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⚽ | Rematch at EURO!Modric impressed the mount with "uniform exchange"


Rematch at EURO!Modric impressed the mount with "uniform exchange"

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Mount said he had confirmed with Modric and his Croatian colleague Kovacic about the uniform exchange.

EURO 2020 has finally begun.England, one of the winning candidates, is in Croatia on the group stage ... → Continue reading


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uniform(Uniform) isSportsEspecially in team competitionsOUR TEAMWith unity asclothingThat is.

Team name, player name, and uniformUniform numberIn addition,sponsorCorporatelogo(Uniform advertising) Etc. are printed.In international matchesNational flagEtc. are printed.

Required for team competitions,OlympicThe uniforms of the team are also called "uniforms".Well-known clothing designers are relatively often used for the design, and水 泳,Mechanical gymnasticsEven if it is an individual competition, wear the same one when forming a team.This is because the team buys them all at once, or the sponsors provide them all at once.


One of the characteristics of uniforms is the ease of discrimination.Especially in the case of ball games, which are team competitions, enemies, allies, andRefereeIt is useful as a material that can be judged in an instant.Therefore, depending on the ball game, measures are taken to prevent the opponents from being colored.The uniform will also be an important source of income for the governing body by using it as an advertising tower and selling it to the general public.Increased name recognition for uniform manufacturersSupportProfit from the sale of uniforms is expected, so the supply right (uniform supplier contract) fee to popular teams and national teams will be high.As an exampleア デ ィ ダ ス Japan national football teamThe total supply rights contract with the company is 2007 billion yen for eight years from April 4, 1.

Also, since it is always worn during sports, it is often specialized for that sport.It has received various treatments from the breathability of the material, sweat absorption, ease of wearing due to the fit, to the protection of the body.In particularMotor sportsThis is clearly expressed in.Motorsport always carries the risk of fire, soFlame retardanceMaterial (flame-retardant natural fiber. Chemical and synthetic fibers are absolutely impossible)Racing suitWearing is obligatory.

Regulations by competition

The uniforms worn at competitions are strictly regulated by the competition organization, and if a competitor wears a uniform that does not comply with the regulations, he / she will be refused participation in the competition and will be disqualified even if he / she is forced to participate. There is.

Skirt / skort

For girlsBowlingEtc. (DressesIncluding)SkirtsAndTennislikeSquatThere is also a uniform.After the millenniumRunning skirtAlso appeared.boxingHowever, there are players who repair trunks into skirts.

Figure skatingThen in the early 2000sAkimura MuraseIs a skirt (to be exactleotardMust arriveFrill), Wearing trousers.There is also a theory that this triggered the official approval of women to wear trousers.[1].



Athletes must wear clothing that is clean and designed and tailored to be non-discomforting.The fabric must not be plowed when wet.In addition, you must not wear clothing that interferes with the judgment of the referee.[2].


In baseballOfficial baseball rulesAs a result, each player on the same team must wear the same color, same shape, and uniform of the same craft.Uniform numberIt is stipulated to put on.The home team is white and the visitor team is colored.

サ ッ カ ー

Soccer can be broadly divided into two categories: athletes and referees.In the match, you have to choose a design that will definitely distinguish between the two.In addition to this, the opposing teams must not be colored.These will be described laterGoalkeeperUniforms are no exception.Therefore, the team1st color2nd colorThere are two types, and these issues will be decided in advance.

Within the team, goalkeepers and other players have different uniform colors.This is because the position of goalkeeper is different from other players and there are special rules, which makes it easier to distinguish from other players.In addition, you must wear a uniform of a color different from the GK of your team, the opponent team, and the opponent team.

Most of the materials are mesh, which is hard to get sweat.After the match, they can be seen exchanging uniforms with each other.This is a unique sight of soccer (and rugby, which has the same roots as a ball game) in the sense of praising each other's good fights.In particularWorld Cup,UEFA Champions LeagueThis scene can be seen in big competitions such as.In recent World Cups, it is customary to prepare a uniform with the date, opponent, and match location engraved on each match.

It is said that it was around the 1950s that each manufacturer began to devise their own uniform materials and designs as it is now, and it was around the 1970s that uniforms with the logo of each manufacturer were first sold to the general public. It is said that in the 1980s, the custom of supporters wearing replica uniforms with the sponsor logo was established.In Japan in the 1990sDescente(ア デ ィ ダ ス) Started to release the uniforms of the Japanese national team in Japan, and it became widespread and established with the birth of the J League in 1993.[3].

In addition, the Laws of the Game only allow "jerseys or shirts with sleeves" and "individual individuals".is thisCameroon representativeBut"No sleeveuniform","DressesThere was a history of trying to participate in the World Cup with "uniform",International Football Federation(FIFA) does not allow the use of this uniform and is further stipulated in the regulations.


International Basketball FederationIt is stipulated in the "Official Basketball Rules" stipulated by[4].


LiberoThe rules stipulate that you should wear a uniform (or just a jersey) that is different from other athletes.[5].

Replica uniforms and authentic uniforms

Teams in competitions such as soccer and baseballReplica uniformIs manufactured.What is almost the same as what the athlete actually wearsAuthentic uniformIt is called, and it is made with a device to enhance performance, and a large one is prepared for athletes with a good physique, but the replica uniform is a product with higher commercial value. The material and sewing are different from the authentic uniform.Nothing exceeds L in size.SupportThe lining and other materials are simplified and the functionality and quality of the material are inferior to those of the actual uniform, but the durability is higher than that of the actual uniform, and it is made with practicality in mind. ..Replica uniforms are often misunderstood as fake, but they are genuine products because they are the names of those made by official uniform makers.[6][7].


  • Common name for international acronym rules to accurately convey the "U" (Phonetic code
  • The word "take off your uniform" is also used to mean retire.


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