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⚽ | J2 Omiya and GK Kljaji return to Japan for surgery.Desperate return during this season

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J2 Omiya and GK Kljaji return to Japan for surgery.Desperate return during this season

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Omiya Ardija announced that the player was diagnosed with a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament of the right knee as a result of the examination.

Meiji Yasuda Seimei J2 League Omiya Ardija was injured in the J15 League Round 2 Thespakusatsu Gunma match on the 13th ... → Continue reading

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Rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament of the right knee

Omiya Ardija

Omiya Ardija(Oomiya Ardija,Omiya Ardija) IsJapan OfSaitamaSaitamaHometown,Japan Professional Soccer LeagueA professional soccer club that is a member of the (J League).The current director isMasahiro Shimoda.

1969Denden Kanto Soccer ClubWas the predecessor and joined the J League in 1999.[1]. Home stadiumNACK5 Stadium Omiya, The practice field is Omiya Ardija practice field (Nishiomiya Soccer Field, Saitama City).The operating company isNTT Sports Community (NTT Sports Community) Co., Ltd.[1]..The club name "Ardija" is Spanish for "Ardija"SquirreDerived from "Ardilla" which means "[1] , Coined word changed to make it easier to read (Llreference.SquirrelOmiya city(Present: Saitama City) decided on the occasion of the 1990th anniversary of the 50 enforcement of the municipal systemマ ス コ ッ ト[1][5].


Before entering the J League

Old in 1969UrawaWas formed inDenden Kanto Soccer ClubIs the predecessor[1],1987From 1992Japan Soccer LeagueEnrolled in the second part. In 2, the team name was changed to "Omiya City" as a home town.Omiya ArdijaWas renamed to[1].. 1998/12,East Nippon Telegraph and Telephone[Note 1] Centered aroundNTT DoCoMo,NTT Data,NTT Facilities,NTT Comware,Nippon ComsysNTT Group and 18 related companies will invest and become the operating companyNTT Sports Community Co., Ltd.Was established[1].

1999-2004 (J2)

1999, DutchPim VerbeekIs appointed as a director.In the early stages, he was fighting for the lead, but he was the driving force behind it.Jorn BuleBut at midnightTokyoAttacked by a thug inside, left eyeblindnessAfter retiring after being seriously injured, he stalled and finished 6th in the league. year 2000,Toshiya MiuraIs appointed as a director.For the first time with UrawaSaitama Derby」が行われた(大宮の1勝3敗)。2001年、第11節から12連勝を記録し、前半戦を17勝3分2敗 勝点50の首位で終え、第8節から第24節まで17戦連続無敗で、第15節からは首位に立った。後半戦はGiordinhoAnd Panama national team ValdesWas seriously injured and joined the second halfValleyWas active, but lost three consecutive games due to the loss of the extended V goal in the 25th round against Niigata, and fell to 3nd place in the 27th round and 2rd place outside the J30 promotion zone in the 1th round, and the 3rd, 33th and 35th rounds. Although he was in 36nd place again, he lost in the match against Kawasaki in Section 2 and fell to 37rd place.After that, he could not return to the promotion zone, and in the second half of the game he scored only 3 points with 9 wins, 3 draws and 10 losses, with 28 points per year and 78 points difference to the winning Kyoto, and the final ranking is 6th.After that, Miura resigned as director. In 5, the first half of the race moved between 2002th and 4th place, and in the second half of the race, it was 8th until the 40th round, dropped to 5th in the 41st round, and finished the season in 6th place without ever being promoted. It was. In 1, he won 6 consecutive games from the 2003nd round, was undefeated in 2 races until the 3th round, and moved up to 7nd place in the promotion range in the 6th and 6th rounds, but once after falling to the 7rd place in the 2th round. He finished the season in 8th place as in the previous year without entering the promotion zone. In 3, Miura became the director for the first time in three seasons. He won the match against Mito on November 1th, and was confirmed to be in second place or higher in the J6 automatic promotion conditions.

2005-2014 (J1)

2005: Club slogan ""Departure" → Omiya starts running →".The second year of the Miura system.FormerBrazil national team Christian, From local Omiya Naoto Sakurai, Former representative from Japan Fujimoto main taxEtc. were reinforced.The league match was 16th as of the 7th round, but Christian, who scored 15 goals in 6 league matches,Sao Paulo FCIn addition to being transferred to, the number of disabled people continued, and 22 consecutive losses from Section 28 to Section 7.As of Section 28, he dropped to 16th place,Leandro,WakabayashiWith their success, they won 29 consecutive games from the 4th round and finished in 13th place.He won 2 races and 2 wins against Gamba Osaka, which won the championship, and won at home Saitama Derby.Nabisco CupIs the best 8,Emperor's cupAdvanced to the best four.

2006: Club slogan "OMIYA EXPRESS Accelerating Orange Soul".Miura system third year. Finished the season in 3th place.Miura retired from the coach after the season ended.

2007: Club slogan "Thinker-Evolution, real value, deepening".Pim's younger brother who was once the directorRobert FerbeekBecame the director.The league match was sluggish at 3th place with 7 wins, 8 draws and 16 losses in the first half.Verbeek was dismissed and Director of Strengthening and Training Saku SakumaBecame the director.After that, the team's condition did not rise suddenly, but J15 remained in 1th place.

2008: Club slogan "Shinka NEXT-Evolution, real value, deepening".Former coach Yamagata, who has been offering since Miura's retirement Yasuhiro HiguchiBecame the director.Higuchi aimed for aggressive soccer and finished in 14th place as of the 7th round, but in the second half he recorded no points and 6 consecutive losses, and finished the season in 12th place with 7 wins, 15 draws and 12 losses, and Higuchi finished the season. I retired.

2009: Club slogan "Orange Heart AGGRESSIVE SHIFT 2009. "Zhang GaelongBecame the director.Captain from the beginning Yoshiyuki KobayashiInjured people continued to appear, and Kobayashi was out of Zhang's plan and transferred to Kashiwa for rental.Although the struggle continued, J1 remained confirmed at the end of the season.

2010: Club slogan "Stronger, higher, deeper".The second year of the Zhang system.Just before the openingYasushi TsukamotoOf the right femurOsteosarcomaIt became clear that he was suffering from. By winning 3-7 against Cerezo Osaka on 3/0, he became the first team to take the lead in J1 alone, but at the end of Section 8, he scored 1 win, 2 draws and 5 losses.Zhang resigned as directorAtsushi SuzukiWhen he became the manager, the team's condition improved and J33 remained in the final round of the home in Round 1. It was discovered that the number of spectators in Omiya was inflated during the Urawa Red Diamonds match at Saitama Stadium on October 10.At the beginning of the discovery, the club completely denied it, but when the league secretariat conducted a full-scale investigation the next day, it turned around and admitted that more than 2 people were inflated, and Seigo Watanabe resigned as CEO on October 4000. The number of spectators was inflated in 10 games managed since 19/2007, and the total number was 11.[6].. On November 11th, the Japan Professional Football League imposed a reprimand (submission of a written statement) and a fine of 16 million yen.[7].

2011: Club slogan "Declaration of rise-climbing squirrel tree-".Suzuki system second year.In the league match, there were no consecutive wins or losses, so I couldn't win the home game (2/8, Section 27, Iwata, finally the first win, 24/1, Section 12, Kofu, the second win). , Section 3 of 34/2 J11 remained confirmed before the Kashima war.The final ranking was 19th, finishing the season higher than Urawa for the first time.The Emperor's Cup is the first matchFukuoka UniversityLost in a penalty shootout. In DecemberYasushi TsukamotoTsukamoto was appointed as Omiya Ambassador in January of the following year.

2012: Club slogan "Declaration of Rise 2012-Climbing a squirrel tree-".Suzuki system third year. In JanuaryYasushi TsukamotoWas appointed as Omiya Ambassador and was enrolled for 7 years.Fujimoto main taxTransferred to Kumamoto.After the start of the season, he was 2th at the end of Section 8,2014 FIFA World Cup Asia Round 4 QualifyingAt the end of Section 13 just before the suspension of the league match, he was in 15th place. In May, director Suzuki and head coachToshiyuki IshiiFired in JuneZdenko BeldenickDirected byTakuya InoueBecame the head coach.As soon as Verdenik took office, he quickly improved and rebuilt the collapsed defense, and based on the defensive haste, thoroughly defended, compactness, hard work and aggressive aggressiveness, speed of offensive and defensive switching, zone press, discipline. Focused[8]..Before Omiya took office, Verdenik's basic formation was 3 backs, but Omiya adopted 4 backs.Diego Simeone Atletico MadridWe also adopted a strong block of 4-2-2-2 like that used in, and built an iron wall.[8](Later, Omiya will be compared with Atletico more often.[9]). FW in Julyラ フ ァ エ ル Botafogo FRTransferred to, but DF Hiroyuki KawamotoDefensive power strengthening by reinforcement of, and tall FW Zlatan Novakovich The attack power was strengthened by reinforcing both of them.Although he dropped to 24th place at the time of Round 17, he was undefeated in 24 consecutive league games from Round 11 Urawa to the final round.Emperor's cupRecorded 13 consecutive undefeated official games including.Section 33 J1 remaining was confirmed at the time of victory in the match against Iwata.The final ranking is 13th.

2013: Club slogan "Omiya joint struggle".Verdenik system second year.The league match has been undefeated since the latter half of the previous year.After breaking Kashima's J2 undefeated record in the 7th round against Urawa, he took the lead in the next Kashiwa match and extended the J1 total undefeated record to 11 until he was defeated in the 1th round against Sendai.Nabisco CupLost the group league and in the J1 league matchConfederations CupVerdenik was dismissed on August 7th, the day after the fifth consecutive loss in the 16th round after losing consecutively from the 5th round in July after the interruption.Tsutomu OguraBecame the director.Even under the command of Kokura, he could not stop the losing streak in the J1 league match, and the losing streak increased to 8, but he stopped the losing streak in the 24th section Yokohama FM match.From the 25th to the 32nd round, he lost 2 consecutive games for the second time in the season, but he won the 8rd and 33th rounds and finished 34th.Section 14 A total of 34 J1 wins were achieved by winning the Shonan Bellmare.Directed by Ogura after the seasonTakeyuki OkamotoHowever, GM and Takeshi Furuya retired from the strengthening department manager.

2014: Club slogan "Omiya joint struggle. "Kiyoshi OkumaBecame the director.RCD MallorcaFrom former Japan national team Akihiro KanameWas acquired by a complete transfer.In the league match, after losing consecutively in the opening two rounds, he won the third and fourth rounds in a row and moved up to 2th place, but he did not win seven games in a row from the fifth round and dropped to 3th place as of the 4th round. ..From Section 8 onwardsWorld CupStay away from the official victory until before the suspension period.After the suspension period, Okuma was dismissed on 10/24 after the end of Section 8, which was unwinned for 31 consecutive league games, and the coachShibuya HirokiBecame the director.After Shibuya took office, he was 5 wins, 1 draw and 5 losses, but remained in the relegation zone, and in the final round, which was reached in 16th place, he defeated C-Osaka 2-0, but Shimizu in 15th place drew and J2 relegation was confirmed. did.Omiya recorded 2 years of J10 enrollment until the J1 relegation was confirmed this year.

2015 (J2)

Club slogan "To the top of the challenge, to the future".The second year of the Shibuya system.Former representative from Japan with large-scale reinforcement Ryuji Banto,Tsubasa Oya,Jundai Kato,Hitoshi Shioda,Shintaro Shimizu,Yokotani ShigeruEtc. joined and had a loan transfer in 2012Hiroyuki KawamotoJoined with a complete transfer.Shibuya is a forward Akihiro KanameAimed at aggressive possession soccer centered on.The start dash failed in the early stages of the league match, but after that the team became stable and steadily accumulated wins, never giving up the lead from the 15th round.

2016-2017 (J1)

2016: Club slogan "Challenge to a higher level, to the future".The third year of the Shibuya system.The goals for the first year of promotion were "3 points" and "48th to 7th in the annual ranking".In terms of force, the later Japanese national team Esaka RenEtc. were reinforced.This year's Omiya changed its style from the previous year's emphasis on possession to a long-counter-oriented defensive haste, virtualAtletico MadridWas described as[9][10]..The points have been steadily accumulated since the opening, and Esaka's heading goal in Section 13 Tosu achieved a total of 1 J400 goals, and the patriarch achieved the first double-digit score for a Japanese player J1.Section 28 At the time of the match against Hiroshima, J6 remained in the remaining 1 games.Section 29 The match against Kawasaki also won 3-2, and the highest points in club J1 history of 46 or more were confirmed, but this match caused troubles between players and supporters between Omiya and Kawasaki.[11][12]..In the 31st round against Kashima at Kashima Soccer Stadium, which has not been won in the past, he won 3-1 for the first time at the stadium, increasing the points to 50 and achieving the season goal of 48 points.In the final round, he lost to FC Tokyo 1-0 and did not reach 4th place, which could be an ACL entry, but finished the season in 5th place, the club's best result in the league. For the first time in 2 yearsJ League Cupでは予選トーナメント2位で2005年以来の決勝トーナメントに進出した。前回進出時と同様に横浜FMとの準々決勝では、ホームでの第1戦は2-1で勝利、アウェーでの第2戦は0-1となり、2戦合計スコアは2-2となったがAway goalHe was inferior and was eliminated in the quarterfinals.In the Emperor's Cup, he won the second best four since 2005, but lost to Kawasaki 2-4.

2017: Club slogan "Take on challenges-Strengthen the future. ~".4th year of Shibuya system.Key player of the previous yearAkihiro KanameIs Kawasaki,Izumi SawaTransferred to Gamba Osaka, but became the 2017th ace in 10Genki OmaeWas acquired by a complete transfer from Shimizu.This year, the style was returned from the previous year's emphasis on defensive haste to the 2015's emphasis on possession.In the league match, he sank to the bottom with 6 consecutive losses from the opening, scored the first point in the league match in Section 7 Shimizu, and stopped the consecutive loss by drawing 1-1, but in Section 8 G Osaka, he lost 6 goals ..Section 9 Wins the season's first victory at Saitama Derby in the lead match against Urawa, but the slump continues thereafter.Section 13 Shibuya and head coach on 4/5 the next day after losing 28 goals in the Kashiwa match Kurosaki HisashiDismissed,Akira ItoDirector,Keiji UmimotoHas announced the appointment of head coach[13][14]..Even after the change of manager, the results did not improve, and at the time of the remaining three games, the front decided to change the manager for the second time, and Ito and the head of the strengthening headquarters Taiki MatsumotoSacked[15][16], Was from NTT Kanto, the predecessor of Omiya, who led Kashima to the second place in the world under the direction of Kashima until May.Masatada IshiiWas directed and scout Tetsuya Nishiwaki was appointed as the head of the strengthening division.[17][18]..Ishii wept at the inaugural press conference and returned to the urgent origin of his style from possession to defensive haste due to the remaining old nest.[19], J32 relegation was decided without winning even in Sections 33 and 2 after taking office.During the league breakKaue,Marcelo Toscano,Kim Dong SooHowever, the team situation did not improve.In the final round, he lost to Kawasaki 5-0, and ironically, in this match, Kawasaki's first league victory with the patriarch of Omiya center player until the previous year was confirmed, and Omiya's J1 relegation to J2 was confirmed.For director Ishii, let Kashima win the championship last year.real MadridDespite being ranked second in the world in the match against the team, in 2 it was the exact opposite result of being relegated to the bottom and J2017 due to a big defeat in the match with the winning team.Ironically, Kawasaki entered the J-League at the same time as Omiya in 2, and was confirmed to be promoted to J1999 for the first time at the same time as Omiya in 2004.In 1 of the previous year, there were troubles between players and supporters between Omiya and Kawasaki, so it could not be said that they were on good terms with each other, and it was a relationship of fate.[11][12]..Ironically, in 2021, Omiya was ranked last in the J2, while Kawasaki was the leader in the J1 and broke the undefeated record for 1 consecutive J21 races in Omiya.The final result was 5 wins, 10 draws and 19 losses, and the season ended in the bottom 18th place.YBC Levin CupThen, at the end of 6 out of 4 group stage games, it was 2 minutes and 2 losses, and at this point the possibility of advancing to the final tournament was cut off, and the last 2 games were won, but the group was in 2th place with 2 wins, 2 minutes and 4 losses. I was eliminated from the stage.


2018: Club slogan "ONE for victory(Invented around Ishii[20]).Ishii system second year. With the goal of winning the J2, we entered the 2th year of the club's founding season.[21]..Make major reformsHarasaki Masato,Shinji Otsuka,Toshinori Fujiwara,Keisuke OtsukaIs appointed as a coach.Later Japan national team Esaka RenMany main players such as have transferred to other teams, but large forwards Robin SimovicEtc. were reinforced.Ishii advocated "going forward aggressively" and "taking action voluntarily" throughout the year from before the opening, and Ishii's former affiliation KashimaSimilarly, the basic formation was fixed at 4-4-2, and 42 out of 39 games were fought with 4-4-2 with aggressive central attacks and short counter tactics based on defensive haste.[22][19][23][24][25].. Opening gameKofuAlthough he wins the match, at the end of the 9th round, Kuroboshi leads to 2 wins, 1 draw and 5 losses, dropping to 19th place.He won three consecutive wins in Sections 10-12 and recorded his first consecutive win of the season, after which his performance improved.He recorded 3 consecutive undefeated races in Sections 16-21 and returned to 6th place in the first half.In the second half of the game, he won the first two rounds in a row and recorded eight consecutive undefeated races until he lost in the 8th round against Tokushima.Since the opening round in Section 2J1 entry playoffsHe moved up to 5th place in the area, and after that he competed with other teams for the J1 promotion frame.39th-Before the start of the final round, he dropped to 7th place outside the promotion zone, but in the final round against OkayamaMitsumasa KikuchiWhen he won by the goal of, Tokyo V and Fukuoka, who were competing for the playoff zone, moved up to 5th place by drawing, and the entry playoff participation was confirmed.At the end of the season, he scored 65 points, embodying Ishii's "aggressiveness" straight and exploding his scoring ability.Genki OmaeRecorded a total of 24 points and became the top scorer.However, due to difficulty in defense, he scored 48 goals (Omiya at the end of the season was the leader).Masaru Matsumoto FCCompared to Matsumoto Yamaga's 54 goals, Omiya's 65 goals are 11 points lower, but Matsumoto Yamaga's 34 goals are 48 points lower than Omiya's 14 goals).In the first round of the entry playoffs, he played against 1th place Tokyo V.Based on the regulations, Omiya, who is in the top of the league match, was in a situation where he would advance to the second round even in the case of a draw.[26], Tokyo V side sent off and scored in the 11th minute of the second half due to a numerical advantage of 10 to 26 people.[26]After that, the score did not move, and he lost 0-1 and was eliminated from the playoffs.Ishii retired from the coach after the season ended.

2019: Club slogan "121% ORANGE".Former Nagasaki directorTakuya TakagiIs appointed as a director.Compared to last season, there were no major reforms or personnel changes, and the number of coaches continued to be cast and the number of transfers remained small.Breaking the tradition of 4 backs that Omiya has been adopting for many years, incorporating 3 backs, Takagi's former affiliation NagasakiAs with, 3-4-2-1 was used as the basic formation, and 4 backs were used only once.[27].. By changing to 3 backs, side attacks have decreased, central attacks by counters have increased, and the possession ratio has decreased compared to last season.[28].. In the three months from the match against Mito on March 3 to the match against Kanazawa on June 23, he recorded 6 consecutive undefeated races and took the lead.He kept 29 goals, 3 points less than last season's 16 goals, and recorded 48 goals, which is the same as last season's 8 goals, but after a close battle with other teams, he entered the J40 automatic promotion zone by a small margin. He finished the season in 65rd place and entered the playoffs for the second consecutive year. He lost 62-1 in the first round of Yamagata, and was eliminated from the first round for the second consecutive year.

2020: Club slogan "WIN ☆ WIN".Takagi system second year.It's different from last season and has undergone major reforms.Coach'sHarasaki MasatoToshinori FujiwaraRetired,Hideaki KitajimaTakuya MatsumotoIs appointed as a coach.From before the start of the season to the end of the season, 19 people joined the team, and among those who left the team, they also served as the number 10 ace captain.Genki OmaeOf the score sourceJuanma del Cado, Veteran players, poorly performing players were released.A total of 17 people, including loan transfer players, were released in large numbers.The formation continued 3-4-2-1 from the previous year, and possession was also incorporated.[29]..He won four straight games from the opening, but lost in a row immediately after taking the lead in Sections 4-2.After that, he maintained the 4nd place, but just before the match against Fukuoka in Section 2, Fukuoka playersNew coronavirus infection判明により中止となった後、第10-前半最後の21節で福岡戦の振替試合を含む13試合中1勝5分7敗と不調に陥り、シーズン前半終了時点で勝点26・15位となる。シーズン後半は開始より連勝して10位となるが、第17-21節で6試合連続未勝利、第24-30節で7試合連続未勝利となり、17位にまで低迷した。出場機会が減っていた横浜FCのIbaAlthough it was reinforced to improve the scoring ability, the score did not increase, and in addition to the team slump, injured people continued to occur, and emergency reinforcement was carried out such as recalling players who were transferring to other teams for a limited time.Even so, the slump continued, and at the time of the remaining eight games, the third place or lower in the annual ranking was confirmed, and the possibility of returning to J8 in the next season has completely disappeared.Takagi retired from the coach after the season ended.

2021: Club slogan "SHOW win, laugh, promote".Retired from the representative director and became the representative director on 2/1.He was a coach of Oita until the previous year and was a member of Omiya's first year of entering the J-League.Ken IwaseWas appointed[30](Iwase has only about two months of experience as a director, and it was his first experience to take command before the opening). "ChangeIwase strongly advocated "victory", returned the formation from 3 backs to 4 backs, which is the tradition of Omiya, and used the two blades of possession and defensive haste (counter) as weapons. Adopted aggressive tactics[30][31][32], The number of possessions in my team increased, and Iwase's active soccer did not play well.He won the 5th round against Nagasaki 4-0, and drew 6-7 to the top Ryukyu and the previous year's J3 champion Akita in the 0th round against Ryukyu and the 0th round against Akita, but it was the worst in club history. The club side issued an urgent statement after recording the lowest grade of J2.[33].. 10 consecutive races unwinnedKitakyushuIwase and General Manager of Strengthening Headquarters on May 2, two days after the war Tetsuya NishiwakiWas dismissed[34]..Omiya Total Advisor as the successor directorVENTUSGeneral directorNorio SasakiWas appointed for a limited time, and Omiya's after entering the J League20th director in total(Sasaki has experience as a coach of the Omiya top team before entering the J-League, but he has never been appointed as a coach of the Omiya top team after entering the J-League)[34]..Toshiyuki Akimoto was appointed as the deputy general manager of the strengthening department, and Sano himself, who is the representative director, concurrently serves as the general manager and general manager of the strengthening department.[34].Strengthening the system by the new strengthening department and new directorIs declared,Compared to the system up to the previous year, the representative director, strengthening department, and supervision have been completely replaced and renewed.[34]..Sasaki advocated a shift from "ideal soccer that actively advances the game" to "realistic soccer", paying close attention to the previous pass and the ball.[35][36]..Sasaki started rebuilding the team as soon as he took office, and started rebuilding the team by reviewing the basic and basic parts such as raising awareness and thoroughly speaking out.[36]..We asked the players to call themselves "Nori-san" instead of "Director Sasaki", and emphasized the sense of intimacy and interaction with the players.[35][36].. On May 5, the disclosure of club management information for 28 was announced in advance, and Omiya's operating revenue was the highest among all J2020 clubs (2th among all J League clubs).[37][38]。佐々木体制第2戦となる6/6 第17節 金沢戦ではフォーメーション 4-1-4-1を初使用するが、1-0で敗戦となった。翌日6/7にMasahiro Shimodaの監督就任が発表され、霜田は「魂を込める""Fight""Duel」という言葉を用いてハードワークのサッカーを提唱した[39][40][41]。6/9 天皇杯2回戦 千葉戦では佐々木はSanmon Yudaiをベンチキャプテンに指名し[40]、フォーメーション 4-2-3-1を初使用するが敗戦となり、佐々木体制 全3戦は全敗の結果で終わった。6/11にDaisuke Watanabeに代わる三門のキャプテン就任が発表された[42]。6/13 第18節 栃木戦にて霜田体制初陣となり、新フォーメーション 4-1-2-3を使用するが1-1 引き分けとなり、リーグ戦と天皇杯を含めて通算14戦未勝利となった。この試合でIbaRecorded 2 points in total for J600.


The main axis of the club is "adherence" and "balance", and the shield shape that resembles the tail of a squirrel in the emblem represents adherence and balance.[43]..Omiya was originallyPim VerbeekToshiya MiuraBuilt byTotal footballHowever, in J2005 from 1, the main axis was defensive haste, and until it was demoted to J2014 in 2, it fought with defensive haste, and the defensive haste that combined the organizational strength of total football was Established as a tradition of Omiya, the style has changed frequently from 2014 to 2021, and it is moving away from the traditional defensive-oriented defensive haste.[19]..Among the defensive haste, the one that was particularly defensiveZdenko BeldenickAndAtletico Madrid OfDiego SimeoneAlso adopted the 4-2-2-2 strong block adopted by[8][9].

The club mascotSquirreWas used as a motifArdiMeyerAnd good friendsCoupleAldi appeared in 1998, Miya appeared in 2008, and was certified as an official mascot in 2009.Yurutama cheering partyIs a member of[1][5][44][44].

There are Omiya Ardija Youth, Omiya Ardija Junior Youth, and Omiya Ardija Junior in the academy (cultivation period).

To the sister teamOmiya Ardija VENTUSExists.

Derby match

Relationship with Kawasaki Frontale

Kawasaki entered the J-League at the same time as Omiya in 1999, and was promoted to J2004 at the same time as Omiya in 1. In the latter half of 2016, troubles between players and supporters occurred between Omiya and Kawasaki.[45][46]..He was also the main player of OmiyaAkihiro KanameWill be transferred to Kawasaki. In the final round of 2017, he lost to Kawasaki 5-0.Kawasaki's first league victory was confirmed in this match, and J1 relegation by Omiya's J2 bottom was confirmed.[47][48][49]..Omiya'sMasatada IshiiFor me, let Kashima win the championship last yearreal MadridDespite being ranked second in the world in the match against the team, in 2 it was the opposite result of being demoted to the bottom and J2017 due to a big defeat in the match with the winning team.[47][48][49].. In 2021, Omiya became the lowest in J2, while Kawasaki broke the undefeated record for 1 consecutive J1 races in Omiya at the top of J21.[50][51][52][53].


Top team



(The upper row of the number of visitors is the number after J2010 Section 1 in 25 after the discovery of inflating, and the lower row is the number before Section 2010 of J1 24 before the discovery of padding.)

Item数字seasonOpponents, results, match venue
Most consecutive wins13 consecutive wins2004 J2 Sections 32-44
Longest undefeated period21 match2012 J1 Section 24-2013 J1 Section 10 (8 draws)[Note 2]
Most consecutive losses8 consecutive losses2013 J1 Sections 16-23, 25-32
Longest unwinning period10 match2003 J2 Section 8-17 (4 draws)
Most scored match6 points2019 J2 Section 22Kagoshima United FC, 6-0, NACK5 Stadium Omiya
Most goals scored6 goals2000 J2 Section 14Urawa Reds, 0-6, Omiya Park Soccer Field
2003 J2 Section 21Consadole Sapporo, 2-6, Sapporo Dome
2017 J1 Section 8Gamba Osaka, 0-6, Suita Soccer Stadium
Maximum number of visitors29,5752010 J1 Section 25Urawa Reds, Saitama Stadium 2002
42,3462009 J1 Section 29Kawasaki Frontale, Saitama Stadium 2002
Minimum number of visitors5,6272011 J1 Section 18VISSEL KOBE, NACK5 Stadium Omiya
8442000 J2 Section 35Montedio Yamagata, Omiya Park Soccer Field


Home stadiumNACK5 Stadium OmiyaAndKumagaya Sports Park Athletic FieldBut I hold home games on an irregular basis. From 2013SaitamaNishi-wardThe location "Omiya Ardija practice field" (Nishiomiya soccer field, Saitama city) is used as a practice field, and a clubhouse "Orange Cube" is attached.[1][54].. Before 2012ShikiI was using the NTT East General Ground where I was located. Located in Nishi-ku, which is located a short distance from "Omiya Ardija practice field" from March 2004Akiba Forest Park Soccer FieldIs also used as a practice area.

Number of home game games by year and stadium

(Data from the official website excluding the Emperor's Cup since 2001[55]. )

年度League matchJ League CupRemarks
NACK OmiyaKomabaSaitama SuRiku KumagaiOther
20012100-Konosu 1Omiya 1
2004191Promoted to J1.
20055283Omiya 1

Saitama Su 2
Komaba 1

Riku Kumagai 1

Omiya limited the number of games because it was out of the J1 standard at that time, and made Saitama Su a de facto quasi-base.
2006-1052Komaba 3Komaba was temporarily used as the base for the renovation of Omiya.
200721321It was temporarily based in Komaba until October, and returned to NACK Omiya in November.
200817002NACK 2

Riku Kumagai 1

20091331NACK 3
2011160NACK 1
20120NACK 3
2014J2 demoted.
201520Non-participationPromoted to J1.
201616NACK 4Initially, the J League Cup group league was NACK4, but it decreased by one game due to FC Tokyo's participation in the ACL main race.
2017NACK 3J2 demoted.


Uniform color
カ ラ ーshirtPantsstockings
FP 1stOrangeNavyNavy
FP 2ndwhiteNavywhite
GK 1stlight bluelight bluelight blue
GK 2ndyellowyellowyellow
GK 3rdpinkpinkpink
FP 1st
FP 2nd
GK 1st
GK 2nd
GK 3rd
Uniform sponsor
Posting locationSponsor nameNotationPosted yearRemarks
chestNTT DoCoMoNTT docomo »5G20082000-2004: Back
2007: Pants
(The notation transition isLaterSee. )
clavicleMusashino BankMusashino Bank20182012-2016: Pants
2016 2nd-2017: Lower back

(Posted on both sides.)

Upper backEast Nippon Telegraph and TelephoneNTT East20072000-2006: chest
(2004-2014 is "FLET'S lightNotation. )
Lower backShimamuraShimamura20182017: Pants
sleeveFuji PharmaceuticalFuji Pharmaceutical2005
Front of pantsMusashi CorporationMusashi Corporation2020
Back of pantsNone--
Uniform supplier
Supplier name年度
ア ン ダ ー ア ー マ ー2009
Chronology of successive uniform sponsors
chestLeft clavicleRight clavicleUpper backLower backsleeveFront of pantsBack of pants
1998NTTBefore ban-Before ban--Before banMizuno
1999NTT /
NTT East[Note 3]
2000NTT EastNTT
2001Club IT
Auto lease
Fuji PharmaceuticalIda design
2007DCMX NTT DoCoMoFLET'S lightNTT DoCoMoLot
2008DCMX NTT DoCoMo /
NTT docomo
NTT Communications
2009NTT docomoHikari TVUnder Armour
2012Musashino Bank
2015NTT East
2016Docomo hikari- /
Musashino Bank[56]
Musashino BankShimamura
2018NTT docomo
Musashino BankShimamura-
2019NTT docomo
2020NTT docomo »5GMusashi Corporation-


Profit and loss

(The unit of the amount is one million yen, and the labor cost for 2005-2010 is included in the project cost.)

年度incomeAdvertising feeAdmission feeAllocationUpbringingSalesOthercostexpensePersonnel expensesmatchHomeUpbringingwomanSalesSaleAdministrative expensesProfitNet incomeSource

(The unit of the amount is one million yen.)

年度Total assetsTotal debtNet worthCapitalSource


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注 釈

  1. ^ When the corporation was establishedHolding companyBefore the transitionNippon Telegraph and Telephone(NTT) The main body was a shareholder,19997After becoming a holding company, NTT East became the parent company
  2. ^ Recorded first place in the J1 league. During this time, he lost to the Emperor's Cup at Kashiwa Reysol and the Nabisco Cup to Jubilo Iwata and Vampforet Kofu.
  3. ^ Transferred to a holding company on July 1999, 7. Along with that, the NTT logo has been changed to NTT East for games after July.


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