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⚾ | The big favorite is the right arm of “Musou”, the batting average of Oana is 4%, the record of newcomers ...

Photo Who will get the MVP of the interleague game, which was held for the first time in two years? [Photo: Yuji Arakawa]

The big favorite is the right arm of "Musou", the batting average of Oana is 4%, the record of newcomers ... What is the MVP in the Orix Interleague Play?

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Teruaki Sato, the Hanshin Tigers 6 rookie who has 12 RBIs to renew the most home runs in the interleague game and 1 RBIs in Thailand, which is the most newcomer, will not lose in the impact.

Even if he won the interleague game, he didn't loosen his reins and said, "The game will continue." Orix held at Kyocera Dome on the 12th in Hiroshima ... → Continue reading


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Most newcomers home base

Teruaki Sato

Teruaki Sato(Sato Teruaki,1999May 3 -) isHyogoNishinomiyaFromProfessional baseball player(Infielder). Right-handed and left-handed.Hanshin TigersBelongs.

My father isJudo-Kwansei Gakuin UniversityFaculty of Human WelfareAssociate ProfessorHironobu Sato[2][3][4].


Before entering professional

Nishinomiya City Koto Elementary SchoolJoined "Koto Blue Sanders" in a year and started playing baseball[5].. At 6 yearsHanshin Tigers JuniorSelected for[6].Nishinomiya City Koryo Junior High SchoolBelonging to the school's baseball club[7]. mainlypitcher,catcherWas serving[8].

Incheon Gakuin High SchoolThen, in the summer of 2Hyogo Prefecture TournamentThe 4th round is the best result,KoshienNo participation in[9].. In the summer of 3rd, I suffered a cold defeat in the first match of the prefectural tournament.[10]..On the other hand, it started in earnest around the fall of 2nd year.Weight trainingAcquire longer hitting power[11], Rapid growth such as hitting 3 out of 4 home runs in high school in 20 months from spring 15 to retirement[11]..It didn't catch the eye of the scouts, but he participated with the introduction of former coach Hiroyuki Baba around the summer of 3rd year.Kinki UniversityReceived high praise from director Hidemasa Tanaka for his practice[12], Of the same schoolJunior collegeDecide to go on to[10][12][13][Note 1].

After entering Kinki University, he started in the opening game in the spring of 1st year as "No. 5 Left Fielder" and became a center pole.[12].. When mass production of home runs started in the fall of 1st year, in addition to outfielders from the spring of 2nd yearthird basemanI also got the opportunity to participate as[12]Won the Best Nine for 3 consecutive seasons[7].. In the summer of 242nd USA-Japan Collegiate Baseball ChampionshipHarlem Baseball Week OfRepresentation from JapanWas elected to and won the league MVP in the same fall[9][14].. In the fall of 4th, he hit the 14th home run in the league match.Tomohiro NiokaHaveKansai Student Baseball LeagueOther than breaking the record of home runs in league games[15], Contributed to the league championship for the first time in three seasons and won the second league MVP[16][17]..In 88 league games, batting average .288, 14 home runs, 69 RBIs.

2020Made on August 10Draft meetingAtFukuoka Softbank Hawks,Orix Buffaloes,Yomiuri Giants,Hanshin TigersReceived the first round nomination from the four teams, and as a result of the lottery, the local Hanshin got the right to negotiate[7]..Temporary contract with contract fee of 1 million yen + volume of 5,000 million yen and annual salary of 1,600 million yen (estimated amount)[1].. Uniform number8[18].

Hanshin period

2021Recorded 12 home runs, the most in 6 teams in the open game[19], Welcome to the opening with one army.March 2, the second race of the seasonTokyo Yakult SwallowsBattle (Meiji Jingu Stadium) Recorded the first professional home run[20].. April 4Hiroshima Toyo CarpBattle (MAZDA Zoom-Zoom Stadium Hiroshima) Was the first new player in the Central League to hit two consecutive home runs in the opening season.[21].. April 4Chunichi DragonsBattle (Vantelin Dome Nagoya) Hit No. 7 solo and belonged to Yokohama BayStars at that timeShuichi Murata(2003), Which was the most home run tie record by the end of April by new players after the draft system.[22].. Hiroshima match on June 5 (Hanshin Koshien Stadium) Then took a restMt. Ooyama YusukeIn place of "4th and XNUMXrd baseman", he started in the starting lineup.[23][Note 2], Recorded 5 RBIs including the first full-base home run in a professional[25][Note 3].. April 5Yokohama DeNA BaystarsIn the match (Yokohama Stadium), he released No. 10 solo and recorded a double-digit home run in the 33rd game, which is the fastest in history among new players since the draft system.[27][Note 4].. June 5 vsSaitama Seibu LionsBattle (MetLife Dome) Then,Nagashima Shigeo(巨人) Recorded three home runs in one game by a new player for the first time in 63 years.[28][Note 5].. The third home run was suppressed in the scene of two deaths in the ninth inning that caught up with the tie.Reed GarrettIt was a winning hit of the rebirth that was hit from[29].. In May, he was selected as his first monthly MVP due to his batting average of .5, 301 home runs, and 6 RBIs.[30][Note 6].. In the game against Softbank (Koshien) on June 6, he hit the fifth home run in the interleague game and set a new record for the number of home runs in the interleague game.[32][Note 7][Note 8].. April 7Hiroshima Toyo CarpIn the battle, one game for the first time in history for a rookie fielder 1Strikeout(Professional baseball worst tie record in 9 times)[34].All star gamesThen, after being selected for the outfielder category with the most votes in the Central League, the first fan vote in history, he will participate in the starting lineup with "No. 7 left fielder" in the first round (Met Life Dome) on July 16th. I ended up with no hits in 1 at bats.In the second round (Rakuten Seimei Park Miyagi) on the 2th, he participated in the starting lineup with "4th right fielder" and was in the first at bat.Hiroya MiyagiWon the fighting award by hitting a solo home run from[35]..RookieAll star gamesHome run in 2019Koshimoto KojiSixth person since then.

Characteristics as a player

Boasting a physique of 187 cm in height and 94 kg in weight, the left long-range cannon that hits a powerful ball from a full swing to a wide angle[9][36].. 50m run 6 seconds 0 leg strength and long throw 100m strong shoulder[37], From the play style that makes use of its high physical ability, in the media "ItoiII ","YanagidaCalled "II"[9][36][32].

Regarding defense, Kindai University director Tanaka has evaluated that "footwork, grab handling, handling, and shoulder strength are all at a high level."[38].


Nickname is "Tell'[39]..At the request of the person himself, the call part of the cheering song for each player was also changed to "tel".[40][41].

As a judokaKodokan Cup All Japan Judo Weight ChampionshipVictory,Matsutaro Shoriki Cup International Student Judo TournamentHe grew up as the eldest son of a sports family under his father, Hironobu, who has a background in participation. There are two younger brothers, and the younger brother, Taiki, who is two years youngerKwansei Gakuin UniversityInfielder who belongs to[42].

At the time of graduating from junior high school, he recalled, "I was cold about baseball" and "I never wanted to go to Koshien."[43][44], Going to Incheon Gakuin because it is "close to home"[44]..He also said that he was considering joining the soccer club even after entering high school, but decided to join the baseball club at the enthusiastic invitation of his friends.[43].

Among the players with the surname "Sato" in Nippon Professional Baseball, "SATOH" is generally used as the back name notation for uniforms, but the person himself is "SATOIs selected.He has been using this notation since he was elected to represent Japan at the university, and he has a strong commitment.[45][Note 9].

Momoiro Clover ZHe professes to be an enthusiastic fan of the game (Mononov), and the reason is "I like humanity, or humanity. I think you'll understand if you see it," he said at a press conference after the draft nomination.[46]..Softbank, which also professes to be a fanHiiragi IshikawaI met at the live venue before joining the pro (Momoiro Christmas 2019At). There is an episode that he said, "I'm Sato playing baseball at Kindai University," and asked him to take a picture with me.[47].

For recommended men (favorite members)To TakagiAre listed[48]..According to Takashiro, it is the first professional baseball player to profess Momoiro Clover.[48].

After entering the pro, when he hits a home run, he makes a Z pose (Momoiro Clover Z's deciding pose) toward the camera as a performance after being welcomed on the bench.[49].


2021 year 4 month 9 dayYokohama DeNA BaystarsBattle (Yokohama Stadium) To 6 timesYuki KuniyoshiThe No. 3 solo struck from is an oversized bullet with an estimated 140m.[50], Posted on the right middle standPigeon sableI passed the signboard and disappeared outside the venue.In response to this, the manufacturerTeshimayaAnnounced that it will present a sable in honor of Sato[51]..In addition, when Sato enters the turn at bat at Yokohama Stadium from the next day, a warning announcement of out-of-field bullets will be made to passers-by outside the stadium.[52].. in the pastVladimir ValentinSimilar measures were taken for them, but it was extremely unusual for newcomers to do so.[52].

Regarding the appointment of Sato as No. 2021 in the match against Hiroshima (Koshien) on May 5, 2, the head coach of the Hanshin TigersKazuki InoueRevealed that he emphasized topicality, saying, "The one who hits No. 4 is the topic."[53].

Detailed information



First record
Other records

Uniform number

  • 8 (2021 -)

Appearance song

Representative history

  • 2018 Japan-US University Baseball Championship Japan National Team
  • 2018 Harlem Baseball Week Japan National Team


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注 釈

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  2. ^ Hanshin's new player started as the 4th batterMt. Ooyama Yusuke(2017) Since then, it is the sixth person in the history of the team[23], It will be the 2th person in the history of the team after the 4 league system[24].
  3. ^ It is the first time in the history of the team that a new Hanshin Tigers hit a home run in the 4th first game.[25]..In addition, the new player No. 4 hit a full-base home run in 1950 at NPB.Minamimura unstoppable(West Japan) It's been 71 years since[26], It is the first time in NPB history if it is limited to the 4th first game[26].
  4. ^ A double-digit home run by a new Hanshin left-fielder was also the first in the history of the team.[27].
  5. ^ This is the first left-handed hitter to hit three home runs in one game for a rookie player.It is also the first new player in the history of the Hanshin Tigers.[28].
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  9. ^ In addition, of the same periodRen SatoIs written as "SATOH".
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