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🚴 | Ginwa, running through the fresh green with a mallet Niiyama Kogen Hill Climb

Participants aiming for the goal by cutting the wind

Ginwa, running through the fresh green with a mallet Niiyama Kogen Hill Climb

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In the first half of the pass through the residential area, we enjoyed cycling as a parade section, and a hill climb section (about 11 km, altitude difference 13 m) was developed from the 864 km point where the slope increases.

The bicycle road race "Otsuchi Shinyama Kogen Hill Climb 2021" (sponsored by the executive committee) will be held on the 30th in Otsuchi Town ... → Continue reading

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Hill climb

Hill climb(Hill climb) means uphillCompetitionThat.(I.e.,hillsUphillSlopeSet toOur CoursesRunTime race.


Bicycle road raceThere are many one-day races in which all courses are mountain stages. AlsoGrand TourMountain stages have been set in such stage races as well as one-day racesGiro di LombardiaThere is a race where a long distance like a slope continues.

Bicycle competitionSince it goes up against gravity, it means that it is lighter than muscle strength,climberA small player called is active. In addition, it is important to reduce the weight of equipment, including the bicycle itself.

In flatland races, it is common to run as a group, but on the uphill there is a large time difference depending on your ability. Therefore, there is little risk of contact with other cars, and it is popular as a competition that runs at your own pace.

Main race

Motor sports

Car hill climbHill climb (car)See.


marathon,EkidenThere are similar races.

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