TK-53 / s CGS mobile worker (space type)
Space specification type modified by Tekkadan[211].. The aircraft color is pink, which is the same as the ground type for Shino aircraft, and light blue for others. The rollers on the tripod have been replaced with thruster nozzles, and a propellant tank has been added to the rear of the fuselage.[319].
TK-56 Tekkadan New Mobile Worker
A new model deployed to the Tekkadan after the war with Edmonton. A double-seat cockpit with a gunner and a driver is adopted, and new members who have not been treated by the Eighth consciousness system will board. Armed with two 60mm machine guns, two rear 2-unit 6mm rocket pods, and a chain gun.[379].
NK-17 Gjallarhorn Mobile Worker
A new model deployed in the Gjallarhorn. It is larger than a general MW and exhibits high output. Armed with a large caliber gun at the top of the fuselage and an interpersonal chain gun at the bottom. There is also a rear fire support type equipped with a total of 8 units, four 4-unit missile launchers instead of large caliber guns.[377].
UW-33 Union mobile worker
A state-of-the-art machine developed by Jupiter's heavy industry manufacturer and used by many forces for self-defense purposes. In addition to the upper 40 mm machine gun, it can also be equipped with a 40 mm grenade and a 12.7 mm machine gun.[380].. Doruto Colony union purchases through GN Trading, but is unilaterally destroyed as it refrains from using force until the end[190].. The Tekkadan will also purchase about 20 cars at Anchorage via Teiwas to reinforce their strength after the Earth descends.[380].
HD 21 HD mobile worker
An aircraft operated by the horizon at dawn. Armed with a 115mm gun for the main gun, a 7.62x51mm gun for interpersonal use under the main gun, and six 3mm rocket launchers with three on each of the left and right binders.[379].
UW-33 Abrau specification mobile worker
MW deployed in the Abrau Defense Force. Based on the Union Mobile Worker, it is equipped with a large swivel turret to increase its firepower.[381].
SAU-17 SAU mobile worker
A close-range MW for urban and forest warfare deployed in SAU. Armed with a large caliber swivel turret that shoots a 200mm warhead, a machine gun on the right side of the turret, and a versatile launcher with four on each side of the rear.[379].


Assault Ironclad / General Purpose Battleship

Ahab Reactor-equipped ship that was in operation during the Apotropaic Magic. The total length of the standard ship is 340m[382].. It has MS and MW carrier-based functions, and is equipped with various turrets, machine guns, firearms such as missiles, and anchors for fixing the hull and supplementing enemy ships. For ships equipped with nano-laminated armor, which normally do not work well with firearms, it is said that the same nano-laminated armor-made frontal armor is effective for barking and infantry control battles. Approximately 300 years later, in the main story, many organizations, including private companies, have repeatedly renovated and operated it.[211].. Kanetake Ebikawa is in charge of the design, and Kenji Teraoka is in charge of the others.

NOA-0093 Isaribi
CGS mother ship moored in the ark[211].. After the disappearance of CGS, it will be used as the flagship of the Tekkadan in space. The original name of the ship was "Will O The Wisp", but it was renamed to "Isaribi" by Olga, who hated the remnants of CGS.[384].. During the voyage, Ride Mass draws the Tekkadan emblem and pictures on the inside of the ship and on the hull. In battle, it has a mechanism to store the bridge inside the hull, and also has a ship maneuvering mode linked with the Eighth consciousness system.[385].. MS is ejected prone from the departure catapult at the bottom of the ship[386].. Armed with 4 front twin guns, 1 rear gun, 2 anti-aircraft guns on both sides of the bridge, and 4 on each side, a total of 8 missiles that can be loaded with various warheads such as flash bullets and smoke screen bullets. Launch tube, 2 wire anchors on the bow[387].
TIR-0009 Hammer head
The mother ship of Turbines. It features a huge bow armor that overhangs to the left and right. Armed with 5 main guns and 2 anti-aircraft guns in the same position as Isaribi, 12 missile launch tubes on the bow armor, anti-ship napalm bullets, etc. There is also a reception room and a nursery room for children in Naze inside the ship.[388].
Orcus ship
General-purpose battleship operated by Orcus Shokai[378].. The coloring is green. Damage the hull in battle with Isaribi.
Brewers Battleship
Brewers' ship. Except for the coloring, it looks like Isaribi. Lost to the Tekkadan and Turbines in a battle in the reef space, and requisitioned by the Tekkadan as a loot. It is used as a shield for Isaribi when the Tekkadan descends to the earth, and is destroyed by naval gunfire from the enemy fleet, but it scatters the loaded nanomirror chaff and temporarily loses Isaribi.[389].
NOA-0132 Firefly
An armed transport ship of the Tekkadan. Based on the cargo transport ship, the central hull has been renovated to the same type as Isaribi, and the number of MSs installed has been increased by adding dedicated hangars on both sides.[390].. Armed with one main gun at the rear of the bridge, two anti-aircraft guns on both sides of the bridge, eight missile launch tubes on the bow and two wire anchors. Severely damaged in the battle between the Revolutionary Army and Arianrhod, and finally used as a shield to thin Isaribi to the Skipjack class and sunk.[388].
Horizon Battleship at Dawn
The ship belonging to the horizon group at dawn. Sandval's flagship has a flight deck unit on the bow[391].

Gjallarhorn ship

Halfbeak-class battleship
The main battleship of the Gjallarhorn Space Fleet. The total length is 400m. It is equipped with Ahab Reactor and Nano Laminate Armor, but it is designed with a different idea from the assault ironclad warship.[392].. The MS departs with a catapult at the bottom of the ship and is accommodated from the rear hatch when returning.[393].. Armed with two front twin guns, a missile launcher, and four anti-aircraft guns on both sides of the bridge. The coloring is blue gray for the Arian Rod fleet and white for the outer-earth orbit control integrated fleet. Ippei Katabe is in charge of the design[394].
A dedicated ship for the Bauduin family. The coloring is bluish purple.
The flagship of the integrated fleet of orbital control on the outer edge of the earth, the surface ship of Karuta[392].
GHS-1889 (ship name unknown)
The ship on which Ishido came. Fight the horizon at dawn with the Tekkadan.
Skipjack class battleship
A giant battleship that serves as the flagship of Arianrhod, and is a seated ship of Rastal. The coloring is white. Total length 800m[395].. The ship name isSkipjackMeans[396].. It features an oval hull and has a total of 3 catapults, 6 on both sides.[395].. The retractable bridge is a two-story type with a sub-bridge under the main bridge. Armed with 9 twin main guns (6 in front of the bridge, 2 on both sides of the bridge, 1 behind the bridge), 8 anti-aircraft guns (2 on the bow, 4 on both sides of the bridge, lower catapults on both sides) 2 units), innumerable missile launch tubes from the bow to the body, and giant wire anchors on both sides[396].
Assault ship
Gjallarhorn naval vessel. Armed with main guns and missile launchers.

Teiwas ship

TIR-0009 Hammerhead
"Hammer headSee.
TIR-0102 Golden Jasley
An armored cruiser owned by the JPT Trust. Based on the Gjallarhorn Halfbeak class, the bow and bridge armor have been significantly reinforced, but the price is that the bridge storage mechanism and main gun have been omitted. The MS launch port is at the rear, and unlike the Halfbeak class, it departs toward the stern. Armed with a missile launcher and four anti-aircraft guns on both sides of the bridge[397].
Barbatos Lupus Rex's super-large mace is driven into the bridge in a conflict with the Tekkadan, and Jasley and others are destroyed.[391].
Large interplanetary cruise ship, the headquarters of Teiwas[130].. 7 kilometers long[398].. It has a large rotating gravity zone with McMurdo's mansion and urban area in the center, and a resource processing factory such as MS workshop in the rear.[399].

Other ships

Bisco-class cruiser
An unarmed box-shaped spaceship operated by the Gjallarhorn and private companies. Total length 50m. The rear part of the hull is a container that can carry MS[400].
The ship that McGillis and Gaelio were on when heading to the Mars branch[401].
Small container ship
Small shackles used for transport between colonies[402].. Doruto colony members and dissidents in the Federation of Oceania are armed with a total of four quadruple missile launchers in the left and right hatches.

Other weapons

JEE-M103 Kutan participation type (Kutan-san)
A transport aircraft developed by Teiwas' subordinate organization "Euro Electronics" based on the "Cutan Ichi type" for short-distance transportation. It is also supplied to organizations other than Teiwas[188].
Large for long-distance travelPropellant tankTwo boosters with are connected to the rear thrusters. It has a structure that holds the transported object and MS with two large arms, and the aircraft can be operated from the docked MS side. It can also be used in combat by being armed, and the armored small arms on both sides are also used as MS shields and fighting weapons. However, since the aircraft itself does not have an Ahab reactor, it is inferior in armor strength to nanolaminate armor.[188].
MS gliding glider
For Gjallarhorn MSグ ラ イ ダ ー.. It can enter the atmosphere and also functions as a shield.[132].

Theme song

Opening theme

"Raise your flag'[403]
Used in the 1st period 1st coolMAN WITH A MISSIONMusic by. Lyrics by Kamikaze Boy and Jean-Ken Johnny, composition by Kamikaze Boy, arrangement by MAN WITH A MISSIONOshima Kosuke, Strings arrangement with OshimaDaisuke Ikeda.. Used in the ending position in the first episode.
Used in the 1st period 2st coolBLUE ENCOUNTMusic by. The lyrics and composition are by Shunichi Tanabe, and the arrangement is by BLUE ENCOUNT.
Used in the 2st period 1st coolSPYAIRMusic by. The lyrics are MOMIKEN, the composition is UZ, and the arrangements are UZ and Kohsuke Oshima. Used in the ending position in episode 26.
Used in the 2st period 2st coolKANA-BOONMusic by. The lyrics and composition are by Maguro Taniguchi, and the arrangement is by KANA-BOON.

Ending theme

"Orphans no Namida'[407]
Used in the 1st period 1st coolBEARMusic by. Lyrics by MISIA, composition, arrangement, horn arrangement, orchestra arrangementShiro Sagisu.
"STEEL-Tekketsu no Kizuna-'[408]
Used in the 1st period 2st coolTRUE CODEMusic by. The lyrics are written by TRUE under the name of Miho Karasawa, and the composition and arrangement are done.Miyazaki Makoto.
"The end of the boy'[409][410](Episode 27-Episode 38)
Used in the 2st period 1st coolGRANRODEOMusic by. The lyrics areKisho Taniyama, Composition and arrangementMasaaki Iizuka.
Used in the 2st period 2st coolUruMusic by. The lyrics are Uru, the composition is Naoaki Iwami, and the arrangement isTomiyou.

Insert song

BothSuzuka Yukosinging.

"Light of War" (Episode 19)
It was used in the ending position of episode 19. Lyrics and compositionBlack rabbit, Arranged by Tatsuya Kurauchi.
"Beyond the Sky" (Episode 46)
Used in episode 46. The lyrics and composition are Suzuka, and the arrangement is kAi.

List of stories

Number of storiessubtitlescriptStoryboardShowAnimation directorAirdate
Issue 1
#1With iron and bloodMari OkadaRyuyuki NagaiRyuyuki Nagai
Yamato Naomichi
Chiba MoralityArisawa Hiroshi2015
May 10
#2BarbatosRyuyuki Nagai
Yamato Naomichi
Shinya Watada
Yamato NaomichiTakashi AkaiKyuju Yoneki NobuyaMay 10
#3ScatteringShinya Watada
Masami Ohari
Shinya WatadaKenichi Onuki, Norihito OgoMasami OhariMay 10
#4Price of lifeToshizo NemotoYoshio MiyaoShoji IkenoTakao MakiSakiko UdaMay 10
#5Beyond the red skyKamo ShidaichiKen OtsukaUedashi ShigeruShintakuroKen OtsukaMay 11
#6About themRitsutaka TsuchiyaShin NishizawaSon NozokiKyoko KotaniMunetaka AbeMay 11
#7IsanatoriKamo ShidaichiShin Nishizawa
Iwao Teraoka
Yamato NaomichiTamari ToidaArisawa HiroshiMay 11
#8The shape of snuggling upToshizo NemotoShun KutoTakashi Akai, Shuji Sakamoto
Nagisa Nakajima
Kyuju Yoneki NobuyaMay 11
#9Mari OkadaTakahashi OhashiShoji IkenoKenichi Onuki, Norihito OgoMasami OhariMay 11
#10Letter from tomorrowRitsutaka TsuchiyaShin NishizawaTomo OkuboTakao Maki, Sakiko UdaSakiko UdaMay 12
#11Human debrisKamo ShidaichiShinya WatadaShintakuroShingo AbeMay 12
#12ReefToshizo NemotoShin NishizawaUedashi ShigeruKyoko KotaniMunetaka AbeMay 12
#13Funeral processionMari OkadaYoshiharu AshinoYamato NaomichiTamari Toida, Nagisa NakajimaMasami OhariMay 12
#14Ship carrying hopeRitsutaka TsuchiyaHirokazu HisayukiSon NozokiTakashi Akai, Shuji Sakamoto
Nagisa Nakajima
Kyuju Yoneki Nobuya2016
May 1
#15Whereabouts of footprintsKamo ShidaichiIwao TeraokaShoji IkenoKenichi Onuki, Norihito OgoKunihiro AbeMay 1
#16Fumitan AdmosShinsuke OhnishiTakahashi OhashiShun KutoShinichi Nozaki, Mika Yamamoto
Momoko Kawai, Sakiko Uda
Sakiko UdaMay 1
#17Couderia's determinationRitsutaka TsuchiyaShin NishizawaTomo OkuboShintakuroArisawa HiroshiMay 1
#18soundToshizo Nemoto
Mari Okada
Hirokazu Hisayuki
Takahashi Ohashi
Takahashi OhashiKyoko KotaniShingo AbeMay 2
#19Gravity of wishesMari OkadaShinya Watada
Iwao Teraoka
Shinya WatadaTamari Toida, Nagisa NakajimaMunetaka AbeMay 2
#20PartnerShinsuke OhnishiShin NishizawaSon NozokiShuji Sakamoto, Takashi Akai
Jiro Mashima
Kyuju Yoneki NobuyaMay 2
#21To the place to returnKamo ShidaichiShin Nishizawa
Hirokazu Hisayuki
Uedashi ShigeruKenichi Onuki, Norihito OgoMasami OhariMay 2
#22I can't return yetRitsutaka TsuchiyaShin NishizawaYamato NaomichiShinichi Nozaki, Mika Yamamoto
Momoko Kawai
Kunihiro AbeMay 3
#23Last lieMari Okada
Kamo Shidaichi
Shin Nishizawa
Iwao Teraoka
Shoji IkenoShintakuroSakiko UdaMay 3
#24Future rewardsIwao Teraoka
Ryuyuki Nagai
Takahashi Ohashi
Tomo Okubo
Kyoko Kotani, Nagisa Nakajima
Takayoshi Watanabe
Shingo Abe, Manabu Katayama
Arisawa Hiroshi
May 3
#25TekkadanMari OkadaRyuyuki Nagai
Iwao Teraoka
Ryuyuki Nagai
Shinya Watada
Michinori Chiba, Kenichi Onuki
Takao Maki, Tamari Toida
Arisawa HiroshiMay 3
Issue 2
#26New bloodMari OkadaRyuyuki NagaiChiba MoralityArisawa Hiroshi2016
May 10
#27In the whirlpool of jealousyShin NishizawaYamato NaomichiTamari ToidaMay 10
#28Battle before dawnKamo ShidaichiIwao TeraokaUedashi ShigeruKyoko KotaniMasami OhariMay 10
#29Trigger for successOsamu KameiSon NozokiShintakuroMunetaka AbeMay 10
#30Abrau Defense Force Inauguration CeremonyShinsuke Ohnishi
Mari Okada
Shin NishizawaShoji IkenoNagisa Nakajima, Norihito OgoKenichi TakaseMay 10
#31Silent warMayori SekijimaToshiyuki FujisawaKazuo MiyakeShinichi Yoshikawa, Kaori SaitoSakiko UdaMay 11
#32FriendMari Okada
Kamo Shidaichi
Iwao Teraoka
Shinya Watada
Shinya WatadaTakaki Watanabe, Naoko NakamotoKyuju Yoneki NobuyaMay 11
#33King of marsMari OkadaOsamu KameiShun KutoTamari Toida, Hiromitsu MorishitaMasami OhariMay 11
#34Vidal standingKamo Shidaichi
Mari Okada
Tetsuto Saito
Shinya Kinda
Yamato NaomichiKyoko KotaniKenichi TakaseMay 11
#35Awakening evil festivalHiguchi Tatsuto
Mari Okada
Osamu Kamei
Kazuki Akane
Uedashi ShigeruShintakuroMunetaka AbeMay 12
#36Dirty wingsHiroyuki YoshinoKazuki Akane
Tetsuto Saito
Son NozokiNagisa Nakajima, Kaori SaitoKyuju Yoneki NobuyaMay 12
#37Cruse Defense BattleKamo Shidaichi
Mari Okada
Iwao Teraoka
Osamu Kamei
Shoji IkenoKenichi Onuki, Takashi NakamotoArisawa HiroshiMay 12
#38Angel hunterHiguchi Tatsuto
Mari Okada
Iwao Teraoka
Tetsuto Saito
Shinichi Shinobu
Shinya WatadaTakashi Shiokawa, Akiko ToyodaMasami OhariMay 12
#39adviceMari Okada
Hiroyuki Yoshino
Hirotaka Endo
Osamu Kamei
Kazuo MiyakeTamari Toida, Hiromitsu MorishitaKunihiro Abe2017
May 1
#40Illuminated by the burning sunYousuke KurodaTetsuto Saito
Osamu Kamei
Yamato NaomichiKyoko KotaniMunetaka AbeMay 1
#41Natural as a personMari OkadaHirotaka Endo
Shinichi Shinobu
Uedashi ShigeruShintakuroSakiko UdaMay 1
#42Before droppingHiguchi Tatsuto
Mari Okada
Tetsuto Saito
Osamu Kamei
Yuki Asada
Yuki AsadaNagisa Nakajima, Kaori Saito
Shinichi Yoshikawa
Kenichi Takase, Kanta SuzukiMay 2
#43The true intention that arrivedKamo Shidaichi
Mari Okada
Hiroshi Kobayashi
Masami Ohari
Son NozokiKenichi Onuki, Natsuki Egami
Yuichi Yoshida
Masami OhariMay 2
#44Man with a soulMari Okada
Higuchi Tatsuto
Shin Nishizawa
Shinichi Shinobu
Shoji IkenoAkiko Toyoda, Takashi Nakamoto
Norihito Ogo, Takashi Shiokawa
Kyuju Yoneki NobuyaMay 2
#45If this is the lastYousuke KurodaIwao Teraoka
Osamu Kamei
Shinya WatadaTamari Toida, Hiromitsu Morishita
Miyako Kamiya, Katsuyuki Yamazaki
Hiroshi Arisawa, Nobuya Kyuju YonekiMay 2
#46For whomKamo Shidaichi
Mari Okada
Hiroshi Kobayashi
Kyohei Ishiguro
Kazuo MiyakeKyoko Kotani, Kento TotaniMunetaka AbeMay 3
#47SacrificeMari OkadaTetsuto Saito
Osamu Kamei
Uedashi ShigeruShintakuroKunihiro AbeMay 3
#48the TEAMHirotaka Endo
Shin Nishizawa
Shoji IkenoNagisa Nakajima, Kaori Saito
Yuichi Yoshida, Natsuki Egami
Masami OhariMay 3
#49McGillis FaridHirotaka Endo
Osamu Kamei
Iwao Teraoka
Tomo OkuboKenichi Onuki, Takashi Nakamoto
Akiko Toyoda, Miyako Kamiya
Katsuyuki Yamazaki
Sakiko Uda, Kenichi TakaseMay 3
#50Their whereaboutsIwao Teraoka
Hiroshi Kobayashi
Ryuyuki Nagai
Ryuyuki Nagai
Shinya Watada
Michinori Chiba, Kenichi Onuki
Hiromitsu Morishita, Kyoko Kotani
Tamari Toida
Arisawa HiroshiMay 4

Broadcasting station / distribution station

In episodes 19 and 20Secondary audioBroadcast. MCMasaya Matsukaze.. StarringTakahiro Sakurai,Yuma Uchida,Yoshimasa Hosoya,Yuichiro Umehara[413].

Japanese domestic TV / Phase 1 broadcasting period and broadcasting time[414]
Broadcast period Airtime Broadcaster Target area [415] Remarks
March 2015, 10-March 4, 2016 Sunday 17:00-17:30 Every day broadcasting(Production Bureau) Other ・TBS series28 stations Japan[Annotation 31] Subtitled broadcasting / Linked data broadcasting
May 2016-June 1, 3 Sunday 19:30-20:00 BS11 All over Japan BS broadcasting /Anime +"frame
May 2016-June 2, 4 Thursday 19:00-19:30 Animax All over Japan BS /CS broadcasting / Subtitled broadcast / Repeat broadcast available
Internet in Japan / Broadcast period and broadcasting period[416]
Delivery start date Delivery time Delivery site Remarks
2015th of February 10 Sunday 17:30 update Gundam fan club Smartphone app / Free for the latest episode for 1 week / Unlimited viewing service members can watch all episodes[417]
MBS program site Latest episode free for 1 week
2015th of February 10 Bandai channel / d anime store The first episode is permanent free / unlimited viewing service members can watch all episodes
Japanese domestic TV / Phase 2 broadcasting period and broadcasting time[418]
Broadcast period Airtime Broadcaster Target area [415] Remarks
December 2016, 10-September 2, 2017 Sunday 17:00-17:30 Daily broadcast (Production Bureau) Other ・ TBS affiliated 28 stations Japan[Annotation 31] Subtitle broadcasting / linked data broadcasting
March 2016, 12-March 25, 2017 Sunday 19:30-20:00 BS11 All over Japan BS broadcasting / "Anime +" frame
May 2017-June 2, 26 Sunday 18:30-19:00 Animax All over Japan BS / CS broadcasting / Subtitle broadcasting / Repeat broadcasting available[419]
Internet in Japan / Broadcast period and broadcasting period
Delivery start date Delivery time Delivery site Remarks
2016th of February 10 Sunday 17:30 update Gundam fan club Smartphone app / Latest episodes free for 1 week / Unlimited viewing service Members can watch all episodes
MBS movie ism Available for viewing from the start of distribution until 16:59 the following Sunday, free distribution
2016th of February 10 Sunday 12:00 update Bandai Channel / d Anime Store
Animate Channel / Premium GYAO!
Unlimited viewing service members can watch all episodes


In addition to the special commentary, the special limited edition includes a comic "Tetsuketsu Hiyori" drawn by Yu Ito in the first period, and an illustration and draft collection drawn by Yu Ito in the second period (second period). Accompanying.

rollRelease dateRecording storyStandard product numberSpecial Limited Edition Enclosed Benefits
Special Limited Edition
normal version
Issue 1
12015th of February 12Episode 1BCXA-1069BCBA-4729"Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Versus ForceProduct code for
Making video "ROAD TO OR PHANS"[Annotation 32](Main story, opening PV)
22016th of February 1Episode 2-Episode 4BCXA-1070BCBA-47301-9 volumes storage box drawn by Naohiro Washio
Episode 1 Storyboard
32016th of February 2Episode 5-Episode 7BCXA-1071BCBA-4731
42016th of February 3Episode 8-Episode 10BCXA-1072BCBA-4732
52016th of February 4Episode 11-Episode 13BCXA-1073BCBA-4733
62016th of February 5Episode 14-Episode 16BCXA-1074BCBA-4734SD character "Mikazuki Augus" special rubber strap
72016th of February 6Episode 17-Episode 19BCXA-1075BCBA-4735SD character "Olga Itsuka" special rubber strap
82016th of February 7Episode 20-Episode 22BCXA-1076BCBA-4736
92016th of February 8Episode 23-Episode 25BCXA-1077BCBA-4737"Iron-Blood weather" whole volume storage file
Issue 2[Annotation 33]
12017th of February 2Episode 26-Episode 27BCXA-1078BCBA-4738Episode 26 Storyboard
22017th of February 3Episode 28-Episode 30BCXA-1079BCBA-4739Yu Ito original draft collection storage file
3Episode 31-Episode 33BCXA-1080BCBA-4740
42017th of February 4Episode 34-Episode 36BCXA-1081BCBA-4741
5Episode 37-Episode 39BCXA-1082BCBA-4742
62017th of February 5Episode 40-Episode 42BCXA-1083BCBA-4743
7Episode 43-Episode 45BCXA-1084BCBA-4744
82017th of February 6Episode 46-Episode 48BCXA-1085BCBA-4745"Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans" Thank you book
9Episode 49-Episode 50BCXA-1086BCBA-47461-9 volumes storage box drawn by Naohiro Washio

Related media

Special program

"Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans" Retrospective Special
Broadcast on some stations in January 2016[420].. It is a re-edited content of the first course. The navigator isKengo Kasai(Mikazuki Augus), narrationTakahiro Sakurai(As McGillis Fareed).
"Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans" SP just before broadcasting
Broadcast on September 2, 2016, before the second broadcast[421].. StarringToshiya Miyata(Kis-My-Ft2),Takehiro Wakamoto(Buffalo Goro),Seitarou Mukai(Tianjin),Misato Ugaki(TBSannouncer).
Kis-My Miyata Modo Hamari! Iron-Blooded Orphans SP that will definitely be in time even if you watch it from now on
Broadcast on January 2017, 1[422].. Starring Toshiya Miyata, Seitaro Mukai, Tetsuo Sato (Punk Boo Boo),Okada Saka,Hisako Kanemoto(As Atra Mixta).

Side Story

"Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans Moon Steel(Kidosenshi Gundam Tekketsu Orphans Gekko) ”is“Monthly Hobby Japan(HJ) and "Monthly Gundam Ace] (GA), an official Gaiden work serialized at the same time. In "HJ"Promo modelerA diorama novel by Hajime Kamoshida using a model example by Hirosuke Fumita (drawing) and a manga by Hirosuke Fumita (name) will be serialized in "GA".

The story began when the Tekkadan and Coudelia were heading to Earth, and the colonies around the moon, which were mentioned in the main story as "greatly damaged by the evil festival," and the fragments of the moon gathered at the Lagrange point. It progresses around the space called "Luna's Drop".

Synopsis (Gaiden)

Issue 1
Of mercenariesArji MirageIs tasked with assassinating Ted Morganton, the head of the Moon's Avalanche colony company Tanto Tempo, but at the same time is attacked by a mysterious MS dispatched to assassinate Ted, and is supposed to be the target. I will save my life. Ted, who was fatally injured, is Arji and his subordinates.Volco WarrenToGundam AstarothAnd my daughter'sLiarina MorgantonEntrust the escort of and take a breath. Astaroth has been restored in a way that is far from what it was supposed to be, and Volco wanted to restore it, but instead of himself, who couldn't even walk without a cane, he was forced to pilot Arji.
Arji, who wanted the power to take the family's death, became an Astaroth pilot, and while defeating the enemy MS with Volco, he regained the original parts of Astaroth that were attached to them one after another. Eventually, the mastermind behind the enemy who aimed at Ted and Realina is the same Tanto tempo executive.Rosario LeoneArji, who knew that, was also an executiveJean Marco SalernoDrive by Rosario with the help ofGundam VualDefeat.
After a series of riots settled, Realina became the new head of Tanto Tempo and Arji became the official bodyguard. However, he was a maid of Rosario.Nanao NalorinaHowever, an incident occurs in which Astaroth being repaired is stolen. Arji and Volco are determined to regain Astaroth.
Issue 2
Six months after Liarina took office. Arji and his friends are chased by someone in the Doruto colony that they visited to negotiate with Gjallarhorn.Mina CeruleanTo protect. However, because of that, Arji and his friends have a mysterious MS unit,Gundam DantalionDriveThe The FossilArji was recovered after being attacked by a man namedGundam Astaroth ReincarnationIs forced to intercept. Eventually, it was discovered that Mina was about to be killed in the plot of her father, Sylt Zamurufort, the daughter of a Gjallarhorn aristocrat, and that a mysterious unit was under the control of the Nadilla family involved in the plot of Sylt. It becomes clear that Zaza is Mina's brother Zadiel. Liarina is asked by Sylt to hand over Mina, but refuses to do so. Arji defeats Zaza, who decides to atone for his family's sins, and Zaza entrusts his sister's safety to Arji and is arrested by Arianrhod along with Sylt. A few months later, Tanto Tempo begins negotiations to acquire a regular route again, and Arji, who has been detained, returns to his friends.

Characters (Gaiden)

The voice actor in charge is the game "SD Gundam G GENERATION CROSSRAYSCasting in[424].

Tanto tempo
Arji Mirage
Voice- Rikuya Yasuda
hero. 16 years old[17].. Characterized by sharp eyes, a mechanical prosthesis is attached to the right arm[425].. Looking for a ghost Gundam while running a mercenary business to take revenge on the Gundam Frame machine that robbed his right arm and family five years ago.[426].. The right arm could be restored by regenerative treatment, but I dare to wear a prosthetic hand because I can get stronger force than the real arm.[427].
There are many unfriendly and severe words and deeds from his background, but he has a strong personality that rewards the benefits he received. One side is that women are not good at it, so they cannot see the other person's eyes and talk.[426].
During the assassination mission of Daddy Ted, Rosario was attacked by Trident, but he was entrusted with Gundam Astaroth by Volco who was instructed by Ted to defeat it. After that, he became an Astaroth pilot to fulfill his vengeance and gratitude to Ted who saved his life.[17].. After Liarina became the head of Tanto Tempo, she became her bodyguard, subject to investigating the Gundam.[428].
Volco Warren
Voice- Kazuyuki Okitsu
A member of the Tanto Tempo conglomerate based in the Moon's Avalanche colony, and the original owner of Astaroth.[277].. Eighteen years old[429].. Originally from the Gjallarhorn family Warren, who manages funding from the Avalanche colony, he lost all his family and property 10 years ago when his father was crushed for fraudulent transactions.[430].. A huge amount of data can be extracted from the storage chip embedded in the forehead, and based on this, Astaroth is also maintained and the equipment is restored. However, due to the influence of implant surgery, physical abilitySpatial recognition abilityHas dropped significantly, and you cannot walk without a cane.[426].. Entrust Astaroth, who cannot be controlled by his own handicapped body, to Arji, and then act together[17].
Liarina Morganton
Voice- Atsumi Tanezaki
Ted's only daughter. 17 years old[431].. He lived as a student in the Doruto colony group, but was involved in the Tanto tempo battle after his father's death. I'm dissatisfied with Arji who doesn't look at me because I'm polite and believe in speaking with the other person's eyes.[426].
Hakuri brothers and sisters attack on the way to the Avalanche colony, but Arji and Volco, who received Ted's will, saved their lives and later hired them to avenge their father's enemies.[426].. After learning that Rosario was the mastermind who killed his father, he decided to become the head, and with the backing of Jean Marco, he became the new head.[428].. Struggle to reacquire the right to use the regular routes of the Moon and Mars to prevent the aerial decomposition of the organization.[432].
Ted Morganton
The head of Tanto tempo. Known as "Daddy Ted'[17].. A prosthetic hand of the same type as Arji is attached to the right arm[433].. Since ancient times, he had a close relationship with the Warren family, so he took over Volco and Astaroth, whose houses were crushed.[430].
Targeted by Arji, who undertook an assassination mission, but was fatally injured by protecting Arji from the attack on Trident, and died after entrusting Arji and Volco with the safety of his daughter.[433].
Bubrio Incinna
An old gentleman living in Under 3 of the Avalanche Colony and a former advisor to Ted.[427].. Relyed by Liarina as the most credible person in the intensified Tanto tempo, but in reality, Rosario threatens to send Arji and his friends to Avalanche 1.[430].
Jean Marco Salerno
Voice- Takeuchi
One of the six Tanto Tempo executives and responsible for the transportation sector. 29-year-old[427].. A personality that likes to fight women and is not obsessed with wealth or power[429].. Also capable as an MS pilot, he is known as a warrior who fights on the front line himself.[427].. He was initially regarded as the mastermind of the assassination, dissatisfied with Ted's policy of paying a huge surcharge to the Gjallarhorn to keep his business free. However, in reality, Rosario is only dressed in wet clothes, and when Arji and his friends are attacked by Rosario, they appear in reinforcements.[430].. After that, after confirming Arji's ability, he decided to cooperate with Realina and became the guardian of Realina who became the head after the end of the civil war.[428].
Rosario Leone
Voice- Shinpachi Tsuji
One of the six executives of Tanto Tempo, the president of Westerbank, a banking division. A dozen years ago, he was an MS pilot belonging to space pirates, but since he was discovered by Ted, he has rapidly emerged and has been making efforts to develop Tanto Tempo as his right arm. However, inwardly, he has an ambition to replace Ted, and assassinates Ted who tries to dismiss himself by detecting it, and then aims for the life of Realina who is an obstacle to becoming a head.[434].. Even after belonging to Tanto Tempo, his arm as a pilot is still alive, and although he himself drives Gundam Uval to overwhelm Astaroth of Arji, he is defeated before the attack of Arji's abandoned body, and immediately after that, Nanao pierces the cockpit and dies[428].
Gjallarhorn (Gaiden)
Ville Klaassen
Gjallarhorn officials managing the Avalanche district[434].. In collusion with Rosario, he abused Tanto Tempo's funds and put it on Volco's father who was serving the crime, creating the cause of the fall of the Warren family.[435].
After the fraudulent case of IznarioBilliard personnelBecame the director of the Audit Office for the Moon, Audit Bureau[436].
Sylt Zarmfort
Gjallarhorn's chief trade officer. The second most famous family after Seven Stars, from the Zarmfort family, which manages regular routes on the Moon and Mars.[432].. Having been fraudulent with the African Union Central Parliament for many years, he uses Mina to inflict all charges on the Nadira family to avoid being caught in a harsh internal audit in Edmonton.[435].. Knowing that Mina is alive, she asks Linaria to hand over Mina to protect herself, but she broke down. He orders his son Zadiel to secure Mina, but is detained by Arianrhod who hears the commotion, and two months later, his house is demolished.[437].
The The Fossil
Voice- Taku Yatsushiro
A self-proclaimed mercenary youth driving the Gundam Dantalion[432].. 20-year-old. Characterized by words and deeds that make you feel the goodness of growing up despite being crude[438].. The true identity is Sylt's son, "Zadiel Zarmfort", the son of the Zarmfort family.[439].. Robbing Dantalion to find out the truth about his sister Mina's death, pretending to be her identity and acting independently[435].. Knowing Mina's survival and Sylt's injustice, he dared to return to the Zarmfort family to atone for his father and his family's sins. Arianrhod is summoned and detained by fighting Arji in the Doruto Colony space.[437].
With Dantalion prior to its appearance in the storyTrading card arcade game"Gundam Tri-AgeHas appeared in.
Mina Cerulean
A girl with the same name as Arji's sister. Arji helped him while he was being targeted by multiple forces, and he was protected by Tanto Tempo. Its true identity is Sylt's daughter "Mina Zarmfort". Apparently, he was killed in the shuttle's blast after learning about the Nadira family's injustice, but he was secretly alive and pretended to be amnestic to escape his pursuit.[439].. After the Zarmfort family was crushed, life and death became obsolete because the survival was not announced, and it remains in Tanto tempo with Kim.[437].
Deira Nadira
Voice- Reina Ueda
The next head of the prestigious Nadira family, following the Zarmfort family. The plane is Gundam Gremory. A woman, but has become Mina's fiancée in a political marriage[437].. His father, the predecessor of the family, lost his authority in the Gjallarhorn when Sylt put on a wet garment of adhesions with the African Union and hid himself on an island near Antarctica.[439].. After the injustice of the Zarmfort family was revealed, he reconstructed the Nadira family as a new owner and became the chief negotiator in place of the defeated Sylt.[437].
Jizil Jizin
Voice- Takaya Haji
Captain of the top secret internal control unit "Orels" that the Nadira family has managed independently. The plane is Altrinde. He is chasing Mina to prove the innocence of the Nadira family he serves, and dares to be detained by Tanto Tempo to confirm her safety.[436]..ミーナの生存を知ると、すべての真相を探るためにヴィルと接触するが、彼の差し金によって交通事故に偽装される形で暗殺されるKnowing Mina's survival, she contacts Ville to find out all the truth, but is assassinated in the form of a car accident by his money.[435].
Other people (gaiden)
Sampo Hakuri
Voice- Suzuki
A human debris boy who runs a mercenary business. 17歳XNUMX years old[425]..乗機は頭部と左肩が青く塗られたハクリ・ロディThe aircraft is Hakuri Lodi with the head and left shoulder painted blue.[431]..冷静沈着で、戦闘時は妹のユハナをサポートするCalm and calm, supporting my sister Yuhana in battle[425]..He has a dream of getting out of human debris status and sending Yuhana to school.
At the command of Rosario, he assaults the shuttle on which Liarina rides, but is defeated by Astaroth of Arji and withdraws in a way that is overlooked.[431]..その後はジャンマルコに脅されて、ロザーリオに狙われたアルジたちに味方するAfter that, he was threatened by Jean Marco and sided with Arji who was targeted by Rosario.[430]..リアリナの頭目就任後は、ザザからの依頼でユハナとともにミーナの身柄を狙うが、オレルスの介入で失敗After taking office as the head of Liarina, he and Yuhana aim for Mina at the request of Zaza, but fail due to Orelus' intervention.[436]..After that, he was hired by Tanto Tempo again and was given a refurbished Uval Yuhana in place of Yuhana who was afraid of fighting.
Yuhana Hakuri
Voice- Mikako Komatsu
Sampo's sister. 16 years old.The ride is Hakuri Rody, whose head and left shoulder are painted yellow.兄と反対に好戦的な性格で、戦闘時は前衛を担うContrary to his brother, he has a warlike personality and takes on the avant-garde during battle.[425]..They dream of making a lot of money and buying back themselves, but hope to continue working with Sampo and mercenaries when they are free.
Injured after being attacked by Astaroth and withdrew with his brother[431]..その後はジャンマルコに人質として囚われていたが、合流後はサンポとともにリアリナに協力するAfter that, he was held hostage by Jean Marco, but after joining, he cooperated with Liarina with Sampo.[430]..After taking office as the head of Liarina, he once aimed at Mina at the request of Zaza, but after that he was hired by Tanto Tempo again.In the battle with Arji, he fears death from the battle and loses his fighting spirit.Since then, the battle has been left to Sampo.
Nanao Nalorina
Voice- Earth leaf
A woman of unknown identity who serves Rosario[430]..眼鏡を架けた妖艶な美女で、おっとりした雰囲気に似合わない胆力と、給仕から操艦までこなす能力をもつA bewitching beauty with glasses, she has the courage to not suit the calm atmosphere and the ability to handle everything from serving to maneuvering.[427]..ロザーリオの指示で動いていたが、別の人物の指示で彼を殺害し、改修されたアスタロトを盗んで逃走するHe was moving at the direction of Rosario, but he was killed at the direction of another person, stealing the refurbished Astaroth and escaping.[428]..以降は消息不明だったが、デイラの潜伏場所を伝えるため再びアルジたちに接触するAfter that, the whereabouts were unknown, but he contacted Arji again to tell him where Deira was hiding.[436]..その後、ザザと共謀してリアリナを誘拐、その際にアルジの仇のガンダム・フレームの名前を教えるAfter that, he colluded with Zaza and kidnapped Realina, and at that time taught the name of Gundam Frame of Arji's death.[435].
Kim Cerulean
A girl running away from a pursuit with Mina[432]..He used to bring together young women living in the slums of the Doruto colony, but lost his companions in the Doruto riots.スラムに流れ着いたミーナを保護して以降は、彼女の姉を名乗り行動をともにするAfter protecting Mina who has arrived in the slum, she will act as her sister.[439].

Appearing weapon (Gaiden)

ASW-G-29 Gundam Astaroth
A Gundam frame machine that was left unattended in a huge crater on the moon after the war.発見したウォーレン家に代々受け継がれてきたが、ウォーレン家の没落後に闇市場に出回り、すべての外装が剥ぎ取られたフレームのみの状態でタントテンポに買い取られたIt has been passed down to the Warren family who discovered it for generations, but after the fall of the Warren family, it went to the black market and was bought by Tanto Tempo with all the exterior stripped frames only.[426]..テッドの死後はアルジ・ミラージに託されるAfter Ted's death, it is entrusted to Arji Mirage[433].
The missing exterior is supplemented with parts such as Spina Rody, and it is transformed into a left-right asymmetrical distorted shape.[17]..左前腕には百錬のサイドアーマーに三本指のマニピュレーターを組み合わせた外付け式サブナックル、両腰には崩れた重心バランスを調整するためのブーストアーマーを装備しているThe left forearm is equipped with an external sub-knuckle that combines Hyakuren's side armor with a three-finger manipulator, and both hips are equipped with boost armor to adjust the collapsed center of gravity balance.[440]..As a feature not found in other Gundam frame machines, the right arm is equipped with a special energy transmission mechanism for operating the special armament described later, but it is not used because the armament has already been lost.操縦系は義手を介した神経接続を行うことができ、阿頼耶識システムには劣るものの柔軟な操縦を可能としているThe maneuvering system can make neural connections through the prosthetic hand, and although it is inferior to the Eighth consciousness system, it enables flexible maneuvering.[433].
Armed with a foldable super-large sword "Demonstration Knife" equipped on the back, a knives stored under the boost armor, a special rifle and 210 mm objective rifle managed by the Warren family along with the aircraft,Panzerfaust[426]..デモリッション・ナイフは振り下ろしながら刀身を伸長することで、敵の予想を上回る間合いからの攻撃を可能としているThe Demolition Knife extends the blade while swinging down, allowing it to attack from a time longer than the enemy expected.[433].
Later, it was restored to a state of 82% perfection with genuine parts reclaimed from Gundam Uval etc., but it was washed away by Nanao Nalorina to the black market in the Jupiter sphere, and half of the parts are lost again.[441].
ASW-G-29 Gundam Astaroth Origin
Original appearance before flowing to the black market[442]..全身が真紅で塗装され、両肩とコクピットハッチにはウォーレン家の家紋が刻まれているThe whole body is painted crimson, and the Warren family crest is engraved on both shoulders and cockpit hatch.[440]..It is a well-balanced aircraft, and by transforming the variable armor on both shoulders and the booster tail of the backpack into a horizontally deployed flight form, it is possible to fly at high speed and high altitude for a long time even under gravity.この能力を活かして長距離からの援護攻撃や物資輸送を担っていたが、厄祭戦後は再現不能なロストテクノロジーとなっているUtilizing this ability, it was responsible for long-range support attacks and goods transportation, but it has become an irreproducible lost technology after the war.[443].
Armed with a medium-range shotgun suitable for high-mobility combat and a sheathSledge hammerDedicated armament "γ Nano Laminate Sword" that can also be used. The γ nanolaminate sword has a mechanism that causes a “γ nanolaminate reaction” on the blade surface by Ahab particles pumped from the cable on the right hand, and is extremely effective against nanolaminate armor.しかし、エイハブ粒子の圧縮は厄祭戦当時の技術をもってしても非常に困難で、戦後は飛行能力とともに失われた技術となっているHowever, compression of Ahab particles is extremely difficult even with the technology at the time of the Apotropaic Magic, and it has become a technology lost with flight ability after the war.[440].
ASW-G-29 Gundam Astaroth Reincarnation
A figure of Astaroth refurbished by Jean-Marco Salerno. "Rinascimento" is "Renaissance(Reproduction) "in Italian notation[444].
Heavy armor and heavy armor devised by Volgo to make up for Arji's lack of competence are designed to give him an advantage in every aspect.左腕のサブナックルはガルム・ロディの脚部装甲を改造した大型タイプに、バックパックは重量増加に対応した大推力タイプにそれぞれ換装され、右肩にはサブアームとシールドを兼ねた折りたたみ式のシールドアームが追加されているThe sub knuckle on the left arm has been replaced with a large type with modified Garum Lodi's leg armor, the backpack has been replaced with a large thrust type that responds to weight increase, and the right shoulder is a foldable shield arm that doubles as a sub arm and a shield. Has been added[441][444]..追加装備で重量バランスが調整された結果、ブーストアーマーは撤去されているBoost armor has been removed as a result of weight balance adjustment with additional equipment[445]However, it is still an unstable aircraft that can only be used by Arji.
The armament is the same as before the renovation except that some arrangements have changed, and a new large sword "Bastard Chopper" with a built-in pile bunker injection function has been added.装填された弾頭は炸薬式のダインスレイヴと呼べる代物で、至近距離であればナノラミネートアーマーを貫通する威力をもつThe loaded warhead is an explosive Dáinsleif, which has the power to penetrate nanolaminate armor at close range.[445]..デモリッション・ナイフと合体することで射撃姿勢を安定させるとともに、近接戦闘時のデモリッション・ナイフの強度不足を補う役割をもつBy combining with the Demolition Knife, it stabilizes the shooting posture and has the role of compensating for the lack of strength of the Demolition Knife during close quarters combat.[444].
MPM02 / AC[Annotation 34] Trident
Hyakuren's custom machine specializing in VIP assassination missions[442].. The aircraft name isGreek languageMeans "three teeth".重力下での運用に適した軽量装甲を装着し、機動性を活かしたEquipped with lightweight armor suitable for operation under gravity, taking advantage of mobilityOne-shot breakaway tacticsI am good at it.頭部にはシルクハット型のセンサーユニットを増設しているA silk hat type sensor unit is added to the head[433].
Armed with a 130mm assault rifle[Annotation 35]And a dedicated maniago knife 2 swings[433].
Attacks Ted's mansion at the direction of Rosario, who intends to assassinate Ted, but is destroyed by the activated Astaroth.[433].
UGY-R41 / H Hakuri Lodi
Man Lodi discovered by Hakuri brothers and sisters in the debris belt at work, modified for close combat[442].
The head and cockpit block, which had been destroyed at the time of discovery, have been replaced with new products, and at the same time, mobility has been improved.The left shoulder and back of the head of the Sampo machine are painted blue, and the left shoulder and front of the Yuhana machine are painted yellow.本来のコクピットに採用されていた阿頼耶識システムは撤去されているThe Eighth consciousness system used in the original cockpit has been removed.[431].
Armed with a 90mm submachine gun suspended on the back of the waist and a grenade, the Sampo machine is equipped with a chopper, and the Yuhana machine is equipped with a long ax with a morning star.[431].
STH-14 / T2C Callisto
A modified Hyakuri machine owned by Jean-Marco Salerno.機体名はThe aircraft name isア ル テ ミ スServant "CallistoIt is derived from "" and has the meaning of "most beautiful".青系のカラーリングとスタビライザー型のバックパックが特徴で、両腕にはアスタロトオリジンの肩部バインダーを流用した可変型ブレードシールドと、改造前と同型の四連式ロケットランチャーを装備するIt features blue coloring and a stabilizer type backpack, and both arms are equipped with a variable blade shield that uses the shoulder binder of Astaroth Origin and a quadruple rocket launcher of the same type as before the modification.[446].
Arji and his friends who were staying in Under 3 are attacked, but Arji's Astaroth who challenged a close battle with a knife cuts both arms and regains the blade shield.[427].
UGY-R41 / T2C Rables
Tanto tempo Rody frame machine modified for guarding important people.重装甲と強化センサーを内蔵した円柱状の頭部が特徴で、武装はマン・ロディと同じIt features a columnar head with heavy armor and a built-in reinforced sensor, and is armed the same as Man Lodi.[446].
Dispatched to Under 3 as Callisto's chase plane, but overwhelmed by Gjallarhorn's MS unit[427]..また、アスタロトがナナオに奪取されてからジャンマルコが買い戻すまでの間、アルジが代替機として本機に搭乗しているAlso, from the time Astaroth was taken by Nanao until Jean Marco bought it back, Arji was on board as an alternative aircraft.[432].
ASW-G-47 Gundam Vual
A Gundam frame machine found in a waste colony that Tanto Tempo was bidding on for a dismantling project.当時の現場責任者だったロザーリオ・レオーネによって密かに運び出され、タントテンポの内部抗争に投入されるSecretly carried out by Rosario Leone, who was the site manager at the time, and put into the Tanto Tempo internal conflict.[434].
The high-power backpack on the back and boosters on the legs provide high mobility and mobility, enabling long-distance flight alone.発見当初はフレームのみの状態だったため、ロザーリオと懇意のヴィル・クラーセンが調達したアスタロトオリジンの外装を装着しているAt the time of discovery, it was only a frame, so it is equipped with the exterior of Astaroth Origin procured by Rosario and his friend Ville Klaassen.[434].
Armed at the time of the first confrontation with Astaroth, it is a long length with blades on both endsGraveAnd 210mm objective rifle.再戦時は、先端部に回転機構を組み込んだマイニングハンマーと、左腕の非装甲部位を保護する小型のラウンドシールド、右肩に打撃用の突起を備えたスパイクシールドを装備するAt the time of rematch, it will be equipped with a mining hammer with a rotating mechanism at the tip, a small round shield that protects the unarmored part of the left arm, and a spike shield with a protrusion for hitting on the right shoulder.[434].
ASW-G-47 Gundam Uval Yuhana
A figure in which Jean-Marco recovered Uval, who was defeated by Astaroth, and adjusted it as a vehicle for Sampo Hakuri.機体名はユハナの独断で命名されたThe aircraft name was named at Yuhana's discretion[447].
While incorporating the demands of Sampo, the long-range attack capability suitable for output and Astaroth's support is being strengthened.撤去されたアスタロトオリジンの外装に替わり、新調された青と黄色の外装を取り付けているIt replaces the removed Astaroth Origin exterior with a new blue and yellow exterior.[447].
Armed with a 210mm anti-materiel rifle that has been changed from a backpack to a mechanism that deploys, a chainsaw equipped on both arms, a halberd consisting of a sword and a chopper[447].
EB-06 / TC2 Regal Lily
A dedicated machine for Jean-Marco Salerno.A modified Glaze machine sold by Tekkadan via Teiwas, featuring yellow coloring, a red heat-resistant cloak on the back, and legs that have undergone a major transformation.In addition to the 110mm rifle, it is equipped with the super-large mass weapon "Bellouse Ax" procured from another route.ベロウズアックスは打突部分が多関節構造となっており、スイング時に鞭のようにしなることで攻撃力とリーチを増しているBellows Ax has an articulated structure at the striking part, and it becomes like a whip when swinging, increasing attack power and reach.[448].
A glaze frame machine on which Nanao Nalorina is on board.機体名はThe aircraft name isGermanso"eagleMeans.It features a white-based coloring and a uniquely shaped head, shoulders, and backpack.専用武装として対MSクローを装備するEquipped with anti-MS claw as a dedicated weapon[449].
The prototype of the design and setting is "Gray's Adra", the best work of the "Iron-Blooded Gunpla Contest" held at the Bandai Hobby Site in 2016.[450].
STH-14s / as Hyakuri specializing in assault
Hyakuri's remodeled machine that attacked Arji and others heading for the Doruto colony group.The articulated claw arm "Weiss Claw" connected to both arms demonstrates a powerful and illusionary attack power.また、射撃武装としてバックパックのオプションラッチに210mm対物ライフル2挺を装備するAlso, as a shooting armament, equip the optional latch of the backpack with two XNUMX mm objective rifles.[450].
The prototype of the design and setting is "Hyakuri Gowan" which was exhibited in the "Iron-Blooded Gunpla Contest" like Adra.[450].
ASW-G-71 Gundam Dantalion
The boarding machine of Zadiel Zarmfort, also known as The The Fossil.ザルムフォート家の始祖が搭乗していたガンダム・フレーム機で、厄祭戦終結間際に開発されながらも高い戦果を挙げた実績から、戦後はザルムフォート家の象徴として語り継がれてきたThe Gundam frame machine on which the founder of the Zarmfort family was on board, which was developed just before the end of the Apotropaic Magic Festival, has achieved high results, and has been handed down as a symbol of the Zarmfort family after the war.[438]..当初は白と青を基調とした機体色だったが、のちにザディエルの意向で、ザルムフォート家の紋章カラーであるダークブルーと赤に塗り替えられるInitially, the aircraft color was based on white and blue, but later it was changed to dark blue and red, which are the coat-of-arm colors of the Zarmfort family, at the will of Zadir.[453].
As a result of several design changes based on the battle data of other sister aircraft, it was completed as a universal aircraft that can overcome all battlefields alone.[454]..機体の一部を変形させることで、多彩なオプション兵装の装着が可能となっているBy transforming a part of the aircraft, it is possible to install various optional weapons.[438]..フレーム自体にも独自の改修が施され、特に膝関節は機動性を高めた柔軟な構造となっているThe frame itself has also undergone its own modifications, especially the knee joint has a flexible structure with enhanced mobility.[455].
Armed with a 100mm caliber "Bayonet rifle" that transforms into a bayonet for close combat, a special smoothbore "Keraunos", and a long spear that doubles as a shield with an auxiliary booster "Bident"[Annotation 36], Shield "Aigis" that transforms into a large claw[458].
The first appearance is "Gundam Try Age Tetsuka Ryoran"[459].
A fighting form with excellent maneuverability and agility in a lightly dressed state corresponding to gravity combat[438].
Half cowl T
A large backpack "T booster" with integrated offense and defense is equipped on the back.通常時は大推力を活かした強襲と一撃離脱戦法を可能とし、近接戦闘時はバックパックを軸に機体の腕部をブースターカウルに収納することで、巨大な腕部「ギガンティックアーム」を形成するIn normal times, it enables assault and hit-and-run tactics that utilize large thrust, and in close quarters battle, by storing the arm of the aircraft in the booster cowl around the backpack, a huge arm "gigantic arm" is formed.[460].
Half cowl B
A state where the waist is equipped with a "B booster" that is heavy armor that covers the legs[458].
Full cowl
A form that uses half cowl T and B together.両カウルをブースター形態で装着した姿は「フルブースト装備」と呼ばれるThe appearance of both cowls attached in the form of boosters is called "full boost equipment"[461].
Perfect cowl
A form in which Aigis is attached to the full cowl equipment as additional armor for the head and chest.ネイキッドの露出部分をほぼ完全に覆うことで、死角のない攻撃力と防御力を得ているBy covering the exposed part of the naked almost completely, the attack power and defense power without blind spots are obtained.[461].
EB-06N Glaze Stachel
A custom machine of Glaze deployed in the Gjallarhorn internal control unit "Orels".The aircraft name means "thorn" in German.The shock absorbers on the legs have been strengthened, and it is good at hit-and-run battles that take advantage of its high concealment.機体各部には固定用アーム、左腕部にはワイヤークローが追加されており、姿勢制御能力が高められているA fixing arm has been added to each part of the aircraft, and a wire claw has been added to the left arm to enhance attitude control ability.[462].
Armed with a 120mm rifle and a "stanstick" specializing in destroying joints and sensors of enemy MS[462].
V03-0907 Ort Linde
Valkyrie frame machine on which Jijiru Jijin is on board.The aircraft name is the drama "Nibelung's RingDerived from the characters in "Valkyrie" on the first night.It features white-based coloring and a one-sided horn on the left head.厄祭戦時はグレモリーの僚機として運用されたOperated as a Gremory wingman during the Apotropaic Magic[463].
Armed with a Valkyrie double blade with a deployment / separation mechanism and a defensive binder on the left shoulder directly connected to the frame.これらはダインスレイヴの使用を前提にした装備であり、戦後の禁止条約制定にともない仕様を変更された経緯をもつThese are equipment premised on the use of Dáinsleif, and have a history of changing specifications with the enactment of the postwar ban treaty.[463].
ASW-G-56 Gundam Gremory
Gundam frame machine owned by the Nadira family.The pilot is Deira Nadira.It features black hood-like armor that covers the upper body.grim ReaperIt has an appearance reminiscent of.装甲にはナノラミネートアーマー以上の強度をもつ「ナノラミネートコート」が施されており、MSとしては最高水準の防御力を有しているThe armor has a "nano-laminate coat" that is stronger than the nano-laminate armor, and has the highest level of defense for MS.[464].
Armed with a long-handled "battle anchor" with an anchor-shaped blade.厄祭戦時に片側の刃が欠損したため、現在は死神の鎌のような形状となっているSince the blade on one side was lost during the evil festival, it is now shaped like a god of death's sickle.[464].
Gundam Seere
Gundam frame machine that Nanao showed as Arji's death[435].
An assault ironclad on which Jean Marco sits[427].

Bibliographic information


Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans G

An official spin-off game in which the staff of the main part of TV participatesMobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans Urs Hunt, And the completely original game "Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded OrphansGame app consisting of[469].

"Ul's Hunt" is set in the first stage of the main part of TV, and revolves around Venus's "Radnitsa Colony", which became a penal colony for sinners after losing the competition with Mars.[470].

Staff (G)
  • Director-Tatsuyuki Nagai[470]
  • Series composition-Hajime Kamoshida[470]
  • Character design draft --Yu Ito[470]
  • Character design-Michinori Chiba[470]
  • Mecha Design-Naohiro Washio, Kanetake Ebikawa, Ippei Katabe, Kenji Teraoka, Tamotsu Shinohara[470]
  • Art-Kusanagi[470]
  • Music-Masaru Yokoyama[470]
  • Producer-Masakazu Ogawa[471], Yasunori Fujiwara[472]
  • Animation production - SUNRISE BEYOND[473]
Character (G)
Wistario Afam
hero.A young boy who is the president of the colony management company "Afam Equipment" due to his parents' early life.I have a dream of making Venus a tourism-oriented country.He has experience in maneuvering Fleck Glaze, which was lent by Gjallarhorn, and activates the white star in the event of an unidentified MS attack.[474].
Demner Kitaco Junior
Wistario Educator and Caretaker[470].
Cornal Kosa
A girl who calls the pilot of "Ul's Hunt"[470].
Ranger Dubrisco
MS pilot belonging to Omden Colony Company[475].
Cyclose Myr
Former Gjallarhorn officer and assassin of the Omden Colony Company.上官を殺害し、組織を脱走した過去をもつHas a history of murdering superiors and escaping the organization[475].
Appearance weapon (G)
Gundam Hajiroboshi
A Gundam frame machine hidden behind the power unit of the Radnitsa colony management area.金星の古称である機体名や大改修を受けた形跡が確認できること以外の詳細は不明で、デムナー・キタコ・ジュニアの祖父が発見してから人知れず整備が続けられてきたDetails other than the old name of Venus, the name of the aircraft and the evidence of major renovation, are unknown, and maintenance has been carried out unknowingly since the discovery by the grandfather of Demner Kitaco Jr.[470]..エイハブ・リアクターによる優れた運動性能が特徴で、機動性やウィスタリオに配慮して兵装類も軽量なもので構成されるIt features excellent maneuverability due to the Ahab Reactor, and is composed of lightweight weapons in consideration of maneuverability and Wistario.[474].
Armed with "Smart Mace" with excellent versatility and weight balance, "Club Shield" with variable claw and needle, and 110mm short range rifle mainly for threatening check[476].
ASW-G-35 Gundam Marchosias
A phantom Gundam frame machine that is said to have been lost in the evil festival.戦後に現存が確認されている26機には含まれておらず、機体の手がかりは不自然なほどに何も残されていないが、ギャラルホルンのデータベース内にはリアクターの固有周波数が記録されていることから、実戦投入されたことは確実視されているIt is not included in the XNUMX aircraft that have been confirmed to exist after the war, and there are no unnatural clues left for the aircraft, but the natural frequency of the reactor is recorded in the Gjallarhorn database. Therefore, it is certain that it was put into actual battle.[478].
The biggest feature is a large binder equipped with a total of 4 pieces on the left and right sides of the back and waist, and all 4 pieces function as foldable sub-arms for battle against MA.翼を模した背部バインダーの形状から優雅な印象をもつが、すべてのサブアームを展開した場合は悪魔の名を冠するガンダム・フレームらしい威容となるThe shape of the back binder that imitates the wings gives an elegant impression, but when all the sub-arms are deployed, it looks like a Gundam frame bearing the name of the devil.[Annotation 37][478].
Armed with a large sword that can be used as a heavyweight "Bustered Mace" in a sheath, 4 daggers that are stored and held in each binder, and for fighting with both arms that can be inverted and used as a claw Knuckle guard, 2 railguns in the waist binder, which is the only shooting armament of the aircraft, and a miniaturized left arm shield that does not interfere with the deployment of the sub arm[478].
Chevalbe Custom (cyclase machine)
A modified Chevalbe aircraft on which Cyclose Meier is on board.一部武装の撤去と腰部へのブースター増設によって、機動性が向上しているMobility has been improved by removing some weapons and adding boosters to the lumbar region.[475].
Hexa frame machine on which Ren-G Brisco is on board.高強度の装甲が装着されており、武装として三連ロックブレイカーを装備するEquipped with high-strength armor and equipped with a triple lock breaker as armament[475].

Other works

Prior to "Iron-Blooded Orphans G", the characters and mechanics of this work have appeared in the crossover works of the Gundam series.Also, released on August 2019, 8, "Super Robot War DD]”Super Robot War seriesI played my first participation in[479].


In "Monthly Gundam Ace", the comicalized work of the main story by Kazuma Isobe started serializing from the December 2015 issue.[480].. From the January 2017 issue, the content corresponding to the second phase of the main story is "Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans II], And was completed in the December 2018 issue.

From January 2019, 1, the official four-frame manga by Kikunorou will be on the official website of "Ul's Hunt".LooseIs being serialized.

Plastic model

The instruction manual contains settings and supplements that are not mentioned in the play.[12]..商品の特徴として、従来はAs a feature of the product, conventionalMaster gradeAn internal frame that could only be reproduced with a high-priced kit such asHigh gradeIt is realized with a low price range (around 1,000 yen) kit such as[Annotation 38].

Drama CD

In addition to the recitation of the event "Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans THE LAST FLAG" held on April 2017, 4, a new short story will be recorded.

Release datetitleStandard product number
2017th of February 12"Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans" EPISODE DRAMA IchiGBCL-2024
"Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans" EPISODE DRAMA IIGBCL-2025


Release datetitleStandard product number
2016th of February 3TV Anime "Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans" Original Sound TracksLACA-9448 / 9
2017th of February 3TV Anime "Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans" Original Sound Tracks IILACA-9490 / 1


Tekkadan Broadcasting Station

Radio OsakaBroadcast every Sunday from October 2015, 10 to April 4, 2017, Internet Radio StationOtozumiでは毎週日曜日に2015年10月4日から2017年4月9日まで配信された。その後、音泉にて同年5月28日から8月27日まで毎月最終日曜に延長配信が実施され、翌2018年6月29日・8月31日に限定配信が行われた。パーソナリティは河西健吾(三日月・オーガス 役)とYuka Terasaki(As Couderia, Aina, Bernstein).寺崎の産休中は、彼女に代わって第79回をDuring the maternity leave of Terasaki, the XNUMXth was held on her behalfYasuaki Nakusho(Akihiro, Alto), 80thMasaya Matsukaze(As Gaelio Bauduin), 81stSouma Saito(As Yamagi Gilmuton) acted as a personality.The 19th isTakahiro Sakurai(McGillis Fareed) and Matsukaze's "Gjallarhorn Broadcasting Station』But the 74th is a master craftsman,Haruki Ishiya(As Chad Chadan),Daiki Hamano(As Dante Mogro),Kentaro Kumagai(As Aston Altland),Cheerful room(As Derma Altoland)Former Human Debris Broadcasting StationWas broadcast and distributed in the form of hijacking the main broadcast. In December 2016,BANDAI NAMCO EntertainmentIn commemoration of the collaboration project "Iron-Blooded Game App Festival" by the official Gundam game portal site "Gundam Perfect Games", "Business trip version Tekkadan Broadcasting StationWas delivered[488].

First08 times:Yuichiro Umehara(As Eugene Seven Stark)
First09 times:Futoshi Murata(As Norba Shino)
The thirteenth: Yuichiro Umehara, Yasuaki Takumi * Public recording made on December 13th.
17st:TRUE CODE(Artist in charge of the 2nd ending theme)
23st:Kikuko Inoue(As Carta Issue)
25st:Yoshimasa Hosoya(As Olga Itsuka)
The 26th: Yasuaki Takumi,Yuma Uchida(As Ein Dalton) * Public recording on April 4st[489].
29st:Hisako Kanemoto(As Atra Mixta)
30st:Naohiro Washio(Mechanic design), Kojiro Taniguchi (Planning)
33st:Uchiyama Yumi(As Fumitan Admos)
34th: Ippei Katabe (Mechanic Design), Kojiro Taniguchi
38st:Tenpei Kohei(As Takaki Uno),Tamura Mushin(Ride Mass)
42nd: Masaya Matsukaze
44st:Ax Atsushi(As Nadi, Yukinosuke, Cassapah)
46st:Chiba Morality(Character design), Hiroshi Arisawa (Chief Animator)
47th: Masaya Matsukaze,Hayami Award(As Iznario Farid) * Public recording made on August 8nd.
48th: Yuma Uchida
49th: Soma Saito
52nd: Taishi Murata, Yasuaki Takumi, Kohei Amasaki, Haruki Ishiya, Daiki Hamano
53st:Masakazu Ogawa(producer)
60th: Kohei Amasaki, Kentaro Kumagai
64st:Ryota Osaka(As Hash Midi),Kimura Subaru(As Dane Uhai)
68th: Taishi Murata
The 75th: Kohei Amasaki
76th: Takahiro Sakurai
77th: Hisako Kanemoto
78th: Yoshimasa Hosoya,Ryuyuki Nagai(directed by)
79st:Yoko Hikasa(Rafta Frankland)
81st: Tatsuyuki Nagai,Yu Ito(Character design draft)
82nd: Yasuaki Takumi
The 84th: Yasuaki Takumi, Mutsumi Tamura * Public recording made on August 2018, 8.
Radio cd
Radio CD "Tetsukadan Broadcasting Station"
Vol.Release dateNewly recorded special edition guestPast delivery timesStandard product number
12016th of February 3Natsuki Hanae(As Biscuit Griffon)1nd to 8thTBZR-0601 2/XNUMX (CD)
GOODS-0244 (CD + acrylic key chain set)
22016th of February 5Yoshimasa Hosoya9nd to 17thTBZR-0656 / 7
32016th of February 7Hisako Kanemoto18nd to 25thTBZR-0693 / 4
42016th of February 9Takahiro Sakurai, Masaya Matsukaze[Annotation 39]26nd to 33thTBZR-0722 3/XNUMX (CD)
GOODS-0245 (CD + acrylic key chain set)
52016th of February 11Taishi Murata, Soma Saito34nd to 41thTBZR-0752 3/XNUMX (CD)
GOODS-0281 (CD + acrylic key chain set)
62017th of February 1Nobunaga Shimazaki(As Ioku Kujan)42nd to 49thTBZR-0787 / 8
7Takahiro Sakurai,Tomoaki Maeno(Ishido / Kamiche)[Annotation 39]50nd to 57thTBZR-0789 / 90
82017th of February 3Kosuke Toriumi(Naze / Turbine role),Atsuko Tanaka(As Amida Arca)58nd to 64thTBZR-0839 / 40
92017th of February 6Masaya Matsukaze, Yuma Uchida[Annotation 39]65nd to 71thTBZR-0868 / 9
10Yuichiro Umehara, Mutsumi Tamura72nd to 78thTBZR-0870 / 1
112018th of February 9Yasuaki Takumi, Taishi Murata79nd to 83thTBZR-1029
Spin-off radio[Annotation 39]
Product NameRelease datePersonalityStandard product number
"Gjallarhorn Broadcasting Station-Arianrhod Edition-"2017th of February 1Toru Okawa(As Rastal Elion)
Masaya Matsukaze (role of Vidal)
"Meteor Broadcasting Station"2017th of February 4Futoshi Murata
Souma Saito
2nd Aniradi Award Best Male Radio Award Newcomer Frame[491]

Back iron radio!

Mini radio distributed on "Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans Iron-Blooded Information Bureau" from January 2016th to September 1th, 25[6]..22 times in total.The personality is Yuka Terasaki.

3-chome Orphan Chu

Mega houseOfficial fancy spin-off work by planning. From July 2016, entitled "7-chome Orphanchu-The Adventures of Mikazuki and Olga-"Monthly Animage]Youhei MatsuiThe picture story by[492]..From December of the same year to June 12, in "Monthly Gundam Ace", a comicalized work by Minoru Shiino "2017-chome Orphanchu-Where is the necklace of Couderia?" 〜』が連載された~ ”Was serialized[493].. 「クリュセ町3丁目にあるセブンスターズ家の御屋敷にこっそり棲みついているネズミたちが『あったかいトコロ』を目指して大冒険を繰り広げる」という設定であり、アニメ本編で「宇宙ネズミ」と呼ばれることから鉄華団はThe setting is that "rats secretly living in the residence of the Seven Stars family in XNUMX-chome, Kruse-cho will develop a big adventure aiming for" warm tokoro "", and since it is called "space rat" in the main part of the animation, iron HuadanBlack rat, Gjallarhorn as "Nyaralhorn"cat(Ain onlyGuinea pig). From 2017, minifigures are being released one after another.


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(October 2016, 4-December 3, 6)
The Seven Deadly Sins Signs of the Holy War
(October 2016, 8-December 28, 9)
Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans (Phase 2)
(December 2016, 10-February 2, 2017)
[Anime frame until this program]
It's something delivered to you!
(July 2017, 4 -)
[From the same programvarietyframe】


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