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🏓 | Ryukyu Asteeda aiming for consecutive victories announces the remaining of Tomoki Hirano Sayaka Hirano's younger brother


Ryukyu Asteeda aiming for consecutive victories announces the remaining of Tomoki Hirano Sayaka Hirano's younger brother

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I am very happy that Hirano will play at Ryukyu Asteeda in the 4th season as well.

Table tennis T-League boy Ryukyu Asteeda won the first medal in the Japanese table tennis world at the London Olympics on the 25th, Sayaka Hirano ... → Continue reading

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Ryukyu Astida

Ryukyu Astida(Ryukyu Asteeda,British: Ryukyu Asteeda) IsOkinawaBased inTable tennisClub team.

The amateur team is the pinnacle of Japanese table tennis competition sponsored by the Japan Table Tennis League Business Federation.Japan Table Tennis LeagueBelongs to the first division.In addition, the professional team is Japan's first professional table tennis league that started in the fall of 1.T LeagueBelongs to (Tea League).


The team name "Asteeda" is a combination of "Tomorrow, the future" and "Teida" (the sun in the Okinawa dialect), and has the meaning of a club that will be the sun that illuminates the future. Under the theme of "From Okinawa to the World!", The aim is to train athletes who will play an active role in the Olympic and World Championships from Okinawa, and to contribute to the development of sports in Okinawa by promoting, strengthening and training Okinawan table tennis.     


  • April 2013-Founded as Ryukyu Asteeda Table Tennis Club.
  • June 2015-Spot participation in the Japan League.6th place in the 2nd division of the previous term tournament. In the second half of November, he registered as an associate member of the Japan League and ranked 6th in the 11nd division.
  • May 2016-Japan League first half tournament 5nd division 2rd place. 3th place in the 11nd division of the late November tournament.
  • February 2017- Rio de Janeiro Olympics Representative of Chinese Taipei Chiang Hung-Chie, Yoshihiro Ozawa, who was active in the second division of the German Bundesliga, joined.Won the 2nd division of the Japan League first half tournament and was promoted to the 2st division.1th place in the 1st division of the Japan League Late Tournament.
  • 2018 --Professional team will participate in Japan's first professional table tennis league T League (Te League) scheduled to start in the fall of the same year[1].. In March, a businessman became the representative of Ryukyu Asteeda Sports Club Co., Ltd., a team management company.Shusaku HayakawaIs inaugurated.For directorsAthens Olympics Bicycle race Of silver medalistTomohiro NagatsukaAnd former handball captain of JapanShunsuke Azuma, Union Investment Trust Representative and FormerSawakami Asset ManagementVice president and others have been appointed.In the same month, the Chinese Taipei representative ranked 3rd in the world ranking, the highest ever.Sochifuchi, Rio de Janeiro Olympics Table Tennis Men's Team Silver Medalist, 7th highest in the world ranking Japanese (as of March 2018)Takaki NiwaPlayers join[2].. In August,J Leagueク ラ ブFC RyukyuConcluded a comprehensive agreement on cooperation and cooperation with[3].. In May, table tennis boasts 5 subscribers to the number one channel in the entire "YouTube Japan Sports Division".YoutuberThat, Ryuichi Yamaguchi's participation was announced[4]. 
  • 2018-19 season-Asteeda, who has the top players in the world such as Koki Niwa and Chuang Chih-yuan, is alsoJun Mizutani,Tomokazu HarimotoTo holdKinoshita Meister TokyoIt was expected to be a threat to the team, but unexpectedly, the struggle continued and the 2018-19 season ended at the bottom.
  • 2019-20 season-Koki Niwa, who was the ace of the teamKinoshita Meister TokyoTransferred to, but newlyTT SaitamaWith Maharu Yoshimura, who transferred from Japan, as the captain, he acquired players with a track record such as Joo Sae-hyuk and Li Ping from overseas and entered the 2019-20 season.Unlike last season, which ended at the bottom, he continued to be involved in the top, and the one who won the final round of the league won the playoff final, Mt. Tenno, against TT Saitama and finished the season in 2nd place.

Active player

Uniform numberCountryPlayer namePlayer rankBattle typeRemarks
#1Japanese flagYoshimura MaharuAAARight shakeWorld Championship Mixed Doubles Winner
#2Japanese flagARight shake
#7Japanese flagYuto MuramatsuAAARight shake cut man
#8Japanese flagYukiya UdaSLeft shake
#10Japanese flagYuto KizukuriAALeft shake
#11Qatar flagLi PingAARight shakeWorld Championship Mixed Doubles Winner
#16Chinese Taipei flagChen Jian'anAAALeft shakeWorld Championship Men's Doubles Winner
#20Republic of Korea flagJoo Sae-hyukAAARight shake cut manWorld Championship Men's Doubles Winner
#69Japanese flagJunsuke TogamiAAARight shake drive type
#77Republic of Korea flag(English edition)AAARight shake drive type
#91Chinese Taipei flagSochifuchiSLeft shakeWorld Championship Men's Doubles Winner
-Japanese flagRight shake drive typeNew member
-Japanese flagRight shake drive typeNew member
-Japanese flagRight shake drive type
2021-22 season

ス タ ッ フ

directed byKazuhiro Zhang
2019-20 season


SeasonNumber of matchesNumber of winsNumber of defeatsScoreGoalsProfit/lossPointsRanking
2018-19 216153553-18% 244 bit
2019-20 21111047452392nd place (Final will not be held due to the influence of the new coronavirus)
2020-21 2115655283547Win

Successive players


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