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⚾ | "Smile" "Very beautiful" Hiroshima Suzuki's wife, Airi "Giant slalom" acrobatic pitching

Photo Airi Hatakeyama who appeared at the opening ceremony [Image: PERSOL Pacific League TV]

"Become a smile" "Very beautiful" Hiroshima Suzuki's wife, Airi "Giant slalom" acrobatic pitching

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The video of the opening ceremony held in 2019 was a big hit with over 480 million views.

The opening ceremony video of 2019 was played 443 million times and received a great response ■ Nippon-Ham 4-3 DeNA (12th, Sapporo Dome) Den ... → Continue reading


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Over 480 million playbacks

Opening ceremony

Opening ceremonyWhat is (shikyushiki)?Sports(mainlyBall skills) Is the ceremony before the start of the game. Persons other than active players, such as the organizer and guests, often serve.


Opening ceremony in baseball (Ceremonial First Pitch), before the match startedPitcherAs one ball (rare few balls) is thrown.

Opening ceremony in the United States

In the United States, before the match startsPitcherGuests from the mound or in front of the moundCatcherThrow one ball toward.Basically, no batter stands in the turn at bat, and there is no defense in the infield or outfield.The catcher may be a player (or manager / coach) who participates in the match and who has a connection with the guest (for example).Akira Aoki MarinersWhen you were invited to the opening ball ceremony ofIchiroServed as a catcher). At the beginning of the 20th century, guests threw the ball from the audience seats to the players on the ground.

The oldest recorded opening ceremony is1892 OfWestern leagueIn the opening gameWilliam McKinley(at that timeOhioGovernor, later the 25th President of the United States)[1].Major league baseball(MLB) The first pitching ceremony was held by the 27th President of the United States.William TaftBut,1910ToWashington DCLocal team "Washington SenatorsIt was the first time I went at the opening ceremony.It is said that this was because an aide who could not see the overweight Taft at that time came up with the idea of ​​making the Taft exercise.[2]..Since then, it has become an annual event for successive presidents to hold the opening ceremony of the MLB baseball team based in Washington.[3].

Opening ceremony in Japan

In Japan, from the beginningPitcherFrom the moundbatterAgainst this, the form of throwing 1 ball (rarely a few balls) was taken. In many cases, the starting ball ceremony is held just before the start of the game, in which case the person who is the pitcher will pitch the first batter in the starting team, and the starting member of the latter team will also be the defender including the catcher. ..

The earliest starting ball ceremony recorded1908May 11With an American Major League selection teamWaseda University Baseball ClubIn the gameOhte ShigenobuIs the starting ball of[4].. Shigenobu Okuma's pitch isStrike ZoneIt deviated greatly from, but "Waseda UniversityThe pitching of the founder, president, and politician of Dr. Dai OsumiBall sphereWaseda University's number one batter who thought "Don't do it"Shoji YamawakiPurposelyEmpty swingDostrikeI chose Since then, the batter pays homage to the pitcher's role, so it has become common practice to throw the ball in either the ball or the perfect ball.[4][5].. These Japanese-style start-ball ceremonies have since been implemented not only in Asian countries but also in the United States.

However, there are times when he does not miss the starting pitch.Hokkaido Nippon-Ham FightersOf the eraTakeshi Shinjo Several examples of (SHINJO)[6],Munenori KawasakiExample of hitting like,1964May 7All-Star Round 3Kazuhiro Yamauchi(Because I was chatting with the catcher. I didn't see the ball at all)[4]Such. Also,Keiichi HiranoThere is also a happening that I intended to pretend to be empty like this but eventually hit the bat[7].. There are no special penalties even if you don't miss the starting pitch. It is said that there is also).

high school baseball

SenbatsuThe tournament is the opening ball of the opening game1975 Of47th Selected High School Baseball TournamentOr later,Minister of Education(Since 2001Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) Acts as a pitcher (however, the opening ceremony has been canceled several times).Koshien in the summerIn the opening ball ceremony of the tournament1997 OfThe 79rd National High School Baseball ChampionshipUntil then, the Minister of Education (Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology since 2001) often acted as a pitcher.I belonged to the baseball club in the old junior high schoolAichi KoichiIn the opening ball ceremony that he went to when he was a Minister of Education, he threw a ball that was a strike at a lower outside angle.[8]. AlsoThe 85rd National High School Baseball Championship(2003)soJunichiro Koizumi high school baseballFirst incumbent in competition historyprime ministerThe opening ball ceremony was held, and a strike was thrown in the middle.

1988 OfThe 70rd National High School Baseball ChampionshipThen he was the crown prince at that timeTokujinServed as the royal first pitcher.The batter is from Joso GakuinToshihisa Hitoshi[9].

1998 OfThe 80rd National High School Baseball ChampionshipSince then, high school baseball players often work, especially2006May 8 OfKoshien in the summerIn the opening ball ceremony of, we saved lives in the previous yearKumihama High SchoolSince four baseball members of the school served as the starting ball, players of the school also served as the batter and catcher in addition to the pitcher. In addition, the role of picking up a ball dropped from a helicopter in the sky and handing it to the pitcher was also set.

2018May 8からMay 8Up to 16 days (May 8Held (excluding rest days)100th National High School Baseball Championship Memorial TournamentThen,Koshien Legend Opening CeremonyIs done every day,Hideki Matsui-Masumi Kuwata-Kazuhiro Sasaki-Koji OtaA total of 18 former baseball players who once played active roles in high school baseball at the summer Koshien tournament participated and threw the ball just before the play ball.[10].

Professional baseball

recent yearsJapan Baseball Organization(NPB) under the jurisdictionProfessional baseballThen relayTV stationIs broadcast onEntertainment shows,Drama, Or of the team sponsorCMIncluding performers ofentertainer PropagandaIncreasing number of cases as a part of. If a great player of the past (not limited to a pitcher) does it as a retro project of a baseball team, or if an athlete other than baseball does it as a name of different competition exchange, the baseball team aims to be close to the communityFan clubMembers and home basesMunicipalitiesTo a large amountFurusato tax paymentIn some cases, the donors who made the donation are diversifying.[11]..The son of a retired player may serve as the opening ceremony for the final game of the player.There are also cases where the batter does not stand in the at-bat, or the opening ceremony is held in which the guest plays the batter's role (both in the case of two people) instead of the pitcher's role. Talent on March 2, 2010Isoyama SayakaAn unusual starting ball ceremony was held in which[12].. April 2016th, 4Ami InamuraPerformed the "starting ball ceremony" and "starting ceremony" by one person. InamuraAzusa Uesugi-Rena HasegawaFor example, female talent with experience in baseball and softball is also increasing to show around 100 km/h.[13].

The opening ceremony for the official professional baseball game by the incumbent Prime Minister was held on March 1957, 3.Shinsuke KishiHowever, it will be the opening game巨人versusNational railwayIt was my first time in a war[14][15], The only case until 2020.However,Japan Championship SeriesThen.1960 Japan SeriesIn the first matchHayato IkedaIs holding the opening ceremony[16].


Independent League OfShikoku Island League plus-Ehime Mandarin PiratesIt is,20118 month 26 dayTokushimaBattle (Matsuyama Central Park Baseball Field) Before the match, fans and athletes from the Sports Boy Scouts challenged the "starting ball ceremony with the maximum number of players". 111 pairs of 222 people succeeded,Guinness World RecordsCertified by[17][18].

Other ball games

Ice hockeyThen, face off at the face off spot in the center of the center line.

GolfThen, before the first party starts the round, the inviter often hits the smoke ball from the tee ground of the first ground (often not).

サ ッ カ ーThen kick the ball from outside the court and pass to the referee on the court. Formally"Kick inIs called (sometimes kicking PK). Sponsors, local government chiefs, team-related celebrities, supporter representatives, etc.

basketballNow, do tip-off (tip-off ceremony). It is customary for a guest to pass a pass to one of the players and dribble to make a shot. Some guests may throw a free throw.

volleyballThen do the serve. Depending on the person, it will be divided into either a savrine (a person with confidence) or an attack line (a person without confidence).

rugbyNow, take a penalty kick. Soccer players are often invited because they require kick power.

American FootballThen, actually decide the attack order and position of the gamecoin tossThe guest may perform the coin toss instead of the referee. The first time in 1948Rice bowlThen I visited JapanPaul RushKicked off.


Motor sportsAt the newcircuitWhen is completed, we will celebrate the completion of the circuit with a "starting ceremony" that is not a starting ball ceremony.

karate-TaekwondoThen, as a ceremony before the start of the tournamentTrial splitPerformanceIt is sometimes called the "starting split expression" by multiplying by "."


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