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🏀 | B League, club activities, and anime are also very popular! Dig deep into basketball with "I've been addicted to the swamp"


B League, club activities, and anime are also very popular! Dig deep into basketball with "I've been addicted to the swamp"

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In addition, many popular basketball-themed manga and anime such as "Ahiru no Sora" and "SLAM DUNK".

In "I've been addicted to the swamp" (Monday-Wednesday 5:31 pm), which will be broadcast on NHK E-Tele on May 6, "... → Continue reading

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"SLAM DUNK』(Slam Dunk) isbasketballWas the subjectTakehiko InouebyJapan OfComicthe work. 『Weekly Shonen Jump』, From 1990 (No. 42) to 1996 (No. 27), serialized over all 276 episodes, animation and games were also produced.


Bad boy of the heroSakuragi HanamichiIs a basketball cartoon centered around the challenge and growth. Book 21--23First editionCirculation250 millionIs the highest record at that time[1].. As of February 2013, the cumulative circulation of the series is1 million copiesIs breaking through[2].

The stage of this workKanagawaMainlyShonanIt is a district, and the high schools that appear are basically fictitious names.From the newspaper article on the day after the Shoyo War, the age of the work is 1992 in the original and March-August in 1994 in the animation, but the actual calendar, date and day of the week do not match.In 3, after the series ended, the official rules for basketball were significantly revised, so the game under construction is based on rules different from the current ones.In addition, although a minor revision was made in 8, which is being serialized, the rules before 2001 are used until the end of the work.

40th 6 (1994)Shogakkan Manga AwardAwarded the boy category. In 2006Agency for Cultural AffairsCarried out byAgency for Cultural Affairs Media Arts Festival"100 Media Arts in JapanWon the 1st place in the manga category[3].

"Da VinciIt was selected as No. 808 in the comic ranking in 50 years of manga history, which was selected by a total of 1 manga artists, critics, bookstore staff, and readers.

In 653, when the highest number of copies in the history of jumping was 1995 million, the first issue was decorated with all colors.Final episodeIn the 1996th issue of 27, both the cover and the front color were displayed.In addition, it is the first work in history that independently decorated the cover of the last published issue in the history of Jump, and other than this work, it was completed in September 2016.Police Box in Front of Kameari Park, Katsushika Ward』Only 2 works.

Released in 2001Full version comicsBecame a pioneer in the conversion of a series of masterpieces from Shueisha into full-version comics.

Founded by Inoue in 2006Slam Dunk ScholarshipOf this workroyaltyIs partly funded as a source.

After the serialization

The serialization of this work ended abruptly. StoryInter HighIn the middle of the tournament match, the match with Meiho Technical High School, Aiwa Gakuin High School and Daiei Gakuen High School, which appeared as if they were later opponents, was an unfinished end.

Regarding the serialization, the author left a comment in the postscript of this magazine, "I want to continue." In this magazine, the last page says "Part XNUMX complete",Jump ComicsIntroduced also treated as already published[Note 1]It is said that.In addition, unlike this magazine, the last page of the final episode of the book does not have the word "Part XNUMX complete", and the postscript of the author is posted at the end.Also, the dialogue of the final episode is slightly different between the "Jump" serialized version and the comics.

Regarding the end of the series, Inoue says, "I was determined to be the last Sanno game when I made the inter-high combination." "I definitely don't want to draw boring games." "I thought I couldn't draw more interesting games than Sannou."[4][Source invalid].. Regarding the sequel, he made an implication that "it may be."[5][Source invalid], Says on his official website, "Draw when you want to."

ShiseidoThe characters in this work are used in the "Aleph" commercial.In this commercial, Miyagi's uniform number is 4, Rukawa's basketball shoes are changed from Jordan 5 to Jordan 12, and Hanamichi's hair is slightly longer and he is playing, etc. Has been made. In July 2004Jump ComicsThe number of printed editions in Japan has exceeded 1 million. In commemoration of this, on August 8, the same year, 11 authors, Inoue, posted illustrations drawn by each of the Shohoku members in 6 morning newspapers. In December 6, it was merged into theKanagawa Prefectural Misaki High SchoolHeld "Thank you for 1 million books final" at the school building.I drew the manga "Slam Dunk-3 days after that" on the blackboard of each classroom.Despite being announced only on the author's official website, more than 5000 fans visited in three days.It is the only orthodox sequel at this stage.

Released in May 2006, "Super turtle], the author contributed a work of 1P, among which the Sakuragi corps including the main character Sakuragi Hanamichi,Ryotsu KankichiA picture of walking with is drawn. In July 2007Weekly Shonen Champion"so"Mizushima ShinjiContributed a 1P work to "Teacher's XNUMXth Anniversary Issue", and Sakuragi Hanamichi is a pitcher.One horseIs a picture of the batter.

In April 2009, the full version of "Slam Dunk-4 days later" was released.

In 2018, another version of the book ``New Reorganized Edition'' was published for 6 consecutive months from June 1st[6].


With red hair, who entered Shonan High School in KanagawaJuvenile delinquentIsSakuragi HanamichiIn junior high school, he continued to be shaken by 50 women, and the last woman to be shaken liked "Oda-kun of the basketball club", so he hated basketball.

However, when Haruko Akagi, who has spoken to herself in the corridor, finds her height, muscles, and physical strength, Hanamichi is recommended to join the basketball club.Hanamichi fell in love with Haruko at first sight, and even though she was a complete beginner in basketball, she joined Haruko.After that, through steady practice and games, he gradually awakens to the fun of basketball and rapidly blooms the buds of his talent.In the Shohoku basketball club, he is also the brother of director Anzai Mitsuyoshi and Haruko.captain OfTakenori AkagiIn addition to Deputy Captain Kiminobu Kogure, he is called a super rookie.Kaede NagakawaAlso subscribed.He was hospitalized after a practice match with Ryonan High School, which was the best four in the Inter-High School Championships last year.Ryota MiyagiAnd the former basketball clubMitsui HisashiAlso returned.

Of summerInter HighShohoku, who is aiming to conquer, defeated Miuradai High School, which was the best 8 in the Inter-High prefectural qualifying round in the previous year, and continued to win the qualifying round steadily.In the first match of the final league, he fought a fierce battle with the champion, Hainan University High School, who has participated in the Inter-High for the past 16 consecutive years by the previous year, but was defeated. In the second race, he won the Inter-High Prefectural Qualifying Best 2 of the previous year, Takesato High School. In the third race, he defeated his nemesis, Ryonan, and won second place.Played an inter-school athletic meet with Hainan.

HiroshimaInter High done in[7][8]Shohoku in the first round of the tournamentOsakaVictory against the representative school Toyoda High School. In the second round, he won the Inter-High School Championships up to the previous year for the third consecutive time.AkitaPlay against the representative school, Sanno Technical High School.At one point, he was able to make a difference of 20 points or more, but he counterattacked with amazing tenacity.Hanamichi continues to play while enduring the pain in his back, leading Shohoku to a come-from-behind victory with a jump shot just before the end of the match.However, Shohoku, who did everything, was in the third round.AichiI lost like a lie in a match against Aiwa Gakuin High School, a representative school.

After the inter-school athletic meet, Akagi and Kogure retired in the third grade, and only Mitsui remained.Ryota has been appointed as the new captain, and Haruko has been appointed as a new manager.SelectionA new system will be prepared for. Nagarekawa was selected as the representative of the All Japan Junior, and Hanamichi waited for her to re-establish herself on the court while continuing her rehabilitation.


Sakuragi Hanamichi(Sakuragi Hanamichi)
sound - Kusao Yi
The main character of this work.Former defect that has been shaken many times after confessing to a girl.Although he is a beginner who started playing basketball in his first year of high school, he gradually developed his talents due to his physical ability and constant efforts, especially.reboundIn the end, he exerts his genius.
Haruko Akagi
Voice- Hiramatsu Akiko
The heroine of this work. 1 year.A longing person for Hanamichi, he creates an opportunity for Hanamichi to enter the world of basketball.Although he is fascinated by Hanamichi, he has a passion for Rukawa.
Takenori Akagi(Akagi Takenori)
Voice- Kiyoyuki Ryota
3 years.Captain of Shohoku Basketball Club.Haruko Akagi's older brother, a player with the nickname "King Kong under the goal".
Kaede Nagakawa(Ruka maple)
Voice- Hikari Midorikawa
1 year.Since junior high school, he has been a basketball star player, and Hanamichi has come to be called a "lifelong rival."
Mitsui Hisashi(Mitsue Hisashi)
Voice- Ryutaro Okiayu
3 years.He was once frustrated due to an injury and became defective, but he could not give up his enthusiasm for the basket and returned to the basketball club.
Ryota Miyagi(Ryota Miyagi)
Voice- Tsubasa Shioya
2 years.Although small, he was the next captain of the Shohoku basketball club and became the captain of the basketball club after Akagi and Kogure retired.
Kiminobu Kogure
Voice- Hideyuki Tanaka
3 years.Deputy captain of the Shohoku basketball club.Akagi has been a teammate and best friend since junior high school.A good understanding of Hanamichi.
Mitsuyoshi Anzai
Voice- Tomomi Nishimura
Director of Shohoku Basketball Club. Up to five years ago, he was feared as a demon coach at a university, but now he is known as the White-haired Buddha and is familiar to the members.

Television Animation

TV AsahiBroadcast on October 1993, 10-March 16, 1996 in the series.All 3 episodes + 23 episodes of SP version.Production isToei video..The narration is by Kiminobu KogureHideyuki TanakaWas in charge of the concurrent post.The flow is basically in line with the original, and it was animated up to the point where it was decided to participate in the Inter-High and departed for the match venue.As mentioned above, it is almost the same as the original, but the times when the activities of the Sakuragi Corps are highlighted, the times when Hanamichi and Haruko go to the fair during the summer vacation, and the Shohoku members who are refraining from participating in the Inter-High are a mixed team of Ryonan and Shoyo. Time to play against[Note 2]There were also a few original anime stories.

SP21 was broadcast between episodes 22 and 1, and the contents up to episode 21 were summarized in a digest of about 45 minutes and recollected by Kogure, Haruko, and Hikoichi. Since then, it has hardly been rebroadcast, and it has not been recorded on the DVD. In addition, SP61, which was broadcast between episodes 62 and 2, has not been rebroadcast once since the main broadcast, and it has not been recorded on the DVD either.

In 2003, a major sportswear makerDescenteA limited edition DVD-BOX with the same costumes as the characters Sakuragi Hanamichi, Rukawa Kaede, Akagi Takenori, Hisashi Mitsui, and Miyagi Ryota was released, and later released as a single volume.Also, in 2008, a limited edition DVD-BOX with the same costumes as the characters Hanamichi, Maki Shinichi, and Akira Sendoh will be released, and the costumes of Shohoku High School, Hainan University High School, and Ryonan High School will be custom-ordered for a limited time. Sold.

In 2013, various projects were carried out extensively by the 20th anniversary project of TV animation.As the first stepKids stationThe HD master version of the TV series was broadcast on. In 2014GYAO!The free delivery of the TV series was held atNico Nico DougaBut from August 8th to 9th of the same year, the TV series was distributed free of charge on "Nico Nico Live Broadcasting".[9]In addition, the TV series and the movie version of Blu-ray software have also been released. On August 8th, the "Blu-ray Collection Release Commemorative SLAM DUNK Fan Meeting" was held as the final project of the 13th anniversary project, playing the role of Hanamichi.Kusao Yi, The role of NagakawaHikari Midorikawa, Of MitsuiRyutaro OkiayuAppeared live.Nico Nico Douga broadcast the pattern live[10]. Also,Opening animationAppear inKamakurakoukoumae StationA railroad crossing nearTaiwanIt has been reported that it has become a popular spot for tourists from[11].

ス タ ッ フ

  • producer
    • TV Asahi-Taro Iwamoto
    • Dentsu --Shigeki Nakamura
    • Toei Animation- Yoshifumi Hino(Episode 1-Episode 61) → Nobutaka Nishizawa(Episode 62-), Kiminori Sato (Episode 1-Episode 86)
  • Original- Takehiko Inoue(Shueisha "Weekly Shonen Jump])
  • Producer-Kenkichi Matsushita (1st episode-61st episode), Shosuke Okada (25th episode-61st episode) → Yoshihiro Fujimoto (62nd episode-)
  • Series Director-Nobutaka Nishizawa
  • musics - Takanobu Masuda(Episode 1-Episode 69) → BMF(Episode 70-)
  • Music cooperation- TV Asahi Music
  • Character Design - Masaki Sato
  • Chief Animator- Youichi Onishi(Episode 82-)
  • Art Design-Nobuto Sakamoto (Big Studio)
  • Finishing-Studio Pocket, Studio March, Studio Bogey
  • Color designation-Kei Tsukada, Noriko Hirai, Susumu Kuroda
  • Special effects-Yuji Okajima, Ko Yamamoto, Takashi Maekawa
  • Filming-Sanko Production
  • Edit- Shigeru Nishiyama(Tavac)
  • Recording-Nobuteru Ikegami (Tavac)
  • Sound effect- Michihiro Ito(E & M → Sound ring) → Takahisa Ishino(Sound ring)
  • Song selection-Hiroyuki Shibue (Audio Tanaka)
  • Record-Mamiko Ogawa → Yoshiko Hara
  • Directors-Tetsuji Nakamura, Kenichiro Watanabe, Shingo Kaneko, Tomomitsu Matsukawa, Shunsuke Tada, Tetsuya Fuyuno, Kazutoshi Mori, Tetsuya Haruno, Yoko Ikeda
  • Production progress-Norio Sakamoto, Koichi Hirose, Yoshihide Moriyama, Yoshiyuki Yamamoto
  • Art Progress-Reiko Kitayama
  • Finishing progress-Mitsuo Ogino, Hanamu Yamamoto, Ikuko Kitagawa
  • Public Relations --Atsuko Niwa → Akihiro Okumura → Kae Yoshida (TV Asahi)
  • Recording studio- Tabac
  • Development- Toei Chemical
  • Production cooperation- Dentsu
  • Production- TV Asahi,Toei video

Theme song

Opening theme

"I want to scream that i like you(1-61 episodes) Song- BAAD
It was also used as an insertion song in the final episode.
"At most nobody(62-101 episodes) Song- ZYYG

Ending theme

"I only have eyes for you(1-24 episodes) Song- Maki Oguro
"until the world ends…(25-49 episodes) Song- WANDS
"Captured at the moment of glittering(50-81 episodes) Song- MANISH
"my friend(82-101 episodes) Song- ZARD
In addition, all ending themes except "Catch in the moment of glittering"Million sellerHas been achieved.

eye catching

Arrangement BGM (up to episode 2) of "I want to scream you like you" (A part) and "I'm staring at you" (B part) with the background image of Hanamichi drawn with 3 or 81 heads After episode 82 changed to a different BGM), put on the narration in English below. The voice is Yuko Furusawa.

  • A part
    • Hi, guys! The first part of SLAMDUNK was fun, wasn't it? Basketball is great! Let's play it together. (Everyone! "SLAM DUNK" was fun in the first half? Basketball is great! Let's do it together!)
    • Hi, guys! Finally, Hanamichi will put on the show on the court. Let you remain.
    • Let's play basketball, guys! You'll feel like the wind when you've got the ball and go to the basket. (Let's play basketball, everyone! Feeling like a breeze when you head to the goal with the ball)
    • It doesn't matter if you win or lose as long as you give it your best! (let's show it to her, if you do your best, it doesn't matter if you win or lose!)
    • Did you know that? One out of every five junior high students plays basketball. Did you know that?
  • B part
    • Thanks for waiting! The second part of SLAMDUNK will start in a minute. Let's get together in front of TV. (Let's wait, the second half of "SLAM DUNK" will start soon. Let's gather in front of the TV)
    • If you can hold the ball in a hand, you'll be a great basketball player. (If you grab the ball with one hand, you can become a great basketball player)
    • Let's go for it! It's cool to be with your brothers! (Let's do our best! Cool with friends!)
    • Someone is waiting. Trust will be the key to getting his friendship. (Trust someone is waiting. Trust is the key to winning friendship)
    • It's great to pull off basketball techniques one after the other like Hanamichi. (It would be great if you could grasp basketball techniques one after another like a flower path)

List of stories

Broadcast dates are those of TV Asahi and simultaneous network stations[Note 3].

Number of storiessubtitlescript(Conte)
Animation directorArtAirdate
(TV Asahi)
1Birth of the Genius Basketman!?Yoshiyuki SugaNobutaka NishizawaTakahiro KagamiNobuto Sakamoto1993
May 10
2Kutabare Basketball! Hanamichi VS NagarekawaAkemi MasayukiKenji YokoyamaMay 10
3Gorilla VS Hanamichi! The Ultimate Showdown!!Nobuaki KishiAtsushi ShimizuSatoshi HorizawaMay 11
4Basketman Hanamichi Inubu!Toshihiko ArisakoYouichi OnishiMay 11
5An afternoon without gutsYoshiyuki Suga(Masayuki Akemi)
Hiromichi Matano
Itano IchiroMay 11
6Nagarekawa VS Akagi/Real Showdown!Kazuhisa TakenouchiShigetaka KiyoyamaMay 12
7Hanamichi debuts! Dunk crackNobuaki KishiAkemi MasayukiMasami SudaMay 12
8Flower path pinch! Judo man's trapYoshiyuki SugaAtsushi ShimizuKenji YokoyamaMay 12
9I do a basket!Toshihiko ArisakoSatoshi HorizawaMay 12
10Shooting for the common people is difficultNobuaki KishiHiromichi MatanoYouichi Onishi1994
May 1
11Secret special training of love only for two!?Nobutaka NishizawaToshimitsu KobayashiMay 1
12Defeat Ryonan! Hard training on the eve of the battleYoshiyuki SugaAkemi MasayukiMasahiro NaoiMay 1
13Shohoku VS Ryounan Burning captain!Tetsuji NakamuraShigetaka KiyoyamaMay 1
14Ultra high school class! Attack of Ryonan DotoAtsushi ShimizuMasami SudaKyoko NakayamaMay 2
15Hanamichi Kincho's sunny stage!Toshihiko ArisakoKenji YokoyamaMariko OnagiMay 2
16What's this guy!? Taoka's miscalculationHiromichi MatanoSatoshi HorizawaMasami HagiwaraMay 2
17Rebound King Hanaki Sakuragi's AnguishNobuaki KishiAkemi MasayukiYouichi OnishiMisa KitaharaMay 2
18Last 2 minutes! I defeat SendoAtsushi ShimizuToshimitsu KobayashiKyoko NakayamaMay 3
19Time is up!Toshihiko ArisakoMasami SudaMariko OnagiMay 3
20Basketball shoesYoshiyuki SugaTetsuji NakamuraKenji YokoyamaAkashi TeiichiMay 3
21Super problem child! Hanamichi VS MiyagiHiromichi MatanoSatoshi HorizawaMasami HagiwaraMay 3
SP1Anime Special SLAM DUNK Determination Shohoku Basketball Club-May 4
22Birth of the worst combination in historyAkemi MasayukiYouichi OnishiMisa KitaharaMay 4
23The last day of Shohoku basketball clubKazuhisa TakenouchiMasahiro NaoiKyoko NakayamaMay 4
24The ally of justice, the Sakuragi corps has arrived!Atsushi ShimizuToshimitsu KobayashiMariko OnagiMay 4
25Man aiming for national victoryTetsuji NakamuraMasami SudaMasami HagiwaraMay 5
26Mitsui Ju 15-year-old troubleHiromichi MatanoShigetaka KiyoyamaMisa KitaharaMay 5
27I want to play basketball!Akemi MasayukiKenji YokoyamaKyoko NakayamaMay 5
28Inter-high qualifying startToshihiko ArisakoSatoshi HorizawaMariko OnagiMay 5
29Hanamichi! Official game debutNobuaki KishiAtsushi ShimizuKen UenoMasami HagiwaraMay 6
30Great counterattack of Hansei CorpsTetsuji NakamuraMasahiro NaoiMisa KitaharaMay 6
31The secret weapon of the powerful enemy MiuradaiHiromichi MatanoToshimitsu KobayashiKyoko NakayamaMay 7
32Genius Hanamichi! Deadly DunkAkemi MasayukiMasami SudaMariko OnagiMay 7
33Exit King!? Sakuragi HanamichiAtsushi ShimizuKenji YokoyamaYoshiyuki TanakaMay 8
34Gori direct story, kill with your eyes!Yoshiyuki SugaTetsuji NakamuraSatoshi HorizawaMasami HagiwaraMay 8
35Men's passionNobuaki KishiHiromichi MatanoKen UenoKyoko NakayamaMay 8
36Seed school, Shoyo appearedYoshiyuki SugaAkemi MasayukiMasahiro NaoiMariko OnagiMay 9[Note 4]
37Hanamichi, the first starting member!Hiroyuki KadoToshimitsu KobayashiMasami HagiwaraMay 9
38Nagakawa's counterattack!Kazuhisa TakenouchiMasami SudaMisa KitaharaMay 9
39Ryota of Lightning!Atsushi ShimizuSatoshi HorizawaKyoko NakayamaMay 9
40Rebound King, Sakuragi HanamichiTetsuji NakamuraKenji YokoyamaMisa KitaharaMay 10
41Shoyo Ace and Fujima appearedHiromichi MatanoKen UenoMariko Onagi
42Shoyo Ace Fujima's abilityNobuaki KishiAkemi MasayukiYouichi OnishiMasami HagiwaraMay 10
43Mitsui, the limit!?Hiroyuki KadoToshimitsu KobayashiMisa KitaharaMay 10
44Mitsui! 3 points of ArashiAtsushi ShimizuShigetaka KiyoyamaKyoko NakayamaMay 11
45Just before leaving!? Hanamichi PinchTetsuji NakamuraMasami SudaMariko OnagiMay 11
46Flower path, hot dunkHiromichi MatanoSatoshi HorizawaMasami HagiwaraMay 12
47Challenge from a rivalYoshiyuki SugaAkemi MasayukiKenji YokoyamaMisa KitaharaMay 12
48The man who swears overthrow HainanHiroyuki KadoKen UenoKyoko NakayamaMay 12
49Busen/The Last FighterAtsushi ShimizuYouichi OnishiMasami HagiwaraMay 12
50Challenge to the champion(Nobutaka Nishizawa)
Hiromichi Matano
Toshimitsu KobayashiMisa Kitahara1995
May 1
51Not included in the calculation!Tetsuji NakamuraShigetaka KiyoyamaKyoko NakayamaMay 1
52Sakuragi's secret weapon!Hiromichi MatanoMasami SudaMasami HagiwaraMay 1
53Goli Injured!Akemi MasayukiKenji YokoyamaMisa KitaharaMay 1
54King Kong/brotherToshihiko ArisakoKazufumi TakanoKyoko NakayamaMay 2
55The man who rules the gameAtsushi ShimizuKen UenoMasami HagiwaraMay 2
56Ace Maki, fully open!Hiroyuki KadoKazuya MiuraMisa KitaharaMay 2
57Bet on Anzai and victory!Tetsuji NakamuraToshimitsu KobayashiNobuto SakamotoMay 2
58Reluctant guys!Hiromichi MatanoShigetaka KiyoyamaKyoko NakayamaMay 3
59Last 10 seconds! Complete settlementNobuaki KishiAkemi MasayukiMasami SudaMasami HagiwaraMay 3
60Shokoku of GuchipuchiToshihiko ArisakoKenji YokoyamaMisa KitaharaMay 3
61Bose head counterattack!Atsushi ShimizuYuji KondoKyoko NakayamaMay 3
SP2Slam Dunk Special
Two fierce battles in a row! Shohoku vs. Takeri & Shohoku vs. Hainan!
New Hanamichi, fierce training of fire!
-May 4
62Special training 3DAYSTetsuji NakamuraKen UenoMasami Hagiwara
63Top battle! Hainan VS RyonanHiromichi MatanoMasahiro Naoi
Kazufumi Takano
Misa Kitahara
64Demonstrate the real power!Akemi MasayukiKazuya MiuraKyoko NakayamaMay 4
65The strongest confrontation! Sendo vs MakiTakao YoshizawaToshimitsu KobayashiMasami HagiwaraMay 4
66Sendo, a momentary bet!(Toshihiko Arisako)
Hiromichi Matano
Masami SudaMisa KitaharaMay 5
67Final battle! Shohoku VS RyonanYoshiyuki SugaAtsushi ShimizuShigetaka KiyoyamaKyoko NakayamaMay 5
68Savior !? Sakuragi HanamichiTetsuji NakamuraKenji YokoyamaMasami HagiwaraMay 5
69Gori incident!Hiromichi MatanoYuji KondoMisa KitaharaMay 6
70Gorilla Dunk IIAkemi MasayukiAkemi HayashiKyoko NakayamaMay 6
71Gori / resurrection scream!Nobuaki KishiTakao YoshizawaMasahiro Naoi
Kazufumi Takano
Masami HagiwaraMay 6
72The greatest humiliation of my lifeHiroyuki KadoKen UenoMisa KitaharaMay 7
73Betting on the second half of RyukawaYoshiyuki SugaAtsushi ShimizuKazuya MiuraKyoko NakayamaMay 7
74The most dangerous challengerTetsuji NakamuraMasami SudaMasami HagiwaraMay 7
75Fine playHiromichi MatanoToshimitsu KobayashiMisa KitaharaMay 7
76Premonition of victoryNobuaki KishiHiroyuki KadoYuji KondoKyoko NakayamaMay 8
77You guys are strongAtsushi ShimizuKenji YokoyamaKoichi TanakaMay 8[Note 5]
78Resurrection! Fighter Jun UozumiTakao YoshizawaKazufumi TakanoMasami HagiwaraMay 8
79BW! Ryonan's counterattackYoshiyuki SugaTetsuji NakamuraKen UenoMika HaradaMay 8
80Shohoku's anxiety factorHiromichi MatanoKazuya MiuraMisa KitaharaMay 9
81Sendo Fire! Shohoku Collapse !!Hiroyuki KadoYuji KondoTakahiro MutoMay 9
82Demonstrate amateur and HanamichiNobuaki KishiAtsushi ShimizuYouichi OnishiKyoko NakayamaMay 10
83Deputy Captain Glasses's obsession(Masayuki Akemi)
Hiromichi Matano
Masami SudaMitsuo YoshinoMay 10
84VictoryTakao YoshizawaKenji YokoyamaKoichi TanakaMay 11
85A new challenge! National dominationYoshiyuki SugaTetsuji NakamuraKazufumi TakanoMasami HagiwaraMay 11
86Rukawa's AmbitionHiroyuki KadoToshimitsu KobayashiMisa KitaharaMay 11
87The best high school student in JapanHiromichi MatanoKazuya MiuraKyoko NakayamaMay 11
88Basket country usaNobuaki KishiAkemi MasayukiYuji KondoMika HaradaMay 12
89Devilish! RyukawaAtsushi ShimizuKen UenoMasami HagiwaraMay 12
90Shohoku True Ace!Takao YoshizawaMasami SudaMisa KitaharaMay 12
91The whole country is dangerous!Yoshiyuki SugaTetsuji NakamuraKenji YokoyamaKyoko NakayamaMay 12
92Friendship of men !? Sakuragi CorpsNobuaki KishiHiroyuki KadoYouichi OnishiTakahiro Muto1996
May 1
93Challenge to 2Yoshiyuki SugaAkemi MasayukiKazuya MiuraMasami HagiwaraMay 1
94Fierce battle in Shizuoka! Shohoku VS TsuneseiAtsushi Shimizu
Tetsuji Nakamura
Masahiro NaoiMisa KitaharaMay 1
95The hottest day of flower arrangementYoshiyuki SugaAkemi MasayukiKen UenoKunihiro ShinodaMay 2
96Basketball shoes IINobuaki KishiTetsuji NakamuraKenji YokoyamaKyoko NakayamaMay 2
97Enthusiasm, Uozumi again!Yoshiyuki SugaAkemi MasayukiMasami SudaKoichi TanakaMay 2
98Fierce fight begins! Shohoku VS Shoyo / RyonanHiroyuki KadoYuji KondoMisa KitaharaMay 2
99Shohoku is in danger! The strongest army of threatsTakao YoshizawaYouichi OnishiKunihiro ShinodaMay 3
100A miracle man, Sakuragi Hanamichi!Tetsuji NakamuraKen UenoKyoko NakayamaMay 3
101Glory slam dunkNobuaki KishiHiroyuki KadoKenji YokoyamaMay 3


Sources are as of September 1995, except for Shikoku Broadcasting, TV Ehime, Ryukyu Asahi Broadcasting, and Kids Station.[12].

Broadcast target areaBroadcasterseriesNet form / broadcast timeRemarks
Kanto wide areaTV AsahiTV Asahi seriesProduction Bureau
HokkaidoHokkaido TVSimultaneous net
AomoriAomori Asahi Broadcasting
IwateTV IwateNTV seriesWednesday 16:00-Delayed at 16:30 Net
MiyagiEast Japan BroadcastingTV Asahi seriesSimultaneous net
AkitaAkita Asahi Broadcasting
YamagataYamagata TV
FukushimaFukushima Broadcasting
YamanashiTV YamanashiTBS seriesWednesday 16:25-Delayed at 16:55 Net
NiigataNiigata TV 21TV Asahi seriesSimultaneous net
NaganoNagano Asahi Broadcasting
ToyamaNorthern Japan BroadcastingNTV seriesFriday 17:30 --17:56 late net[13]
IshikawaHokuriku Asahi BroadcastingTV Asahi seriesSimultaneous net
FukuiFukui BroadcastingNTV series
TV Asahi series
Monday 17:00-Delayed at 17:30 Net
ShizuokaShizuoka Asahi TVTV Asahi seriesSimultaneous net
Chukyo wide areaNagoya TV
Kinki wide areaAsahi BroadcastingAdvance broadcast[Note 6]
Sanin BroadcastingTBS seriesSaturday 17:15-late net at 17:45
HiroshimaHiroshima Home TVTV Asahi seriesSimultaneous net[Note 7]
Yamaguchi Yamaguchi Asahi Broadcasting
TokushimaShikoku BroadcastingNTV seriesDelay net
Seto Inland Sea BroadcastingTV Asahi seriesSimultaneous net
EhimeTV EhimeFuji TV seriesDelay netUntil March 1995
Ehime Asahi TVTV Asahi seriesSimultaneous netSince opening in April 1995
KochiTV KochiTBS seriesFriday 16:00 --16:30 late net
FukuokaKyushu Asahi BroadcastingTV Asahi seriesSimultaneous net
NagasakiNagasaki Cultural Broadcasting
KumamotoKumamoto Asahi Broadcasting
OitaOita Asahi Broadcasting
MiyazakiMiyazakihosoTBS seriesFriday 17:25 --17:55 late net[Note 8]
KagoshimaKagoshima BroadcastingTV Asahi seriesSimultaneous net
OkinawaRyukyu BroadcastingTBS seriesThursday 16:00-Delayed at 16:30 NetUntil March 1995
Ryukyu Asahi BroadcastingTV Asahi seriesSimultaneous netSince opening in April 1995
All over JapanKids stationCS broadcastingHD remastered version
Subtitled broadcasting[Note 9]
TV Asahisystem Saturday late 19:1993 (October 10-March 1996)
Previous programProgram nameNext show
TV Asahi Saturday 19:58 --20:00 (October 1993-September 10)
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Theater animation

全国ToeiScreened in the system.

Slam dunk
Published July 1994
Draw a practice game of Shohoku vs. Busen just after the practice game of Shohoku vs. Ryonan. In the first episode of the original story, the girl who is the 1th confession of Hanamichi, Oda, who is her opponent, and Oda, who is thinking of her, also proceeded to set up.
Slam Dunk National victory! Sakuragi Hanamichi
Published July 1994
An arrangement of the 79th round of the IH qualifying round Shohoku vs. Tsukutake, whose digest was drawn in the 4th episode of the original story.
Slam Dunk Shohoku's biggest crisis!
Published July 1995
The practice game of Shohoku vs. Midori just after the IH qualifying for Shohoku vs. Hainan is set.
Slam dunk barking basketman soul !! hot summer of Hanamichi and Nagarekawa
Published July 1995
This work is based on Nagarekawa and his junior high school junior, Ichiro Mizusawa. Whereas the previous three films portrayed a fierce battle with the prefecture's powerful schools, this film focuses on human drama.
SLAM DUNK (tentative name)
On January 2021, 1, the production of a new animated movie was announced by the original author Takehiko Inoue's Twitter and Toei Animation.[14][15][16].

From August 2006st to August 8th, 1,NHK BS-2The first to fourth works were broadcast within the "BS Summer Holiday Anime Special" frame.Also,TV OsakaAlso, 2007. and 1. were broadcast on January 3, 2, and 3. was broadcast on January 1 (8 is not aired).


Of the games in this work, the software of the 1990sBandaiOrBanprestoAlthough it is on sale, the title is "From TV animation slam dunk" or "TV animation slam dunk". this isKonamiMore titled "Slam Dunk" (unrelated to this work)arcade gameCame out in 1993, first商標This is because it was registered.

The apps distributed by Toei Animation in the 2010s are also based on anime, but the terms "From TV animation" and "TV animation" have disappeared.

In addition, the following is the notation on the official website of NAMCO BANDAI Entertainment, but the product itself has "Starting to victory 5" (Game gearEdition), "IH Qualifying Complete Edition!!" (Super NintendoThe subtitle is "Slam Dunk 2".

  • Bandai "From TV animation Slam Dunk Four Strong Crash !!" (Super Nintendo Entertainment System): March 1994, 3
  • BANDAI "From TV animation Slam Dunk Gakkupuchi no Final League" (Game boy): August 1994, 8
  • Bandai "TV Anime Slam Dunk" (Game Gear): December 1994, 12
  • Bandai "From TV animation TV Animation Slam Dunk 2(Super Nintendo Entertainment System): February 1995, 2
  • Bandai "From TV animation Slam Dunk 2 TIP OFF to the whole country" (Game Boy): March 1995, 3
  • BANDAI "TV anime slam dunk powerhouse head-on confrontation!"Mega drive): August 1995, 4[Note 10]
    • A story that conforms to TV anime, and is suitable for anime fans. The game content is an orthodox basket game, so even beginners of basket games can easily attach it.[17].. The feature is that if you select a character you use, you can move the character and proceed with the game even if you do not have the ball, "Selfish mode" is installed.
  • BANDAI "From TV animation Slam Dunk I Love Basketball" (Sega Saturn): August 1995, 8[Note 11]
  • Bandai "From TV animation Slam Dunk ~ SD Heat Up !! ~" (Super Nintendo Entertainment System): October 1995, 10
  • Banpresto "Super Slams -FROM TV ANIMATION SLAM DUNK-" (arcade): 1995 (Developer:Video system)
  • Toei animation"Slam Dunk for Mobage" (Mobage): March 2011 (Model:FP) ・August 2011 (Model:SP)
  • Toei Animation "SLAM DUNK ~Aim! Strongest Team!!~" (Mobage): February 2013, 2 (Model: FP/SP)

Deployment outside Japan

  • TaiwanThen, as a sequel, "Slam Dunk 2" was made without permission from the author[18]..This work is by Kaede Rukawa, who became a high school teacher.heroIt has become.
  • South KoreaThe story settings have been changed to Korean. The place names and proper nouns of the characters are also in Korean style, and the Japanese characters (such as shop signs) have been rewritten as Hangul. However, in the full version, the place names and store signs are in Japanese.
  • The United States of AmericaThen, in 2002, it was launched as the first weekly manga magazine in America.Raijin ComicsWas first published in the book, and the book was released in 2003.However, the company withdrew from the manga publishing business in the United States.This work also ended with only a few volumes published. In 2008Biz mediaHas acquired the license, and has newly published on the label "SHONEN JUMP".

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Full version

Newly reorganized version

Related books

  • Complete 1 volume of the novel "SLAM DUNK"
  • "SLAM DUNK 1 Million Thank You Blackboard Card" ~SLAM DUNK 10 DAYS AFTER~ (Postcards that can be purchased only on the official website)
  • SLAM DUNK 1 DAYS AFTER “Slam Dunk 10 million thanksgiving final event DVD”ISBN 978-4-87118-935-4
  • Large-sized book "Slam Dunk 10 days after that full version"

Olive Related Products

CD related

  • CD "TV Animation SLAM DUNK Original Soundtrack ~ Special TV Version ~" (ZAIN RECORDS1995 Product No. ZACL-1023)
  • CD "SLAM DUNK Original Soundtrack 3" (ZAIN RECORDS 1995 part number ZACL-1025)

Software related

Both are released from Toei Video.

  • VHS (video tape)
    • SLAM DUNK (movie)
    • SLAM DUNK National Conquest! Hanamichi Sakuragi
    • SLAM DUNK Shohoku's biggest crisis!
    • SLAM DUNK howling basketman soul !! hot summer of Hanamichi and Nagarekawa
  • DVD
    • SLAM DUNK VOL1-17


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