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⚾ | [Professional baseball] Can DeNA / Yuki Kuniyoshi become the “second Sawamura”?


[Professional baseball] Can DeNA Yuki Kuniyoshi become the "second Sawamura"? Trade with Lotte Yuki Ariyoshi

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As the Central League pitchers such as Koyo Aoyagi and Takumi Akiyama of Hanshin are also active, there is a possibility that a strong hit line with Austin and Keita Sano will bloom.

A trade between Yuki Kuniyoshi of DeNA and Yuki Ariyoshi of Lotte is decided. Both teams announced on the 14th. DeNA / Kuniyoshi ... → Continue reading


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Akiyama Takumi

Takumi Akiyama(Akiyama Takumi,1991May 4 -) isKagawaFromProfessional baseball player(pitcher). Right-handed and left-handed.Hanshin TigersBelongs.


Before entering professional

He started playing baseball at the age of three because of his father's catch ball.Belonging to "Imazu Sports Boy Scouts" at the same time as entering elementary school[2]..Due to my father's work in May of the third grade of elementary schoolEhimeSaijo CityMoved to, belonged to "Saijo Little League" and also participated in national competitions.After that, he belonged to "Saijo Little Senior" in the Saijo Nanchu era, and participated in the world championship as a senior representative from Japan in the third year.

With many friends who shared the "Saijo Little League-Senior" eraSaijo High SchoolProceed to. Hit No. 1 from the fall of the 4st grade and become an ace from the spring of the 2nd grade. Second grade autumnAutumn Shikoku TournamentThen, he won the championship in his own throwing activity, and the next spring81th selection competitionParticipated in.At this time, I lost in the first match, but in the summerEhime Prefectural TournamentControl[4]Participated91nd ChampionshipThen I achieved the first match breakthrough.High school total 48Home runHe was a smasher who recorded the above, and is also called "Iyo Godzilla", and at the high school where he plans to play against Saijo in the near future, he was doing "Akiyama measures" in practice.[5][6].

2009 Professional Baseball Draft Conferenceso,Hanshin TigersNominated in the third round from[7]..Joined on the condition that the contract fee is 4,000 million yen and the annual salary is 600 million yen (estimated amount)[8].. Uniform number27.

Hanshin period

2010, April 8 vsYomiuri GiantsBattle (Tokyo Dome), Debuted as a starting pitcher.The first pitching of the first army by a new pitcher with a high school diploma in Hanshin2000 OfKoji OkamotoSince then, it was the first time in a giant game, but he became a defeated pitcher with the content of 6 runs in 4 innings.However, the next match on August 8, when he pitched in the starting lineupTokyo Yakult SwallowsBattle (Meiji Jingu Stadium), He won the first official match of the 5st Army by surpassing 1 innings with XNUMX goal.The case where a new high school graduate pitcher from Hanshin became a winning pitcher in the official game of the XNUMXst Army1986 OfShoji ToyamaIt was the first time in 24 years since then. September 9th match against Yakult (Hanshin Koshien Stadium) Then,Muranaka KyoheiFrom the bottom of the 7th inning to the left frontTimely hitAs a new pitcher with a high school diploma in Hanshin, he has never been a pitcher since Toyama.ClosedI won.Central LeagueShutout victory by a high school graduate new pitcher1989 OfKenjiro KawasakiIt's been 21 years since then, and the Shutouts in Four Balls won1988 OfHiroki NomuraIt was the 22th feat for the first time in 7 years since then.[9]..In the official game of the 7st Army, he started in all 4 games and finished the season with 3 wins and 3.35 losses and an ERA of 2.Hanshin's high school graduate new pitcher who recorded two or more wins in the first army official game is the third pitcher since Toyama and the first right-handed pitcher[10].

2011In addition to the leaders' policy of prioritizing training, he spent most of the season in the second army due to a neck injury. When he was promoted to the 9st Army in September, he pitched in the starting lineup against Yakult on September 9th and October 28th, but ended up with 10 wins and 4 loss in total.In November after the end of the season, my teammatesYuhei Kai-Fumiya ArakiWithAustralian Baseball League OfCanberra Cavalryへ派遣。先発投手としてリーグ戦4試合に登板すると、通算22イニングで13被安打、10与四球、16奪三振、3自責点、WHIP1.05を記録するとともに、1勝0敗、防御率1.23という成績を残した。防御率については、派遣期間を終えて帰国するまでリーグのトップに立っていた[11].

2012, Recorded 2 win and 1 loss in two official games of the 1st Army.However, the pitching content was so unstable that the total ERA reached 9.00, and the player registration was canceled immediately after each match.

2013,Western leagueIn the official game ofHirokazu ShiraitaIt is doing well enough to compete for the top of the league ERA.In the end, he finished second in the league in three categories: ERA (2.53), number of wins (8 wins), and win rate (.667).Even in the first army, the first pitching of the season and the first starting pitcher on April 3Hiroshima Toyo CarpIn the battle (Koshien), he made a good throw with 6 goal halfway through the 1th inning.[12]Starting with, I got the opportunity to start pitching depending on the team situation.However, he was ordered to change because he couldn't keep up with the game, and he didn't become a winning pitcher.[13]The situation where the player registration was deleted the next day continued.Although he pitched in eight games in total, he only pitched 8 wins and 0 losses and an ERA of 3.

2014, Recorded 20 wins and 9 losses in 7 pitches in the Western League official game.The title with the most winsYuya Iida-Higashihama Giantと分け合い、投球回数(132回2/3)と奪三振数(116)がいずれもリーグトップ、防御率(2.58)がリーグ3位であった。しかし一軍公式戦では、3試合の登板で0勝1敗、防御率20.25に終わった。シーズン終了後の11月11日に甲子園球場で催された80th Anniversary Game of Japanese Professional BaseballThen, he pitched in the top of the 4th inning as the 6th pitcher of the Hanshin-Giants team.MLB All-Star Team StrikeI threw one inning against my opponent, but it was the only hitSalvador PerezGot a goal with a solo home run from[14].

2015, On July 7th, which was the first pitching of the season in the 9st ArmyChunichi DragonsIn the battle (Koshien), 6 runs in 2 innings as a starting pitcher[15].. The same card on August 8 (Kyocera Dome Osaka) However, he pitched well with 7 goal in the 1th inning, but he did not win the official match of the 3st Army for the first time in XNUMX years because he was unable to keep the lead of his teammates.[16]..After all, he pitched in three games in the official game of the 3st Army. The season ended with 0 wins and 1 loss and an ERA of 4.40.

2016, The official game started with the second army, but in the Western League official game, it maintained a good performance with a total of 22 innings and no runs in the summer.[17].Daiki YamadaWith the same 9 wins, he won the title with the most wins for the first time in two years, and in terms of ERA, he was second in the league (2) after Yamada.Promoted to the 2st Army from mid-August as a rescue worker[17]After continuing to make good pitches in the official game of the 9st Army, he returned to the starting lineup from September.The pair on September 2th, which was the second match of the returnYokohama DeNA BaystarsIn the battle (Koshien), he scored one goal in the middle of the sixth inning, and won his first victory of the season in one army.It was the first time in 6 days since the match against Yakult on June 1, 2012 that Akiyama became the winning pitcher in the official match of the 6st Army.[18]..After finishing the season with this victory, on November 11, the next day2017Uniform number from the season46Announced by the team to change to[19].

2017, Entering the starting rotation of the 4st Army from the opening, the match against DeNA on April 12 (Yokohama Stadium), The first victory of the season in one army[20]..Even in the starting pitching after that, one after anotherQuality start (QS)を達成。25歳最後の日であった4月25日に甲子園で催された同カードでは、1回表に1点を先制された直後(2死)から7回表終了まで19打者を連続アウトに仕留めるなど、8回2/3を投げて1失点に抑えたが0-1のスコアで敗戦[21]。しかし、5月16日の対中日戦(甲子園)では、一軍公式戦自己最多の12三振を奪いながら1失点に抑えて9回完投勝利を収めた。秋山にとっては入団1年目の対ヤクルト戦(前述)以来7年(2438日)振り2度目、阪神の投手としてはレギュラーシーズン35試合目で初めての完投勝利であった[22].. In the match against China and Japan (Nagoya Dome) on August 8,Junki ItoHe hit a professional first home run to support himself and reached a double-digit victory.[23].. At the Yomiuri Giants match (Koshien) on September 9,Tomoyuki KannoIn the third pitching, he missed the winning pitcher in the 3th inning, but the number of pitches reached 6 times 143/1 and reached his first regular pitching.In the end, he pitched in 3 games, pitched 25 times and 159/1, 3 wins and 12 losses, and recorded an ERA of 6.Both the number of pitches and the number of wins were the top of the team.In addition, among pitchers who have reached the prescribed number of pitches, they recorded the smallest number of 2.99 walks in both leagues.[24], Walk rate 1.24,K / BBRecorded 7.69.

2020Although it was sometimes deregistered, most of the season was spent as a starting rotation of the 2st army, and while not reaching the prescribed pitching times, he threw 112 times in 3nd place in the team and became the team top tie for the second time in 2 years. With 2 wins, he recorded an ERA of 11 and a win rate of .2.89.In the same year, both Hiroshima and Yakult were 786-4, and the ERA against Hiroshima was 0, which was a good match.He kept his walks to 1.45 on his characteristic spherical surface, but on the other hand, he recorded 12 home runs in 2nd place in the league.

Characteristic/person as a player

Equipped with high ball control[25], Average ball speed about 140km / h[26], Fastest 150km / h (Fastest after entering the pro is 148km / h[27])ofstraightCut ballOn the axis,shoot, Verticalcurve,Fork ball[28]Pitching style that also mixes.He relied on cut balls when he was out of order, but he is also showing pitches that mainly assemble shots and straights.[29].

As mentioned above, he was highly evaluated as a batter in high school, but he hasn't hit much since he hurt his back in the winter of the second grade.[28], Because he was particular about pitchers, he joined Hanshin as a pitcher.When there was no result as a pitcher after becoming a professional, he was recommended to switch to a fielder from the surroundings.[30]..Actually, he has a high batting average as a pitcher.[31].

My hobbies are fishing and shopping.My favorite word is "Makido Shigeki"[28].

There is a name called "Akkaman", and because he transferred to the third grade of elementary school, Akiyama exceeded the height of a student who was tall and was called "Katchaman", and this time Akiyama became "Akkaman". It is derived from the fact that it came to be called[32].

Detailed information

Pitcher results by year


Every time











A person




2010Hanshin771114300. 57116640.13331310230016153.351.14
2011220000100. 000377.181711100756.142.05
2012220001100. 500398.0153210600889.002.13
2013880000300. 00018944.24661200362021193.831.30
2014320000100. 000426.2183400500161520.253.30
2015330000100. 0005814.1140300900774.401.19
2016820001100. 5008520.02312002000994.051.25
2017252520012600. 667638159.11581516061230056532.991.09
2018171721151000. 333437105.011181804892046453.861.23
201910100004300. 57121950.25651201352027244.261.34
2020181820111300. 786435112.097171210642045362.890.97
Total: 11 years10396723383300. 5352345568.157962101412411802582363.741.20
  • At the end of the 2020 season

Defensive results by year

Every time






2010Hanshin72710. 900
20201821221. 875
total103207033. 968
  • At the end of the 2020 season


Pitcher record
  • First pitching/first start pitching: May 2010, 8, vs.Yomiuri Giants18rd round (Tokyo Dome), Losing pitcher with 6 goal in 4 innings
  • First strikeout: Same as above, one behindAlex RamirezFrom strikeout
  • First victory/first start victory: June 2010, 8, vs.Tokyo Yakult Swallows19rd round (Meiji Jingu Stadium), 5 runs in 1 runs
  • First complete game victory, first shutout victory: September 2010, 9, 12rd round against Tokyo Yakult Swallows (Hanshin Koshien Stadium), 4 hits, 0 dead balls, 3 strikeouts
Hit record
Other records
  • 1 game 5 strikeouts: July 2020, 7, 28th round against Tokyo Yakult Swallows (Meiji Jingu Stadium), * 7th person in history
  • All star gamesParticipation: 1 time (2017)

Uniform number

  • 27 (2010-2016)
  • 46 (2017 -)

Appearance song


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