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⛳ | Yuka Saso has a live interview from a yakiniku restaurant The winning trophy is "I put it on the kitchen table"

Photo Yuka Saso, who won the US Women's Open (Photo: Getty Images)

Yuka Saso has a live interview from a yakiniku restaurant The winning trophy is "put on the kitchen table"

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At the press conference, Saso talked happily while holding the winning trophy.

Yuka Saso, the third Japanese girl to win a major overseas title at the United States Women's Open two weeks ago, is in the United States ... → Continue reading

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Trophy(British: trophy) Is mainlySportsIt is a general term for the championship cup, victory plaque, statue, etc. that are awarded to the winners in the games and competitions. Originally meant loot,Goddess of victoryHas ceremonial implications for the blessed winner.

Trophy may be awarded to the winner of the competition in fields other than sports such as culture and art.

Trophy is basically given to the winner, but in various competitions, it is not uncommon for the top performers (winners, etc.) to be awarded small trophies.

In addition,huntingFinished withdeerThe part above the neck such asStuffedHunting trophies (hunting loot) are those that are displayed on the wall.


戦 争Stolen from the enemy-pocket-shieldIt is said that it is customary to decorate such items as loot.Greek language"", Which means the loot and victory trophy oftropaionIs the etymology.

B.C. Ofcoin-Tetra DrachmaOn the back of the silver coin, the goddess of victory is on the armor of the loot on the pillar.NikeIs depicted as trying to engrave an inscription[1]It can be said that it was an old custom.

Elongated that describes successive tournament winnerspennantMay be installed.


4-pillar trophy
The main body consists of four metal tubes. At the top女神,Pigeons,EagleSuch decorations (trophy dolls) can be attached.
1-pillar trophy
The main body consists of one metal pillar.
Crystal trophy
The entire trophy has a transparent body. Many are made of glass and have images or letters engraved inside.
Bronze trophy
The main body is designed like a bronze statue.

In addition, the design is very diverse.Generally, a plate is attached to the base.The name of the tournament, grades and rankings, date, name of the organizer (winner), etc. are entered here.

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