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⛳ | <Interim Bulletin> Rikuya Hoshino takes the lead and runs 5 strokes behind to Sunday Back Nine

Rikuya Hoshino (Photo: Keita Ueyama) who entered the second half by a large margin from the following

<Interim Bulletin> Rikuya Hoshino runs fast to Sunday back nine by 5 strokes behind

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Ryo Ishikawa is playing in the second half with a total of 4 under and 15st place tie.

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Ryo Ishikawa

Ryo Ishikawa(Ishikawa,1991May 9 -) isSaitamaKitakatsushikaMatsubushi TownFromProfessional golfer.Casio calculatorBelongs. Nickname is "Honey prince". Men's Tour Youngest in the world, youngest in JapanPrize KingRecord holder. On March 2020, 3, Japan Golf Tour Organization decided to reappoint Ryo Ishikawa as Vice Chairman[1].. Height 175.7 cm.



When I was 6 years old, my father took meGolfI got into golf because I went to the driving range. Matsubushi municipal Matsubushi elementary school days,サ ッ カ ーBelongs to a club and gardening committee.Matsubushi TownIt is about 30 minutes by car from my home,ChibaNoda-shiI was practicing at a golf driving range in. Junior high school went to the local Matsubushi second junior high school. Since there was no golf club in junior high school, I belonged to the track and field club.

Amateur age

In 2004, won the National Elementary Golf Championship Yokoo Main Cup. It won the Kanto Junior High School Championship in 2005 and the National Junior High School Championship/Spring Games in 2006.[2].

2007 year 4 month,Suginami Gakuin High SchoolGo on to[3].

It was held in 2007 when I became a high school student,Munthing Wear Open KSB CupFirst tour appearance in the amateur frame. Achieved the youngest ever championship in a Japanese professional golf tournament. The amateur championship on the men's tour is "Chushikoku OpenIn 1980Kuramoto MasahiroSince then, the second person in history[4].. The first day of the tournament was canceled due to the storm, and two rounds were held on the last day. Even though he was a high school student, he won the come-from-behind victory over 2 holes (36rd place with 2 strokes at the end of the second day). This victory is the world's youngest victory record (7 years old 23 days),Guinness World RecordsCertified by.

On May 5, when I visited the Saitama prefectural government office to report the victory, Governor Ueda gave me the prefecture's mascot.CobatonHe was given a plush toy.

It was held in July of the same year,World Junior ChampionshipIn 23rd place. It was held at Kasumigaseki CC on August 8th.Japan Junior Golf ChampionshipIn the division of boys 15 to 17 years old, he won the first championship at the age of 15 years and 11 months, the youngest in the history of the competition. The score is 3 with a 9-under total for the three days that will be the record tie for the tournament. Right afterFuji Sankei ClassicThen, until the 2nd day, he was 3th, 6 strokes away from the top, but on the 3rd day, the score dropped, and eventually it ended in 3th place with 1, which is a total of 214 over 15 days, but he was a low amateur (the top amateur player participating) Acquisition. Tokai Classic,Sumitomo Mitsui VISA Pacific MastersBut won the low amateur. He also qualified to be the tour winner of the year by winning the Munising Wear Open KSB Cup.Golf Japan Series JT CupFirst appearance as an amateur[5].. This year, he participated in eight Pro Tour games and passed the qualifying in five games[6]In 4 games, he showed an activity to acquire a low amateur.

Professional career

A press conference was held on January 2008, 1 to declare a professional transition. 10 years 16 months 3 days youngestJGTOBecome a Tour Pro[7].. Also, since he holds the seed right until the end of 2009, he became the youngest seed player in history at the same time.JPGAQualified as a professional golfer on April 2008, 4.

September 2008, 1YonexAnd signed a total equipment contract of 5 billion yen for 10 years (clubs other than balls, clothing, etc.). The contract with Yonex was due to the fact that when Ishikawa was 10 years old, he and his father went to the Yonex headquarters to ask for assistance in providing equipment, and Yonex agreed with it. In addition to YonexPanasonicAnd move supportANA, SunglassesYamamoto OpticalAnd contracted. Others from April 4Toyota2 year contract withCoca Cola5 year contract withNTT DoCoMo3 year contract withShingakushaHas signed a one-year contract (renewal has continued since then and is ongoing as of 1). Panasonic has announced that it will not renew its membership contract with Panasonic on January 2011, 2013.[8].


The professional debut took place on February 2008, 2 in Sydney, AustraliaBritish Open4st place with 1 overs (36 day, 41 holes) in the qualifying session. Domestic tour debut in April 2008Token Home Mate CupIt took the lead on the 2nd and 3rd day, but finally finished in 5th place. After that, it will be sluggish due to five consecutive qualifying rounds, etc.,Shigeo Nagashima Invitational SEGA Sammy Cup Golf TournamentIt entered Thailand at 3rd place and showed signs of recovery, and was held at Shiga GC from August 2008 to 8, 21.Kansai OpenAnd won the first victory after turning professional[9].. At ABC/GC on November 2008, 11Mynavi ABC ChampionshipAfter winning the tournament, he won the tour for the first time after becoming a professional, and won the tour's second victory, and also won the seed right until 2.

In 2008, the prize money won was 106,318,166 yen, ranked fifth in the prize money, and the youngest ever to exceed 5 million yen. It was also the youngest prize seed in history. By this activity, the youngest in historyPrime Minister CupJapan Professional Sports AwardWas awarded. He was elected as a JGPTO director at the Japan Golf Tour Players Association (JGTPO) held after the 2008 season.

This yearMatsubushi TownA stone monument to Ishikawa was set up in Matsubushi Park. In addition, it has jurisdiction over the townYoshikawa Police Station OfOne day chiefWas appointed to.


Held from August 4thMasters TournamentIn addition, although he was not able to get the participation right automatically because he was ranked 2008th in the world ranking at the end of the 60 season, he was admitted specially because he was active on the Japan tour at the age of 17. At the age of 17 years and 6 months, the Masters participation was in the amateur slotTommy JacobsSecond youngest record ever after 17 years and 1 month[10].. He is the youngest professional golfer in history, and the Japanese player is Toichiro Toda's 21-year-old, making him the youngest player in history. The result was 73rd place and the qualifying failed.

June 6th at Yomiuri CCThe Road to All England Mizuno Open Yomiuri ClassicWins at the same time in JulyBritish OpenHas won the right to participate, and decided to participate in the youngest Japanese player for the first time. On the first day of the British Open Championship, Ryo Ishikawa turned around with a good score of 5 birdies, 3 bogeys, 68 and 2 underscores.Tiger woodsScored more than 71, but on the second day it collapsed in the latter half to total 2 over 6th place. I qualify with Tiger Woods.

It was held at Otaru CC on August 8ndSan Chlorella ClassicThen, I played with the setting that the 2nd iron was put in and the 9th iron was pulled out. A complete championship that keeps the lead for four days from the first day. It was held at Fuji Sakura CC on September 17Fuji Sankei ClassicWon a total of 12 under. With this victory, he jumped to the top of the prize money ranking.

By this victoryWorld golf rankingBecame the highest 47th place and was the youngest player in the top 17 ranking at 11 years, 20 months and 50 days. In addition, this becomes a big factor, and the United States national team and the non-American/Non-European regional team fightPresident's CupCaptain of the international teamGreg NormanWas selected as the youngest in history by the recommendation of[11].

October 10th, held at Miyoshi CCCoca-Cola Tokai ClassicWon a total of 14 under. The prize amount has exceeded 2 million yen for the second consecutive year.

From October 10th to 8th, he participated in the President's Cup, and on the final day he was ranked 11th in the world at that time.Kenny perryIn the world selection with 3 wins and 2 losses, such as winningErnie ElsHe showed great success with the highest number of 3 points alongside[12].

XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Golf Japan Series JT CupAlthough he was tied 3rd in 19th place, he won the prize money with an annual prize amount of 1 yen. ThisShoji OzakiBroke the record for the youngest prize-winner, which he achieved at the age of 1973 in 26, to be 18 years and 80 days.

XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Japan Golf Tour Organization(JGTO) hosted the 2009 Japan Golf Tour Awards Ceremony for the first time ever with 9 crowns (King King, Best Player Award, Unisys Point Ranking Award, Average Stroke Award, Average Pat Award, Birdie Rate Award, Golf Reporter Award, MIP Award, special prize)[13].

On December 12, the final world ranking of men's golf in 20 was announced, and the number was 2009th.

On December 12, we won the Japan Professional Sports Awards for the second consecutive year, becoming the sixth person in history.[14].


XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,SRI sportsAnd signed a golf ball usage contract.

March-Graduated from Suginami Gakuin High School. Since I was in the second grade, I had been working as a tour professional, so I rarely attended school. However, 3 units of sports activities and volunteers were accepted as scholarship students. In addition, my school friend sent me a class diary by fax and submitted reports. At the graduation ceremony, the principal gave me a letter of commission as a special lecturer of the same junior high school. 2 years seniorShusuke SonodaThere is. Instead of going on to university, concentrate on his activities as a professional golfer[15].

A golf talk program that hosts himself from April 4thRyo Ishikawa Special RESPECT-For people who love golf-"ButTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.Will be broadcast on.

April 4-8, the qualifying for the second Masters participation.

XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Nagoya GC Union CMade inChunichi CrownsIn the final day, from the 18th place on the final day, a total of 13 underscore won the reversal victory. In addition, the final day recorded 12 birdies, which is the men's tour tie record, and 1 round 58 set the world record with a new men's domestic tour record. The fastest (54th match) and the youngest (18 years and 7 months) in the history of the Japan Men's Tour exceeded the lifetime prize money of 3 million yen.

XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Fuji Sakura Country ClubMade inFuji Sankei ClassicAt the same time, he won the playoffs with Shunsuke Sonoda and won his second victory this season following the Chunichi Crowns, and also won his first consecutive championship.

On September 9, Ishikawa was at that timePanasonicSponsored tournamentAsia Pacific Panasonic OpenThe 3rd round (venue, Rokko International Golf Club), the first in the tour competition at the 6th holeHole in oneAchieved.

XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Pacific Ocean C Gotemba CourseMade in Sumitomo Mitsui VISA Pacific MastersAt the same time, he ran away from the lead the day before and won 14 under.


Occurred on March 3th and March 30thGreat East Japan Earthquake[16] In order to support the victims of the disaster, they announced that they would donate all the winnings won in the 2011 domestic tour and major tournaments, and add 1 yen for each birdie they took at the tournament. The target amount was set at 10 million yen based on about 1 million yen won in the previous year and 5 birdies.[17].. This was a big hit both domestically and internationally, and the British newspaper "The Times", as a "real first-class person", this act was widely covered in half the space of the final surface[18].

In February of this year, IshikawaDriver's licenseInternational driver's licenseHowever, in Japan it is invalid unless it was acquired while staying overseas for 3 consecutive months or more, and it was driving in Japan until late May without knowing that it will be unlicensed Will be released on June 5thWeekly Bunshun"I intended to confirm it in the United States but it wasn't enough," he said.[19].. On June 6, Saitama Prefectural Police said that he was voluntarily interviewed, and on the following day 9, Ishikawa apologized "I am really sorry for my carelessness and inconvenience" at a press conference.[20].Japan Golf Tour Organization(JGTO) Chairman Nao Koizumi commented, "If the police take an administrative sanction, the JGTO will discuss what kind of sanction should be taken."[21], Japan Professional Golf Association's board meeting held on the 14th has decided not to impose the disposal[22].

On July 7, the Saitama Prefectural Police sent documents to Saitama District Prosecutor on suspicion of violating the Road Traffic Act (unlicensed driving) due to unlicensed driving problems.[23].


XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Pacific Ocean C Gotemba CourseMade in Sumitomo Mitsui VISA Pacific MastersAt the same time, he escaped from the lead the day before and won a total of 15 under. This is the first time in two years since the main tournament in 2010, and he has won the tenth tour in the youngest tour ever. Ishikawa, 2 years and 10 month old,Yuta IkedaThe record (26 years and 9 months) was drastically repainted.


January 1th, US club makerCallaway GolfAnnounced a formal contract for a total of 3 billion equipment for 18 years.


11 / 07-11 / 10Domestic boyHEIWA・PGM CHAMPIONSHIP in Kasumigaura18T-2282
08 / 15-08 / 18US MenWyndham Championship26T-5275
08 / 08-08 / 11US MenNational Professional Golf Championship29T+2282
08 / 01-08 / 04US MenReno Tahoe OpenPremature drop-1-
07 / 25-07 / 28US MenRBC Canadian Open77+7223
07 / 18-07 / 21US MenSanderson Farm ChampionshipPremature drop-1143
07 / 04-07 / 07US MenThe Greenbrier ClassicPremature drop0140
06 / 27-06 / 30US MenAT&T NationalPremature drop+4146
06 / 20-06 / 23Domestic boyJapan Golf Tour Championship Shishido HillsPremature drop+1145
05 / 30-06 / 02US MenThe Memorial Tournament57T+6294
05 / 23-05 / 26US MenCrown Plaza Invitation at Colonial70T+4284
05 / 16-05 / 19US MenHP Byron Nelson Championship10T-6274
05 / 02-05 / 05US MenWells Fargo Championship50T+3291
04 / 18-04 / 21US MenRBC Heritage48T+3287
04 / 11-04 / 14US MenMasters38T+4292
03 / 28-03 / 31US MenShell Houston OpenPremature drop+5149
03 / 21-03 / 24US MenArnold Palmer Invitation65T+6294
03 / 14-03 / 17US MenTampa Bay ChampionshipPremature drop+6148
03 / 07-03 / 10US MenPuerto Rico Open39T-10%278
02 / 28-03 / 03US MenThe Honda ClassicPremature drop+8148
02 / 14-02 / 17US MenNorthern Trust Open61T+5289
01 / 31-02 / 03US MenWaste Management Phoenix OpenPremature drop+3145
01 / 24-01 / 27US MenFarmers Insurance OpenPremature drop+3147
01 / 17-01 / 20US MenHumana ChallengePremature drop-3213


Participated in 24 domestic tours in addition to 10 US tours.

Made in februaryShigeo Nagashima Invitational SEGA Sammy Cup Golf TournamentSo, it won the domestic tour victory for the first time in about two years.


12 / 04-12 / 07Domestic boyGolf Japan Series JT Cup15-1279
11 / 27-11 / 30Domestic boyCasio World Open Golf Tournament34T-6282
11 / 20-11 / 23Domestic boyDunlop Phoenix Tournament31T-1283
11 / 13-11 / 16Domestic boySumitomo Mitsui VISA Pacific Masters60T+5293
11 / 06-11 / 09Domestic boyHEIWA・PGM Championship in Kasumigaura52T-2282
10 / 31-11 / 03US MenWGC-HSBC Champions66T+2290
10 / 17-10 / 20US MenShriners Hospitals for Children Open2T-18%266
10 / 10-10 / 13US MenFrize dot com open21T-9275
09 / 25-09 / 28Domestic boyAsia Pacific Open Golf Championship Diamond Cup Golf36T+3287
09 / 18-09 / 21Domestic boyANA Open Golf Tournament15T-10%278
08 / 29-09 / 01US MenDeutsche Bank ChampionshipPremature drop+7149
08 / 21-08 / 24US MenThe Barclays19T-6278
08 / 14-08 / 17US MenWyndham Championship70T0280
08 / 07-08 / 10US MenNational Professional Golf ChampionshipPremature drop+4146
07 / 17-07 / 20US MenBritish OpenPremature drop+4148
07 / 03-07 / 06Domestic boyShigeo Nagashima INVITATIONAL Sega Sammy Cup Golf Tournament1-10%274
06 / 19-06 / 22US MenTravelers ChampionshipPremature drop+3143
05 / 29-06 / 01US MenThe Memorial Tournament57T+1289
05 / 22-05 / 25US MenCrown Plaza Invitation at ColonialPremature drop0142
05 / 15-05 / 18US MenHP Byron Nelson Championship75T+3213
05 / 01-05 / 04Domestic boyChunichi Crowns5T-4276
04 / 24-04 / 27Domestic boyTsuruya Open Golf Tournament26T-4280
04 / 17-04 / 20US MenRBC Heritage18T-3281
04 / 03-04 / 06US MenShell Houston Open31T-3285
03 / 27-03 / 30US MenValero Texas OpenPremature drop+6150
03 / 20-03 / 23US MenArnold Palmer Invitation8T-8280
03 / 13-03 / 16US MenValspar Championship25T+1285
03 / 06-03 / 09US MenPuerto Rico Open19T-11%277
02 / 27-03 / 02US MenThe Honda ClassicPremature drop+6146
02 / 13-02 / 16US MenNorthern Trust OpenPremature drop+4146
01 / 30-02 / 02US MenWaste Management Phoenix OpenPremature drop+7149
01 / 23-01 / 26US MenFarmers Insurance Open7T-7281
01 / 16-01 / 19US MenHumana Challenge25T-17%271
01 / 09-01 / 12US MenSony Open in HawaiiPremature drop+3143


Made in februaryANA Open Golf TournamentSo, I won the championship for the first time in the 7th challenge as a host professional. It was also done in DecemberGolf Japan Series JT CupAnd won the first major tournament.


Mar. 2016, 3, married to a childhood friend[24].. In SeptemberRIZAP KBC Augusta Golf TournamentWin the championship.


Returned from long-term withdrawal due to worsening back pain, but remained sluggish and out of the seed area in the PGA Tour point ranking[25].. Even at the Web.com Tour Championship, which was a replacement game, I was ranked 40th, and I could not get the tour card given within 31th place with 25st prize money[26].


Returned to Japan Tour in earnest and took office as Chairman of Japan Tour[27].


Made in februaryJapan Professional Golf ChampionshipIn the final day, 36 holes and at the end of the playoff, he won the first victory in three years, the second major victory, and the tour total 3th victory.[28].

XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,ZOZO CHAMPIONSHIPThe first time in a professional amateur gameAlbatrossAchieved[29].. July,Golf Japan Series JT CupWins the second win of the playoffs and wins the third major win[30].. As a result, the tournament's youngest "28 years old 82 days" exceeded the lifetime prize money of 10 billion yen[31].

Championship history

Japan Tour (17)

Number of wins
Major (3)
Tours (14)
No.Date and TimeConventionWinning scoreStrike2 bit
12007th of February 5Munthing Wear Open KSB Cup(Amateur age)-12 (72-69-69-66 = 276)1 strokesJapanese flag Katsumasa Miyamoto
22008th of February 11Mynavi ABC Championship Golf Tournament-9 (70-70-70-69 = 279)1 strokesJapanese flag Keiichiro Fukahori
32009th of February 6The Road to All England Mizuno Open Yomiuri Classic-13 (69-65-68-73 = 275)3 strokesNew Zealand flag David smail
42009th of February 8San Chlorella Classic-17 (65-68-71-67 = 271)1 strokesAustralian flag Brendan Jones
52009th of February 9Fuji Sankei Classic-12 (69-65-68-70 = 272)5 strokesJapanese flag Maruyama Daisuke
82009th of February 10Coca-Cola Tokai Classic-14 (71-68-66-69 = 274)1 strokesJapanese flag Takeshi Kajikawa
72010th of February 5Chunichi Crowns-13 (68-70-71-58 = 267)5 strokesJapanese flag Hiroyuki Fujita/Australian flag Paul Sheehan
82010th of February 9Fuji Sankei Classic-9 (66-71-68-70 = 275)play offJapanese flag Shusuke Sonoda
92010th of February 11Sumitomo Mitsui VISA Pacific Masters-14 (70-72-65-67 = 274)2 strokesAustralian flag Brendan Jones
102012th of February 11Sumitomo Mitsui VISA Pacific Masters-15 (67-69-69-68 = 273)1 strokesJapanese flag Michio Matsumura
112014th of February 7Shigeo Nagashima Invitational SEGA Sammy Cup Golf Tournament-10 (69-71-67-67 = 274)play offJapanese flag Koda Komei
122015th of February 9ANA Open Golf Tournament-16 (68-68-67-69 = 272)2 strokesJapanese flag Miyazato Yusaku
132015th of February 12Golf Japan Series JT Cup-14 (68-68-63-67 = 266)5 strokesJapanese flag Yoshinori Fujimoto/Japanese flag Koda Komei
142016th of February 8RIZAP KBC Augusta Golf Tournament-15 (69-70-68-66 = 273)5 strokesJapanese flag Takayama Tadahiro/New Zealand flag
/Australian flag
152019th of February 7Japan Professional Golf Championship-13 (65-67-71-66 = 269)play offRepublic of Korea flag
162019th of February 8Shigeo Nagashima Invitational SEGA Sammy Cup Golf Tournament-20 (67-66-67-68 = 268)4 strokesPhilippines flag
172019th of February 12Golf Japan Series JT Cup-8 (68-70-68-66 = 272)play offAustralian flag Brad Kennedy

Playoff record (4-3)

12009Japan Open Golf ChampionshipJapanese flag Ryuichi Oda/Japanese flag Yasuharu Konno1st hole, 3 party par. In the 2nd hole, Ishikawa 3 on, Konno 2 on, birdie put off, Oda 2 on 1 putty birdie. Oda's victory.
22010Fuji Sankei ClassicJapanese flag Shusuke SonodaThe first and second holes, both pars. Pin position changed, 1rd hole, both pars. In the 2th hole, Ishikawa 3 on 4 putt par, Sonoda 2 on par remove the par putt. Ishikawa's victory.
32011Totoumi Hamamatsu OpenJapanese flag Masanori KobayashiThe first hole, both par. In the 1nd hole, 2 on, there was no Ishikawa birdie, but Kobayashi had 3 on 3 putt. Kobayashi's victory.
42014Shigeo Nagashima Invitational SEGA Sammy Cup Golf TournamentJapanese flag Koda KomeiBirdies with 1 on 2 putts in the first hole. 2nd hole, Oda 2 on 2 putt, Ishikawa 2 on 3 putt birdie. In the third hole, Ishikawa 1 on 3 putt birdie, Oda 3 on 1 putt par. Ishikawa's victory.
52018Golf Japan Series JT CupJapanese flag Satoshi Kodaira/Republic of Korea flagThe first hole is 1 on each. Ishikawa, Huang Purpat not enter. Kodaira 2 putt par. Kodaira's victory
62019Japan Professional Golf ChampionshipRepublic of Korea flag YellowThe first hole is 1 on. Ishikawa 2 putt eagle, yellow eagle pat is removed. Ishikawa's victory.
72019Golf Japan Series JT CupAustralian flagA par of 1 on 2 putt for both the 2st and 1nd holes. 3 holes, 1 on each. Kennedy Birdie Putty, Ishikawa 1 putt birdie. Ishikawa's victory.



Major championship

National Professional Golf Championship (PGA Championship)T56CUTCUTT59T29CUTDNPDNP

LA = Low amateur
DNP = Not qualified
WD = Decline due to injury
CUT = half way cut
T = Thailand
Green is the winner and yellow is the top 10.

World Golf Championship

Match playDNPR16R64R32DNP
Bridgestone invitationDNPT53T4T50DNP
HSBC ChampionsT17T41DNPDNPT66


  • driver
    • RAZR FIT XTREME driver 9.5° (Callaway)
  • Wood
    • X HOT PRO Fairway Wood 15° (Callaway)
  • Iron
    • X UTILITY Prototype Iron 18° (Callaway)
    • X FORGED Iron #3 ~ PW (Callaway)
  • Wedge
    • X FORGED Wedge 50° (Callaway)
    • X FORGED Wedge 58° (Callaway)
  • putter
    • Odyssey VERSA Putter #9
  • ball
    • ダ ン ロ ッ プ SrixonZ-STAR XV


Honey prince

When he was 15 years old, he had the nickname "Princess Hanikami" because of his words and actions in the victory interview of the Munthing Wear Open KSB Cup, which he participated in for the first time in the pro tournament. By the way, the godfather lively broadcasted the tournament's live TV and, during his winning interview, suddenly called him "the honey prince".Seto Inland Sea Broadcasting(KSB) of announcerPublic official TagaIs[32].. It was a nickname that was born just at the moment of winning. At the winning press conference, Ishikawa himself also commented on the nickname "Princess Hanikami".

The day of the victoryFuji Television OfNew Press Premier AThen, he was called "Sun visor prince" because he was wearing a sun visor, but he was called "honey prince" from the next week because it was not established at all. The reason why this nickname has taken root is that baseball players have already taken root.Yuki SaitoThe name resembled the nickname of "Handkerchief Prince". The success of 2007 was evaluated, and "Hanikami Prince" was released in 2007.Buzzword AwardTo be selected. However, his father later said in the media, "Ryo has been standing out in public since elementary school."

Since 2008 when I became a professional, I am aiming for IshikawaHousewifeI started to watch TV broadcasts of men's golf, whose layers are sluggish.Audience ratingHas grown significantly. Also, it was translated as "shy prince" outside Japan.

Team liao

From the beginning of 2010, we started a training camp at Amata Spring CC in the suburbs of Bangkok, Thailand. Since November 2009, a male professional Ryoma Yamagata and a female professional Kaori Oe of the same generation who are in charge of management by Ishikawa's father's personal office participated, and immediately after returning to Japan, energetically including ski resorts in Niigata I am moving from place to place and training.

MisatoPurchased an apartment in the camp, 1 rooms centered on a camp. Misato has a family home as well as ensuring the convenience of access to the airport and golf course.Matsubushi TownHas a strong connection with.

Also, my younger sister, who is five years younger, won her first victory in the "Ryo Ishikawa Cup Junior Golf Championship District Tournament."

The uproar and events associated with Ishikawa Fever

  • At the 2007 Kanto Amateur Golf Championship,TBSTried to interview Ishikawa and asked his companion to wear a small microphone.However, the request did not pass and the athlete reported to the tournament organizer.Also, on the same day, a TBS helicopter was flown during the tournament, and an act that hindered play was discovered.Due to this annoying act, TBS apologized to the Kanto Golf Association and apologized on the morning broadcast program on the same day.[33].. In addition,Tetsuya Chikushi NEWS23』Caster'sTakako ZenbaIt was discovered that the staff tried to hand over the letter he wrote to Ishikawa, but it failed.
  • 2008-4 April 25Tsuruya Open Golf TournamentIn order to support many galleries, it is the nearest station of the shuttle bus and the number of buses.Nose Electric RailwayNisseichuo StationThe departure timetable of the train became a special timetable and increased. Also, a gallery woman fellambulanceThere was also an accident that was carried to.
  • They had the same score at the 2009th hole and the last hole on the last day of the Sun Chlorella Classic on August 8, 2.Australia OfBrendan JonesWhen he took off his putt, applause came from some of the audience. The tournament organizer later apologized to Brendan. A commentator on the TV also complained on the broadcast, Ishikawa said, "Golf is a gentleman's sport, and there is no style of support that makes the other party happy. 」[34].
  • There are many nuisance acts by the gallery aimed at Ishikawa, and there are voices asking the manners of the gallery, such as the shutter sound hindering play.[35].
  • 2009 year 11 month 29 dayCasio World OpenThe TBS staff during the interview made the cart runaway and hit several moving galleries in the front. One of the women fell under the cart and suffered a severe injury from an orbital floor fracture. In addition, the man of the TBS photographer who was driving the cartCar driving negligence and injury2 years in prison (4 years in suspension)[36].


Before the game, I listen to music and calm myself down. The artists I listen to areYUIso,"SMAP x SMAPCorner in "BISTRO SMAPA video message was sent from YUI when he appeared in ".

May 2010, 5 in TokyoRoppongi HillsEvent held atJapan Golf Tour Championship At the "Citibank Cup Shishido Hills Gathering with fans",Keiichiro FukahoriAsked, "What concert would you like to go to?"AKB48Replied. “I've never seen it, but it's the same generation. I had a lot of friends in my school days. I'm active in different worlds, but I'd like to study from now on,” he also showed interest in the popular idol group.

What is your favorite foodCurry and riceHe said that he liked it when he was a child. As a child,サ ッ カ ーBeing a boy, I love football so muchJ Leagueclub·Urawa RedsIs a fan of. Also, as a favorite soccer player, Brazil national team FWAlexandre PatoThere was also a time when he was playing by changing his hairstyle to his image.

Human relations

The admired professional golfer isLaurie McIlroyAnd I am attracted to his unique fashion sense. As for the hairstyle, he had permed long hair for a while and wore the same color clothes at the 2010 British Open, so even the casters on the TV made a mistake afterwards. The golfer I admireTom WatsonI think that the.

In addition, longing man is SMAPKimura TakuyaI wrote it in my blog, and in 2008, the dialogue on the program triggered,Mel friendBecame.

Men's volleyballYusuke IshijimaIshikawa was a senior at junior high school, and when Ishijima visited a lecture at a school, Ishikawa was impressed by the phrase "sweat does not betray people". After the lecture, Ishikawa reached out to "shake hands" and shook hands, "Oh, do your best!". Ishikawa says he got his strength from the words "Go for it"[37].


  • Ishikawa's name, Ryo, is a sound that is extremely difficult for English speakers to pronounce accurately. The US PGA Tour official site has also published an article, "Is it Rio? Roh? Yoh?[38].


TV program

Crown program

CM/Image character

In the case of Ishikawa, there is a tendency to make a sponsorship contract with a company that has a close relationship with him since he was a child and appear in a commercial. Yonex has been providing equipment since he was 10 years old (see above), and Poppy is the teaching material he used when he was in elementary and junior high school.[39], Speed ​​Learning is an English teaching material that I have been using since I was in junior high school.


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