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🏀 | Rui Hachimura's younger brother, Allen Hachimura's refreshing summer shot echoes "cool ❤️"

Photo Image: Allen Hachimura Official Instagram

Rui Hachimura's younger brother, Allen, has a refreshing summer shot echoing "cool ❤️"

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He is also known as the younger brother of Rui Hachimura, who plays in the US professional basketball league NBA.

On the 11th, university athlete Allen Hachimura updated her Instagram.A refreshing summer shot is "Ka ... → Continue reading

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Yamura base

Yamura base(Hachimura Rui,1998<10>May 2 -) isJapanThe professionalbasketballplayer.ToyamaToyamaBackground[4].. Father(I.e.Person, motherJapanese[5][6].NBA OfWashington WizardsBelongs to.The position isPower forwardorSmall forward.2019 NBA DraftFirst round nomination for the first time in Japanese history[7].

Brother'sAllen HachimuraAlso basketball player[8][9].

Young age/high school

With a Japanese mother in Toyama(I.e.Born as the eldest son of a human father, when he was a childland OfShort distanceとbaseballWas doing[10]..Participated in the national competition in the 100m dash on land[11].. In baseball, he is also a pitcher and catcher,IchiroI was longing for.Because he had a strong shoulder, he pitched at a high ball speed, but the ball was too fast for a child to catch.Therefore, he turned to catcher, but he left baseball due to knee pain caused by growth pain.[12] [13].

From classmates when becoming a junior high school studentbasketballWas recommended and joined the basketball club[14][15].Toyama City Okuda Junior High SchoolAt the 42ndNational Junior High School Basketball Tournamentsecond place[16], Was selected as one of the top 5 tournaments. When I was in the 1st year, I became a 2nd year seniorBaba YudaiThere was a struggle with his classmates.

Miyagi OfMeisei High School1th year, who entered the school and entered the first yearNational high school basketball selection championshipThen, he dominated the bottom of the goal in the final match, scored 32 points, and contributed to the victory of Meisei High School.

Contributed to the second consecutive year's championship in the 2th competition of the second grader, and was selected as the best 45 for the second consecutive competition from the 2th. The 44th held in the summer of 2Inter HighThen in the finalAichi OfSakuragaoka High SchoolDefeated 92-69 to win the first victory[17].. In the men's final of the Winter Cup 2015, 34 points and 19 rebounds were recorded, and Meisei was 78-73Tsuchiura NichidaiAchieved three consecutive victories in a comeback victory[18].

The evaluation data at the time of college recruitment is as follows.

NameBackgroundHigh school/universityheightWeightCommit date
Rui Hachimura
Sendai, JapanMeisei6 ft 8 in (2.03 m)210 lb (95 kg)2015/11/20 
Scout:4/5 stars   Rivals:3/5 stars   247Sports:3/5 stars    ESPN: N/A   ESPN Grade: NR
All recruiting rankings: Scout: NR   Rivals: NR  247Sports: #136  ESPN: NR
  • Note: In many cases height and weight may not match between Scout, Rivals, 247Sports and ESPN.
  • In these cases, the average is taken. ESPN grades are based on the 100 point scale.



I decided to go to Gonzaga University and moved to the United States,2016He played for the first time on November 11th and scored 5 points and 11 rebounds in 9 minutes.[19].. The team won the WCC conferenceNCAA TournamentAdvance to.Hachimura will be given a one-minute appearance in the first round and will be given the opportunity to participate in the NCAA tournament and less than the remaining one minute of the quarter-final match.3-point shootScored in, and both were the first Japanese males born in Japan to record.Gonzaga University won second place in the tournament.Hachimura participated in 28 games, averaging 1 minutes per game, 4.6 points 2.6rebound[20].. In the 2017-18 season, he played 2 games including two starters, recording 37 points and 11.6 rebounds.[21].. On March 2018, 3, at the NCAA tournament that advanced for the second consecutive year,Florida State UniversityLost to, ended in Sweet 16. It did not advance to Final 2 for the second year in a row and ended the second season of Gonzaga University[22][23].

NBA carrier

Washington Wizards

August 2019, 4,2019 NBA DraftExpress your entry to[24], June 2019, 6,Washington WizardsThe first round was nominated for 9th place. "Everyone did it.NBAI answered the interview[25].. The Japanese who received the NBA draft nominationYasutaka OkayamaSince then, the first round nomination was the first achievement[26].. June 2019, 6, the first Japanese personAir JordanIt was announced that I contracted with[27].

2019-20 season

2019-20 seasonOctober 2019, 10, of the season openerDallas MavericksHe made his debut as a starter in the battle and recorded double points with 14 points and 10 rebounds. December 12Los Angeles ClippersIn the battle, he recorded 3 points and 2 rebounds for career high including two 30p shoots.[28].. April 12Memphis GrizzliesIn the battle with Hachimura in 2QYuta WatanabeParticipated, and for the first time in history, two Japanese players participated simultaneously and matched up in the NBA.[29].. April 12Detroit PistonsWhen jumping for rebound in the battle,Isaac BongaIn the air and injured the groin[30].. This match retired to the bench as it was, and after that he had surgery and missed 24 matches.[31].. September 2020, 2Golden State WarriorsReturned in the war[32].. It was held on February 1th that he was recognized as a starter in all the games he participated in since the first year.All Star Weekend OfRising Stars ChallengeWas first elected to Japan by[33]Started as a member of Team World and scored 20 points in 14 minutes[34]..In the rookie season, he participated in 72 out of 48 games, averaging 1 minutes per game, 30.1 points, and 13.4 rebounds (6.1nd place in the rookie).After the season, the activity is evaluatedNBA All-Rookie Second TeamWas elected to[35].

2020-21 season

2020-21 seasonI was absent for a week from the opening round because I had an epidemic keratoconjunctivitis illness before.[36].. In the match against the Seventy Sixers on March 2021, 3, he was the third Asian player to score a total of 12 points in the NBA. March 3Milwaukee BucksFour career highs in the battle3PSinked, scoring 22 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assists, but the team lost 122-133.[37]..30th of the same monthCharlotte HornetsIn the match, the team's longest appearance in 40 minutes and 19 seconds, and scored 30 points, 4 rebounds and 3 assists, which was the most tie for himself, but the team lost 104-114.[38].

The team finished 34th in Eastern with 38 wins and 8 losses, and won the second play-in tournament to advance to the playoffs.Hachimura was the first Japanese to participate in the NBA Playoffs in the first playoff round against the Sixers (defeated with 2 win and 1 losses).Hachimura recorded an average of 1 points, 4 rebounds and 5 assists with a FG success rate of 61.7% and a 3-point success rate of 60.0% in five games.

Representative career

  • 20139(I.e.Made inBasketball Asia U-16 ChampionshipToRepresentation from JapanAs a major pillar of the team and entered the 3rd place[39], 1998Yuta TabuseSince the generation, he led the Japanese junior national team to the World Championship for the first time in 15 years.
  • 20148DubaiAs a Japanese national team at the U-17 World ChampionshipAmericaPlayed against the representative. The Japanese national team faced with the best high school members, but in the great defeat of 122 to 38, Yamura showed a lone army struggling to score 38 points out of 25 points of the team, and Yamura was in an interview after the match. "It was a lot of fun. It's not painful. It's fun and painful."[40].. Hachimura won the top scorer in the world championship (average 22.6 points)[5].
  • 2015ToJapan Basketball National TeamThe only candidate selected as a high school student[41][42].. RepresentativeKen HasegawaThe director said, "I'm away from high school," and Tabes, who returned to the national team candidate for the first time in four years, said, "I have the ability. I'm envious."[43].
  • 2018January, South KoreaDebuted as a representative of Japan in a warm-up game with.He contributed to the victory in the four Asian and Oceania qualifying games of the FIBA ​​World Cup, which the United States participated in before the basketball season, and contributed to the qualifying breakthrough.FIBA rank 4th place, which was the debut of the official gameAustraliaIn the match, he participated in the starter and recorded 24 points and 7 rebounds.
  • 2019 year 7 month,World Cup China TournamentElected to represent Japan.In the warm-up game just before the tournament, he defeated Germany, which ranked 22nd in FIBA, and scored 31 points, the most in the team. Suffering from the opponent's thorough mark at the World Cup, and against the United StatesHarrison BarnesSuffered from the mark and was blocked by 4 points, but of the NBA block kingMiles TurnerDunk decided to dodge the block and was selected for top 6 play on day 3 of the tournament[44]..The average score per game is 1 minutes, with 29.9 points and 13.3 rebounds and 5.7 assists. After the first league, Hachimura left the Japanese team due to knee anxiety and fatigue.
  • 2021 year 7 month,Tokyo OlympicsWas elected to represent Japan.Joined the team before the Saitama tournament, a warm-up game just before the Olympics.In the warm-up game, he participated in two games and won consecutive wins. In the FIBA ​​ranking 2th place against France, he scored 7 points and 29 rebounds in the 19th minute.Olympic opening ceremonyHe served as a standard-bearer and participated in all three Olympic qualifying league games for 3 minutes or more, averaging 37 points and 1 rebounds per game.Round 22.3スロベニアThe match scored 34 points, the most for both teams.

Individual grade

Abbreviation Description
  GPNumber of games played  GS Number of starting games MPG Average participation time
 FG% Field goalSuccess rate 3P% Three pointsSuccess rate FT% Free throwSuccess rate
 RPG averagereboundQuantity APG averageassistQuantity SPG averageSteelQuantity
 BPG averageblockQuantity  TO averageturnoverQuantity PPG Average score
 Taizi Career high  League leader  Winning season  NBA FINAL CHAMP.png

NBA regular season

2019-20THAT484830.1. 466. 287. 8296.
2020-21575731.5. 478. 328. 7705.
Career10510530.9. 473. 313. 7975.

NBA playoffs

2021THAT5534.8. 617. 600. 5837.
Career5534.8. 617. 600. 5837.


Gonzaga University2804.6. 528. 286. 5421.
2017-1837220.7. 568. 192. 7954.
373730.2. 591. 417. 7396.
Career1023919.7. 579. 316. 7464.


  • According to an article in the US media, he was a baseball boy when he was a child.[45],IchiroLonged for[46].. Since I entered junior high school and did not belong to any department, from a friendbasketballBe recommended. Hachimura was not interested because he didn't know the rules of basketball at that time, but he refused, but he fell into too much enthusiasm and took the basketball test. The coach praised him and transferred to the basketball club.

Episode about Toyama Prefecture

  • Also from Toyama cityAsanoyamaIt is,May sumo wrestling placeHachimura was nominated for the first round in the NBA draft the month after he won the flat curtain, and he was aware that he could not lose as Toyama's face.[51].
  • Teammate on July 2019, 7 shortly after joining WizardsHokuriku Confectionery OfRice confectioneryOf "Beaver"White shrimpWhen I put in the taste, it became a hot topic with rave reviews.[52]..Hokuriku Confectionery is next to the westIshikawaAlthough it is a company of Japan, the commercial catch of white shrimp is possible.Toyama BayIs the only one.
  • When I appeared in the following Nissin Foods/Cup Noodle CM "New Legend", I said "My Maid Haya"[53]..In the scene, "*Toyama dialectAlso attached subtitles in "Hello" ".
  • Broadcast on July 2019, 7Passion continentThen, with the question "What is your favorite city?"[54].
  • Japan time November 2019, 11 in AwayDenver NuggetsHe had a heavy snowfall before the war, but he showed a generous expression, saying "It's not falling below Toyama".[55].
  • I've been playing in Japan since 2011Ira BrownIs the relationship between seniors and juniors at Gonzaga University, but before Hachimura studied abroad in the United States, BrownToyama GrawsiesI used to use Hachimura's father's restaurant when I belonged to[56].. Became a teammate in the 2018 Japan national team match[57].


  • BlackBeing half-hearted, he felt discriminated against in his childhood and had a "quite hard experience".However, because I was able to play sports in general, I became recognized by the people around me, and I came to think that it was wonderful to be myself.[58]..After moving to the United States, I was treated as a Japanese and was confused.From such experience, I call my identity "Blacker's (Black + Japanese)"[59].
  • Having had a hard time as a half, he has a sense of mission to children in the same situation and said, "I want to be a man who wants to be like him."[60].BLMParticipate in the demo[61], A tennis player who is also a black half and tackles racial issues大 坂 な お みI have a friendship with.
  • I am proud of myself now, but discrimination from the same Japanese people still continues, and when my younger brother Allen published a slanderous message sent on SNS, he said, "This is like every day. I'll come. "[62].



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