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🏓 | Senshudaigakukita is monopolized for boys Ichinoseki Daiichi and Suzuki are three crowns for girls <Table tennis / Inter-high Iwate prefecture qualifying>


Men's college Kitakami is monopolized Women's Ichinoseki Daiichi, Suzuki has three crowns <Table tennis, Inter-high Iwate prefecture qualifying>

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For girls, Akira Suzuki (Ichinoseki Daiichi) achieved three crowns in the group, singles and doubles.

<Reiwa 3rd year Iwate Prefectural High School Table Tennis Competition May 5-20> 23th National High School Table Tennis Championships (Hereafter, I ... → Continue reading

 Professional media for table tennis Rallys

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Suzuki Akira

Suzuki Akira(Sho Suzuki, male,1952May 8 -) isJapanA dance critic, a dance historian, and a translator.Hosei UniversityHonorary professor.

Literary criticism,Psychoanalysis, Specializing in the history of thoughtErich FrommBy "To love, And Elizabeth Kübler-Ross, "The Moment of Death".Romantic ballet,Ballets RussesIncluding,19st centuryから20st centuryThe history of Western ballet is also detailed.


Tokyobirth.Komaba High School attached to Tokyo University of EducationIn the same gradeInuhiko Yomota[1],Masaru KanekoThere was1977ToTokyo UniversityAfter graduating from the Russian Literature Department of the Faculty of Letters, he dropped out of the doctoral program at the Graduate School of Humanities.Surugadai Universityspecialized teacher,Hosei UniversityAfter working as a professor at the Faculty of Liberal Arts, he was a professor at the Faculty of International Cultural Studies, Hosei University until 2017.Waseda UniversityHe is also a visiting professor at the Graduate School of Letters and a lecturer at Tokyo University of the Arts (Faculty of Music).

Writing a novel when I was a studentTakako TakahashiHowever, I was advised to translate it because it was not a novel, and while co-translating with Takahashi, I became a secretary and managed the copyright of Kazumi Takahashi and Takako Takahashi (copyright owner)Japan Museum of Modern Literature).My wife is a translatorHaijima KariAnd my daughterSociologist,talent,作家, OriginalAV actress OfSuzuki Ryomi.


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  1. ^ However, as a synchronization, he may make criticisms of Shikata's writings.



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