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⚾ | Reds with too many outfielders Aquino smashes back from the disabled list


Outfielder Excessive Reds Swipe Aquino returns from disabled list

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In the future, Aquino, Aquino, and Scott Heineman are likely to compete for participation as outfielders.

On June 14, Japan time, the Reds were on the disabled list due to a fracture of the left hamate bone, and Aristides Aquino's battle line ... → Continue reading


"MLB.jp" is the official website for major leagues in Japanese. Not only Japanese players such as Shohei Otani (Angels), Darvish (Cubs), and Ichiro (Mariners), but also various topics related to Major League from match results to player information (1 to 10 articles per day) 15). Please enjoy the world of Major Leagues, which is once again attracting attention due to Otani's major challenge.

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