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⚾ | Two Mariners Top Prospects Make Bittersweet Debut


Two Mariners Top Prospects Make Bittersweet Debut

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In the Mariners, J.P. Crawford, who was in the lead in the bottom of the 8th inning, hit in front of the center to block Plesac's no-hitter, and Dylan Moore made a 4-2 run after one death.

[Indians XNUMX-XNUMX Mariners] @ T-Mobile Park Mariners is a top prospect Logan ... → Continue reading


"MLB.jp" is the official website for major leagues in Japanese. Not only Japanese players such as Shohei Otani (Angels), Darvish (Cubs), and Ichiro (Mariners), but also various topics related to Major League from match results to player information (1 to 10 articles per day) 15). Please enjoy the world of Major Leagues, which is once again attracting attention due to Otani's major challenge.

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No hit no run

No hit no run(British: no-hitter, no-no) Isbaseball,soft ball OfmatchInRecordIn one gamepitcherBut the opponent team also received oneHitIt means not having received.Japanglish.

In the following sections, mainlyJapanInNo hit no run(No hits, no goals)Major league baseballInNo hitter(No hitting match) is described. About the achieverList of No Hit No Run AchievementsSee.


In baseball and softball games, pitchers hit the opponent team and do not allow points in JapanvictorySay to do.Nolan's run "Run" isscoreIt is a baseball term that means "no hits and no points" when translated literally. Achieved 7 no-hitter no-runsNolan RyanThere are quite a few jokes that are derived from "Nolan".

Not just a hitrunnerIf you win a closed victory without even letting goPerfect match(Perfect game). When we say "no hit no run"Four balls,Dead ball,faux pas,Hitting obstruction,Run awayIt implies that one of the above allowed the first base but did not survive. Both Japan and the US can be counted including the number of complete games. In addition,Cold game, Or 9 times orextra inningsUp todrawIf no hits and no score are achieved in the match, it will be treated as a reference record.

JapaneseProfessional baseballInStarting pitcher Complete pitchIf it is achieved by, it is recognized as a personal record, but multiple pitchersContinuous castingIn the case of, it will be officially recognized as a record of the team. For working people and high schoolsAmateur baseballIn, only personal records are officially recognized, and achievements by succession are treated as reference records.

In women's softball,Yukiko UenoHas achieved 7 times (15 times including the complete match).[1]

Major league baseball

In Major League Baseball (MLB)2020As of November 8, 26 games have been completed, including 23 complete games.1991What is a no-hitter in MLB's official view published in"When one or more pitchers keep hitting more than 9 times"Is defined as[2].. Therefore,Four dead balls,Balk,faux pas,Sacrifice,Sacrifice fly, Fielder selection, batting obstruction,Capture,StormingIt also includes games where the score was allowed but the opponent was hit without hitting. In addition, no hitters will be recorded even if the team loses in the case of continuous throwing.[3].

Records related to no hits

First hit-free match
Number of achievements and continuous achievement record
The player with the most total achievementsNolan Ryan7 times in total. As of October 2015, 10, 4 people achieved multiple times (including achievements by continuous casting), Nolan Ryan achieved 37 times or more,Sandy cofax,Sai Young,Bob Feller,Larry Corcoran,Justin Verlander6 people. Cofax and Young include full match.
Sandy Kofax has a record of four years in a row.
Nolan Ryan has achieved it for the third consecutive year. Of the first year1973Was achieved twice. Also since 21975For three consecutive years,1990-Recorded twice for two consecutive years from 1991 and more than two consecutive years.
Johnny Vander MeerIt is,1938May 6May 6, Achieved no hits and no points in the first two games in a row (double no-hitter). This is the only example in MLB.
Johnny Vander Meer is the highest number of individual achievements in the year,(English edition,(English edition, Nolan Ryan,Roy Haradee,Max ShurzerAchieved. Haraday includes a full match.
The highest number of achievements per year in the whole MLB is before modern baseball18848 times (no hitter 2 times, no hit no run 6 times), in modern baseball 1990, 1991,2012, 2015 7 times.
As of August 2015, 8, achievements by successive pitches have been recorded 14 times by 37 pitchers. Of whichVaida Blue,Mike Wit, Kent McCarre,Cole HammersNo-hit no-run was recorded by 4 people alone. Wit is a perfect match.
Achievement in the first pitch (MLB debut match)
1892May 10 (English edition Cincinnati Reds versus Pittsburgh Pirates (National League) Score 7-1 Record before modern baseball. No hitter with 1 goal.
1953May 5 (English edition St. Louis Browns versus Philadelphia Athletics(American League | Allegiance) Score 6-0 First record in modern baseball. It is the first time to achieve no hits and no score.
Achievement in both leagues
The pitchers who have achieved each in the Nary League and Allegiance are Cy Young,Jim Banning, Nolan Ryan,Hideo Nomo,Randy Johnson5 people. Nomo was in 1996 (Dodgers)When2001(Red Sox) Is recorded. Cy Young, Jim Banning and Randy Johnson include full match.
Example of changing from a perfect match to a no-hitter achievement by continuous casting
1917May 6Boston Red Sox vs.Washington SenatorsIn the Red Sox starterBabe RuthAfter giving the top batter a walkRefereeAgainstprotestExitNext, on behalfmoundWent up to(English editionAchieved with no hits and no scores until the end of the ninth inning. Until the record was revised in 9, this match was treated as a complete match by Shore.
Achieved by 6 pitchers
20036 month 11 dayInterleagueIn the matchHouston Astros TheRoy Oswald,(English edition,Kirk Sir Ruth,Brad Ridge,Octavio daughter,Billy WagnerOf 6 pitchersNew York YankeesWas scored with no hits and no score.
2012May 6In the interleague game ofSeattle Mariners TheKevin Millwood,Charlie Farbush,Steven Pryor,Lucas Ritkey,Brandon League,Tom Wilhelmsen6 pitchers in succession to the Los Angeles Dodgers with no hits and no points.
Up to 9 times, both teams have no hits and no goals
1917May 5Cincinnati Reds vs.Chicago CubsIn the war, starting Reds(English editionAnd Cubs starterHippo BoneUp to 9 times with no hits and no points. Bourne got 10 hits and 2 goal in 1 timesDefeated pitcherIn the end, Tony held the extra 10 times with no hits and no points.[4]
Defeated while achieving no hits
Achieved with 9 strikeouts up to 27 times in minor leagues
1952May 5: Ron Netcheye,Minor leagueRecorded in D-class Bristol Twins vs. Welch Miners. Achievement including runaway.
Besides this, 1990May 7Of the New York Yankees(English editionHas lost 8-0 against Chicago White Sox with 4 hits without hits. It wasn't an official no-hit match, as home White Sox won the match and it wasn't the 9th inning. The White Sox's 4 goals in this match are the highest scored by MLB for the hitting team.

Japanese baseball

Professional baseball

In Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB)2019At the end of the season, 15 people, including 82 full games in the regular season, have achieved a total of 93 times, and one in the postseason has achieved one. The teams that are currently farthest away from no hits and no goalsYokohama DeNA BaystarsAndHiroshi Kito[5] 1970May 6There has been no achiever since.

No hits and no goals achieved by teamYomiuri GiantsIs the highest in 16 games, the number of games achievedChunichi DragonsHas become the most in 14 games.Tohoku Rakuten Golden EaglesOnly, there is no achievement record.

Among the professional baseball (NPB) games, the following five games have been recorded with no hits and no goals due to consecutive pitches, including one complete game. However, no hits and no scores due to continuous pitching will serve as a reference record for the team and will not be an individual record.

Achievement dateAchievement teamPitched pitcherScoreOpponentStadiumRemarks
1941May 6Black eagleNakagawa Miyoshi
Shigezo Ishihara
1941May 8HankyuTakashi Eda
Kotaro Mori
2-0NagoyaNishinomiyaMori also achieved alone in the October 10 battle against Nagoya (Nishinomiya).
2006May 4Nippon HamTomoya Yagi
Takeda Hisashi
1-0SoftbankYahoo DomeThe first after two league divisions. Extended 2 times. Yagi dropped out with no hits and no goals.
2017May 6巨人Shun Yamaguchi
3-0SoftbankTokyo DomeExchange battle first. This is the first time in the SE League in the regular season. Yamaguchi also achieved it alone in the Sino-Japanese battle (Tokyo Dome) on July 7, the following year.
Post season
Achievement datematchAchievement teamPitched pitcherScoreOpponentStadiumRemarks
2007May 11Japan Series Round 5ChunichiDaisuke Yamai
Hitoki Iwase
1-0Nippon HamNagoya DomePerfect match[6].. Series win in this match.
All star games

To pitcherNumber of pitchesThere is a limit ofAll star gamesBut it was recorded once.

Achievement dateAchievement teamPitched pitcherScoreOpponentStadiumRemarks
1971May 7AllYuka Enatsu(Hanshin
Hidetake Watanabe(巨人
Ichizo Takahashi(Giant)
Toshinori Mizutani(Chunichi)
Masakatsu Kotani(Ocean
5-0AllNishinomiyaRound 1
9 consecutive strikeouts of EnatsuMatch.


Example of allowing the first hit in the extension while keeping the 9th inning without a hit
Achievement datepitcherAffiliationScoreOpponentStadiumRemarks
1940May 7Fukushi IsamuLion1-1Nagoya KintaiKorakuen11 times 2 deathsSasuke JosukeIs the first hit.
1943May 10Junzo SanadaAsahi3-0南海Nishinomiya10 hits and 2 deaths are the first hits.
1949May 10Shigeru Sugishita
Hattori Nobuhiro
Chunichi0-1TokyuChunichi10 times immortal, from HattoriHiroshi Oshita Home run.
1954May 8Takuwa Honji南海0-1every dayOsaka10 times 2 deathsMasanori KureIs the first hit.
1955May 5Atsushi Aramakievery day0-4DaieiKorakuen11 times 1 deathsMasuda TakuIs the first hit.
1958May 5Fuse KatsumiToei0-1南海Osaka10 times immortalHirose UnkoIs the first hit.
1958May 10Yasushi KodamaChunichi1-1HiroshimaChunichi11 times 2 deathsNorio OsatoIs the first hit.
1967May 4Katsuji SakaiTokyo0-2ToeiTokyo10 times immortalMasayuki Tanegamo Three bases.
1990May 5Hisanobu WatanabeSeibu2-0Nippon HamTokyo Dome11 times 1 deathsKoichi OgawaIs the first hit.
2005May 8Fumiya NishiguchiSeibu1-0RakutenSeibu Dome10 times immortalYoshinori OkiharaIs the first hit.
Complete match until the end of 9th.
2014May 5Chihiro Kaneko
Yoshihisa Hirano
Tatsuya Sato
Oryx0-1巨人Kyocera Dome Osaka11 times 1 death, from SatoKataoka OsamuIs the first hit.
An example of allowing points with walks, missteps, stolen bases, sacrifice bunts, and advance hits while suppressing hits (no-hitter Arirang)
Achievement datepitcherAffiliationScoreOpponentStadiumRemarks
1939May 5Mikichi Miyaguchi
Shotaro Hirano
南海1-2HankyuKoshienThe only official Japanese baseball match is 0 hits.
1939May 8Kameda TadashiEagles2-1Nagoya KintaiNishinomiya 
1959May 5Murayama MinoruHanshin3-2巨人Koshien 
1964th of February 5Shin Makino
Shigemasa Yamamoto
Example of dismounting after 9th inning with 9 hits or more with no hits and no goals
Achievement datepitcherAffiliationScoreOpponentStadiumThrow timesRemarks
2006th of February 4Tomoya YagiNippon Ham1-0SoftbankYahoo Dome10No hits and no points due to continuous pitching.
2014th of February 5Chihiro KanekoOryx0-1巨人Kyocera Dome Osaka99 回 裏HittingNo hits and no points by hitting and throwing continued 11 times until 1 death.

Second army

[7]Second army OfEastern League,Western leagueBut1962To巨人 OfMasayuki YamazakiHas been achieved multiple times, including complete pitching and continuous casting, since only one match has been completed, but only one of these has been recorded as "no hits for both teams". This is the only case in Japanese professional baseball (at the end of the 1 season).

Achievement datepitcherAffiliationScoreOpponentStadiumRemarks
1994May 4Futoshi YamabeYakult1-0SeibuOmiya municipal management

Seibu starterTakeshita JunComplete hit with no hits
(Goal 1 was a sacrifice hit to survive a runner due to a mistake).

First No-Hit No-Ran achiever (First achieved in Eastern League)
Western League first achiever
Achieved multiple times

Jun Takeshita mentioned above1993May 9He has achieved no hits and no goals in the game against Yakult, and has recorded no hits twice.

One armyA player who has achieved no hits and no score inHidetake Watanabe 1968It has been achieved by two troops and is the only record.

Independent League

Shikoku Island League plus

Shikoku Island League plusSo far, four people have achieved it (one of them is an interleague game with the NPB4 army, which is treated as the official game of the league).

Achievement datepitcherAffiliationScoreOpponentStadium
2006May 6Kochi6-0KagawaKochi
2010May 9Katsuhiko MaekawaKagawa8-0AtagoRexam
2012May 4Tokushima3-0KochiJA Bank Tokushima
2021May 5Kazuya FujiiKochi6-0Softbank 3 ArmyTama Home Stadium Chikugo

2017May 8Kagawa vs.Giant 3 armyRegular exchange battle (Marugame City Stadium, Part of the league official game) Kagawa is a succession of four pitchers[8],Also2020May 8In Kagawa vs. Tokushima (7-inning system), Kagawa was the successor of three pitchers.[9], Have achieved no hits and no goals.

Although it is not due to league players,2019May 4In the regular exchange game between Kochi and Softbank 3rd Army (Kochi City Baseball Field), SoftbankTakeshi WatanabeIs the first in league historyPerfect matchAchieved[10].

Baseball Challenge League

Baseball Challenge LeagueSo far, 6 people have achieved it.

Achievement datepitcherAffiliationScoreOpponentStadium
2010May 5Takayuki ShimizuGunma7-0NiigataTakasaki Jonan
2012May 9Toyama2-0FukuiFukui Phoenix
2013May 7Tetsuya TeradaNiigata11-0GunmaShibukawa
2014May 8Masataka TsutsumiGunma3-0ShinanoNagano prefectural management
2017May 4(English editionNiigata6-0MusashiYakuyama
2019May 6TorresGunma7-0IbarakiMito

2018May 4 OfToyama GRN ThunderbirdsversusShiga United Baseball ClubBattle (Takaoka West General Park Baseball Field) Recorded a no-hit Nolan with four pitchers from Toyama.[11].

Kansai Independent League (2nd generation)

Kansai Independent League (2nd generation)So far, 1 people have achieved it.

Achievement datepitcherAffiliationScoreOpponentStadium
2020May 8Kawachiyama Tatsuki[12]Sakai6-0HyogoNangang Central

Adult baseball

Baseball against city

City competition baseball tournamentSo far, 2 players have completed, including 5 full games.

Held yearConventionpitcherOUR TEAMmatchScoreOpponentStadiumRemarks
194014 timesNatsuo IchidaOsaka-Nakayama Steel1 Round2-0Kyoto City・Kyoto AssociationKorakuen
195425 timesKouhei OkamotoKawasaki City-Tokiko2 Round1-0Takasago-Kanebuchi ChemicalKorakuen
195728 timesNise Town-Nittetsu Nise1 Round1-0Takasago・Kanekaron bellKorakuenPerfect match
201182 timesToshiharu MoriuchiSendai city-JR East Japan Tohoku1 Round4-0横 浜 市-Mitsubishi Heavy Industries YokohamaKyocera Dome OsakaPerfect match
201788 timesSaitama-Nippon Express2 Round2-0Kadoma-PanasonicTokyo Dome

Also, at the 1971nd Convention in 42, Osaka CityDenden KinkiIn OsakaNippon LifeHe won no hits in the battle. The score was 1-0.

Japan Championship

Adult Baseball Japan ChampionshipSo far, 1 players have completed, including 4 full games.

Held yearConventionpitcherOUR TEAMmatchScoreOpponentStadiumRemarks
200936 timesMitsubishi Heavy Industries Kobe1 Round1-0Saginomiya WorksKyocera Dome Osaka
201642 timesMiki KagamiJR West Japan2 Round5-0JR East Japan TohokuKyocera Dome Osaka
Osaka Gasquaterfinals3-0Saginomiya Works
201743 timesJR East Japan Tohoku1 Round2-0Nippon Steel & Sumikin HirohataKyocera Dome OsakaPerfect match

College baseball

All Nippon University Baseball Championship

All Japan University Baseball ChampionshipSo far 4 players have completed, including 6 full games.

Held yearConventionpitcherUniversitymatchScorePartner schoolStadiumRemarks
196514 timesHiroaki ShibaikeSenshu University(Eastern capitalSemifinals6-0Tokai University(capitalShogunPerfect match
196918 timesKubota MiroKansai University(Kansai1 Round5-0Chiba University of Commerce(千葉ShogunPerfect match
197625 timesMori ShigekazuKomazawa University(East capital)1 Round2-0Faculty of Engineering, Kindai University(Hiroshima XNUMXShogunPerfect match
198837 timesMinoru KasaiHosei University(Tokyo Roku1 Round4-0Faculty of Engineering, Kindai (Hiroshima Roku)Shogun 
200453 timesYasuhiro IchibaMeiji University(Tokyo Roku)2 Round2-0Hiroshima University of Economics(Hiroshima Roku)ShogunPerfect match
201160 timesFaculty of Engineering, Kindai (Hiroshima Roku)1 Round3-0Meisakura University(Kyushu areaTokyo Dome 

Tokyo Roku University Baseball

Tokyo Roku University BaseballIn, 3 people including 23 complete games have achieved a total of 24 times.

SeasonpitcherUniversityScorePartner schoolRemarks
1925Fall:Sadao YuasaMeiji University9-0Rikkyo University 
Autumn 1925Sadao YuasaMeiji University1-0Tokyo Imperial University 
1926Spring:Meiji University7-0Hosei University 
1927Spring:Takeo HigashiTokyo Imperial University1-0Rikkyo University 
1928Fall:Meiji University2-0Hosei University 
1929Fall:Meiji University7-0Hosei University 
Spring 1941Keio University5-0Tokyo Imperial University 
1942Spring:Hideo FujimotoMeiji University3-0Rikkyo University 
1948Fall:Hirakoba ShojiKeio University6-0Tokyo University 
Spring 1949Keio University6-0Hosei University 
Spring 1954Fujita MotoshiKeio University7-0Tokyo University 
Spring 1955TomiRikkyo University6-0Tokyo University 
Autumn 1957Tadashi SugiuraRikkyo University8-0Waseda University 
Spring 1964Taisuke WatanabeKeio University1-0Rikkyo UniversityPerfect match
1966Fall:Senichi HoshinoMeiji University5-0Rikkyo University 
1970Spring:Yokoyama TadaoRikkyo University10-0Tokyo University 
Autumn 1989Keio University14-0Tokyo University 
1998Fall:Ryutaro FukuyamaHosei University7-0Rikkyo University 
1999Fall:Atsushi KizukaMeiji University11-0Tokyo University 
2000Fall:Satoshi KamishigeRikkyo University7-0Tokyo UniversityPerfect match
Spring 2004Rikkyo University7-0Waseda University 
Spring 2010Keio University7-0Tokyo University 
Spring 2013Takanashi YuheiWaseda University3-0Tokyo UniversityPerfect match
Autumn 2013Keio University5-0Tokyo University 
Autumn 2016Takuya KatoKeio University8-0Tokyo University 

In addition, no hits and no goals have been achieved twice. However, this is a reference record and is not included in the number of achievements.

SeasonpitcherUniversityScorePartner school
Meiji University8-0Tokyo University
Spring 1970Makoto Kudo
Yu Hasebe
Keio University3-0Tokyo University

*All universities up to 1942 are old.

Toto University Baseball

Toto University Baseball1部では、完全試合2人を含む10人で計11回達成している。また、2部において完全試合を2人が2回、3部において完全試合を2人が2回、1部と2部のReplacement battleIn two, two people have achieved two times, and in the replacement game of the second and third parts, one person has achieved once.

SeasonpitcherUniversityleaguePartner schoolRemarks
Spring 1941A wordSenshu University1 partKokugakuin University 
Autumn 1941Chuo University1 partTokyo University of Agriculture 
Autumn 1953Chugo KawachiNihon University1 partKomazawa UniversityPerfect match
Spring 1954Shimazu ShiroNihon University1 partTokyo University of Agriculture 
1954 unknownYoshiaki ItoChuo University1 partTokyo University of Agriculture 
Spring 1955Shimazu ShiroNihon University1 partKomazawa UniversityPerfect match
Autumn 1955Aoyama Gakuin University3 partUnknownPerfect match
Autumn 1957Nihon University1 partKomazawa University 
Spring 1958TerumotoChuo University1 partTokyo University of Agriculture 
1961Spring:Asia University3 partUnknownPerfect match
Autumn 1965Kazuo WatanabeTokyo University of Agriculture2 partUnknownPerfect match
1979Spring:Hidenori KosakaChuo University1 partToyo University 
Spring 1990Takashi WadaToyo University1 partAsia University 
Spring 1994Taisho University2nd 3rd replacement gameTakushoku University 
1996Spring:Toyo University1nd 2rd replacement gameKokushikan University 
2002Fall:Tomohiro UmezuKokugakuin University2 partTakushoku UniversityPerfect match
Autumn 2004Masahiro YamakiAsia University1 partToyo University 
2008Spring:Chuo University1nd 2rd replacement gameKomazawa University 

In addition, no hits and no points by continuous casting have been achieved twice in one copy (however, this is a reference record and is not included in the number of achievements).

SeasonpitcherUniversityleaguePartner school
1947Fall:Kenjiro Tamiya
Nihon University1 partChuo University
Autumn 1955
Gakushuin University1 partNihon University

*All universities up to 1942 are old.

high school baseball

Selected High School Baseball Tournament

Selected High School Baseball TournamentAt (Senbatsu/Koshien in the spring), 2 people have completed, including two complete games.

Held yearConventionpitcherDedicated to pre-school and extra curricularmatchScorePartner schoolRemarks
19318 timesHajiyama MotoharuHiroshima quotient(Hiroshima2 Round4-0Sakaide Sho(Kagawa 
193310 timesIchinomiya(Aichi1 Round3-0Matsuyama dealer(Atago 
193310 timesIn seaweed(和 歌 山1 Round3-0Kiryu(Gunma 
193815 timesJiro NoguchiChukyosho(Aichi)quaterfinals4-0In the seaweed (Wakayama) 
195123 timesNaruo(Hyogo1 Round5-0Shizuoka Castle(Shizuoka 
195527 timesKiichiro ImaizumiKiryu(Gunma)quaterfinals12-0Celebrity(Osaka 
196739 timesToshio NogamiMunicipal Wakayama merchant(Wakayama)2 Round5-0Triple(Triple 
197648 timesHajime Hokoda(Ibaraki1 Round1-0Itoigawa Chamber of Commerce(Niigata 
197850 timesMinoru MatsumotoMaebashi(Gunma)1 Round1-0Mt. Hiei(ShigaPerfect match
199163 timesOsaka Toin(Osaka)1 Round10-0Sendai Ikuei(Miyagi 
199466 timesMasahiro NakanoKanazawa(石川1 Round3-0Enokawa(ShimanePerfect match
200476 timesWith DarvishTohoku(Miyagi)1 Round2-0Kumamoto(Kumamoto 

In addition, no hits and no score by succession has been achieved once (however, this is a reference record and is not included in the number of achievements).

Held yearConventionpitcherDedicated to pre-school and extra curricularmatchScorePartner school
195527 times
Hiroshima Shoho
Nankasho(Osaka)1 Round6-0Rikkyo(Tokyo
Example of allowing the first hit in the extension while keeping the 9th inning without a hit
Held yearConventionpitcherDedicated to pre-school and extra curricularmatchScorePartner schoolRemarks
193310 timesMasao YoshidaChukyosho2 Round1-0Box officeFirst hit in 13 deaths
200981 timesPL school2 Round1-2Nanyo EngineeringFirst hit in 10 deaths
201890 timesHikone East2 Round0-1Hanamaki EastFirst hit indefinitely 10 times

*All schools until 1938 are old.

National High School Baseball Championship

National High School Baseball ChampionshipIn the summer of Koshien, 22 people have achieved 23 times in total. The perfect match has not been achieved.

Held yearConventionpitcherDedicated to pre-school and extra curricularmatchScorePartner schoolRemarks
19162 timesIchioka(Osaka)quaterfinals8-0Ichinoseki(Iwate 
192713 timesYaskawa YasuIn Guangling(Hiroshima)2 Round8-0Tsuruga(Fukui 
192814 timesJiro ItoHeian(京都Semifinals6-0North Sea(Hokkaido 
193218 timesKusumoto TamotsuIn Akashi(Hyogo)1 Round4-0North Sea (Hokkaido) 
193218 timesNagano quotient(Nagano2 Round6-0Tononaka(Iwate) 
193218 timesToshio OkamotoKumamoto Corporation (Kumamoto)quaterfinals3-0Ishikawa(Ishikawa) 
193319 timesMasao YoshidaChukyo Sho (Aichi)1 Round11-0Good neighbor(Korea 
193420 timesOsamu HasegawaHainan Central(Wakayama)2 Round5-0Kobe Central(Hyogo) 
193622 timesWakayama quotient(Wakayama)2 Round10-0Fukui merchant(Fukui) 
193824 timesOita quotient(Oita1 Round4-0All over Taipei(Taiwan 
193925 timesSeiichi ShimaIn the seaweed (Wakayama)Semifinals8-0Shimada Sho(Shizuoka) 
193925 timesSeiichi ShimaIn the seaweed (Wakayama)final5-0Shimonoseki(YamaguchiAchieved in two consecutive games, the first in the final
195133 timesShigeru Hattori(I.e.(埼 玉Semifinals4-0Wakayama quotient (Wakayama) 
195739 timesKiyosawa TadahikoGifu merchant(Gifu1 Round7-0Tsushima Chamber of Commerce(Aichi) 
195739 timesSadaharu OhWaseda Minoru(Tokyo)2 Round1-0Neyagawa(Osaka)11 extra times (first achieved in extra time)
195840 timesMorikitsu MasakichiKochi merchant(Kochi2 Round5-0Matsusaka Sho(Triple) 
196951 timesMatsu Shogakuen(Nagano)1 Round14-0Mikasa(Hokkaido) 
197355 timesArita FumioHokuyo(Osaka)3 Round1-0Takanabe(Miyazaki 
198163 timesKimiyasu KudoNagoya Electric(Aichi)2 Round4-0Nagasaki West(Nagasaki 
198264 timesHiroshi ShintaniSaga merchant(佐賀1 Round7-0wooden(AomoriGive a dead ball from two deaths in the ninth and miss the first complete match in history
198769 timesTurf grass spaceTeikyo(Tokyo)2 Round3-0Tohoku (Miyagi) 
199880 timesToshiya SugiuchiKagoshima Minoru(Kagoshima1 Round4-0Hachinohe Institute of Technology(Aomori)Achieved in 2012 when he was a giant after becoming a professional
Achievement in both national high school baseball tournament and professional baseball for the first time ever
199880 timesDaisuke MatsuzakaYokohama(Kanagawafinal3-0Kyoto Shisho(Kyoto)59nd time in 2 years

In addition, no hits and no goals have been achieved twice. However, this is a reference record and is not included in the number of achievements.

Held yearConventionpitcherDedicated to pre-school and extra curricularmatchScorePartner school
193319 timesKusumoto Tamotsu
Takeo Nakata
In Akashi (Hyogo)2 Round10-0Mito Shobu(Ibaraki)

*All the schools up to 1939 are old junior high school.

Korean baseball

Korean Baseball Committee

KBO LeagueAs of 2017, 14 people have achieved it.

Taiwan baseball

Chinese Occupational Sticks League

Chinese Occupational Sticks LeagueAs of 2018, 10 people have achieved it.

International match


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