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🏓 | [Table Tennis] Tokyo Olympics Women's Team 16 Team Members Announcement


[Table tennis] Tokyo Olympics women's team competition 16 team members announced

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From Japan, Mima Ito (Starts), Kasumi Ishikawa (Zen-Noh) and Miu Hirano (Nippon Life) will participate.

On the 20th, 16 NOCs (National Olympic Committee) will participate in the men's team competition of the Tokyo Olympics. → Continue reading

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Kazumi Ishikawa

Kasumi Ishikawa(Kasumi Ishikawa,1993(Heisei5 years)May 2 -) isJapanGirlsTable tennisplayer.愛称はNickname isKasumi.Yamaguchi Yamaguchi CityI'm fromheight157 cm.Weight49 kg.Blood TypeO type.left handed..両面Both sidesBack softDrive main battle type.ITTFWorld rankingThe highest rank is 3st.RankIs 9 steps.Whole farmBelongs.

London Olympics,Rio de Janeiro Olympics,Tokyo OlympicsRepresentation from Japan(bothSinglesas well as the Group).


"Ai-chan" II

1993May 2Born in Yamaguchi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture.Both parents are former table tennis playersFukuoka UniversityTable tennis club synchronization[1]..卒業後、父はAfter graduation, my fatherNittaku Club, Mother is FukuokaNissan MotorHe was active as a player until he got married, but he moved to Yamaguchi prefecture due to his father's transfer, his father transferred to a club there, and his mother resumed activities after giving birth.National bodyBecame the representative of Yamaguchi Prefecture[2].Yamaguchi City Hirakawa Elementary School[3] When I was taken to practice at the Shiraishi Table Tennis Club in my neighborhood during the first year of the year, I started playing table tennis for fun, and my parents gave me on my 1th birthday.uniformI was given a gift and started playing table tennis in earnest.元FormerNational bodyUnder the guidance of the player's mother, Kumi, in 3 months of practiceAll Japan ChampionshipBambi section(2nd grade or younger) Passed 2nd place in Yamaguchi Prefecture qualifying and entered the best 64 in the final.Convinced of his talent, his parents built a table tennis court at his home in Yamaguchi City.

He honed his skills at the "Yamaguchi Junior Club" taught by his mother, participated in competitions held every week on Saturdays and Sundays, and gained practical experience against adults.小学校6年で出場したParticipated in the sixth grade of elementary school20051 of the monthAll Japan Table Tennis Championship・ In women's singles, defeated high school and college students to advance to the third round,Ai-chanIt became a hot topic as "the second generation".

April 2005, in OsakaShitennoji Habikioka Junior High SchoolGo on to school againAi FukuharaWas once enrolledMiki HouseBelongs to the JSC table tennis club and begins to live in a dormitory with his teammates.2006In the All Japan Championship, advance to the 5th round.In the spring of the same year, he became a candidate for the Japanese national team.

visionIs 0.1glassesI have been using it since 2006contact lensI changed to.

Domination of national championships

Participated in the second year of junior high school20071 of the monthAll Japan Table Tennis ChampionshipsThen in the 6th round of high school studentsYuka IshigakiDefeated 4-0,Ai FukuharaSince then, the best 8 advancement in junior high school students. At 13 years and 11 months, he was in the top 8 and was the second youngest record in history after Fukuhara's 13 years and 1 month.In the quarter-finals, he defeated Reiko Hiura, a member of society, 2-4, and was the youngest player in history to enter the top four.

Also invited by the All Japan Championship Best 4Japan Top 12 Table Tennis TournamentThen, in the first match of the qualifying league, I won the All Japan Championship Junior Division Final.Shitennoji High SchoolAlthough he lost to Yuko Fujii, in the second raceJuroku Bank OfTakae TabemiWon straight and advanced to the final tournament by calculating game points.準決勝の対戦相手は同門の先輩であり、2007年の全日本選手権優勝者のThe opponent in the semi-finals is a senior in the same class, the winner of the XNUMX All Japan Championship.Sayaka HiranoSo, although I got 2 games in advance, I got 4 games in a row and lost in the reverse, and became the best 4.

February 2007, 2, World Championship representative from May of the same year (クロアチア-Zagreb) Was selected as the youngest doubles player in history.

2008In January, entered the All Japan Championship Singles in the Top 1 for the second consecutive year.He was also selected as a member of the World Championship group (2 people) in February of the same year.In April of the same year, entered Shitennoji High School. 4年生のときのWhen I was in the first gradeNational high school overallIn the table tennis singles, he defeated Yuko Fujii, a senior at the same high school, 4-0 in the final to become the first grade champion. It is the first time in 1 years for girls to win the Inter-High School Championships in the first grade.[4].

During the one year of enrollment in the first year of high school from 2008 to 09, he achieved the great achievement of complete domination in the first year of high school in four domestic competitions at the inter-high school, national polity, selection, all-Japan junior and high school level.

2011In January, he won the All Japan Championship Singles for the first time.

Achieved the triple crown of women's singles, doubles and mixed doubles at the All Japan Table Tennis Championships in January 2015 in 1.Kazuko YamaizumiThis is the second person in 54 years since then.

Challenge to the world stage

2009 years,World rankingIn the World Table Tennis Championships (individual) Yokohama tournament, which participated in 99th place, the world ranking 2th in the second roundTheyana(Hong Kong) won a big come-from-behind victory with a game count of 0-3 and a 4th game of 3-9.その後も3回戦でAfter that in the third roundFukuoka Haruna, Also won the 4th round against Yu Mengyu (Singapore) and entered the top 8.準々決勝では世界ランク1位のNo. XNUMX in the world in the quarterfinalsZhang NingHe played against (China) and played a good fight with 1-4.It is the first time that a Japanese female player has entered the Top 8 of the World Championship since Ai Fukuhara of the 2003 Paris Tournament.同年(09年)のOf the same year (XNUMX)National High School Championships (Inter-High)Then, he won all singles games without losing a single game and won the championship in a row.

In January 2010, he won the All Japan Championship Junior Women's Division and achieved the first four consecutive victories in history.Kenta MatsudairaTogether with the mixed doubles that won the pair with, he won two crowns. He won 2 wins (5 losses) at the World Championships (group) in May and contributed to the bronze medal for 4 consecutive tournaments for Japanese women.メダルをかけた準々決勝の韓国戦は2番手として出場し、世界ランク5位のIn the quarter-final match against South Korea with medals, he participated as 3rd and ranked 16th in the world.Dang Ye-seoI took 0 games from the game count 2-3 and made a big turnaround. First singles win at the ITTF Pro Tour Morocco Open in July. 7月のAugustNational High School Championships (Inter-High)Then, she won the women's singles and achieved the first three consecutive victories for women.同年3月の第12回The 8th in December of the same yearWorld Junior Table Tennis ChampionshipsIn the women's group, she won the first championship by blocking the eighth straight victory in China, and also won the second place in the singles doubles.ジュニア大会ではあるが、世界タイトルイベントでの日本女子団体種目優勝はAlthough it is a junior tournament, the winner of the Japanese women's group event at the world title event1971It's been 39 years since the women's team won the World Table Tennis Championships (Nagoya Tournament).

January 2011, 1, 22 years and 17 months old, won the All Japan Table Tennis Championships Women's Singles for the first time[5]..高校生での全日本女王は1988年のThe All Japan Queen in high school was in XNUMXRika SatoSixth person since then.51th World Table Tennis Championship Individual MatchThe London Olympics singles participation is decided in the world ranking on May 5th after the end[6].. In June 2012, it rose to 6th place in the world ranking.

After the London Olympics

London OlympicsIn the singles of, it appeared from the third round as the fourth seed, Kambin Li (オーストリア) With 4-2, the fourth round is Chen Lee (ポーランド) 4-1 and the quarterfinalsOgoshi ancientDefeated (Singapore) 4-1 and achieved the first semi-final advance for Japanese men and women in the Olympic singles.メダルを賭けた準決勝は第2シードの李暁霞(中国)に1-4で、3位決定戦はThe semi-final betting the medal was XNUMX-XNUMX to the second seed Li Xiaoxia (China), and the third place deciding match wasFeng TianAlthough he lost to (Singapore) 0-4 and did not win, he won the 4th place, the highest in Japanese history.続くContinueAi Fukuhara,Sayaka HiranoIn the group that participated together, he defeated Singapore in the semi-finals, and although he lost to China in the final, he finished second and won the silver medal, which is the first Olympic medal in the table tennis world.

On August 8th after returning to Japan, my hometownYamaguchi Yamaguchi CityA rickshaw parade was held by Kasumi Ishikawa himself.山口市のYamaguchi CitySumitada WatanabeThe mayor praised "Ishikawa, who played an active part on the world stage, gave bright hope and vitality to society," and presented the first "Citizen's Honor Award."[7].

Won the All Japan Table Tennis Championships Women's Singles from 2013 to 2015 for the third consecutive time. In January 3, he moved up to 2015th place, his best in the world ranking.同年1月発表の世界ランキングで日本人最高の4位となり、9年In the world ranking announced in September of the same year, it became the highest 5th place among Japanese people, and in 2016Rio de Janeiro OlympicsElected as a women's singles and team competition representative.In singles, it appeared from the 4rd round as the 3th seed.Kim Song YiIn the first match with (North Korea), he suffered a right calf spasm in the final set, but after that he showed tenacity such as taking 4 points in a row, but he lost the full set and was eliminated in the first match (Kim finally won the bronze medal) ..In a post-match comment, he explained that the cramps were not a direct cause of defeat, saying, "(The abnormality in the right foot) did not affect the play so much, so it's okay."In the team competition, he participated only in singles in all games, won all the games from the first round to the third place playoff, and showed an activity to lead the Japanese national team as an ace, and won medals in two consecutive tournaments. 1年度の全日本卓球選手権シングルスは決勝まで勝ち進んだがThe 3 All Japan Table Tennis Championships singles have won to the finalHirano MiuLost to and missed the fourth straight victory. In February 4, he emerged as his best 2017rd place in the world ranking.

Since 2017Chinese Super LeagueI was planning to participate in[8], It became a policy that foreign players cannot participate just before the opening of the league[9]..同年の全日本卓球選手権シングルスは準決勝でThe All Japan Table Tennis Championship Singles of the same year was in the semifinalsMito ItoLost to, and the record of advancing to the finals since 2011 stopped at 7.

2018 Year of 5 MonthWorld table tennis championshipThen.Kim Song Yi(Korea) And fought a deadly battle until the final set, but won 3-2 and won a silver medal.[10][11].

In the T-League that started in Japan in October 2018,KanagawaTeam ofKinoshita Avier KanagawaBelong to

2019 years55th World Table Tennis Championship Individual MatchThen, he won the silver medal in the mixed doubles with Maharu Yoshimura, and became the medal for the third consecutive tournament.[12][13]..After that, Hirano and the Tokyo Olympics singles representative selection criteria were contested over the world ranking.最終戦となったワールドツアー・グランドファイナルで共に1回戦敗退となり、2020年1月の世界ランキングで日本人2位以内が確実となったBoth of them lost the first round in the final round of the World Tour Grand Final, and it was confirmed that they would be ranked second in the world ranking in January XNUMX.[14] Therefore, it met the selection criteria for the Tokyo Olympics singles representative.

Tokyo Olympics

It was announced on January 2020, 1 that he was appointed as the representative of the Tokyo Olympics singles and group.[15].

In 2021, he played against Mima Ito in the 2020 All Japan Table Tennis Championships Women's Singles in the final, winning three games in a row from the inferiority of game count 1-3 and winning the fifth victory since the 3 tournament.[16].

2020 Tokyo OlympicsThen.Japanese teamDeputy captain[17]..In the women's singles of table tennis, he advanced to the quarterfinals, but lost to Singapore's Monyu Yu 1-4 in the quarterfinals.[18].

Play style

leftShake hand-All roundType.The rubber is on the back(English edition,ServeI am good at it. (English editionHas been an issue so far, but in January 2007, all Japan proved that his ability has improved considerably even in the back.It has high predictive ability and can respond flexibly to the situation.

"Ai-chan II" at the time of debutMediaIt was mentioned in, but the play style is different.尊敬する選手はThe player I admireWang Nan, The target player isGuo YuAnd both are left-handed Chinese.

Kinji Kondo (then Japan national team coach)Beijing OlympicsPreviously, he said, "One of the candidates for the Olympic team."Also,Takuji Nishimura(Former Japan national team coach) praises "Japanese treasure like Fukuhara" and his talent.


In an entertainerHideaki Ito-Kumi Kouda-Matsumoto JunFans.Especially for Ito, "Sea monkeyI brought the fan to the London Olympics[19]..また倖田とは、かつては一ファンとしてライブを見に行っていたが、現在は友達付き合いする仲でAlso, I used to go to see live performances with Koda as a fan, but now I'm in a relationship with friends.[20], Koda's album "Kouda" released in February 2014Bon VoyageIs a cheering song for Ishikawa "U KNOW"[21] Was recorded[22]..Matsumoto is the drama "Boys Over Flowers], He became a fan and listed him as his favorite male entertainer.

My younger sister, who is five years younger, is also a left-handed table tennis player.

Naoji Iwatani,Noboru Takeshita,Tokiko IwataniIs a distant relative.また、元Also, the originalIwate UniversityFaculty of AgriculturePresidentTakeo IshikawaBig uncleHits.

Chronological Table

Main battle record

  • National Junior High School Table Tennis Tournament: Singles Best 32, Group Champion (2rd time in 3 Tenba for XNUMX consecutive years)
  • All Japan Table Tennis Championships (Cadet Division): Singles championship under 13 years old
  • All Japan Table Tennis Championships (Cadet Division): Doubles Winner (Haruka Sakai Pair)
  • 1 All Japan Table Tennis Championships: Junior Division Best 8
  • August National Junior High School Table Tennis Tournament: Singles Winner, Group Winner (8th consecutive year in Shitennoji)
  • 9 ITTF Pro Tour・ Japan OpenOgimura Cup: Participation (first appearance of general representative)
  • All Japan Table Tennis Championships (Cadet Division): Singles championship under 14 years old
  • All Japan Table Tennis Championships (Cadet Division): Doubles 2nd place (Miyuki Tawara pair)
  • December World Junior Championships: Singles Best 12
  • January All Japan Table Tennis Championships: Women's Singles Best 1 (4nd consecutive year), Junior Champion (2nd consecutive)
  • February Japan Top 2 Table Tennis Tournament: 12rd place (3nd consecutive year)
  • 3 49nd World Table Tennis Championships Team Match(Guangzhou Tournament): 3rd place
  • 8 Inter High: School competition championship, singles championship, doubles 3rd place (Yuko Fujii pair)
  • May 10stNational Athletic Meet(Oita): Boys and girls championship (Osaka boys and girls championship for the second time in a row) (Yuko Fujii, Haruka Sakai, Kasumi Ishikawa)
  • January All Japan Table Tennis Championships: Women's Doubles First Winner (Sayaka Hirano Pair), Women's Junior Winner (1 consecutive victories), Women's Singles Best 3
  • March 3th National High School Selection Table Tennis Tournament: Women's School Opposition Winner (Shitennoji High School)
  • 5 50th World Table Tennis Championship Individual Match(Yokohama Tournament): Singles Best 8
  • July ITTF Pro Tour Morocco Open: Doubles Winner (Ai Fukuhara Pair)
  • 8 Inter High: School runner-up, singles victory (2 consecutive victories), doubles victory (Sakai Haruka pair)
  • May 9stNational Athletic Meet(Niigata): Boys and girls championship (Osaka boys and girls 3 consecutive victories) (Haruka Sakai, Kasumi Ishikawa, Mariko Takahashi)
  • May 12stEast Asian Games: Doubles championship (Ai Fukuhara pair), group 3rd, mixed doubles 3rd (Seiya Kishikawapair)
  • December World Table Tennis Championships Team Competition (Moscow Tournament) Domestic Selection: 12st place
  • January All Japan Table Tennis Championships: Women's Junior Champion (1 consecutive victories), Mixed Doubles Champion (4 consecutive victories)Kenta MatsudairaPair), Women's Singles Best 8
  • February Japan Top 2 Table Tennis Tournament: Winner
  • February ITTF Pro Tour Qatar Open: U2 Winner
  • March ITTF Pro Tour Germany Open: Doubles Winner (Ai Fukuhara Pair)
  • March 3th National High School Selection Table Tennis Tournament: Women's School Opposition Winner (Shitennoji High School)
  • 5 50nd World Table Tennis Championships Team Match(Moscow Games): 3rd place
  • July ITTF Pro Tour Morocco Open: Singles Winner, Doubles Winner (Reiko Hiura Pair)
  • August Inter-High: Singles championship (8 consecutive victories)
  • October ITTF Pro Tour Hungary Open: Doubles Winner (Ai Fukuhara Pair)
  • November ITTF Junior Circuit Final: Women's Singles Winner
  • 11 16th Asian Games(Guangzhou): Women's doubles 3rd place (Ai Fukuhara pair), mixed doubles 3rd place (Kenta Matsudaira pair)
  • December 12th World Junior Championships: Women's group first victory (Ishikawa, Morizono, Tanioka, Maeda), singles runner-up, doubles runner-up (doubles runner-up)Morizono Misakipair)
  • January All Japan Table Tennis Championships: Women's singles first victory, mixed doubles runner-up (Kenta Matsudaira pair)
  • January ITTF Pro Tour England Open: U-1 Winner
  • April ITTF Pro Tour Spanish Open: U-4 Winner
  • April 4th Japan Table Tennis League Big Tournament (Ishikawa Tournament): Runner-up
  • 5 51th World Table Tennis Championship Individual Match(Rotterdam Tournament): Singles Best 16
  • August ITTF Pro Tour Chile Open: Singles Winner, Doubles Winner (Sayaka Hirano Pair)
  • October ITTF Pro Tour Sweden Open: U-10 Winner
  • November LIEBHERR 11 World Team Cup: Runner-up (Ishikawa, Fukuhara, Hirano)
  • November 11th World Junior Championships: Women's Group Runner-up (Ishikawa, Tanioka, Maeda, Niwa)
  • November ITTF Pro Tour Grand Final: Doubles runner-up (Ai Fukuhara pair), U-11 championship
  • January All Japan Table Tennis Championships: Women's Singles Runner-up
  • January ITTF World Tour Slovenia Open: U-1 Winner
  • February ITTF World Tour Qatar Open: U-2 Winner
  • February Women's group 2rd place[26]
  • April ITTF World Tour Spanish Open: U-4 Winner
  • April ITTF World Tour Chile Open: U-4 Winner
  • May ITTF World Tour Korea Open: U-5 Winner
  • June ITTF World Tour Japan Open: U-6 Winner
  • 8 London Olympics: 4th in singles, 2nd in women's groups (Ishikawa, Fukuhara, Hirano)
  • December 12 Japan Table Tennis League Playoffs JTTL Final 24 [Prime Minister's Cup]: Winner (participated as Hitachi Chemical Gold player)
  • December ITTF World Tour Grand Final: U-12 Winner
  • January All Japan Table Tennis Championships: Women's Singles Runner-up
  • January ITTF World Tour Austrian Open: Women's Doubles Runner-up (Misaki Morizono Pair)
  • February Japan Top 2 Table Tennis Tournament: Winner
  • February ITTF World Tour Kuwait Open: Women's Doubles Runner-up (Misaki Morizono Pair)
  • March World Team Cup (Guangzhou, China): Women's team runner-up
  • April ITTF World Tour Korea Open: Women's Singles Runner-up
  • April Asian Cup: 4rd place
  • February Women's group 7rd place[27]
  • December ITTF World Tour Grand Final: Women's Singles Winner
  • January All Japan Table Tennis Championships: Women's Singles Winner, Doubles Winner (Sayaka Hirano Pair), Mixed Doubles Winner (Sayaka Hirano Pair)Yoshimura Maharupair)
  • 5 53th World Table Tennis Championship Individual Match(Suzhou Tournament): Mixed Doubles Runner-up (Maharu Yoshimura Pair)
  • May ITTF World Tour Philippines Open: Women's Singles Winner
  • August ITTF World Tour Bulgaria Open: Women's Singles Winner
  • November 11 Table Tennis World Cup Women's Singles: Runner-up (Silver medal is the first Japanese[28]
  • January All Japan Table Tennis Championships: Women's Singles 1nd Place, Mixed Doubles XNUMXnd Place (Maharu Yoshimura Pair)
  • April ITTF World Tour Korea Open: Women's Singles Runner-up
  • 6 54th World Table Tennis Championship Individual Match(Dusseldorf Tournament): Mixed DoublesWin(Maharu Yoshimura pair, 1969 Munich tournamentNobuhiko Hasegawa&Yasuko KonnoWorld Championship championship since the group[29]
  • August ITTF World Tour Bulgaria Open: Women's Singles Winner, Doubles Winner (Mima Ito Pair)
  • August ITTF World Tour Czech Open: Women's Singles Runner-up
  • April Asian Cup: 9rd place
  • January All Japan Championship: Women's Singles Runner-up
  • February ITTF World Tour Germany Open: Doubles runner-up (Miu Hirano pair)
  • February ITTF Challenge Series Portugal Open: Women's Singles Winner
  • February ITTF World Tour Hungary Open: Doubles Winner (Miu Hirano Pair)
  • January All Japan Championship: Women's Singles Winner
  • 3 WTTMiddle East Hub Contender Doha: Doubles Winner (Miu Hirano Pair)
  • March WTT Middle East Hubstar Contender Doha: Doubles runner-up (Miu Hirano pair)


* Highest grade



Mixed doubles

Team competition

Match record

ITTFSingles match record against major players in official matches[30].. Bold is the highest ranked player in the world

* As of 2020 year

World ranking


T league results

YearsTeamUniform numberEventNumber of matchesvictorydefeatEventNumber of matchesvictorydefeat
2018-19 Kinoshita Avier Kanagawa#7single21 match16 wins5 lossesDoubles4 match3 wins1 losses
2019-20 15 match11 wins4 losses0 match0 wins0 losses
2020-21 14 match13 wins1 losses0 match0 wins0 losses


Main appearance

TV program





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1889Is the 3rd oldest life insurance company in Japan.1899The number of policies in force has reached the top in the industry, and it has been held to this point[2].

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Ordinary incomeamount of sales)は、7兆2,936億9,500万円(連結)。内訳は、保険料収入5兆3,371億1,800万円(同)、資産運用収入1兆7,739億5,100万円(同)、その他雑収1,826億2,500万円(同)などである。収益のうちに占める保険料収入の割合は概ね73%である[4].

Soundness index

  • AA(Insurance payment ability rating,R & I[4]
  • A+(Insurance financial strength rating,S&P[5]
  • A1(Insurance financial rating,Moody[5]

Asset size

Total assets, etc.

Nippon Life as an institutional investor

Nippon Life is the largest private sector in JapanInstitutional investorIs. Of Japanese lifeMain bank TheMitsubishi UFJ Bank(OldSanwa Bank.. Nippon Life isSanwa GroupIs the presidential meeting ofSansuikaiI belong to[6],Midori-kaiHowever, due to its capital strength and scale, it is virtually considered to be an “institutional investor who does not belong to a banking system”.

From many years of accumulation,2014Of the companies currently listed in Japan, 601 are said to be the top 10 shareholders (about 3,733% of the total 2 listed companies).[7].

1980As of the latter half of the generation, 1,806 out of 69 listed companies (at that time)Largest shareholder, 432 companies were the top 5 shareholders, and about 750 were the top 10 shareholders[8].. From these things,Bubble eraToNihon Keizai Shimbunから"Japan Co., Ltd.Silent shareholders ofWas nicknamed[8].. Note thatBubble burstAfter that, we proceeded with the sale to reduce risk assets,2003At that time, it was reported that it held 2.3% of the total number of shares issued in Japan, 3,000 stocks (of which 2,150 listed stocks).[9].

Largest shareholderThe companies that have becomeMitsubishi UFJ Financial Group,Toyobo,Teijin,Kubota,Kintetsu Group Holdings,Hankyu Hanshin Holdings,Nankai Electric Railway,Keikyu Corporation,Keio Electric Railway,Sapporo beer,Takeda Pharmaceutical,Astellas Pharma,Daiichi Sankyo,Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma,Takashimaya,TBS Holdings,TV TOKYO HoldingsSuch. Major shareholders of unlisted companiesSuntory,MBS Media Holdings,TV Osakaand so on.

Real estate leasingIn the so-called rental building business,Mitsubishi Estate,Mitsui FudosanIt is the third largest in Japan after.The balance of real estate for rent is 3 billion yen, and the number of buildings for rent is 1.[10].



1889Shiga Prefecture in JulyHikoneThe XNUMXrd National Bank (currently Shiga Bank)Was taking the leadKousuke SaburoIs the business leader of Kinki, the XNUMXnd National Bank (currentlyMitsubishi UFJ Bank)ChiefIchibe Tanaka, Kawakami left Shichirou,Michio Doi,Yoshiguchi Yamaguchi,Okahashi Jisuke, Eisuke Nishida, Tadamaku Takeda, Yojiro Inoue,Tatsutaro KumagaiThe 11th generation of presidentZenemon KonoikeSetNaotaka KataokaThey were established as directors in Osaka City as a limited liability Nippon Life Insurance Company with a capital of 30 yen.

Instead of using a British insurance company, which was the mainstream at that time, the insurance table was created from Japanese mortality statistics. In 1891, it became a joint-stock company (name is Nippon Life Insurance Co., Ltd.), and in the spirit of mutual assistance, in the first large-scale settlement of 1898, the first profit distribution to policyholders was made in Japan.Second World WarDuring the war, it merged with Fuji Life Insurance and Patriotic Life Insurance.

After the war, based on1947Was restarted as a mutual company (company name is Nippon Life Insurance Company).High economic growthIs the period1963In TokyoChiyoda WardToNissay TheaterWas completed. Also, management became difficult in 1975Ryukyu Life InsuranceCarried out a comprehensive transfer of all contracts, and made a de facto merger. On February 1988, 2 in the world ranking of the total assets division of life insurance companies in the United StatesPrudentialPull out and stand at the top. The new policy amount, premiums earned, and policy amount in force had already become the top three in the world, so this will control all four departments.Four Crown King, And became the world's number one life insurance company both in name and reality.

Since the 1990s, the United States andPeople's Republic of ChinaStarted to advance to. In 1996 in the tide of financial liberalizationNissay InsuranceFounded,Non-life insuranceEntered the industry. In the midst of the economic downturn since the 1990s, we promoted business alliances and business integration.Mitsui Marine Fire Insurance / Sumitomo Marine Fire InsurancePartnership with Nissay InsuranceDowa Fire & Marine InsuranceMerged withNissay Dowa General Insurance(CurrentAioi Nissay Dowa Insurance : MS & AD Insurance Group HoldingsEstablished (under the umbrella) and dissolvedDowa Life InsuranceAll contracts were taken over (comprehensive transfer of contracts).

The company emblem was until 1987CrestIn 1988, "raw" was placed on "combination angle", which is one of the above.Corporate identityThe current company emblem (name: Century Crystal) with the introduction of (CI) and an "N" in the red rhombus.[Note 1] Was enacted.

Chronological Table

  • 1889 --Established the predecessor, Limited Liability Nippon Life Insurance Company.
  • 1891 --Incorporated (Nippon Life Insurance Co., Ltd.).
  • 1898 --Japan's first policyholder profit distribution.
  • 1899 ――The amount of policies in force is the highest in Japan.
  • 1940 --Launched Japan's first "ordinary insurance with dividends by interest source".
  • 1942 --Comprehensive relocation of Fuji Life.
  • 1945 --Comprehensive transfer of Patriotic Life.
  • 1947 --Restarted as a mutual company of Nippon Life Insurance Company.
  • 1950 - Nippon Life StadiumOpened (closed in 1997).
  • 1963 - Nissay TheaterOpened.
  • 1975 - Ryukyu Life InsuranceComprehensive relocation.
  • 1975- Hankyu Nissei New TownIs on sale.
  • 1987 --Subsidiaries Seiwa Housing Co., Ltd., Seiwa Jisho Co., Ltd., and Nova Development Co., Ltd. merged.Shinseiwa Real EstateEstablished a stock company.
  • 1988 --Introduced CI and established a symbol mark.
  • 1991 --Nippon Life Insurance Company (Nippon Life, USA) begins operations.
  • 1996 --Established Nissay Insurance Co., Ltd.
  • 1997 --Established Nippon Life Insurance Company of Philippines (Nissei Philippines).
  • 1997-Capital participation in Bangkok Life Assurance (Thailand).
  • 1998 --Established Nissay Asset Management Investment Trust (Nissay Investment Trust and Nissay Investment Adviser merged).
  • 1999 --Nippon Life Insurance Account Start
  • 1999-Established Nissay Information Technology.
  • 2000 --The special account management division was spun off and integrated with an investment trust investment advisory subsidiary, and the name was changed to "Nissay Asset Management."
  • 2000 --Call for funds by securitization method using special purpose company (SPC).
  • 2001 --Dowa Fire & Marine Insurance and Nissay Insurance are merged to establish Nissay Dowa Insurance.
  • 2001 --The company was dissolved after a comprehensive transfer of all contracts from Dowa Life Insurance Company.
  • 2002 --A fund is solicited by a public offering securitization method using a special purpose company (SPC).
  • 2003 --Hiroden Nissei Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (Hiroden Nissei) started operations.
  • 2004 - Nippon Life Marunouchi BuildingTokyo Headquarters started operations at.
  • 2009 --120th anniversary of founding.
  • 2011 --Shinseiwa Real Estate due to transfer of major shareholdersObayashi teamBecomes a wholly owned subsidiary of.
  • 2014 --On the site of the Marunouchi AIG BuildingNippon Life Marunouchi Garden TowerIs completed.
  • 2015January --Nippon Life Main Store East Building (OsakaChuo-ku) Is completed[11].
  • February 2015- Mitsui Life Insurance(Current:Taiki Life Insurance) Under the umbrella[12].
  • 2018 --Mass Mutual Life Insurance (currently:Nissay Wealth Life Insurance) Became a subsidiary[13].

Successive presidents


The main building of the main store building in Osaka City isEdo PeriodThe school that played a central role in Osaka's scienceKaitokudoLocated on the site of "(1938The first period is completed. The second phase was completed and designed in 1962Eikichi Hasebe), Tokyo headquarters is in TokyoChiyoda WardMarunouchi OfNippon Life Marunouchi BuildingPlace in (in Marunouchi Oazo).

The head office functions are in the Tokyo headquarters, the corporate planning department that formulates company-wide strategies, securities, real estate, etc.asset ManagementThere are departments, sales planning and strategy departments for various sales channels, and general affairs departments at the head office (Osaka).Insurance contractWe have a back office for office work such as the customer service department that handles office work for management. ..In addition, some functions of the call center and contract management department have been transferred to Fukuoka.

Tokyo headquarters

1923 OfGreat Kanto EarthquakeNihonbashiThe Tokyo branch located in is burned down. For this reason, Nissei decided to build a large-scale building on the site, and bought more land around it, and the Tokyo Nippon Life Museum (designed) has 2 basement floors, 8 floors above ground, and a total floor area of ​​8800 tsubo.Teitaro Takahashi) Was constructed. The building was completed in 1933. A small part of the completed building will be used as the Tokyo branch office, and the entire building will beTakashimayaBorrowed on March 3, the same year,Minamidenma TownThe Tokyo store (currently Nihonbashi Takashimaya SC Main Building) moved from Japan and started operations.The Tokyo Nippon Life Museum was the only example of a full-scale investment building in prewar Nissei.[14].

After the war, the Tokyo Nippon Life Museum was expanded and completed in April 1952.The extension area is 4 tsubo, and the total area after the extension is 3530 tsubo. The 11410th floor of the extension is rented to Takashimaya as before, and the 6th and 7th floors are used as Nissei's Tokyo General Bureau (currently Tokyo Headquarters).[15].. Nippon Life Hibiya Building (Nippon Life Hibiya Building), which has been promoted as part of the 70th anniversary businessNissay Theater) In 1963YurakuchoWhen completed in[16], The Directorate General of Tokyo has moved to the office.

1987 years,Toho Hibiya18 floors above ground and 4 floors below ground, which was constructed by redeveloping the theater district ofToho Hibiya BuildingWhen (Hibiya Chanter) was completed, Nissei entered the 4th floor and above and set up the Tokyo headquarters.In 1989, the former Planning Department, which was a strategic department, was expanded from the head office in Osaka to the same building as a general planning office, and the advertising department was also moved to Tokyo, making a major transfer of 900 people in total.[17].

In 2004Tokyo StationIt was in front of the Marunouchi mouthJR East Head Office Building-Kotsu Kogyo Building・ Tokyo Chuo Building, Marunouchi Hotel Ruins, etc.Mitsubishi Estate, Nippon Life, redeveloped by Chuo Real Estate,Marunouchi OazoHas been maintained.The Nippon Life Marunouchi Building was also built in that corner, and the Tokyo headquarters moved from the Toho Hibiya Building.

System Center

Sakai CitySystem center in (Osaka), in TokyobackupIt owns a center, but in 2011,Ibaraki CityA new system center was set up in (the same prefecture), and the system center in Sakai City and the first Japanese life insurance company to operate the main system in parallel.The reason for operating in parallel is to guarantee the operability in the event of a disaster and to facilitate the operation when the computer system is modified.In addition, the new system center in Ibaraki City will have a product planning research and development department, which will be used to develop insurance products.Non-payment of insurance claimsPrevent defects inComputer systemTo develop.In addition, a backup center was set up in the event of a disaster at the head office.[18].

Related company

  • Hanasaku Life Insurance Co., Ltd.


  • In February 2005,Meiji Yasuda Life InsuranceIt was discovered that he had not paid death insurance money unreasonably, and as a result, life insurance and non-life insurance companies were successively found to have unjustified payment of insurance money. It was revealed that 37 life insurance companies had non-payment cases totaling 970 billion yen[19].. Regarding Nippon Life, it was announced that there were non-payment cases of over 130 billion yen, and it received a business improvement order.[20].. Nissei says, "We will work to prevent recurrence based on the order."[21].. Along with this problem, in a TV program sponsored by Nissei, an apology sentence was played for 15 seconds, or a commercial with an apology sentence added to the end of a normal CM was broadcast.
  • A total of 23 employees, including a sales manager and 24 subordinates who work for one branch of Nippon Life,Independent administrative agency-Workers' retirement allowance mutual aid organizationOperated by中小企业In December 56, it was revealed that the number of contractors was inflated and 222 persons at 2014 business sites signed unfair contracts when soliciting retirement mutual aid. It was also found that the retirement allowance of about 12 million yen was actually paid to a total of 31 people at 142 business establishments.[22][23].
  • New coronavirusIn the midst of the epidemic, multiple managers participated in the "Golf Dinner" after the "All Base Managers' Tournament" was held in April 2021 where branch presidents and sales managers from the Tokyo metropolitan area gathered to share information. ..As a result, many turned out to be positive[24][25].

ス ポ ー ツ 活動

As for sports activities, the baseball club and women's table tennis club are famous, and the Judo club is also active. In the past, there was also an athletics club, and after becoming a female 5000m former Japanese record holder, she became the representative of the 2007 World Championship Osaka Women's Marathon Japan.Yasuko HashimotoAlthough they were enrolled, they were discontinued in March 2002.

Baseball club

Founded in 4.City competition baseball tournamentSo, since the first appearance in 24, the 58th appearance in total (the most in Japan), the 4th victory.Adult Baseball Japan ChampionshipThen, we won three times. In 3, we achieved the third consecutive victory in the city competition and Japan championship, which is the third team in history.[26].

Nippon Life Red Elf (Women's Table Tennis Team)

Founded in 29.Japan Table Tennis League13 times in the first half, 18 times in the second half, 17 times in the Prime Minister's Cup.All Japan Table Tennis Championships (Group)14 wins,All Japan Business Team Table Tennis Championships10 wins,T LeagueWe have a track record of winning once[27].. 2018 openingT LeagueParticipated in and won the first throne[28].It has won a total of 43 titles, the highest number of women in the nationwide business group.On August 8st, the team name, logo, mascot, and player names were announced, and it was announced as "Nippon Life Red Elf". Red is taken from the team color red, and elves are taken from the English word "fairy" and the German word "1" (meaning the 11-point preemption rule in table tennis).

Offer program



Many others


Nissei Aunt
A series that lasted from 1969 to 1986.Chieko NakakitaThe sales lady who plays plays with the scene of the region in the video, and the CM song "Mokusei no Hana" (Lyrics:, Composition:Aya Kobayashi,song:Duke Aces) Was familiar with. After that, for several years from around 1989, the lyrics and tunes were arranged and broadcast during the Nissei Lady commercial.
Nissei Lady Tomoko
A catchphrase for a commercial that has been on air for nearly 10 years. "Tomoko" who was appearing is not a sales ladyTomoko Miura.
CSR CM (Corporate social responsibility
  • Shuntaro TanikawaThe poem "For loved ones" is used. This poem is a remake of "For loved ones" written by Shuntaro Tanikawa for our commercial in 1969. The narration isTomorrow Taguchi.
    • "Safe Edition"-Mainly used during the professional baseball season (April-September).
    • "Ticket edition"-Professional baseball season off (October-January) and 10 Athens Olympics (summer) after the Olympic relay (highlight) is also flowing.
    • "Pillar edition"-It is flowing at the special program of New Year, especially on TBS TV and Fuji TV, 3 is the golden time of the day ("Sportsman No. 1 deciding match""New Year hidden arts competition""Heisei Board of Education(2005/2006)SMAP x SMAP(2007) New Year Special”).
    • "Tram"-started in October 2006. HokkaidoHakodateThe Motomachi/Western part of is the location.
    • "Connected eco"-started in June 2008.
    • "Nissei Forest Creation"-Started in November 2010.
Product CM
Corporate image CM


Person enrolled


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注 釈

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