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🏀 | [Comprehensive Athletic Meet High School Basketball Championship Tokai Men's Semifinal] Coming soon!Takayamanishi vs Tomita

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[Comprehensive Athletic Meet High School Basketball Championship Tokai Men's Semifinal] It will start soon!Takayamanishi vs Tomita

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After this, from 6/13 11:20, the Tokai Tournament Basketball Semifinal Takayama Nishi High School (Men's) vs Tomita High School (Men's) match will be held at Mie Prefectural Sun Arena.

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Mie Prefectural Sun Arena

Mie Prefectural Sun Arena(Mie Kenei Sun Arena)MieIse CityMultipurpose in Asamachoア リ ー ナ..The exterior is based on the motif of "ship, sea, sail".The facility is owned by Mie Prefecture and is managed by Scorcha Mie Co., Ltd. as a designated manager.The abbreviation is "Sun Arena".


It consists of a main arena with a capacity of 11,000, a sub arena with a capacity of 3,000, and an international conference hall with 208 seats.The total project cost is about 162 billion yen.So farIkimonogakari,DREAMS COME TRUE,Ayumi Hamasaki,Fukuyama Masaharu,Kanjani Eight,Hey! Say! JUMP,Mr. Children, And from my hometown, Mie (Matsusaka City)ofNishino KanaAre holding live[3]. AlsoNew Year,Golden weekIn a large number of customers such asPark and bus rideIn and around Sun ArenaParking Lot Ise ShrineOpen for worshipersGeku-UchinomiyaAnd round trip between Sun ArenaShuttle busIs operated[4].

Scorcha MieAkafuku,ZTV(OldIT Bee),Ise Chamber of Commerce,Mie traffic,XNUMX banks,Hundred five banks,NPO corporationIt is funded by Ise Convenience Store, and Akafuku President and CEO Noriyasu Hamada is also the company's CEO.


1992年3月25日に施設を管理・運営する財団法人サンアリーナが設立され、同年に建設工事が開始され、1994年6月5日に竣工した。1994年7月22日から11月6日にはWorld Festival ExpoIt was used as the main venue for (Mie '94, Festival Expo). General service began on January 1995, 1.

In March 1997, Mie Prefecture purchased a part of the land in front of the Sun Arena. On April 3, 1998, the Mie Prefecture Resort Promotion Corporation, which it manages, was reorganized into the Mie Visitors Promotion Organization.


On April 2006, 4, the management business was transferred from the Mie Visitors Promotion Organization to Scorcha Mie Co., Ltd., which is funded by a private company.

The main sporting event was in July 2006Volleyball World LeagueIt will be the match venue for the Japan national team match, and from September 2009th to 9th, 729th World Rhythmic Gymnastics ChampionshipWas held.Also,B.LEAGUEKyoto HannarysHas been holding two games each season since the 2011-2012 season.

2016Held on May 5th and 26thThe 42th Summit of Developed CountriesAt (Ise-Shima Summit), an international media center was set up.[5][6][7], Became a base for summit coverage by media outlets around the world.

After that in 2017National Confectionery Expo(Ise-san Confectionery Expo 2017) was held. In 202176th National Sports FestivalIs scheduled to be held[7].


Source: Mie Prefecture[8]

  • Site area: 28,645m2
  • Total floor area: 24,312m2
  • Structural Reinforcing Bar: Concrete / Reinforced 3 stories
  • Main Arena: Floor area: 3,489m2, Fixed seats: 4,980 seats, electrically movable seats 2,180 seats
  • Sub arena: Floor area: 1,746m2, Fixed seats 1,002 seats
  • Meeting room etc.
    • 1st floor: International Conference Room, Reception Room, 3rd Conference Room, 4th Conference Room, 1st Special Room,
    • 2nd floor: 5th meeting room, 2nd special room, restaurant, shop, main arena: 1st meeting room, 2nd meeting room




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