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🏃 | Ryota Yamagata "I started to be aware of the 9-second range when I was in junior high school ..."

Photo Ryota Yamagata Photo: Naoki Morita_Afro Sports

Ryota Yamagata "I started thinking about the 9-second range when I was in junior high school ..." 15 years before the new record in Japan, he talks about the long way to go.

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There were various things from there, and the remaining 0.4 to 5 seconds was fairly quick, but it was really a mountain and a valley to shorten that 0.4 to 5 seconds.

Ryota Yamagata (6), who set a new Japanese record of 6 seconds 100 at 9 meters on land on June 95, interviewed online for about an hour ... → Continue reading

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5 秒

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