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🥋 | [Judo World Championship] Kokoro Kageura Is the V heavyweight class revived for the first time in XNUMX Japanese tournaments in the men's XNUMX kg class?

Photo Kokoro Kageura

[Judo World Championship] Kokoro Kageura Is the V heavyweight class revived for the first time in XNUMX Japanese tournaments in the men's XNUMX kg class?

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In addition, Sarah Asahina (78 = Big Tree) won the women's 24 kg class for the second time in two tournaments.

On the XNUMXth day of the World Judo Championships (Budapest, Hungary, XNUMXth), Kokoro Kageura (XNUMX = ... → Continue reading

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Sarah Asahina

Sarah Asahina(Asahina Sara,1996May 10 -) isJapan Ofwomanjudoplayer,medicalStudent..The class is over 78 kg.Height 176 cm.Weight 135 kg.Bust 133 cm.Reach 180 cm.KumiteIs right-handed.My specialty isDismissal,Supporting foot..Obtained Judo XNUMXth Dan[1][2][3].


Judo was in the second grade of elementary schoolAthens OlympicsIn the 100 kg finalSuzuki Keiji Tamerlan TmenovTheKosoto GariI was impressed by the match I defeated inKodokanI started at the Kasuga Judo Club in.For 2 years seniors in the dojoMashu Baker, For one year seniorWolf AaronThere was.On the other handwater poloUnder the influence of his father who was a player of water polo,Swimming,basketballWas also working on[2][4][5]..When I was in the 5th grade of elementary schoolNational Youth Judo Tournament3rd place in the team competition[1].

Shibuya Education Academy Shibuya Junior High SchoolIn the second yearNational Junior High School Judo TournamentWon the 70kg class[1].All Japan Selected Boys Judo TournamentClassmates even in team competitionsFumiho KakizawaAnd led to the school's first national championship[1].. It is a tournament that decides the best in the world under 3 years old in 16 yearsWorld CadetIn the final, the height of the local Ukraine reaches 2m.Elizabeta KalaninaTheHarai makikomifromKesa-gatameWon all five games and won the championship[2][6]..Immediately after that, at the national junior high school judo tournament, he lost in the third round and did not win the second straight title.[1].. ContinueKodokan CupThen in the quarterfinalsWorld championshipIndiscriminate third placeKinki University3 yearsNanami HashiguchiTheOsoto makikomiAlthough he was a junior high school student, he was ranked 5th.[1].

Shibuya Education Academy Shibuya High SchoolFirst appearance immediately after going on toAll Japan Judo ChampionshipSo in the semifinalsYamanashi Gakuin University4 yearsKanae YamabeAlthough he was defeated by Harai Goshi, he showed a good fight to finish in 15rd place at the age of only 3.[7].Gold eagle flagThen it was first place.Inter HighSo, although I finished second in the team competition, in the final in the individual competitionFuji City High SchoolDefeated Mao Takikawa in 2nd year with a 2-1 decision and won the championship despite being a 1st year student.[8].. ContinueAll Japan JuniorBut I won[9]..In the second round at the Kodokan CupJR East OfNodoka ShiraishiLost to[1].. In SeptemberGrand Slam TokyoIn the semi-finalsLondon OlympicsCuba's gold medalistIdalys OrtizToOgoshiAlthough he lost in, he won the 16rd place at the age of 3.[10].. In March 2013Europe Open SophiaWon the first international championship of seniors[11].. In MayHigh school championshipIndiscriminately, in the finalNitta High SchoolDefeated Takaho Tsukinami in 2nd year with a skill to win the championship[12].. In the second year, he lost to Takikawa in the Inter-High Semifinals in August and did not win the championship for the second time in a row.[1].. In MayKodokan CupThen I won the championship in my second year of high school[1].. In MayGrand Slam TokyoThen in the semifinalsIntegrated security guarantee OfAi TachimotoStayed in 2th place, losing in guidance 5[1].. In March 2014, he broke his right little toe and left the battlefield for a while. In the All Japan Junior Final in September, which was a return match in the third yearOsaka University of Physical Education2 yearsSara YamamotoWon the second victory in two years after defeating[13].. In MayWorld JuniorThen, except for three coaches in the semi-finals, they all won one and won the championship.[14]..Even in team competitions, he contributed to the team's victory by winning one in every match, including the final match against France.[15][16].. At the Kodokan Cup in November, if you win all the games until the semi-finals, in the finalsYamanashi Gakuin University4 yearsManami InoueDefeated in Guidance 3 and achieved the second straight victory[17].. In MayGrand Slam TokyoThen, in the semi-final, he defeated Megumi Tachimoto in Guidance 2, but in the finalMitsui Sumitomo Insurance OfNami InamoriToOuchi GariLost in and stayed in 2th place[1].

Entered Tokai University in April 2015[1]..In July when I was in my first year of collegeUniversiadeIn the final, the local KoreanKim Min-jeongI won the championship by defeating him with the big waist that he learned after entering university.[18][19]..In the team match, when he appeared in the scene where it was 2-2 in the final match against South Korea, he became Kim following the individual match.Sumi otoshiAnd led the team to victory[20][21].. At the All Japan Junior Championships in September, he won all one and won the championship for the third time in a row for two years.[22].. In the Kodokan Cup final in November, he effectively defeated Inamori, who lost in last year's Grand Slam Tokyo, and achieved the third straight victory in this tournament.[23].. ContinueGrand Prix ChejuThen, win all 5 gamesIJF World Judo TourFirst victory[24].. In MayGrand Slam TokyoThen, when he played against France's Marine El in the quarterfinals, he abandoned his body from the standing posture that was the target of the foul defeat.AxillaryI set it up and was in 7th place.Due to this result, I could not participate in the winter European expedition,Rio de Janeiro OlympicsThe seat of the representative was also far away[1][25].

When he was in his second year of college, he effectively defeated Megumi Tachimoto, an eight-year senior at college, in the semi-finals by weight in April, but he broke his left leg.I still play in the final,Miki House OfKanae YamabeLost in guidance 2 and stayed in 2nd place[26]..In October, which was the return battleBy student weightThen in the finalTeikyo UniversityAfter entering the GS, he defeated the moon wave with Uchimata's waza-ari and won the championship.[27].. In the final at the Kodokan Cup in NovemberNanchiku High School1 yearsKagayaki ShineWas effective and defeated, and achieved the fourth straight victory of this tournament for the first time in the history of women[28].. In MayGrand Slam TokyoThen, when he defeated Yamabe in the semi-final with a single skill, he defeated Sone in Guidance 2 after entering GS in the final, and finally achieved his first victory in his fifth appearance in this tournament.[29].. August 2017Grand slam parisSo in the semi-finals of the Rio de Janeiro Olympic gold medalist in FranceEmily AndeolWhen he defeated Yoko Shiho gatame, he won a foul against Yamabe in the final and won his first victory in this tournament.[30].

When I was in my third year of college, in the first match by weight in AprilMiki HouseLost to Sara Yamamoto[31]..In the following All Japan Championship, if they won the first two games after entering GS, they would rematch with Yamamoto, who lost two weeks ago in the quarterfinals, and after 2 minutes and 2 seconds including GS.Ouchi gaeshiI took effect and humiliated.In the semifinalsMitsui Sumitomo Insurance OfRika TakayamaIn the final, after taking guidance 2 from Tachimoto, he was defeated by the effective Harai Makikomi and achieved his first victory in this tournament.World championshipElected as a representative[32][33].. In MayGrand Slam YekaterinburgThen, in the final, he defeated Germany's Yasmine Kyrubus with a waza-ari technique and won the championship.[34].. In MayWorld championshipSo if you win one of the three races up to the quarterfinals, in the semifinals TurkeyKayra SiteAfter entering GS, I broke it with the skill of Sasae Tsurikashi.In the final of ChinaYu SongWhen he played against, he took Guidance 1 in advance, but after entering GS, he was repeatedly involved in a spoofing attack, and Asahina who became reluctant was given Guidance 2 and was defeated and stayed in the silver medal.[35].World organizationThen in the final against BrazilMaria Suelen AlthemanContributed to the team's gold medal by winning all the games, including defeating Yoko Shiho gatame.[36]..In addition, he retired from the judo club of Tokai University in the end of September.According to the people concerned, the reason is "difference in the way of thinking about the strengthening policy".Recently, I haven't seen much in the judo club.In the future, while attending Doshisha University, he will continue to practice independently from a free position.[37]..According to him, the reason for leaving is to avoid overcrowded schedules such as participation in student competitions other than top-level competitions such as the All Japan Championship and IJF World Judo Tour, and to be able to go on to medical school after the Tokyo Olympics. I wanted my time including it. "The Tokai University Judo Club was treated as a graduate.[38][39].. In MayWorld Championship (indiscriminate)Then, Ortiz, who lost all three races in the semi-finalsTate Shiho gataIn the final, Bosnia and Herzegovina, who is second in the world ranking,Larisa CerićAfter taking the waza-ari twice with the support footCrumbling four sidesHe won the championship by winning all the games, such as defeating him.In addition, by winning this tournament, he won a prize of over 1000 million yen.Moreover,Naohisa Takato,Ami KondoFollowing that, he won the three categories of World Cadet, World Junior and Senior World Championships, the third in history.[40][41][42].. In MayGrand Slam TokyoThen, when he defeated Inamori with waza-ari in the semi-final, he won the tournament for the second time in a row by defeating Sone in the final.[43][44][45].. In March 2018Tokyo OlympicsIf you win a gold medal at, continueGrand Slam TokyoRevealed that he plans to retire after participating in the Olympics with a gold number that is only given to the Olympic champions.[46].. August 2018Grand Slam DusseldorfThen in the final of TunisiaNihel CheikhrukhI won the championship by winning all of them, such as winning a foul.[47].

From April 4, when he is in his fourth year at university, he will be the first student in the judo world and a businessman at the same time.Park 24It was decided to belong to.In addition to practicing at Tokai University and the judo club of Park 24, he will also go to other universities for practicing.[38][48]..By weight, when he played against Sone in the final, he took the lead in coaching 2 but was revived after that, and after nearly 12 minutes of fighting including GS, he lost the foul and finished in 2nd place.At this time, he commented, "The other party has accumulated skills, but I am just hitting with a blessed body ... I am disappointed."[49][50]..At the following All Japan Championship, at a press conference before the tournament, he showed a bullish stance toward Sone, saying, "I will pick the sprouts that have come out."We also invited pediatric home ventilator patients and their families to the convention.In that match, he played against Sone in the semi-final and scored valid points first, but when it was canceled, he lost the foul after entering GS and ended up in 3rd place.[51][52][53]..However, despite losing to the roots in both the weight-based and all-Japan championship tournaments, due to the achievements in the international tournament.World championshipElected as a representative[54][55].. In MayGrand Prix ZagrebThen, after entering the GS on the site in the quarterfinals, he suffered a foul loss, but after that he won the repechage and finished in 3rd place.[56].. In MayWorld championshipThen, he won the site in the quarter-finals, defeated Zerich in the semi-finals with a supportive foot, and defeated Ortiz in the GS with a foul victory in the final.After the match, he said, "I've been defeated in Japan. I had to win." "I didn't like it, but I was supported by the people around me. I'm glad I went this way."[57][58].. ContinueWorld organizationThen in the quarterfinal against AzerbaijanIryna KindzerskaAlthough he was led by Guidance 2, he did not make a turn in the final against France because the team decided to win the match before he entered the match.After the match, he commented, "Judo is a sport born in Japan. (19 teams participated in the group) I am proud of being prosperous in the world."[59][60]..In addition, by winning this tournament, it became the first place in the world ranking.[61].. In SeptemberFukuiHeld atNational bodyParticipated as a member of Tokyo, but in the third roundKagoshimaThe team lost when they drew with the representative Inamori[62].. In MayGrand Slam OsakaThen, although he lost to Sone in the semi-finals, he defeated Zerich in the bronze medal match.By staying in 3rd place in this tournamentWorld championshipI didn't get a job offer[63].

2019 Year of 2 MonthGrand Slam DusseldorfIn the semi-finals, he defeated Zerich with a skill, but in the finals he lost to Ortiz and finished second.After the match, he commented, "I'm not completely satisfied. The first and second places are completely different." "I have no time to be depressed until 2."[64][65].

He graduated from Tokai University in March.At this time, he said, "I was so fulfilled that I couldn't say (what I left behind in college). But I guess I couldn't have a boyfriend."It is said that he will continue to balance studying for judo and medical school examinations in the future.[66].. By weight in April, at the end of a battle that was close to 4 minutes to the base in the finalKosoto GariWaza-ari was defeated and was second[67]..In the following All Japan Women's Championship, Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance in the quarterfinalsRika TakayamaThe effective of the support foot, in the semi-finalKomatsu OfWakaharu TomitaTheOsoto makikomiIn the final, he lost the foul at the end of the battle of 9 minutes and 5 seconds and stayed in 2nd place.World championshipElected as a representative along with Akira Sone[68][69].. In MayGrand Prix MontrealThen, when he fouled Inamori in the quarter-finals and proceeded to the final, he won the championship by defeating Israel's Raz Hershko in a corner.[70].. ContinueGrand Prix BudapestThen in the semifinals of TunisiaNihel CheikhrukhWhen he loses the foul, he becomes Ortiz even in the bronze medal match.Ippon seoiI lost to 5th place because of my waza-ari.At this time, he commented, "It's been a while since I haven't been able to bring a medal home at an international competition.[71][72]..In addition, it was decided to face the world championship with 1 kg, which was the weight in the first year of high school that made a leap forward.[73].. In SeptemberTokyoHeld atWorld championshipThen, although he lost to the site in the quarterfinals, he won the repechage and finished in 3rd place.[74][75].. In SeptemberDokkyo Medical University OfAO entrance examinationPassed[76].. In MayGrand Slam OsakaThen in the quarterfinals of BrazilBeatriz SouzaToOsoto makikomiAlthough he lost in the match, he defeated Tomita in the bronze medal match and finished in 3rd place.Since his rival Akira Sone won the tournament and the world championships, he was appointed as the representative of the Tokyo Olympics, so he was refused the representative of the Tokyo Olympics, but he has no plans to retire yet.[77][78].

2020 Year of 2 MonthGrand Slam DusseldorfThen, when he defeated Ortiz in the semi-final, he won the final with a single victory, including a foul victory over Kinselska. [79][80][81].. July,Dokkyo Medical UniversityFaculty of medicineEnroll in[82]..In addition, I left Park 4 in the end of April.[83]..In addition, he announced that he will retire from active duty after Grand Slam Tokyo in December 2021.After thatAmerican FootballIs also thinking about working on[84].. In November, he was selected as a substitute for the Tokyo Olympics, which was postponed to next year.[85].. In SeptemberTochigiUtsunomiya CityBecame a member of the Big Tree Sports Club in.In addition, 12 activity support sponsors will be attached.[86].. In the first round (second round) of the All Japan Championship, which was postponed to DecemberShukugawa High School3 yearsMoeka KuwagataI suffered a foul defeat[87].

I did not participate due to injury in April 2021 by weight,World championshipWas elected as a representative.Recently, there have been few appearances in the game, and there have been many injuries and non-participation in the training camp.Katsuyuki MasuchiExplained that the selection was made after considering the high potential of becoming a world champion.[88].. In the World Championships in June, he defeated Ortiz with waza-ari in the semi-finals, and in the finals he won the foul against Tomita after a battle of nearly 6 minutes, and won the world championship for the first time in three years.At this time, Tomita, who had an injured left knee, was sent off from the tatami mat.The IJF praised this act as "the kindness of a gold medalist" and "a wonderful sportsmanship that embodies the Queen of the World."Asahina himself said, "I don't know if it was the right choice to put on, but I thought it was the minimum necessary for the other party to thank the tatami mats together."In addition, although there were some criticisms in the election of the representative this time, it was decided to "look back on the results".[89][90].

World ranking

IJFWorld ranking is 5277st with 3 points (as of 20/5/24)[91].

  • Yearly transition of world rankings



  • In the hope that the name Sara will become stronger, the movie"Terminator" seriesCome out onSarah ConnorNamed after (Sarah Connor).Therefore, it is written as Sarah instead of Sara in Roman letters.[92].
  • JugglingI am good at[93].
  • Raised in a dentist family[94].Aichi Gakuin UniversityIn the future, partly due to the influence of the father of an anesthesia dentist and the mother of a dentist who teach dental anesthesiology atFaculty of medicineThe aims[95].. I took the Tokai University School of Medicine in 2015, but did not pass it.Therefore, I entered the Faculty of Physical Education at Tokai University. Until the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, I decided to work on judo while attending a prep school.I was planning to take the medical school again after the Tokyo Olympics, but in September 2018 I will take the bachelor's entrance examination of the national university medical school.[38][96][97][98]..Initially, I was planning to focus only on judo until the Olympics, but I realized that it would be better for me to balance study and judo for medical school entrance exams, so I decided to work on dual wield.[99].Dokkyo Medical UniversityOf medical schoolAO entrance examinationPassed[100]..It is said to be a "fighting medical student" because of the balance between judo and medical students.[101].
  • Grip strength is 51 kg on the right and 48 kg on the left (magazineModern judoAccording to the description of.According to him, the grip strength is about 40 kg)[2][102].
  • rugbyJapan national rugby union who enjoys watching games and is also aspiring to become a doctorWTB OfKenki FukuokaIs anxious[103][104].



Competitive results with leading players

(As of December 2021)

Match record
CitizenshipPlayer nameMessage
Japanese flagAi Tachimoto3 wins 2 losses
Japanese flagKanae Yamabe1 wins 2 losses
Japanese flagKagayaki Shine3 wins 5 losses
Cuban flagIdalys Ortiz3 wins 5 losses
Turkish flagKayra Site2 wins 2 losses
Flag of the People's Republic of ChinaYu Song1 losses
French flagEmily Andeol3 wins
Republic of Korea flagKim Min-jeong5 wins

(Reference material:Baseball magazine companyIssuedModern judoBack numbers, etc.).

List of prize money won in IJF World Judo Tour

ConventionDatesRankingWinning money
Grand Slam Tokyo 20122012/12/53 bit1,500 dollar
World Junior2014/10/25Win1,600 dollar
Grand Slam Tokyo 20142014/12/72 bit2,400 dollar
Grand Prix Cheju2015/11/28Win2,400 dollar
Grand Slam Tokyo 20162016/12/4Win4,000 dollar
Grand Slam Yekaterinburg 20172017/5/21Win4,000 dollar
World championship2017/9/22 bit12,000 dollar
World Championship (indiscriminate)2017/11/12Win$ 95,000 (Euro 10)
Grand Slam Tokyo 20172017/12/3Win4,000 dollar
Grand Slam Dusseldorf 20182018/2/25Win4,000 dollar
Grand Prix Zagreb2018/7/293 bit800 dollar
World championship2018/9/26Win20,800 dollar
12 tournamentーー188,900 dollar
  • For Japanese players, half of the prize money wonAll Japan Judo FederationHowever, from March 2013, the athlete regulations were revised so that all prize money can be received by athletes.[105].. Since July 2014, prize money has been paid to coaches at each IJF-sponsored tournament, so the prize money of athletes has been reduced by 7%.[106].


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