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🏊 | Shino Matsuda passed the top of the first round of dignity "I was in good shape" Surfing Olympics final qualifying

Photo Shino Matsuda

Shino Matsuda passed the top of the dignified first round "I was in good shape" Surfing Olympics final qualifying

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For girls, Shino Matsuda (18), who has the right to represent the Tokyo Olympics, passed the top of 24 groups with 14.40 points.

"Surfing World Games" (30th, El Salvador) The first round of men and women will be held as the final qualifying for the Tokyo Olympics ... → Continue reading

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24 pairs

Shino Matsuda

Shino Matsuda(Shino Matsuda2002May 8 -) isJapan Ofprofessional-surfer.. Blood type A[1].


KanagawaChigasakiI'm from.It is said that Shino naturally started surfing because his parents' house was near the coast and his parents were doing longboard and bodyboarding.[2].. At the age of 6, he entered the local Chigasaki surfing school, and on the first day he immediately mastered surfing and had an anecdote that surprised the surroundings.[3].

In 2014, when I was in the sixth grade of elementary schoolJapan Surfing FederationObtained shortboard 1st and 2nd grade in the official test[4].

In 2015Chigasaki Municipal Daiichi Junior High SchoolGo on to[3].. Yumeya Surfing Games Tahara Open Tournament in July 2016 (Aichi-TaharaAcquired a professional qualification certified by the Japan Professional Surfing Federation (JPSA) at Akabane Beach)[5]..Won 3rd place in the tournament[6]..In the same 2016, he won the girls category of the 51st All Japan Surfing Championships (Akabane Beach, Tahara City).[7][3]..After this,World Professional Surfing FederationStarted participating in the official tour of the World Surf League (WSL) Japan Tour, and started the WSL JAPAN Round 7 TRUMP Hyuga Pro (MiyazakiHyuga CityWon the first professional championship in the senior women's category at Okuragahama Beach)[8].

2016 World Junior Surfing Championships (Wave Riding Japan)Portugal-AzoresIt was the first time that he was convened as a member of the U-18 Girls representative.[9]..Lost in the third round of this 2016 World Junior[10].

In 2017, he won the WSL JAPAN Women's Junior Annual Champion. In both 2017 and 2018, it ranked first in the World Surfing Ranking Asian Women's category for the second consecutive year.[11][12].

Thinking about fighting the world as a professional surfer in 2018, go on to correspondence high school[13]..WSL Q1000 Ichinomiya Chiba Open immediately after entering high school (ChibaIchinomiya・ Tsurigasaki Beach) Winner of female senior[14].. 2018 World Junior Surfing Championships (The United States of America-CaliforniaHuntington beach) Won a silver medal in the women's U-16 and won a group gold medal[15].

In 2019, he will participate in the 5st Japan Open of Surfing held on the Tsurigasaki coast in May.In this tournament with 1 top Japanese surfers, he defeated in the final and became the first Japan Open Queen.[16].. In September2020 Tokyo Olympics`` 2019 ISA World Surfing Games'' (XNUMX ISA World Surfing Games)MiyazakiMiyazaki City・ Kisakihama Beach), ranked 15th, the highest among Asian athletes, and almost got the right to participate in the Tokyo Olympics.[3].

In June 2020,Barbie dollWas chosen as the model for.Tetsuko Kuroyanagi,大 坂 な お みNext to the third Japanese[17].

August 2021, 3,Asuka Future High Schoolgraduated from[18].


  • Singer'sNishino KanaAnnounced in 2017GirlsShino appears in the music video of "Expected Female Athletes"[19].
  • My father and sister love manga, and because of that, Shino often reads manga.What is your favorite work"I』(Production:KERAEIKO)[20]


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