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⚾ | Shohei Ohtani and 3 points difference Guerrero Jr. is the fastest 20 in both leagues, MLB official is also astonishing "monster bullet"

Photo No. 20 Blue Jays hit Vladimir Guerrero Jr. [Photo: Reuters]

Shohei Ohtani and 3 difference Guerrero Jr. are the fastest in both leagues No. 20, MLB official is also astonishing "monster bullet"

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It was an oversized arch with a flight distance of 439 feet (about 133.8 meters) that disappeared to the middle left.

2 rounds in a row for the first time against the enemy Red Sox No. 20 2 runs ■ R Sox-Blue Jays (Japan time 13th, Bo ... → Continue reading


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Distance 439 feet

Oversized arch


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