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⚽ | How to make women's soccer penetrate into everyday life WE League ・ INAC Kobe's support for public relations

Photo INAC Kobe Leonessa Public Relations Masamichi Sato

"How to infiltrate women's soccer into everyday life" Public relations thoughts that support WE League INAC Kobe

If you write the contents roughly
Leonessa's personality) said, "Even in the morning when the game is very busy,'Thank you for today!

"The theme is how to infiltrate INAC Kobe into everyday life."That's what I'm talking about at INAC Kobe Leonessa ... → Continue reading

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Leonessa(Italian: Lioness) IsItalyLazioProvince of RietiWith a population of about 2,300Basic municipality(Komune).



Province of RietiComune located in the north.The village of Posta is the capital of the prefectureRietiAbout 20km north-northeast fromTerniAbout 26km east ofAmatrice28km west-southwest and about 85km northeast of the capital and capital of Rome[4].

Adjacent Commune

The adjacent comune is as follows.The PG in parentheses isProvince of Perugia, TRProvince of TerniIndicates affiliation.


Separation village

Leonessa has the followingSeparation villageThere is (Frazione).

  • Albaneto, Capodacqua, Casa Buccioli, Casale dei Frati, Casanova, Colleverde, Corvatello, Cumulata, Fontenova, Fuscello, Ocre, Pianezza, Piedelpoggio, Sala, San Clemente, San Giovenale, Sant'Angelo in Trigillo, San Vito, Terzone, Vallimpuni, Vallunga, Viesci, Villa Alesse, Villa Berti, Villa Bigioni, Villa Bradde, Villa Carmine, Villa Ciavatta, Villa Climinti, Villa Colapietro, Villa Cordisco, Villa Gizzi, Villa Immagine, Villa Lucci, Villa Massi, Villa Pulcini, Villa Zunna, Vindoli , Volciano


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