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⛷ | Nobunari Oda carefully selects the gem program!Figure skating lovers introduce their own "playlist"


Nobunari Oda carefully selects the gem program!Figure skating lovers introduce their own "playlist"

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It's an Oda-like theme that has conveyed the wonders of figure skating to fans both on the ice and in the commentary seats, but when you start making it, "Which one should I choose?" "Is it okay to change the order?"

On the CS broadcast Tele-Asahi Channel 2, the new program "Playlist on Ice-This is my figure scale ..." from May 5rd. → Continue reading

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Figure skating

Figure skating(British: figure skating) IsSkating rinkOnStep,spin,JumpCombining techniques such as these, gliding on musicCompetition.. The name is skating on the rinkFigure(Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu) Is derived from the development of a game that accurately depicts.Single skating,Pair skating,Ice dance TheWinter OlympicsFormal competition. Also perform as a groupSynchronized skatingAlsoWorld championshipIs being done.


skateIs not clear about the origin ofPrehistoricToNordicWith animal bonesbladeMadeSkatesWas used. It goes south NetherlandsTransmitted tocanalWith the development of the, it has come to be performed in each layer of the people.

農民Were keen on skating to reach their destination as soon as possible on a frozen canal,貴族Among them, artistic skating that emphasized grace and manners rather than competitiveness was preferred. Their skating style came to be called "Dutch roll", which means Dutch arch line gliding, and became the prototype of figure skating. This will eventuallyEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euThen, enthusiasts began to study the technique of drawing and sliding figures. On the other handFrance,GermanyIn, artistic gliding motion was studied.

after that,1742ToThe United Kingdom OfEdinburghSince the inauguration of the world's first skating club, skating clubs have been established in each country, and figure skating competitions have come to be held in a form unique to that country. At firstEuropeIt became popular in the whole area,1882ToViennaThe first international competition for figure skating was held here.1892Has international control over skating competitionsInternational Skating FederationWas founded,1896からWorld championshipCame to be held. However, at this time, there are only men's singles and women's singles1906, The pair is1908In each of them, a tournament equivalent to the world championship is now held. Ice dance1952It wasn't until then that I joined as a World Championship event.

The birthplace of Japanese figure skatingSendai city OfGoshikinuma(Sendai CastleIt is said that the beginning of that1897(30th year of Meiji)[1]1905There is a theory that it was around (Meiji 38)[2][3].1922(Taisho 11) February 2, Japan's first official figure skating gameShimosuwa LinkMade in (All Japan Figure Skating Championshipreference).

OlympicThen,1908 Summer OlympicsWas first implemented in.Summer olympicThen with this competition1920 GamesIs done only in1924ToChamonix olympicEvery time sinceWinter OlympicsIt is carried out in.


Dedicated to figure skatingSkatesWear. Men often wear black shoes and women often wear white or beige shoes. Skates consist of a piece of leather or plastic and a slightly curved metal part called a blade, and weigh about 2 kg. The part where the blade directly contacts the ice is called the edge. The edge is about 3-4 mm thick and has a groove in the center.
The blade for figure skating is characterized by a jagged tip, this jagged part is called toe pick (toe), and is used when jumping or spinning. There are also blades for ice dancing where the toe part is small and the heel part is short. SingleCompulsory figureUsed a blade with a small toe or a blade without a toe.
Skating rink
International Skating Federation For figure skating by (ISU)Skating rinkThe international standard is up to 60m x 30m and minimum to 56m x 26m, and indoor links will be used at the federation's international competitions.[4].. Professional ice hockeyNHLLink used in 200フ ィ ー トSince it is ×85 feet (ie 60.96m ×25.90800m), it is outside the international standard of ISU. It is not necessary to comply with ISU rules for international competitions at national competitions.


Athletes with amateur qualifications can participate in the figure skating competition. In addition, as a place where you can see figure skating, apart from the competition,Ice showThere is also.

Technical elements of the competition

For men's and women's singles,Jump,spin,Step sequence,spiralAre the technical components of the competition. More in pairsSlow jump,リ フ ト,Twist lift,Death spiralIs added. While there are restrictions on jumps and lifts in ice dance, the emphasis is placed on step sequences. There are various types for each element, and the points are set according to the degree of difficulty.

Skating basics and edges

Figure skating is basically one foot, and rides on either the inside or outside edge.

The one on the ice is called the skating leg and the one on the ice is called the free leg. When the right foot is used as a skating leg (when sliding with only one of the right foot), the edge of the skates is against the surface of the ice,

  • If you stand straight (get on the flat), you will go straight.
  • Tilt inward (ride inside) and turn left.
  • If you lean outward (get outside), you will turn right.

There are two directions of gliding, forward (forward) and backward (backward), and the right foot (right) and the left foot (left) slide respectively, so there are the following eight patterns.

  • Right Forward Inside (Right For Inn, RFI)
  • Left Forward Inside (Left Fore In, LFI)
  • Write backward inside (write back in, RBI)
  • Left Backward Inside (Left Back In, LBI)
  • Right Forward Outside (Light Fore Out, RFO)
  • Left Forward Outside (Left Fore Out, LFO)
  • Write Backward Outside (Write Back Out, RBO)
  • Left Backward Outside (Left Back Out, LBO)

A variety of steps and turns are created by these combinations, and a step sequence is one in which steps and turns are continuously performed.

Competitive elements of competition

Costumes for figure skating at competition must be of a quality suitable for sports competitions[5].. Early boysDressClose to (Black suitTie), but gradually they began to wear designs and colors that emphasize visual effects, such as stage costumes. Excessive exposure and the use of props are prohibited in the competition and are only allowed at exhibitions.
The boy is longpantsMust be worn.
Single and pair girls shouldn't get in the way of jumps,leotardToMini skirtLengthFrillOften wear a combination of costumes, and skirt length tends to be long in ice dance. Female athletes wearing skirtstightsTo wear. Some athletes put only the blades out and wrap their skates in tights, but this is for a variety of reasons, including hiding scratches and dirt on the shoes, and making the legs look longer. Since the 2005-2006 season, the skateboarding obligations of female athletes have been abolished, and an increasing number of skaters are performing underpants.
In order to avoid exposure (in addition to regulation, it is very cold because the inside of the link is iced, it is very cold). Can be seen.
In the case of a design that does not stick to the body and has a lot of space, in order to reduce air resistance by passing air that is trapped between the cloth and the body when slidingsilkOr glossy so that it can shine under other lightingsatin,leatherA wide variety of fabrics such asSequinsAlso used. Costume productionballetI often order from performing arts related companies, but there are also small companies that specialize in figure skating costume production. In addition, people around the player such as the athlete's family may sew them by hand.
In addition, if the item on your costume drops, you will lose points.
make up
For girls, in order to look beautiful,make upI often do it too.
The premise is to use music.
mainlyClassical music,movie soundtrackIt is selected from.
Music with lyrics was only approved for ice dance, but from 2014-15 season it has been approved for use in all competitions.
In competition,ProvisionDo not deviate from the performance time specified in. It is necessary to stop the movement and edit the music in time.
The choreography of figure skating isChoreographerIt is done by the coach and, in some cases, the athlete himself. It is common for persons with experience in figure skating to be in charge of choreography.

The exhibition does not have the above restrictions. In the competition, there was a violation of the directing elementjudgeIf deemed toDeductionWill be deducted.

Program rules for each category

As a common matter, the rules of figure skating are very detailed,For each classThere are some differences in regulations.


Both boys and girls,Single skatingThere are short programs and free skating in the program, and the short program is conducted first. Depending on the tournament, free skating may be performed only by those who have entered the prescribed positions in the short program (Winter OlympicsSuch).


Pair programs also have short programs and free skating as well as singles, but here the emphasis is on techniques that can only be expressed by two men and women. There are many dangerous elements in acting if it fails, and it is said to be the most acrobatic competition in figure skating.

Ice dance

Like a pair, two men and women compete, but the lifts and jumps are limited, and the skill of the step is the main focus. On iceBallroom dancingAlso called. Up to the 2009 season, there were three programs, compulsory dance, original dance, and free dance, but from the 3 season, it was changed to two programs, short dance and free dance.

Scoring method

6.0 Full system (old scoring method)

ISU Judging SystemIt is a general term for the scoring methods that have been used up to 2002 before the enforcement.

ISU Judging System

Scoring method from the 2003 season. For the sake of convenience, it is often called a "new scoring system" as a name for the scoring method used before.

Player list

Works on figure skating


  • "The Path to Infinity" (Hiromi Okina,Goshikinuma) Bronze statue of male and female pair skater


Other,Tolstoy"Anna KareninaThe scene of skating comes out.

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TV drama




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