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🏉 | [Kanto High School Rugby Tournament A Block 3rd Place Playoff] Toin Gakuen defeats Meikei Gakuen

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[Kanto High School Rugby Tournament A Block 3rd Place Playoff] Toin Gakuen defeats Meikei Gakuen

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The first half was turned back at Toin Gakuen-Meikei Gakuen, and the final score was 27-7, when Toin Gakuen defeated Meikei Gakuen, resulting in a splendid victory by 20 points.

Kanto High School Rugby Tournament A Block 3rd Place Finals will be held on June 6th (Sun) at Narita Nakadai Sports Park Athletic Stadium Toin Gakuen ... → Continue reading


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20 point difference

Makai Gakuen Junior and Senior High School

Makai Gakuen Junior and Senior High School(Meikeigaku Enchu Gakko / Koto Gakko)IbarakiTsukuba CityBefore InariIt is inHigh school consistent school.International BaccalaureateAccredited school.The abbreviation of the school is Meikei, MG.


Practical education is provided under the slogan "Study-Skills".rugbyPowerhouse school.The management body isUniversity of Tsukuba,Tokyo University of Education,University of Library and Information ScienceAlumni association such asMaikei society(School corporation Meikei Gakuen).The current president2007May 11Was appointed to.


  • 1977(Showa52) --Decision to establish Meikei Gakuen as a project to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Meikei Gakuen
  • 1979(54)
    • January-Approval for establishment of school corporation Meikei Gakuen (initially dormitory system)
    • April-Established Meikei Gakuen School, opened junior high school and high school (initially dormitory system)
At that time, Tokyo University of Education was moving to Tsukuba University, and it was an affiliated school.Komaba schoolThere was a relocation problem such as.[Source required]However, most of the students were residents of the 23 wards, so the affiliated school could not be relocated.[Source required]The policy was taken that the Makikeikai, which was celebrating its 100th anniversary at that time, would establish a new school corporation as a commemorative project and operate it.[Source required]
  • 1988(63)-National High School Rugby Football TournamentEven though it goes to the finalEmperor ShowademiseBecause of the final match (1989<Showa 64>May 1) Was canceled.for that reason,Osaka Institute of Technology High SchoolWon both schools with[2]. afterwards,2015(27) A friendly match was held by the members at that time in April, but it was defeated 4-19.
  • 2005(Heisei17) -ranked first in the nation in the overall results of the junior high school sports club.[Source required]
  • 2017(29) -International Baccalaureate (IB) certification.Along with that, the "Agora hall" was completed on the site of the former tennis court.
  • In the same year, the soft-baseball club advanced to the finals of the National High School Soft-baseball Championship for the first time.In the final, he lost 1-0 with Chukyo Gakuin University Chukyo.
  • 2020(Reiwa2 years) -"Scholar Building" is completed
  • 2021(Reiwa3 years) -Saturday classes will end from this year.It will be 3 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the afternoon.

Annual events

An accommodation event that began in the 37th year because the seaside training that had been held up to the 39th year was abolished due to safety concerns. After a 20km walk, canned food at the hotel for more than 1 hours a day for self-study and learning.On the final day, the past questions of the Shinken Simulated Exam were solved and the ability was checked, but it has not been done since the 10st year. The 41th year students went to Lake Inawashiro, and the 39th and 40st years students went to Itako, but there are pros and cons from parents.
  • Overseas training(Australia) (2nd year high school)
    Until 18The United KingdomI went to, but nowadaysUKIn the cityterrorism,lbDue to the high impact, after 19AustraliaWas changed to.
    Homestay was held in 16, but this program was canceled in 17 and 18 due to the effects of terrorism, etc., and instead,Oxford,Cambridge,Canterbury,Stratford Upon AvonSuburban training was held.The program has also been revived as the destination has changed to Australia.
    (Before EnglandTaiwanWas going to)
  • Short-term dormitory (junior high school 1,3, 2, high school XNUMXnd year)
    An event unique to Meikei Gakuen.In the third year of junior high school, both commuting students and dormitory students experience communal living in the same room during this period.[Source required]
  • Rugby / Cold training (2nd year of high school)
    It is held every year in early February in conjunction with the short-term dormitory in the second year of high school, and short-term dormitory students, dormitory students, rugby members, and kendo members participate.The dormitory students wake up at 2 am, and from 2:5 am for about an hour, boys play rugby on the ground, and girls and kendo members practice kendo at the gymnasium.In Kendo, a very high level of practice is carried out with the cooperation of the University of Tsukuba Kendo Club.The girls in the second year of high school who have experienced this practice will demonstrate their abilities that set them apart from other grades at the school competition in March.In addition, daytime classes are held as usual even during cold training, and many club activities practice after school.Even in such a situation, the purpose of this event is to cultivate a strong mental power by doing everything with all one's might.[Source required]


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  2. ^ After that, both schools will be four years later1992Degree (FY4)72th competitionWe are competing in the third round and our school has won 3-36.

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