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🏃 | Prefectural High School Championships Soccer Boys Go to IH for the first time in 3 years

Photo [Mie FW Kira = Sports Forest Suzuka, who is blessed by his teammates by scoring the first goal in the first half of the men's soccer final 30 minutes]

Prefectural high school overall soccer boys, Mie to IH for the first time in 3 years Basketball is Tsuko, Yokkaichi Marykno V

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In athletics, there are 15 finals for men and women, and Kaede Yamakawa (Matsusaka Sho) won the women's javelin throw with a new record of 50 meters 78.

The full-time 71st Mie Prefectural High School Comprehensive Athletic Meet (sponsored by the Prefectural Board of Education, Prefectural High School Championships, etc.) will be held on the 30th of the last day, athletics, soccer ... → Continue reading

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15 events for men and women


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