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⚽ | [All Japan Senior Football Championship Kanto Qualifying Round 2] Tsukuba FC wins by pushing Nankatsu SC

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[All Japan Senior Football Championship Kanto Qualifying Round 2] Tsukuba FC wins by pushing Nankatsu SC

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In the second half, Nankatsu SC could not break the goal of Tsukuba FC and the difficult development continued.

The second round of the All Japan Senior Football Championship Kanto Qualifying will be held on June 2th (Sun) at Hitachinaka City General Athletic Park Athletics ... → Continue reading


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Tsukuba FC

Tsukuba FC (Tsukuba Football Club)IbarakiTsukuba CityIs a soccer club based in.

In this item, mainly clubs andKanto Soccer LeagueI will describe the top men's team to which I belong.Clubs aiming to join the J LeagueIs one of.About the ladies teamTsukuba FC LadiesSee item.


Junior School (U12), Junior Youth (U15), Youth (U18), Girls (Women's Elementary School ~ High School Students), Ladies Team (Tsukuba FC Ladies), the top team is active. There are about 60 sponsors. As for the operating mother, the top team of men and womenTsukuba FC Co., Ltd.", the school division including the youth and younger generationNPO corporationTsukuba Football Club". Based on the idea of ​​"making everyone enjoy sports in a wonderful environment throughout their lives,"サ ッ カ ーWe are aiming to popularize.

Headquartered in Tsuchiura CityJoyful HondaWe have formed a business alliance with the sports club ``Joyful Athletic Club", we are holding a soccer school under the guidance of the Tsukuba FC coaches.

The junior youth team does not make a selection at the time of joining because it focuses on training,Takamado Palace All Japan Youth (U-15) Soccer ChampionshipHe also passed the Ibaraki Prefecture qualifying round in 2nd place and participated in the Kanto tournament.


  • 1993: Started as a women's team (now Tsukuba FC Ladies), and soon a men's team. Active at school and physical education facilities in Tsukuba city.
  • ?? Year: Started junior (U-12) school activities.
  • 2001: Started enjoy class (elementary school beginners, women center) activities. School start using Miyamoto ground. Start of adult school.
  • 2002: Started school activities for junior youth (U-15).
  • 2003: Established "NPO Tsukuba Football Club". Top men's team begins partnership with Joyful Honda.
  • 2004: Girls Youth (5 elementary school girls-high school students) started working.
  • 2005: Started using Tsukuba Futsal Arena (artificial grass, presently FUTSAL POINT Tsukuba). Incorporated the office of the commercial part as "Tsukuba FC Co., Ltd." One room of Hotel Matsushima is used as an office. Started activities in the Youth (Men's U-1) category. Happy class (now girls youth) activities started
  • 2006: Men's Youth Team registered with JFA. A hand-crafted natural turf ground "Tsukuba FC Expo Ground" will be provided as a practice place. Sekisho becomes a uniform sponsor of the women's team and begins hiring female players. Declaration of participation in the women's top team Nadeshiko.
  • 2008: Transfer of management of the top team to Tsukuba FC Co., Ltd. With the creation of the ground in 2006,Japan Football Association(JFA) "Green Project" cooperation. Created 30 pot seedlings to be sent nationwide at the Tsukuba FC Expo Memorial Park Ground. The regional sports information magazine vision, which is published jointly with "Active Tsukuba", has passed the application for the toto subsidy. Since NovemberRadio TsukubaThe program "Tsukuba Football Stadium" started.
  • 2009: The logo and emblem are revamped to strengthen the top team as a policy. Take a big step toward entering the J League and Nadeshiko League. Collaboration with the regional blog portal site "Tsukuba channel blog" closely related to Tsukuba City has also begun. Flag partner business started.
  • 2015: Established Tsukuba FC Next (men's second team).

Men's top team (Joyful Honda Tsukuba FC)

The men's top team isJoyfull Honda Tsukuba FC(Joyful Honda/Tsukuba FC)"University of Tsukuba"StudentVentureOperated by "Tsukuba FC Co., Ltd."[1].Ibaraki Adult LeagueIt succeeded to the "Joyful Honda Soccer Club," which belonged to the second division, and has been promoted to the Kanto League in 2.

From 2009University of TsukubaIn addition to accepting OBs from the university, it also gives active staff opportunities to participate.

The J LeagueJapan Football LeagueAs a general rule, when joining the (JFL), a seating capacity of at least 5000 seats (J3 league・It is obligatory to secure a stadium (JFL standard) in the hometown, and currently Tsukuba City does not have a facility corresponding to it, but Tsukuba City2019ToIbarakiWill be inNational Athletic MeetThe main venue of2020 Tokyo OlympicsIn mind that it will be used as a camping site forJ1 leagueAn athletics stadium with a capacity of 3 people that meets the holding criteria[2]Tsukuba City Sports Park was planned to be built with[3]Although,20158In the referendum, there were many votes against the construction plan, and the development was frozen.Clubs aiming to join the J LeagueIs one of.

But in January 2016Sports reportAccording to Tsukuba CityProfessional baseball/Yomiuri Giants army 2nd/3rd armyA construction plan for a new sports facility centering on the utilization of the headquarters is planned (substantial revival of the plan)[4]


  • 1976: Established as the "Daishinen Soccer Club" centered on OB and graduate students of University of Tsukuba.
  • 1978: Joined the Ibaraki Prefectural League, changing the name and partner of "Joyful Honda Soccer Club".
  • 2007: In partnership with Tsukuba FC, renamed "Joyful Honda Tsukuba FC" and started activities as the top team of Tsukuba FC.
  • 2009: The logo and emblem are renewed and the top team is strengthened as a policy. Tie-up with University of Tsukuba kicking club.
  • 2013:49th National Adult Soccer ChampionshipIn the jumping grade37th National Regional Soccer League Final TournamentEven though he participated in, he lost the first round.Kanto Adult Soccer TournamentI won the championship from the next yearKanto Soccer LeagueI decided to be promoted to the second division.
  • 2014: Won the 2nd division of the Kanto Soccer League and was promoted to the 1st division from the following year.


2021 Year Edition

ス タ ッ フ

PositionNameformer jobRemarks
GMJapanese flagUniversity of TsukubaRepresentative of team
directed byJapanese flag Daisuke TomitaMito HollyHock Club Relations Coordinatornew
coachJapanese flagIbaraki Club Tresentifnew
Technical staffJapanese flagTsukuba FC Junior Youth 2020 Directornew

Player (Joyful Honda Tsukuba FC)

PosNo.NamePrevious affiliationRemarks
GK1Japanese flagFC Gifu SECOND
21Japanese flag Chirashi EarthCobaltore Onagawa
DF3Japanese flagNew member
4Japanese flagJosai International University
5Japanese flagUniversity of Tsukuba
6Japanese flagBlau Blitz Akita
9Japanese flagShizuoka University
15Japanese flag Shuhei DoenCobaltore Onagawa
16Japanese flagFC KariyaAthlete chairman
17Japanese flagHyosung International High School
29Japanese flagBoso Rover's Kisarazu FCNew member
MF7Japanese flag Yuki TeruokaBriobecca UrayasuVice Captain
8Japanese flagTokyo Musashino City FC
10Japanese flagTakushoku University
20Republic of Korea flagDemocratic People's Republic of Korea flagKorean University
23Japanese flagKanagawa UniversityNew member
25Japanese flag Ryunosuke SuzukiSenshu UniversityNew member
26Japanese flagRikkyo UniversityNew member
27Japanese flagGerman flag (German versionNew member
28Japanese flagFlag of SlovakiaNew member
30Japanese flagRyutsu Keizai UniversityNew member
33Japanese flag Teru AndoTokyo United FCNew member
34Japanese flagChukyo UniversityNew member
FW11Japanese flagSendai University
13Japanese flagKokushikan UniversityNew member
19Japanese flagKashima Antlers Youth
31Japanese flagRyutsu Keizai UniversityNew member
35Japanese flagMalta flag (English editionNew member

Player (Tsukuba FC Next)

PosNo.NamePrevious affiliationRemarks
GK1Japanese flagSeiryo High School
12Japanese flagJoyfull Honda Tsukuba FC
DF3Japanese flagIwaki Koyo High School
4Japanese flag
5Japanese flagJoyfull Honda Tsukuba FC
28Japanese flag
MF2Japanese flagRyuukei Ohashi High School
6Republic of Korea flagDemocratic People's Republic of Korea flagFC Ganju Iwate
7Japanese flag
9Japanese flagFunabashi City High School
13Japanese flagSakai Trinitas
15Japanese flagTsukuba FC Youth
16Japanese flag
19Japanese flagIbaraki University
23Japanese flagGerman flag
24Japanese flag
30Japanese flagTsukuba FC Youth
31Japanese flagHiroaki Mito High School
33Japanese flag
35Japanese flag
FW10Japanese flagTsukuba FC Youth
27Japanese flagFurukawa Daiichi High School

Team performance

Men's top team (Joyful Honda Tsukuba FC)

2005Ibaraki2nd block AWin34121110
2006Ibaraki prefecture 1st section9 bit1213337-12%
2007Ibaraki prefecture 2nd section A blockWin11150941Promoted by the first division after a replacement battle
2008Ibaraki prefecture 1st section7 bit11143293036-6
2009Ibaraki prefecture 2nd section A block2 bit1123036-6
20102 bit3012100247839
2012Ibaraki prefecture 1st section4 bit191461733321
20132 bit34141112481038Promoted to the second section of Kanto after a soccer tournament for Kanto adults
2014Kanto2 partWin41181323552134
2015Kanto Department 13 bit36181332452718
20165 bit271883737343
20172 bit41181323431726
20187 bit22186483237-5
20197 bit21185671827-9
202010 bit39[*1]108823-15%
注 釈
  1. ^ Spread of COVID-XNUMX infectionAs a result, all the games from the first half of the previous term to the ninth half of the previous term were canceled, and only the second half of the schedule was held.

Men's Second Team (Tsukuba FC Next)

2015Ibaraki prefecture 3nd section A blockWin281091051645
2016Ibaraki prefecture 2nd section A block2 bit35131120821171
20172 bit32131021481434
20182 bit2812912591247

Men's Youth (U-18)

  • 2008
    • U-18 Ibaraki prefectural league prefectural south B championship
    • U-18 Ibaraki Prefectural League District League Final Tournament 4th
  • 2009
    • U-18 Ibaraki Prefectural League Prefectural South B 5th

Men's Junior Youth (U-15)

  • 2008
    • Japan Club Youth Championship (U-15) Ibaraki Preliminary Round Final Tournament Advancement
    • IFA club league (U-15) championship → IFA top league second division entry battle championship
    • Takamado Miya Cup All Japan Youth Championship (U-15) Ibaraki Prefectural Tournament Runner-up → Kanto Tournament
    • IFA U-13 Tournament Tsukuba City Qualifying runner-up → Prefectural South Qualifying
  • 2009
    • IFA Top League (U15) 2nd Division B championship → IFA Top League 1st Division promotion
    • IFA U-13 Tournament Tsukuba City Qualifying Win → Prefectural South Qualifying
  • 2010
    • Japan Club Youth Championship (U-15) XNUMXrd place in Ibaraki qualifying → Advance to Kanto tournament



Uniform color
カ ラ ーshirtPantsstockings
FP (1st)Blue x whitetagtag
FP (2nd)Red x black"Red""Red"
GK (1st)绿绿绿
GK (2nd)Friblackblack
FP 1st
FP 2nd
GK 1st
GK 2nd

Club color

  •     Navy blue,    Red,    white

Uniform sponsor

Posting locationSponsor nameNotationPosted yearRemarks
chestJoyful HondaJOYFUL
Upper backSanwa Needle BearingTNK SANWA
Lower backNone--
sleeveIshihara industrySEK
Ishihara Sangyo Co., Ltd.
PantsContinental homeContinental Home
Continental home

Uniform supplier itinerary

Chronology of successive uniform sponsors

年度chestclavicleUpper backLower backsleevePantssupplier
--Before ban--Mizuno
2019Continental Home
Continental home
Ishihara Sangyo Co., Ltd.


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