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⚽ | Survive to the Tokyo Olympics!Nadeshiko Japan, 23 convened members for Ukraine & Mexico match


Survive to the Tokyo Olympics!Nadeshiko Japan, 23 convened members for Ukraine & Mexico match

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First of all, pay attention to the match against Ukraine at Edion Stadium Hiroshima from 15:15.

Nadeshiko Japan, led by Asako Takakura, will face Ukraine on the 10th and Mexico on the 13th.Convocation ... → Continue reading


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Hiroshima Wide Area Athletics Stadium

Hiroshima Wide Area Park > Hiroshima Wide Area Athletics Stadium
Camera-photo Upload.svgImage request: A versatile image that is not being held at an athletics competition or a specific sports competitionImage providedplease.(August, 2013

Hiroshima Wide Area Athletics Stadium(Hiroshima stadium)HiroshimaHiroshima cityAsanami Ward OfHiroshima Wide Area ParkA multi-purpose stadium inside.Nickname isHiroshima Big Arch(Hiroshima Big Arch).Abbreviation is "Hiroshima Hiro" or "Hiroshima Bi"[Note 1]..The facility is owned by Hiroshima CityPublic interest incorporated foundationHiroshima City Sports AssociationDesignated administratorThe operation is managed as.

In addition, it should be noted thatEdion Naming rightsHas obtained2013From AugustEdion Stadium Hiroshima"(Edion Stadium Hiroshima) is used (Later).

The abbreviation in the newspaper isHiroshima BiE studio(Official abbreviation by J League) orHiroshima wide area.

Equipment outline


In the northwestern part of Hiroshima CityNew townWas maintained asWesterly new cityIt was supposed to be held in Hiroshima City in the area (formerly the western hill city of Hiroshima)1994 Asian Gamesand1996(Heisei8 years)51th National Sports FestivalDeveloped as the main venue area of ​​(Hiroshima National Athletic Meet)Hiroshima Wide Area ParkTo1992Built in September (4) (As a rehearsal tournament for the Asian Games, this was the main venue in the same yearAFC Asian Cup 1992Is done and this isFlutterIt has become).The order for the stadium construction work was not for Hiroshima City, but for the entire Seifu Shinto area.Housing/Urban Development Corporation(CurrentUrban regeneration mechanism) Is going[1].

It is also a stadium built in New Town, one mountain away from the city center, and is located a little less than 8km away from the center of Hiroshima City in a straight line.The stadium is surrounded by mountains and has a unique atmosphere for a large-scale stadium in Japan.Hiroshima citySeto Inland Sea climateAlthough it is warm and has a light rain throughout the year, the weather is liable to change because the area is located beyond the mountains from the city.Even if it is raining on the big arch, it is often not raining in the city.Occasionally, the park will be closed due to snowfall from December to March.


Japan Athletics FederationClass 1 official (old standard), 8-lane all-weather truck.The auxiliary stadium has 6 lanes. (8 lanes for home straight) 1m per lap.


The infield has a 107m x 73.3m natural grass field for soccer and rugby.

Sanfrecce Hiroshima The1992-1993 TheAsian Games Hiroshima 1994The number of games was severely limited to protect the lawn in preparation for the event[Note 2] But,1994(Submission of official transfer notification to J League1996After that, it was promoted to the base where the majority of the games hosted by the year are held.


A single-layer stand is provided so as to surround the field in a mortar shape.The stand has a continuous structure around the entire circumference, and the height of the stand is extended on the main stand side and the back stand side.All seats are chair seats, and at the time of completion, all seats were bench seats except for a part of the main stand.Asian Football Federation AFC Champions LeagueIn 5000, the lower center of the back stand was renovated to individual seats with backrests, as the stadium standard required "installation of individual seats with backrests of 2019 or more."In the Sanfrecce match (league match), this was initially treated as a reserved seat (before the renovation, it was treated as a non-reserved seat), but since the number of customers did not increase, this handling was canceled in the match after June and it was treated as a non-reserved seat in principle. Returning[2].

The official capacity of the stadium is said to be 5, and it was held on September 1994, 9.V KawasakiRecorded a mobilization of 4 people in the war[3]However, as a result of notifying the environment where the J-League can comfortably watch the game, prohibiting watching the game in the aisle, changing the number of settee seats to a sufficient number of seats, and establishing a buffer zone to partition the supporters, in the official J-League game The maximum number of seats was 3.Sanfrecce won the J4450 Round 2012 on November 11, 24C OsakaIn the war, tickets sold out and recorded a mobilization of 32,724 people.

Initially, the entire stand was open, but due to sluggish spectator mobilization and the distance from the pitch, the upper part of the back stand is now off limits and the Sanfrecce mascot "Sanche" and the team logo are used. A large banner has been set up (open in games where mobilization is expected).2015 J1 LeagueDecided to win the second stageShonan BellmareWar (August 11th)[4] Then, the back stand was opened almost completely and a large crowd of 33,210 people was gathered.Following that, the Meiji Yasuda Life Championship Final, which decided to advance to the 1st place of the yearGamba OsakaSecond leg of the war (December 12th)[5] With 3000 people, which is about 36,609 more than this, the club recorded the third mobilization since the establishment of the J League, exceeding the above-mentioned maximum number of seats.[6]

The main stand has a large arched roof, which is the origin of the nickname "Big Arch".This big roofHiroshima Peace Memorial Park OfAtomic bomb domeIt is also said that the image was[7]..Seats other than the main stand have no roof, so despite the large stadiumFIFA World CupDoes not meet the stadium standards of.

In the J-League official game, a temporary track was placed behind the corner flag on the home side of the main stand.Field sheet(Pitch side turf cover sheet) is provided[8].. Similar temporary seats, which were introduced on a trial basis in October 2008 and started full-scale operation in 10, have also been adopted by other J-League clubs whose home stadium is an athletics stadium.Pre-registration is required for field seeds, and there are disadvantages such as photography, eating and drinking are prohibited due to the J League unified regulations, and there is no toilet.

The lighting equipment is integrated into the arched roof on the main stand side, and two tower-type lighting fixtures are installed on the back stand side.

Large image device

Large size above the back stand on the home sideElectronic bulletin board(Bulb type, single color), large full-color video device above the back stand on the away side (width 9,600 mm x height 7,200 mm, equivalent to 475 inches)[9][10]) Is provided.

Of these, the full-color large-scale vision was installed by Hiroshima City in 1994 with an investment of 9 million yen.[9]However, it was held on February 2013, 2.AFC Champions League 2013Round 1 Hiroshima vs.FC BunyodkorA defect was found in the battle[11] However, it can no longer be used.Sanfrecce was able to tentatively procure a large in-vehicle video device because it took time to recover, but after receiving an improvement recommendation from the J League, it requested Hiroshima City to take full-scale measures.[12]..A considerable period of time has passed since the end of production of this large-scale vision, and it has become difficult to procure parts, so Hiroshima City has virtually abandoned the restoration of existing video equipment.[13]For the time being, we will continue to use large in-vehicle video equipment (however, tournaments that have a track record of using video equipment so far)In July, we decided to procure a temporary large-scale video device by leasing and install it in front of the failed video device.

This temporary large-scale video device has a width of 7,680 mm and a height of 5,760 mm (equivalent to 380 inches).PanasonicAstro VisionInstallation cost is 1,417 yen (including leasing fee until the end of March 5,000)[10], It is a combination of 25 monitors[14].. Held on July 2013, 7J1Section 15-Hiroshima vs.(I.e.It will be used from the game of, and it has been decided to take measures to prohibit entry (installation of banners is also prohibited) at the top of the vicinity where the video equipment is installed.[15].

It was said that the measures to be taken after FY2014 would be reconsidered by the time the budget was prepared, but from June to July of the same year, the renovation was carried out by the city of Hiroshima.The display panel of the temporary large-scale video equipment that had been installed so far and the existing large-scale video equipment that had been left unattended after the failure was removed, and the display of the existing equipment after the removal was 6 mm wide x 7 mm high (equivalent to 9,600 inches). ) Panasonic Astrovision will be installed.Installation cost is 6,912 million yen (removal / disposal cost, installation cost and leasing fee until the end of March 465.7)[16][17].. Held on July 2014, 7J1Section 12-Hiroshima vs.Yokohama FMIt has been used since the war.Continuing from the previous year, the response was nominally in the form of temporary equipment, but the city said, "For a complete renovation that costs a lot of money.Soccer stadium discussionNeed to be cautious as it progresses. "[9][13].

Facility renovation plan

1993In January, Hiroshima City assumed this stadium as the match venue2002 FIFA World CupCandidate as a candidate site for the event.At that time, there were few stadiums in Japan that could accommodate 5 people, and at that timeInternational Football Federation (FIFA) was chairmanJoan AverangerThere is also a recommendation from[7], It was definitely seen that the event would be held here.However, at the time of the event, it was necessary to erection the roof on the back stand and repair the seats.[Note 3] However, he was the mayor of Hiroshima at that time.Hiraoka KeiAnnounced not to do this and was removed from the venue as a result[7]..Regarding the reason why the roof was not erected, Hiraoka said in a later interview that "there was a blueprint (for roof erection) and the cost was about 140 billion yen", and "Hiroshima was selected." Even if it is done (because it is co-sponsored by Japan and Korea), it will be held in 3 games, which is not worth the cost effectiveness. "[18]..Regarding the judgment of Hiroshima City, the executive committee and FIFA at this time, some overseas media saidHiroshima City where the atomic bomb was droppedIt makes sense to hold the FIFA World Cup in Japan. "[7].

1998, About 1 million yen is being spent to completely improve the lawn in the field and improve the facilities (the first stage during this period is replaced by Hiroshima Stadium).At this time, Sanfrecce also avoided holding the J-League at Big Arch.[19] But,2007Since then, all J-League-sponsored games have been played here.[Note 4].

2009January,Tadashi AkibaThe mayorConsidering the bid for the 2020 Summer OlympicsThen announced.There was a plan to develop a temporary stadium with the big arch as the main stadium and a "west wind new city zone" within a radius of 10km around this stadium.

On the other hand, in the same year2018/2022 FIFA World Cup Japan invitation planIs clear.Initially, Hiroshima City was planning to run for the venue with the Big Arch as the venue for the game, but as the city decided to concentrate on attracting the Olympics, it was decided to forgo the candidate for the World Cup venue again.[20]..By the way, when it became a candidate site, the roof erection was not included in the clause, but there were repair conditions such as "two or more large video equipment is required" and "the width of the audience seats is 2 cm or more".[21].. From the J LeagueClub licenseAn improvement recommendation has been issued to Sanfrecce Hiroshima because the B grade standard (toilet, roof of the audience seats) is not satisfied.

Of these, the toilet was budgeted and was satisfied by the Western-style renovation work in 30.

In addition, in order to meet the stadium requirement of 10000 or more individual seats held in the AFC Champions League, the central part of the back stand and the main stand seats were renewed in 2018 off.

Facility naming rights

Hiroshima City has solicited naming rights for the Hiroshima Wide Area Park Athletics Stadium from September 2012, 9, and on November 18, 2012, a consumer electronics mass retailer with its head office in Hiroshima City.EdionAcquired the naming rights for Hiroshima Wide Area Park Athletics Stadium for 3,300 million annually[22][23]..The contract period is 2013 years from March 3, 1[Note 5], The name by naming right is "Edion Stadium Hiroshima", As a general name,"Edista Hiroshima"(Simply also called" Edista ") is adopted.However, the abbreviation used in league records, etc. is "E studioUse the nomenclature.

After adopting the naming rights, the above names are basically used, but FIFA (International Football Federation) Sponsored and supervised soccer international match (Asian Football FederationSponsorshipAFC Champions LeagueEtc.)Clean stadium regulations (regulations prohibiting the use of naming rights)Is applied, so the official name is used as an exception.

Major tournaments and events held in the past

It is used not only for athletics and soccer, but also as a concert venue.


  • Sanfrecce Hiroshima won the first J1 year victory at this stadium (November 2012, 11, J24 League Round 1, against Cerezo Osaka).In this match, a bright rainbow hung over the stadium about 33 minutes before the kick-off. Many supporters remember that it was an event that foretold a happy ending two and a half hours later.
  • In the J-League official gameBall person TheHiroshima Shudo UniversityIt was done by a college student who belongs to.This is because the area is close to Shudo University, and the soccer club is mainly in charge.In the past, of professional soccer playersShogo NishikawaAndComedianUn Girls OfYoshiaki YamaneHas the experience that has been done.Currently, a member of the high school soccer club in Hiroshima Prefecture is in charge.
  • Atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima cityIn the 71st year since the match between Sanfrecce Hiroshima and Nagoya Grampus on August 2016, 8 (the first home game to be organized on the same day since the J-League was launched),Bonfire standWas lit.


Public transport

Related facilities


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注 釈

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  5. ^ Extended in 2016 until February 2017. Re-extended in January 2 until the end of February 2017.


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