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⚾ | [MLB] “The one who pulls will fly” Shohei Ohtani responds to the “non-flying ball” that is tested in the home run battle

Photo Angels Shohei Ohtani [Photo: Reuters]

[MLB] "The one who pulls will fly" Shohei Ohtani, responding to the "non-flying ball" that is tried in the home run battle

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Until last season, the arch from the center of Angel Stadium to the vicinity of the famous "Rockpile" on the left was conspicuous.

Introducing a ball that does not fly is also a pace of 42 shots in the season "Don't fly the ball you pulled" Angels Shohei Ohtani next time ... → Continue reading


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Rock pile

Rock pile (Rockpile) is1970From the late teens1980Active in his generationThe United Kingdom Ofpop-Lockgroup.members are,Dave Edmunds(vocal,guitar),Nick Low(vocal,ベ ー),(Drums),Billy Bremner(Vocal, guitar)Rockabilly,Rock 'n' roll, A variety of musicality based on pop music, etc.Pub rock,New waveIt had a great influence on music.

The album under the name of the group1980 Of"Seconds of Pleasure"(Seconds of Pleasure) Only one, but two under the name of Edmonds and one under the name of Rowe were also recorded by Rockpile members.Some of Edmonds and Rowe's other solo albums were also recorded in this lineup.I also participated in the recording of Ya as a backing band.


1970, Dave Edmunds' own album"Rockpile"(Rockpile) During the promotional tour when it was releasedTerry WilliamsWith tour members includingDave Edmunds & RockpileFormed.However, after the tour, the band broke up and Edmonds returned to studio work.

A pub rock band produced by himself here,Brinsley SchwarzBassist,Nick LowSchwarz's 1974 album "The New Favorites of Brinsley Schwarz" (The New Favorites of ... Brinsley Schwarz) To cooperate in the production.

Schwartz returns to Edmonds' solo album in 1975."Alone Studio (Subtle As A Flying Mallet)"I played the back with these two songs.

Schwarz disbands after the release of The New Favorites of Brinsley Schwarz, and Edmonds and Rowe begin a session.

Schwartz manager Dave Robinson with Jake RiveraStiff RecordsWas established, and Rowe became the first artist under the contract, and Rowe teamed up with Edmonds to record several songs and recorded them on an album under the name of Rowe.Stiff also wanted to strengthen his relationship with Edmonds, but Edmonds had a bad time with Rivera at the time.1976ToLed Zeppelin OfSwan songAnd a solo contract.

Edmonds' new solo album with the help of Rowe and Terry Williams"Get It" (Get It) Was recorded, followed by Rowe, Edmonds, and Williams.Billy BremnerAddedNew RockpileWas formed.

Despite the inconvenience that the two frontmen belong to different labels, the band started energetically.1976From 77 to XNUMX, Edmonds' new label mateBad CompanyToured as the opening act of, and Edmonds provided several songs for the compilation planned by Stiff.

As Rowe's personal popularity grows, the group's activities temporarily stagnate.1977, Rowe is a planned tour of artists belonging to Stiff RecordsFive Live StiffsAppeared in, the band at this time Nick Lowe's Last Chicken in the Shop Named, only Williams participated from Rockpile.However, just before the end, Edmonds jumped into the band, and although Bremner wasn't on the tour, Rockpile soon returned to full-time activity.

First of all, the band19783Rowe's debut solo album"Jesus of Cool"(Jesus Of Cool) As a backing band (this album is in the US"Pure Pop for Now People"(Pure Pop For Now People) And the title was changed, the recorded songs were changed, and each member played a different number).

Edmonds' solo album released in the same year"Trucks on Wax 4"(Tracks on Wax 4) was also recorded by four members and is effectively a rockpile album.The band went on tour when the two albums, Rowe and Edmonds, were released.Also produced by RoweMickey JuppAlbum of"Japanese"(Juppanese) In charge of backing at Side-A[1].

1979In Edmonds"Repeat Hohen Necessary"(Repeat When Necessary) And Rowe"Labor of Last"(Labor of Lust) Was recorded at about the same time.EdmondsElvis CostelloWork"Girls Talk"(Girls Talk) Was released as a single and became a hit.Rowe"Two in love'(Cruel to Be Kind) Was also a hit.

1979May 12,Paul McCartney and Wings,Queen,Specials,Crush,Ian Dury & The Blockheads,Pretenders,The Who,Led ZeppelinNora gathered"Cambodia Refugee Relief Concert"Concerts for the People of KampucheaWas held, and Rockpile and label mate Elvis Costello also participated.Rockpile is "Crawling from the Recage" (Crawling From The Wreckage) "Three Time Loser" (Three Time Loser) When,Robert plant"Little Sister" jointed with (Little Sister) Was played.

1980, Edmonds solo album to complete contract with Swan Song"Twangin ..."(Twangin) Is recorded.This allowed Rockpile to release real band records on Jake Rivera's new label, F Beat Records.

In October of the same year, the first album under the name of Rockpile"Seconds of Pleasure"(Seconds of Pleasure) Was announced. Three members shared the lead vocals.The album comes with a bonus EP entitled "Nick Lowe & Dave Edmunds Sing The Everly Brothers", with Lowe and Edmunds "Take a Message to Mary" and "Take a Message to Mary".Crying in the Rain"Poor Jenny" "When Will I Be Loved"Duet 4 songs.Rowe sings from the album"Teacher Teacher" (Teacher, Teacher) Recorded a small hit.

Also in the same year, Rowe's new wife (Johnny Cash(Adopted daughter) album "Musical shapes』Back up[2]..However, tensions increased between the two frontmen, Rowe and Edmonds, and although they went on stage at the famous Heatwave Festival in August, they became irreparable.1981Rockpile put a period in the activity.

Most of the songs on Edmonds' solo album "Twangin ..." released after the band disbanded were outtakes from his previous solo album, with 11 out of 9 songs played by Rockpile.

Williams and Bremner co-starred in several of Rowe's albums released in the 1980s, while Rowe and Edmonds1988Low album"Pinker and Prouder Than Previas"(Pinker and Prouder than Previous) Did not work together.


Studio album

YearstitleHighest chartRemarks
1980Seconds of Pleasure
Seconds of Pleasure
342927Old Japanese title "Street Corner of London"


YearstitleHighest chartRecording album
1980"Wrong Again (Let's Face It)"Seconds of Pleasure
"Teacher Teacher"3151
"Now and Always"
"—" iSeries releases that did not chart


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