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⚽ | [All Japan Senior Football Championship Kanto Qualifying Round 2] Esperanza escapes from Saitama SC after offense and defense

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[All Japan Senior Football Championship Kanto Qualifying Round 2] Esperanza escapes from Saitama SC after offense and defense

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The final score was 5-1 and Esperanza won by defeating Saitama SC with a big difference of 4 points.

The second round of the All Japan Senior Football Championship Kanto qualifying will be held on June 2th (Sun) at Saitama Stadium 6th Grand Artificial Turf ... → Continue reading


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Saitama Soccer Club

Saitama Soccer ClubIt is,SaitamaSaitamaWorking people based inサ ッ カ ーIt's a club. Abbreviation isSaitama SC.. As of 2020Kanto Soccer League 2nd DivisionBelong to.


Taisho eraAt the endSaitama Normal SchoolFormed by an OBSaitama Kicking TeamIs a club whose predecessor is[1].. The club1941 OfPacific WarThe activity was stopped due to the outbreak of1953ToNational Athletic MeetIn order to participate in the Kanto qualifying round with the establishment of the faculty departmentUrawa Soccer ClubReorganized around the faculty members who belonged to[1].. In addition, on the official website of the club, this yearSaitama Prefecture Teacher Soccer ClubIt is said that it was founded as[2].. National polity championship in the pastJapan Soccer League (JSL) Has experience belonging to the second division[3].

Due to the nature of a teachers club, in the pastGyoji MatsumotoThere were many prominent soccer leaders in Saitama prefecture. Also belonged to the JSL2 department1982から1983At that timeUrawa South High SchoolHigh school championshipThe main players at that time (such as Masaharu Nozaki) who achieved the second straight victory were also enrolled.

2000From the season, the door will be opened from the traditional teacher-only club to general players.Saitama Soccer Club(Saitama SC) restarted[3].2008Based in Saitama CitySaitama Soccer ClubRenamed to (Saitama SC)[3].2011From Saitama City Northern 3rd Division LeagueSaitama SC secondEstablished.

2013,J3 league With the inauguration of (J3)Japan Football League (JFL) Saitama SC, in response to the fact that 18 teams, which is more than half of the 10 teams belonging to the team, have expressed their intention to participate, and JFL has urged the teams belonging to the 1st division of each regional league to join the JFL. Applied for membership in JFL[3][4].. same yearMay 12, Announcement of postponement of JFL membership next term[5].


  • 1953 Saitama Prefecture Teacher Soccer ClubLaunched as
  • 1978 Emperor's cupFirst appearance, defeated in the first round
  • 1982 Japan Soccer League2nd division promotion (demoted in 2 seasons)
  • 2000 Saitama Soccer Club (Saitama SC)Renamed to Emperor's Cup 1st round defeat
  • 2001 Lost the first round of the Emperor's Cup
  • 2002 Lost the first round of the Emperor's Cup
  • 2005 Lost the first round of the Emperor's Cup
  • 2007 Lost the first round of the Emperor's Cup
  • 2008 Saitama Soccer Club (Saitama SC)Renamed to
  • 2010 National Regional Soccer League Final Tournament9th participation in 7 years since the replenishment frame
  • 2011 As a second teamSaitama SC secondEstablished


League match

Cup match

League record

1974Kanto3 bit171471629272
19756 bit11145182730-3
19763 bit171473426224
19776 bit13146192428-4
19787 bit27186 (1)[*1]-12 (5)[*1]2829-1
1979Win531813 (0)[*1]-5 (1)[*1]471631
19812 bit25181053301713
1982JSL2 part9 bit111843111438-24%
198310 bit91841131428-14%
1984Kanto5 bit2018846281513
19852 bit29181413462125
5 bit181874732302
8 bit181866623221
5 bit181874729245
5 bit16185672127-6
3 bit19188372728-1
5 bit1918837452718
5 bit20189272126-5
4 bit261875629245
6 bit201862102230-8
6 bit22186482431-7
9 bit181853101835-17%
7 bit241866622220
5 bit24187383135-4
2 bit30189362729-2
200210 bit892 (0)[*1]-7 (0)[*1]1224-12%
Kanto Department 22 bit33141103532033
2004Kanto Department 13 bit20146261924-5
20053 bit271490530282
20064 bit201455427189
20076 bit15144371622-6
20085 bit16144462022-2
20094 bit2714833241311
20102 bit231472526179
20112 bit271490529263
20126 bit26187563538-3
20138 bit23186572431-7
20149 bit131834112137-16%
20159 bit131841131041-31%
20167 bit22186482930-1
20178 bit171852112541-16%
201810 bit101824121348-35%
2019Kanto Department 25 bit26188282728-1
20209 bit79[*2]2161324-11%
注 釈
  1. ^ a b c d e f () Is a penalty shootout
  2. ^ Spread of COVID-XNUMX infectionAs a result, all the games from the first half of the previous term to the ninth half of the previous term were canceled, and only the second half of the schedule was held.



ス タ ッ フ

Top team
PositionNameformer jobRemarks
directed byJapanese flagJapanese flag Saitama teacher SC player
coachJapanese flagJapanese flag Saitama SC player
coachJapanese flagJapanese flag Saitama SC player
coachJapanese flagUrawa Higashi High SchoolPlayer-coach
coachJapanese flagJapanese flag Aventura Kawaguchi playerPlayer-coach
coachJapanese flagUrawa High SchoolPlayer-coach
GK coachJapanese flagChukyo FC playerPlayer and goalkeeper coach
competentJapanese flagJapanese flag Saitama teacher SC player
Second team
PositionNameformer jobRemarks
directed byJapanese flagNippon Sport Science University
competentJapanese flagRissho UniversityPlayer and chief


PosNo.Player namePrevious affiliationRemarks
GK12Japanese flagRissho UniversityPlayer and chief
21Japanese flagKasukabe East High School
41Japanese flagShinshu University
42Japanese flagIruma Mukaiyo High School
61Japanese flagTokorozawa Commercial High School
DF2Japanese flagJapanese flag
3Japanese flagUrawa High SchoolPlayer-coach
14Japanese flagUrawa Higashi High SchoolPlayer-coach
27Japanese flagKawaguchi Kita High School
28Japanese flagFC.fasciner
32Japanese flagInternational Budo University
36Japanese flagJapanese flag
37Japanese flagNihon University
39Japanese flagUrawa High School
54Japanese flagSenshu University
59Japanese flagChuo University Soccer Club
52Japanese flagYokkaichi Central Technical High School
56Japanese flagShohei High School
57Japanese flagDaito Bunka University
58Japanese flagJosai University
98Japanese flagJapanese flag Aventura KawaguchiPlayer-coach
PosNo.Player namePrevious affiliationRemarks
MF4Japanese flagJapanese flag
5Japanese flagTakushoku University
7Japanese flagJapanese flag VONDS Ichihara FC
8Japanese flagDaito Bunka University
9Japanese flagRyuukei Ohashi High School
11Japanese flagHeisei International University
13Japanese flagNippon Sport Science University
15Japanese flagToin Gakuen High School
16Japanese flagToyo University
17Japanese flagBunkyo University
20Japanese flagKumagaya High School
22Japanese flagBunkyo University
23Japanese flagUrawa South High School
24Japanese flagJapanese flag
29Japanese flagKokugakuin University Tochigi High School
33Japanese flagJapanese flag
34Japanese flagSendai University
40Japanese flagNippon Sport Science University
45Japanese flagShobi Gakuen University
49Japanese flagOmiya Nishi High School
51Japanese flagNihon Univ. Toyoyama High School
53Japanese flagNihon Univ. Toyoyama High School
62Japanese flagJapanese flag
FW10Japanese flagBrazilian flag (Portuguese version
18Japanese flagNihon University
19Japanese flagSaitama Nanryo High School
25Japanese flagSendai University
26Japanese flagTokoha University
35Japanese flagKokusai Gakuin High School
38Japanese flagFC.fasciner
43Japanese flagTokyo University of Economics
47Japanese flagMatsumoto Yamaga FC U-18
48Japanese flagTokyo International University
54Japanese flagAsaka High School
55Japanese flagOmiya Higashi High School
59Japanese flagTokyo International University
60Japanese flagUrawagakuin High School
99Japanese flagChukyo FCPlayer and goalkeeper coach

Successive directors

  • Nao Takahashi 1953
  • Masayuki Nakamura 1955-1960, 1963-1966
  • Akira Inamoto 1961-1962
  • Ryoichi Hiroba 1967-1969
  • Yasumitsu Fujii 1970
  • Kazo Suzuki 1971
  • Kazuo Shinozaki 1973-1976
  • Kazuyoshi Sannohe 1977-1979
  • Munehiro Shibata 1979-198?
  • Kenji Akiyama

Successive players


Uniform color
カ ラ ーshirtPantsstockings
FP (1st)tagtagtag
FP (2nd)pinkpinkpink
GK (1st)绿绿绿
GK (2nd)yellowyellowyellow
FP 1st
FP 2nd
GK 1st
GK 2nd

Club color

  •   tag

Uniform sponsor

Posting locationSponsor nameNotationPosted yearRemarks
chestEchoEcho2016-2016-2018 pants
Upper backIntangible managementVisit care service
Thanks Omiya
2017-2017-2018 sleeves
Lower backNone--
sleeveSaitama Central CleaningSaitama Central Cleaning Co., Ltd.2019-
PantsStudio ConchigoStudio

Uniform supplier

Chronology of successive uniform sponsors

年度chestclavicleUpper backLower backsleevePantssupplier
Ida design
-Mine sports-Sea Hooksvolme
2015Ida design
2017Raw buckwheat TakenoyaMine sports-Visit care service
Thanks Omiya
2019EchoVisit care service
Thanks Omiya
Saitama Central Cleaning Co., Ltd.Studio


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  • "Saitama Soccer 75 Years of Shining" Saitama Football Association, 1983

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