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⚽ | Osaka Toin and Hannan University Senior High School, who defeated Kokoku, are all over the country!Two teams representing Osaka are decided

Photo Hannan University Senior High School and Osaka Toin High School who decided to participate in the Inter-High

Osaka Toin and Hannan University Senior High School, who defeated Kokoku, are all over the country!Two teams representing Osaka are decided

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Osaka Toin responded to Kokoku, who builds up from behind, by setting up a block net.

On June 6, two semi-finals of the Inter-High School Championships in Reiwa 12rd year were held, and Hannan University Senior High School and Osaka Toin High School ... → Continue reading

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Osaka Toin Junior and Senior High School

Osaka Toin Junior and Senior High School(Osaka to Ingaku and Kotou Gakko)OsakaDaito CityLocated in NakagakiprivateJunior high school-high school. The predecessor wasShowaTemporary acceptance of students only during the last periodBranch school"Osaka Sangyo University High School Daito Campus"[1]so,19st centuryFoundedWakayama Prefectural Toin High School(old systemWakayama Ichichu) and横 浜 市 OfToin Gakuen High SchoolUnrelated to The installerOsaka Sangyo University.


For the purpose of accepting students during the rapid increase period of high school students,OsakaOsaka Sangyo University High School (currentlyOsaka Sangyo University Junior High School/High School) ExtraordinaryBranch school"Osaka Sangyo University High School Daito Campus"1983(Showa58 years)Daito CityWas installed in.

Daito school buildingGovernor of Osaka PrefectureAs a temporary installation only duringAuthorizationIn the column of student recruitment plan in the application form,1989It is clearly stated that the number of recruitment after that is zero. It was "premise that it will be closed at the time of graduation of new students in April 63", butPaulowniaThe parent association "Tiriyukai" named only from Daito school building1986Formed in, the movement to seek survival is centered around the parents of the first graduates. Seeking approval as an independent school, not temporary,PetitionOf the briefsignatureToyukai has developed an activity to collect money with a school corporation. result,1988New on February 2Osaka Toin High SchoolIs approved for installation[2]Separation and independence. The first entrance ceremony was held on April 4.

The founding spirit is "Be a great ordinary person."While focusing on admission guidance and sports education, he also emphasizes personality guidance such as "encouragement of greetings".The educational goal is "to grow up and grow a lot".Osaka Sangyo UniversityThe medium-term business plan (FY2019-2021) states that "promote the etiquette of students and encourage greetings."[3]..Also, in club activities, it is affiliatedOsaka Sangyo University High SchoolAnd "Aim to interact with sports clubs" "Consider regular games"[4].

1995(Heisei7 years)Osaka Toin Junior High SchoolIs attached,High school consistentThere are courses and courses from high school. In addition, in order to give top priority to study, high school classes I and II have club activities about two days a week. Class III is an admission student with sports recommendation and art recommendation.


Baby boom juniorGo on to the next generation1980 eraOf high school studentsOsakaAs a measure to accept high school students1983Every time·1984In the direction of increasing the recruitment capacity of private schools,1979(Showa54) agreed in September.

Both public and private schoolsHigh school enrollment rateOn the basis of maintaining the above, the prefecture also responded to efforts to accept private high school students and to improve conditions.GrantIt has been agreed to make an effort, and I requested a private school in Osaka Prefecture to consider increasing the recruitment capacity.

Osaka Sangyo UniversityAlso,Osaka Sangyo University High SchoolConsidering an increase in the number of applicants forOsaka Sangyo UniversityCampus site (Daito City) Is diverted to a temporary job at Sandai High SchoolBranch schoolDecided to install.

First of all, please give the branch school setting notification1982(57) Submitted to Osaka Prefecture on August 8. Application form for approval of change of school regulations regarding accommodation capacity1983(58) Submitted on January 1, approved on March 20, the same year, "Osaka Sangyo University High School Daito Campus" opened in April.

As with the Daito school building, as a measure to accept high school students,Nansho High SchoolTakatsukiSchool building (currentlyOsaka Seiryo High School)WhenTezukayama Gakuin Izumigaoka High SchoolSokai High School attached to Tokai UniversityAlso in April,Golden lightDaiichi High School (currentlyKanemitsu Osaka High School)WhenKansai Soka High School 1982ToHatsushiba High SchoolTomita HayashiSchool building (currentlyHatsushiba Tomitabayashi High School) And Shitennoji International Buddhist High School (laterShitennoji Habikioka High School.2019Closed school)1984Is newly established in[5].

After that, Daito school building1988Became independent as "Osaka Toin High School".1995In 7, "Osaka Toin Junior High School" was also added,High school consistent schoolBecame. At the beginning, there were 3 courses, an alphanumeric selection course, an alphanumeric course, and a special advance course.2008The special advance course was abolished from (20), and there are only two courses, an alphanumeric selection course and an alphanumeric course.

basic data

The number of students

High school 1,918 (boys 1,082, girls 836), junior high school 673 (boys 361, girls 312)[6]

Incidentally,2021(Reiwa3rd year) recruitment personnel is 450 high school[7][8], Junior high school 225[9][10]


The cost of the first year (such as tuition) is 144 million yen for high school[11], Junior high school 169 million yen[12](Both2019Every time)


The school building has a main building and an east building, both of which areNational Route 170(The new 170 is the main building and the old 170 is the east building). To go to school, I have to walk along the main road.

Since the central campus of Osaka Sangyo University is located between the main building and the east building, you must pass through the campus when going back and forth between both buildings. Or walk along the path beside the university.

Classes are held in the main building, but some grades are studied in the east building (depending on the year of admission, high school students and consistent students may be in different school buildings).


The nearest station isJR West JapanGakken City Line (Katamachi LineNozaki Station(Only at each station). Many people go to school by bus,Sumido StationMany teachers and students use the rental bicycle "Station Rin-kun" from (the station next to Nozaki station).


  • 23 minutes walk from JR Nozaki station


It takes about 10 minutes on foot from the bus terminal to the school gate of the main building.


First-year students often enter because of reasons such as "I can put in my academic ability", "Easy to pass in a new branch school" "High school attached because my parents recommend going to university", so the school side establishes learning habits start. In 1 (Showa 3), when the 3rd year students entered the school and the 1985rd year was completed, the ordinary course ordinary course was renamed "Special Advance Course" in order to inspire students with confidence and motivation. University High School Cape Training Center" (Osaka PrefectureMisaki Town) Was used to conduct an "examination preparation training camp". As a result, it is a recommendation entrance examination, but besides Osaka Sangyo UniversityKinki University,Kyoto Sangyo UniversityThere are students who have passed the test, etc., and it has been a regular summer event ever since.[15].

The regular class is 1 minutes per class. The curriculum is completely different depending on the grade of the year, and there are many external lecturers.

In order to finish the high school curriculum as of the second year of high school, 2th Wednesday, 6th from Monday to Friday, 7th Saturday (6th each time for first grade only). Therefore, the summer vacation is only 1 weeks, and the winter and spring vacations are only 5 week.

Installation course


Junior high school

  • Alphanumeric Selection (ES) Course
  • English (E) Course

Extracurricular activities

Baseball club

1988With the opening of the school (63), students were mainly in the "Physical Education Course".1991In (3)Spring Senbatsu competition,Summer championshipTogetherKoshienFirst appearance.Spring 1991 Senbatsu competitionAce of the Takahiro Wada of the first roundSendai Ikuei High SchoolIn battleNo hit no runAchieved, and advanced to the best 8.1991 summer championshipSo with the final score 13-8Okinawa Fisheries High SchoolThe first appearance and the first victory. In the fourth year of the woundSummer: Is the fastest in Japan[16].

Summer 2008 Championship 90th Anniversary TournamentSo with the final score 17-0Tokoha Kikugawa High SchoolWon the national championship for the second time. As an Osaka group1991Became the national championship in the summer championship for the first time in 17 years since the school[17].

Spring 2012 Senbatsu competitionSo with the final score 7-3Kosei Gakuin High SchoolThe first victory of Senbatsu in spring and the third national victory. For the Osaka group1993 OfUemiya High SchoolSince then, it has won the national championship at the Senbatsu tournament in the first spring in 19 years.[18].

2012 summer championshipAlso advanced to the finals in the spring and summer. The opponent was strangely the same year in the spring Senbatsu tournament runner-up Koboshi Gakuin High (the same card for the first time in the spring and summer in the final of the Koshien tournament was the first ever in history), and again won the Koboshi Gakuin High with a final score of 3-0, 7 First schoolConsecutive spring and summerAchieved[19]However, it became the fourth national title of the school. Still autumnGifu National Athletic MeetBut the winner ([20]Simultaneous victory with Sendai Ikuei High School),Daisuke MatsuzakaWithYokohama High SchoolSince then, the 3rd school in historyTriple Crown".

2014 summer championshipSo with the final score 4-3Mie High SchoolAnd won the national championship for the fifth time in the spring and summer. It was the first time in two years for the Osaka team to win the national championship in the summer championship.[21].

Spring 2017 Senbatsu competitionThen.Shoseisha High SchoolAnd the first ever Osaka decisive battle. Won with a score of 8-3 and won the national championship for the sixth time in the spring and summer, winning the Osaka Senbatu competition for the first time in 6 years[22].

Spring 2018 Senbatu 90th Memorial TournamentSo with the final score 5-2Chitin Wakayama High SchoolWin the national championship for the seventh time in the spring and summer and become the third school in historyConsecutive win[23][24]So, he became the champion of the 90th Memorial Tournament in both spring and summer.

Summer 2018 100th Championship Memorial TournamentAlso advanced to the finals in the spring and summer. In the final score 13-2Gold foot agricultural high schoolAnd won the national title for the eighth time in the spring and summer. The first ever spring/summer consecutive victory in history[25].. autumn'sFukui National Athletic MeetBut the winner ([26]4 schools won), the first time in historyTriple CrownWas achieved[27].

Brass band club

2005Founded in (17). This year,KansaiBrass band competitionParticipated in and received a gold medal.2006, Koshien of brass band every autumnAll Japan Band Competition(Nagoya International Convention Center) First appearance as Kansai representative, Silver Award,2007Also won the silver award as the Kansai representative.2009First Gold Award.2010-2011And won the gold medal for the third consecutive year. After a year of breaks due to participation in the tournament for three consecutive years,2013から2018Until 6 consecutive years.

2008All Japan Marching ContestFirst appearance at the Silver Award,20092010Received a gold medal for two consecutive years,MarchingIs also active in a large number of requested performances and local performances,All Japan High School brass band tournament in YokohamaHave also participated in.

Men's soccer club

2005Founded in (17).2007National high school general physical education meetFirst appearance.2008Also the best 2 in 8 consecutive years,National High School Soccer ChampionshipI participated in for the first time.

Women's soccer club

2006Founded in (18).2007National tournament participation,2011The 20th All Japan High School Women's Soccer ChampionshipWon the runner-up.

Rugby club

1988Founded in (63).1995(7)National body,gardenFirst appearance.2013Spring selection competitionWon for the first time.2015Second place in the spring selection competition.2017gardenRunner up in the next,2018gardenWon.

98th National High School Rugby Football Tournament FinalXNUMX-XNUMXToin Academy
The 98th National High School Rugby Football Tournament SemifinalsXNUMX-XNUMXRyuukei Ohashi
98th National High School Rugby Football Tournament QuarterfinalsXNUMX-XNUMXHotoku Gakuen
The 98th National High School Rugby Football Tournament Round XNUMXXNUMX-XNUMXTamashima
The 98th National High School Rugby Football Tournament Round XNUMXXNUMX-XNUMXTosa Juku

Golf club

1999(11) Male Golf Club 20thNational High School Golf ChampionshipWon[28].

Men's basketball club

2014(26)National high school general gymnastics basketball competitionFirst appearance in.

Women's basketball club

2014(26)National high school general gymnastics basketball competitionWinter cupFirst appearance in. 2017Winter cupWon for the first time.

Athletics (formerly Ekiden) Club

2011(23) as the Ekiden club2012Name changed to track and field club).National High School EkidenThen.2013He won the Osaka Men's Qualifying in November for the first time and debuted in Miyakooji in December of the same year (11nd overall).


Back money over 5 million yen, diversion of examination fees and textbook expenses

2015(Heisei27 years)May 3, Osaka Toin Junior and Senior High SchoolBack metalThe misappropriation problemWhistle-blowingDiscovered by[29]. The majority of the backing money comes from the examination fee for the Shinken exam and the textbook purchase cost (teaching material cost) collected from the parents of the student in excess of the required amount, and the backing money is the personal account of the first principal and his daughter. It is hidden in many places, and the amount is expected to exceed 5 million yen[30].

The back money is the taxi fee, food and beverage expenses, entertainment expenses for cram school personnel, etc.[31], Other golf equipmentHermesIt was used to purchase luxury brand products (scarves, bags, etc.) and gifts.[32].

Osaka Prefecture, which saw this issue seriously,May 3Was judged to be applicable when the management administration is remarkably inadequate, which is a requirement for the reduction of private school subsidies due to the fact that “the misappropriation of money to be returned to parents/guardians is very malicious”. result2015We decided to reduce the 6 million yen subsidy that was planned to be paid to Osaka Toin every time by 6000% (about 20 million yen), the largest ever.[33][34].

same yearMay 4, Which is under the same school corporation in this matter,Osaka District Public Prosecutor's OfficeSpecial Investigation Department2 people involved inBusiness embezzlementCharged with criminal charges[35].2016In April, the Osaka District Prosecutor's Office was dismissed due to insufficient suspicion, but in May of the following year, the Osaka Sangyo University Faculty and Staff Union issued a petition requesting examination due to improper disposition.Prosecution examination committeeSubmitted to[36].

Cousin accounting, emotional personnel, and cram school management women become corporate executives

The reason why “accounting like a monkey” continued for many years is the fact that the first principalhuman resourcesIt is said to be in. The first principal focused on the hardball baseball club to grow into a strong school,Kyoto UniversityIncrease the number of test takers by advertising that "pass 50 people a year"Mammoth schoolConcentrates power through the management of "Golden Arms," ​​which grows up to become "anxious to gain external fame." Became a director of a school corporation with the introduction of middle and high school integrated education,2008In June he became vice president. The facilities of Osaka Sangyo University are old, but the funds of the school corporation are concentrated in Osaka Toin, and the "Syphonic Hall" where more than 6 brass band members can practice and the "Toin Arena" gymnasium with a capacity of 200 people are luxurious facilities. Was also built.

Sankei ShimbunAccording to the internal documents obtained by the company and the people involved, the first principal appointed a friendly cram school manager woman to become the head of Osaka Toin Junior High School, and in June 2008, became the executive director of the corporation. A former faculty member told the Sankei Shimbun, "The first principal was in control of the personnel. I kept the faculty members I liked, and the faculty members I disliked were skipped to the high school attached to the university," said another faculty member. Inside the corporation, there are all the favorites of the first principal. I don't think we can elucidate the full details of the back money problem."[37].

Bet golf and violence at the men's golf club

"Bet golf" was rampant in the club's men's golf club, and everyone was betting hundreds of yen during practice and playing it many times. In addition to violence from senior students, there were also reports of being "extorted".[38].

Yarase examination, inflated deviation, tuition fee exemption

Reward students who have excellent grades,Osaka Sangyo UniversityI was only allowed to take the exam. The University of Tokyo exempts 10% of tuition fees for students with the highest grades in entrance examinations, but with 10% of them being students of Osaka Toin,Deviation valueIn addition to inflating the tuition fee, the tuition fee exemption system will be watered down.2013Found on[39].

Famous people

サ ッ カ ー

Player nameLivingGraduationBackgroundPoscourseMain affiliationCurrent affiliation
Hiroyuki Abe19892007NaraKitakatsuragi-gunMFKwansei Gakuin UniversityKawasaki FrontaleNagoya Grampus
Full lifeOsakaFWMito Holy HookFujieda MYFCRetired
Hidenobu Takasu19912009AichiToyohashiKawasaki FrontaleRetired
Takayuki FukumuraOsakaHirakataDFKyoto Sanga FCKyoto Sanga FCTokyo Verdy
Nao Eguchi1992Osaka MFEhime FCEhime FCBlau Blitz Akita
2010HyogoNishinomiyaFWDoshisha UniversityRiga FCRetired
Junichi Tanaka19932011HyogoTakasagoMFKawasaki FrontaleFC GifuMasaru Matsumoto FC
Genta Miura19942012Toyohashi City, Aichi PrefectureDFShimizu S-PulseGamba OsakaGamba Osaka
Kosuke ShiraiToyohashi City, Aichi PrefectureMFShonan BellmareHokkaido Consadole SapporoKyoto Sanga FC
Masaya MatsukiNaraNaraFWOsaka Sangyo UniversitySC Sagamihara
Niwa ShienThe United States of AmericaMeiji UniversityEhime FCZuegen Kanazawa
Kutone Kubota19962014Toyohashi City, Aichi PrefectureMFKashima AntlersFagiano Okayama FCThe Spa Kusatsu Gunma
Ryo TachibanaOsakaOsaka Sangyo UniversityMontenegro flag Arsenal Tivat
Kurokawa Keisuke19972015HyogoDFKansai UniversityGamba Osaka








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