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⚽ | Brazil National Team announces 24 convened members of Copa America


Brazil national team announces 24 convened members of Copa America

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Several people have changed from the two World Cup qualifying matches the other day, leaving Dani Alves and Lucas Veríssimo, who had been injured, and Rodrigo Caio, who was called in their place.

The venue will be changed from Argentina to Brazil just before the event, Copa America 2021.Towards that ... → Continue reading


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FIFA World Cup/Qualifying

FIFA World Cup/QualifyingIt is,FIFA World CupEntry inNational teamIt is a tournament to decide the team that can participate in this tournament.


There are 6 qualifying roundsRegional Federation under FIFAHeld every time.The method of deciding the participating nations is left to each federation, but it is generally decided by the result of the league match or the playoffs in which the participating nations compete against each other at home and away to compete for points.The quota will be allocated to each tournament for each regional federation.Since the number of participating countries and the number of participating countries are different for each region, the management method of the qualifying is also different. In Europe (10 and 54 respectively), all participating countries are distributed to several leagues, and the top teams participate in this tournament. Asia (13 for 47 member countries), which has few quotas for this tournament due to the large number of member countries. ) Adopts a step-by-step system in which the participating countries are divided into leagues and then the top teams play the league match again.The allocation of participation slots is determined by the level of the federation and the results of the previous tournament, with little consideration given to regional characteristics.2018 Russia Tournamentabout,2015May 5The participation frame was decided as follows[1].

2018 FIFA World CupParticipation quota by regional federation[2]
South America(CONMEBOLEurope(UEFAAfrica(CAFAsia(ANorth and Central America Caribbean (CONCACAFOceania(OFC
4.513 + Host country54.53.50.5

The quotas to be allocatedIntegerNot always, it may be "integer +0.5".is thisIntercontinental playoffs(English: intercontinental play-off[3])の出場枠であり、異なる地域連盟に所属する2カ国により、1枠をかけて対戦するものである。例えばある地区の出場枠が4.5であれば、その地区から4チームは自動的に本大会出場権を獲得し、1チームが他の地域連盟のチームと本大会出場権を賭けて対戦を行う。例えば上記の2018年ロシア大会予選については、南米第5代表・アジア第5代表・北中米カリブ海第4代表・オセアニア代表の4チームが2チームずつの組になって対戦し、それぞれの勝者が本大会出場権を得る[1].

Until the 2002 tournament, the previous winning country was exempt from qualifying,There were concerns about insufficient strengthening and income reduction due to the exemption, and there was a request to expand the qualifying frame.[Source required], Abolished after the 2006 tournament[4].

Depending on the federation or tournament, the qualifying for the Continental Championships or part or all of the main tournament may also be held as the World Cup qualifying.For this reason, there are cases where the World Cup host countries (including the previous winners until the 2002 tournament qualifying), which are originally exempt from qualifying, are participating.

If there is any problem with the participating countries, they will be deprived of their right to participate in the qualifying, excluded in the middle of the qualifying, or treated as a 0-3 defeat.Confiscation gameMay be

Changes in participation slots

For details on the qualifying method, refer to each qualifying article.

North and Central America Caribbean
South America
2Italian flag1934121-1216
3French flag193811 + H + C1-1116
4Brazilian flag19507 + H-1-24 + C16
5Swiss flag195411 + H1-11 + C16
6Swedish flag195810 + H + C-1316
7Chilean flag19628 + P + P *PP-P3 + P + H + C16
8England flag19669 + H113 + C16
9Mexican flag19708 + C111 + H316
10West Germany flag19748 + P + H1112 + P + C16
11Argentina flag19788 + P + C1112 + P + H16
12Spanish flag198213 + H2223 + C24
13Mexican flag198612 + P + C22P1 + H424
14Italian flag199013 + H22P22 + P + C24
15United States flag199412 + C32P *1 + P + H *3 + P *24
16French flag199814 + H53 + PP34 + C32
17Japanese flagRepublic of Korea flag200213 + P + C52 + P + H + H *P34 + P32
18German flag200613 + H54 + PP3 + P4 + P32
19South African flag2010135 + H4 + PP3 + P4 + P32
20Brazilian flag20141354 + PP3 + P4 + P + H32
21Russian flag201813 + H54 + PP3 + P4 + P32
22Qatar flag20221354 + P + HP3 + P4 + P32
  • "H": Host country, "C": Last victory country (until 2002 tournament), "P": Intercontinental playoffs
  • Uruguay flag1st (1930) TournamentNo qualifying
  • * For the 1962 tournament in Europe, "automatic participation slot 8 + intercontinental playoff slot 2" was given.
  • * For the 1994 tournament, there were three intercontinental playoffs, with the first round being the winner of the OFC-CONCACAF and the second round being the winner of the CONMEBOL-3 round.
  • * Since the 2002 tournament was co-sponsored by two countries, there were two host country slots.


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