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🚴 | Life is dangerous ... Men's cramps, bicycle underlays, rescue of junior high school girls, tea praise for trembling men "wonderful"

Photo: Female students who are pleased to receive a letter of appreciation from Chief Makoto Fujinuma (left)

命が危ない…男性けいれん、自転車の下敷き 女子中学生ら救助、震える男性にお茶 称賛「素晴らしい」

If you write the contents roughly
Mr. Makoto Fujinuma said, "If left as it is, the life of a man would be dangerous.

The Yoshikawa station in Saitama Prefecture said that he helped an elderly man who had fallen on the street and was stuck, a woman in the first grade of Yoshikawa City Central Junior High School ... → Continue reading

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