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⚾ | "Artificial intelligence in such a place" Guidance on soccer and baseball, bring out the ability of players to revive lost voices ...

写真  駆けだす大分・田中達也 2020年9月20日、サッカーJ1大分-横浜FCの前半、先制ゴールを決め駆けだす大分・田中達也(左)。AIは三つのパスコースがあると分析し、その内の一つがこのゴールにつながった=昭和電ドーム

「こんなところに人工知能」サッカー・野球を指南、失った声もよみがえらせる 選手の能力を引き出し…

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He will teach you a pass course with a high success rate in soccer, and will suggest a ball distribution with a high probability of not losing points in baseball ... → Continue reading


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high techIs high technology (High-Technology) Stands for advanced fieldTechnologysystem(Advanced technology), mainlyElectronic circuit,Information processingRefers to a system related to.


High-tech cannot be developed mainly by applied technology without a relatively high-level foundation, but its operation is also a field often treated as an independent technical system.

JapanThen.1980 eraIt has been used since the first half and was initially a major industry in modern Japan.electronicsIt was pointing to the field.1990When you enter your generation,ComputerWith the spread of, the concept related to information processing has been added to these. For this reason, high-tech in the 1980s was referring to the general electronics field, but today, in addition to electronics,Information processingIncluding technology, we call this.

In addition, these high technologies support electronics and information processing technology.Material engineering(Material) AndMechanical engineeringEtc.Basic researchIt does not include many technical fields. They areAntonym OfLow techare categorized. However, low-tech steadyResearchIt is not uncommon for existing high-tech products to become obsolete overnight, and to release products with capabilities that are several times the capacity of existing products, incorporating the results.


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