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⚽ | [Kanto University Soccer League Match 2nd Section 9] Victory with the center pushing Kanto Gakuin away

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[Kanto University Soccer League Match 2nd Section 9] Victory by pushing Kanto Gakuin in the center

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The final score was 4-0, and the center won by defeating Kanto Gakuin with a big difference of 4 points.

Kanto University Soccer League Match 2nd Section 9 is Saturday, June 6th, Chuo University (Men's) vs Kanto Gakuin University (Men's)… → Continue reading


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School corporation Kanto Gakuin

School corporation Kanto Gakuin
Main gate of Kanazawa Hakkei Campus, Kanto Gakuin University
School lessonBe a Man and Serve the World(Become a person and serve)
Year established1884
DirectorHideo Masuda
院長Kazunori Matsuda
AddressKanazawa Ward, Yokohama City, Kanagawa PrefectureMutsupu East1-50-1
WebsiteKanto Gakuin
UniversityKanto Gakuin University
high schoolKanto Gakuin High School
Kanto Gakuin Rokuura High School
Junior high schoolKanto Gakuin Junior High School
Kanto Gakuin Rokuura Junior High School
primary schoolKanto Gakuin Elementary School
Kanto Gakuin Mutsuura Elementary School
KindergartenKanto Gakuin Mutsuura Children's Garden
Kanto Gakuin Noby Nobinobaen
OthersKGU Kannai Media Center
International Research Training Center

KANTO GAKUIN is a school corporationKanagawa横 浜 市Kanazawa kuIt is a school corporation with its headquarters in.


  • It is a comprehensive school that includes a high school, a junior high school, an elementary school, and a kindergarten, including the Kanto Gakuin University, which is a comprehensive university consisting of 11 faculties and 13 graduate schools.
  • Founded October 1884, 10, it has over 11 years of history and tradition.

Installation school


  • Kanto Gakuin University
    • (Kanazawa Hakkei Campus/Muronoki Campus) (Kanazawa Ward, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture)
    • (Kanazawa Bunko Campus) (Kanazawa Ward, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture)


Junior high school

  • Kanto Gakuin Junior High School (Minami Ward, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture)
  • Kanto Gakuin Rokuura Junior High School (Kanazawa Ward, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture)

primary school



  • KGU Kannai Media Center (Naka Ward, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture)
  • International Research Training Center (Shonan/Odawara Campus) (Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture)
  • Kanto Gakuin Oxford Office (British flagOxford, England)

Closed school facility


  • 1884 Yokohama YamateToYokohama Baptist Theological Seminary(AfterTokyo GakuinTheology Department) is established. The first principalA・A・Bennett.
  • 1895 Established Tokyo Junior High School (later Tokyo Secondary School).
  • 1905 Established Tokyo Gakuin High School (later High School) by vocational school order.
  • 1910 Established Japan Baptist Theological Seminary.
  • 1919 Tokyo Gakuin Secondary School was abolished and private junior high school Kanto Gakuin was established. First directorYu SakataTells "become a person and serve."
  • 1927 The Kanto Gakuin was formed and the Tokyo Gakuin Theology and Higher Schools were reorganized into the Kanto Gakuin Theology and Higher Schools of Social Business and Commerce. The private middle school Kanto Gakuin becomes the Kanto Gakuin middle school.
  • 1929 Kanto Gakuin High School Faculty of Social Business Department renamed Theology Department Social Business Department and Commerce Department renamed Higher Commercial Department.
  • 1936 The recruitment of the Faculty of Theology is suspended.
  • 1944 Higher Commercial DepartmentMeiji Gakuin CollegeWill be integrated into. Kanto Gakuin Aviation Industrial College opened.
  • 1945 Renamed the Kanto Gakuin Aviation Technical College to the Kanto Gakuin Technical College.
  • 1946 Established Kanto Gakuin Economic College.
  • 1947 Kanto Gakuin Junior High School will be reorganized into Kanto Gakuin Junior High School and High School, and (new system) Kanto Gakuin Junior High School will be established.
  • 1948 Kanto Gakuin High School established due to school reform (new system). Established Kanto Gakuin Kindergarten (currently Kanto Gakuin Mutsuura Children's Garden).
  • 1949 School reformBased on Kanto Gakuin Economic College and Kanto Gakuin Technical CollegeKanto Gakuin UniversityWill be. (Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Engineering). Established Kanto Gakuin Elementary School.
  • 1950 Aoyama Gakuin UniversityTransferred the Faculty of Engineering from. Become a university by reforming the school systemJunior collegeSettings.
  • 1951 Organization changed to the school corporation Kanto Gakuin due to the establishment of the Private School Law.
  • 1952 The former Kanto Gakuin Economic College was closed.
  • 1953 Kanto Gakuin Rokuura Junior and Senior High School established. Kanto Gakuin Elementary School was renamed Kanto Gakuin Rokuura Elementary School, and Kanto Gakuin Elementary School was newly established.
  • 1957 Reorganized the Junior College Department into Kanto Gakuin Junior College.
  • 1967 Name changed from Kanto Gakuin Junior College to Kanto Gakuin Women's Junior College.
  • 1968 Established College of Literature.
  • 1976 Established Kanto Gakuin Noba Kindergarten.
  • 1984 A ceremony was held to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Kanto Gakuin.
  • 1986 Opened the Kamari Valley Campus (Kanazawa Bunko Campus).
  • 1991 Opened Odawara school grounds. University Faculty of Law established.
  • 2002 Reorganized the Women's College and established the Faculty of Human Environment at the university.
  • 2004 Law School opened.
  • 2009 In November, retired Chairman Yukiho Naito,Yoshihiro IidaAppointed president.
  • 2012 A nursery school was attached to the Kanto Gakuin Noba Kindergarten, and it became a certified children's school. The name was changed to Kanto Gakuin Noby Nobinobaen.
  • 2013 Chairman Yoshihiro Iida retires, and Hideo Masuda becomes new president. University Faculty of Science and Engineering, Faculty of Architecture and Environment, Faculty of Nursing established, recruitment of engineering department suspended. Adopted a nursery school in the Kanto Gakuin Rokuura Kindergarten and made it a certified child institution.


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